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^ Does File or FTools support rm -rf?
69446 [jim freeze.o] system("rm -rf <dir>")
69496 [holmberg iar] Try

^ ruby-dev summary #19958-20019
69447 [maki rubycol] This is a summary for last week on the ruby-dev mailing list.

^ ruby mode for JED?
69454 [probertm NOS] ...

^ regular expressions
69470 [nemo hellotr] When I first learned regular expressions, they were no problem.  It was in a
+ 69471 [batsman.geo ] # string to match
+ 69474 [dcarrera mat] Well... there sort of are other styles, but not really...
| + 69484 [botp delmont] [snip cool samples :-]
| + 69499 [steink ping.] It's little more difficult. First you shouldn't mix wildcards and regexp,
+ 69501 [bob.news gmx] "Chris Pine" <nemo@hellotree.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 69503 [Arthur Chanc] To a great extent the Perl way with regexps is the Unix way - a terse
| 69511 [hal9000 hype] [snip interesting SNOBOL stuff]
| 69526 [Arthur Chanc] [Me wittering about Snobol]
| 69537 [hafu manning] Ha... don't take it personally. I'm constantly reminded that
+ 69509 [nemo hellotr] Hmmm...  I really like what he has to say on his webpage, but that is just
  + 69510 [nemo hellotr] Oops!
  + 69513 [hal9000 hype] Very interesting. Refer to the post I just made
    + 69514 [wtanksleyjr ] I know what you mean -- they just aren't nice.
    + 69516 [nemo hellotr] myreg = RegexLang.new(<<EOF)
    | 69517 [hal9000 hype] Glad we're thinking alike... maybe this idea
    | 69519 [dblack super] I have a few questions -- sort of just "academic" interest, as I am
    | 69535 [hal9000 hype] I'll give you my opinion, speaking for no one
    | + 69545 [nemo hellotr] I'd like to write a complex regex in a more readable
    | | + 69547 [nemo hellotr] Oops.
    | | | 69553 [vangczung ya] I'm not sure how regexes handle these things internally (and, yes, it
    | | + 69551 [nemo hellotr] Not to get too ridiculous replying to myself here, but...
    | |   69556 [michael_s_ca] Right.  Backreferencing (IIRC) makes RE's not entirely "regular".
    | + 69546 [dblack super] Hmmm....  I guess readability is in the eye of the beholder.  Give me
    | + 69549 [djberge qwes] phoneregex = /
    |   69550 [djberge qwes] phoneregex = /
    + 69521 [akr m17n.org] It can be used as
      69532 [hal9000 hype] That is very interesting. I have never
      69567 [akr m17n.org] They have bit different syntax but represents same set.

^ [OFF-TOPIC] bogofilter (was: Re: Urgent Assistance)
69473 [spectra debi] That's true.
69478 [dcarrera mat] 1)  How do I know if the system here is using procmail?  I know it's
69489 [batsman.geo ] It will unless your site's MTA doesn't honor it (happened to me) :)

^ 1.8 cgi lib
69476 [ahoward fsl.] i've seen a few differences talked about in the 1.8 cgi lib, i'm developing

^ sorry (was: Re: [OFF-TOPIC] bogofilter )
69479 [dcarrera mat] I'd like to apologize.  I thought that the first [OFF-TOPIC]* email had
69490 [batsman.geo ] I fell into the trap too, so

^ NETRuby?  (Ruby for .NET)
69480 [revision17 p] I've been looking around for information about NETRuby (Ruby for

^ profile.rb overhead
69485 [tim bates.id] I have a script.
+ 69492 [feldt ce.cha] thats typical since it installs a trace proc which is invoked for each
+ 69502 [bob.news gmx] "Tim Bates" <tim@bates.id.au> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

69487 [ptkwt shell1] ...

^ Libxml SAX parser?
69494 [han.holl pri] I need to read XML documents from an open network socket.
69563 [sean chitten] I haven't completed the SAX handlers, there's just some infrastructure
69584 [han.holl pri] No, I won't nag you about it. If you don't need it, you don't need it.
69648 [sean chitten] Agreed.
69695 [han.holl pri] I don't doubt for a moment that you know libxml2 better than I, but the only

^ How long until 1.8?
69495 [google tompa] Is 1.8 going to be released soon? What's left to be done?

