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^ [FXRuby] - Catching keypresses
60480 [lars-m gmx.n] I want my FXRuby application to close when the user hits any key (the
+ 60483 [lyle users.s] Widgets that the user typically interacts with, like text fields and
+ 60486 [lars-m gmx.n] Lyle, awesome, detailed answer. Somehow I am not compatible with Fox's

^ How do I alias_method class methods?
60487 [matt lickey.] /tmp/foo.rb:10:in `alias_method': undefined method `substitute_do_it'
60489 [decoux moulo] def do_substitute
60494 [matt lickey.] Thanks -- I also discovered instance_eval

^ md5 algorithms
60495 [Angel-Bunny ] i'm the maintainer of a ruby yahoo chat program, and i'm trying to
+ 60496 [matz ruby-la] No, now it's bundled to the interpreter.
| + 60498 [charlesb sum] bloody 'ell that was quick :P
| + 60499 [charlesb sum] I meant to ask. is there a way to specify the salt ??
|   + 60533 [matz ruby-la] What do you mean by "salt".  As far as I know, there's no salt in MD5
|   + 60540 [surrender_it] I suppose you're rferring to the ~md5 format of BSD
|     60564 [dali insula.] Look at
|     60569 [surrender_it] thanks ,  interesting to see I was not so far from the truth :)
+ 60500 [rubytalk box] MD5 implementation is part of standard library...

^ dump depth argument
60501 [transami tra] Marshal.dump(obj)   # okay
60502 [dossy panopt] $ ri Marshal#dump
60503 [transami tra] Dossy,
+ 60506 [transami tra] Hmm, I designed this to work.  And works fine on my box.  The only
| 60509 [transami tra] `dump': exceed depth limit (ArgumentError)
+ 60511 [dossy panopt] irb(main):007:0> class Foo
  60512 [transami tra] thanks Dossy, that's very helpful. now i finally know how to take an IO, use
  60550 [dossy panopt] When using the version of Marshal#dump that takes anIO as an arg, I
  60576 [transami tra] yes, i tried it and it bombs out. too bad it dosen't do all 1st level

^ RWiki problem
60514 [bystr mac.co] I am trying to install RWiki. I installed all required packages (with
60516 [gfb tonesoft] Never mind, I found erb-1.4.3 at

^ exerb with cui17z and md5 => segmentation fault
60517 [feldt ce.cha] I'm trying to get up to par with all great things that have happened in
60537 [sdate kc.rr.] Welcome back ! We missed you ... at least I did when I needed some guidance

^ Ruby in The Perl Journal
60519 [simon simon-] The January edition of the Perl Journal (http://www.tpj.com/) is now
60520 [austin halos] -austin

^ Win9x readline support
60521 [none none.co] Somewhere it is mentioned that if my Ruby is compiled with readline support,
60526 [ oct zoy.org] run irb
60535 [nobu.nokada ] Exactly normal.  Rather, from where did you install readline
60549 [ oct zoy.org] I don't have readline for windows, I just thought naively this was

^ FXRuby docs
60522 [none none.co] Is there any extensive documentation on FXRuby? A printable format would be
+ 60527 [bruce codedb] JJ,
+ 60558 [dave thomase] We'd love to. Of course, before that happens we'd have to sell enough
  60595 [joey joeygib] I've certainly gotten a lot of use out of my copy! In fact I'm re-reading
  60596 [mwilson13 co] O.K.!  I'll buy the hard copy and stop freeloading on the online
  60610 [gour mail.in] I also decided to do the same and ordered the hard copy (It should arrive any

^ Building Ruby 1.6.8 on BeOS 5
60523 [djberg96 yah] It's not dead!  It's just resting!
60536 [nobu.nokada ] I guess it's OK to just remove second get_syserr(), enclosed in

^ FXMemoryStream and FXJPGImage
60524 [ oct zoy.org] I'm trying to load an in memory JPG image (stored in a String object ) by
60587 [lyle users.s] I'll take a look at the issue(s) with FXMemoryStream on Monday; but if

^ using '&' as part of the command passed to IO.popen
60525 [jason persam] Hey folks,
60528 [phasis bclin] You can use multiple commands separated by the command separator && for

^ [ANN] RAA/2.2
60530 [nahi mwd.big] p RAA.succ!.version #=> 2.2.0

^ examining a method
60531 [nemo hellotr] I was thinking recently about how to examine an interface or, more simply, a
60532 [nemo hellotr] Oops, forgot the output...

