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^ Ruby:  politics & performance [long]
61220 [lkrupp pssw.] The problem:  Read a structured file (the details are irrelevant)
+ 61235 [dossy panopt] There was discussion on the list a while back about integrating Judy/SL
+ 61244 [transami tra] Louis Krupp,
| 61259 [ptkwt shell1] except that he's talking about list_append as used in the parser... I
| 61268 [lkrupp pssw.] args 		: arg
| + 61270 [jim freeze.o] I have just finished working on a Hierarchical Line parser
| + 61416 [mhhohn sbcgl] In that case, a simple fix would be one extra indirection, assuming
+ 61247 [dcarrera mat] "[NArray] is a class of Numerical N-dimensional Array, whose elements are
+ 61250 [vjoel PATH.B] Louis,
+ 61284 [harryo zip.c] I'm not going to second-guess you, because I assume you've thought about your
| 61382 [lkrupp pssw.] The original data is binary, all shapes and sizes -- 8 bits, 16 bits,
| + 61383 [bulatz integ] can you auto-split generated program into several files? this must help with g++
| | 61399 [lkrupp pssw.] Yes, I tried something like that.  I had to split the C++ main()
| + 61403 [harryo zip.c] OK, so, you have a clean specification of the structure of the data; that
|   61406 [mike osdn.or] like there were any oversize problems *already*, huh?
|   61407 [harryo zip.c] I did say it was just an example :-).
+ 61309 [decoux moulo] No, the details are probably important
+ 61332 [decoux moulo] Can you try to do something similar with the second node in the list
  61370 [lkrupp pssw.] The second word (as I'm sure you know) is normally a count of how
  61373 [decoux moulo] Not the second word, the second element. For example actually you have
  + 61378 [lkrupp pssw.] I think I understand now.  I'll try it when I get a chance.
  + 61386 [matz ruby-la] This is interesting.  I will try this in 1.8.0.
    + 61387 [decoux moulo] Something like this (not fully tested)
    | 61402 [matz ruby-la] Thank you!
    + 61408 [ptkwt shell1] Cool.  That's the good thing about 'corner cases' like the application the

^ [ANNOUNCE] Win32Serial 0.1
61224 [whitton atla] After messing around with Ruby and Windows serial programming for a few days,

^ Instance vars as arguments to initialize()?
61229 [invalid inva] class A
61233 [invalid inva] Well, to follow up to myself, I would have to say that wouldn't make a
+ 61239 [dblack candl] Just for historical interest, you might want to have a look at
| 61336 [invalid inva] Thank you for the link. I had looked on groups.google.com, but didn't
+ 61280 [chadfowler c] Another fun little Ruby-ism is that you could use "Struct" as a shortcut
| 61335 [invalid inva] Very nice. I didn't even know the Struct class existed. Got to crack the
+ 61312 [gsinclair so] class Class
  61323 [gsinclair so] class Class
  61334 [invalid inva] That's pretty slick. I had not thought to do that, but now that
  61346 [gsinclair so] Well that was the first time I ever used it; just wanted to get it out

^ [ANN] xml-configfile 0.6.0
61230 [contact maik] Yo!

^ how to call an .exe? / how to access a rb-script via webserver?
61232 [jonnypichler] i'm currently working out a solution for an interesting problem

^ unsubscribe
61238 [cf mannby.co] unsubscribe cf@mannby.com

^ unsubscribe
61249 [mxiao ee.ual] unsubscribe mxiao@ee.ualberta.ca

^ time & timezones
61251 [crf sbox.tu-] It's time again to call upon the higher powers for enlightenment, bear
61453 [nobu.nokada ] Time#gmtime
61535 [crf sbox.tu-] [existence of Time.parse .rfc822 etc.]

