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^ WIN32OLE: Passing an Array
66427 [muellerix gm] Dear Rubyists!
66470 [peterjohanns] I am a clueless newbie in Ruby, knowing nearly less than nothing, but
+ 66495 [mikkelfj-ant] This is extremely poorly documented - I suspect the task allocator is no
+ 66684 [muellerix gm] Well... at least now I know that it's not my fault ;-)

^ Binary module for Firebird
66434 [greg brondo.] I'm looking for a DBD/DBI module for the Firebird/Interbase database

^ London Ruby meeting, Tuesday, March 11
66435 [dblack super] In case there's anyone here who's not on the London mailing list
66506 [roberto REMO] Too bad it is not a few days later :) I'm in London on 15/16th.

^ Re: Array of Objects?
66436 [Stephan.Kaem] class Contact
66438 [surrender_it] you had an answer in the other message,

^ (Slightly) OT: Will anyone go to the CeBit in Hannover, Germany?
66437 [Stephan.Kaem] will you visit the CeBit? If so how about a meeting somewhere?

^ Solving the 'strange language' documentation problem
66440 [ jupp gmx.de] Dear Rubyists,
+ 66441 [djberge qwes] I knew I could put my M.A. in Classics to use in the computer field
| + 66443 [mxvera qwest] What about using the Little Orphan Annie Secret Decoder Ring??
| + 66452 [hal9000 hype] Indeed... once I bought a Latin/English dictionary mostly
|   66462 [djberg96 hot] Whew - I'm glad you cleared that up.  I almost gave up when I couldn't
|   66464 [mikkelfj-ant] (I - I)
+ 66468 [ jupp gmx.de] EHLO
  66478 [maki rubycol] IMHO, what we need is 'Writing documents in English
  + 66487 [hal9000 hype] If one does not exist, maybe we can make one.
  | + 66488 [seth cql.com] I can help with this also.  However, no "dummies."  I've always wondered
  | | 66512 [maki rubycol] I think that "... for dummies" means "for people who
  | + 66511 [maki rubycol] We should start at RubyGarden/ruby-doc Wiki or ruby-doc ML?
  + 66500 [michael_s_ca] I'd think a few of the native English speakers would do well by reading them
    66501 [seth cql.com] Hey, like, you mean, ugh, we don't, like, talk too, uh, good?
    66515 [michael_s_ca] Even those who talk well can write like crap, and I'm not excluding myself from
    66517 [seth cql.com] That is quite true.  I've seen documents written by brilliant people that were
    66525 [ jupp gmx.de] EHLO
    66649 [ jupp gmx.de] Version 0.1 of 'Documenting Software' is available at
    66648 [ jupp gmx.de] EHLO

^ Amanda Perez Update
66442 [amandaperez ] <html>

^ help me with a strange bug: IO#read became extremely slow
66444 [meinrad.rech] i am trying to find out why my program went so slow, but i can t find
66446 [matz ruby-la] Tell us the version and platform information from ruby -v, e.g.
66453 [du_chunchun ] ruby 1.6.8 (2002-12-24) [i586-mswin32]

^ RAA looks good
66447 [dcarrera mat] RAA looks much better now.  I'm very happy with the improvement.
66678 [nahi keynaut] Thank you very much.  And thanks to your valuable

^ Printing  Services
66450 [Lam ruby-lan] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

^ Debugging in Test::Unit::TestCases
66455 [feldt ce.cha] This is no biggie but just wanted to points out
66456 [decoux moulo] Which version ?
66457 [feldt ce.cha] Yeah, its somewhat old
66458 [decoux moulo] Well, I've this in unit.rb
66459 [feldt ce.cha] I don't use at_exit in this one but it still doesn't work
66460 [decoux moulo] Guy Decoux

^ I'm to give short talk on ruby at work, anybody have material/outlines they can donate/
66466 [sroberts uni] I'm not expected to be a ruby expert, its just part of a series of
+ 66467 [hal9000 hype] material/outlines they can donate/
| + 66472 [armin xss.de] these slides are a bit dated .. but maybe useful inspiration
| + 66477 [jweirich one] Wow Hal!  71 slides!  How long does it take to give this presentation?
+ 66476 [seth cql.com] Skip the syntax review.  The interesting things about Ruby are not captured by
| 66480 [jweirich one] I wholeheartedly agree.  Get into examples as soon as possible, and
| + 66481 [ahoward fsl.] here's a little demo i gave at work.  note that some of the links are to
| + 66493 [mikkelfj-ant] language, dynamic
+ 66479 [emeza saisam] I gave a talk last year at http://www.consol.org.mx/2002/materiales.html
+ 67420 [sroberts uni] Thanks all for your many useful suggestions.

