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^ Problem with Non Blocking Socket Connections
67232 [mgates ryu.n] I am trying to create a socket that is set to O_NONBLOCK before initiating
67265 [decoux moulo] ...

^ OT: Getting at client headers from CGIs
67233 [dave pragpro] is there any way to get to the client request headers in a Ruby CGI
+ 67238 [moonwolf moo] use NPH(non-parsed-header) CGI.
+ 67267 [decoux moulo] ...
  67273 [dave pragpro] It turns out to have been a protocol error on my part. The aggregator I

^ Re: XML too hard (YAML opportunity?)
67239 [jbritt ruby-] What I got from Bray's blog entry was that XML programming was hard for certain developers using certain languages. The problems
+ 67241 [hal9000 hype] community.
| 67242 [jbritt ruby-] I don't think it's cynicism.  I'm genuinely curious to know the
| 67245 [rich infoeth] I got this weird sense that people were talking about me...and here you
| 67246 [jbritt ruby-] But what if you don't want to couple your data to a particular language
| + 67247 [spoon dellah] No. Why?
| | 67250 [jbritt ruby-] Isn't this a feature, then, of Ruby, not YAML?  If I tried this in
| + 67251 [rich infoeth] Ah...the key is that you do not design the data file...this is an XML
| | 67256 [jbritt ruby-] So, rather than chose a confg file format that is easiest for my users, I
| | 67257 [botp delmont] [snip very good example]
| + 67268 [ture plig.ne] The problem is just as bad with XML and a statically typed language
| + 67499 [jim freeze.o] some_num: .5
+ 67243 [bruce codedb] This is the YAML advocacy mailbot at host codedbliss.com.
+ 67244 [vjoel PATH.B] What does statically typed mean here?
  67249 [jbritt ruby-] I mean the data carries with it instructions on how it is to be processed.
  + 67252 [vjoel PATH.B] Funny, that's almost exactly how I would define _dynamically_ typed.
  + 67253 [rich infoeth] So the fact is the parser of YAML infers (through rules) the types of
    + 67262 [B.Candler po] << snip example >>
    | 67264 [B.Candler po] Oops, showing my ignorance - I meant XML Schema, or any of the menagerie of
    + 67272 [nahi keynaut] [snipped great examples;  Reading ruby code is much
    | 67274 [rich infoeth] I fully agree...and I apologize for misrepresentation.  I was thinking
    | 67318 [nahi keynaut] Thank you for great summary.
    + 67276 [jbritt ruby-] In most of my use cases, yes.  If I want typing info, it's
      67278 [ruby-talk wh] Typing is an option.  Think of typing information as metadata provided to the
      67311 [nahi keynaut] Sorry for bothering with XML staff, here is WSDL + WSDL4R

^ semi-[ANN] Ruby::RSS 0.95
67254 [austin halos] I have not packaged it up. I probably won't package it up until 1.0;
67270 [kou cneti.ne] RAA(http://raa.ruby-lang.org/search.rhtml?search=rss)
67287 [austin halos] I found out about this last night. It seem that there are a small

^ Thoughts about native Ruby widget set
67260 [idan idanso.] There appears to be a large collection of Ruby bindings for various C/C++
+ 67263 [muellerix gm] Yes it's probably possible, but it would probably have the same problems as
| 67266 [botp delmont] Just do it, then we will try it :-)
+ 67271 [surrender_it] this could be something Swingish , maybe with RubyVM we could even
+ 67282 [colin unibus] Idan,
+ 67301 [kero chello.] I have http://httpd.chello.nl/k.vangelder/ruby/wise/
  67334 [idan idanso.] If I understand correctly Gutopia is sort of abstraction layer for
  67393 [kero chello.] Both GUtopIa and Rouge aim for higher level abstractions. correct.

^ [ANN]  CursWrap 0.1.2
67269 [vangczung ya] CursWrap 0.1.2

^ [ANN] DataVision 0.7.4 released
67275 [ jimm io.com] DataVision 0.7.4 is now available from SourceForge at

^ Why does basic cgi example fail on Apache/Windows?
67277 [chrismo clab] This has come up in the past, but why does this bare-bones cgi example (from
67280 [decoux moulo] ...
67284 [chrismo clab] Does this mean the example in Pickaxe should be changed, or is this only an
+ 67286 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 67290 [dave pragpro] We really should change the example (in fact an erratum was added last

^ Digest::MD5 on Mac OS X
67283 [ben blahr.co] I recently started using Ruby on Mac OS X, and I've noticed a small
67285 [rich infoeth] Yeah...I found the same problem with Digest::SHA1 on OS X.  I don't
67288 [ben blahr.co] If I was a betting man (which I am), I'd bet that it has something to
+ 67289 [rich infoeth] I am using RubyCocoa as well.  You could always include an updated
+ 67299 [lucsky mac.c] ...

