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^ newbie: windows ruby file types
6713 [RonJeffries ] OK, Dave Thomas (the book one, not the hamburger one) talked me into
+ 6727 [chadfowler y] Great!  You won't be sorry.
| + 6729 [chadfowler y] executable doesn't appear to accept an argument.  So,
| + 6730 [Dave thomase] to be a way with the old .pif fils of saying "don't close this DOS
+ 6731 [phasis hanan] ...
  6818 [RonJeffries ] What seems odd is that I don't have this entry. I have

^ Reflection and determining what exceptions might get thrown?
6715 [cjon sapphir] ...
6807 [matju cam.or] 1. A method can throw any exception that any method that it calls can

^ Re: Why is WeakRef#__getobj__ missing from the p
6722 [cjon sapphir] ...

^ Dr. Dobb's Ruby Article on the web
6725 [schneik us.i] Did I miss a posting citing this?
6728 [Dave thomase] Don't think so. I think it was just posted this afternoon, so you got

^ perl and ruby
6733 [joe vpop.net] ...
+ 6734 [dblack candl] print "The answer is #{ x + y }.\n"
| 6739 [joe vpop.net] ...
+ 6735 [Dave thomase] Sort of. Perl's syntax allows it to take intelligent guesses about wht
| 6983 [brannon lnc.] ...
+ 6738 [c.hintze gmx] So may I welcome here :-)

^ My Perl to Ruby Story (was: perl and ruby)
6745 [jweirich one] I've been using Perl for over 6 years and have been using it for most
+ 6749 [mjais web.de] I have a similar experiecne. Although I am by far not a Perl expert,
| 6750 [aleksi.nieme] Umm.. that's true. The name of the thing is RAA and it's at
+ 6984 [brannon lnc.] ...
  + 6992 [jweirich one] That's ok.  It's just my opinion.  Half the time, I don't agree with
  | 7020 [brannon lnc.] ...
  + 7044 [andy toolshe] ...

^ mod_ruby DLL
6748 [tbaker campu] ...
7070 [shugo ruby-l] Sorry, maybe no one built mod_ruby on windows.

^ Fastcgi and ruby
6751 [joe vpop.net] ...
6790 [matz zetabit] ...

^ Ruby and Sybase
6753 [rpmohn panix] ...

^ Ruby as extension lang for Java app.
6783 [rawhiteside ] ...
6851 [andy toolshe] ...
6940 [rawhiteside ] ...
+ 6942 [andy toolshe] ...
+ 6943 [wknaka pobox] Awhile ago I did a little work on the java.c file in that module to get
  + 6944 [yashi yashi.] Can you send it to this list if the patch is small enough?
  | 6998 [wknaka pobox] The diff ended up being 52k, a bit big for the list.  I could send it
  | 7005 [matz zetabit] Put it at ftp.netlab.co.jp/pub/lang/ruby/in.coming/
  + 7025 [joey joeygib] ...
    7027 [matz zetabit] fetch two files from ftp.netlab.co.jp.
    7040 [yashi yashi.] a few more steps.  it might save 2 sec.

^ confirm
6787 [mathews yout] ...

^ Gtk, Ruby & Cygwin
6788 [ntalbott rol] I have some ambitions to do some GUI programming in Ruby, so I wanted to get

^ using join()
6789 [joe vpop.net] ...
+ 6791 [wy1234 aol.c] ...
+ 6792 [dblack candl] join is an instance method of class Array.  Therefore, you need
  6795 [joe vpop.net] ...
  + 6796 [aleksi.nieme] Um.. you can probably live without debuggers too, but I'd suggest you try
  + 6797 [tbaker campu] ...