^ wxRuby
61252 [dcarrera mat] Is there any source code for wxRuby anywhere?
61298 [info mjais.d] do not know what the status is, it sees very new.
61301 [curt hibbs.c] Work on wxRuby has been on hold since October while I/we have focused on
61405 [dcarrera mat] Could I get the code that you currently have?  Just to look at it.  I've

^ a smart way...
61254 [daniel.danie] I'm new and I'm searching for an smart way to extract
+ 61255 [dblack candl] You can generate a MatchData object, and then address that object
+ 61256 [dcarrera mat] The brackets () in a regular expression cause Ruby to "remember" the
| 61297 [daniel.danie] Pine.GSO.4.44.0301112014240.757-100000@demoivre.math.umd.edu...
| 61391 [djberge qwes] <file name="daniel">.split("=").last.gsub('[">]','')
+ 61258 [sdate kc.rr.] How about this?

^ 1.8 make install leads to recursion...
61262 [ptkwt shell1] $ ./configure --prefix=/home/phil/ruby-1.8

^ drb bug?
61264 [vjoel PATH.B] The code I just posted on the client/server observer thread[1] seems to
61274 [m_seki mva.b] I think, its blocks were GCed.
61276 [vjoel PATH.B] Same problem, after this change.
61288 [m_seki mva.b] oops. it is drb's problem. I have noticed this behavior just now.
61299 [vjoel PATH.B] Thanks, both of those work. I understand the first one, but for the

^ Help: How do I read data from CGI#multipart_form?
61269 [jim freeze.o] I am trying to create a file upload web page using CGI and webrick.

^ sorting with the Swartzian transform
61271 [dcarrera mat] This email is simply for the benefit and/or reading pleasure of ruby
+ 61294 [martindemell] class Array
| 61359 [bulatz integ] just ".sort" will be faster (in most cases :)
| + 61362 [martindemell] Good point! Yet another place where Ruby just does the right thing.
| + 61389 [dcarrera mat] Yes, but it does something different.  '.sort' sorts in ASCIIbetical
|   + 61392 [hal9000 hype] What are you talking about? I think you're
|   | 61397 [dcarrera mat] => [10, 2]
|   + 61395 [martindemell] a = [[10, 20], [3, 4], [1, "a"]]
|   + 61396 [dblack candl] irb(main):008:0> [10,2].sort
|   + 61455 [bulatz integ] sorry, perl days is over :)
+ 61295 [eban os.rim.] Ruby 1.8 has Enumerable#sort_by.
  61311 [dcarrera mat] Ruby never ceases to amaze me.  :)
  61326 [michael_s_ca] good stuff daniel; I only "got" the transform in my perl days about 30 seconds

^ An extension to alias?
61277 [tim bates.id] alias dofoo @foo.do
61313 [gsinclair so] That sounds pretty specialised (i.e. I'm not interested in it ;).  I

^ mod_ruby and Mac OS X
61281 [dan.bailey f] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 61285 [dcarrera mat] Well, I don't know MacOS doesn't come with libruby.a but one way to get it
| 61287 [mwilson13 co] Mac OS X does not come with GNU autoconf/automake tools or make or gcc.
+ 61286 [mwilson13 co] You are missing libruby.a, which is not included in the Mac build of
| 61290 [transami tra] has anyone informed apple of this? someone needs to tell them to include
+ 61371 [digibren mac] if your ruby is the one installed with mac os x, you need to install

^ Re: remote collaborative programming
61282 [phlipcpp yah] Feel free to request an apology if you are not in fact a puppet of the sock
61321 [vvz2 yahoo.c] I do like that OnlineHomeBase, while pretty much as simple as WIKI,
61328 [phlipcpp yah] Only all of them (Google for WikiEngines).

^ mod_ruby binary for win32 (Apache 2.0.40)
61303 [langer tourn] is there someone who knows, if a binary is available for Apache 2.0.40
84940 [moriq moriq.] I succeeded in compile of mod_ruby-1.1.1 yesterday.

