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^ Re: Bug in dbd_mysql [fixed]
64070 [paul snake.n] The above changes have been made.  A few other changes have been

^ rubydb and emacs
64080 [wing employe] I just started using rubydb under emacs and found that emacs doesn't
64179 [usenets nyc.] of using ruby and oracle 9i database.
64189 [B.Candler po] Regards,

^ Ruby DB Connection Pooling (was Relative performance of Ruby templating systems)
64082 [egabriel io.] "dbBalancer", not dbpool.  It is available at

^ irb idea:  return value history
64087 [nemo hellotr] irb(main):001:0> 17+4
+ 64089 [nemo hellotr] /num      -->  $return_values[num]
+ 64095 [dcarrera mat] I'd like something like this too.
+ 64097 [dblack candl] I start lines with / a lot, when testing regexes.
+ 64099 [nobu.nokada ] Try conf.eval_history.
  64110 [nemo hellotr] Of course!  I forgot regexes.  D'oh!
  64125 [gsinclair so] Put it in your .irbrc file.

^ [ANN] plruby
64091 [decoux moulo] plruby 0.3.2 was released with 2 *experimentals* features

^ RAA raainstall-able flag
64092 [transami tra] does anyone else think it would be a good idea to add a flag to the packages
64105 [gsinclair so] I don't see the point really.  You can easily try it and see whether a
+ 64113 [transami tra] thanks Gavin,
+ 64115 [ tom u2i.com] I wonder if having a flag in RAA would work as an encouragement to

^ DBI commit and rollback with postgesql DBD
64093 [transami tra] i was testing out transaction support with DBI against my postgresql DBD and
64111 [jweirich one] I have no problems using transaction in DBI and Postgresql.  I've
64116 [transami tra] thanks Jim. wow! 8-o  did you hack that out solely in repsonse to this email?
64121 [jweirich one] It just took a few minutes.
64143 [transami tra] only a few minutes? very skilled! do you code for a living?

^ assembling a string of characters?
64094 [meinrad.rech] how to create a string from variables containing numeric values of range
+ 64096 [eban os.rim.] % irb
+ 64098 [meinrad.rech] a = 32

^ [ANN] math-const  1.0.0
64102 [dcarrera mat] I just added a Math/const module to RAA.  It provides mathematical and
+ 64118 [hal9000 hype] Congratulations on a first!
+ 64131 [steink ping.] I like this. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to write
  64134 [masa ir.isas] % irb -r quanty

^ Help overloading Fixnum#+
64104 [dcarrera mat] I'm trying to overload Fixnum#+, but I am getting what seems to be a
+ 64107 [nemo hellotr] It looks like those were just other numbers being added; Ruby has many
+ 64128 [B.Candler po] Try

^ 'static' variables in a proc?
64119 [ptkwt shell1] Is there a way to get a variable in a proc that maintains it's value
+ 64120 [transami tra] a = 1
| + 64123 [ptkwt shell1] Right, I know that would work, but it's not exactly what I'm looking for
| | + 64130 [B.Candler po] If it's the same Proc object then it will have no idea that it is being
| | + 64144 [transami tra] figured as much, but i thought it was worth pointing out in relation to the
| + 64126 [ptkwt shell1] [the news server seems to be having trouble, so hofefully this one will
|   64132 [B.Candler po] Generating functions for fun and profit :-)
+ 64122 [daniel zeped] There's a couple of ways to do it, you could just define 'a'

^ Threading problem
64124 [ ek navel.gr] I've been occasionally stumbled upon a strange problem with Ruby's
+ 64137 [decoux moulo] Well, the problem is that  you don't give enough information.
+ 64192 [bob.news gmx] "Elias Karakoulakis" <ek@navel.gr> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  64210 [ahoward fsl.] that's a good suggestion, the return value of try_lock has confused me before.

