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^ LISP's defadvice? "prior"?  (Was: Array_Of(AClass))
61436 [gsinclair so] OK, I traced this to http://www.ruby-talk.org/38142.

^ RCR: String#indent(n)
61441 [gsinclair so] Rubyists,
61446 [vjoel PATH.B] text.gsub(/^/, " "*4)
61447 [gsinclair so] No more, and I realised the gsub trick just after I hit send.  Ease of
61515 [austin halos] I need to check, but I think that most of what you're looking for is in Text::Format.
61546 [austin halos] Gavin,

^ drb question
61444 [sdate kc.rr.] I am trying the distributed Ruby examples from PickAxe using
61473 [m_seki mva.b] How about this?
61485 [sdate kc.rr.] from c:/ruby/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.7/drb/drb.rb:738:in `uri'
+ 61530 [m_seki mva.b] hmm. drb_clent.rb does not initialize DRb.
+ 61531 [m_seki mva.b] hmm. drb_clent.rb does not initialize DRb.
  61554 [sdate kc.rr.] Ok, did that !

^ What's all this UML stuff, anyway?
61462 [ptkwt shell1] But isn't it a visual 'language', or am I missing something?  I thought
61472 [dim colebatc] yeah, thats what I thought I was saying.  A couple of posts have (imho)

^ Problem compiling ruby
61464 [collinsm sur] I'm trying to compile ruby with the extensions on a Caldera OpenDesktop

^ [ANN] ruby-sumo-2003.01.08 and MacOSX package
61465 [shirai korin] Now I released ruby-sumo 2003.01.08 and its Mac OS X 10.2 package.

^ FXRuby problem on Windows
61468 [daniel zeped] I've cut down a larger program to this test case that shows a problem on
+ 61469 [robertm spel] I can confirm that same problem with the 1.7.3-7 version of the
+ 61496 [lyle users.s] I haven't had a chance to look at this under Windows yet, but I think I
  61506 [daniel zeped] You were absolutely correct. After changing the code as you suggested, it
  61518 [lyle users.s] Ah.
  61539 [daniel zeped] Well, I'm glad that the app ran badly on windows, if you can believe that.

^ Mark:come on!
61471 [cai pardan.o] ok,you mean that there is some RD-like sources?
65714 [ms iastate.e] Patrick,

^ (RAA!) fastcgi.rb archived elsewhere (was: Q: RAA source archives? (404s))
61474 [mike osdn.or] Well, thanks to Marek Janukowicz, one of mine was solved.
62415 [nahi keynaut] Sorry for not responding long time.
62422 [mike osdn.or] Thanks for responding at all :-)
62539 [nahi keynaut] Sure.  I misunderstood the topic.  Regards to archiving downloadable

^ String literals
61475 [Radek Hnilic] I'm not very experienced in ruby, and can't found how to write long
+ 61476 [decoux moulo] Something like this ? (see '' around EOF)
| 61477 [jason jvoege] % cat strings.rb
+ 61508 [dcarrera mat] str = 'First line. ' \
+ 62027 [drbrain segm] Don't forget that with %Q and %q you can use any non-alphanum char as the s=
  62054 [vjoel PATH.B] irb(main):001:0> x = <<'DONE'

^ compiling FXRuby-1.0.17 under cygwin
61483 [james lazyat] I'm having trouble compiling FXRuby under cygwin. here's the error i'm
+ 61484 [joey joeygib] I got the same error using 1.8, but I dropped 1.8 and just installed the
| 61486 [robertm spel] At the moment that is what most people are doing, coupled with sometimes
| 61487 [joey joeygib] It's funny how aquaintences pop up in different places... 8-)
| + 61488 [daniel zeped] There's a newer version of the docs at
| + 61491 [robertm spel] Mmm, it does appear to be a rather small world :)
|   61494 [joey joeygib] I just meant that I had written it to fetch each text widget's text
+ 61493 [lyle users.s] FXRuby-1.0.17/ext/fox/include/FXRbCommon.h

