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^ [Q] ERuby.import
64891 [kwatch lycos] I have a question about mod_ruby and ERuby.
64892 [egabriel io.] ERuby.import wants an absolute pathname.
64941 [kwatch lycos] Thank you.

^ killing a thread and its child
64895 [arbeizaf ono] Perhaps this is more of a unix programming question but, since I am only

^ RAA New Arrivals +5 more
64901 [transami tra] i'd like to suggest that there be 10 items in the RAA's New Arrivals list
65056 [nahi keynaut] Gavin suggested us to have a "More..." link underneath

^ [OT] Re: GPL question
64909 [mike osdn.or] Really?  I somehow though that dual license can hardly be treated
64914 [B.Candler po] But that says they have two licences: essentially a non-GPL one for making
+ 64915 [B.Candler po] "The Sleepycat license says that you may download and use Berkeley DB
+ 64918 [mike osdn.or] Not GPL, but enough like that and differing "for historical

^ Ruby 1.8 preview1 questions
64919 [child t9.ds.] I have just installed Ruby 1.8.0 and find some changes to the syntax,
64933 [matz ruby-la] Don't put spaces before method argument parentheses, otherwise it's

^ 錄Ӥޤ
64938 [smoke0 sezna] This is a multi-part message in MIME format

^ General programming language question
64939 [nemo hellotr] This is not a question about Ruby in particular... sorry.  But I wouldn't
+ 64940 [qrczak knm.o] Yes, several functional languages (SML, OCaml, Glasgow Haskell).
| + 64964 [szegedy nosp] First of all, I don't agree that variables are first class
| | + 64983 [nemo hellotr] First of all, I don't agree that variables are first class
| | + 65005 [qrczak knm.o] 1. Immutable bindings, with mutable variables as separate first-class
| + 64970 [qrczak knm.o] Mutable variables (SML & OCaml's ref, Haskell's IORef) are first-class.
+ 64942 [rpav nwlink.] Common LISP, of course. :-)  But then, everything in Lisp is
| 64943 [dblack candl] varstr = "myvarname"
+ 64972 [qrczak knm.o] Because it's too easy for separately developed syntax extensions
  + 64976 [mikkelfj-ant] Actually you can essentially do this with camlp4, the OCaml pretty printer
  + 64979 [dblack candl] There was a discussion of this recently on ruby-core, and Matz said he

^ C-like cast from String to Integer needed.
64944 [brusch2 gmx.] I read some data from, for example, Tcp.
+ 64945 [gsinclair so] Does this help?
| 64949 [gsinclair so] Whoops.  Looking at the other answers, I guess not.
+ 64947 [cyclists nc.] Array#pack
| 64950 [brusch2 gmx.] cyclists@nc.rr.com says...
+ 64948 [nobu.nokada ] s.unpack("@#{ofs}N")

^ Threads and database access
64946 [ummok2002 ya] Greetings.
+ 64956 [idan idanso.] If SQL cross-compatibility is not an issue, Perhaps you should consider using
+ 65000 [brusch2 gmx.] Yes. Ruby threads are not native but simulated by the interpreter
+ 65024 [B.Candler po] It may depend on the library you are using. I don't know about the mysql

^ count lines
64952 [anbieter_99 ] Is there a possibility to count the lines in a file with ruby?
+ 64953 [gsinclair so] count.rb
| 64954 [gsinclair so] puts lines
+ 64955 [shin xtal.tf] How about this.
  64958 [anbieter_99 ] Very nice.
  64980 [hgs dmu.ac.u] ruby -ne 'END {puts $.}' file

^ ANN: REXML 2.5.4
64957 [ser germane-] Sorry for the long silence.  I've been slowly accruing bugfixes and

^ Ruby Weekly News
64959 [Dave Pragmat] Ruby Weekly News: 02/17/2003

^ File magic class
64961 [peter semant] Is there are class for Ruby that does the same as the file command and
64971 [kjana dm4lab] Probably there's a more well written module but....
64973 [peter semant] So far you this is the only one I've seen and it works fine for me. Any

^ even? and odd? methods in Integer class
64963 [kwatch lycos] Why Integer class doesn't have 'even?' nor 'odd?' method?
+ 64977 [mike wyer.or] Your odd? definition returns true for all ints.
| 65061 [kwatch lycos] Oh, sorry, you're right.
+ 64989 [wkb airmail.] kwatch,
| 65538 [martindemell] Neat! Never knew about Integer#[]
+ 65028 [hal9000 hype] Frankly, I would like to see this (at least odd?
  65122 [kwatch lycos] I know pascal, not delphi.

