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^ April Fools.
68436 [dcarrera mat] Hey guys and gals,
+ 68437 [drbrain segm] Please, I know this is ruby-talk, but you can't get much _more_
| + 68438 [dcarrera mat] True.
| | 68452 [ ted php.net] Um... not to some of us who got reeled in... ;->
| + 68441 [mikkelfj-ant] Ahh come on - sure there must be bandwidth for a joke now and then -
| + 68442 [hal9000 hype] I'll drag it back on-topic with some
|   + 68446 [jim freeze.o] LOL on this one.
|   | + 68448 [calum.shaw-m] how about.....
|   | + 68454 [mikkelfj-ant] I was actually pointed to a language with such a construct, but I don't
|   | | + 68458 [michael_s_ca] Intercal
|   | | | 68461 [mikkelfj-ant] "The PC in Befunge-93, however, is subject to different rules. It may go
|   | | | 68467 [michael_s_ca] Oh I know about befunge too (and brainfu*k, and a slew of other esoteric
|   | | | 68491 [mikkelfj-ant] from, as
|   | | + 68505 [Arthur Chanc] Intercal. A remarkable language, although many of the remarks aren't
|   | + 68507 [batsman.geo ] I really don't know how we could live for so long without
|   + 68451 [mikkelfj-ant] I'm out by 29 minutes.
|   + 68457 [0bz63fz3m1qt] ruby/STL version 0.1 anouncement
+ 68463 [ jupp gmx.de] I do *not* think that this is only a /April Fool'?s Joke/.
| + 68464 [dcarrera mat] Yes but.... white space?
| + 68466 [dossy panopt] I'm pretty sure it's not.  Although, getting it on /. on 2003.04.01
| | 68468 [vjoel PATH.B] Sure. The Whitespace compiler works like this. Count the number N of
| | 68471 [sdate everes] Well, check this out: http://compsoc.dur.ac.uk/whitespace/hworld.ws
| + 68473 [carlom speak] ...
+ 68534 [warren freed] dear rubyers

^ Sun adopts Ruby (was RE: JRuby still alive?)
68439 [james_b neur] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
68440 [lyle users.s] This has led to a refocusing of efforts by the RJava (formely JRuby)
68443 [simon simon-] It's after 12 o'clock from where I'm posting, so allow me to point out rava

^ ATTN: Steve Hill and Victor Manuel Reyes Viloria
68444 [wrappingstev] Hope you guys see this ;)

^ Newbie....ish - with questions!
68447 [calum.shaw-m] 'Lo all
+ 68456 [mikkelfj-ant] I haven't worked with binary operators in Ruby, but you seem to be on the
+ 68460 [ptkwt shell1] Actually, if you're used to Java, Ruby should seem supernatural ;-)
+ 68469 [billk cts.co] If you only need to print status for the flags contained in
+ 68488 [B.Candler po] a = 35

