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^ local variables, blocks & self ambiguity (was Local variables & blocks)
63307 [transami tra] scope is a rather complex issue in Ruby, it seems. i was just thinking about
63429 [batsman.geo ] Would these instant attributes live between method calls?
63437 [transami tra] eeee.....well, they wouldn't be local then :) on the other hand is self became
63444 [B.Candler po] There's another thing. Presumably you would like to resolve the "local
+ 63447 [transami tra] and also a much more subtle problem arises involving inheritence. so subtle in
+ 63449 [martindemell] ...
  63454 [batsman.geo ] I believe you're talking about matz's proposal :)
  63481 [martindemell] ...

63308 [anti-virus d] ...

^ Broken pipe (Errno::EPIPE)
63310 [feldt ce.cha] I have a ruby app which renames a bunch of files using File.rename. When I
+ 63311 [chad chadfow] Thanks,
| 63312 [feldt ce.cha] Sorry, its more of an app than a script so it is too large to enclose.
+ 63349 [chad chadfow] I'm not seeing anything in Ruby that would cause this.  rb_file_s_rename
  64314 [feldt ce.cha] Sorry I never answered to this one Chad. I found the bug so forgot about
  64332 [chadfowler c] Thanks, Robert.  No problem.  I wonder if this is a situation where we
  64359 [nobu.nokada ] It's a wrong error message, rather than a less descriptive one.

^ Thank you all and new questions
63313 [N.Vasiliev a] ...
+ 63321 [Stephan.Kaem] Check one of the GUI-Toolkits in the RAA.
+ 63338 [drbrain segm] Python feels very hackish to me, compared to Ruby, because you have to
+ 63346 [dcarrera mat] I like Ruby's object orientation better.  Python is not 100% OO, but more
+ 63801 [qrczak knm.o] ...

^ Ruby documentation in pdf-format
63314 [N.Vasiliev a] ...
63328 [gsinclair so] You don't *really* need it in PDF.  Anyway, check out
+ 63334 [ahoward fsl.] netscape->save as->postscript
+ 63420 [n.vasiliev a] I need to paper version of this to read it in a bus :).
  63470 [bystr mac.co] Then just buy a hard copy of Pickaxe -- this way you will support

^ Sorry, already found at ruby-lang.org. But only for 1.4 :(
63317 [N.Vasiliev a] ...

^ Need a help
63322 [N.Vasiliev a] ...
63363 [lausianne gm] done.

^ ActiveScriptRuby
63324 [N.Vasiliev a] ...
63398 [jbritt ruby-] It's Ruby running as a Windows Script Host language.
+ 63399 [jbritt ruby-] You can learn more here
+ 63419 [n.vasiliev a] Like VBScript and JScript?

^ Parse bug when used from a library
63325 [stesch no-sp] I've written a library in C, which calls a ruby method via
+ 63330 [lyle users.s] I snipped the rest because I don't follow how you made the transition
| 63342 [stesch no-sp] Well, the problem _IS_ the parsing of Float literals.
+ 63348 [stesch no-sp] OK, forget it.

^ Thanks
63326 [N.Vasiliev a] ...

^ String#+
63340 [nemo hellotr] This is a small thing, but one that has ever-so-slightly annoyed me for
+ 63343 [matz ruby-la] Since + serves both addition (numbers) and concatenation (strings), it
+ 63347 [ahoward fsl.] there is a good reason IMHO!
+ 63351 [ruby joelh.d] In my opinion it is good as it is because it isnt that much work for the
+ 63421 [B.Candler po] What would you have Ruby do with this?
| 63455 [nemo hellotr] What would you have Ruby do with this?
+ 63425 [gsinclair so] I didn't have a real opinion on this before, and I couldn't really be
  63460 [nemo hellotr] Obviously, the "workaround" (print "hi" + 5.to_s) is unsuited for a
  63464 [B.Candler po] Well, perhaps it gives some material for an advanced Ruby class: how to
  63471 [nemo hellotr] sql = "select * from foo where key = '" + myvar + "'"
  63694 [rubytalk box] I think Brian was talking about the "SQL injection vulnerability".

^ [newbie] ruby-dbi
63341 [Golgatha gmx] ...
+ 63355 [whitton atla] ...
| 63361 [alan digikat] Are these just two equivalent forms, or is the connection string DBD dependent
| + 63368 [whitton atla] ...
| | 63369 [paul snake.n] DSN syntax is bound to be driver-dependent.  More info on the MySQL syntax
| + 63413 [uu9r rz.uni-] It is DBD dependent. Well, there's a common method that parses driver URL's, but the
+ 63378 [mgarriss ear] "DBI:Pg:mydatabase" works for me with postgreSQL
  63385 [alan digikat] Yes, but how do you specify a non-local host?