^ Ruby Meetup space
69500 [jgreer midso] Greetings.

^ Help with state in CGI with Ruby
69505 [brett_willia] A few weeks back I helped write a small web application for some reporting
69520 [ahoward fsl.] it allows one to store arbitrary objects using cgi sessions.  sessions are

^ Roundoff problem with Float and Marshal
69518 [cilibrar ugc] [1.5, 4.0/3.0].each { |a|
69522 [nobu.nokada ] What about just adding an extra digit than DBL_DIG?
69580 [cilibrar ugc] [ patch follows ]
69609 [matz ruby-la] This is caused by bad implementation of strtod that Ruby 1.8 uses (in
69615 [nobu.nokada ] Hmmm, it seems so.
69619 [matz ruby-la] Wow, you're so fast.  Please commit this fix.
69623 [nobu.nokada ] Since it was wrong a little, I fixed and committed it.
69651 [cilibrar ugc] Hmmm interesting numerical developments.  I continue to test it by
+ 69662 [jim freeze.o] I hope your tests are being added to some set of unit tests
| 69663 [0bz63fz3m1qt] [snip testcode]
+ 69670 [matz ruby-la] It's the limitation of base 10 representation of float values that
  69673 [nobu.nokada ] I'd tried C99 style hexadecimal float.  I expect this is
  + 69674 [phasis bclin] ...
  | 69675 [nobu.nokada ] Packing float is not portable at all.
  + 69677 [matz ruby-la] frexp(), ldexp() dependence is OK, since Ruby uses them in math.c
  + 69687 [cilibrar ugc] I have implemented the idea I gave earlier.  I had to use 2 bytes to
    69691 [matz ruby-la] Interesting.  Is this endian safe, i.e. does this work properly on
    + 69696 [nobu.nokada ] No, unfortunately, and assuming binary format is less portable.
    | 69702 [cilibrar ofb] ...
    | 69784 [nobu.nokada ] It works only with IEEE754.  It is the reason I called it "less
    | 69796 [cilibrar ofb] ...
    | + 69801 [nobu.nokada ] Yes, thank you.  I was wrong, and apparently missed
    | | 69808 [cilibrar ofb] ...
    | | 69878 [cilibrar ofb] ...
    | | 69910 [nobu.nokada ] I agree with your friend, and posted patches at [ruby-dev:20071].
    | + 69804 [decoux moulo] ...
    + 69752 [cilibrar ofb] ...
      69753 [decoux moulo] ...
      69754 [cilibrar ofb] ...

^ [OT] Spam Filter (was Re: Urgent Assistance)
69523 [pabs pablotr] I use spamprobe (http://spamprobe.sf.net/) from my home directory on a

^ testunit, $DEBUG issue
69524 [djberge qwes] Ruby 1.6.8

^ rhtml.vim
69525 [lists debona] Does anyone have a .vim for embedded ruby type things?
+ 69552 [google tompa] You can use filetype=mason, which works but isn't perfect.
+ 69562 [invalid inva] ...

^ Debugger not working in 1.8.0 snapshot
69527 [putsch mxim.] ...
69528 [putsch mxim.] It also seems a change introduced between at rev 1.37 of debug.rb makes
69530 [putsch mxim.] (rdb:1) b PgSQL.rb:updateDisks

^ Drag and drop sample in Fxruby
69529 [ oct zoy.org] ...
69533 [lyle users.s] By an astonishing coincidence, I've added a new tutorial about

^ example
69531 [student_vien] I'm goint to write a ruby extension for an extern hardware tool.
69534 [B.Candler po] I don't know about good links... but if I were doing this, I would run the
+ 69559 [sdate everes] ...
+ 69579 [offstuff aon] I known this all (I'm using a thread now). I'm only searching for an
  69596 [B.Candler po] - you can simply past a Proc object. It keeps all the bindings to the