^ Register for Free... Earn and Learn!
60538 [bandong4 net] My name is Jonathan Paul Calledo. I would like

^ testunit 0.1.6 problems
60541 [djberg96 yah] ruby 1.6.7, 1.6.8, 1.7.3
60556 [nathaniel NO] If you tell Test::Unit to run something, and there are no tests to run
+ 60557 [decoux moulo] print "\nVERSION of BDB is #{BDB::VERSION}\n"
+ 60579 [gsinclair so] A failure, in a test unit sense, means strictly (to me) that an

^ Cyclic Marshals :: again the need for a built in creation parent method
60542 [transami tra] okay, after way too many hours i was finally able to Marshal my objects and
60544 [matz ruby-la] Hmm, marshal should handle cyclic references. Could you show us the
60573 [transami tra] matz,

^ Embedding Ruby in C
60543 [dcarrera mat] I'm trying to figure out how to embed the ruby interpreter in C.
60552 [cyclists nc.] It's in the same chapter. See "Embedding a Ruby Interpreter," page 187.

^ Readline module in 1.6.8
60545 [dcarrera mat] I'm installing ruby 1.6.8 and the source distribution seems that it's
60551 [decoux moulo] libreadline is not installed on your system
60565 [dcarrera mat] Thanks, I'm making progress.
+ 60585 [digibren mac] last night when trying to install ruby from fink, I had a similar
+ 60724 [decoux moulo] Well, difficult to say with only these indications but librealines depend

^ compiling standalone with readline on osx
60546 [digibren mac] I am trying to compile ruby into /usr/local with readline support for

^ ڥȲ˥ãܤΣãġΤΤ餻
60548 [yokoso saku2] ã/2ϿãĤ1ߡ

^ poor performance of Marshal.dump on Hashes
60553 [ekarak softl] I've run into some serious performance problems with Marshal.dump.
+ 60554 [decoux moulo] Why do you want to have something linear ?
+ 60555 [matz ruby-la] ruby 1.8.0 (2002-12-31) [i686-linux]

^ object
60559 [manfred topp] werte = "anfang=123&ende=was"
+ 60560 [surrender_it] ++ I'm not sure what you asked, but it seems to me that you:: ++
| 60563 [ruby joelh.d] werte are  values .
+ 60562 [phlipcpp yah] You could think of a better Subject here...
+ 60567 [dcarrera mat] I suppose that Philips CGI solution is what you are really after.
  60570 [manfred topp] Yes and

^ MS Acess-> Ruby? (newbie)
60568 [hpankaux ear] I have created several desktop database applications with MS Access. I
+ 60582 [mikkelfj-ant] There is Ruby DBI as a generic DB interface - requires some DB installed -
| 60586 [hpankaux ear] Thanks for the insight. Most of my users are NOT very computer literate.
| 60612 [mikkelfj-ant] You can use the FOX GUI (FxRuby) for user interface - it's in the one click
+ 60614 [m_libby ands] Good call! :)

^ small ruby job
60572 [pate eylerfa] I was talking to an editor at Manning the other day, and he mentioned a
60581 [dave thomase] FWIW, I've already got a script that culls sales ranks off Amazon. It

^ Using TCPServer with multiple network cards
60575 [web2ed yahoo] How can one use TCPServer with more than one network card; e.g. how
60584 [B.Candler po] It's the first argument to the constructor...
60621 [web2ed yahoo] I tried this before but it doesn't work.
+ 60644 [B.Candler po] TCPServer has no concept of a "network card" nor of named interfaces like
+ 60646 [matz ruby-la] Specifying the third and fourth argument to TCPSocket.open may help

^ RAA mirror site
60590 [ringo hompo.] Is there a RAA mirror site?
60591 [nahi mwd.big] I'm sorry for your inconvenience, especially on our web site which

^ Ruby web articles etc
60592 [rdsteph eart] I hope I am not intruding too much, so I will keep this brief. I have
60609 [digibren mac] looks nice so far, only saw a few non-ruby-related articles that
61172 [jbritt ruby-] While I haven't had a chance to see your site, there is a list of Ruby articles (though perhaps incomplete) on www.ruby-doc.org

^ Trouble installing Ruby for a hosting client
60593 [joe hostpc.c] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
+ 60608 [digibren mac] charset=ISO-8859-1;
+ 60627 [invalid inva] Try an "ls -ld /usr/local/bin". The permissions section of the output

^ A Modest Speedup of Some Benchmarks
60594 [probertm nor] I recently buried in my announcement for the new version