^ Newbie question:read file speed
68449 [greg brondo.] Why is ruby (on windows) so much slower at reading lines in a file (as
+ 68489 [B.Candler po] Can you post the exact programs that you are timing in each language?
| 68500 [greg brondo.] filename = ARGV[0]
| + 68524 [B.Candler po] Cheers. I've run them here under FreeBSD-4.7 running on a Sony Vaio laptop,
| | + 68532 [nobu.nokada ] I suspect it is related to GC, note that Java is also slower
| | + 68546 [dan sidhe.or] Be aware that perl cheats unmercifully at IO, to the extent of
| | | + 68557 [djberge qwes] This must be the vaunted Perl IO layer that I've seen mentioned from
| | | | 68574 [dan sidhe.or] Nope. That's more a Tcl/SysV style streams thing, and is relatively
| | | | 68578 [greg brondo.] Both files contain 1,572,682 lines.
| | | | 68628 [bob.news gmx] "Greg Brondo" <greg@brondo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | | | 68640 [greg brondo.] 1.4.1_02
| | | | 68740 [bob.news gmx] "Greg Brondo" <greg@brondo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | | | 68759 [greg brondo.] My code.
| | | + 68611 [gsinclair so] Interesting.  In what way is it so evil, given that Perl successfully
| | |   + 68615 [decoux moulo] If you work directly with the buffer associated with the IO, this can be
| | |   | 68617 [gsinclair so] But surely, for the operations that matter to Ruby (say "read" and
| | |   | 68618 [decoux moulo] See [ruby-talk:68546]
| | |   + 68643 [dan sidhe.or] It peeks into the undocumented internals of the C stdio library. It
| | |     68653 [pbrannan atd] I would expect that using read/write directly instead of going through
| | |     68679 [decoux moulo] If you use read/write you have to manage a buffer, why do you want to
| | |     68741 [bob.news gmx] "ts" <decoux@moulon.inra.fr> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | |     68751 [decoux moulo] Well, sometimes speed and portability are not compatibles.
| | |     + 68753 [bob.news gmx] "ts" <decoux@moulon.inra.fr> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | |     + 68754 [B.Candler po] Or at any rate _one_ reason why it's faster.
| | |       68755 [decoux moulo] See [ruby-talk:68578]
| | |       68791 [B.Candler po] Oh I'm not arguing that ruby 1.8p2 isn't better than ruby 1.6.8. I believe
| | |       68792 [djberge qwes] Does running your code through the profiler provide any insight?  Any
| | |       68793 [B.Candler po] $ ruby -rprofile x.rb /usr/share/dict/words
| | |       68794 [B.Candler po] ...which turns out to be easier than I thought!
| | + 68560 [greg brondo.] Hmm.. I tried it under Ruby 1.6.8 compiled with GCC on Solaris 2.8 and
| + 68552 [bob.news gmx] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
|   68561 [greg brondo.] Robert, tried the new Java class.  Speed up read by about 4 seconds.
|   68608 [bob.news gmx] "Greg Brondo" <greg@brondo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
|   68641 [greg brondo.] Ok, latest results.  this time I tried 1.6.8-cygwin on the same machine.
+ 68537 [peter semant] I would like to point out that removing the ...
  68539 [B.Candler po] I wonder why Fixnum#== is slower than % or + ? I think that's just an

^ [ANN] Rubum-tools version 0.01
68453 [ oct zoy.org] Folks,

^ parsing/decoding mail/news headers
68455 [crf sbox.tu-] Just trying to put my Ruby skills to useful work - automatic handling,
+ 68474 [slewis parad] I believe this is on the RMail todo list, but if you want to have a go =
+ 68526 [ jupp gmx.de] Saluton!
  68704 [crf sbox.tu-] [some hours later]
  68706 [B.Candler po] I still don't class myself as a Ruby expert :-) But I do notice the

^ gets from socket got eof (multithread)
68472 [xrfang hotma] @session=TCPSocket.new(mypopserver,110)
+ 68522 [kero chello.] You'll have to tell a bit more. how many sockets do you open? and how many
+ 68665 [matz ruby-la] As usual I need information about your platform, your Ruby version,

^ =?gb2312?q?=CD=C6=BC=F6=A3=AC=CB=C4=CD=F2=CA=D7=B8=E8=C7=FA=B5=C8=C4=E3=C0=B4=CC=FD?=
68477 [ing88 263.co] This is a multi-part message in MIME format

^ Debugger Not Working Again
68481 [seth cql.com] With both the latest snapshot and 1.8 preview 2, the debugger has stopped working again.  It never stops at breakpoints.