6793 [dsafari para] subscribe

^ (no subject)
6794 [aamer and-or] unsubscribe

^ Dump locals during debugging (was: Re: using join())
6798 [c.hintze gmx] Sorry to be pedantic here, but there are no object names in

^ Ruby for Mac?
6805 [Roman.Fische] I have read that Ruby is also running on Mac. So I downloaded the 1.6.1
6816 [Callus Sympa] Which Mac is is supposed to compile on?  Mac OS-X is a Free-BSD variant, so you
6837 [matz zetabit] I've received the patch to compile on Mac long time ago (1.1c9).  But

^ rinda question
6806 [rpmohn panix] ...
6853 [nahi keynaut] I am afraid if I did not understand you, do you want to

^ QT2.2 and Ruby bindings
6814 [dsafari para] I am very interested attempting an IDE of some sort for Ruby. I would like to
+ 6819 [jens irs-net] ...
+ 6822 [mjais web.de] I suppose, that you want to programm the IDE in Ruby.
  6841 [dsafari para] You are exactly right :)

^ Refactoring Browser.
6817 [john netsys.] I have just been reading Martin Fowler's "Refactoring" and am feeling
+ 6825 [schneik us.i] # I have just been reading Martin Fowler's "Refactoring" and am feeling
| 6845 [john netsys.] Hmm. The joys of wxWindows aside, I have a couple of hard earned rules
| + 6847 [schneik us.i] #
| | 6849 [dsafari para] I've tried emacs before got bogged down with the step learning curve on
| | 6850 [john netsys.] The trick with this sort of thing is to seperate the GUI from the engine.
| | 6875 [dsafari para] Yes MVC was definately in the forefront of my mind :)
| + 6848 [dsafari para] These are the refactorings I would initially want to implement. Glad to see
+ 6840 [dsafari para] I am attempting too - just in the early planning/spike phase. There are other

^ copy , using 'system'
6820 [barry_shultz] I've just been using Ruby for a few days, so please bear with me.
+ 6821 [keith groupd] system("cp","file","newfile")
| 6823 [barry_shultz] Thanks for the help, Keith. I really did _not_ want to use 'system', but
+ 6824 [c.hintze gmx] system 'cmd /c copy file newfile'

^ Gtk::CTree and callback?
6826 [cjon sapphir] ...
+ 6827 [jens irs-net] ...
+ 6862 [aamine dp.u-] It is impossible to set for an item because it is not a GtkObject.
  6863 [aamine dp.u-] sorry, one mistake.

^ The ruby way...
6828 [joe vpop.net] ...
+ 6829 [dblack candl] string.each_with_index do |line,i|
+ 6834 [mascarenhas ] Let's apply some refactoring here. :-)
| 6836 [dblack candl] Looks like infinite recusion to me :-)  (Except you'll
| + 6842 [ymsd m-net.n] I'm inspired by this solution and tried to
| | 6854 [dblack candl] def get_depths (string)
| + 6856 [mascarenhas ] def show_depths (string)
+ 6835 [ymsd m-net.n] How about this?

^ instance variables
6830 [joe vpop.net] ...
6838 [matz zetabit] I didn't think it's too good that implicit assignments which hide the
6866 [aleksi.nieme] And it gets even better. There's a new service in the works. I have to say

^ LDAP module for Ruby?
6831 [tbaker000 my] ...
+ 6832 [davinci esco] Greets.
+ 6833 [joe vpop.net] ...

^ how to do "noecho" gets from stdin?
6843 [dennisn pe.n] The reason I want to do this somewhat unusual thing is:  I'm doing
+ 6844 [schneik us.i] # The reason I want to do this somewhat unusual thing is:  I'm doing a
+ 6846 [eban os.rim.] require 'termios'

^ Content Management/Application server for Ruby
6852 [ami ganguli.] I'm working on version 2.0 of Midgard - a content management system/application server sort of like Zope, but not really (http://www.midgard-project.org).
6855 [matz zetabit] You will have little problem if any.  The main developer uses English.
6857 [ami ganguli.] Cool.
6892 [maki inac.co] I'm one of developers of WEBrick.
6895 [ami ganguli.] Excellent.  I haven't really had a chance to look at it closely, but hopefully we can work together.
6946 [maki inac.co] Oh, I had thought Midgard is written by C and PHP. I'll read
7011 [ami ganguli.] It's 'C', but very closely tied to PHP (in the current version).

^ racc: cannot find racc/info
6858 [maurice.szmu] ...
6859 [rubikitch ru] Possibly s/ruby-site/site-ruby/ ?
6860 [rubikitch ru] OOPS!!  'site_ruby' is right.

