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^ Ruby indent script
64703 [sven-ruby fi] does anyone know a script that can indent ruby code? Or anyone can point me
64707 [lyle users.s] I don't think this is exactly what you're looking for, but it might give

^ [ANN] Ruby-freedb 0.5 released
64706 [moumar netco] Ruby/freedb 0.5 is out.

^ Compiling 1.8.0 Preview
64711 [nedry mail.b] It compiled fine on my box at work, but it doesn't like my box at home, which is odd because they are running the same version of RedHat (7.2)
64741 [nobu.nokada ] Check binutils installation.

^ MySQL help
64715 [greg brondo.] ...
64740 [greg brondo.] ...
65053 [alex pressur] I think the precompiled windows mysql package available for download is

^ rubynet-announce digest, Vol 1 #27 - 2 msgs
64717 [rubynet-anno] Send rubynet-announce mailing list submissions to

^ DBD:Google
64719 [dave pragmat] From Rael Dornfest's blog (http://www.raelity.org/) we have
64864 [pabs pablotr] ...

^ Need simplemarkup example
64720 [jim freeze.o] Does someone have an example using simplemarkup to convert a text
64730 [dave pragmat] require 'markup/simple_markup'
64731 [jim freeze.o] Thanks Dave. I'll look into this.

^ FOX multithreading
64721 [harryo qiqso] I'm about to embark on multithreading a FOX-based GUI (to add to the contents of an FXTreeList in the background) and I remember there being issues with multithreading in Tk ... ie, the threads didn't get a look-in unless you used a Tk method to schedule them for idle processing.
64729 [lyle users.s] Support for Ruby threads with FXRuby is enabled by default. That is,

^ [ANN] FormValidator 0.1.0 released
64736 [whitton atla] ...

^ Ruby 1.8.0 bugs
64737 [james lazyat] Can anyone confirm these bugs i've noticed in Ruby-1.8.0 on cygwin?
+ 64766 [matt lickey.] What is "e3r2" and why do you think it should not be considered a
| 64769 [bystr mac.co] The point was a wrong line number in the error message.
+ 64772 [matz ruby-la] From the discussion on ruby-dev mailing list, it is caused by "text
  64858 [james lazyat] actually, i have the directory mounted in binmode and i still get this

^ FX/Ruby status line
64738 [harryo qiqso] Does anyone know how to stop the message "Ready" from overwriting the status line when the GUI is idle?

^ Yet another FX/Ruby question
64743 [harryo qiqso] I sorted out my status line issue, by adding my own FXLabel field to the status bar.

^ Directed graph quiz application
64744 [bsl04 comp.u] I have to memorize a lot of stuff, so I've been thinking about how to
+ 64747 [mwilson13 co] Why not consider the Struct class (a built-in class with attributes
+ 64764 [drbrain segm] you mean like quiz(6)
+ 64781 [wsdng online] If a directed graph models your problem, why not using a graph module?
+ 64797 [wkb airmail.] Brian,

^ why html template systems never use new tags?
64752 [transami tra] curious, i've realized that i have never seen any html template systems that
+ 64759 [jbritt ruby-] Some HTML editors play well with templating systems so long as the editor has a clear way of distinguishing between explicit HTML
+ 64765 [spoon dellah] The major browsers, for a while, had fun adding new tags every now and
+ 64771 [fxn hashref.] The Perl module HTML::Template, the choice for writing pure views in
+ 64865 [ jupp gmx.de] ...
+ 64872 [rhahn tenlet] I would interpret your question a bit differently than others in this
  + 64880 [B.Candler po] could write
  | + 64893 [rhahn tenlet] Hey, Brian.
  | | 64894 [tim bates.id] Amrita does use 'id', it's true, but I believe you can change this at runtime
  | | 64906 [bruce codedb] To expand on this (for those that don't subscribe to amrita-users), the
  | + 64931 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
  + 64899 [jbritt ruby-] Um, pretty sure XHTML strict, for example, won't allow arbitrary attributes.
    65007 [rhahn tenlet] Hey, James.