^ Mystery with ARGF
67291 [gour mail.in] In last few days I was trying to resolve soem issue with the script from
67294 [decoux moulo] ...
67326 [gour mail.in] Ahh, now it's clear.

^ RubyCocoa - Delegate Interface Builder to Class
67292 [ben blahr.co] So this problem might be more related to my lack of experience with
67296 [ jimm io.com] In the window that displays instances and classes, click on the "Instances"

^ Find::Bin, use lib, in ruby
67293 [lists debona] I have my own set of libraries located relative to my script in ../lib
+ 67295 [B.Candler po] $:.unshift "../lib"
| 67351 [ahoward fsl.] what if you were in /usr/bin/ while running script.rb?  the '../lib' needs to
| + 67359 [SPAMSPAM.ala] ...
| + 67361 [B.Candler po] require '/etc/my.conf.rb'
+ 67298 [austin halos] $: << "../lib"
+ 67348 [ahoward fsl.] in script.rb do (on *nix systems)
+ 67371 [ture plig.ne] that is included as part of the RubyPhoto distribution.  Grab

^ ruby interface to /dev/epoll ?
67297 [joe vpop.net] Has anyone developed an interface to /dev/epoll for ruby?

^ win32api createprocess trouble
67300 [brian.leroy ] ...
67316 [sdate everes] ...

^ Frequency of announcements
67302 [ jupp gmx.de] I recently did receive a mail asking me not to send so many
+ 67305 [lyle users.s] Josef,
| + 67306 [hal9000 hype] Lyle's right. Besides, I don't think anyone
| | 67307 [botp delmont] maybe someone got infected w a virus, or his mailer got stucked..
| + 67328 [B.Candler po] It was me. I was not intending to cause any offence, and it was just a
|   67345 [jbritt ruby-] Most mail readers will allow you to sort/move/filter based on text
|   67405 [ jupp gmx.de] EHLO
+ 67308 [dcarrera mat] Release as often as you like.  That's what the list is for.
+ 67313 [jbritt ruby-] * Prefix the subject with [ANN] so that people can filter/sort/block
  + 67314 [dcarrera mat] Yes, the [ANN] prefix is a good idea.  Likewise, [Q] for questions.  That
  | 67323 [dsafari para] Plus it makes creating an RWN quite a bit easier.
  + 67372 [drbrain segm] Or you could annouce to rubynet-announce@lists.rubynet.org, which is a
    67411 [gsinclair so] I gotta say that I don't think the announce-only list is proving its
    67473 [djberge qwes] I'm beginning to wonder if it wouldn't be worth creating a
    67504 [ jupp gmx.de] EHLO