^ ɬ
60597 [runrun5 hotm] HH

^ arch
60600 [zhoujing com] What is the ruby way to query the arch of the system? Thanks.
+ 60601 [dsafari para] Maybe this is what you are after.
+ 60607 [nobu.nokada ] puts RUBY_PLATFORM
  60698 [zhoujing com] Yes. That works. But how do you find it out? What are the things related to it?
  60713 [djberge qwes] <shameless plug>

^ executing block at toplevel from within a class
60603 [transami tra] how do i execute a block for the toplevel from within a class method?
60606 [nobu.nokada ] puts eval("goneup")
60613 [transami tra] that's odd. can get to it through eval but not otherwise? ugh, so is there no
+ 60615 [nobu.nokada ] No.  Local variables (and constants now) are defined lexically.
| 60639 [transami tra] module Kernel
| 60640 [transami tra] i recant my warning. this DOES NOT lockup up one's system. something locked up
+ 60619 [ahoward fsl.] a toplevel local variable wouldn't be very different from a global.

^ Forward: Drafting a "The Year in Scripting Languages"
60604 [matz ruby-la] Is anybody interested in the following and willing to write an article
+ 60605 [gsinclair so] If you still want to do it, I say go for it.  Your English is very
| 60611 [matz ruby-la] The deadline is 9th.  It takes far longer than you thought for me to
+ 60629 [pmak aaanime] Maybe you can write it in Japanese, and then someone else can
+ 60652 [ptkwt shell1] I noticed several replies which said that they could not do this - I
  + 60653 [mwilson13 co] I would be happy to help with that as well.
  + 60662 [matz ruby-la] How sweet your idea!  [ruby-talk:60630] and [ruby-talk:60654] should
    60668 [mwilson13 co] charset=US-ASCII;
    + 60669 [digibren mac] charset=US-ASCII;
    + 60677 [hal9000 hype] links.]
    | 60680 [gsinclair so] An excellent milestone.  Congratulations, Hal.
    + 60723 [lyle users.s] This looks great so far. Like some others on the list, I'd like to help
    | + 60725 [mwilson13 co] Thank you for the kind words.  Please Wikify it, unless Phil Tomson has
    | + 60727 [matz ruby-la] Just go ahead, please.   It's embarrassing that I'm ignorant about
    + 60807 [angus quovad] I'm posting this late, and I also didn't see the wiki page because I'm

^ Re: Interfaces in Ruby (attempted summary)
60616 [bob.news gmx] in order to clarify my understanding of the issue at hand I tried to
60626 [jweirich one] Good Summary ... I'd like to add a few comments.
+ 60628 [martindemell] (c) They permit reasonably watertight multiperson projects.
| 60631 [jweirich one] Isn't (c) a restatement of (a)?  Or is there something other than static
| 60635 [martindemell] Aren't contracts distinct from static type checks?
| + 60637 [ tom u2i.com] Definitely, it is quite reasonable to do type checking at
| + 60706 [jweirich one] Oops ... of course.
+ 60739 [bob.news gmx] "Jim Weirich" <jweirich@one.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  60758 [jweirich one] Are you advocating running the unit test in the runtime code?  I'm not
  60789 [bob.news gmx] "Jim Weirich" <jweirich@one.net> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Accessing a block's "receiver"
60617 [martindemell] class String
60648 [dblack candl] Does "disaster" include causing all Ruby code to stop working? :-)
60679 [martindemell] No, I meant an implicit recv (much as method calls don't need an

^ bad interpreter
60620 [marnaudo inw] masarn1@gull:~$ ruby test.rb
+ 60622 [eban os.rim.] chmod +x test.rb
| 60707 [marnaudo inw] masarn1@gull:~$ chmod +x test.rb
| 60740 [batsman.geo ] chmod 755 test.rb
| 60918 [marnaudo inw] masarn1@gull:~$ chmod 755 test.rb
| 60922 [ ted php.net] Silly question: is /usr/local/bin/ruby executable?
+ 60623 [behrends cse] Check the permissions on test.rb itself, not just the Ruby executable.
+ 60624 [surrender_it] ciao :)
| 60708 [marnaudo inw] Riciao :>
| 60741 [surrender_it] 1)Check where is your ruby interpreter
+ 60710 [decoux moulo] This is a shell script or what ?
| 61316 [marnaudo inw] ELFP44 (4444L  /lib/ld-linux.so.2GNU