^ [Q] Reg. Expressios with "\n"
69536 [dcarrera mat] I'm trying to match a regular expression on a string that contains
+ 69538 [hal9000 hype] IIRC you can use the multiline modifier "m" on
| + 69539 [dcarrera mat] Thanks! that worked.
| | 69541 [michael_s_ca] Incidentally, if it's readability you crave, ("you" in the general
| | 69542 [dcarrera mat] Thanks.  I didn't know about the %r{} notation.  It really is nicer.
| + 69543 [emschwar pob] But when parsing HTML, you probably shouldn't be using REs at all.
|   + 69544 [dcarrera mat] I'm just parsing the emails that I get from my hotmail-using friends.
|   | 69555 [emschwar pob] The point isn't so much that (although it is a valid one), it's that
|   | 69557 [dcarrera mat] Definitelly.  I also believe in using the right tool for the job.
|   | + 69558 [emschwar pob] The htmltest.rb file included with html-parser2 on RAA
|   | + 69576 [B.Candler po] Using lynx to convert HTML to formatted ASCII is a good solution for the job
|   |   69630 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!
|   + 69714 [pabs pablotr] I agree with the sentiment (that using REs to parse HTML, XML, etc)
+ 69540 [batsman.geo ] Multiline mode: /./m

^ [Q] Rubydoc
69561 [dcarrera mat] Could someone tell me how to read rubydoc documentation?
+ 69572 [surrender_it] try
+ 69589 [dave pragpro] If it's in rd format, there's a chapter on it in the PickAxe book. The

^ Newbie proc question
69564 [jamesvtoomey] Can anyone help reduce my confusion? I think I understand the "how" of
+ 69569 [nemo hellotr] Can anyone help reduce my confusion?
+ 69575 [ptkwt shell1] ...
| 69632 [gfb tonesoft] I would not call it unique -- as far as I understand, it came from Smaltalk,
+ 69577 [bob.news gmx] "James Toomey" <jamesvtoomey@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Using Ruby to script a Swing app for functional testing?
69566 [pbooth nocoi] ...
69573 [surrender_it] have youy thiught about jruby ?

^ How to test for text file
69568 [pNOeterSPAM4] In perl, -T <file> returns true if <file> is a text file and
69574 [matz ruby-la] You have to define what is text file first.  Traditional Perl test
69706 [pNOeterSPAM4] Ah! Not having worked with Unicode before, I had not considered this.
69745 [austin halos] You could use MIME::Types [RAA:mime-types], which does a decent job

^ extension - redirect a block
69585 [student_vien] implement a callback function.
+ 69587 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 69590 [student_vien] Not really...
| 69592 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 69604 [student_vien] hm....
| 69606 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 69617 [student_vien] hm...
| + 69618 [0bz63fz3m1qt] If you want to use Hash for keeping track of your global
| + 69620 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 69621 [student_vien] I already know how to use a hash and such things
+ 69627 [student_vien] uh, this works!

^ ANN: ri 1.8b
69595 [dave pragpro] - changes to various to_i and to_s methods to reflect the fact that the
69631 [Stephan.Kaem] Great!
+ 69634 [dave pragpro] Are you by any change using something like wget or curl? If so, you
| 69693 [Stephan.Kaem] May I ask what you use to uncompress tgz files on W2K?
| + 69698 [dave pragpro] tar :) (from cygwin)
| + 69699 [hal9000 hype] WinZip works fine. It understands .gz and
| | 69715 [Stephan.Kaem] After trying about a dozen share- and freeware tools I realized that
| + 69709 [gfb tonesoft] You can try Stuffit Expander for Windows (http://www.stuffit.com/expander/).
| + 69717 [emiel il.fon] Just like to throw in AlZip. Supports lots of formats; even more
+ 69635 [B.Candler po] Follow the link manually. If you see a link which points at

