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^ solaris flock problem solved
63073 [vjoel PATH.B] Well, I found something on sun's website about the fcntl "compatibility"
+ 63074 [vjoel PATH.B] Interestingly, this was a case in which a little "premature
| 63090 [michael_s_ca] Premature optimization is the root of all evil -- Donald Knuth
+ 63095 [ahoward fsl.] well now i'm feeling stupid.  i did see that in the man page and didn't think

^ Ruby Books -- A Question
63094 [probertm NOS] ...
+ 63101 [roger.sperbe] I'm involved with e-books, and basically experience shows that electronic
| + 63109 [pate eylerfa] As a consumer, I feel that the presence of more books on a topic helps
| + 63115 [probertm NOS] ...
|   63126 [matz ruby-la] * 23 books available in Japan.
|   63201 [jason jvoege] Do any of you Ruby book authors out there have connections with
+ 63102 [ahoward fsl.] the pragmatic programmers should have a paypal type link where one could
| 63151 [ptkwt shell1] ...
| + 63184 [gour mail.in] Same here.
| + 63193 [Stephan.Kaem] I think you're completely right here. Personally I bought several 'books
+ 63107 [chad chadfow] Yes. :)
| 63111 [peter semant] For me it was the article in Dobbs that made me pick up the Pickaxe
| 63116 [peter semant] Actually as a Perl programmer the Perl and ??? (XML, DBI, LWP etc) style
| 63140 [spoon dellah] And it glosses over most of the material. New Riders "XML and Perl" book
| 63192 [peter semant] There is however a need for a 'get you going' type of book if the
+ 63150 [ptkwt shell1] ...
+ 63157 [mike osdn.or] Well I'm resorting to printer while ordered Pickaxe just "got
+ 63241 [jbritt ruby-] My Ruby book was canceled by Wrox because of expected poor sales, based on sales figures for other Ruby books in English.  The
  63297 [botp delmont] Honestly, I would buy it. So pls do not lose hope..
  63329 [roger.sperbe] -013003B
  + 63331 [transami tra] OUCH! sign of the times i guess. but God save the trees! or as my pappy use to
  | 63372 [gsinclair so] That can be done by anyone and put on a website.  With sufficient
  + 63332 [jim freeze.o] One word: Amazon
  + 63383 [harryo zip.c] It's hard to understand how the profit margins could be as low as even 10%,
    63384 [paul snake.n] Read the full article.  It's not the publishers that are getting the profit,
    63389 [harryo zip.c] Hmmm ... from the article, it sounds like publishers don't have much business

^ SA_RESTART - signal - trap
63108 [ahoward fsl.] rubyists-
63110 [nobu.nokada ] If all of sigprocmask, sigaction and SA_RESTART are available,
63123 [ahoward fsl.] if that is the case, then shouldn't it be impossible for system calls to fail
63252 [vjoel PATH.B] I'm wondering too. I see this not only in Ara's test code, but in my
63255 [nobu.nokada ] In Solaris, it apparently needs to handle EINTR at every I/O
63266 [ahoward fsl.] i *think* this is actually the case for *any* system call on solaris - they

^ Date math lib?
63112 [chrismo clab] I'm in need of some date math routines -- primarily a way to add/subtract
63120 [djberge qwes] Generally speaking, Time, Date and ParseDate can accomplish all of your
63127 [chrismo clab] Huh. I guess Date's thin little entry in the Pickaxe book has escaped my

^ FXRuby/GLCanvas keypress problems
63113 [james lazyat] I've run into a little annoying problem using the GLCanvas with

^ OT - Re: Local variables & blocks
63114 [ahoward fsl.] some largish text weather data.  it took around 30 seconds to run - which was
+ 63118 [jim freeze.o] I'm curious what were the offending lines and how did you changed them?
+ 63134 [daniel zeped] Profiling is important in any language. Have you profiled your C++ code? I'll
  63144 [ahoward fsl.] oh, of course you are correct.  it's just so easy to do in ruby that i

^ Learn and Earn...Join For FREE!
63122 [pamela_paco ] I'm sending you this letter to introduce to you a

^ Re: Missing libraries??
63130 [jd204 NSnih.] Voice-to-MIDI as in Digital Ear (http://www.digital-ear.com/).
63191 [peter semant] Looks nice but its way out of my league.

