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^ [Q] locking in CGI script
70358 [kwatch lycos] I'm now writing a CGI script (a simple message board system).
70364 [laurent data] it was just a test ;-)
70392 [kwatch lycos] Thank you Laurent,
70403 [laurent data] => #<File:0x2a4b030>
70446 [kwatch lycos] Great.

^ University of Portsmouth grants Graduates of Informatics Communications and Electronics Engineering Advanced Standing for Overseas Study
70366 [IHL informat] Informatics Global Higher Education

^ Get a FREE Apple powerbook or other consumer electronics
70368 [no-reply get] This is a MIME encoded message.

^ LSM2003/VHLL Announcement
70370 [Fabrice.Popi] The 2003 Libre Software Meeting (LSM) will take place  this year in Metz

^ Re: Manipulate IE via Ruby? Redux ...
70371 [christopher.] Thanks very much for the MSDN link whoever sent it! I accidentally deleted your
+ 70377 [rodrigo.berm] def google_search(query)
| 70378 [christopher.] Excellent, thanks!   :-)
| 70679 [adavies optu] That's fantastic.
+ 70381 [chrismo clab] text
| 70382 [B.Candler po] It might be worth trying
| 70385 [chrismo clab] for
+ 70388 [jbshaldane h] See Chris Morris's IE controller code here http://clabs.org/ruby.htm

^ Regexp
70372 [cedric.foll ] <meta name="keywords" content="wallpaper, sex, kostenlose, high quality, desktop">
+ 70374 [angus quovad] Maybe with
+ 70393 [bob.news gmx] keyWords = {}

^ src/emitter.rb warning
70373 [jim freeze.o] I am getting a wierd warning with some code I am running.
70375 [angus quovad] emitter.rb is part of YAML.
70391 [jim freeze.o] Thanks. Found and fixed the problem.

^ Test order in Test::Unit
70376 [tksano m3.kc] I'm using Test::Unit for testing my codes. I have some questions
+ 70384 [ahoward fsl.] tests are run in alphabetical order, so
+ 75242 [nathaniel NO] OK, this is a REALLY LATE (over two months!) reply, but I thought the
  75264 [B.Candler po] instance_eval is also extremely useful; it lets you get at instance

^ rubynet-announce Digest, Vol 3, Issue 3
70386 [rubynet-anno] Send rubynet-announce mailing list submissions to

^ Confused about versions: FreeRIDE,Fox,FXRuby, etc.
70396 [alwagner tca] I've been away from Ruby for awhile, so haven't followed development
70397 [sander knolo] Yes... the same "minor" version as in FOX 1.0, not FOX 1.1.

^ Please contact me
70398 [josemak mail] MR. JOSEPH MAKALE

^ Ruby regexp backreferences
70399 [austin halos] I'm doing something that required RLE, and the code that I
+ 70402 [ahoward fsl.] austin - are you sure this works?  it's odd because
| 70412 [austin halos] No, in fact, I wasn't sure if it worked or not. It was what I found
+ 70428 [wkb airmail.] Austin,

^ pwd equivalent in DOS
70404 [amit.pathak ] I need to retain the present working directory(pwd)  information( in DOS)
70406 [botp delmont] I use Dir.chdir and Dir.getwd.

^ ugly style variables
70405 [saggmannen y] I'm new to ruby, and thus far I mostly like what I've seen. But these
+ 70407 [decoux moulo] Well, you have lib/English.rb which create aliases, for example
| 70410 [B.Candler po] and some have aliases already: e.g. $: has one but I can never remember it
| 70440 [jweirich one] Actually, I tend to remember $: more easily than $LOAD_PATH.  I think it
| 70448 [batsman.geo ] Happens to me to. It's because of the underscore, I never remember if
+ 70408 [nobu.nokada ] Of course you can use explicit variables.
+ 70409 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!

^ Self modifying systems question
70411 [skvamme as4-] Self modifying code is a well known technology. Has anyone done this in
+ 70423 [bob.news gmx] "Sten Kvamme" <skvamme@as4-2-8.an.g.bonet.se> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 70811 [m_libby ands] The hard part, as you point out, is capturing the changes. There are some possibilities that occurred to me. I was working on my program's actual source code the whole time, so I just saved the file with the changes before using the eval function. This brings up the issue of version control-- you need to keep a safe working copy, while keeping your test copy.

^ ruby-dev summary 20039 - 20111
70414 [ksaito uranu] This is a recent summary of ruby-dev mailing list.