^ The Year In Scripting Languages  Lua/Perl/Python/Ruby/Tcl 2002
61490 [langyear02x ] This is a joint review of 2002 for the programming languages

^ ruby-dev summary 19198-19345
61497 [ksaito uranu] Here is a summary of ruby-dev ML from the end of December
+ 61498 [jfh cise.ufl] Wow, I've been wanting this behavior in one language or another for years
+ 61499 [pbrannan atd] I like the idea of being able to indent my here documents.  I'm not
| + 61510 [vjoel PATH.B] The books were not included because they didn't use perl6 syntax? ;-)
| | 61529 [hal9000 hype] And then there were those problematic passages
| + 61534 [matt lickey.] I do not like this simply because it introduces a problem of tabs -vs-
|   61565 [matz ruby-la] I'm not sure Perl5 RFC162 is well though or not.  But Matt's comment
|   + 61566 [matt lickey.] What I do not like about Nobu's idea is that the here document may be
|   | 61571 [gsinclair so] Why are you not convinced, Matz?  YAGNI?  Or implementation difficulty?
|   | 61574 [matz ruby-la] Nobu already made a patch to implement it.  I feel like it can make
|   | + 61576 [vjoel PATH.B] It's a great secret. Keep the syntax simple, the core classes clean, and
|   | + 61577 [gsinclair so] When I first saw it mentioned in a ruby-dev summary several weeks ago,
|   | | 61581 [matz ruby-la] I don't forget there's one feel like that.  Thank you.
|   | | 61586 [botp delmont] Can we not include feature of perl6 also?
|   | + 61579 [hal9000 hype] If you're not used to it, even <<-FOO is cryptic.
|   | + 61601 [matt lickey.] I just though, why not "<<|FOO".  In other words, the '-' in there
|   |   + 61602 [gsinclair so] To me, the '-' means the same that it always does: it allows the
|   |   + 61607 [dave pragpro] In fact, neither does the 'FOO'
|   |     + 61608 [dblack candl] That's the first variation on this idea that doesn't look cluttered
|   |     | 61648 [hal9000 hype] I agree. I like this particular mutation.
|   |     + 61609 [vjoel PATH.B] Of course, then you lose being able to use FOO in an expression
|   |     | + 61612 [gsinclair so] irb(main):001:0>> s = <<FOO + 'bar'
|   |     | | 61613 [austin halos] [re: <<-|FOO, <<|FOO, <<|]
|   |     | + 61617 [hgs dmu.ac.u] x = <<{Now is the time
|   |     | + 61660 [tim bates.id] Oh, is THAT how you do it? I kept trying to do
|   |     + 61614 [rich infoeth] OK...so I have been holding out until now.  This rocks.
|   |       61615 [chadfowler c] As much as I hate to send a "me too" message: me too. :)
|   + 61580 [transami tra] it has one simple good reason for use: it allows good form indentation of code
+ 61512 [transami tra] i have been wanting this myself. GOOD IDEA! i wonder if the - is neccessary?
| + 61513 [transami tra] p <<-EOS
| | 61516 [transami tra] DUH!!!!! SCRATCH THAT. THAT'S p AS IN PRINT. SORRY. SILLY << CONFUSED ME.
| + 61665 [transami tra] as you can see, i'm right with Dave on this. another vote +1.
|   + 61669 [gsinclair so] I think I might start using that more often.  It's nice, and it's
|   | + 61671 [vjoel PATH.B] str = %{\
|   | | 61672 [transami tra] str = %Q{first line
|   | + 61675 [transami tra] very cool Gavin, unfortunately i can't use that since i have all my tabs