^ FXRuby 1.0.21 FXOptionMenu problem
68502 [james lazyat] I've got a bit of a problem using the FXOptionMenu widget in FXRuby
68509 [lyle users.s] This is a bug. If you want to locally patch your code, add the following

^ Checking for valid Ruby objects?
68510 [lyle users.s] If I have a void pointer in C extension code, is there any way to tell
+ 68511 [dan sidhe.or] The only problem there is that, if the pointer *isn't* to a valid
+ 68514 [pbrannan atd] I think it should be possible to use id2ref; if it raises an exception,

^ What tools are need to code an addressbook ?
68513 [deliriousNOS] Dear fellow ruby-enthusiasts,
+ 68515 [ahoward fsl.] i would reccomend an embedded database such as sqlite or berkeley db, both of
+ 68516 [rodrigo.berm] 1 - What is a good file storage format ?  .. why not LDAP  ?

^ [ANN] Uninheritable 1.0
68517 [austin halos] Uninheritable provides a simple way to make a class uninheritable
68523 [batsman.geo ] Is it like that?
68528 [austin halos] module Uninheritable

^ [ANN] Madeleine 0.2
68520 [ndrsbngtssn ] What is Madeleine?
68724 [surrender_it] I just discovered object prevalence in this post, so I google'd a
+ 68725 [B.Candler po] ...
+ 68736 [ndrsbngtssn ] Mnemonic has been an inactive project for over a year, hence the need

^ Re: [ANN] Uninheritable 1.0 (InsallPkg comment)
68521 [ptkwt shell1] Interesting...

^ Generators again
68525 [abuse durchn] I didn't understand the Generators using callcc() example I read some
68536 [gsinclair so] It's very nicely explained on RubyFromPython on the Wiki, thanks to

^ Any Hardware/EDA engineers out there?
68527 [ptkwt shell1] Just curious: are there  any other hardware engineers or EDA software
+ 68559 [putsch mxim.] We use SWIG with Ruby to allow us to write ruby scripts that manipulate
| 68572 [ptkwt shell1] Where are you located?  I suspect, probably in the Bay Area, but I
+ 68562 [brett_willia] Here we have some C++ libs wrapped into Ruby for manipulating
  + 68565 [jim freeze.o] Please share
  | 68568 [brett_willia] Why not? (attached) It just adds a few things to the Tk* modules, as it seems
  + 68567 [ptkwt shell1] Can you elaborate on 'for manipulating verilog'?
    68570 [brett_willia] Pretty much anything with (mostly) structural verilog netlists.  Tools built on
    68588 [ptkwt shell1] So you essentially have a Verilog parser written in Ruby?
    68593 [brett_willia] No, although that would be kind of neat and useful to share.  I wish that I
    68596 [ptkwt shell1] Or, I wonder how hard it might be to wrap the Icarus Verilog parser so

^ Tricky install question
68538 [mike wyer.or] I'm trying to install ruby in our production environment, but that means I
+ 68540 [nobu.nokada ] What's your platform?  Doesn't seem UNIX...  If it's DOSISH
| 68544 [mike wyer.or] It's a linux architecture where /prod is read-only NFS and /dev is
| 68705 [nobu.nokada ] I meant symlink under /dev.
| 68713 [jj5412 earth] Just curious, are all your device files under /dev too?
| 68716 [mike wyer.or] Doh! /dev/ was a bad choice for an example directory name :)
+ 68597 [jj5412 earth] Would chroot help in this case?
  68610 [mike wyer.or] DESTDIR provides pretty much that functionality and IS supported by

^ Ruby FastCGI bindings?
68541 [ColinCoates ] The RAA has an entry for a Ruby FastCGI implementation.
+ 68542 [ColinCoates ] Okay & apologies, I should have found ruby-fcgi (thankyou Moonwolf),
+ 68543 [B.Candler po] Use the module called "fcgi" instead. This merges together the functionality
  68553 [ColinCoates ] Thanks for your suggestions Brian.

