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DBI and MSAccess
66814 [Debitsch@T- ] I want to access a MSAccess database with Ruby. I'm new to databases and
+ 66816 [hal9000@hy e] I've never used DBI (though I plan to!), so I may
| 66944 [peterfrey@sy] No, Access does not need to be installed.  You can access a *.mdb database
| 66962 [hal9000@hy e] even
+ 66817 [greg@br nd .] You can use the rubyinstaller @ rubyinstaller.sf.net (version 1.6.8) is
| 66880 [Debitsch@T- ] Thank you for the answer.
+ 66819 [chrismo@cl b] You do not have to have Access installed, just the MDAC that includes
| + 66826 [yura@op r. o] ...
| + 66856 [uu9r@st d. n] Seems like an syntax error in the DSN or something alike (perhaps the path name?).
|   66861 [mikkelfj-ant] name?).
+ 67352 [debitsch@t- ] Thanks to all trying to help me.
  69327 [arthur8@bo r] Since Access is not required to be install in order to use DBI to

66815 [austin@ha os] I'm working with some RSS stuff, including the Python RSS validator
66822 [lennon@da -r] require 'timeout'
66827 [offstuff@ao ] 3E6FB480.1080003@day-reynolds.com...

[ANN] Periodic.rb version 0.2 - PSE as Ruby module
66821 [ jupp@gm .d ] At

Software distribution tool
66828 [gfb@to es ft] ...
66841 [n.thomp@ro d] If you are trying to make Linux binaries (rpm, deb, tarballs) then write an

66830 [peronio@ad i] Please, I need an example of recursive function with 2 or more parameters, i.e. the euclidean formula for maximum common divisor.
66831 [dcarrera@ma ] # Compute the Greatest Common Divisor.
66835 [mikkelfj-ant] May I suggest that we do not directly solve what appears to be home
66872 [vjoel@PA H. ] Indeed. And as a punishment for this offense, the offending party should
67031 [m.peronio@ke] Forget about that!

[ANN] Ruby Document Bundle in Plucker Palm PDB  Format
66837 [jbritt@ru y-] Douglas Palovick has converted all of the documents in the ruby-doc.org document bundle to Plucker PDB format. Each PDB file is

UML software for linux
66838 [n.thomp@ro d] I was never big on learning UML but I think it would make programming a
+ 66839 [john.carter@] rdoc uses graphviz to make pretty, vaguely (very vaguely) uml'ish
| 66890 [n.thomp@ro d] Thanks for the suggestions everyone :-)
+ 66840 [sacha@sc le ] - argouml
| + 66842 [sacha@sc le ] Sorry misready our email.
| + 66843 [jweirich@on ] For the minimalist: http://www.umlet.com
+ 66851 [wilbert@os f] umbrello?
+ 66891 [jbritt@ru y-] While auto-generated diagrams are handy, they're only good if they are accurate.

next iteration within a block
66845 [schatten@no ] What is the most short/elegant way of ending the current iteration
+ 66848 [dave@pr gp o] Try
| + 66849 [nobu.nokada@] Note that it's a 1.7 (and later) feature.
| + 66852 [schatten@no ] Seems that `next <expr>' syntax is not available in 1.6.x.
+ 66865 [bob.news@gm ] "Wojciech Kaczmarek" <schatten@nospam.transilvania.eu.org> schrieb im
  68518 [schatten@no ] I can assure you I don't need it in the above example :->