^ Executing interactive system commands
64127 [vitaly sinor] I need to execute SCP (secure copy) command from Ruby script on Windows.
+ 64171 [vitaly sinor] user@host's password:_
| + 64172 [nobu.nokada ] You may want to detach CTTY?
| + 64176 [mwilson13 co] Expect is made to do what you want. There is a Windows version,
+ 64174 [scottbrooks ] A better solution would be to use a public/private key to do

^ [ANN] Ruby-GNOME2-0.3.0
64135 [mutoh highwa] Ruby-GNOME2-0.3.0 released.
+ 64149 [knu iDaemons] FYI, they build beautifully without a problem on FreeBSD.  I updated
| 64193 [mutoh highwa] Thank you!
+ 64159 [feldt ce.cha] Can it be built on windows (with cygwin and/or mingw32)?
| 64194 [mutoh highwa] Unfortunately, Win32 has not supported yet.
| + 64195 [feldt ce.cha] I don't really in this context. There is GTK+ 2.2.0 for windows though
| | 64197 [mutoh highwa] Sure. This is an issue of Ruby-GNOME2 itself.
| + 64217 [mikkelfj-ant] GTK is poorly supported under Windows. However, Dia has managed to implement
|   + 64310 [CRIBBSJ oakw] While that may have been fairly accurate for GTK1.x, GTK2 has much better
|   | 64325 [mikkelfj-ant] runtime
|   + 64456 [davinciSINSP] El lunes 10 de febrero, MikkelFJ escribióº
+ 64175 [waisun.chia ] Congratulations!

^ Ruby Qt3 bindings
64136 [gour mail.in] Any news regarding Ruby bindings for Qt3.x?

^ Installing from CVS
64140 [tim bates.id] Ugh.
64148 [knu iDaemons] If you mean the setup.rb/install.rb, Minero Aoki-san is.  The contact
64185 [aamine lover] Thank you.  I have not know this thread...

^ ruby-dev summary 19457-19539
64146 [ksaito uranu] This is a weekly summary of ruby-dev mailing list.

^ How to find an install directory.
64147 [dcarrera mat] require "mod"
64150 [jason jvoege] f = __FILE__
64166 [gsinclair so] my_dir = File.dirname(__FILE__)
64167 [jason jvoege] Perhaps instead of "There's More Than One Way To Do It", Ruby should

^ Operator reordering, good idea? (was Re: ruby-dev summary 19457-19539)
64151 [sroberts uni] I think anybody who has programmed with ruby for more than a few hours has
64173 [akr m17n.org] Just String#==, Array#== and Hash#==.
64283 [sroberts uni] I don't understand, doesn't
64285 [akr m17n.org] For example, "a" + "b" != "b" + "a".
+ 64324 [sroberts uni] It's a fundamental property of the language. When you understand that
| 64348 [akr m17n.org] Yes.  So equality for == must be implemented by method call.  Equality
+ 64417 [dblack candl] Exception.new("a") == "a"
  64420 [akr m17n.org] Since Exception.new("a") == "a" never returns true, your problem is
  64422 [dblack candl] Whoops, I must have misunderstood the thread completely.

^ How to build a ruby app that I can ship to somebody who doesn't have ruby?
64152 [sroberts uni] Is there a way to bind a set of ruby source files into a self-running
+ 64153 [dcarrera mat] For which OS?
+ 64154 [michael_s_ca] #! doesn't obviate the need for the interpreter, it just tells the OS

^ I have method call, but I get warning: ... interpreted as method call!
64155 [sroberts uni] ./vcard.rb:246: warning: each_with (...) interpreted as method call
64156 [hal9000 hype] call!
64157 [sroberts uni] That was it, thanks Hal.