^ Attention NYC Shoppers & Visitors - Beware of Rip-off SY Stores!!! ...... 82ntCCq4RS4l5
6864 [Veteran_NYC_] ...

^ [OT] I need help unsubscribing from ruby-talk
6865 [usenet.2000.] I really hate to bother folks here ... but if anyone knows who runs
6870 [matz zetabit] Unsubscription done.

^ Equivalent to Perl's /g and pos()?
6867 [ben_tilly ho] Well I have downloaded Ruby and ordered the book, but I have
+ 6868 [aleksi.nieme] Without having time to read your mail properly and analyze the code I'd
| + 6869 [ben_tilly ho] This is exactly what I said I did not consider acceptable
| + 6872 [jweirich one] I did some timings on the three methods suggested by Aleksi.  Here is
+ 6873 [matz zetabit] I'm afraid I don't get your point, but String#scan or String#index
| 6876 [ben_tilly ho] index does it. :-)
+ 6877 [Dave thomase] Would String#scan do what you want (sorry, but I gave up reading
| 6878 [ben_tilly ho] Both of the scan methods are incompatible with context-sensitive
| + 6879 [ben_tilly ho] Not a chance.  The key bit of code is the function at the
| + 6880 [jweirich one] And StringScanner is incompatible because ... it only matches from the
|   + 6881 [ben_tilly ho] /me reads..
|   + 6919 [aamine dp.u-] ? StringScanner can do it.
|     6920 [aamine dp.u-] sorry, I made mistake(s).
+ 6886 [hgs dmu.ac.u] [caveat lector: I have not looked at that site]
+ 6988 [brannon lnc.] ...

^ blade source (was Re:  instance variables)
6871 [matz zetabit] The source of the blade system has not been public for unknown reason.
6884 [sinara blade] I'm the maintainer (not a green dwarf, I think) of 'blade'. I

^ Some performance issues
6874 [ben_tilly ho] I decided to try out a few cases that I knew tend to present
+ 6893 [hgs dmu.ac.u] This seems odd to me, if I understand you.  It sounds like
| + 6899 [ben_tilly ho] That is exactly what it is.
| + 6905 [wscott ichip] Another interesting view on how to represent a string that can be
|   6915 [ben_tilly ho] That looks neat!  Does it really work as well as the
|   6916 [Dave thomase] True 'nuf, but remember. In Ruby, $' and $` are simply aliases to the
+ 6928 [jstern fosha] ...
  6929 [ben_tilly ho] OK, this has me curious.  How was this done internally?
  6937 [decoux moulo] ...
  6939 [matz zetabit] Thank you for explaining in place of me.  You probably scanned my

^ Ruby in Ruby
6882 [john netsys.] One of the Cutest things I have ever seen is the lisp interpreter in lisp.
6883 [matz zetabit] Ruby compiles script into node tree, then interpreter traverse and
+ 6885 [john netsys.] No don't!
| 7086 [feldt ce.cha] General ruby-talk comment: After a short vacation on Madeira I'm back and
| 7088 [ben_tilly ho] If Ruby is looking at the idea of having multiple back ends
| 7089 [Dave thomase] .. on the idea of multiple front-ends to the Ruby internals
| 7102 [mcbreenp cad] ...
| + 7134 [john netsys.] Ah, but the number of highly usable pure OOP flexible fully reflective
| | + 7135 [hal9000 hype] [snip much]
| | + 7138 [wys helbling] ...
| | | 7174 [matju cam.or] Intensional Programming was first demonstrated by John McCarthy around
| | + 7157 [mcbreenp cad] ...
| |   + 7166 [kevins14 pac] ...
| |   | 7202 [john netsys.] For those that truly value simplicity,  should use
| |   + 7175 [matz zetabit] Although I do not emphasize too much on simplicity.  I do agree with
| |   | 7176 [ben_tilly ho] As I said, there is much to say against the idea.  For one
| |   + 7201 [john netsys.] Ah, but keywords would be no problem. You could have english or Japanese
| + 7213 [gchamberlin ] ...
|   7220 [MICHAEL.W.WI] I'm pretty sure that I read something recently saying that the Eiffel
|   + 7256 [matt msg.ucs] Eiffel# doesn't have MI, but it does appear to have DbC.  In fact, I think
|   + 7260 [Patrick.Scho] ...
+ 6909 [matju cam.or] Will a node-based layer remain? do you have a spec for the bytecode?
  6922 [matz zetabit] The answers are "probably" and "not yet" respectively