^ Cryptic -w warning: ambiguous first argument; make sure ...
69611 [holmberg iar] str = "banana"
69616 [matz ruby-la] * regexp as the first argument
+ 69622 [ahoward fsl.] the trend seems to be the poetry mode is evil, and being phased out.  is that
| 69629 [nemo hellotr] the trend seems to be the poetry mode is evil, and being phased out.  is
+ 69860 [holmberg iar] Thanks for the explanation.
  69877 [billk cts.co] Just to chime in, I'd also agree that in idiomatic English, the

^ case statements and classes
69624 [nemo hellotr] In general, I love the way case statement matching works.  I'm having
+ 69625 [dave pragpro] It's because the more common use is to compare objects with their
+ 69626 [dave pragpro] It's because the more common use is to compare objects with their
  69628 [nemo hellotr] It's because the more common use is to compare objects with their

^ FreeRIDE 0.5.0 - problem opening files
69639 [info mjais.d] just donwloaded RC2 and it looks fine but I can not open Ruby files.
69641 [gour mail.in] You need to enable FXScintilla support in FXRuby. It is explained in Appendix B.
69690 [info mjais.d] thanks a lot. it works

^ why value?
69640 [    no no.no] on some extension project for win32 the funcions looks
69650 [vangczung ya] In straight C,  VALUE foofunc()  essentially means to take (but,

^ Problems downloading RDoc - WAS: Re: ANN: ri 1.8b
69643 [Stephan.Kaem] No. I tried to download it with browsers (see below). And I'm pretty
69646 [lyle users.s] Another thing to check is the downloaded file size; the size for
69647 [Stephan.Kaem] Exactly the size of the files I got...
69649 [dave pragpro] If you have no luck, perhaps you could privately  e-mail the file you

^ Found New Storage Device
69644 [osicjrzn nri] ...

^ [swig] avoiding the module name
69645 [0bz63fz3m1qt] Here is my SWIG file (redirect.i) ...
+ 69652 [lyle users.s] Is there some reason you can't just 'include' the module, i.e. instead
| 69656 [0bz63fz3m1qt] Yes "include" can do it, but... read on
| 69666 [lyle users.s] This sounds a little suspicious ;)
| 69667 [0bz63fz3m1qt] it all becomes messy and non-intuitive.
| 69668 [0bz63fz3m1qt] I present 2 solutions for the "user"..
+ 69966 [0bz63fz3m1qt] Except for Lyle .. there does'nt seem to be anyone
  + 69967 [dcarrera mat] I don't mind if you avoid the first part.
  + 69985 [B.Candler po] Missed the first part, but doesn't
  + 70007 [lyle users.s] Well, it's not a matter of opinion, it's just a matter of fact ;)
    70011 [0bz63fz3m1qt] true

^ What is base64.rb for? (from /usr/lib/ruby/1.6/base64.rb)
69654 [sroberts uni] I note that it has a vestigial rfc2047 decoder for japanese (only!)
69665 [matz ruby-la] It's there only because historical and compatibility reason.

^ Fw: Possible bug?
69672 [chadfowler c] I'm having some trouble sending to ruby-core, so I'll send this here.  Sorry

^ Re: Possible bug?
69676 [usa osb.att.] It's a bug (or spec) of some implementations of vsnprintf(),
69678 [nobu.nokada ] vsnprintf() and snprintf() are used many times.  And they are
69681 [usa osb.att.] Is this problem only on win32 platforms?
69684 [nobu.nokada ] Other platforms which don't have them use missing/vsnprintf.c
69686 [usa osb.att.] (1) Some platforms have the correct (set null at the end of buffer)
+ 69689 [nobu.nokada ] You're right.  But snprintf() is used so many times, isn't it
| 69694 [chadfowler c] I forgot in my last mail to say "Thanks!"  Every so often, I'm re-amazed at
+ 69692 [chadfowler c] I would suggest commiting the fix in the win32 port and then adding a
+ 69697 [abuse durchn] Can't one easily check in a configure script for that?

^ Warning: redefine instance
69680 [jbshaldane h] Does anyone know why I am getting this warning?
69786 [jbshaldane h] Just to clarify my question a little, the warning comes from this line
69797 [matz ruby-la] Nice idea, thank you.
69903 [jbshaldane h] I noticed you changed singleton.rb, but you only changed the code on
69904 [matz ruby-la] Thank you.

