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^ [OT] Re: Ruby-lang site HTML problems
60905 [daniel zeped] Dictionary

^ Ruby advocacy in sigs
60910 [digibren mac] I've started using the following as a sig on leoville.com, a very large
61197 [surrender_it] www.ruby-lang.org
61266 [dug plusthre] Other than being unfortunately long, I think the sig below says "I'm new
+ 61283 [chadfowler c] <snip/>
| 61341 [martindemell] Little (72x4) code snippets that were sufficiently eye-catching would be
| + 61621 [batsman.geo ] This executes the tasks sequentially as you wait for each one to end
| | 61655 [martindemell] Good catch! I'd subtly misunderstood the way in which 'join' worked - I
| + 61638 [surrender_it] ruby haiku ?
|   + 61643 [martindemell] Wonderful term! Wish i'd thought of it.
|   + 61644 [gfb tonesoft] A small refactoring ;-) --
|     61645 [dcarrera mat] Well, the idea is that any reader can understand the code, thus
|     + 61647 [gfb tonesoft] You can't figure it out, yes, but you feel there's something in it (beer?
|     | 61651 [dcarrera mat] Hhmmm... I might agree with you if we were trying to advocate Perl.  But
|     + 61649 [reeses astro] I don't know if sending buggy code is the best way to
|     | + 61650 [gfb tonesoft] What do you mean? It runs perfectly well for me, I copied-and-pasted it
|     | + 61652 [gfb tonesoft] Oh, I seem to see what you meant: a leading space before EOH in Daniel's
|     |   + 61744 [reeses astro] Actually, I was thinking more in terms of declension.
|     |   + 62442 [reeses astro] Actually, I was thinking more in terms of declension.
|     + 61662 [phasis nownu] How about submit it at http://99-bottles-of-beer.ls-la.net/ ?
|       + 61663 [botp delmont] Would this be readable enough?
|       + 61664 [dblack candl] And about a million in the ruby-talk thread starting at
|         61667 [hal9000 hype] Ha... FWIW, I claim priority over that
|         61678 [transami tra] -matz, Pick-Axe Foward
|         61684 [hgs dmu.ac.u] This was right at the time of publication, but this is a moving
|         + 61685 [simon simon-] I think arguing about "power" in Turing-complete languages is silly
|         | 61688 [bulatz integ] "ruby is almost as powerful as turing machine" :)
|         | 61693 [lone-star ho] well how about "Ruby - More powerful than a turing machine"
|         | 61698 [bulatz integ] it's good news because Turing Machines are still too expensive
|         + 61687 [transami tra] its funny, i was thinking about this tonight. did anyone notice the post on
|           + 61689 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Fair point
|           | 61705 [batsman.geo ] Then Ruby would be perceived as "another set of random features". Lots
|           | 61708 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Well, they aren't random, they are the bits those lanaguage users
|           | + 61709 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Ooops!  "Read through carefully to see if you any words out." :-)
|           | | 61793 [bulatz integ] i know about 30 or so programming languages and think that ruby is best
|           | + 61711 [martindemell] "Ruby - perfectly simple, and vice versa" :)
|           |   61714 [vjoel PATH.B] Nice.
|           + 61690 [martindemell] Ruby - putting the fun back into programming
|           | 61697 [stevensl lin] Hear! Hear!
|           + 61725 [whitton atla] I advocate ruby on slashdot whenever I get the chance. Whenever a topic is
|             61745 [tim bates.id] That one's wrong. Anyone who knew Ruby and actually read it would spot it, but
|             + 61746 [dblack candl] Also, puts will put each digit on a different line.  print will
|             | 61753 [dblack candl] Whoops, I spoke to soon :-)  (See other responses re: behavior
|             + 61750 [eric.schwart] Er,
|             + 61751 [Ephaeton gmx] Anyone who knews ruby would spot it, uh huh.
|             | 61756 [tim bates.id] Ooops. Anyone who -thought- they knew Ruby. Hmmm.
|             | 61770 [botp delmont] Ruby Undoubtedly the Best Yet.
|             + 61795 [bulatz integ] or
|             | 61796 [botp delmont] Yikes! I do not even reach ten (including spoken :-). I hope you stick to
|             | 61800 [botp delmont] aha, got you on that :-)
|             + 61860 [whitton atla] Doh! LOL, guess I should have previewed before I posted. Thanks for
|               61912 [gtzip earthl] How about a sig like this?
|               62062 [YuriLeikind ] If you wanted to make a hint about Ruby's origins, then kung-fu has
+ 61329 [surrender_it] That's true , I admit, and I think the same.
  61330 [transami tra] honestly, i think they all suck really. Ruby just sucks less.
  61333 [dcarrera mat] I disagree.  I wouldn't like to program by talking to the computer.  I
  61337 [transami tra] Daniel,
  61338 [dcarrera mat] That's an interesting expression.  What does that mean?