^ Ruby objects and memory management.
6887 [ami ganguli.] Ok, I'm trying to figure out how to use ruby objects withing my application server.
+ 6888 [hipster xs4a] You could use the Marshal module to serialize objects to/from any IO
| 6890 [ami ganguli.] This looks promising for other stuff.  I'll have to look at marshal further when I'm ready to store stuff.
+ 6923 [matz zetabit] (1) Create arrays and assign them into C global variables.
  6930 [ami ganguli.] Matz,

^ Ruby "finalize", "__del__"
6889 [wys helbling] ...
6966 [matz zetabit] No.  It is not provided intentionally.

^ [newbie] best practice: Who creates instances?
6891 [ChrisM SNELL] In Delphi, my native tongue, a rule I follow is, "whoever creates an object
6894 [Dave thomase] A fine rule!
6896 [aleksi.nieme] Well, mostly right. You should note, however, that these things (who own the
6897 [ChrisM SNELL] I guess I was looking for the Best Way(TM) to do it in a case where I
6898 [ChrisM SNELL] Excellent. You hurt my brain. (Not a steep challenge, granted <g>).
6904 [andy toolshe] ...

^ Catching stdout and stderr
6900 [wys helbling] ...
+ 6901 [hipster xs4a] Take a look at the module Open3 in the std library. It provides a
+ 6903 [Dave Thomase] Have a look at the open3 library, which gives you stdout and stderr on
  6902 [wys helbling] ...
  6917 [c.hintze gmx] Would the variable $? deliver what you want?
  7030 [wys helbling] ...

^ Array#rassoc question(s)
6907 [gnhurst hurs] In trying to understand Array#assoc and Array#rassoc, I noticed
6908 [Dave thomase] It's a Lisp thing: In list, rassoc returns the first sublist whose cdr
6912 [hgs dmu.ac.u] From what I have read about Lisp this week (i.e., I claim no great

^ array of hashes
6910 [joe vpop.net] ...
6911 [Dave thomase] You can't declare it directly. Instead, you allocate the hashes as you
6913 [joe vpop.net] ...
6914 [Dave thomase] I don't believe that Fixnums and Strings have any defaults. However,

^ OT: Referring, was:  Re: Catching stdout and stderr
6918 [aleksi.nieme] Should we establish some conventios for general guidelines how to write

^ Is there any way to undefine a variable?
6921 [grady scam.x] ...
+ 6924 [joe vpop.net] ...
+ 6925 [matz zetabit] module Mod

^ TextPad syntax def file for Ruby
6926 [barry_shultz] I'm a long-time TextPad user who's new to Ruby. I've submitted a Ruby
6927 [Dave thomase] I've added it to the FAQ.

^ drb/druby docs in English?
6931 [ptkwt user2.] ...
+ 6933 [chadfowler y] I've actually started on a tutorial, but it's not
| 7000 [m_seki mva.b] Howdy,
| 8377 [m_seki mva.b] "sink" is Palm HotSync like utility. Synchronize files in two hosts.
+ 6934 [nahi keynaut] I tried to translate the website into English using
| 6936 [vmivers msn.] I'm delurking for the first time.  Is there an implementation for SOAP in
| 6938 [decoux moulo] ...
| 6947 [chadfowler y] dRuby really has not much to do with SOAP.  dRuby is a
| 6953 [nahi keynaut] Agreed.
| 6970 [ben_tilly ho] The bridge is the only one that could make sense to me.
| 7032 [nahi keynaut] Hmm.  I have to consider it again.  Do you think a bridge
| 7037 [m_seki mva.b] DRuby has 'front desk model' or 'reception desk model'.
| 7043 [ben_tilly ho] Well I don't like SOAP, so I suggest doing the least you
| 7064 [nahi keynaut] Sure.  I'll do so.
+ 6935 [Dave thomase] We have a section on it in the Programming Ruby book. I just
  7023 [joey joeygib] ...