^ Arrays
70415 [orion2480 ho] I am trying to create an array of certain length, with a default value of
+ 70416 [brett_willia] Array.new( size ) {| i | block } -> anArray
+ 70417 [decoux moulo] Well, with 1.8 you'll able to write
+ 70418 [angus quovad] 'i' is a reference that points to the array element. When you assign to it,
| 70419 [orion2480 ho] Great, those explanations makes sense.  Thank you everyone.
+ 70420 [kentda stud.] [...snip...]
+ 70421 [flori nixe.p] irb(main):009:0> a = Array.new(4) { Array.new }

^ [OO interface design] Pass-by reference VS encapsulation ?
70422 [deliriousREM] Dear ruby-ists,
+ 70425 [dave pragpro] Is a Contact that you return as the result of a search(say) the same
| 70426 [deliriousREM] Yes.
| + 70427 [dave pragpro] See below... :)
| | 70430 [deliriousREM] True (my OO-hat is a little dusty ...).
| | 70433 [dave pragpro] To be honest, I'm not sure anyone can comment on alternative approaches
| | 70437 [deliriousREM] I am simply writing my own addressbook editor (as an exercise and
| | + 70438 [dave pragpro] It's be a new instance of a new class.
| | + 70439 [emschwar pob] Hopefully, it wouldn't do that.  Or are you assuming you'll never meet
| |   + 70450 [deliriousREM] That's certainly a simple solution to my problem. It's my impression
| |   + 84118 [deliriousREM] That's certainly a simple solution to my problem. It's my impression
| |     + 70453 [dave pragpro] Actually, if I was writing it for myself, I personally wouldn't do any
| |     | + 70454 [deliriousREM] Something like this ?
| |     | + 70463 [mikkelfj-ant] This is essentially also how a record works in a database query in the
| |     | | 70468 [deliriousREM] I agree. Since this is to be a lightweight non-distributed *Personal*
| |     | | + 70473 [dave pragpro] How about trying both ways and seeing what happens: I suspect you're
| |     | | + 70475 [mikkelfj-ant] The problem is very relevant - I have seen it many times.
| |     | | + 84125 [mikkelfj-ant] The problem is very relevant - I have seen it many times.
| |     | + 84120 [deliriousREM] Something like this ?
| |     |   70456 [dave pragpro] Yup.  I'd then think hard about whether I wanted a class AddressBook, or
| |     |   + 70458 [deliriousREM] I think you are showing me the contact's persistence need not
| |     |   + 84122 [deliriousREM] I think you are showing me the contact's persistence need not
| |     |     70472 [dave pragpro] Surely all the Contacts that you search are the persisted ones: you
| |     |     70474 [deliriousREM] That's where I don't follow you: in my scheme contacts are not persisted
| |     + 70455 [ahoward fsl.] simon-
| |     + 84121 [ahoward fsl.] simon-
| + 70431 [ahoward fsl.] i would not agree with these statements.  it is not impossible to maintain the
|   + 70434 [deliriousREM] Yes, that is what I meant by a solution where 'the contacts cooperate
|   | 71226 [scobianchi r] Well, you could have a base class "Contact" and a derived class
|   + 70436 [B.Candler po] That's a very cool idea. Since the RI methods are in the object's singleton
|     70451 [nico.hoogerv] Not really complicated. Add Vetoable Change Support to the Contact
|     70457 [B.Candler po] I don't think that's sufficient. Other things could change in the period
+ 70429 [rpav nwlink.] I would suggest using Mephle.  (Yes, I finally have an 0.7 release
+ 70459 [sroberts uni] I've run into this issue a bunch, in C and again in Ruby, when building

70432 [lists debona] How do I determine my uid and so forth?
70435 [B.Candler po] puts Process.uid

^ Can't autoconf Ruby1.8 CVS HEAD
70441 [austin halos] This is a multipart message in MIME format
70442 [nobu.nokada ] What's your system, and what do followings produce?
70443 [austin halos] I checked aliases to make sure that nothing is breaking anything
70444 [nobu.nokada ] How did you get config.sub?  Seems like EOL issue.
70445 [austin halos] Ah. That explains it. I got 1.8 by Windows CVS (TortoiseCVS), which

^ [Q] eval and binding with mod_ruby
70447 [kwatch lycos] I have a question about eval and binding, with mod_ruby.

^ Catching general window event with win32ole
70452 [kalle465 hot] I'm trying to catch the WM_QUERYENDSESSION message which is sent to

^ Some OCI8 comments
70460 [B.Candler po] Some notes/comments on ruby-oci8-0.1.3 which I've just been struggling to
+ 70492 [B.Candler po] Actually, I have come across a problem here, trying to insert dates which
| 70500 [kubo jiubao.] SELECT value FROM v$nls_parameters WHERE parameter = 'NLS_DATE_FORMAT';
| 70508 [B.Candler po] Works perfectly. Thank you.
+ 70499 [kubo jiubao.] Does gcc make 32 bit object in any case? If so, I'll change oraconf.rb
  70506 [B.Candler po] Unfortunately I know little about Solaris, and I don't have a Sun 'cc' to
  70556 [kubo jiubao.] Hmm, how about the follow patch.