^ module This::Encompassing::That
64753 [W.L.Kleb lar] Today, I decided I was tired of
64754 [dblack candl] module X
64757 [W.L.Kleb lar] Excellent point.
64850 [gsinclair so] However, since the idea of the "module" keyword is to introduce a new
+ 64852 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 64854 [nobu.nokada ] You can use module_eval.
+ 64859 [dblack candl] I assumed he meant a kind of autovivification, so that the first
  64883 [gsinclair so] I don't see a problem with autovivification, though.  If the first
  64986 [matz ruby-la] What if A or B were classes?
  + 64987 [decoux moulo] ...
  | + 64988 [matz ruby-la] No.  Classes and modules are not always interchangeable.
  | | 64990 [decoux moulo] ...
  | | 65046 [matz ruby-la] I think too "smart" behavior delays class/module inconsistency
  | | 65078 [decoux moulo] ...
  | | 65085 [matz ruby-la] Yes, you're right as always.  It should be treated as if
  | | 65137 [gsinclair so] Isn't
  | | 65151 [matz ruby-la] Yes.  But it can be something like
  | | + 65154 [gsinclair so] Best to be explicit, IMO.  This is syntax sugar, not the solution to
  | | + 65160 [nobu.nokada ] Like this?
  | |   + 65161 [nobu.nokada ] Oops, missed.
  | |   + 65178 [matz ruby-la] I think class_prefix should be a sequence of modules, so that type
  | |     65211 [nathaniel NO] Do you mean that
  | |     65225 [matz ruby-la] No, the former would not be an error, since
  | |     65230 [dblack candl] But why is module C::D equivalent to module/module, more than to
  | |     65235 [matz ruby-la] I can remain "don't care" for referencing, but not for creation.
  | |     + 65237 [dblack candl] That's the autovivification we were talking about earlier in the
  | |     | + 65243 [matz ruby-la] Probably I missed some of the discussion.  I will check the archive.
  | |     | | + 65244 [dblack candl] Well, I snuck it in :-)  It's pretty much the same principle.
  | |     | | + 65284 [gsinclair so] I made some self-contradictory points during the discussion.  I now
  | |     | + 65291 [William.L.Kl] No it's not urgently needed.  On the surface, I thought that autovivication
  | |     + 65259 [matt lickey.] I would be very happy with this restriction (stuff to left of :: must
  | |       65262 [B.Candler po] Would it not be clearer to eliminate the duplication of all those prefixes
  | |       + 65282 [matt lickey.] Yep, that works too.  Though if Ruby supports "class Foo::Bar" I would
  | |       + 65286 [nobu.nokada ] This modification had been discussed in ruby-dev, from
  | |         65326 [B.Candler po] Not sure what 'this modification' is, because the above works under 1.6.8
  | |         65330 [nobu.nokada ] Autoload affects only top level constants, even in module
  | |         65339 [B.Candler po] a = Utils::ClassA.new
  | |         + 65340 [decoux moulo] ...
  | |         + 65342 [B.Candler po] module Foo
  | + 64991 [dblack candl] Yes, but the question is about autovivification -- that is, if this
  |   + 64993 [decoux moulo] ...
  |   + 64998 [matt lickey.] Ruby can raise a runtime error if A and B are unknown.
  + 65063 [gsinclair so] If it makes sense for classes, then well and good.  If not, then
    65089 [dblack candl] In this case, it's not autoviv., because A already exists, so it's an
    65136 [gsinclair so] Well, you could do that if you like.

^ List of 1.6 vs 1.8 somewhere?
64763 [wdueber indi] I apologize -- I'm sure this must be a FAQ, but I can't seem to locate a
+ 64767 [egabriel io.] Such a list would be premature, as 1.8 has not been released.
+ 64851 [gsinclair so] The 'shim' module will give you a good idea, but is not exhaustive.
  64994 [nedry mail.b] I don't want to sound ungrateful... or rude... or whatnot, especially as
  + 64996 [decoux moulo] ...
  | 64997 [nedry mail.b] Yes.  I'm sure the docs exist in Japanese.  I would volunteer to do that if
  | 65111 [nobu.nokada ] There're RWiki pages.
  | 65332 [nedry mail.b] Thanks for all your suggestions, guys.  I will check them all out.  I am
  + 65020 [jbritt ruby-] True, though improving.
  + 65062 [gsinclair so] You could examine the change log in the distribution itself, but that

^ Test-Angebot
64768 [stendd tisca] ...

