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^ Ruby for Database Administration
67612 [usenets nyc.] another good repositories as well to help DBAs manage clusters of database

^ overloading '!' operator
67617 [ptkwt shell1] On page 221 of the Pickaxe in table 18.4 if I'm interpreting it correctly,
+ 67630 [nemo hellotr] I think that's an error in the book.  I'm pretty sure that `!' is in the
+ 67717 [jim freeze.o] a.~   # irb doesn't like this

^ [ANN] ncurses-ruby 0.7
67620 [tpeters uni-] ncurses-ruby is a ruby extension which wraps the ncurses library. It provides an almost complete wrapper of the ncurses library.  Additionally, it can also be used to wrap the PDCurses library.

^ installing ruby-zlib on windows
67624 [sdate everes] I downloaded ruby-zlib-0.5.1.tar.gz from RAA but could not
+ 67639 [B.Candler po] That error means "I tried to find libz.so or libz.a, and I couldn't". So
+ 67642 [nobu.nokada ] 0.5.1 doesn't support Windows.  Try 0.6.0.
  67655 [sdate everes] I did not see 0.6.0 there ... should I be looking somewhere else?
  67694 [nobu.nokada ] $ cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@cvs.ruby-lang.org:/src co rough/ext/zlib

^ exiting a loop
67634 [dcarrera mat] while condition1
+ 67635 [vjoel PATH.B] break if condition2
| 67636 [dcarrera mat] Sigh.
| + 67637 [rpav nwlink.] You might grab a copy of Ruby in a Nutshell.  Great reference.  The
| + 67638 [kentda stud.] I take it you mean the online version?
| | 67649 [dave pragpro] It does now. :)
| + 67640 [B.Candler po] I think it's a ruse to get you to buy the paper version, which is much
| | 67647 [dave pragpro] If it is, it's failed miserably... :)
| | 67669 [B.Candler po] It worked on me... at least, I got my employer to buy a copy :-)
| | 67673 [dave pragpro] Yes - it's around, but I withdrew the links after someone tool it and
| + 67643 [fukumoto ima] FUKUMOTO Atsushi
| + 67645 [jj5412 earth] I find the physical book much easier to use. It has a working index and
| + 67656 [gsinclair so] Pickaxe is not a reference book, which mostly explains your
| | + 67658 [nemo hellotr] I therefore suggest you read it chapter by chapter.  Obviously, you
| | + 67671 [cyclists nc.] I note that one of the big online book stores has used copies available
| |   67684 [dcarrera mat] I don't buy CDs, I've never bought a stack of 50 blank CD-Rs, I almost
| |   67716 [nemo hellotr] Oh, there is.  If someone is not satisfied with it that is a good reason
| |   67721 [dcarrera mat] I think I've read it (or at least skimmed it) in the past.  Thanks for the
| |   + 67728 [ahoward fsl.] ruby -e 'puts SomeClass.new.methods.sort - Object.new.methods.sort' | less
| |   | 67806 [dcarrera mat] #!/bin/sh
| |   | + 67810 [drbrain segm] No longer a one-liner, but value-add.  For bonus points,
| |   | | 67819 [dcarrera mat] -  Pretty printing.
| |   | + 67814 [vjoel PATH.B] Nice. More focused than 'ri String'.
| |   + 67755 [gsinclair so] Dave Thomas created 'ri'.  All its data comes from the Pickaxe! ;)
| + 67657 [nemo hellotr] Sigh.
| + 67665 [charleshixsn] The book is a lot easier to find things in than the on-line reference.
+ 67785 [drbrain segm] callcc do |end|
  67836 [gsinclair so] catch(:finished) do
  67837 [hal9000 hype] What's wrong with a simple 'break'?  :)
  67843 [gsinclair so] catch(:finished) do
  67844 [hal9000 hype] Point taken, Gavin.  :)

^ Complex sqrt not working?
67646 [alan cranley] I don't understand why the sqrt function doesn't seem to work for
67648 [decoux moulo] probably a bug in complex.rb, it must test if Rational is defined (like in
67651 [matz ruby-la] It will be fixed.  Thank you.

^ Trouble with IRB
67653 [starflow7 at] I'm having trouble getting IRB to work.
67742 [bob.news gmx] Maybe your environmental variable contains a non existing directory.
68251 [starflow7 at] Thanks for the reply.