^ Strong advantages over Python
67304 [greg puyo.cj] I'm a Ruby programmer and I'm tutoring at the University of New South
+ 67309 [surrender_it] <snip/>
| 67321 [whitton atla] ...
| + 67406 [surrender_it] yes, I know. But I never developed C modules so I omitted it.
| + 67408 [greg puyo.cj] Good list. Amalgamated with http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/whats.html, it
|   67416 [paul prescod] Sounds like a description of Python to me. ;)
|   + 67423 [lennon day-r] Okay, not to feed the flames too much here, but I figured I may as well
|   | + 67427 [rich infoeth] I totally agree with this.  I have a "language" built for a DARPA
|   | + 67430 [jweirich one] I found this to be true in my recent experience with rake (Ruby Make).
|   | + 67435 [paul prescod] I'm not going to go back and forth on preferences, but just talk about
|   | | 67445 [lennon day-r] The specific difference I was trying to illustrate was the ability to,
|   | | + 67454 [batsman.geo ] This isn't what can be inferred from http://www.ruby-talk.org/67397.
|   | | | 67456 [lennon day-r] Actually, from the output of the script included in the message, it
|   | | + 67494 [paul prescod] I demonstrated this in a post yesterday.
|   | + 67450 [ptkwt shell1] ...
|   + 67425 [rich infoeth] File.join('dir1', 'dir2', 'dir3')
|   + 67429 [vjoel PATH.B] I used to argue that closures were just another way of encapsulating
|     67434 [paul prescod] It's almost identical in Python.
|     67598 [greg puyo.cj] What about this?
|     67760 [paul prescod] Yes, that's stretching the limits of lambda.
+ 67315 [sdate everes] ...
| 67320 [greg puyo.cj] Thanks, that's the kind of thing I want. I'll look that up when I get
+ 67317 [ptkwt shell1] ...
| 67319 [greg puyo.cj] Well... you can always pass a few lambdas, or a few function names, as
| 67339 [idan idanso.] Perhaps situation when you wish to do method run-time optimization.
| 67399 [paul prescod] I think that the more straightforward way of coding this is cleaner, but
+ 67397 [paul prescod] Please verify these publically before you teach this stuff to these
  + 67428 [jweirich one] Thanks Paul.  Sometimes its easy for those of us who are very familiar
  | + 67432 [mwilson13 co] I don't know much about Python, but . . . I have read about the feature
  | + 67433 [lennon day-r] Well, one can always fall back on the argument that they're all
  | + 67594 [greg puyo.cj] Yes, this was the case. I do not want to propagate misinformation.
  |   67603 [seth cql.com] Ruby has closures, Python does not.  Not getting into the "who's better"
  |   67611 [jhibschman y] Actually, no, that's wrong.  Python has had closures for a while now.
  |   67613 [seth cql.com] I'll have to check whether python has changed, but this example is not a
  |   67616 [Ephaeton gmx] Mind elaborating why it isn't ? In the definition of adder the value of
  |   + 67618 [vjoel PATH.B] That example doesn't fully explain closures. In a closure, the lambda
  |   | + 67619 [Ephaeton gmx] Yikes. thanks for the clarification... been on the road so much with
  |   | | + 67625 [seth cql.com] Joel's explanation is _much_ better than mine.  :)
  |   | | + 67629 [jhibschman y] This seems like a strange distinction to make.  If you demand writable
  |   | |   67664 [paul prescod] I strongly agree. After all, closure is a term from the functional
  |   | + 67626 [ptkwt shell1] ...
  |   |   67628 [vjoel PATH.B] Actually, it was Paul Prescod's examples that cleared it up for me,
  |   + 67622 [seth cql.com] I guess it is really a matter of semantics and whose definition you use.  The
  + 67453 [peter semant] Irregardless of the benefits of Ruby over Python I do not believe that
  | + 67458 [bob.news gmx] "Peter Hickman" <peter@semantico.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  | + 67595 [greg puyo.cj] Oh! if only I could! :) Unfortunately I have no power to do such things.
  + 67590 [greg puyo.cj] I'm sorry this thread has grown OT.

^ rewinding a block
67310 [lists debona] I'm looking at a way to rewind a block.
67312 [matz ruby-la] Try "retry".

^ Informatics Computer Studies Students to Articulate into SIU Degree programmes in a Shorter Time
67327 [IHL informat] ...

^ Q.Message box in Ruby-FXRuby
67330 [ramakrishnan] newbie qns
67336 [lyle users.s] Use one of the singleton methods of the FXMessageBox class. It's
67338 [ramakrishnan] Thanks..i will try

^ [ANN] Rake -- Make Like Scripting for Ruby
67331 [jweirich one] I've released the an initial version of Rake and put it into the RAA.
67442 [harryo qiqso] Surely, you should have called it "Rant" :-) ??
67471 [akolarik son] ...

^ [ANN] ruby-mp3info 0.1
67332 [moumar netco] i'm proud to announce first release of ruby-mp3info.
+ 67333 [robertm spel] Cool, what you've done will also be useful for what I have in mind, saves
+ 67341 [bob.news gmx] "CBR"} #{info.bitrate} Kbps #{info.channel_mode} #{info.samplerate} Hz

^ eRuby/mod_ruby hosting proposal
67337 [trimmed fron] I successfully installed mod_ruby on a virtual private server free
+ 67347 [jbritt ruby-] What sort of technical support would you offer?  If something breaks, would
| 67357 [jemptyg comc] As long as I'm not working, I'd get on it right away.  If I have a job,
+ 67385 [frank nospam] I think this would be a great service.  I'm curious as to how you'd handle
| + 67386 [  rw welt.de] [mod_ruby faq]
| | 67390 [sean chitten] apachectl graceful leaks memory, restart does not.  -sc
| + 67395 [jemptyg comc] I can quickly think of two extreme solutions, and one compromise solution.
+ 67477 [colin unibus] I *have* a dedicated server with  33GB disc space and  10 GB traffic/month;
+ 67539 [rubytalk box] Hmm, I can have something like 1 TB for $165 / month (located at GTS,

