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^ Ruby/Tk problem (Re: ANN: ruby 1.6.8)
59886 [nagai ai.kyu] I know. But I don't have enough time and any idea to fix this problem.
59924 [pbrannan atd] I think one solution is to use Tcl_SetNotifier to hook into Tcl's event
59930 [nagai ai.kyu] Thank you for your advice. But, unfortunately, We'll not be able to use
59933 [brian coolna] Why would editing the source code of Tcl/Tk not be allowed?
59948 [nagai ai.kyu] Then, we must force Ruby/Tk users to patch and compile Tcl/Tk

^ freeide 0.5.0rc1 errors
59887 [khindenburg ] Linux version with ruby 1.6.8 and latest versions of the other stuff....
59888 [manfred topp] try to compile FXRuby with fxscintilla.
59896 [khindenburg ] Hmm, now it is even worse; freeide won't even startup.  The error before was
+ 59918 [manfred topp] it's running for me.
+ 59943 [john.carter ] Yip, been there done that, got that particular T-shirt.

^ Ruby 1.8.0 on Win32
59890 [aleksei.guze] Is there any problem building Ruby 1.8.0 on Win32?
59891 [usa osb.att.] About 1.8.0-preview1, yes.
+ 59892 [usenets nyc.] what's the major changes from 1.6/1.7. Thanks.
+ 59927 [usenets nyc.] where can I get the binary?
  59946 [nahi keynaut] mswin32: http://www.dm4lab.to/~usa/ruby/index_en.html
  59978 [usa osb.att.] Maybe 1.8.0 binary of mswin32 will be downloadable in a few

^ mod_ruby: What is the lifetime of my objects ?
59893 [delirious_no] _Level:_
59897 [austin halos] Unless you're instantiating the objects in an object store or
59898 [delirious_no] Hmmm, this is indeed the behaviour I would expect. Still I wonder why I

^ How to create a text menu ?
59894 [jbfree netco] I'm a new Ruby programmer and I would like
59908 [bruce codedb] Jb,

^ Recovering lost RAA password
59899 [idan idanso.] Having lost the password to one of my projects in RAA, is it possible to
59907 [usa osb.att.] Email to www-admin@ruby-lang.org.
59912 [nakahiro sar] As U.Nakamura-san said, write an e-mail to us.

^ Tc/GTC/Fox - so many?
59902 [rrytov entop] I have no expirience with Perl or Tcl so variety of UI libs a bit
59904 [mwilson13 co] Searching on the mailing list archive for ruby-talk will have lots of

^ [long] Re: Tc/GTC/Fox - so many?
59905 [m_libby ands] I don't think there is a point, except that many GUI toolkits exist for a
59942 [otski tpg.co] Thanks for your most informative post on the 3 GUIs.
59995 [Michael.Garr] Don't neglect Mozilla's XUL......

^ REQ: syntax highlight for bluefish. http://bluefish.openoffice.nl/
59906 [joaopedrosa ] Could someone with experience in syntax highlighting create one for bluefish ?

^ Linux sys admin
59909 [mhuggett zam] I'm real new to Ruby, and I'm wondering how to call a program like tar
+ 59910 [     NO SPAM] To run a command, use Kernel.system (like system(3) in C)
+ 59921 [cyclists nc.] Regarding documentation, Hal Fulton's _The Ruby Way_ has a chapter devoted
+ 60374 [djberge qwes] <shameless plug>

^ Struct Question
59913 [ruby joelh.d] i have a question about Structs , in the Book 'Ruby in a Nutshell' is written
+ 59914 [botp delmont] ruby 1.7.3 (2002-11-17) [i386-mswin32]
+ 59916 [nahi keynaut] No.  Assignment to a constant is a key.
+ 59917 [bulatz integ] =>>
  59919 [ruby joelh.d] Ahh, i see thanks :)

^ Ruby/Fox/RXRuby warnings
59920 [khindenburg ] Ruby 1.6.8; FOX 1.0.26; FXRuby 1.0.17
59953 [lyle users.s] Thanks, I'll check into this. I wasn't seeing these warnings under the

^ 1.8.0 changes behavior of == in Comparable
59922 [cyclists nc.] Running my unit tests with 1.8.0, I noticed that the behavior of == in
+ 59936 [pbrannan atd] See [ruby-talk:40612] and the following thread (particularly
+ 59949 [matz ruby-la] Performance.  1.6 "<=>" method reported its errors by exceptins,

^ rb_define_alloc_func in 1.8.0
59923 [cyclists nc.] Is there any other information about rb_define_alloc_func besides the

^ suEXEC won't work with mod_ruby ?
59928 [delirious_no] I want to run scripts in /home/me/public_html/cgi-scripts as me but I

^ change in lookup of constants on 1.6.8?
59935 [pbrannan atd] class Foo
59950 [matz ruby-la] I wanted to make constant scope more static.  It's for readability and
+ 59972 [dblack candl] I can only give "feeling" arguments here... but this error feels very
+ 59988 [pbrannan atd] I can see how this would help in optimization.  How does it add
  60270 [matz ruby-la] if constant scope resolved in the compile time, constant access can be

^ [ANN] RTrans 1.01
59939 [idan idanso.] This release fixes a small yet important bug that caused I18N files reloaded and reparsed each time instead of using the cache.

^ carol.rb
59940 [martindemell] world.send (:joy)
59941 [tarasis btop] Thats excellent, while I am not a christian myself my wife is and she

^ Re: Occasional Issue reading bytes of data
59944 [tarasis btop] Found my problem, I needed to open the file in binary mode ("rb" - kinda
59947 [sdate kc.rr.] the file. With "binary" mode there is no such conversion or interpretation.