^ Ruby/Tk Q
64965 [argentoff rt] I've noted that mainloop() consumes too much cpu. Did you note the same thing?
+ 64981 [nagai ai.kyu] I know. But I don't find an idea to fix the problem yet.
+ 65043 [w3gat bellso] I found the same thing happening.

^ [OT] Time was: Re: C-like cast from String to Integer needed.
64974 [brusch2 gmx.] For you, it was possibly to early at the morning where it was too late

^ ruby-dev summary 19540-19582
64982 [ttate kt.jai] Here is a ruby-dev summary of last week.
65109 [pbrannan atd] I don't understand this statement.  What did Matz mean by "best
65119 [ksaito uranu] The sentence wanted to indicate the expected behavior for exceptions
65124 [pbrannan atd] $ ruby -r a.rb -e ''

^ wait in ruby
64984 [anbieter_99 ] next question from me :)
64985 [decoux moulo] pigeon% ri Kernel::sleep

^ Evaluation
64992 [jonathan.w.s] I wonder if there is any value to comparing Ruby's capabilities with
64995 [jonathan.w.s] For example, are there classes corresponding to the major headings? Are
65004 [hgs dmu.ac.u] [others elided]
65222 [jonathan.w.s] "Levels of knowledge" -- yes

^ Strange behaviour of system("start ...") [1.6.8,W2k]
64999 [brusch2 gmx.] system ("start dir") fails, unless a file start.cmd (all executable
65026 [B.Candler po] Or start.exe or start.bat presumably.
65029 [brusch2 gmx.] start is an internal command.
+ 65035 [B.Candler po] You mean internal to Windows' command line shell? Does
+ 65082 [bulatz integ] on win nt/2k/xp. but on the 95 family, you can find start.exe in c:\windows\command directory

^ How to test for existence of instance variable?
65001 [B.Candler po] I have an existing class Foo, and existing objects of that class.
+ 65002 [batsman.geo ] => nil
+ 65003 [rpav nwlink.] if not defined? @things
+ 65014 [ptkwt shell1] If I understand what you're trying to do, then you need to test to see if
+ 65015 [matt lickey.] This won't generate a warning.
+ 65017 [billk cts.co] => nil
  + 65027 [B.Candler po] Doh, how did I miss that! I keep looking at the class reference and forget
  + 65081 [B.Candler po] OK, how about this one :-)
    + 65083 [decoux moulo] First test if the instance variable exist.
    + 65084 [matz ruby-la] Attribute readers should not report warning for uninitialized instance
    | 65110 [pbrannan atd] Why should this be fixed?  The warning looks reasonable to me.
    | 65112 [matz ruby-la] Because it's non intuitive.  There's no logical relationship between
    | 65125 [pbrannan atd] Creating an attribute reader and not initializing the attribute (either
    | + 65128 [hal9000 hype] What Paul says makes sense to me.
    | | 65131 [ahoward fsl.] i don't consider something like this 'buggy'
    | + 65179 [matz ruby-la] I thought it is needed just because
    | | + 65182 [batsman.geo ] ???
    | | + 65204 [pbrannan atd] This is only a problem for dynamically-added attributes, since
    | |   + 65213 [ahoward fsl.] </snip>
    | |   | 65227 [pbrannan atd] This isn't what I intended to mean.  The bzero call is unnecessary,
    | |   | 65238 [ahoward fsl.] i meant that the 's.x = 0;' statement was unnecessary! ;-)  considering ruby
    | |   | 65253 [pbrannan atd] class Foo
    | |   | + 65264 [ahoward fsl.] ahhh.  you are correct there.  i still maintain, however, that requiring
    | |   | | 65271 [pbrannan atd] nil is very rarely the value I want my instance variable to have.  I'm
    | |   | + 65274 [billk cts.co] As someone who is generally fanatical about getting better at
    | |   + 65216 [matz ruby-la] Could you describe "more" in "I need more"?  Something like
    | |     65231 [pbrannan atd] 1) Check to see if the attribute already exists
    | |     65246 [billk cts.co] It seems one thing if you think the intent of the code is more
    | |     65281 [gsinclair so] Ruby can't set instance variables to nil by default, can it?  It
    | + 65196 [B.Candler po] Well I'd agree, except what happens if you add an attribute to a class which
    |   65201 [pbrannan atd] irb(main):001:0> mystruct = Struct.new("Mystruct","a","b","c")
    |   65210 [B.Candler po] Yeah, not sure entirely about that, because even the instance variable is
    |   65217 [matz ruby-la] Ah, probably you have misunderstood Ruby's Struct.  It is a fixed
    |   65224 [B.Candler po] OK, that's good enough for me. I had assumed that
    |   + 65232 [matz ruby-la] Foo = Class.new(super) {
    |   | + 65254 [B.Candler po] But then its name is fixed in the code as 'Foo'? What if the name I want to
    |   | | 65275 [matz ruby-la] Object.const_set(klassname, Class.new(super){...})
    |   | + 65266 [batsman.geo ] You must concede that Guy Decoux had the idea first (or was the first
    |   + 65261 [matt lickey.] I wouldn't be averse to using the string version of eval for this.  By
    |     65265 [B.Candler po] That's neat, thank you. Some more stuff falls into place :-)
    + 65086 [B.Candler po] That was essentially what I was asking. What is the way to check if an
      65087 [decoux moulo] #instance_variables give you the name of all instance variables for an