^ pickaxe style rd2 format library?
63136 [djberge qwes] Has anyone developed a pickaxe style rd2 format library?  Take a look at
63153 [gsinclair so] I may be very wrong, but I think these sorts of documents are better
63174 [nahi keynaut] Or do you mean RD2 extension to Wiki format?  As far as I know,
63177 [dave pragmat] Oops - fixed  :)
+ 63195 [jweirich one] Are the changes touching the SimpleMarkup module?  I'm in the midst of
| 63205 [dave pragmat] No - I think that'll stay the same (or if it doesn't I'll fork it). I've
+ 64186 [nahi keynaut] Sure.  I've been almost do that.

^ Where can I find the pickaxe ebook?
63137 [smurdon dnam] ...
+ 63138 [batsman.geo ] Man, this is hard to believe; you must have felt _very_ unlucky ;-)
| 63141 [dcarrera mat] The weird thing is that if you just search for "pickaxe" it gives you a
| 63142 [botp delmont] that is fine :-)
| 63148 [smurdon dnam] ...
| 63149 [smurdon dnam] ...
+ 63139 [daniel zeped] That's funny, googling for "Ruby Pickaxe" come up with many relevant hits,

^ Ruby on Apple Newton Message Pad?
63146 [joon-ki.choi] do anyone know about a ruby port for Apple?s Newton?

^ suggestion File#lock
63147 [ahoward fsl.] rubyists-

^ Ruby type4 drivers
63155 [greg brondo.] ...

^ C and braces and scope
63163 [tim bates.id] I know this isn't a C discussion list, but I just had to point this out - it's

^ [ANN] RAA/2.3
63170 [nahi keynaut] p RAA.succ!.version #=> 2.3.0
+ 63171 [rich infoeth] This is looking really great.  Its attractive and professional.  I
| + 63173 [daniel zeped] No, you should stick to the ISO 8601 standard you have now. We're programmers
| + 64183 [nahi keynaut] Rich and Daniel, thank you for your comments.
+ 63202 [martindemell] ...
  64182 [nahi keynaut] Good idea.  We'll add it in next update.

^ A simple program but strange output
63172 [mxiao ee.ual] class Test
+ 63175 [gsinclair so] @x, @y, and @tem are all the same object, viewed through different
+ 63176 [daniel zeped] Because @tem is a reference (pointer) to the object, which is the array
  63178 [mxiao ee.ual] Thank you, guys.

^ realtime display of stdout while using Kernel::backtick
63179 [kgm_lists am] ...
+ 63180 [tim bates.id] Don't use the backticks. Use IO.popen instead. Someone else can elaborate on
+ 63181 [daniel zeped] Daniel P. Zepeda
+ 63183 [sdate everes] ...

^ Re: Ruby newbie question
63185 [lausianne gm] I had the same problem with SciTE, so I'm using RDE now. The debugger
+ 63212 [n.vasiliev a] Maybe it pays to try PrimalScript?
+ 63265 [bigggray zoo] ...
  63270 [surrender_it] that's a reason why I miss RubyWin in the PragInstaller :旭

^ New to Ruby, would like a style critique - filedup.rb [0/1]
63188 [food xmissio] ...
+ 63190 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 63333 [dug plusthre] One of the reasons to follow Guy's advice and use "find.rb" is that it
  63337 [ahoward fsl.] personally i prefer

^ New to Ruby, would like a style critique - filedup.rb [1/1]
63189 [food xmissio] ...