^ What character sets are available in Ruby ?
66469 [peterjohanns] There is a Ruby FAQ which I read that said that Ruby only supports
+ 66494 [mikkelfj-ant] I was designing a domain specific scripting language and asked matz how he
| + 66496 [mikkelfj-ant] should read ... oblivious to the fact that the stream is UTF-8 or Latin-1.
| + 66520 [peterjohanns] (You obviously mean UTF-8 encoded Unicode, as you make clear below.)
|   66528 [mikkelfj-ant] No, I meant Unicode as in UCS-2 - that is why the expression was
|   66565 [peterjohanns] Oh yes, I was mislead by not reading very carefully.
|   + 66571 [mikkelfj-ant] Yes I was mostly discussing identifier parsing, sorry if I wasn't clear on
|   + 66572 [mikkelfj-ant] Single-byte: 0x00-0x7f
+ 66499 [matz ruby-la] Ruby does handle ASCII, UTF-8, EUC-JP, SJIS, and perhaps ISO-8859-x.
  66504 [mikkelfj-ant] But not in identifiers?
  + 66505 [hal9000 hype] the
  + 66507 [sdate everes] "MikkelFJ" <mikkelfj-anti-spam@bigfoot.com>
  | 66521 [peterjohanns] But, wouldn't you also want deal with string length method, and any
  | + 66523 [mikkelfj-ant] snip UTF-8 in identfiers
  | + 66573 [angus quovad] Ruby only handles byte strings, so #length, #downcase, etc, are not
  + 66519 [matz ruby-la] Even in identifiers (for UTF-8, EUC-JP, SJIS), if you set -K option
    66524 [mikkelfj-ant] I agree that it is not good praxis to use identifiers in local charactersets

^ install.rb problem - ri and rdoc think OS X is windows!
66471 [sroberts uni] opfile += ".rb" if CONFIG["target_os"] =~ /win/
66474 [dave pragpro] Aarrgh... my fault.  I'll fix 'em, but... what's canonical way of
+ 66475 [nobu.nokada ] Although there's no "canonical" way, what about this?
+ 66497 [mikkelfj-ant] It crashes :-)

^ Is there a how-to package/publish your library to the RAA note somewhere?
66473 [sroberts uni] I am getting close to being done a first cut of a vCard/RFC 2425
66538 [shirai korin] Once you create tarball(tar+gz). If you have your own web space, put
66553 [sroberts uni] Thank you for your help!

^ rdoc - how to exclude internal APIs, and use :title: and :main:?
66482 [sroberts uni] I'm sorry if I'm missing the obvious, but i'm staring at the docs, and
66485 [dave pragpro] Neither B nor A.func in private in module 'A' -- you'd have to put the
66508 [sroberts uni] Perfect, sorry I missed  that in the docs.
+ 66514 [sroberts uni] directive. If you remove it from the doc comment in front of module
+ 66518 [dave pragpro] It means I left some debugging in the CVS version... :)

^ ruby - datavision formula script
66483 [jthigpen drs] I'm trying to set up a formula in datavision that just takes the value of
66578 [ jimm io.com] Use "{table.field} / 100" without the quotes. The text "{table.field}" is
66585 [jthigpen drs] Thanks for the help.  This is a great package you have here.

^ 未承諾広告※業務用、販促用タオルのご案内!!
66484 [staff osyare] <事業者><送信者>
66526 [ jupp gmx.de] ぜんぜん わあかりません :-(

^ Letter for friend
66486 [americancoin] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

^ $0 == false ??
66489 [tim bates.id] I'm running a script under mod_ruby, and for some reason $0 is set to false.
66492 [tim bates.id] Okay, it seems I can use Apache.request.filename instead, but I'm still
66563 [sabbyxtabby ] # b.rb
66575 [drbrain segm] uhhh.... why would you want that?  That's totally silly

^ Ruby/Tk :: Root window backgrounds?
66490 [kryptik usa.] Is there a way to set a background img or color to your root window? I would like to use a img or color to give my app a desktop like feel. Is it possible, or is this something tk is lacking?
66667 [nagai ai.kyu] Well, maybe need a little tricky way.
66669 [mgushee have] Hmm. That doesn't seem like a very good idea. First of all, to the
66670 [nagai ai.kyu] I'm sorry but I've had no experiment of freezing.

66498 [anti-virus d] ################# VIRUS NOTIFICATION #################

^ Suggestion for setsockopt
66502 [B.Candler po] static VALUE
66503 [decoux moulo] IPPROTO_TCP, ... are not defined on these systems ?
66513 [B.Candler po] Err... yes :-) The Pickaxe p482-483 doesn't list them, but they are there

^ Anybody done a vim errorfmt for Test::Unit output?
66510 [sroberts uni] I'll figure out how to if I have to, but if somebody already has one...