^ http timeout errors
65006 [chrismo clab] I've been running a script against our web server that continually reads in
65010 [drbrain segm] it
65013 [chrismo clab] Ah -- thanks!

^ installing dbi
65009 [erne powerna] I'm pretty new to Linux so I've got what could be a pretty simple question.
+ 65011 [paul snake.n] The DBI article there might help.
+ 65012 [jweirich one] I believe the "setup.rb" file contains everything for all steps.
+ 65018 [erne powerna] Thanks for your help. I did find the info in the doc html files and was able
  + 65023 [jweirich one] Its been a while since I built the ruby postgresql package, but I think
  + 65042 [erne powerna] Well I got the development package  Apparently it has the libs but no header
    65045 [erne powerna] Well the rpm did have the header files after all.  Couldn't find them with

^ [Q] initializing class variables
65016 [dcarrera mat] I want to write a class with a class variable that gets initialized as
+ 65019 [nemo hellotr] class BigFloat
| 65021 [dcarrera mat] It was sending a blank value for 'precision'.
+ 65025 [just6979 yah] it works in 1.6.7

^ [Q] Test::Unit
65030 [dcarrera mat] I'm trying to figure out how to ust Test::Unit.  I've read the
+ 65032 [djberge qwes] Eh?  I'm guessing you got testunit off the RAA, in which case you would have
| 65034 [dcarrera mat] Now that you mention it, I could have tried RAA.  But my suggestion of
| + 65036 [mwilson13 co] There's a thread on this started by Mauricio Fernandez that started
| + 65050 [cyclists nc.] Clearly the page is different when you look at it than when I do. When I
+ 65037 [jweirich one] On the web page that you reference, there is a section called "Contact
+ 65038 [drbrain segm] =20
+ 65039 [B.Candler po] Testing of private methods was discussed in the last week or so; this list
| 65060 [gsinclair so] Or,
+ 65071 [batsman.geo ] _           _

^ passing blocks and such
65031 [transami tra] i was just playing around with some ideas and came across something i could
+ 65033 [vjoel PATH.B] arr.each &(method :a_block_like_method)
+ 65040 [B.Candler po] def pass_a_block
+ 65319 [bob.news gmx] irb(main):001:0> def a_block_like_method(i)

^ Mix code of C and Ruby, need help pls.
65041 [ben.thomas w] I am trying to write some mix code of C and Ruby but I'm not able to
65051 [nobu.nokada ] rb

^ MPI Ruby
65044 [gilles.filip] What is the status of MPI Ruby? Is anyone actually using it?

^ Porting from unix to mingw
65047 [ oct zoy.org] i'm regularly using ruby on a win32 environment, and i'd like to know if
+ 65059 [gsinclair so] I can only give an extremely general indication, and that is that
| + 65070 [feldt ce.cha] Maybe you already got a detailed answer but a very simple solution, that I
| + 65080 [gour mail.in] I just did the procedure yesterday :-)
+ 65088 [ oct zoy.org] I probably wasn't clear enough as what i want is to build binary extensions

^ [BUG] Pragprog installer 1.7.3v7 sqlsh, win32
65048 [ oct zoy.org] when I attempted to run the sqlsh script located in bin/ in my newly

^ How does one connect to a remote database using dbi?
65049 [erne powerna] I've looked at the examples and I can connect to a local data base.  What is
65052 [egabriel io.] connection = DBI.connect('dbi:Pg:dbname=foo;host=foo.bar.com;port=5432',
65223 [erne powerna] Thanks for your help.  I have dbi and postgresql up and running and have
65234 [ahoward fsl.] can someone illuminate me as to the advantages of using DBI?  it seems that
65236 [djberge qwes] For a consistent API mainly.  It's not uncommon to have multiple DBMS within the
65240 [ahoward fsl.] a nice answer which is also convincing.