Ruby / Eiffel ?
66850 [cailloux@le ] ...
+ 66855 [frido@q- of ] The both are fine langauges and combining them would make quite a
| + 66862 [mikkelfj-ant] Eiffel is supposed to have good built-in GUI support.
| | + 66903 [frido@q- of ] which just is true for
| | + 66928 [charleshixsn] Umnh... No.  Eiffel-Fox exists.  And Object-Tools makes a GUI builder.
| + 66863 [cailloux@le ] Dear Mr Friedrich,
+ 66883 [jmj8237@cs r] also, related, does anyone know if there is a good reason for the absense
  + 66886 [rpav@nw in .] Assertions?  You mean like in C?
  | 66894 [jmj8237@cs r] exactly.  i believe  eiffel makes a big deal about them as part of "design
  | + 66895 [rpav@nw in .] I believe "design by contract" is flawed, but that's another
  | | + 66905 [frido@q- of ] What are the flaws, in fact I would argue the should be used
  | | | 66963 [rpav@nw in .] Actually, I've gone back and looked over some material on DBC again.
  | | | 67129 [frido@q- of ] Well if we would agree there would be not discussion.
  | | | + 67140 [rpav@nw in .] Exceptions work quite well in these cases.
  | | | + 67158 [slewis@pa ad] While this is how I tend to do things, doesn't this leave you open for
  | | + 66929 [charleshixsn] DBC is probably flawed in the context of Ruby.  In Eiffel it makes a lot
  | |   67134 [frido@q- of ] I'm not so convinced of this. You do not need the type of a Paramter
  | + 66896 [lennon@da -r] I tend to use assertions as a sort of runtime unit test, esp. when I'm
  | + 66904 [frido@q- of ] You will compare Cs assert with Eiffels DBC?
  | + 67091 [bob.news@gm ] "Jason M Jurkowski ;002;icsg6;" <jmj8237@cs.rit.edu> schrieb im
  + 66901 [bulatz@in eg] JMJ0i> also, related, does anyone know if there is a good reason for the absense

raised access floor biz oppty!
66853 [ebmail@16 .c] 恊彰議人薩

ruby accounts for 25 Hours in a day (2003-03-30)
66858 [rnog2438@ma ] I have reported this to ruby-lang bugs a week ago (incoming #639),
+ 66859 [bulatz@in eg] it is typical for last march sundays :)
+ 66860 [matz@ru y- a] Tell us about your platform, Ruby version and your timezone.
| + 66864 [alex@pr ss r] It certainly is the day when the UK will switch this year from GMT to
| + 66907 [rnog2438@ma ] Bug me! I didn't think of the daylight issue. And yes, Australia's daylight saving time
|   66908 [support@qi s] That's just how it's defined to be.  Presumably, it's because everyone ... other than programmers :-) ... are asleep at that time, and won't notice it so much.
|   + 66911 [dali@in ul .] I believe that the 'EST' should change to 'EDT' at the third line. Is it right?
|   + 67017 [ jupp@gm .d ] EHLO
+ 66887 [B.Candler@po] Something wrong with the timezone localisation on your platform - I think it

Etc module in _The Ruby Way_
66869 [roberto@RE O] In _The Ruby Way_, page 415, there is an interesting module mentionned: the
66873 [djberge@qw s] It's part of the standard Ruby distro.  You can find the documenation
66874 [roberto@RE O] Doh! Thanks.

What are you, igneous?
66870 [nedry@ma l. ] Anyone write anything in ruby for interfacing with SMTP -- above and beyond
67034 [matt@li ke .] Both RubyMail and TMail can deal with email messages from Ruby
+ 67095 [nedry@ma l. ] Cool.  I'm not sure what I meant by my second paragraph either.
+ 67501 [jim@fr ez .o] Can you give us a short description of the differences of these

[ANN] Hail (the GPL ruby extension/c++ library)
66871 [jbritt@ru y-] (This announcement is being posted to this list on behalf of Lorien Dunn.