|   | | 61677 [dim colebatc] (untested)
|   | | 61679 [vjoel PATH.B] It is the spaces version, just with a bad name. I use spaces to emulate
|   | | 61696 [transami tra] great! i love it!
|   | | 61706 [gsinclair so] That's what they're there for!
|   | + 61680 [nobu.nokada ] One more difference.  tabto strips after string interpolcation,
|   |   61682 [botp delmont] sir Nobu. Is this working on your _own_ Ruby version/patch?
|   |   61695 [nobu.nokada ] Yes.
|   |   61707 [dave pragpro] For what it's worth, I don't like this much either. But I still think
|   |   61722 [nobu.nokada ] It looks nice, and once I got inclined to it.  But now we have
|   |   61731 [batsman.geo ] s = <<|Hello
|   |   + 61733 [nobu.nokada ] We can, but it'll enforce to remember magical relation, whereas
|   |   | + 61736 [batsman.geo ] Then we need a new syntax... I don't quite like the following but it's
|   |   | + 61737 [hal9000 hype] OK, I suggest an adaptation of the ordinary
|   |   |   61740 [batsman.geo ] s = <<'EOF'
|   |   |   61754 [transami tra] then i suggest this: let us LET HERE DOCUMENTS BE. they are an adoption (from
|   |   |   61767 [botp delmont] You are correct. I chose worst scenario sample. I was thinking that the "|"
|   |   |   61776 [nobu.nokada ] What possiblity?  Yes for implementation, but I'm not sure
|   |   + 61735 [eric.schwart] Ick.  I much prefer Perl's version, where
|   |     + 61738 [batsman.geo ] This is the same way in Ruby, too.
|   |     + 61739 [nathaniel NO] I don't suppose this would parse very well (seems that it would conflict
|   + 61670 [hal9000 hype] says
|   | 61673 [transami tra] sorry, it was Gavin. Gavin done did it! now i'm really creeped-out by those
|   + 61704 [pbrannan atd] Note that this prints "\nfoo\n  bar\n" instead of "foo\n  bar\n" like
|     61777 [jweirich one] Well, only of the {}'s are unbalanced.  For Example ...
|     61780 [botp delmont] sorry. Yes, I only meant implementation.
|     + 61782 [nobu.nokada ] Sorry, what do you mean by `override quote'?
|     | 61786 [botp delmont] Pls forget it. I got lost. My mind mixed up %Q and here-docs.
|     + 61821 [hgs dmu.ac.u] OK, what about this suggestion in the OO spirit of Ruby?
|       61844 [transami tra] Hugh,
|       61852 [hgs dmu.ac.u] No, it doesn't get there, agreed....
|       61995 [transami tra] so the set-margin here document thread seesm to be dying out, which is too
|       62018 [nobu.nokada ] It isn't better to use another charater?  For example,
|       62020 [transami tra] works for me! what's L stand for? Literal? Line? well, any character is fine
|       62024 [nobu.nokada ] Line.  All %-notations are literals, no?
+ 61551 [gsinclair so] Well, if he wants comments from *all* Rubyists, ... that's a lot of
  61553 [dcarrera mat] Gavin, maybe I'm missing something but I'm not sure I understand the
  + 61557 [gsinclair so] Well, that's a good example!  Here-documents can come up anywhere.
  | 61558 [dcarrera mat] Come to think of it, this feature *is* really useful.  I'd like to see it
  | 61563 [nemo hellotr] I like it, too.
  + 61587 [hgs dmu.ac.u] suck in the text to unpack, build a p <<-| around it, and eval....