^ [Q] Infinity -- Float
65054 [dcarrera mat] => Infinity
65072 [batsman.geo ] _           _
65127 [dcarrera mat] Thanks.

^ LDAP connectivity with Ruby?
65064 [usenets nyc.] Is there any Ruby method to extract LDAP structure and value from LDAP
65065 [daniel zeped] Daniel P. Zepeda
65066 [usenets nyc.] Thanks for the info. I'll check it out.

^ [Q] pass local variables to loaded file
65067 [kwatch lycos] Using 'load()', current local variables are not
65069 [matz ruby-la] No.  How about
65120 [kwatch lycos] Thanks matz.

^ Question about SWIGing a C++ array for Ruby
65073 [glenn gmlewi] class CSITick {
65114 [glenn gmlewi] I think I solved this one with a hack... in the CSIChart.h file,
65117 [lyle users.s] I think I would change the %extend-ed version of ticks() to look

^ ruby/mock and test::unit
65074 [tksano m3.kc] I'm now planning to use Ruby/Mock with Test::Unit. Ruby/Mock
65075 [dsafari para] I have used Ruby/Mock with TestUnit quite a bit. I downloaded from the Ruby
65076 [tksano m3.kc] Thank you for your prompt reply! I'll look into that. I'm

^ Package Format
65077 [warren freed] dear developers

^ $SAFE and creating New objects (File)
65090 [rayz gloria-] Sorry for noob question
+ 65091 [decoux moulo] "someFileName" is probably tainted because it came from the outside. You
| 65093 [rayz gloria-] "someFileName" is generated by me. All aperations are safe.
| + 65095 [decoux moulo] What is the value of $SAFE ?
| | 65096 [rayz gloria-] $SAFE -> 1
| | + 65098 [rayz gloria-] Well.. it's cutted.
| | | 65105 [matz ruby-la] This implies either ImagesDir, newImageFilename, i_extension is
| | + 65099 [decoux moulo] These 2 String are tainted, they are read from a file.
| |   + 65101 [rayz gloria-] category_id = cgi['category'][0].read
| |   + 65102 [rayz gloria-] Counter works properly...
| |     65103 [decoux moulo] This is in case where 2 CGI scripts try to read/write in the same counter
| + 65097 [matz ruby-la] Show us the code and *exact* error messages.
+ 65092 [idan idanso.] , 18  2003, 14:33, \ :> Trying to create new file and there an Insecure operation error.> SomeFile = File.new("someFileName", "w")> What must i do then?Is the filename is from GPC(Get/Post/Cookie) origin?
  66692 [rayz gloria-] yup. From post

^ [ANN] DataVision 0.7.1 released
65094 [ jimm io.com] DataVision (http://datavision.sourceforge.net) is an Open Source reporting

^ I need to check if a process is running
65104 [gp NOSPAM.le] I need to check if a process is running.
+ 65106 [djberge qwes] require "sys/proctable"
+ 65107 [decoux moulo] Well, you can try to send the signal 0, ruby will raise the errors
+ 65108 [nobu.nokada ] If that process is a child,
+ 65123 [google tompa] pid = 2212
+ 65197 [hgs dmu.ac.u] (kill with a signal of 0 sees if the process is still alive)

^ Reading Text files with extended ASCII characters
65113 [tihen.willia] I have reviewed the mailing list ruby-talk and I found some interesting
65116 [ahoward fsl.] /tmp > ruby -e "f = File.open 'foo', 'w'; f.puts 'D'"
65139 [tihen.willia] Thanks for the help Ara, I guess I just didn't understand the file
+ 65152 [ahoward fsl.] how about
| 65329 [tihen.willia] Thanks again for the tip, it everything works well now -- I might have
+ 65162 [sroberts uni] Is that using the quoted-printable format? If so, quoted-printable uses

^ Ruby and Mysql
65115 [greg brondo.] Is there a prebuilt binary MySQL adapter for rubyinstaller 1.73 for windows?