Rubuy 1.8.0 preview2 debug doesn't stop at breakpoints
66878 [putsch@mx m.] Howdy,
66879 [seth@cq .c m] this is fixed in the snapshot
66925 [putsch@mx m.] Unfortunately, not in the 2003-03-12 snapshot on Solaris 2.6 :(
+ 66934 [seth@cq .c m] I'm using the March 4 snapshot.  I'll check the newer one and see if it works
+ 67005 [decoux@mo lo] Well, your Solaris is broken
  67119 [putsch@mx m.] Thanks for the helpful answer, if only you would tell me what part of

rubynet-announce Digest, Vol 2, Issue 1
66881 [rubynet-anno] Send rubynet-announce mailing list submissions to

Expect for ruby
66884 [han.holl@po ] ...
+ 66913 [han.holl@pr ] Darn !
+ 66995 [B.Candler@po] As long as they are created within a module, and therefore aren't polluting
  67007 [decoux@mo lo] Well ,just use

Fitness and Bodybuilding Update
66885 [curt@bo ya d] Thank you for subscribing to the Body and Mind Online newsletter at http://www.BodyAndMindOnline.com. A great stop for your fitness and bodybuilding resources. Don't forget,  if you know of a great fitness, bodybuilding or health site please feel free to add to the links area. See you soon!

Nobody comments on 'Documenting Software' text?
66889 [ jupp@gm .d ] EHLO
66909 [zak@fo as oc] Perhaps put up a link to the source of the document - makes it much
66970 [ jupp@gm .d ] EHLO

Code for Palm Module
66893 [emeza@sa sa ] Doc. for Palm Module is very poor in english and some code is

Re: Ruby newbie uninstall question? -> GNU stow
66898 [sroberts@un ] Use GNU stow (available from your friendly neighbourhood gnu archive).
66900 [rpav@nw in .] You might also check out epkg (http://www.encap.org/), which is like

Ruby and DBC (was: Ruby / Eiffel?)
66899 [austin@ha os] According to _The Ruby Way_, there are two DBC libraries available
66902 [hal9000@hy e] ;) Would if I could... my memory of that is vague,

[ANN] Syck 0.08 -- Next-generation of YAML.rb
66906 [yaml-core@wh] citizens,
66931 [rich@in oe h] Works great under OS X and Ruby 1.8!
66933 [ruby-talk@wh] You're joking.  Open up that Apple and make sure for me will ya?  Wow.  Gotta
+ 66943 [djberge@qw s] Dies during 'make' on Solaris 9, sparc
| + 66948 [ruby-talk@wh] I was using bison 1.28.  I just upgraded to 1.75 and am getting the same list
| + 66956 [yaml-core@wh] Ok.  These errors are caused by missing semicolons at the end of each of rule.
|   + 66957 [djberge@qw s] Making check in lib
|   + 66997 [B.Candler@po] syck doesn't build out of the box under FreeBSD-4.7 with its standard byacc.
|     67009 [ruby-talk@wh] Yeah, that directive is essential at the moment.  I didn't realize it was
|     67010 [sroberts@un ] Why not just distribute the generated gram.c and require developers
+ 66947 [hgs@dm .a .u] When I get this with lynx or with wget I get something that claims
| 66996 [B.Candler@po] That's sourceforge nonsense. When you see a link with a target of
| 67097 [hgs@dm .a .u] Oh, I see, thanks.  An htm(l?) extension would help, but still.
+ 66976 [sdate@ev re ] How does one "make" it on Windows ? Or are you implying cygwin ?

FXRuby: Bug? Disappearing Buttons
66910 [muellerix@gm] I recently had a problem with disappearing buttons.
66923 [lyle@us rs s] Yes, I'm seeing this too.