^ trouble getting RubyCocoa to work
63344 [gavin umich.] I'm new to Ruby and RubyCocoa, but not to Macs or Mac OS X, and I

^ Overriding methods in inherited classes
63353 [whitton atla] ...
+ 63356 [ahoward fsl.] include QueryExtension
| 63357 [whitton atla] ...
| 63358 [ahoward fsl.] eg/ruby > cat scgi.rb
| 63392 [sugawah attg] Yes, the behavior of cgi['key'] is changed !
+ 63360 [whitton atla] ...
  63386 [sugawah attg] Travis,

^ question: reading an empty file results in nil
63359 [patrick-may ] p RUBY_PLATFORM
63397 [matz ruby-la] Fixed in the latest.
63702 [patrick-may ] Matz,

^ Pickaxe book
63365 [aa204 acorn.] Does the dead tree version of the pickaxe book have additional
63367 [lyle users.s] I don't think there are any fundamental differences in the content. Some
63371 [foll_cedric ] ...
63373 [Golgatha gmx] ...

^ onoma1@aol.com
63374 [transami tra] mom, my emails been broken. this is a test.
63375 [jason persam] Tom, honey...
63376 [djberge qwes] Tom, we love ya too, but I doubt you wanted to send that to ruby-talk.
+ 63404 [botp delmont] Sending testmails to a list is not nethical.. and also dangerous. Broken
| 63410 [transami tra] believe me, it was an accident. sorry.
| 63416 [botp delmont] We believe you (and we thought so, too)...
| 63466 [daniel zeped] Ok, so I'm too serious. My turn to apologize.
+ 85775 [Bombay Duck.] ...

^ Re: [FAQ] Defining <=>
63380 [deliriousNOS] ...

^ removing a dead thread
63381 [lists debona] time.
+ 63382 [lists debona] does this seem reasonable?
+ 63390 [batsman.geo ] This might seem overly complicated but it works, pools your
+ 63431 [batsman.geo ] More info at

^ Ahora en espa?ol por 2.95$
63388 [wendy wen.sa] ...

^ GPL and licensing
63391 [dcarrera mat] Suppose that I take a source file under the GPL and modify it to turn
+ 63393 [dossy panopt] You both do.
+ 63401 [Philipp.Tapr] Well... I'd say: the moment you change the original source code, you
| 63415 [batsman.geo ] He owns the copyright of the modifications, but the copyright of the
+ 63521 [dcarrera mat] Thanks for the help.  This makes a lot more sense now.

^ Go vote for Ruby
63396 [ptkwt shell1] ...
63403 [fewayne facs] you might also watch Software Development magazine's

^ Creating a Folder in Outlook
63402 [smurdon dnam] ...
63405 [chad chadfow] I've only spent a few minutes on this and I haven't done much OLE
63408 [smurdon dnam] ...

^ sig -RE: removing a dead thread
63406 [botp delmont] cool sig. How did you that? If not using ruby, never mind... ;-)
63445 [michael_s_ca] Cool, but not to be overly encouraged; general netiquette favors (up to) 4,

^ DRb on Windows...
63407 [hal9000 hype] I think there's been a change somewhere since I used to
63411 [maksa sezamp] Try Ctrl-Break (very important not to press Ctrl-C first, since it will hang
63412 [hal9000 hype] hang

^ Lisp --> Ruby project proposal
63409 [gour mail.in] I'd like to propose one interesting Ruby project for some kind soul(s) who can

^ [OT] Re: Go vote for Ruby
63417 [batsman.geo ] The less time I spend reading Slashdot, the more I can learn/develop

^ 2 classes, same name
63424 [transami tra] did you know Ruby can have mutiple classes defined with the exact same
63434 [batsman.geo ] puts self.class.id
63443 [transami tra] yes there are three different classes. just that they all have identical
63459 [batsman.geo ] It's not an identical response, but a Class value that is printed the same

^ wxRuby, dbf
63426 [n.vasiliev a] 1. I know about cross-platform library named wxWindows and its
63427 [gsinclair so] No. As of 2003-02-01, one or more people are attempting to provide it,
63565 [n.vasiliev a] And what about dbf?
63571 [gsinclair so] Never heard of it.
63582 [n.vasiliev a] Dbf is enough old but nevertheless yet popular desktop database format.