^ Is there a "continue" for while loops?
64160 [dcarrera mat] Is there any way I can go to the next iteration of a loop?  Something
+ 64161 [jason jvoege] Jumps to the point immediately before the evaluation of a loop's
+ 64162 [cyclists nc.] next

^ Trapping Access/Modification of Objects
64164 [jason jvoege] After a long delay, I'm now starting to work on the RubyGOODS library
64169 [transami tra] i have too many for my own good :-)
64196 [jason jvoege] Thanks for the input.  AspectR provides functionality for wrapping
64198 [matz ruby-la] I guess so.  I prefer general hooking framework.
64297 [jason jvoege] By this do you mean that the RCR should
64304 [matz ruby-la] Either 2 or 3; I prefer 2 if possible.
64336 [chadfowler c] Jason had mentioned that AspectR fills part of this need.
64362 [matz ruby-la] I like aspects, but I prefer CLOS-like method combination.  I wish I
64400 [feldt ce.cha] No problem for me. I haven't touched it for long though so not sure if any
64445 [matz ruby-la] How should it be done?  Are you willing to work on it, or do you want
64637 [feldt ce.cha] Unfortunately I will not be able to work on this the coming 5-6 weeks.
64639 [matz ruby-la] I think I can wait.  By the way, is it OK for you to rename it?
64682 [feldt ce.cha] Aspect is kind of general but maybe its ok. I dunno, you can decide and

^ embed applicaiton INSIDE ruby
64168 [hhcNYC yahoo] Call me wierd. I just wonder how could one embed the other application
+ 64199 [lyle users.s] You create a Ruby extension module for it. Usually, when people talk
+ 64211 [probertm NOS] hhcNYC@yahoo.com (hhcNYC) did say ...
  64368 [hhcNYC yahoo] Thanks to you all!

^ fcgi and cgi-lib.rb
64170 [ahoward fsl.] anyone out there using cgi-lib.rb and fcgi together?  it looks like something

^ IPv6
64177 [transami tra] no IPv6 libraries in the RAA?
+ 64180 [matt lickey.] My understanding is that Ruby supports IPv6 natively if the platform
| 64222 [drbrain segm] Yep, with the usualy dual stack gotchas, for example if you don't have
+ 64181 [ahoward fsl.] /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8 > ruby -e "puts (require 'ipaddr')"

^ [ANN] MIME::Types 1.005
64184 [austin halos] additional changes have been made to make the data cleaner. Certain
64214 [matt lickey.] This looks cool, though without knowing what Perl's MIME::Types does,

^ [ANN] ruby syntax file for GNU Source-highlight
64191 [nnakamur mxq] Dear, World Wide Ruby Users!
64272 [cyclists nc.] Thanks! Very nice!

^ Equivalent to Java's Float.MAX_VALUE?
64200 [flifson cs.u] Does Ruby have an equivalent to Java's Float.MIN_VALUE and
+ 64201 [bob.news gmx] Float INFINITY = 1.0 / 0.0
+ 64202 [matz ruby-la] matz.
| 64203 [flifson cs.u] I assume there will be a corresponding Float::MIN?
| 64205 [matz ruby-la] matz.
+ 64204 [nobu.nokada ] That's Bignum.
  64209 [bob.news gmx] <nobu.nokada@softhome.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ power point handling
64207 [lafor arraki] it can sound "bizarre" but, it's possible to modify/create powerpoint
+ 64208 [mgushee have] The only alternative I know of (and this assumes Office 2k or later) is to
+ 64220 [mikkelfj-ant] I don't much about PowerPoint or it's object model, but I'm positively sure

^ [ANN] DataVision 0.7.0 released
64212 [ jimm io.com] [DataVision is written in Java. I've just added Ruby as the scripting
64275 [botp delmont] very cool and very useful.
64517 [ jimm io.com] Thank you.

^ one lonely fcgi user
64213 [ahoward fsl.] ruby'ists-
64221 [  amk amk.ca] My project group kept running into mysterious hangs with Apache's
64223 [ahoward fsl.] can you elaborate?  how were you managing signals?
64226 [  amk amk.ca] We don't use signals at all (they're evil!).  The symptom was that all of
64231 [ahoward fsl.] it looks like the fcgi_pm forwards TERM on to all it's children, so unless the

^ cgi and 1.8
64216 [ahoward fsl.] ruby'ists-
+ 64224 [transami tra] cgi.params['k']
| 64230 [ahoward fsl.] thanks!
+ 64225 [fg siamecomm] try cgi.params['k'], which returns an array.