^ Help - Ruby 1.8.0, Mac OS X, AEOSA = bus error
70462 [wb27 drexel.] This is my first post to this list, so I'd like to start by offering

^ ljust, rjust...
70464 [nemo hellotr] How about allowing `ljust' and `rjust' take an additional parameter (which
+ 70466 [dcarrera mat] I usually do
| 70467 [hal9000 hype] We already have something like this... it just
+ 70469 [deliriousREM] I am with you on this one, I've been needing this functionality for some
+ 70470 [deliriousREM] I am with you on this one, I've been needing this functionality for some
+ 70477 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!
+ 84123 [deliriousREM] I am with you on this one, I've been needing this functionality for some
+ 84124 [deliriousREM] I am with you on this one, I've been needing this functionality for some

^ requiring at least one argument
70465 [bhilton vpop] I noticed that some methods are OK with 0 or more arguments, while

^ Why doesn't rb_define_singleton_method call singleton_method_added?
70471 [pbrannan atd] [pbrannan@zaphod testsing]$ cat testsing.c
70486 [matz ruby-la] Because no one had ever requested.  I'm often demand driven.
70501 [pbrannan atd] I'd like to request it, then :)
70513 [matz ruby-la] Done.

^ Errno::EPIPE being caused by $DEBUG
70476 [djberge qwes] Solaris 9
70485 [matz ruby-la] socket, so that the connection lost, EPIPE raised.

^ 1.8 release status?
70481 [ptkwt shell1] Just curious, I know we're on 1.8.0-preview 2.  What remains to be done

^ [PATCH] ljust, rjust, and center with pad string (was ljust, rjust...)
70482 [wkb airmail.] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
+ 70484 [austin halos] Will it handle "'x'.ljust(10, '\0')" properly?
+ 70488 [matz ruby-la] It's planned for long time.  The only reason we don't have them yet is

^ Re: Search string in a file
70487 [dcarrera mat] dcarrera ~ $ cat > file
70490 [B.Candler po] Perhaps better not to read the whole file in at once, but process it line at
70493 [dave.baldwin] I find these alternative ways of reading and processing a file  very
70494 [dblack super] With trepidation.... :-)

^ please reply immediately
70495 [tankozubairu] I am Eng. Tanko Zubairu and presently the Director

^ String to Date/Time
70496 [sdate everes] Are there any String to DateTime conversion functions out there ?
+ 70497 [bob.news gmx] Hm, how about a static method in class Time, maybe Time.parse(pattern =
+ 70498 [flifson cs.u] Have a look at the ParseDate module, which is in the standard lib
+ 70572 [sdate everes] Yes, I will like to consider the ISO patterns even though

^ temporary redirection of stdout
70502 [andrew walro] I'm new to ruby, so forgive any obvious stupididity, but can anyone
+ 70504 [pbrannan atd] This makes sso refer to the same object as $stdout does...
| + 70507 [michael_s_ca] "hooked variable"?  I've never heard that nomenclature before; have I
| | 70511 [B.Candler po] It's described (briefly) in the Pickaxe,
| + 70509 [B.Candler po] $defout = f
| | 70514 [ahoward fsl.] and view the complete thread.
| | 70515 [B.Candler po] Oh yes, I remember that now. But I don't think it explains $stdout versus
| | 70517 [ahoward fsl.] i am more confused than usual ;-)
| | + 70522 [B.Candler po] *IF* you use reopen. That associates the same fd with a new file after
| | + 70524 [bob.news gmx] "ahoward" <ahoward@fsl.noaa.gov> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| |   70528 [ahoward fsl.] i'm suprised since STDOUT has the semantics of being a constant (i realize
| |   + 70540 [B.Candler po] But you didn't change the variable $stdout; you called $stdout.reopen (well,
| |   | 70601 [bob.news gmx] "Brian Candler" <B.Candler@pobox.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| |   + 70549 [jweirich one] I've used the following in the past.  Now that 1.8 has StringIO, its
| |   | 70560 [ahoward fsl.] nice point.  i'm sold.
| |   + 70602 [bob.news gmx] "ahoward" <ahoward@fsl.noaa.gov> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 70510 [andrew walro] Agreed; they are both references right?
|   70527 [pbrannan atd] Yes.
+ 70505 [brett_willia] vor-lord:/tmp> ruby -e 'File.open("output","w") { |f|
  70512 [andrew walro] This is interesting. Perhaps $stdout has been fixed to be a proper