^ reading past a file header
63198 [martindemell] ...
63215 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 63221 [martindemell] ...
| 63275 [gsinclair so] This looks like confusing code.  Care to put it in context and give us
| + 63293 [batsman.geo ] Pickaxe,  224  [Ranges in Boolean Expressions]
| | 63303 [decoux moulo] ...
| + 63319 [martindemell] ...
+ 63316 [martindemell] ...
  63327 [decoux moulo] ...
  63336 [martindemell] ...
  63339 [decoux moulo] ...
  63364 [martindemell] ...

^ ruby-dbi and oracle error - ORA-24374
63206 [djberge qwes] Ruby 1.6.8
+ 63207 [gsinclair so] Interesting.  What's TORA?
| 63209 [djberge qwes] Oh, sorry.  "Tool for Oracle".  An opensource, *nix clone of TOAD.  It's not
+ 63414 [uu9r rz.uni-] It should be simple to fix. All we have to do is to split the SQL statement into
  63448 [djberg96 hot] Actually Michael, see my "upon further review" message.  It turns out

^ Newbie question
63216 [n.vasiliev a] I am only interesting of Ruby. I need to know: why did you choose this
+ 63217 [mike osdn.or] The only language that didn't cause headache when studying OOP
| 63220 [ahoward fsl.] so true!  i just chuckle when i sit in on our c++ design meetings now ;-)
| 63225 [michael_s_ca] Out of curiosity, how so?  Some of ruby's goodness is so much more useful that
| + 63229 [ahoward fsl.] try implementing these two
| + 63231 [mike osdn.or] Don't know.  Seems "natural" though.  No self-enforcement over
+ 63226 [dcarrera mat] I come from a Perl background.  I liked Perl because it was a very
| 63232 [mike osdn.or] Yeah, that's it!
+ 63236 [ruby joelh.d] For me it was the easy way to understand OOP i didnt  in C++ or Java. I dont
+ 63261 [cyclists nc.] I read an interview in the local paper with either Dave or Andy - can't
+ 63268 [just6979 yah] I'm a learning addict, so after I got the basics of C, C++, Perl5
  63296 [botp delmont] hmmm... if Perl would incorporate all of Ruby's feature, it would bloat to

^ ruby-dbi and oracle error - ORA-24374 - upon further review
63222 [djberge qwes] select column1, column2
63440 [uu9r rz.uni-] Try out the newest lib/dbi/sql.rb file from CVS or use the attached patch.

^ ruby app as windows service?
63224 [brian_le_roy] i was looking for some help on getting a ruby console app installed as a
63234 [chrismo clab] Interesting you bring this up, though I have nothing of substance to offer.
63235 [chrismo clab] NT 4.0 and 2000 (and XP, I presume) Resource Kits have a program called
63264 [rc vaccapern] ...

^ ANN: _The Ruby Way_ in Japanese
63227 [hal9000 hype] This is actually old news, but I've been meaning to
+ 63258 [ptkwt shell1] ...
+ 63260 [hisa imasy.o] I agree. Muted color tone, matted black and tee-green, is much
+ 63287 [gsinclair so] I've said it before and I'll say it again: congratulations!
| + 63301 [botp delmont] Right on target. You sound like an artist... The cover does have a serious
| + 64710 [eric.schwart] What's wrong with ハルフルトン? :)
|   65058 [nahi keynaut] Perfect. (^-^
+ 63323 [cyclists nc.] Congratulations, Hal!

^ newbie with html encodings
63228 [jean-francoi] =E7a
63536 [ jupp gmx.de] ...

