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^ speedycgi/pperl equivalent?
65121 [lists zara.6] Is there an equivalent of SpeedyCGI or PPerl for Ruby?
+ 65126 [gemerson eva] It sounds kind of neat, like a more automagic fastcgi.  I don't think that
+ 65130 [drbrain segm] =20
+ 65198 [B.Candler po] Interesting. If the embedded interpreter restarts the CGI script for each
  65218 [B.Candler po] [oops, found the FAQ!]
  65220 [michael_s_ca] I think one is that you can use this for arbitrary scripts, run from

^ Re: Interesting quote ...
65129 [Mark.Volkman] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
65150 [daniel zeped] I'm the one that pointed out the flip side. Here's my response.

^ DBI and placeholders
65133 [marty darkor] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
+ 65134 [dave pragpro] An asterisk :)
+ 65135 [gemerson eva] To make an array expand into across the parameter list for a method, use
  65138 [marty darkor] Ahh, I see. Thank you.

^ help: append error on Array push
65140 [reavey nep.n] I get an error
+ 65143 [dcarrera mat] I can't see anything wrong.  Does this work?
| 65145 [reavey nep.n] Thanks for responding
| 65146 [dcarrera mat] Call them "methods".  Array is a class that contains the "push" method.
| 65149 [reavey nep.n] Thank you for your help.  To define the problem better I broke the
| 65177 [batsman.geo ] This doesn't make a lot of sense :)
+ 65168 [matt lickey.] The code you posted simply shouldn't report that error.  Here is my
  65186 [reavey nep.n] Thanks for you help

^ String#+ operatorbroken?
65141 [jim freeze.o] I have some code sitting around that used the notation
+ 65142 [jim freeze.o] To be more clear, 'blows up' refers to time and not necessarily memory.
| 65165 [matt lickey.] The "+=" version runs really slow in both ruby 1.6.8 and current CVS
+ 65153 [matz ruby-la] Remember, s += "whatever" is a syntax sugar for
| 65155 [ruby persamp] Hmm.  Would it make sense to 'special-case' that?  They accomplish the same thing logically
| 65156 [matz ruby-la] s = p = ""
| 65158 [tim bates.id] So can <<. The important thing here is that + and << can be redefined
+ 65164 [matt lickey.] ruby -e "p RUBY_RELEASE_DATE"
  65348 [jim freeze.o] ruby -e "p RUBY_RELEASE_DATE"
  65353 [decoux moulo] It's the new algorithm for the GC
  65354 [jim freeze.o] Well I think we found a weak spot in the new GC.
  65382 [matz ruby-la] Probably.  Could you see what if "1.8" around line 307 in gc.c
  65384 [jim freeze.o] It still grows with 1.2, but not as fast.
  65392 [matz ruby-la] Sorry, I was looking at wrong place.  The current GC increases
  65562 [decoux moulo] Probably I'm wrong but the difference is in str_new(). Apparently the GC
  65596 [matz ruby-la] Verified.  And I confirmed memset() is not needed at all.  Thank you!

^ Validating REXML Was Re: ANN: REXML 2.5.4
65144 [john.carter ] Hmm. It occurs to me that you don't need a validating parser.
+ 65147 [jbritt ruby-] If you have endless free time, try following the xml-dev mailing list for all the gory details.  Largely it was due to a desire to
+ 65148 [jbritt ruby-] Well, if you have a large XML source, you may want to abort on validation errors before loading the entire document.
  65202 [roger.sperbe] I'm not following you here. Your schema sets up the rules you want the data
  65251 [john.carter ] Well, there are three problems with writing a validating XML parser.
  65578 [ser germane-] John, shoot me an email, and we'll collaborate on this.

^ =?ISO-8859-15?B?UmU6IFN0cmluZyMrIG9wZXJhdG9yG2Jyb2tlbj8=?=
65157 [gsinclair so] This was discussed fairly extensively on -talk not so long ago.  Check