^ Vaporware: Home Automation in Ruby
63432 [hal9000 hype] From time to time I've asked (with little success) who in the
+ 63435 [batsman.geo ] You might want to add that it's the ablative of 'domus' (house) in
+ 63438 [dossy panopt] Wow, ouch.  What guilt!  :-)  Okay, okay, so I haven't hunkered down and
| 63469 [hal9000 hype] Ha ha! No guilt, Dossy. We're all busy.
+ 63477 [mikkelfj-ant] ...

^ FXRuby-1.0.18 and Fox-1.1.22 incompatible?
63446 [jim freeze.o] I saw on fifthplanet how someone installed fxruby-1.0.17 with
63463 [lyle users.s] FXRuby-1.0.x is compatible with fox-1.0.x only.

^ Coercion of variables
63452 [B.Candler po] A question.
+ 63453 [matz ruby-la] In general, No.
| 63456 [B.Candler po] Yep, that's the solution I have been using. I just wondered, after seeing
| 63458 [matz ruby-la] Implicit coercion requires 'coerce' or 'to_int' method, not just
+ 63461 [batsman.geo ] You can extend that object with features defined in a module to give it
+ 63462 [dave pragmat] Two techniques for doing this my be using 'extend' to add functionality

^ [OT] Re: onoma1@aol.com
63465 [daniel zeped] Oh come on, give the guy a break, it was obviously a mistake.

^ imaged editing libs
63467 [anon anon.co] ...
+ 63468 [anon anon.co] ...
+ 63472 [jim freeze.o] ImageMagic and the ppm libs.
  63520 [google tompa] RMagick is excellent -- a ruby wrapper for ImageMagick. It'll do

^ GridFlow 0.7.0
63476 [matju sympat] [fwd: pd-list@iem.kug.ac.at, jmax@ircam.fr,

^ shell.rb [Documentation]
63478 [mwilson13 co] I have posted the beginning of some documentation of shell.rb at

^ no override
63479 [transami tra] is there any way to specifiy that a method can not be overrided? perfereably
63483 [batsman.geo ] batsman@tux-chan:/tmp$ expand -t 2 f.rb
63487 [batsman.geo ] * you can use no_redef before defining methods in the base class, only
63500 [transami tra] your NoOverloading code looks fantastic!
63517 [batsman.geo ] I'm quite happy with that code, as I get to mix some of my all-time
+ 63526 [bystr mac.co] It looks much like the effect of "final" keyword in Java, however
+ 63527 [transami tra] in my case it is because i have a class that gets some dynamically created
  63589 [batsman.geo ] I've been thinking on how to make this ressilient even to malicious
  63618 [batsman.geo ] For the record, there's a second way to break it: using alias_method

^ operator - on list should be O(n) on sorted lists
63484 [foll_cedric ] ...
63490 [B.Candler po] But as soon as you have used '+' to generate the union of two sets, it will
+ 63503 [foll_cedric ] ...
| 63505 [matz ruby-la] set.rb is available in the distribution, it uses Hash inside.
+ 63504 [matz ruby-la] The reason is exactly as you guessed.  But your example made me think
  63506 [matz ruby-la] I mean here is "- can be a non Set operation", i.e. it can be defined

^ hash question...
63488 [smurdon dnam] ...
63489 [decoux moulo] ...

^ dynamic method name...was RE: hash question...
63493 [smurdon dnam] ...
63494 [decoux moulo] ...
63498 [martindemell] ...

^ Re: Local variables & blocks (a bit long, but worth it :-)
63524 [transami tra] though it would not be backwards compatilble, yet it has some merit i think,

^ rubynet-announce digest, Vol 1 #24 - 1 msg
63525 [rubynet-anno] Send rubynet-announce mailing list submissions to

^ Re: Contents of rubynet-announce digest, Vol 1 #24 - 1
63528 [maili31s cli] This surprised me a lot.
63529 [mwilson13 co] I think rubynet.org is the originator of the spam and that they are not

^ Encryption
63532 [dcarrera mat] Does anyone know if I can encrypt files using Ruby?
+ 63533 [ ted php.net] Um... if it's private, don't put it in a publicly-viewable table, even
| 63575 [michael_s_ca] Many professors in the college I attended went even further...in the opposite
+ 63540 [spcoltri omc] Don't make the mistake of thinking that this is in any way secure.
+ 63542 [smythb alleg] I pointed out Ruby/MCrypt<http://www.rubylinks.de> last week: it wraps

^ Does FXRuby work with Ruby-1.8.0 on Mac OS X?
63534 [jim freeze.o] I have seen that people have ruby working with FXRuby