^ Strange behavior in C-declared global variable?
68547 [jasa dalton.] I hope someone can help me.
+ 68548 [decoux moulo] Don't do this rb_define_variable() and rb_global_variable() must be used
| 68633 [jasa dalton.] Thanks very much for your reply. You are right and declaring temp as static
+ 68550 [kentda stud.] This should have set of your alarm bells. Notice that you give in a
  68632 [jasa dalton.] Thanks, i'ts really the 'global' versus 'local' problem  (rookie error

^ cgi serving xml from Apache problem
68551 [chrismo clab] (This seems like more an Apache question than a Ruby question, but ...)
+ 68554 [james_b neur] I use Apache to run CGI code to emit XML and haven't
| 68555 [chrismo clab] I don't see how -- I included in my original post the top of the raw output
+ 68556 [B.Candler po] I think it's because you have "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" - would I be right
| 68558 [chrismo clab] Ah, I'll have to check that out.
| 68563 [drbrain segm] Then that may be in the next chunk?  4082 is 14 bytes shy of 4k...
+ 68566 [chrismo clab] def output_feed
  68571 [B.Candler po] All HTTP/1.1 applications MUST be able to receive and decode the

^ [Q] FXRuby -- Table with FXComboBox items
68564 [yura opmr.co] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
68569 [vjoel PATH.B] You could use an FXMatrix instead of the FXTable. An FXMatrix can be

^ "benchmark.rb:435: warning: obsolete method"
68573 [B.Candler po] Just been playing with 1.8 preview 2, would like to point out that the
68577 [B.Candler po] Oops, my fault. I had accidentally installed the shim onto 1.8, so I rm -rf'd
68614 [hgs dmu.ac.u] This does re-raise the point that it could be worth having an

^ Can't get MP3Tag to work...
68575 [michael_s_ca] I hate coming to the list for silly stuff such as this, but has

^ Cultural Misinterpretations [was Re: Hard coded newline characters]
68579 [damphyr free] Wow, things almost got intense here. I'd like to add my two bits here
68583 [lyle users.s] And then there are the posts from Guy (Decoux), who uses no words and
+ 68586 [james_b neur] It's been theorized that Guy has irb piped directly to sendmail
+ 68589 [hal9000 hype] characters]
  68591 [damphyr free] Module RubyList
  68603 [botp delmont] I like Guy's posts. They make me think like ruby (hmm.. reminds me of the

^ [OT][ARTICLE] - Top 12 Reasons to Write Unit Tests
68580 [djberge qwes] Don't let the link name fool you - it's not java specific.

^ rubynet-announce Digest, Vol 3, Issue 1
68582 [rubynet-anno] Send rubynet-announce mailing list submissions to

^ read/write slow, and TCPSocket and sys{read,write}
68584 [rpav nwlink.] OK, so I'm throwing things back and forth over the network.  Marshalled

^ Clarification: read/write slow, and TCPSocket and sys{read,write}
68585 [rpav nwlink.] I hate replying to myself, but I should clarify.  They are always sent
+ 68590 [B.Candler po] How slow are you getting?
| 68602 [rpav nwlink.] I haven't benchmarked it yet, but using the setsockopt you mention
| 68701 [B.Candler po] That's 50 complete RPC exchanges doing some non-trivial work.
+ 68598 [jweirich one] Perhaps it is not the read/write speed that is killing you, but the
| 68600 [rpav nwlink.] I should also probably have said that this was over loopback to localhost,
+ 68601 [cjh_nospam m] I suspect you're being killed by the latency in the TCP

^ Building Ruby on HP-UX B.11.22
68587 [djberge qwes] Just trying to build Ruby 1.6.8 on a HP-UX system.
+ 68592 [djberge qwes] HP-UX spe169 B.11.11 U 9000/800 1939057856 unlimited-user license
+ 68594 [brett_willia] They don't have 3.2 for IA64 on the testdrive box?  It sure seems a lot of more
  69142 [djberg96 hot] Reading specs from /usr/local/lib/gcc-lib/ia64-hp-hpux11.20/3.2/specs
  + 69216 [brett_willia] This looks much more tractable, as it is a compile error and not a link error.
  + 69228 [mxp dynalabs] You might have tell the compiler and linker to use color curses using