^ Net::HTTP optimisation (was: Suggestion for setsockopt)
66516 [B.Candler po] I was playing with setsockopt because I was seeing about a 0.1 second
66679 [aamine lover] Agreed.  I have commit your suggestion.
66742 [B.Candler po] You are welcome!

^ Thinking of learning Ruby
66522 [n.thomp road] I have abour 3 or 4 years experience with Linux, and about 2 years
+ 66527 [dcarrera mat] Well, in its strictest form your question is impossible to answer.
| + 66529 [mikkelfj-ant] I agree with the above, except C# is also becoming very important. It would
| | + 66535 [n.thomp road] would
| | | + 66536 [dcarrera mat] About a minute I'd say. :-)
| | | | 66612 [n.thomp road] Its a good tutorial for beginners that havn't programmed before, but I have
| | | | 66618 [dcarrera mat] More accurately, it is missing *all* of the section on GUI
| | | | + 66628 [n.thomp road] I'm interested in reading the section on Tk when its ready, I did a google
| | | | + 66632 [surrender_it] should we consider it is obsolete or totally not working with current
| | | |   66640 [dcarrera mat] Yes, but that tutorial covers Gtk1.  Currently, Ruby-Gtk is moving to Gtk2
| | | |   + 66745 [surrender_it] Already considered ,
| | | |   | 66747 [dcarrera mat] script that generates all the repetitive stuff for me.  The 'input' has
| | | |   + 66781 [gtzip earthl] I just had to pipe up and give you kudos, Mr. Carrera.
| | | + 66545 [seth cql.com] PHP is not a microsoft language.
| | | + 66567 [mikkelfj-ant] I like to separate Microsoft politics from technologies.
| | + 66541 [seth cql.com] If you are of a language theoretical bent, throw Haskell into the mix as well.
| |   66568 [mikkelfj-ant] well.
| + 66534 [n.thomp road] I'm interested in a programming language that can be used for anything in
| | 66537 [dcarrera mat] Then Ruby is an excellent choice.  Ruby is inteded as a general purpose
| | + 66549 [n.thomp road] in
| | + 66559 [kentda stud.] Of course there is :-)
| + 66561 [bob.news gmx] "Daniel Carrera" <dcarrera@math.umd.edu> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 66532 [ptkwt shell1] Welcome,
| + 66539 [n.thomp road] Sun
| | 66542 [dcarrera mat] Most of Linux/OSS is written in C, in the Unix tradition.  KDE is an
| | + 66546 [seth cql.com] ANSI C is a proper subset of C++, so not "to some degree", 100%.
| | | + 66569 [mikkelfj-ant] I don't think so - You are allowed to be more sloppy with types in C than in
| | | | 66588 [seth cql.com] With the original C specs, perhaps, but not with the ANSI C syntax.  However
| | | + 66579 [tpeters uni-] Sorry for OT, but this is incorrect. Latest Stroustrup still has a section
| | |   66924 [pabs pablotr] int a, b, c;
| | + 66607 [jeepcreep ya] I'm also a newby. I went to your site and installed Ruby (Windows version). On the comand line level it works just fine. Now to create a program. Therein lies my problem. At home I am running LINUX, so I don't expect a problem (I'll install the LINUX version and use #!). At work, though, I'm not that lucky. I am running on an XP platform. I can't use #! here so how do I define the directory where my .rb modules will be run from?
| |   66610 [seth cql.com] The easiest way is to install cygwin (www.cygwin.com) which gives you a UNIX
| |   66614 [wmoxam klick] The Windows installer should set the correct file associations so that
| |   66630 [jeepcreep ya] - when I click on the .rb module the command sceen blanks and disappears so I can't see the result; if I execute from the command line, I see the result - what gives?
| |   66645 [austin halos] This is normal Windows stuff. The command window is executed and
| + 66544 [seth cql.com] I've most definitely seen an uptick in programming jobs in the last month or
+ 66540 [seth cql.com] Unfortunately, the quality of the language is not related to the employability
| 66554 [awilliams ro] [AIW] If you don't study under experienced OO developers, you will be less
+ 66564 [wsdng online] Nobody mentioned Smalltalk, yet, so I'll do it. Smalltalk and Ruby are
| 66574 [peterjohanns] This intrigued me, and I went to
| 66768 [wsdng online] I've asked that in comp.lang.smalltalk.advocacy and got the following
+ 66657 [n.thomp road] I have decided to go with Ruby, I'm still deciding on c/C++ and if all goes
| 66659 [kent zerosph] Don't wait until AFTER you've read the api to "start trying to write
+ 67744 [brusch2 gmx.] I currently found some time to "catch up" the NG and read this thread