66914 [finannce_lik] 特別融資キャンペーン実施中

method call on terminated object [W2k,1.6.8}
66916 [brusch2@gm .] I got the "method call on terminated object" error from the following
66919 [nobu.nokada@] Bug.
67068 [brusch2@gm .] @sharui.nakada.kanuma.tochigi.jp>, nobu.nokada@softhome.net says...
67082 [nobu.nokada@] Yes.
67098 [brusch2@gm .] @sharui.nakada.kanuma.tochigi.jp>, nobu.nokada@softhome.net says...
67126 [brusch2@gm .] At this point, where the bug occurs, the GC just decides to make a

Rotated Tk Text?
66917 [lausianne@gm] Dear Sirs,
66966 [djberg96@ho ] There are some posts by Slaven Rezic over in comp.lang.perl.tk that

A-A-P inter-OS software installation system
66918 [mikkelfj-ant] A-A-P is a software installation system like FreeBSD ports and Debian apt,

66920 [drejewic@ws ] class MyObject
+ 66921 [kentda@st d.] def find_class_of( obj )
+ 66922 [nobu.nokada@] p(class << a; superclass; end)
  66926 [kentda@st d.] Very nice.
  66939 [nobu.nokada@] This class makes nothing.

dynamically create a method
66927 [abuse@du ch ] Is there a possiblilty to dynamically create a method, like this?
+ 66940 [nobu.nokada@] Module#define_method, in 1.8.
+ 66942 [vjoel@PA H. ] irb(main):003:0> Fixnum.instance_eval {define_method(:power) do |a| self
  + 66951 [abuse@du ch ] Thanks... but where is it documented? I know rb_define_method (so I
  | 66999 [abuse@du ch ] And... it doesn't work here because "self" refers to the class Fixnum, not to
  | 67004 [fukumoto@im ] It is a difference of 1.6 and 1.7 or later, according to ja/man-1.6
  + 66998 [B.Candler@po] The following doesn't work with 1.6.8, has it been fixed in 1.8?
  + 67093 [bob.news@gm ] isn't this easier?
    67096 [abuse@du ch ] It is, but there might be cases where one does not know the name of the
    67102 [bob.news@gm ] "Rudolf Polzer" <abuse@durchnull.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
    + 67103 [decoux@mo lo] plruby (procedural language for PostgreSQL) can load methods stored in the
    | 67110 [bob.news@gm ] "ts" <decoux@moulon.inra.fr> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
    + 67108 [abuse@du ch ] With only ONE method, it's easy. For example Perl's autoloader does
      67111 [bob.news@gm ] "Rudolf Polzer" <abuse@durchnull.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

SVD algorithm in Ruby
66932 [dave@pr gp o] Because my eyes glazed over during the matrix classes at school, I'm
66938 [armin@xs .d ] I have not tested it, but I think Ruby-GSL offers that.
66949 [achou@te le ] ...

Re: [Yaml-core] [ANN] Syck 0.08 -- Next-generation of YAML.rb
66935 [ingy@tt l. r] I took a look at Syck's interface. So you do have your own hashing built
+ 66937 [yaml-core@wh] You can turn implicit typing on or off as you parse, so it really strives to
| 66952 [ingy@tt l. r] So how do you think that specific type handling is going to be
| 66955 [yaml-core@wh] A SyckNode does include a kind and type.
| 66971 [ingy@tt l. r] cool.
| 66972 [yaml-core@wh] See the problem is having to use the ten or twenty regexps that handle
+ 66953 [ptkwt@sh ll ] It does indeed look cool.  If illness is the inspiration that leads to

rubynet-announce Digest, Vol 2, Issue 2
66936 [rubynet-anno] Send rubynet-announce mailing list submissions to

NNTP Gateway for Ruby Mailing Lists
66941 [jbritt@ru y-] I discovered, via the xml-dev mailing list, that Gmane [0] provides NNTP gateways (i.e., Usenet) for some number of mailing lists.

Numerical recipies
66950 [michael_s_ca] Careful about that, there's licensing issues.
66967 [ jupp@gm .d ] EHLO

Re: Numerical recipes
66954 [achou@te le ] ...