^ [FXRuby] edit item/cell of a FXTable and display the cursor.
67654 [armin xss.de] I have a FXTable and would like to edit

^ Question about behavior of Array.new
67660 [thinker5555 ] board = Array.new(9,Space.new)
+ 67661 [nemo hellotr] board = Array.new(9,Space.new)
+ 67662 [decoux moulo] How do you create these 9 objects from one object ?
+ 67698 [gsinclair so] board = (0..9).map { Space.new }
| + 67720 [thinker5555 ] Thank you for pointing out the documentation bundle at ruby-doc.org.  I now
| + 67792 [google tompa] Presumably
+ 67748 [ jupp gmx.de] EHLO

^ Ruby lecture slides (was Strong advantages over Python)
67663 [greg puyo.cj] Thanks to all of you who answered and cleared up some of my perceptions
+ 67670 [nemo hellotr] Interesting.
| 67686 [greg puyo.cj] Yes, I was referring to the fact that Python has both 'types' and
| + 67693 [dblack super] I think the underlying principle -- that the capacity of an object
| + 67715 [nemo hellotr] Er... in this example you have an object of class String with an extra
+ 67674 [vjoel PATH.B] It's very nice. I hope it ends up on the ruby-lang site or somewhere
| 67687 [greg puyo.cj] Thankyou. So do I.
+ 67675 [paul prescod] ==============
| + 67677 [dblack super] [re: Greg's slides]
| | 67680 [kentda stud.] .... which in itself is a very big surprise. (Unpleasant surprises aren't
| + 67681 [michael_s_ca] Does Ada try to please everyone, or does it rather just try to irk everyone
| + 67682 [jweirich one] Paul, Again ... good comments.  I have just a few comments on your
| | + 67690 [jweirich one] Now I'm responding to my own messages, which is dangerously close to
| | | 67706 [vangczung ya] Never understimate the amazing power of call/cc.
| | | 67709 [jweirich one] Oh, I'm fully aware of the power of continuations.  I *meant* to say
| | + 67691 [greg puyo.cj] Okay, so what if, instead of saying "This functionality has been added
| |   67708 [paul prescod] Generators are not a more general construct. They are specific to the
| + 67683 [B.Candler po] You can write that almost exactly the same in Ruby of course: substitute
| | + 67689 [jweirich one] [...[
| | | + 67702 [austin halos] That is one of two reasons I do not and will not use Python unless
| | | + 67758 [mike ratdog.] Another thing is the attitude of the community built around the
| | |   67911 [greg puyo.cj] I'm going to advocate during the lecture that there's a "right language
| | |   67914 [jj5412 earth] How about, "People shouldn't be monoglots."
| | |   67919 [paul prescod] Does your mother live in Amsterdam or Vancouver?
| | + 67701 [paul prescod] Right, you've wrapped the block in a function. It strikes me as a minor
| |   67734 [B.Candler po] Well, a Proc object to be precise... the nearest equivalent Ruby has to a
| + 67688 [greg puyo.cj] Hrm.. perhaps the description I've given is a little silly. It's one
|   67692 [greg puyo.cj] Actually, the PoLS only applies to matz... :)
+ 67676 [paul prescod] Despite my comments and corrections, it is a pretty good set of slides.
+ 67678 [dblack super] Overall it looks good to me (though I say that as a Python
| 67696 [greg puyo.cj] Well, that's kind of the point. These slides don't attempt to explain
| + 67703 [dblack super] No, @ is the prefix for instance variables.  It's not the same as
| | 67707 [greg puyo.cj] Oh! You're totally correct! I'm so sorry!
| + 67704 [austin halos] @foo and self.foo are two different things. @foo refers to the
+ 67685 [mwilson13 co] Slide 3, bullet point 1: Ruby is strongly typed (all objects have a
| 67697 [greg puyo.cj] Hrm... let's ask the trusty old FOLDOC...
| 67705 [austin halos] Ruby objects are strongly typed (all types are known at compile
| 67735 [B.Candler po] That's not how I understand it to be. Ruby's "compile time" is when the
+ 67714 [gsinclair so] The Ruby Application Archive has hundreds of downloadable modules
  67912 [greg puyo.cj] s/ports/wrappers/ it is.
  67913 [gsinclair so] "Many" is undisputable.

^ Python has closures
67666 [paul prescod] No, you still don't undestand the issue properly. You're getting closer,
67668 [seth cql.com] This is true.  Some distros still ship an older version of Python without the closures feature.  I don't think anyone really cares about the more esoteric issue described here.

^ exerb: know the location of the exe
67667 [xrfang hotma] In ruby I can use $0 to get the full path of the script being executed.

^ [ANN] ncurses-ruby 0.7.1
67672 [t-peters inv] Distribution 0.7 was missing an important file (lib/ncurses.rb), thus

^ [SNIPPET - Array initialization in 1.6] Re: Question about behavior of Array.new
67679 [ahoward fsl.] class Array

^ CGI::Session::MemoryStore
67695 [ahoward fsl.] does anyone use this?  i'm confused by it's existence, since it would seem to
67723 [matz ruby-la] It's just a sample.  It doesn't work on fork style web server.