^ [BUG] unknown node type 0 in 1.8.0
63237 [uehli bluewi] ruby 1.8.0 (2003-01-27) [i686-linux]
63295 [matz ruby-la] Could you show me where to get the whole extension source?
63299 [thomas netpe] It's from http://www2.giganet.net/~yoshi/rbogl-0.32b.tgz. But keep in mind

^ Drb-DBI-ConnectionPool
63238 [ahoward fsl.] i'm looking into writing one.  if anyone's already done this please speak up

^ How to do grep -v?
63239 [jim freeze.o] Is there a more direct way than this to get 'grep -v'?
+ 63240 [djberge qwes] c.grep(/[^a]/)
| 63242 [ian caliban.] c.delete('a')
| 63248 [jim freeze.o] Doesn't work for 'a' being more than one character.
| + 63249 [hal9000 hype] Well, there's Enumerable#reject -- but it takes a
| + 63250 [billk cts.co] How about c.reject {|e| e =~ /a/}  ?
| + 63253 [nobu.nokada ] Try <http://member.nifty.ne.jp/nokada/archive/reop.rb>.
|   + 63298 [botp delmont] just downloaded reop...
|   + 63306 [gsinclair so] RAA.search 'reop'  # => nil
+ 63243 [ahoward fsl.] irb(main):001:0>  %w[ a b c ].select { |those| those !~ /a/  }

^ How to save Tk canvas as picture/create image from canvas?
63244 [lausianne gm] I'd like to save a canvas in some picture format (png, jpg, ...). In the
63279 [nagai ai.kyu] If your Tcl/Tk supports it and your Ruby/Tk links such Tcl/Tk,
63318 [lausianne gm] Neither does mine, it seems, but ...
63474 [nagai ai.kyu] That is a right result. :-)
63559 [lausianne gm] This is what I tried first, but ...
63608 [nagai ai.kyu] I thought your Tcl/Tk already supported the option.
63655 [lausianne gm] ???
63679 [nagai ai.kyu] No, no, no. In this case, you don't need tcltk-ext library. :-)
63742 [lausianne gm] BINGO again!
63745 [nagai ai.kyu] Doesn't the binary archive on http://www.xs4all.nl/~nijtmans/img.html
63758 [lausianne gm] Yes, it does, in the folder I mentioned, but they are not found there or

^ drb experts
63245 [ahoward fsl.] drb'ing ruby'ists-
+ 63246 [djberge qwes] I don't have a direct answer for you.  However, you can probably find some good
+ 63256 [drbrain segm] ...
  63267 [ahoward fsl.] well, the client and server will be the same in my case - i plan to use this
  63281 [drbrain segm] ...
  + 63283 [ahoward fsl.] me too.
  | 63285 [drbrain segm] are
  + 63377 [ahoward fsl.] so - raising exceptions from objects whos class includes 'undumped' is

^ OT: Rubyists += 1 (Re: Ruby Books -- A Question)
63247 [transami tra] Rubyists += 1
63280 [bruce codedb] The real question here is if RubyBooks#<< is called before or after the value

^ comp raainstall and raa improvements
63251 [transami tra] just used raainstall for the first time. beautiful! love it! can't say enough

^ TkListbox -- binding an entry
63259 [dcarrera mat] I've spent the last few hours trying to figure this out.
63278 [nagai ai.kyu] I recommend you to use TkListbox#nearest method and

^ Cancel Subscription
63269 [DameJM navai] ...

^ Ahora en espa?ol por 2.95$
63273 [wendy wen.sa] ...

^ Return values from assertions
63284 [nathaniel NO] Eivind Eklund and I have been discussing whether assertions ought to
63286 [matt lickey.] No thoughts here, though I find having assert_raises return the
63808 [nathaniel NO] First of all, thanks for replying, Matt! I'm sorry it has taken so long
63809 [matt lickey.] Agreed.  The first way doesn't immediately convey the intent of the
63813 [nathaniel NO] The only advantage I see is if you wanted a particular exception that
+ 63814 [gsinclair so] I don't know about rule of thumb, but I would prefer to see nil
+ 63863 [matt lickey.] That hits the crux of my question -- the only practical difference
  + 63870 [chrismo clab] Doesn't an unhandled exception stop execution of the entire test suite,
  | 63947 [jweirich one] No, exceptions just stop the current test case, just as failures do.
  + 63881 [gsinclair so] The conceptual difference is practical enough for me.
    63959 [matt lickey.] Even more to the point, I don't see a point to RubyUnit's
    63961 [gsinclair so] I see a point.  It enables you to unit-test an operation that doesn't