^ Sourcing files
65159 [bkhl privat.] I like using source files as configuration files for my hacks.
65163 [jweirich one] I do this too.  In fact, I tend to use the same file for both Ruby and
+ 65166 [gsinclair so] That should be "<shudder> XML </shudder>".
+ 65170 [bkhl privat.] Well, this is not what I am looking for. The point of the whole
  65171 [jos catnook.] load "file"
  65172 [bkhl privat.] x = 23
  + 65180 [bob.news gmx] Your config file should've read
  + 65191 [feldt ce.cha] File.open("./config.rb") {|f| eval f.read}
  | 65206 [dblack candl] The local variable x will only exist in the scope of the eval, so
  | 65219 [feldt ce.cha] Thats right. I was too quick on the trigger there.
  + 65207 [B.Candler po] I'd expect that. When Ruby is parsing the main program, it has not seen any
    65226 [batsman.geo ] batsman@tux-chan:/tmp$ expand -t 2 h.rb
    65257 [B.Candler po] That's tidier. The config file can say '@x=1' instead of 'self.x=1' which is

^ Ruby scripts for daily unix system administration
65167 [usenets nyc.] daily sysadmin chores. If anyone here knows their existence, please forward
+ 65169 [gsinclair so] Take a look at
| 65174 [usenets nyc.] Thank you, but its a bit advance for me. I'd like to start on how to parse
| + 65176 [daniel zeped] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
| + 65181 [gsinclair so] Parsing arguments is best done with GetoptLong.  See pickaxe.
| | 65187 [usenets nyc.] Thanks Gavin. If you see any good simple example of using GetoptLong, please
| | + 65193 [gsinclair so] See pickaxe!
| | + 65255 [jim freeze.o] #! /usr/bin/env ruby
| |   65272 [dave pragpro] Seems like you could put a boatload of this functionality into a common
| |   65276 [jim freeze.o] Yes, I have thought about that numerous times, but have
| |   65288 [gsinclair so] Probably a BoilerPlate module that contained #version, parts of
| + 65189 [google tompa] The getoptlong and optparse modules are your friend. They both parse
|   65209 [usenets nyc.] Thanks for the example. I got it to works with a very minor correction(put $
|   65327 [hgs dmu.ac.u] You just made them global variables.  It won't matter now, but if
+ 65173 [ ted php.net] Actually, I'd like to see them too ...
+ 65175 [argentoff rt] rd
| 65188 [usenets nyc.] Thanks Paul. I wish there are more of this conversion for, say, all the
+ 65328 [brusch2 gmx.] usenets@nyc.rr.com says...
  65357 [google tompa] Dir['**/*'] might help make your code shorter :-)
  + 65360 [mikkelfj-ant] I had a dirwalker problem for fixing lowercase file and directory names
  + 65369 [brusch2 gmx.] google@tompayne.org says...

^ executing another program
65183 [briqueabraqu] How can we ask ruby to execute another program and wait for it to
65184 [batsman.geo ] `program -options -bla -foo`

^ ruby on mips wince
65199 [rkdavis burn] i've just spent a good portion of the hours between midnight and 10am

^ 2d array?
65200 [mgarriss ear] Sorry, new to ruby.  Does ruby have a 2d array?  If so, where could I
65203 [armin xss.de] One possibility is to put Arrays in Arrays. This way you can
65239 [mwilson13 co] I think Armin's reference to 'at matrix' is a reference to matrix.rb,

^ Rite Status?
65212 [whitton atla] made any progress. The last time I see it mentioned on the list was Aug, 8
65215 [matz ruby-la] Well, it is still a goal, but nothing interesting have happened.
65229 [batsman.geo ] According to your presentation "Be minor, be cool" of
65233 [matz ruby-la] Depends on your view.  They are just vague ideas, no running code.
+ 65258 [ptkwt shell1] What is the pypy project?
| 65260 [jim freeze.o] I want to know how it is pronounced!
| 65268 [batsman.geo ] It sure sounds sinister and evil.
| 65277 [jim freeze.o] p eye - p eye
| 65278 [ruby persamp] If you have the 'y' sound from Ruby in mind.. it comes out as peepee... or maybe it's just me ;)
| 65279 [jim freeze.o] That thought crossed my mind, but I didn't want to be the first
+ 65267 [batsman.geo ] It is even more vaporware than Rite, just 9 days old :)
| 65321 [batsman.geo ] Spoke too soon.
| 65324 [simon simon-] I think the problem is that writing a brand-new, generic virtual machine
+ 65269 [batsman.geo ] Forgot to say that people besides me had already thought of this.
  65285 [surrender_it] Robert feldt is still working on it?
  65289 [feldt ce.cha] Not really. I would like to but have little time and not many

^ narf question
65221 [  rw welt.de] i upgraded my system and now all the wonderful narf Web methods are
65283 [ tom u2i.com] It shouldn't make a difference whether you use the narf executable or
65335 [  rw welt.de] it's version 0.3.4