^ [FxRuby] Question on FXDataTarget
61502 [joey joeygib] I'm using FOX via FxRuby and I'm trying to get FXDataTarget going. If I
+ 61511 [lyle users.s] The only thing you're doing wrong is attributing more power to the
| 61514 [joey joeygib] Thanks Lyle. I was assuming that it worked like a Smalltalk adaptor which
| 61519 [lyle users.s] I am not a Smalltalk programmer; are there any online references you
+ 61525 [vjoel PATH.B] I've been working on some extensions to help with this kind of problem.

^ doesn't work for me too
61503 [       n n.n] it doesn't work for me either - generates the same error as Shashank Date's

^ Re: FXRuby Mailing Lists?
61509 [lyle knology] A question along these lines came up for some other Ruby projects in the

^ Segmentation fault on gets
61517 [stevensl lin] a = ""
+ 61520 [djberge qwes] Does it help if you specify stdin explicitly? -> $stdin.gets
| + 61522 [michael_s_ca] ruby 1.7.2 (2002-06-29) [i386-mswin32]
| | 61594 [stevensl lin] Hmmm. OK, I'll check out my system. That's the most logical approach now.
| + 61548 [stevensl lin] No, it fails promptly on the first keystroke.
+ 61532 [hal9000 hype] Very odd. I've run Ruby on 98SE for ages and
+ 61555 [sdate kc.rr.] tst.rb:2:in `gets': Bad file descriptor (Errno::EBADF)
  61593 [stevensl lin] ruby 1.6.8 (2002-12-24) [i586-mswin32]

^ ruby -e not printing to stdout
61524 [jim freeze.o] jfn@juno 140 /home/jfn > ruby -v
+ 61540 [matz ruby-la] No.  Actually, I don't know what is causing this problem.
| 61562 [jim freeze.o] Ok, I found the source, (it doesn't appear to be Ruby's
| + 61570 [matt lickey.] I'm clueless as to what is actually causing your problem, but since
| + 61573 [phasis nownu] It is not redirection problem, but argument parsing problem.
| + 61575 [nobu.nokada ] The easiest and best way is to throw awy csh and use sh.
+ 61556 [nobu.nokada ] Just now I tried with 1.7.3 2002-10-02 and 1.8.0 2003-01-14 on

^ [ANN] FoxTails 0.1 for FXRuby
61527 [vjoel PATH.B] FoxTails is a set of extensions for FXRuby. (FXRuby is the Ruby bindings
61817 [robertm spel] Interesting package, could be quite useful.
61880 [vjoel PATH.B] That's the version I'm using, but I don't see the error.

^ 1.8.0 Preview & Test::Unit 0.1.6
61537 [john.carter ] It doesn't seem to have made it into 1.8.0 preview. Pity! What is

^ Re: 1.8.0 Preview &amp; Test::Unit 0.1.6
61538 [nathaniel NO] Well, it wasn't ready for the preview... the mail you quoted was sent
+ 61559 [matt lickey.] There is always Object#__id__
+ 61656 [john.carter ] Here is another one for you I have just found.

^ Extracting elements from an array.
61541 [dcarrera mat] I have a question about Enumerable#grep or perhaps Enumerable#map.
+ 61543 [vjoel PATH.B] array.select { |x| valid?(x) }
+ 61545 [cyclists nc.] array = Array[[0, "eliminate"], [1, "eliminate"], [5, "keep"], [1, "eliminate"],

^ drb documentation exists?
61542 [jonnypichler] i am searching for a drb (
+ 61544 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Is that "code in sight" or "code insight"?  Sorry about that being
| 61547 [sdate kc.rr.] I will gladly work with you on this Hugh, and perhaps we need to set up a
| 61550 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Thank you.  I'm sending you a larger reply off-list.
+ 61549 [sdate kc.rr.] I have also found Phil Tomson's article in Dr.Dobb's Journal  (Sep. 2002) a
+ 61616 [ahaha hahaha] thank you for your replys

^ Re: 1.8.0 Preview and Test::Unit 0.1.6
61561 [nathaniel NO] Ahh, I had forgotten about that - thanks for the pointer. My laptop is in
61569 [matt lickey.] Yes.  I think it is present in ruby 1.4 as well (if you're into that).
61659 [nathaniel NO] Youch! I'll check that out as soon as I get my machine back from the

^ native gui toolkit on windows (aka: are there people building windows gui app with ruby?)
61572 [davegaramond] as with many people, i too am quite surprised to find out that wxwindows

^ Dir.mkdir
61582 [zhoujing com] I am quite confused by the "Dir.mkdir( aString [, anInteger  ] ) -> 0"
61584 [kentda stud.] Could it be this?

^ Dir.chdir
61583 [zhoujing com] It seems that the class method "Dir.chdir" can't be used to implemnt
+ 61585 [matz ruby-la] Unfortunately, there's no way to change other process's current
+ 61640 [surrender_it] they are the same, actually.