+ 60985 [mkcon gmx.de] I always found the solution of these kind of problems by
  61045 [marnaudo inw] masarn1@gull:~/Ruby$ ./test.rb 2> error.log
  + 61046 [dblack candl] You forgot the 'strace' :-)
  | 61052 [zhware hotpo] Maybe ruby is not in /usr/local/bin. Or it is not in your
  | 61183 [marnaudo inw] masarn1@gull:~/Ruby$ which ruby
  | + 61186 [daniel zeped] What happens when you call /usr/local/bin/ruby straight from the command
  | | 61304 [marnaudo inw] It works.
  | + 61292 [batsman.geo ] Guy (Decoux) already asked you, but it seems you didn't read
  | | + 61293 [tim bates.id] -rwxr-xr-x    1 root     root         3116 Oct 21 01:42 /usr/bin/ruby
  | | | 61307 [batsman.geo ] Aaaaawww!
  | | + 61315 [marnaudo inw] I, now, understand your answer.
  | + 61430 [zhware hotpo] 1. What are the permitions on test.tb? 755 (do you have +x for the current user)
  |   61533 [marnaudo inw] -rwxr-xr-x    1 masarn1  masarn1        45 gen 10 22:30 /home/masarn1/Ruby/test3.rb
  |   + 61536 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I have seen this before from bash.  I have just dowloaded the
  |   + 61589 [han.holl pri] what does 'od -c test.rb' show ?
  |   + 61619 [batsman.geo ] Must be this!!!!
  |     61636 [marnaudo inw] Bingo! Now it works!
  + 61201 [surrender_it] you missed "strace".
    61317 [marnaudo inw] Ops!

^ Re: Forward: Drafting a 'The Year in Scripting Languages'
60625 [dcarrera mat] I do think that this is something we should do.  I can't do it myself
60630 [mwilson13 co] I also don't think I can write the article because I don't know what's
+ 60654 [transami tra] Here's my contribution to the article. Please edit and improve!
+ 60666 [digibren mac] dont forget english publication of ruby in a nutshell. :D
  60721 [chadfowler c] How about The Ruby Developers' Guide?
  60722 [hal9000 hype] Right. I think the comp.lang.ruby FAQ has a complete

^ telnet session in ruby
60632 [saspurss lib] How I can to do a telnet session in ruby. Thank you.
+ 60633 [ruby joelh.d] There is a StandardLib 'Net::Telnet' which provides a lot of Useful Comands
+ 60634 [surrender_it] there is a module for this: net::telnet

^ Compile time constant folding?
60636 [dan sidhe.or] Here's a quick question, now that parrot's close to getting object
+ 60638 [m_libby ands] Short answer? No.
+ 60645 [probertm acm] IMO, the POLS wouldn't be breeched if this were to happen.
| 60649 [dan sidhe.or] I can see it going either way--the interpreter could do what it's
| + 60651 [vjoel PATH.B] And in this case we have to assume that sin and log are pure functions,
| | 60656 [dan sidhe.or] Never! Never I say--first constant expressions, next the world!
| | 60658 [tim bates.id] Shouldn't it be the programmer's responsibility to find these cases and take
| | + 60661 [matz ruby-la] It's OK to make them compiler's responsibility as long as it can be
| | + 60667 [dan sidhe.or] It's been my unpleasant experience that any statement that starts
| + 60714 [probertm nor] I say: 15.002 --> optimise.  ;-)
|   + 60716 [hal9000 hype] on
|   | + 60720 [dan sidhe.or] Yeah, at this point I'm thinking we need more facilities for fast
|   | + 60728 [probertm nor] I think I now understand where my thinking is going off.
|   + 60719 [dan sidhe.or] Maybe, but add isn't necessarily add--it's the actions that need to
+ 60647 [matz ruby-la] I didn't take it, because
  + 60655 [dan sidhe.or] You'd be surprised, especially when you factor in some other
  | 60683 [dali insula.] Could the programmer help the compiler with guessing when the
  | 60718 [dan sidhe.or] Generally not--it seems to hurt more than it helps in places where
  + 64007 [steink ping.] Wouldn't it be nice to have the compiler not to fold this expressions

^ [ANN] xml-configfile 0.2.0
60641 [contact maik] My first Ruby library called 'xml-configfile' was just released.

^ Webrick threading issue?
60642 [robert leftw] I am learning Ruby as a prototyping/spiking/development tool and have a

^ should super's position be kept irrelevant?
60643 [transami tra] this is really just a question of taste i think, but i'm wondering if you
+ 60682 [just6979 yah] to me, that's the least suprising way to work. when you call super
+ 60684 [martindemell] It's not a question of relevance - it's just that super returns a value,
  60686 [martindemell] Misread your post - please ignore :)