^ Ruby-1.8.0 install issues on Mac OS X
63535 [jim freeze.o] I am working on installing ruby-1.8.0 on Mac OS X 10.2.3,
63543 [dave pragmat] What happens if you comment out fink's 'source ...' line in your .tcshrc?
63567 [jim freeze.o] The response seems independent of the path and only on the

^ error msg with string#sub!
63537 [smurdon dnam] ...
+ 63538 [smurdon dnam] ...
+ 63541 [matz ruby-la] "sub!" (stands for substitute) requires pattern to substitute *and*

^ RubyUnit.. Test::Unit.. which should I use?
63544 [sroberts uni] I want to write test code, I don't want to learn two different unit test
63546 [dsafari para] RubyUnit and Lapidary have been superseeded to become Test::Unit. Test::Unit

^ Release Engineering
63549 [just6979 yah] version numbering came up in #ruby-lang tonight. knu explained the new
63554 [gsinclair so] Thanks Justin.  Unfortunately I find it a bit hard to understand!
63645 [just6979 yah] added some examples using 1.8 and rearranged a bit, hopefully to be more
63656 [gsinclair so] Thanks, that's better.  Although I find the "new way" confusing.  But

^ What is the best Ruby IDE you think?
63553 [n.vasiliev a] Which IDE in your opinion is best for Ruby programming?
+ 63555 [smurdon dnam] ...
+ 63563 [ruby joelh.d] i do not use a IDE at all, vim is the best.
| + 63583 [drbrain segm] Yay vim!
| | 63651 [ruby joelh.d] my gvim is not stable running under Windows, like alot of other Programs too
| | 63675 [wmoxam klick] too
| | 63681 [ahoward fsl.] ditto.  in fact, gvim may be the single application i have never crashed -
| + 63768 [ian darq.net] does anyone have any tips or suggestions on how to configure vim for use
|   63770 [lyle users.s] There are several vim-related pages at the RubyGarden Wiki.
+ 63593 [dcarrera mat] Under Solaris I like Emacs.
| 63597 [lyle users.s] Anjuta looks interesting. Does it know how to do Ruby syntax
| 63604 [harryo zip.c] I just downloaded it and it's pretty impressive!
| 63737 [citizen428 c] Thanks for that information, I've been thinking about installing Anjuta
+ 63771 [wsdng online] I am interested in this, too. And I really need something with more
  63822 [bob.news gmx] I've installed the eclipse plugin some days ago.  But it seemed still a bit

^ Confusion in value of $.
63574 [jbshaldane h] What is going on here?  The value of $. is different depending on
63586 [matz ruby-la] You've found a bug.  Thank you.

^ When Ruby last version documentation will be uploaded?
63581 [n.vasiliev a] Does anyone knoq when the Ruby last version documentation will be uploaded?

^ Fun with singletons' singleton classes
63591 [batsman.geo ] batsman@tux-chan:/tmp$ expand -t 2 g.rb
63594 [decoux moulo] ...
63599 [batsman.geo ] How do I do within singleton_method_added to remove a singleton method
63602 [decoux moulo] ...

^ ruby-dev summary 19437-19455
63600 [aamine lover] This is a summary of ruby-dev ML in these days.
+ 63601 [pbrannan atd] With Math#gcd know how to handle bignums and GMP integers?
| + 63603 [ahoward fsl.] why not a more general
| | + 63605 [matz ruby-la] C's static is global that extent is limited to enclosing block (or file).
| | | + 63611 [ahoward fsl.] not
| | | | 63615 [matz ruby-la] I know.  It's still global with constant initializer.
| | | | 63617 [ahoward fsl.] i'm not exactly sure how?  my understanding is from the K&R book.  if what you
| | | | 63639 [matz ruby-la] I wish I could explain better.
| | | + 63624 [pbrannan atd] In C (and C99 and C++), the static keyword has different meanings,
| | |   63632 [ahoward fsl.] actually i meant the
| | + 63641 [nobu.nokada ] This proposal doesn't mean what you want.  The value evaluated
| + 63609 [djberge qwes] Should it be expected to?  I know that the gcd method is listed as a
|   63625 [pbrannan atd] No, I'm just pointing out that using Math.gcd instead of Integer#gcd
+ 63606 [dblack candl] print line if line.index(%L{PATTERN})
| 63642 [nobu.nokada ] Yes.  Kosako mentioned similar one, but suggested more general
+ 63610 [matt lickey.] So long as the string is duped when modified.  E.g.
  63613 [ahoward fsl.] clearer to