^ customised serialisation - sometimes
61590 [alex pressur] I'm using Marshal to serialise objects, and I'm defining a custom
61595 [nemo hellotr] alias :old_dump :_dump

^ Dia and Ruby?
61591 [christopher.] Been playing with Dia a little bit (and dia2code), has anyone gotten it to

^ library/application packaging
61592 [piers ompa.n] Is there a document describing what is "best practice" for developing a
61596 [gsinclair so] Take a look at http://www.rubygarden.org/ruby?QuickGuideToPackaging.

^ FXRuby spacing and layouts
61597 [martindemell] Okay, for my crossword app I'm trying to construct a matrix of squares
61599 [lyle users.s] super(parent, FRAME_LINE | LAYOUT_FIX_WIDTH | LAYOUT_FIX_HEIGHT)
61604 [martindemell] Worked like a charm. Thanks!

^ Installing and using 'shim'
61600 [gsinclair so] I've downloaded 'shim' from the RAA.  It provides a 1.6 system with
61603 [decoux moulo] StringIO is one of these extensions which don't need documentation, or
61610 [gsinclair so] The README omits the string and string= methods that are defined in
61611 [decoux moulo] Then never use my extensions, because they are initially based on this

^ [FxRuby] How to make widget span columns in FXMatrix?
61618 [joey joeygib] I have an FXMatrix defined thusly
61624 [lyle users.s] I don't think you can do this (cells than span multiple rows or
61627 [joey joeygib] Yeah, that's the conclusion I was coming to. I did this with essentially

^ Doc Strings?
61620 [joey joeygib] I seem to remember something like this in Ruby, but I can't find it now. In
61622 [gsinclair so] No.  The closest thing (which isn't even close, because it's not
61625 [dossy panopt] class Module
61629 [chadfowler c] I was just thinking about how you could use __doc__ inside a method call
+ 61630 [mike stok.co] Do you mean caller?
+ 61631 [joey joeygib] There's the "caller" method that returns a stack list.
  61633 [austin halos] This one suffers from the same problem as Massimiliano Mirra's Documentable from last January (which allows for more than just objects) -- it uses class variables which are overridden in subclasses. Perhaps a method that somehow uses class instance variables.

^ $DEBUG and exceptions
61628 [vjoel PATH.B] What's the rationale for debug mode echoing all those exceptions to
61637 [vjoel PATH.B] Maybe it's not clear that I meant *handled* exceptions, as in the
61639 [matt lickey.] - prints out exceptions when they happen
61641 [vjoel PATH.B] Ah, I was overestimating the functionality of $DEBUG. I have
61642 [djberge qwes] Oracle.rb:40: warning: method redefined; discarding old to_i
61646 [lyle users.s] That's because turning on debugging also turns on warnings.

^ [note] oops - wrong alias
61634 [jonnypichler] "jjj" isn't my alias

^ Q: mod_ruby and ruby-dbi incompatible? (long and strange message)
61635 [mike osdn.or] I'm writing some prototype using mod_ruby, REXML and ruby-dbi;

^ Quick question for Japanese speaker
61653 [hal9000 hype] I've created a graphic based on the Kanji
61654 [joey joeygib] If someone can tell me what the kanji for Ruby is I can create it in a
+ 61657 [hal9000 hype] I don't have it handy... I bet babelfish could
+ 61658 [simon simon-] It's this one: http://ddtm.simon-cozens.org/ruby.png
  + 61666 [bruce codedb] This brings up another interesting question (for language geeks like me)...
  | 61674 [matz ruby-la] I encourage not to write the name of the language in Katakana.  So we
  + 61668 [hal9000 hype] Oh, thanks. That's better than the one I was
    + 61676 [matz ruby-la] The apple was named after the gem.  Anyway, since we write Ruby as
    + 61683 [simon simon-] "kuranai tama" literally means "purple jewel",  but yeah,
    | 61694 [nobu.nokada ] Well, "kurenai" means "deep red" and sometimes used as color of
    + 61702 [dan sidhe.or] I think if you're going to use the kanji, you should use the correct
      61718 [joey joeygib] I was talking to someone a while back who had seen someone wearing a shirt