^ Spelling correction: [ was Re: sorting with the Swartzian transform]
61314 [dcarrera mat] I misspelled Randal's name.   It's should have been "Schwartzian

^ Strange message when superclass expression raises an error
61318 [jeremy chaos] I was using "class Foo < foo ... end" where "foo" is some arbitrary
61320 [decoux moulo] Well, this is changed in 1.8.0
61325 [jeremy chaos] Oops, I should have said I was using 1.6.8 .  Another reason to


^ waiting for a file lock without blocking other threads
61342 [vjoel PATH.B] Is there a way to wait for a file lock without blocking other threads in
61343 [vjoel PATH.B] Oops, a typo. I meant to get the same kind of lock in each case, whether

^ RubyCocoa Ruby script problems
61347 [mwilson13 co] I'm having a little trouble with some of the RubyCocoa examples (in
61355 [hisa imasy.o] * More than one ruby is installed in your system.

^ OT: IE blatantly defiant of HTML standards
61349 [transami tra] so i'm developing a huge web app in Ruby and i've been using Mozilla. i have
+ 61350 [daniel zeped] Welcome to the real world of web programming. I feel you. Once you get
+ 62019 [drbrain segm] ave=20
  + 62021 [transami tra] thanks! what's DTRT stand for? so basically i have to use javascript to adjust
  | + 62022 [drbrain segm] djust=20
  | + 62023 [michael_s_ca] (DTRT = Do The Right Thing)
  | | 62026 [transami tra] i knew someone would bring that up. well it's temporary, i change it from time
  | | 62189 [    s xss.de] You know, I always check to see if the fireworks display changed...
  | + 62030 [dcarrera mat] Any chance it might be Toronto?
  |   62043 [n1k0 rogers.] Thats what i thought at first, but then i remembered seeing the sideview of the city with the fireworks in "Frasier" (a comedy show for those not living in north america). The show is set in Seattle.
  + 62046 [dim colebatc] question - what are you using to develop it on?  mod-ruby?  radical?
    + 62047 [Lachlan_Pitt] I was curious about this sig too...<grin>
    + 62048 [transami tra] mod_ruby with eruby. i only recently heard of radical and haven't looked into
      + 62049 [dim colebatc] thanks for the response.  I'll have a look at amrita and look forward to
      + 62050 [tim bates.id] Amrita is the ultimate in code/markup separation - The template can be 100%
        62051 [gsinclair so] If it's "one of the best" you've seen, what else is up there?
        62052 [tim bates.id] I agree, there's not much that compares, but anything that gets the code out

^ UML tool for Linux?
61351 [tim bates.id] Does anyone know of a good OO modelling (UML?) tool for Linux, that works well
+ 61353 [scottbrooks ] You could try Dia, it's pretty language agnostic, but I'm not sure if it
| + 61365 [cedric.foll-] And them dia2code which translate the UML diagramme to code (C++, C, Java,
| + 61521 [eric.schwart] I haven't been able to figure out how to do moderately complex
+ 61388 [gfb tonesoft] Try Poseidon (http://www.gentleware.com). It is written in Java, however may
+ 61398 [emezaj yahoo] Umbrello (KDE) in sourceforge
| 61404 [emezaj yahoo] I forgot the URL ...
| 61414 [otski tpg.co] Just a minute ago, I was wondering whether there was a UML package for KDE.
+ 61449 [ptkwt shell1] I'm not answering your question, but asking you a question... please don't
| + 61450 [scottbrooks ] I've never really used UML myself, so these are just my random
| + 61451 [gsinclair so] Doing this kind of prototyping is a great way to work, especially if
| + 61454 [tim bates.id] I haven't actually used UML before, which is why I'm only just looking for
| | + 61456 [dim colebatc] I find exactly the same thing - I go through forests of paper just
| | | 61458 [mwilson13 co] I'm relatively new to serious programming and started looking at UML
| | | 61460 [Lachlan_Pitt] Phil,
| | + 61463 [ptkwt shell1] I was originally more of a hardware engineer than a software engineer, now
| + 61504 [gemerson eva] To me, UML is good for a few things.  First, it is a language which can be
|   61528 [hal9000 hype] I tend to agree with Phil. But maybe that's just because,
|   61552 [bruce codedb] I think there already is-- we call it 'Ruby' ;-)
+ 61470 [per.mikael.l] Try this http://www.objecteering.com/downloads.php
+ 61505 [gemerson eva] I use Dia, personally, but my boss writes our diagrams using Visual UML on
+ 61567 [jweirich one] I came across this tool a while back ...