^ String#unpack and big-endian versus little-endian
60911 [harryo zip.c] I hit an interesting problem yesterday.  I have a Ruby script that reads the
60919 [matt lickey.] See http://www.rubycentral.com/book/ref_c_string.html#String.unpack.
+ 60920 [djberge qwes] Unless I've missed something, what about byte.reverse!
| 60984 [harryo zip.c] Yes, there's another "working on 3 hours' sleep" problem :-) !!
+ 60983 [harryo zip.c] How did I miss those?!  There were heaps of others that were of use to me,

^ A Ruby Cellular Interface for Motorola T720
60912 [vmreyes us.i] I recently purchased a Motorola T720 Cellular phone and the StartFish
60989 [stephen.hill] Victor,

^ Re: Test::Unit fails w/no tests [was: testunit 0.1.6 problems]
60914 [nathaniel NO] In general I agree, although I'm trying to figure out how important the
+ 60921 [djberge qwes] I initially thought this meant I had done something wrong in setup and
+ 60942 [matz ruby-la] It's not good for my mental health, since "rubicon" has many empty
| 60964 [dave thomase] Think of them as an invitation to write code :)
+ 60947 [gsinclair so] But still, no uncaught exception was detected.
| + 60959 [michael_s_ca] I tend to agree with Gavin that an empty unit test shouldn't be flagged as a
| | + 60961 [hal9000 hype] I can see that. But playing devil's advocate, I think I see
| | | + 60962 [ tom u2i.com] They could be described as a separate category, a todo perhaps.
| | | | 61066 [nathaniel NO] But to play devil's advocate, isn't a failure by definition a todo?
| | | | + 61069 [dim colebatc] I would see the difference between failures (and errors) and TODOs is that
| | | | + 61071 [ tom u2i.com] True, but I would fix all my failing tests before implementing new
| | | + 60966 [dim colebatc] Hey all,
| | | + 61011 [michael_s_ca] Only because there isn't code TO test, not because of any "newness"
| | + 60986 [gsinclair so] running code so that each test class was run individually (instead of
| |   61068 [nathaniel NO] It's on my TODO list to add something like Rubicon's BulkTestRunner to
| + 61065 [nathaniel NO] Right. It should be a failure if it is anything.
|   61072 [gsinclair so] But it's distracting you from real failures as well.
|   61097 [nathaniel NO] Only if it's not a real failure itself. My plan now is to implement it
|   + 61101 [martin zsdfh] Excuse me for butting in late on in the thread, this may not be of any
|   | 61105 [nathaniel NO] While I want to make the transition for users of other xUnits as painless
|   + 61146 [gsinclair so] I'm happy with that.  It's not the default behaviour I would prefer,
+ 60992 [W.L.Kleb lar] I like the failure when you have an empty TestCase for the XP YAGNI reason
| + 60993 [nahi keynaut] +1 to failure, to keep health of test.
| | + 60995 [tim bates.id] Not necessarily. And not everyone practises XP as such. (I don't like major
| | | + 60997 [nahi keynaut] I'm not a XPer.  An old traditional test engineer. :)
| | | + 60998 [decoux moulo] yes, exclusive to 0.1.6
| | |   60999 [tim bates.id] Good, that was exactly what I expected, given my understanding of Ruby and
| | + 61075 [dsafari para] I agree with NaHi. I like having TestUnit fail when I have an empty TestCase
| + 61042 [dim colebatc] XP'er,
|   61060 [nathaniel NO] No, it wouldn't... the only thing that is (currently) an error is
|   61061 [dim colebatc] Nathaniel,
+ 61012 [dblack candl] Could there be a way to hook or override the default test, so that one
  61064 [nathaniel NO] Sure, it's trivial, and that's really at the core of the matter: where
  + 61084 [dblack candl] I think what I had in mind was a little different.  Let's say every
  | 61096 [nathaniel NO] Well, what's being discussed is actually empty test suites, not empty
  + 61214 [martindemell] Wouldn't enumerating them separately give you the best of both worlds?

^ rubynet-announce digest, Vol 1 #20 - 2 msgs
60915 [rubynet-anno] Send rubynet-announce mailing list submissions to

^ REXML basic question
60916 [probertm nor] $ cat x.xml
60923 [lyle users.s] Something like this?
60952 [probertm acm] Thanks, Lyle.