^ Embedding a browser in a GUI
70503 [chadfowler c] I'm attempting to overcome my fear of GUIs.  Playing with FXRuby right now
+ 70548 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!
| + 70555 [chadfowler c] available toolkits?
| | + 70557 [mailinglists] Bad Luck.
| | + 70558 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!
| + 70658 [emeza saisam] @hostname=HOST
+ 70607 [pbrannan atd] You could use a QTextBrowser, but I don't know if this is available for
| 71049 [djkea2 mugca] Take a look at http://rubygtkembedmoz.sourceforge.net/
+ 71817 [kero chello.] 1) X toolkits don't like to embed each others widgets. See

^ FreeRIDE 5.0 problems (fxscintilla issue?)
70516 [djberge qwes] Solaris 9
70518 [STUCKNER MUL] 1. Change to the build directory for FXRuby;
70525 [djberge qwes] Yes, I did all these steps.  Unfortunately, I did step 3 with 1.6.8 by

^ pda - ruby
70519 [ahoward fsl.] rubyists-
+ 70520 [usenet andre] This could be interesting for you: http://jruby.sourceforge.net/
+ 70521 [rpav nwlink.] My favorite PDA, the Zaurus, runs linux, and someone has made a
+ 70523 [B.Candler po] You can install Linux on your PDA and then you have no problem :-)

^ Re: Ruby (1.6.7) Net::FTP/OS call hang
70526 [prell cfl.rr] I'm new to this list, and to Ruby as well.  I have read the online
+ 70532 [dave pragpro] You're probably hanging doing the DNS lookup. Perhaps using the thread
| 70537 [prell cfl.rr] I am now happily using Resolv.rb with successful results.  Thank you
| 70538 [prell cfl.rr] Sorry everyone; I didn't mean to send this to the whole list.  I'll
| 70566 [pit capitain] Though it has been Dave who suggested to use resolv.rb, there is a
+ 70534 [surrender_it] My text book says gethostbyname is bad and you should use
| 70541 [B.Candler po] Your textbook is talking about OS (native) threads - which Ruby doesn't use
+ 70552 [sdate everes] I don't know if this will apply to you, but on Win 2K,  I have this program

^ chomp'ing REXML:Element.text
70529 [usenet andre] I'm using the following code to read and chomp the content of a few
+ 70530 [STUCKNER MUL] Funny how similar problems occur in different places at the same time. I
+ 70531 [mike ratdog.] You can use a rescue e.g.
| 70574 [gsinclair so] That doesn't work, I'm afraid.  Not in 1.6 anyway.
+ 70536 [dblack super] ....text.to_s.chomp
  70545 [usenet andre] I already thought about this, but I thought nil.to_s would return
  70553 [tom mnemonic] class NilClass; def chomp; ""; end; end

^ Embedded Ruby in C can't find external libraries. Help !!
70533 [yc2w Virgini] I try to embed Ruby in C, and it works fine.
70543 [B.Candler po] I tried adding "p $:" into your eval, and it shows that $: ($LOAD_PATH) is

^ SWIG on Solaris problem
70535 [jim freeze.o] This may be a bit off topic, but it is ruby related.
+ 70539 [lyle users.s] First, the instant gratification part of the response ;)
| + 70544 [jim freeze.o] [description snipped]
| | 70547 [lyle users.s] Right. The typemaps.i file doesn't define a typemap for char **, you'll
| | 70550 [jim freeze.o] Good. :)  I'll need them.
| | 70615 [lyle users.s] %module example
| | 70618 [jim freeze.o] Thanks. I'll give it a try.
| + 70551 [jim freeze.o] What would happen if I defined several OUTPUT params.
|   70624 [lyle users.s] void func1(int x);
+ 70554 [ptkwt shell1] Lyle did a good job of answering your question, but I have one more

^ Re: Test order in Test::Unit
70542 [roberge qwes] If you define setup and teardown methods, in your test suite these are

^ REXML: problems with test suite
70546 [vjoel PATH.B] I've tried the test suite with both 2.4.8 and 2.5.8, against ruby 1.6.7,

^ Cross platform `ls -t`
70562 [surrender_it] Is there a way using Dir to have a list of directory entries sorted by
+ 70563 [hal9000 hype] list = Dir["**"].sort {|x,y| File.stat(x).mtime < File.stat(y).mtime }
| 70564 [dblack super] require 'benchmark'
| + 70567 [hal9000 hype] That's the spirit!
| + 70570 [vjoel PATH.B] Most of the best work is done that way...
+ 70573 [surrender_it] thanks everybody for the answers, I suppose the sort_by solution will
  70585 [B.Candler po] ** Matches subdirectories recursively