[ANN] a library versioning package
66958 [ahoward@fs .] this is my stab at library versioning.  it allows one to require libraries
+ 66959 [dcarrera@ma ] Thank you for doing this work.  This functionality would be quite useful.
| 66960 [ahoward@fs .] ;-)  long week.
+ 66964 [maili31s@cl ] I'm afraid I'm not humble enough, but isn't its name
  66969 [ahoward@fs .] ;-)

Overloaded operator interprets block as hash
66965 [ptkwt@sh ll ] a << {puts "Action!"}
+ 66973 [lennon@da -r] Every variation I've tried of passing a block as a parameter to an
+ 67029 [drbrain@se m] a << proc { puts "Action!" }
| 67041 [ptkwt@sh ll ] I'm trying create an HDL(Hardware Description Language) using Ruby (RHDL).
+ 67092 [bob.news@gm ] class Foo

[ANN] Periodic.rb version 0.3 - PSE as Ruby module
66968 [ jupp@gm .d ] Version 0.3 of Periodic.rb is available at
67070 [djberg96@ho ] Are you going to include a haiku for each element?

The onion truck strikes again ... Announcing rake
66974 [jweirich@on ] Ok, let me state from the beginning that I never intended to write this
+ 66975 [seth@cq .c m] A couple of comments.
| + 66980 [alan@di ik t] I always thought the convention was that a Makefile was generated, but a
| | 66981 [seth@cq .c m] Perhaps, but then why do we have Makefile.in, Makefile.whatever, etc., etc.?
| | 66982 [botp@de mo t] pls do pub on raa.
| + 66983 [bystr@ma .c ] The convention is that 'Makefile' is generated and 'makefile' is hand
| | + 66984 [seth@cq .c m] That would IMHO be a great improvement over imake, although I'm perhaps not
| | + 66989 [lkrupp@ps w.] I've been told that it's the other way around, with 'makefile' taking
| + 66988 [spcoltri@om ] So ls puts it out of the way in the upper left corner, rather than sticking
| | 66991 [jweirich@on ] Hey!  That's the reason I always use Makefile instead of makefile!
| + 66992 [jweirich@on ] Easy to do.  Ok.
|   66994 [seth@cq .c m] True, but there are also disadvantages to that approach.  Specifically, either
|   67003 [jweirich@on ] I've done both with Makefiles, but that's not what I am suggesting.
+ 66977 [lennon@da -r] So, now we just need to integrate 'rake' with TaskMaster (or just plain
| 66987 [ptkwt@sh ll ] That sort of tool could become immediately popular on Linux clusters.
+ 66978 [jbritt@ru y-] How does Rake compare to something like Torrent?
+ 66986 [ptkwt@sh ll ] Please do put it on the RAA.  I proposed that somebody do a make in Ruby a
| 67035 [austin@ha os] Now, of course, all we need is a good rAnt ...
+ 67000 [B.Candler@po] o Portability of makefiles themselves.
+ 67002 [djkea2@mu ca] At the risk of sounding blasphemous, how about Python?  :-)
+ 67008 [mikkelfj-ant] For inspiration, please also look at the AAP tool I posted a link to
| 67036 [austin@ha os] I won't use AAP if I have to use Python in any way. IMO, from the
+ 67060 [surrender_it] I'll put yet another thing in the discussion: what about jam ?
+ 67081 [djberg96@ho ] Just an FYI, there's a Perl version at
+ 67083 [nobu.nokada@] This line looks verbose for me.
  67087 [jweirich@on ] Yes.  This is exactly the kind of thing I had in mind.  Thanks for the

Re: Overloaded operator interprets block as hash (bug?)
66985 [ptkwt@sh ll ] True, but...
66993 [ptkwt@sh ll ] I was just talking to some folks on IRQ and Apparently it's not a bug,
67011 [sroberts@un ] Yeah, but in that case you're just calling << directly as if it was a function,

README.EXT.ja seems to have more info...
66990 [ptkwt@sh ll ] I was just chatting on IRC and someone asked how to create a Ruby float in
67001 [B.Candler@po] I can't translate, but I can point out that it's listed in the Pickaxe in