^ 'borrow' Tcl's virtual file system
60917 [ptkwt shell1] I saw this in an early version of the 'Year in scripting languages' that
+ 61077 [matz ruby-la] I don't anything in detail about Tcl's VFS, but is open-uri in the RAA
| + 61083 [Ephaeton gmx] Not really, matz. I haven't used it yet myself, but let me try to explain.
| + 61086 [dossy panopt] I don't think so.  open-uri (according to the RAA description) is just a
|   + 61087 [akr m17n.org] I think the `redirection' can be implemented by method dispatch if we
|   + 61135 [digibren mac] having used tcl in the past, I know what you refer to re: the VFS. I
|     61147 [transami tra] there is also a virtual file system project that works at the file system
|     61390 [erik solidco] Ruby interfaces for either of these would kick ass.
+ 61211 [AntiATField_] Doesn't that sound like Perl's TIEHANDLE interface? Ruby shouldn't need

^ [ANN] YAML.rb 0.49 -- new spec, new tokenizer
60924 [yaml-core wh] A whole lot of good words to all of you.
60927 [transami tra] the blessings continue.... thanks!

^ Another REXML Question
60925 [probertm nor] Suppose I have some HTML that I want to embed in my XML.
60934 [lyle users.s] This is a more general XML issue (i.e. not REXML-specific), but you'd
60951 [probertm acm] That is really interesting. If I do that, then I get the

^ The Year in Scripting Languages (Final Draft)
60926 [lyle users.s] All,
+ 60928 [transami tra] so who are we?
| 60931 [gemerson eva] Rubadors?  Ruby Ninjas?  Rubinettos?  Rubellas?
| 60935 [martindemell] Rubes :)
| 60938 [digibren mac] sounds too much like 'pubes', sorry but it's true. ruby miners is my
| 60950 [comp.lang.ru] - - It's a joke, son. Rube is very old american slang for somebody that is
+ 60929 [digibren mac] supposed to be 3 paragraphs. still way too long.
| 60936 [lyle users.s] Mitchell sent e-mail to the coordinators with the rough drafts from Lua,
| 60940 [digibren mac] yes, sorry. I knew I should have even as I posted but since it was so
| 60948 [gsinclair so] I agree with everything in Brennan's post except the above.  I think
| + 60953 [digibren mac] one more thing.
| | 61009 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I'd say ISBN also, as this allows all other data to be retrieved.
| + 60967 [jim freeze.o] We could put a single link to a wiki with the links provided.
+ 60930 [bruce codedb] Does anyone else think that YAML4R deserves a mention?
+ 60941 [armin xss.de] Very impressive what you all produced in so little time.
| + 60945 [lyle users.s] OK with me personally, but there were obviously many contributors. At
| + 60957 [mwilson13 co] You have my consent to do so.
|   60990 [martindemell] [about the German translation]
+ 60988 [simon simon-] Thanks for the Ruby bit, but where does the whole YiSL "thing" live?
  61007 [lyle users.s] I don't think it lives anywhere yet. When all of us (the Ruby

^ Complex#==
60932 [t-peters inv] 100 == :x

^ What Rubists should call themselves (was: Re: The Year in Scripting Languages (Final Draft))
60937 [rich lithino] Why not just 'Rubies'?
60939 [digibren mac] except that Ruby is a girl's name (at least in america) so it makes it
60954 [dcarrera mat] I don't mind a feminine name.  Technically "Ruby" is a feminine name and I

^ Rubyists (Re: The Year in Scripting Languages (Final Draft))
60943 [matz ruby-la] We are rubyists, and some of us are ruby hackers.
+ 60946 [digibren mac] I understand rubyists is the traditional (and perhaps correct) term.
| 60949 [transami tra] direct from the horse's mouth. Rubyists we are then.
| + 60960 [michael_s_ca] I'm a developer.  I happen to USE Ruby.  And Java.  And other things too.
| | 60963 [botp delmont] I have these on my docs :-)
| + 60987 [martindemell] In actual practice I call myself a ruby user.
+ 60965 [jim freeze.o] So, what is the difference between a rubyist and a ruby hacker?
  + 60974 [dcarrera mat] I don't know.  Perhaps a ruby hacker is someone who hacks ruby itself (C
  + 60979 [matz ruby-la] A rubyist is a person who shows any kind of devotion to the language.