^ How to write filesearch with begin-pattern till end-pattern
64776 [nico.hoogerv] In perl I can search through files,
64779 [nobu.nokada ] ruby -ne 'print "#{ARGV}:#{$_}" if /black/ .. /cat/' *.txt
64782 [nico.hoogerv] Thanks,
64783 [nobu.nokada ] Sorry, I misstyped.

^ Implement Ruby on .Net framework?!
64780 [rc vaccapern] ...
+ 64784 [stesch no-sp] ...
| 64787 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
+ 64788 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
  + 64790 [Patrick.Benn] Speaking of Ruby.Net.  I thought somebody was working on a .Net Ruby
  | 64796 [jbritt ruby-] James Britt
  + 64820 [harryo zip.c] Unfortunately, the link to smallscript from that page seems to be broken.

^ [BUG] Segmation fault in combination of heavy socket I/O and multi-threading
64785 [idan idanso.] This is one bug(Or perhaps even a set of bugs) I ran into more then once
65118 [decoux moulo] ...
65185 [decoux moulo] ...
65190 [idan idanso.] I suppose it is a change I have to apply to the ruby source itself?
+ 65192 [robertm spel] I think he was refering to the fact that example two had 5800
| 65245 [idan idanso.] It's not a bug but a feature:-)
+ 65195 [decoux moulo] ...
  65205 [nobu.nokada ] What about this?
  + 65208 [decoux moulo] ...
  + 65214 [matz ruby-la] Go ahead and commit these fix, please

^ newbie query about rd2
64792 [G.B.Stott bo] Suppose I have the RD format stuff below in file z.rb.

^ Oracle, ruby-oci8 and gcc
64794 [B.Candler po] Just FYI - I remember someone was asking about using Ruby with Oracle 9i
64800 [B.Candler po] Hmm, not particularly comprehensive tests it seems...
64843 [kubo jiubao.] Please apply following patch.
+ 64848 [B.Candler po] Your quick response, both off and on-list, is greatly appreciated.
+ 64849 [B.Candler po] Just tried it, and it compiles out of the box.

^ thread doc
64801 [yannick dazz] ...
64810 [rich infoeth] monitor.rb

^ DBI, oracle, and prepare
64802 [marty darkor] ...
+ 64806 [marty darkor] ...
+ 64807 [djberge qwes] Hmm...does Windows ignore case for module names?  Guess so.

^ generating postscript from TkCanvas
64803 [ptkwt shell1] ...
64853 [nagai ai.kyu] Read the Tk manual. :-)

^ Ruby 1.8
64808 [child t9.ds.] ...

^ rubynet-announce digest, Vol 1 #28 - 1 msg
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^ [BUG] Win32Ole/ruby
64816 [soso_pub yah] ...

^ [OT] Re: von Rossum on Strong vs. Weak Typing
64825 [batsman.geo ] If the integer is large enough you can fit the pointer inside and there's

^ how to build a modula window in ruby.
64827 [ping ee.ualb] I am a beginner for ruby, could you tell me how to build a module window or

^ Class can be subclassed after all...
64828 [nemo hellotr] While this may be of interest to no one but myself, there is one subclass of
+ 64830 [nemo hellotr] Oops... my bad.  Must have copied from the wrong irb session.  The following
+ 64831 [batsman.geo ] => Class
  64832 [nemo hellotr] So Class is at the top of the singleton classes' inheritance chain.
  + 64846 [batsman.geo ] Class is the only object where obj.id == obj.class.id, isn't it?
  + 64847 [decoux moulo] ...

^ FXRuby: FXList FRAME_RAISED does not work
64834 [Golgatha gmx] ...
64835 [lyle users.s] Frame hints are only meaningful to classes descended from FXFrame.
+ 64839 [Der_Papst we] ...
+ 64841 [sander knolo] I also like to note that if you add a (sunken) frame around a scroll widget

64837 [Chris wainet] When I try to run the ICD sample in the soap4r distribution I get the
64966 [nahi keynaut] Oops.  I should have checked all samples before releasing
65055 [nahi keynaut] Fixed at CVS.  Get 3 files for workaround.