^ Iterate over two lists in parallel
67711 [gsinclair so] The above quote is from the thread concerned with producing slides
+ 67718 [vangczung ya] k. :-)
| 67754 [gsinclair so] Thanks for the solution.  You didn't misunderstand the problem, nor
| 67781 [vangczung ya] In all fairness, my continuation-based solution was much more convoluted
| + 67799 [hal9000 hype] [snippage]
| | + 67805 [dblack super] Isn't that more of an 'do until' structure? :-)
| | | 67834 [vangczung ya] quoted.snip!
| | + 67865 [pbrannan atd] It may make a chess program easier to understand, but it will probably
| + 67853 [surrender_it] <snip/>
+ 67816 [jweirich one] Here's my take on this ... you can find an HTML version (that's a bit
| + 67827 [gsinclair so] Thanks Jim, that's *excellent*.  I wonder if people are going to make
| + 67835 [hal9000 hype] Jim,
| | + 67842 [jweirich one] I don't know what you have in Gen, but I would expect it to work
| | | 67846 [hal9000 hype] Yes... I was mistaken in that I was initializing the
| | | + 67848 [hal9000 hype] Sprry to reply to my own post, but another
| | | | 67855 [jweirich one] Yeah, my tutorial glossed over that part.  Having a standard for
| | | | 67863 [bob.news gmx] "Jim Weirich" <jweirich@one.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| | | + 67857 [jweirich one] It is possible to do it this way.  In fact, Bertrand Meyer likes this
| | + 67847 [pit capitain] Hal,
| + 67838 [vangczung ya] Ooh...  That is chock full of heady goodness! :-D
|   + 67841 [hal9000 hype] My thoughts exactly. :)
|   + 67861 [han.holl pri] [ cut ]
|     + 67870 [batsman.geo ] batsman@tux-chan:/tmp$ expand -t 2 s.rb
|     + 67884 [vangczung ya] Presumably you'd test for nil, making this like a non-destructive
|       67896 [vangczung ya] Now that I've tested it, it appears you're right.  (I've already eaten
+ 68253 [holmberg iar] Maybe this is off-topic,
  68465 [vjoel PATH.B] It's kind of a cheat, though. Unlike the solutions using continuations,

^ Re: Unresizeable Window
67712 [lyle users.s] You are going to need to tell us which GUI toolkit you're using

^ [ANN] RubLog 0.8
67713 [dave pragpro] I just uploaded a new point release of RubLog, my simple Ruby blogging
67803 [mikkelfj-ant] Nice.

^ Iteration styles (was Ruby lecture slides)
67719 [jweirich one] I don't think you can say blocks are more powerful than generators, nor
+ 67722 [hal9000 hype] [snip fascinating discussion]
| + 67729 [pit capitain] There are several examples in the mailing list archive as well as in
| + 67839 [gsinclair so] Gavin
+ 67725 [mwilson13 co] Nice reference to Fermat's lost theorem ;-)
+ 67726 [paul prescod] True.
| 67732 [jweirich one] Yes, particularly because Java requires a cast everytime you call
+ 67991 [hessmann spr] See http://blade.nagaokaut.ac.jp/cgi-bin/scat.rb/ruby/ruby-talk/67063 for one

^ Types (was Re: Ruby lecture slides (was Strong advantages over Python))
67724 [mwilson13 co] It's beyond the scope of the excellent slides, but here goes my $0.02
67730 [dave pragpro] The first sentence is true, but the second is only a convention.
67750 [jim freeze.o] Thanks for the fine example, but for those of us who are a little slow,
+ 67757 [dblack super] My characterization of those types, if I had to provide one, would be
| 67771 [mwilson13 co] First, this example leads me to an "Aha!" moment, for which I thank
| 67776 [dave pragpro] Except... you're really only interesting in the set of methods that you
+ 67759 [nemo hellotr] Thanks for the fine example, but for those of us who are a little slow,
| 67775 [mwilson13 co] I think that type and class mean the same thing in Ruby, which I think
+ 67762 [dave pragpro] I'm not sure their types have a name. In this particular concept,
+ 67766 [ jimm io.com] I think of types as promises to implement certain behaviors. (Is that vague

^ Building Ruby with MinGW help needed
67733 [gour mail.in] I'm happily running Ruby on my Linux box, but since the latest
67765 [tpeters inva] I've run across my share of these "cannot find gcc.exe" type messages.
+ 67774 [gour mail.in] Yes, this kind of message was also present when I was building Ruby, but
+ 67869 [gour mail.in] I followed your advice and was being able to built Ruby-GTk2 bindings.
  67933 [tpeters uni-] No. I just encounter similar problems with almost any extension for
  + 67958 [gour mail.in] I just tested the procedure to build Ruby-GTK2 bindings for MinGW & MSYS
  + 68245 [gour mail.in] I just discovered why there is a problem running "ruby extconf.rb" under

^ pb with pty & expect
67737 [cedric.foll ] i have to run a Ruby script by cron.
67778 [ cvm aiss.de] I had the same problem. The solution was, to shield the call to expect and retry
67783 [han.holl pob] A better solution still is to ignore the interrupting signal.