^ arguments as actual objects
61354 [transami tra] i was wondering if anyone's thought any more on the idea of making arguments
61369 [dblack candl] I don't think there's anything wrong with using * .  We use operators
61422 [transami tra] i'm not really saying that there is anything wrong with it per se. only

^ Array_Of(AClass)
61356 [transami tra] i wonder, a coding challenge of sorts, what would it talk to create an
+ 61357 [tim bates.id] Oh, so you want type checking now? ;)
| 61372 [dossy panopt] I think, staying in line with OO principles, #all_responds_to?(x)
+ 61360 [gsinclair so] Sorry, I give up.  I can't see how to do it elegantly.  I guess it's
  + 61419 [transami tra] yes, i have found it tricky too. you made a good start of it though. i'll play
  + 61421 [dblack candl] Technique #2 is not a drop-in replacement for technique #1, though.
    61431 [gsinclair so] class << the_str
    61432 [hal9000 hype] I think eventually we're going to get some kind

^ [ANN] YAML.rb 0.49.1 -- Perfecting the parser, new merge indicator, base60
61358 [yaml-core wh] YAML.rb 0.49.1 now out.  [http://yaml4r.sf.net/]
61700 [rich infoeth] I tried to run the test suite against this on the Ruby (1.6.7) that
+ 61701 [jim freeze.o] Have your retried after increasing your stack limit?
| 61710 [rich infoeth] That works wonders.
+ 61712 [nathaniel NO] I'm glad I'm not the only one running in to this problem: have a look at

^ Where can i find the original SGML files?
61361 [cai pardan.o] i'm tring to translate Ruby Users' Guide into Chinese,but it seems that there isn't any SGML files of that guide online.so where can i find them?
61409 [ms iastate.e] No, there were never SGML sources.  The original format was HTML.

^ Ruby Weekly News
61364 [Dave Pragmat] Ruby Weekly News: 01/13/2003

^ [PATCH] ruby-1.8.0-preview1 AIX 4 compiling
61366 [moumar netco] here is a patch against 1.8.0-preview1 which fixes compiling problems on A=
61400 [nobu.nokada ] Well, I intended @ARCHFILE@ would be replaced with ruby.imp on
61466 [guillaume.pi] @ARCHFILE@ is replaced only if "enable-shared" is modified. Moving
61578 [nobu.nokada ] Nice, thank you.

^ Doesn't anyone do file uploads via html?
61368 [jim freeze.o] I have searched the archives and posted this message three times
+ 61384 [selander pdc] OK, I felt sorry for you and looked in too it just now (but I
| 61426 [austin halos] I haven't yet done this with Ruby.
+ 61478 [rshaw1961 ya] I did this several years ago using Java. Got it working OK. IIRC it
  61560 [jim freeze.o] Thanks for the tip. I tried a .txt file and it worked as it
  + 61568 [matt lickey.] I read your original post and Ruby's cgi.rb can understand file
  + 61588 [rshaw1961 ya] I think the Content-Type may be determined by the browser. If this is

^ Float#to_s ???
61374 [gsinclair so] I think I'm going mad....
+ 61375 [gsinclair so] => 1042465453
| 61377 [jim freeze.o] irb(main):005:0> VERSION
| 61379 [gsinclair so] Thanks for the results, Jim.  You're right that the digits are there,
| 61380 [decoux moulo] No, no
| 61381 [gsinclair so] Thanks for that, Guy.  I've confirmed it here.  Silly me, I should
+ 61376 [jim freeze.o] irb