^ Interesting quote ...
64838 [james jamesb] And here we run into a major disconnect. To the enterprise, scripted
64844 [daniel zeped] There's myopia coming from the other direction too. Scripters like to tout

^ [ANN] plruby
64857 [decoux moulo] ...
64869 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
64907 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 64908 [B.Candler po] Sorry, but I agree with the request. One sentence could tell me whether
| 64911 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 64910 [kentda stud.] With all due respect to Guy, I have to take sides with Mikkel here.
  + 64912 [hal9000 hype] I see what you mean. But I was automatically
  | + 64916 [batsman.geo ] ... and each message MUST have a Unit Test that will be executed by the
  | | 64917 [decoux moulo] ...
  | | 64951 [botp delmont] Yikes! this is too good! Bruce Momjian could hire your for this Guy :-)
  | + 64978 [hgs dmu.ac.u] So did I.  I thought it was the Perl to Ruby translator project
  | + 65709 [charleshixsn] I had assumed that it was something to do with Oracle.  Interesting.
  + 65008 [dcarrera mat] I also thought it had something to do with Perl.

^ Capturing output from Kernel#system
64860 [ tim tram.nu] Maybe I'm dumb, I dunno.
+ 64861 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 64862 [batsman.geo ] => nil
+ 64870 [ tim tram.nu] Fished around a little more in the pickaxe book and discovered the

^ [ANN] Joystick-Ruby 0,1.0
64866 [pabs pablotr] =20

^ Linking Ruby to C++ via SWIG in Cygwin: missing ruby.o
64867 [abaljeu symp] I don't know where the problem is, whether my Ruby installation or SWIG
64887 [nobu.nokada ] You should have usr/local/lib/libcygwin-ruby16.dll.a, so
64890 [abaljeu symp] Thanks, that was the clue I needed.  This commandline works.
64896 [nobu.nokada ] Because it is how -l option for ld works.  -l$(LIB) directs ld

^ [ANN] Flash and Ruby GUI prototype
64868 [rich lithino] I've finished a fair amount of the documentation for what I've done, so I'm
64871 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
64873 [rich lithino] You can ship an EXE that was created in the Flash Authoring environment (the

^ FreeRIDE Problem on RH8 Machine
64874 [jonathan.w.s] Pre-hacking, I glanced at FreeRIDE. Even without the Speller working
65100 [lyle users.s] Was there a question hidden somewhere in that post?
+ 65132 [jonathan.w.s] Possibly... I wanted to look at FreeRIDE, so I guess the question could
+ 65228 [jonathan.w.s] I found your reply to Daniel Carrera on 28 Dec 2002 and followed the
  + 65241 [jonathan.w.s] Failing to load: rubyide_fox_gui-appframe
  + 65306 [curt hibbs.c] I know that when you build FXRuby you need top include a special option to

^ rubynet-announce digest, Vol 1 #29 - 1 msg
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^ GPL question
64876 [dcarrera mat] Suppose that I want to translate a Perl module into Ruby.  The Perl module
+ 64878 [rpav nwlink.] IANAL, but maybe the first question is whether this is a derived work as
+ 64882 [mwilson13 co] The dual license means that you can pick one or the other as the basis
| 64897 [jweirich one] If the original work is licensed under the Artistic and GPL, why can't
| 64904 [mwilson13 co] It's probably a difference that makes no difference. There are two
| 64937 [jweirich one] It seems that it comes down to the usage of the word "or" in the dual
+ 64885 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
+ 64928 [mikkelfj-ant] ...

^ [ANN?] DBD-Google-Ruby pre-20030215 (was Re: DBD:Google)
64879 [pabs pablotr] Like I said before, that's damn cool.  So here's my preliminary
64930 [mikkelfj-ant] ...

^ hi
64881 [graceonosome] From The Desk Of Engr. Grace Onosome

^ hi
64884 [grace_2onoso] From The Desk Of Engr. Grace Onosome

^ Re: Linking Ruby to C++ via SWIG in Cygwin: missing ruby.a
64886 [abaljeu symp] Nope, I only have ruby.h, ruby.exe, and ruby.1.

^ Protect Your Computer
64888 [Zoe4454r net] ...

^ RWiki2.0 (was Re: Tortured by the Dependency Daemons)
64889 [m_seki mva.b] I released RWiki2.0.
64929 [jonathan.w.s] You are welcome. I am not a CodeWarrior; I did what I could to help.