^ help with rdoc and ascii art
65242 [ahoward fsl.] does anyone know how to do something like
+ 65247 [dave pragpro] I can't think of a way.
| 65249 [ahoward fsl.] download 'jave', the java ascii art editor, and you will want to!  it's like
+ 65250 [dcarrera mat] <pre>

^ mod_ruby and multiple requests
65248 [nemo hellotr] Does each instance of mod_ruby (or apache) handle only one request at a
65256 [gemerson eva] There is no guarantee that the second page you call will be handled by the

^ Re: Ruby scripts for daily unix system administration - correction
65252 [usenets nyc.] I've made a booboo...putting $ on the variable name makes the global

^ bRuby
65263 [gemerson eva] I have been looking at bRuby with some interest but haven't had a machine
65299 [sroberts uni] Would this allow shipping a compiled ruby application, not so much

^ optimization question
65270 [whitton atla] bayesian spam filter as described in Paul Graham's, Plan For Spam.
+ 65273 [B.Candler po] Unfortunately it doesn't actually put anything into the hash either, so it's
+ 65280 [dcarrera mat] 1) Are the tokens strings?
| + 65290 [drbrain segm] =20
| | 65311 [whitton atla] This is a good idea, and it looks like an interesting project. Does it allow
| | 65355 [drbrain segm] low
| + 65308 [whitton atla] Yes, my program goes through two files. One consists of only non-spam
|   65320 [bob.news gmx] "Travis Whitton" <whitton@atlantic.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 65294 [dcarrera mat] ruby extconf.rb
| + 65297 [dcarrera mat] Sorry, forgot to attach the files.
| + 65414 [moonwolf moo] glib is not needed.
|   + 65437 [dcarrera mat] Good stuff.
|   + 65441 [B.Candler po] Nice. Perhaps could be made more general by checking if the value is a
|     65449 [moonwolf moo] generic version 'hashsuccg.c' here.
|     + 65459 [B.Candler po] if (FIXNUM_P(val)) {
|     | 65460 [B.Candler po] Also suggest you make count 'long', use FIX2LONG, and check for hitting
|     + 65467 [whitton atla] Pure Ruby Version
+ 65312 [bulatz integ] are you heard about "sort|uniq" idiom? you can use
  65313 [dcarrera mat] I think that sorting is about as expensive as hashing.
  + 65314 [bulatz integ] i think that really expensive is interpreting the code.
  | 65346 [dcarrera mat] Yeah.  I'll think about writing an Array#uniqc method this afternoon.  It
  + 65315 [bulatz integ] sorry, i don't seen that your are not Travis :)
    + 65344 [whitton atla] I'm using Ruby 1.6.8, which doesn't have a to_hash or uniqc method. When
    | + 65345 [dcarrera mat] Bulat is suggesting that we introduce the methods Array#uniqc and
    | | + 65350 [whitton atla] I omitted an important detail in my original post. The hash needs to retain
    | | | 65402 [bulatz integ] this changes all :(  can you read entire file into memory?
    | | + 65400 [bulatz integ] thanks! i'm too lazy to program, especially in C. ruby lacks
    | + 65399 [bulatz integ] on the next lines of my letter :)
    + 65405 [nobu.nokada ] Sort and uniq are O(n*log(n)) and O(n) respectively, whereas
    | 65406 [bulatz integ] you are right. may be "counting with hash" is common enough
    + 65499 [martindemell] Requiring a sorted array seems jarring for a ruby Array# builtin - very
      65519 [michael_s_ca] That may be, but "uniq" is a well known idiom (at least in the unix world), and
      + 65521 [dblack candl] ruby -e 'p [1,2,3,1,3,4,2,5].uniq'  # [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
      | 65524 [michael_s_ca] I was referring to the original poster's "...seems jarring..." post only, not
      + 65522 [B.Candler po] ["a","b","c","a","b"].uniq      #>> ["a", "b", "c"]
      + 65531 [martindemell] Yes, but Ruby is nowhere near as wedded to unix as some other languages
        + 65539 [B.Candler po] For uniqc, is the output going to be a hash anyway? In that case you don't
        + 65541 [B.Candler po] Perhaps a new class which explicitly delegates to Array would be safer,