^ OT: apple x11
60944 [digibren mac] just in case anyone missed the word on the wire, apple has released its
+ 60956 [lyle users.s] FOX (the C++ library) already works OK on Mac OS X with XDarwin,
+ 60991 [martindemell] Interesting - I'd attended a talk on "Mac OS X for unix users" where the
| 61018 [digibren mac] in the long run, I think he is right. hence Gtk and wxPython's ports to
+ 61001 [hisa imasy.o] I tried FreeRIDE with X11 for Mac OS X.  It was unstable a little,
| + 61008 [lyle users.s] Wow. Is this *running* on Mac OS X, or were you running on Linux and
| | 61013 [hisa imasy.o] There are no X11 clients which is running on any remote computer.
| | + 61014 [jim freeze.o] Was this the X11 on Mac OS X 10.2.3 or Oboro?
| | | 61015 [hisa imasy.o] This X11 was downloaded from <http://www.apple.com/macosx/x11/>.
| | | 61016 [digibren mac] thx for your screens. Oboro is an abbreviation for the oroborusX window
| | | 61022 [hisa imasy.o] The default window manager of X11 for Mac OS X is quartz-wm.
| | + 61190 [lyle users.s] Great! This gives me hope ;)
| |   61191 [hisa imasy.o] Though clear explanation is hard, I feel that RubyCocoa (what I am
| |   61345 [rich infoeth] All,
| + 61019 [gfb tonesoft] A little bit off topic in this off-topic thread ;-)
|   61020 [digibren mac] assuming you've done fink selfupdate-cvs   and you've done the proper
|   61025 [gfb tonesoft] Thanks a lot !!! I'll try this in the evening. I did not do "fink
+ 61209 [firoze lafee] I think you need to make sure you are using the latest package list from
| 61246 [bystr mac.co] Actually, my problem was solved when I installed Apple X11 SDK (there's
+ 61210 [firoze lafee] I think you need to make sure you are using the latest package list from

60955 [mmaryamabach] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand

^ Amrita Question
60958 [probertm nor] I'm on to part B -- using Amrita now.
60969 [martin zsdfh] I originally replied off-list cos I lost the original email, but I have
60976 [probertm acm] Indeed it is!  Thank you very much for that.

^ Test::Unit problem (via Rubicon, 1.7.3, Win98)
60977 [hal9000 hype] Tried running Rubicon on Win98 with Ruby 1.7.3
60978 [nathaniel NO] Actually, I've been messing with Rubicon under Test::Unit lately, too,

^ Adding hooks to TestUnit
60980 [ tom u2i.com] In Narf I have a module that is included in a test class to provide
+ 60981 [dim colebatc] use a singleton?
| 60982 [ tom u2i.com] I want to have something run before the setup in each test. As this is
+ 61044 [nathaniel NO] So basically you want to define some per-test setup that will be called
  61047 [ tom u2i.com] Module Web
  61055 [nathaniel NO] I've got to mull this over some more, because I'm still not sure it's
  + 61056 [dim colebatc] question from a ruby newbie.... I'm assuming there's no such thing as
  | 61058 [nathaniel NO] Well, as far as I know there's (thankfully!) nothing like final in Ruby.
  | 61059 [dim colebatc] hehe... "thankfully"  (o:  I suppose this is one of the differences between
  | 61062 [nathaniel NO] I'd say that this is one of the key advantages of dynamic languages over
  | 61063 [dim colebatc] I can certainly see the advantages of wanting to change a method definition
  + 61067 [ tom u2i.com] Fair enough, I don't mind using the super method for the time being.
    61070 [nathaniel NO] it's

^ emacs mode: font-lock problem
60996 [tpeters inva] In emacs, ruby mode with font-lock-mode turned on, this line gives
61023 [nobu.nokada ] Fixed, thank you.

^ XML Namespaces in sgml-parser
61000 [jschilling c] I posted this to c.l.ruby the other day.  Any comments?

^ @@'s are not inherited?
61002 [transami tra] please correct me if i'm wrong but i beleive i just discovered something i did
61003 [transami tra] @@'s are inherited by subclasses IF they are pre-defined in the parent. that's
+ 61004 [decoux moulo] "Class variables must be initialized before use. [...] Class variables
| 61005 [transami tra] my that was a fast reply with an exact quote. you know you pick-axe well! :)
| + 61006 [decoux moulo] I'm agree with you, english is a bad language for the documentation :-)))
| | 61049 [batsman.geo ] We should go on writing in Japanese then ;-)
| | + 61053 [botp delmont] English is dynamic (has room for both errors and modification; that is why
| | + 61205 [AntiATField_] That would be too hard to understand for some people like me (aren't
| |   61242 [michael_s_ca] With all due respect, your .sig is just a tad much, however funny or clever you
| + 61207 [sdate kc.rr.] Just Pick-axe ?
+ 61189 [billtj z.glu] Regards,
  61243 [transami tra] They should know "Things That Newcomers to Ruby Should Know" exists! :-)
  61275 [billtj z.glu] .... and thus mimicking Godel's Incompleteness Theorem?  :)