^ Solaris2.5.1, ruby-1.8.0 snapshot 19-MAR-2003
67342 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I have just tried to build the nightly snapshot I picked up
67349 [matz ruby-la] How about this?
67373 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Brian's suggestion worked on array.c, but I have gone with this
67509 [matz ruby-la] I just don't get it.  #include <inttypes.h> is wrapped by HAVE_INTTYPES_H
67535 [hgs dmu.ac.u] [long line pruned]
67621 [matz ruby-la] <inttypes.h> detecting result, please.
67736 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Well, as I said, I'd let you know what happened on Monday.  I cam in

^ Disk based B-tree?
67343 [pmak aaanime] Does there exist a Ruby module for maintaining a disk-based B-tree?
67344 [armin xss.de] Depending on what you do

^ class level Exception handling
67346 [xrfang hotma] Could anyone teach me about the following?
+ 67350 [matz ruby-la] Yes.
+ 67353 [batsman.geo ] I guess yes, as it uses rb_ensure.
| 67360 [bob.news gmx] "Mauricio Fern?ndez" <batsman.geo@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| 67384 [batsman.geo ] I thought he could perhaps change his mind :)
| 67443 [bob.news gmx] "Mauricio Fern?ndez" <batsman.geo@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 67479 [pbrannan atd] I'm not convinced this is a good idea, because by eating the exceptions,
  67481 [bob.news gmx] Great! This is much simpler than the last approaches.  However, I'd make a
  + 67483 [decoux moulo] ...
  + 67498 [batsman.geo ] No it isn't :-)
    + 67521 [pbrannan atd] I think he meant that it is a simpler implementation, not that it is
    + 67741 [bob.news gmx] "Mauricio Fern?ndez" <batsman.geo@yahoo.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ How to process a long string ( get some parts ? )
67354 [raymondlhw s] if I get the content of a HTML file and put in a string
67364 [bob.news gmx] Administrator@BOND ~/bin/test
67410 [raymondlhw s] text.scan ........ let me try

^ Timezone problems
67355 [mhale rolemo] Time.gm(26, 14, 12, 4, 3, 2003, 0, 0, false, -6).to_a
67356 [matz ruby-la] I would expect it to give me

^ Quick DRb question...
67358 [nemo hellotr] In DRb (or drb, or druby, or... what should I call it?), I'm starting a
67362 [B.Candler po] They are sent to the same DRb object, and may be processed at the *same*

^ Newbie question: 9/5=1 ?
67366 [nospam jolla] while learning ruby i wanted to program a simple fahrenheit to celsius
+ 67365 [ jimm io.com] As with many other languages, dividing an integer by an integer produces an
+ 67367 [michael_s_ca] 9.0/5, 9/5.0 or 9.0/5.0
+ 67368 [dcarrera mat] It's a work in progress, but it's quite useful already.
| 67369 [nemo hellotr] Not to disparage Daniel's fine tutorial in any way, but I also have a
+ 67370 [nobu.nokada ] require 'rational'
+ 67374 [ahoward fsl.] in ruby objects (every variable) knows it's type.  thus, to say
| 67376 [michael_s_ca] If you have something like
| 67378 [vjoel PATH.B] irb(main):001:0> class Float
| 67379 [michael_s_ca] Ah yes, good point.  Thanks.
| 67382 [Dee.Jacobs D] Dan,
+ 67375 [vjoel PATH.B] irb(main):001:0> require 'mathn'
| 67480 [pbrannan atd] What happens if you do this from an extension?  Will it change the
| 67511 [vjoel PATH.B] I guess extension writers should not rely on 1/2 == 0 .
| 67761 [pbrannan atd] Do you think this is reasonable?
| + 67768 [lyle users.s] Technically, it looks like you can call 'div', i.e. 9.div(5) will still
| | 67777 [lyle knology] Yeah, I didn't even think to check the Ruby 1.6 sources. But the point is
| + 67927 [fukumoto ima] ...
+ 67409 [unet rexx.co] One way is to require the 'mathn' standard library.