^ Problem with Tcl/Tk
61394 [collinsm sur] /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.6/tk.rb:7:in `require': No such file to load --
61428 [m_libby ands] Yes. But probably not in the way of external libraries. What's missing is a
61501 [ ujh gmx.com] a=20

^ is flock broken on solaris?
61410 [vjoel PATH.B] I've tested this program on linux boxes with 1 and 2 processors, but on
61412 [vjoel PATH.B] I should have pointed out that the File.read call (within the lock
61424 [djberge qwes] I might be totally off here, but are you using NFS by any chance?  According
61434 [vjoel PATH.B] I've heard about flock/NFS/Linux problems, but I thought on Solaris

^ trouble understanding const_set()
61411 [nemo hellotr] I'm trying to understand why the following code is giving me an error.  It
+ 61480 [chr_news gmx] This has little to do with const_set - its essentially a
| 61489 [nemo hellotr] OK, I guess I understand const_set... I guess I even understand the scoping
+ 61661 [dooby d10.ka] It

^ Re: [FR-devel] Re: wxRuby
61413 [curt hibbs.c] However, be forewarned: I only checked it in to CVS so that I did not have
61958 [dcarrera mat] How can I download the sources from savanah if I don't have cvs installed
+ 61975 [gsinclair so] That's never stopped me from installing CVS (under my home directory).
| 61977 [dcarrera mat] I've already installed Ruby, Gtk+, gaim, swig, ncurses, xgettext,
| 61979 [gsinclair so] 2,597,558 bytes, not including the download.  That's under Cygwin,
+ 61983 [llothar web.] You do not need an installation of cvs. If you are on windows you need only
  61999 [warren freed] what you can do is download the cvs client source code and ./configure

^ HOWTO: building ruby 1.6.8 with fink on mac os x
61415 [digibren mac] building 1.6.8 on os x with readline, gdbm, tcltk, x11
61433 [hisa imasy.o] <http://www.imasy.or.jp/~hisa/mac/rubycocoa/news.en.html#1042297376>
61457 [digibren mac] thank you for the link, I had been at your page earlier today but had

^ RCR: Blockless any? and all?
61418 [martindemell] Natural meanings - a.any? checks if anything in a is neither false or
61482 [matz ruby-la] Sounds good.

^ subclasses
61420 [lists debona] To determine the age of a file in days, I decided to extend on the
61423 [ahoward fsl.] class Stat
61425 [lists debona] This doesn't work. The original must have been defined the same way as I
61427 [lists debona] class File

^ Yet Another Test First Example ... in Ruby
61435 [jweirich one] Our local XP group did a Test-Driven Design clinic.  Although most of
+ 61437 [jim freeze.o] The link is dead. Is it correct?
| 61438 [dim colebatc] works for me - very nice job too.
| 61439 [jim freeze.o] I keep getting a failure/timeout. Is it working for you now?
| 61440 [dim colebatc] as we speak...
| 61442 [botp delmont] try (assumming it's dns problem)
| 61443 [jim freeze.o] Thanks. My uplink must have a problem somewhere.
+ 61445 [sdate kc.rr.] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
| + 61448 [gsinclair so] It is a method, but calling it a keyword probably makes more sense to
| | 61452 [bruce codedb] Gavin,
| | 61459 [mwilson13 co] I think this is totally awesome and I would like to see more like it.
| + 61461 [jweirich one] I was speaking informally, but you are correct.  As Bruce Williams
+ 61507 [gemerson eva] This is great.  I want to sit programmers down with this on their first
+ 61523 [jim freeze.o] Great presentation. I am curious how you generated the html for
  61564 [jweirich one] I have a propgram that generates a set of HTML pages from a text