^ everything is an object... right?
64233 [nemo hellotr] So everything in Ruby is an object, right?  Classes are objects, etc.  And
+ 64234 [pbrannan atd] I think it would be more correct to say that all data in Ruby are
+ 64235 [nemo hellotr] I'm not really sure why I didn't just use irb in the first place... sorry.

^ Ruby1.7.3 win [glut32.dll missing?]
64238 [meinrad.rech] I installed ruby1.7.3 using the windows installer provided at
64240 [mikkelfj-ant] By coincidence yes - I just tried this a few days ago on 1.7.3 and got the
+ 64243 [lyle users.s] A google search for "glut32.dll" yields the answer ;)
| 64263 [mikkelfj-ant] the
+ 64244 [meinrad.rech] WOW GLFW is cool. who wants to wrap it for RUBY? :)

^ web graphing for windows/ruby?
64239 [chrismo clab] Any recommendations for generating simple graphs for web pages from a Ruby
64264 [mikkelfj-ant] Not sure what you mean by graphs, but DOT is an excellent tool for graph
64302 [chrismo clab] Ruby
64308 [mikkelfj-ant] Ah - I see - I don't know about Ruby, but I just stumpled over the following

^ FAQ for comp.lang.ruby
64241 [hal9000 merc] RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2003-1-7)
64281 [botp delmont] I think this there is no more problem ? :-)

^ Source code for "Ruby Developer's Guide"
64242 [harryo qiqso] I'm sitting here at work, cursing myself for
+ 64245 [uu9r rz.uni-] The sources are available from www.syngress.com.
| 64246 [harryo qiqso] I created an account ages ago, but don't have the
+ 64254 [gemerson eva] This seems like a good opportunity to plug the IRC channel, #ruby-lang on

^ turning modules into classes
64247 [nemo hellotr] Did you ever want to instantiate a module?
64251 [dblack candl] No :-)
64258 [nemo hellotr] You could do something similar more concisely.
+ 64261 [hal9000 hype] it
| 64265 [nemo hellotr] to some extent, no?
+ 64268 [dblack candl] However....  don't forget that Module is a Class object (even though
  64271 [nemo hellotr] However....  don't forget that Module is a Class object (even though

^ Trying to build Amazon Web Service class using SOAP4R
64248 [ben blahr.co] I'm working on a class to provide easy access to the Amazon Web Service
64249 [ben blahr.co] Sorry, it appears I had the address wrong for that WSDL, its actually
64252 [bruce codedb] Bruce R. Williams :: [iusris/#ruby-lang] :: http://www.codedbliss.com

^ no singleton methods for Fixnums?
64250 [nemo hellotr] I ran across the following and was just curious as to why this doesn't work?
64253 [bruce codedb] As I understand it, the problem is that due to speed/convenience concerns,

^ Question about page 244 of the pickaxe...
64255 [nemo hellotr] I have a question about Figure 19.2, page 244 in Programming Ruby.
+ 64259 [harryo qiqso] I'll answer the important part :-) ...
+ 64274 [dblack candl] Every object's "klass" pointer will point to its singleton class, if
  64298 [nemo hellotr] Every object's "klass" pointer will point to its singleton class, if
  + 64299 [nemo hellotr] I really like replying to myself these days...
  + 64307 [dblack candl] But the superclass of Guitar is Object, not Class.  Guitar is an
    64341 [nemo hellotr] example.
    64346 [decoux moulo] Well, and ruby is handling classes differently from other objects.

^ FOX-based Windows GUIs
64256 [harryo qiqso] Is there a way to make FOX/Ruby applications look
+ 64260 [hal9000 hype] I think you can use a .rbw extension instead of
+ 64262 [lyle users.s] (This is not FOX-specific.)
  64273 [jason persam] Just wanted to provide a word of warning though.
  64384 [harryo zip.c] Thanks for the warning.  This isn't an issue in my particular program, but

^ Sending complexType using SOAP4R
64266 [ben blahr.co] After further investigation, I was able to use the WSDLDriverFactory to
64441 [nahi keynaut] Oops.  I found that I didn't commit soap4r/sample/Amazon/* files before
64499 [ben blahr.co] So I just fill in the details on these classes and send it along as part
64580 [nahi mwd.big] Yes.  And you don't have to change the class definitions.