^ Plugins (sort off)
68595 [damphyr free] Well I *am* new to Ruby, been playing around for about three weeks now
+ 68622 [bruce codedb] This may not address your question-- but certainly the easiest way I've ever
+ 68662 [B.Candler po] I'm not sure how relevant this is to your application, but you could have a
  68675 [damphyr free] .......Removing unnecessary traffic volume........
  68683 [B.Candler po] That should work just fine - you can pass modules around like any other
  68689 [damphyr free] well a symbol I know that belongs (should belong? wants to belong? will
  + 68690 [decoux moulo] pigeon% ruby -e 'p Object.const_get("Kernel").class'
  + 68693 [B.Candler po] Ah - I thought you were going to return the module itself, not a string of
    68694 [damphyr free] And yes, I think I will subscribe to the belief that has Guy talk in
    68695 [decoux moulo] #const_get is a method of Module, this mean that the class Object inherit
    68699 [damphyr free] But I thought it was the other way around: Module inherits from Object
    68709 [decoux moulo] pigeon% ruby -e 'p Object.class.ancestors'

^ Building 1.8 on Mac OS X
68599 [seth brivo.n] I've searched around for any tips on how to compile Ruby 1.8 for Mac OS

^ snippet:  modifications to GetoptLong to allow processing of method arguments
68604 [achou tealea] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
68727 [tcfelker mtc] Wouldn't it make more sense to, since you've already s/ARGV/arguments/,

^ [embedding] keeping track of non-exported global variables
68605 [0bz63fz3m1qt] Should I choose <an Array> or <a Hash> to store objects in ?
68686 [0bz63fz3m1qt] No follow ups.. Are you with me?
68687 [decoux moulo] Just say that they can use an Hash or an Array  : after if someone think
68783 [0bz63fz3m1qt] I tried mailing Shugo Maeda, but I haven't got any replys.. hmmm maybe I
68805 [nobu.nokada ] I don't know true reason, but I kind of guess it's because
68810 [0bz63fz3m1qt] I've checked ruby-1.8.0's array.c/rb_ary_delete and
68822 [nobu.nokada ] rb_gc() expects valid VALUEs (as mentioned above) in registered
68855 [0bz63fz3m1qt] Im still not getting you point. Sorry.
68864 [batsman.geo ] Nope, just that when the memory position used to hold the VALUE is
68921 [0bz63fz3m1qt] Yes, dangling pointers is dangerous, because they ofthen result in
68924 [batsman.geo ] But segfault is the best that could happen! Really!
68927 [0bz63fz3m1qt] Me asking many silly questions and you answered them,

^ Problem with ruby-gtk2 on FreeBSD
68607 [nachtalp tho] i installed ruby-gtk2 on my laptop running FreeBSD-4.8-RELEASE
+ 68609 [laurent data] I send a pr about this a few days ago [1].  It seems it is a bug in the
| 68619 [nachtalp tho] hmm, i guess i'll give that a try :)
+ 69390 [ino-qc spott] a compilation problem with gtk?  note that most software is written

^ Suggestion for Ruby Weekly News
68612 [leikind mova] Since I started reading ruby-talk/comp.lang.ruby the traffic
+ 68629 [dave pragpro] I believe ruby-weekly-news@ruby-lang.org is probably what you're
| 68735 [dsafari para] I have been asked this question every now and then on IRC. Seeing as it is an
+ 68646 [drbrain segm] We should break up ruby-talk into topicful mailing lists.  This way it
  + 68648 [rodrigo.berm] May a good idea would be  change the sender [on the emails] from
  | 68649 [michael_s_ca] Is there a digest form of the mailing list?  Like yahoogroups or hate
  + 68650 [sroberts uni] Absolutely! I recommend a new list: ruby-off-topic@ruby-lang.org
    + 68654 [rich lithino] ruby-users-who-will-never-use-ruby-again-after-getting-chastised-on-ruby-tal
    + 68674 [damphyr free] I have to agree. ruby-talk has a rather small volume of messages per