^ Protocols
66530 [Ray_Capozzi ] Is there a preferred set of ruby libraries for client/server solutions?  As
+ 66533 [mikkelfj-ant] As
| + 66548 [jbritt ruby-] What would using YAML-RPC instead of XML-RPC buy you?  Is it faster?  More stable? Are there more implementations in assorted
| | + 66566 [mikkelfj-ant] when used as a wire format the ease-of-editing factor
| | | 67189 [asn1 rd.fran] ASN.1 is used in a lot of other application domains.
| | | 67418 [sroberts uni] That's because its hideous to work with. It has all the problems and
| | + 66583 [ruby-talk wh] The payload is definitely smaller.  The parser isn't faster, though.  And the
| |   66653 [nahi keynaut] See
| + 66550 [Ray_Capozzi ] Thanks for the suggestion.  It looks promising.  I'd like to be able to
|   66627 [B.Candler po] IIWY I'd forget telnet and just have a little client program for manually
+ 66543 [seth cql.com] I'm also interested in this area.  A few comments, first.
+ 66547 [jbritt ruby-] Assuming you meant to write "objections to XML", you need not actually *see* or *edit* any XML using XML-RPC.  It's just a wire
+ 66558 [kentda stud.] There is Rinn atleast - http://sourceforge.net/projects/rinn/
+ 66562 [bob.news gmx] - SOAP, DRb and direct method call (was Re: XmlConfigFile usage)
+ 66623 [B.Candler po] XML-RPC is nice and simple to understand, but it has limitations in its
| 66652 [nahi keynaut] Regards to soap4r, it depends on server side implementation.
| 66746 [B.Candler po] I wasn't expecting it to dup for each request, but I did at first expect the
+ 66660 [rcapozzi aol] Wow.  Lots of good stuff.  No definite winner yet.  Kind of sad that in this

^ RDoc 0.9
66551 [dave pragpro] It's been a while since the last RDoc release. In the meantime, I've
+ 66613 [surrender_it] how soon is soon?
| 66617 [dave pragpro] I suspect it won't be soon enough...
+ 66753 [gsinclair so] Thanks Dave.  That's a lot of new and useful features.

^ キャッシングキャンペーン
66555 [financelike0] 特別融資キャンペーン実施中

^ YAML on solaris: problem with libiconv
66556 [vjoel PATH.B] I'm trying to use yamlrb-0.49.2, with ruby 1.7.3 (2002-12-20) on solaris
+ 66557 [nobu.nokada ] Update ruby to get rid of this warning.
| 66602 [vjoel PATH.B] libdl.so.1 =>    /usr/lib/libdl.so.1
+ 66560 [nobu.nokada ] Well, ext/iconv/iconv.c was modified at 2002-12-20, but your SO
  + 66576 [djberge qwes] When you installed iconv did you use a package or build it from source?  If
  | 66605 [vjoel PATH.B] Nice to know of that, but in this case --with-gnu-ld didn't help.
  | 66634 [dradul yahoo] Solaris has its own version of iconv included in the runtime library.
  + 66603 [vjoel PATH.B] I tried building iconv.so (ver 1.5 from RAA) from scratch, but that
    66608 [nobu.nokada ] Don't mind about this warning, just because of const qualifier
    66616 [vjoel PATH.B] Just ./extconf.rb; make
    66626 [nobu.nokada ] lib/mkmf.rb had some problems in past.  Try update.

^ DRb: remote methods not running remotely???
66570 [hgs dmu.ac.u] def server(uri)
66577 [drbrain segm] IIRC any object you return that does not include DRbUndumped will
66595 [hgs dmu.ac.u] OK, I have not mixed that into the client class myself....
66604 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Well, I've done further tests on this, and while I still can't get
66619 [drbrain segm] l?
66646 [hgs dmu.ac.u] The one that really stood out is the thread that really gets going
66707 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Well, I tried this out today, and it seems to be working fairly
66708 [drbrain segm] in
66713 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Thanks, I'll bear that in mind.

^ Limited Support for Multiple Inheritance in SWIG/Ruby
66580 [lyle knology] All,
+ 66587 [gfb tonesoft] module Base1_internals
| + 66592 [nobu.nokada ] It might be better to be nested (ex. Base1::MixIn).
| + 66593 [lyle users.s] Actually, I just recalled that a Class is-a Module, so I think Luigi's
+ 66624 [pbrannan atd] Mixins are probably the right way to go.  As you've noticed, you can't
+ 66979 [vor_lord hot] I realize I am way behind on this discussion (no cc's to swig, just swig-dev

^ Re: [Swig-dev] Limited Support for Multiple Inheritance in SWIG/Ruby
66581 [luigi.ballab] Lyle,
66589 [lyle knology] That is still a possibility; the only potential drawback is that (I think)
66590 [lyle knology] Wait! (Replying to myself ;)
66591 [decoux moulo] Just test with ruby what you have written :-))
66596 [lyle users.s] Oh, well ;) I hoped I had found a quick and elegant solution to the