^ [ANN] RAA/2.3.1
65287 [nahi keynaut] p RAA.succ!.version #=> 2.3.1

^ Curses base windowing system
65292 [usenets nyc.] As I have only limited resources on my laptop(memory, diskspace, and CPU
+ 65293 [usenets nyc.] I forgot to mention that Micro-Windowing System would be a good complement
+ 65295 [alwagner tca] Try links, instead of lynx, with the graphics option.
| 65304 [usenets nyc.] Do you have the link for 'links', thanks.
| 65305 [gsinclair so] Searching google is pretty easy, you know.
| 65309 [usenets nyc.] I did search prior and seems that links is a much common words. Perhaps if
| 65310 [vjoel PATH.B] Try googling for 'links web browser'. It's the first hit.
+ 65296 [dcarrera mat] How much memmory/diskspace/CPU do you have?
| 65303 [usenets nyc.] Phoenix required at least 32MB memory, 128 swap space, and 1.5GB to build
| 65325 [tpeters inva] The latest "Brave Gnu World"
+ 65298 [sroberts uni] Try "screen", its amazing, though it may not be exactly what you have in
| 65301 [usenets nyc.] I use screen but this is not what I'm asking. I need a real windowing system
| 65316 [batsman.geo ] There's GTK over framebuffer.
+ 65317 [egabriel io.] If you want a curses based windowing system, there is "twin".
+ 65385 [pabs pablotr] or
+ 65476 [surrender_it] you ahould try w3m, It seems to me it was far better than links, even
  65487 [usenets nyc.] Gabriele,  I don't have 32MB nor even 500MB diskspace.  Thanks.

^ Ruby with the Unified Modeling Language (UML)
65300 [Lachlan_Pitt] Hey Rubyers!
65302 [egabriel io.] I know you are talking about something deeper here, but there are tools to

^ CList in Ruby-Gnome2?
65307 [dcarrera mat] Does Gnome2 no longer have CList?
65341 [mutoh highwa] Yes. Ruby-GNOME2 doesn't support the obsolete classes/methods.

^ [ANN] oocp 1.0.0
65318 [sinara blade] Just announcing the first release oocp 1.0.0.
65322 [mikkelfj-ant] Nice tool.
65323 [sinara blade] "Algebraic Approach..." very interesting.

^ Return Values of [] for Array, Hash,... (ruby 1.6.8)
65331 [brusch2 gmx.] following code shows the difference in handling Integers and class
+ 65334 [decoux moulo] No, not really. This is just that you have not written the same code :-))
+ 65336 [bulatz integ] these lines are very different. vars in ruby holds
  65370 [brusch2 gmx.] says...
  65386 [B.Candler po] No, you are partly right, because xxx= and []= are methods when applied to
  + 65561 [brusch2 gmx.] says...
  + 65592 [qrczak knm.o] Yes. e was at key in h at the beginning, and it's still there at the end.
    65896 [brusch2 gmx.] says...
    65902 [bulatz integ] ALL TYPES ARE HANDLED SAME WAY. code above contains one assignment
    65919 [brusch2 gmx.] says...
    65921 [B.Candler po] But Integer is also an Object (it's a subclass). There is no inconsistency.
    65923 [bulatz integ] i can add that, to be exact, some types has methods which change internal

^ [OT] RE: optimization question
65333 [michael_s_ca] You might want to take a look at a perl implementation called POPfile.  It's

^ [WIN] Process running ?
65337 [sdate everes] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
65393 [phasis bclin] given
+ 65417 [sdate everes] That worked fine ...
+ 65563 [brusch2 gmx.] poosted code using ToolHelp32...
  65579 [sdate everes] You are right ! I was not paying attention to the help on MSDN where I read
  65587 [brusch2 gmx.] sdate@everestkc.net says...
  65620 [djberg96 hot] This weekend I tried a few of the sample programs from MSDN

^ ** YoungNature.com ::  your BMW
65338 [support youn] <html>

^ blocks and pure functions
65343 [fsb thefsb.o] new to ruby, i've been reading http://www.rubycentral.com/book/intro.html

^ Problem in using RAA - Ruby Application Archive
65347 [zhoujing com] I am using RH Linux. I try to unpack the raa package to my public_html
65471 [ jupp gmx.de] The most common problem is line ends that follow a convention that
65512 [zhoujing com] Thanks for your reply. But I don't think those are the reasons, since
65513 [kentda stud.] Do you have access to the webservers error logs?
65606 [zhoujing com] Thanks. That is a very useful hint.