^ Call for first ruby programs
67738 [chadfowler c] I'm interested in studying some first attempts at Ruby programs,

^ dynamic class' name
67745 [argentoff rt] Dear People,
67746 [decoux moulo] a class name begin with a capital letter, this mean that it's a
67753 [argentoff rt] That's it, thnx.

^ Re: [Ruby] Re: [Ruby] Re: Ruby & LaTeX
67749 [cazzola disi] Don't worry I have already solved, Brian Smyth has written the

^ exec ""? Insecure operation
67751 [rayz gloria-] How can i execute?
67752 [decoux moulo] Probably you are running with $SAFE >= 1 and the string is tainted

^ [JT] Re: Thinking of learning Ruby
67756 [mike osdn.or] It's just kind of "the number of languages you program, the times

67763 [laskin mad.s] UNSUBSCRIBE

^ exec : Zero Sized Reply
67764 [rayz gloria-] My cgi-script contains
67767 [decoux moulo] No, but the httpd server expect to receive a result.
+ 67780 [rayz gloria-] A LOT OF THANX
+ 67949 [rayz gloria-] exec "ls >> /dev/null"
  67950 [decoux moulo] Well, if your command don't return output you want perhaps use system
  67953 [rayz gloria-] Oke. I am just tried to "puts" after...
  67955 [decoux moulo] Redirect the output (and error) of the command to /dev/null

^ Writing a new method in C for a subclass
67769 [dlandrith ma] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 67770 [B.Candler po] rb_cMyArray = rb_define_class("MyArray", rb_cArray);
| 67791 [dave landrit] This much I understand.   This is a complicated topic, and it looks
| + 67793 [B.Candler po] If you're trying to do something very deep, which involves fudging with the
| | 67825 [dlandrith ma] I'm not sure that what I am trying to do is very complicated, and I
| + 67824 [matz ruby-la] If you're using 1.8.0, you just need to call
|   67828 [dlandrith ma] Thanks for the clarification.  This answers my question, and an empty
|   67831 [matz ruby-la] Fairly stable for daily matters.  I'm always using 1.8.0 for my
+ 67772 [decoux moulo] Well, I've not understood what you want to do, but try this

^ RFC CGI.new(nil)
67779 [ahoward fsl.] rubyists-
+ 67794 [B.Candler po] For me, under 1.6.8, that works just fine. What result do you get?
+ 67875 [frank nospam] I never use the tag methods.  I simply use the CGI module for pulling form

^ [ARTICLE] - Environment, behavior and scripting
67782 [djberge qwes] I don't think this one has been mentioned before and it contains some
67820 [sroberts uni] generation of common infrastructure  for example, Ruby's tuplespace,

^ [puts] - bug or feature?
67784 [meinrad.rech] puts 3.to_s + 'b'      # => 3b
+ 67786 [kentda stud.] It appear to be parsed as
| 67787 [meinrad.rech] i see.
+ 67788 [gfb tonesoft] [1] equivalent to: (puts(3.to_s + 'b'))
+ 67790 [dblack super] 3.to_s == "3", to which you add 'b', and then you print the whole
| 67795 [B.Candler po] x.rb:2: warning: puts (...) interpreted as method call
+ 67807 [nobu.nokada ] This behavior is changed in 1.7 or later, and all print "3b".

^ acgi - a fastcgi alternative?
67796 [ahoward fsl.] web rubyists-
+ 67797 [surrender_it] why people are developing socket connected backends instead of using
| + 67798 [surrender_it] htme means "these" , sorry :)
| + 67801 [ahoward fsl.] what's htme?
+ 67800 [B.Candler po] I don't see how this differs much from fastcgi, if you use the 'cgi-fcgi'
  67802 [ahoward fsl.] * session affinity
  67862 [B.Candler po] I'm not sure why it hasn't taken off so much. Many CGI application writers
  67866 [  rw welt.de] what's wrong with mod_php? i think concerning simplicity, mod_php is the
  67873 [B.Candler po] I didn't say there was anything wrong with mod_php - only trying to guess