^ newbie question
69682 [emmanuel.tou] Sorry, it's probably a very basic question, but I can't find the answer on
69683 [kentda stud.] Check out line 1 in poptv.rb.
69685 [emmanuel.tou] oh, yes, thank you...

^ Biased weighted random?
69700 [hal9000 hype] Just thinking again about randomness.
+ 69705 [nemo hellotr] Very interesting!
| 69708 [batsman.geo ] I believe too the right model is a Markov process (chain), given the
| 69713 [nemo hellotr] There may be more than 1 transition matrix which works.  For a distribution
| + 69718 [nemo hellotr] Looking at this again, it seems that the latter matrix is flawed.  Not only
| | 69727 [dcarrera mat] My bigger concern is that those columns don't add up to 1.
| | + 69729 [batsman.geo ] The rows do. I guess the transposed is OK, then :-)
| | | 69760 [dcarrera mat] Oh, I see.  Yeah, I was thinking "Pu".
| | | 69774 [batsman.geo ] A distribution on the states such that the distribution at time n+1 is
| | + 69731 [nemo hellotr] The idea I proposed was based on the objective of keeping the ratios the
| |   69759 [dcarrera mat] If you keep the ratios constant, the probabilities *must* change.  Take
| |   69764 [nemo hellotr] If you keep the ratios constant, the probabilities *must* change.  Take
| |   69766 [dcarrera mat] Oops.  I was thinking of the example he wronte (which fit in one line).
| |   69767 [dcarrera mat] BTW, that was an embarassing mistake there.
| + 69721 [batsman.geo ] I have one idea too but I'd need something to solve linear equations
|   + 69724 [nemo hellotr] That's *exactly* what I was doing!
|   + 69725 [nemo hellotr] Here's my Ruby so far.  I'm still working on the second part.
|   + 69726 [nemo hellotr] All right...
|     + 69728 [hal9000 hype] the
|     | + 69730 [batsman.geo ] [ruby-talk:69721]
|     | | 69732 [hal9000 hype] Well, I've noticed this much: If you plot the
|     | | + 69734 [nemo hellotr] I've also noticed that for sufficiently strange
|     | | + 69778 [batsman.geo ] could you pass me those strange weights to see if it blows up the same
|     | + 69733 [nemo hellotr] 1. Are you sure you want to call Daniel's method
|     |   69735 [hal9000 hype] Ha, don't take it seriously. I'm just kidding,
|     + 69775 [batsman.geo ] I have been thinking about this for a while and even though I understand
|       69782 [nemo hellotr] I have been thinking about this for a while and even though I understand
|       69785 [batsman.geo ] I would feel psychologically satisfied if the entropy rate was maximum.
|       69787 [nemo hellotr] <snip very cool code>
|       69789 [batsman.geo ] The transition matrix above corresponds to these weights, got it
|       69809 [pit capitain] matrices used for Hal's problem of "biases weighted random"
|       69813 [batsman.geo ] I see that
|       69816 [nemo hellotr] I see that
|       69837 [pit capitain] Ah, I see. This is indeed a harder problem. Thanks for the
|       69839 [hal9000 hype] wanted an
|       69841 [nemo hellotr] Well, I guess the problems are related. I see
|       69846 [hal9000 hype] I see. In that case, I was not talking about
|       69850 [nemo hellotr] Now, is there a good name for this function?
+ 69710 [dcarrera mat] Let 'entries' be a hash whose keys are the items and whose values
| 69711 [nemo hellotr] Now they should never repeat.
| 69719 [hal9000 hype] OK, it fails... but not miserably so.
+ 69716 [aredridel nb] Track the last result, and lower the probablility of that particular one
+ 69737 [nemo hellotr] You know, in talking with my wife about this, I think we have
  69742 [nemo hellotr] So, I think I'm close.
  69783 [nemo hellotr] So it's really close... any ideas?  And why the $@#! am I squaring the