^ break out of a loop
63288 [nvivek ncst.] Is there an idiomatic(or more elegant way) of finding out whether I exited
+ 63289 [vjoel PATH.B] In 1.7 you can do
+ 63290 [vjoel PATH.B] found = catch :found do
+ 63291 [gsinclair so] The key word is "exceptional".  Using exception handling is a good
| 63300 [nvivek ncst.] Thanks to both Joel and Gavin for their replies.
+ 63387 [cyclists nc.] i = 0
| 63394 [kjana dm4lab] ...
+ 63545 [nobu.nokada ] In simplest case, `break'ed iterator returns nil, otherwise
  63557 [nvivek ncst.] Exactly what I wanted. Many thanks.

^ simple question re: require
63292 [smurdon dnam] ...
63294 [matz ruby-la] You have a syntax error in ./OutlookContact.rb line 19.
63379 [smurdon dnam] ...

^ shell standard library question
63302 [mwilson13 co] I am trying to find  comprehensive documentation on the shell standard

^ Ncurses refresh problem
63304 [aa204 acorn.] I am porting to Ruby a small calendar browser I made using C and

^ %L, %l revisited
63305 [transami tra] this is a general request for opinion/support. i, for one, would very much
63556 [nobu.nokada ] Probably, because nothing can appear after this literal in the
63566 [transami tra] x = <<-EOS
+ 63573 [gsinclair so] This is misguided, IMNO (N = Naive).  24 bytes of wasted space - who
| 63576 [transami tra] when you write a cgi app and you're displaying some record detail that repeats
| 63579 [gsinclair so] In that case, you're unlikely to use a here document, although I doubt
+ 63592 [nobu.nokada ] puts <<-EOS, "and more"
  + 63598 [transami tra] besides the fact the you'd never do two literal strings together like this
  | + 63740 [nobu.nokada ] Not just succeeding two literals.  Here-docs allow other things
  | + 63776 [dblack candl] I wouldn't say never.  puts "one", "two" can be handy since it prints
  + 63773 [transami tra] Nobu,
    63777 [dblack candl] It's neither shoddy, nor "extra" :-)  It's just how here-docs work.
    63781 [transami tra] and how they are hardly ever used. i mean really am i wrong about that? when
    + 63784 [hal9000 hype] I've seen it many times. How many examples did you look at
    | + 63799 [transami tra] well, noting that all my ruby code, and i have a fair amount installed, falls
    | | 63810 [ysantoso jen] buffer.rb:    doc(self, :create, <<-HERE, [:destroy, [Memory, :mmap]])
    | | 63815 [transami tra] regexp often confuse me, why did this not catch these? oh well.
    | | 63848 [dossy panopt] You ought to read this very well-written article on here-docs, written
    | | 63853 [transami tra] "Sorry for the strange indentation, but here-docs have significant leading
    | + 63824 [pit capitain] I don't see why the parser would have problems with the proposed %l
    |   63831 [hal9000 hype] I didn't mean the parser would have problems of
    |   63845 [transami tra] Hal,
    |   63869 [hal9000 hype] all
    |   + 63878 [gsinclair so] Have we come full circle?  You (and others) disliked Nobu's idea
    |   | 63885 [hal9000 hype] Hmm, I've lost my way in this (not especially interesting)
    |   | 63891 [transami tra] i'm sorry i ever said that b/c it misdirected the conversation, and was far
    |   + 63884 [transami tra] elaborate, what's going to break? consider that the HERE document form of this
    |     + 63889 [transami tra] my mistake, assigning character was built in. i think this was generally over
    |     + 63913 [hal9000 hype] this
    |       63917 [transami tra] no, no. not at all.
    + 63844 [dossy panopt] I can't think of many places where I've used this feature of HERE docs,
      63846 [transami tra] hey now! ;-)