^ grabbing an included module's proxy class
64267 [nemo hellotr] x = 'foo'
64269 [dblack candl] class << Mod; self; end
64270 [nemo hellotr] class << Mod; self; end

^ Doc question and Mount question
64276 [daniel zeped] I have two unrelated questions.
64277 [sroberts uni] rdoc!

^ inheriting from base classes
64278 [dblack candl] Gavin Sinclair and I have been involved in an interesting exchange
+ 64280 [pete mcbreen] The normal test for subclassing is to see if the question "Is a Y is a
| 64315 [dblack candl] I have a Ruby-specific question about this, which I ask with a bit of
| + 64318 [pbrannan atd] The biggest disadvantage I see is that you are exposing many more
| | 64319 [pbrannan atd] Let me elaborate on this.  The behavior of Array does not change, but
| + 64344 [gsinclair so] If I were writing code that needed to perform all those operations on
| | 64351 [dblack candl] They don't; If they're just require'ing a library, and using the
| | 64355 [gsinclair so] The fact that Ruby allows such runtime shenanigans doesn't mean that
| | 64389 [dblack candl] But not always.  Class methods are a good example of a very common
| | + 64393 [rich infoeth] I don't know.  I am nut'in out a production Ruby application, and I
| | + 64448 [gsinclair so] There's a difference between a theoretical mystery and a practical
| |   64521 [kentda stud.] No such thing as too many methods, just a thing as too many accessible
| + 64434 [pete mcbreen] Agreed. In Smalltalk, some developers do talk about inheritance purely
+ 64282 [chrismo clab] Seems in practice, whenever I have a need to do something with a String,
+ 64288 [ptkwt shell1] I'm more likely to think that ClassRoster 'has-a' Array then to think that
| + 64293 [bob.news gmx] "Phil Tomson" <ptkwt@shell1.aracnet.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
| + 64295 [dblack candl] Sorry for using an opaque example.  What I meant by AssignmentValues
+ 64291 [daniel zeped] I subclass whenever I'm going to need the functionality provided by the base
+ 64313 [Tim.Hunter s] The ImageList class in RMagick is a subclass of Array. An ImageList is
| 64321 [pbrannan atd] class ImageList
| + 64333 [dblack candl] My answer to that is that it dramatically increases the amount of code
| + 64409 [Tim.Hunter s] I don't see the benefit of this approach over subclassing.
+ 64317 [batsman.geo ] I think RubyŽs design favors aggregation over inheritance heavily. [I
+ 64335 [nemo hellotr] My feeling was always that it was only OK to subclass a class if it would be
| + 64337 [michael_s_ca] I agree with this, and try to stick with it.  Inheriting because it
| + 64342 [dblack candl] But a further question is: how fundamental is the inheritance hierarchy
|   + 64345 [michael_s_ca] Are you saying here that because it's easy to not do strict kind-of?
|   | 64347 [chadfowler c] I wouldn't say this is an issue of saving typing (as in pushing keys on
|   | 64350 [gsinclair so] In the last substantial project I did, using Ruby, I used inheritance,
|   + 64349 [nemo hellotr] But a further question is: how fundamental is the inheritance hierarchy
|     64352 [dblack candl] I'm not sure I understand that last point, but in any case,
|     64353 [dblack candl] Whoops, didn't mean to sound like I was mocking your phrase :-)
|     64383 [nemo hellotr] Whoops, didn't mean to sound like I was mocking your phrase :-)
+ 64532 [pbrannan atd] [ruby-talk:21745]
  64708 [jd204 NSnih.] Sorry for being ignorant, but I'm confused.  What do you mean by
  + 64709 [michael_s_ca] I think he's joking.  By inheriting from a class, it becomes (by
  + 64716 [pbrannan atd] class Base