^ Re: Getting FXRuby to work on MacOSX 10.2
59951 [lyle knology] Just to confirm so far: you're saying that if you compile FOX with

^ 1210 / 100 = 12? what?
59954 [transami tra] puts "#{1210 / 100}" --> 12
+ 59955 [gsinclair so] I'm surprised you don't know this, Tom.  In Ruby, and several other
| 59957 [transami tra] no i didn't realize that. i thought ruby would automatically change it to a
| + 59961 [transami tra] .to_f not * 1.0
| | 59971 [wyzzrd bells] Also, if 1210 / 10 == 12.1 is your DESIRED and EXPECTED behavior for the
| + 59962 [brian coolna] Integer division is one of those areas which is strangely
| | 59968 [transami tra] i do see your point, but i think it makes more sense for a strictly typed
| | 59984 [meier meiste] And then one could argue that 2/3 should return an instance of "Rational"
| | 59985 [ljz asfast.c] I remember back in 1969 in my Introduction to Computer Programming
| | + 59986 [dossy panopt] They do, in some schools.  Hell, I learned this stuff when I studied
| | | 59987 [ljz asfast.c] How long ago was that?
| | | + 59991 [dossy panopt] Early 1990's.  Not that long ago.
| | | | 59993 [ljz asfast.c] Well, I'm glad that there are places where these basics have been taught
| | | + 60002 [mwilson13 co] [Flame talk follows]
| | |   + 60003 [brian coolna] I agree that it's strange, but I don't feel so strongly about it.  Other
| | |   + 60024 [probertm nor] You basically have it: speed and accuracy (for some types of calculations).
| | |     + 60026 [mwilson13 co] I think I see the usefulness.  For speed and accuracy one would scale
| | |     | 60027 [botp delmont] (though I'm late in the thread) I'm in agreement. I like Ruby since it's
| | |     | + 60028 [probertm nor] And then we can over-load div and mul for rationals, fixed
| | |     | + 60030 [austin halos] This is one of the things where a statically typed language will do
| | |     |   60031 [gsinclair so] Then you want
| | |     + 60029 [transami tra] interesting approach. is this a standard approach in finacial applications? i
| | |       60053 [probertm nor] Some do, where there is a need for speed and accuracy and there is no
| | + 59989 [meier meiste] l"
| | + 59996 [michael_s_ca] Hear hear.
| | | 59998 [jason juncti] And some of us non comp. sci. students can't afford to go to school
| | + 60023 [transami tra] i'm curoius how this consideration was drawn out of the original question, as
| |   60042 [ysantoso jen] As an aside note, the result of a floating point operation must be
| |   60048 [gsinclair so] A small point of order.  What's the point of this line?
| + 60577 [qrczak knm.o] Here is a different formulation.
|   60580 [    s xss.de] just as you can substitute bytes for characters except
|   60583 [transami tra] that's very different. and ideally we would all be using a single world-class
|   60618 [    s xss.de] really? you subsitute one thing for something other which
|   60681 [botp delmont] that is why there is science (and now computers) -it gives us the illusion
|   60753 [B.Candler po] I remember a long time ago using a language which had 'div' and 'mod' as
+ 59956 [matt lickey.] Dividing 2 Fixnum objects yields another Fixnum.  Make one of them a
+ 59958 [sdate kc.rr.] puts "#{1210.0 / 100}"  # => 12.1
+ 59959 [waisun.chia ] Because 1210 is an int, 100 is also an int. Therefore the result will be
+ 59960 [mhuggett zam] puts (1210.00/100.00) => 12.1
+ 59963 [maksa sezamp] Hey, no reason for panic.
  59967 [transami tra] now THAT's what i love about ruby!
  59970 [dblack candl] Be careful with it, though, as it changes the behavior globally and

^ long strings
59964 [mhuggett zam] a = <<END
+ 59965 [bulatz integ] sorry, i mean "spaces before second END?"
+ 59966 [bulatz integ] spaces before second EOF?
| 59969 [bruce codedb] Matthew,
+ 59981 [dossy panopt] In order to indent the terminating word, you need to indicate you want

^ putc ?.
59973 [zhoujing com] putc ?.
59975 [jjenning ste] ?. is a character constant, like '.' in C. "\." is a one-character string containing a '.' - so given

^ viral arguments
59974 [transami tra] thanks for all the response on the float problem. alot of people jumped on
+ 59976 [wyzzrd bells] If I am understanding you correctly,  Ruby has this mechanism already.
| 60034 [transami tra] Kent,
| + 60035 [bulatz integ] i think that thing you want called "lazy (deferred) evaluation". it's fashion
| + 60578 [qrczak knm.o] I think he wants dynamic scoping. But I haven't encountered it in
+ 59979 [billk cts.co] I did something that sounds a little like that the other day
+ 59983 [dblack candl] It's not clear to me why executing "i+1" at the top of the method
+ 59990 [nemo hellotr] If I understand you (which I very well may not :), you are asking if you can

^ Roach 0.4 + Ruby 1.8.0
59977 [waisun.chia ] Rubyists,

^ [1.8] speed
59980 [decoux moulo] Do it exist some problems with 1.8.0 ?
60097 [matz ruby-la] I thought I fixed the performance, but there must be something left.
60101 [decoux moulo] yes. I've seen this big slowdown only with bz2 : libbzip2 internally use
+ 60102 [nobu.nokada ] I guess this issue and [ruby-talk:59662] concern with following
| + 60107 [decoux moulo] Well, I have also changed Data_Make_Struct to be sure that it call also
| + 60109 [decoux moulo] Yes, this is this that it don't like.
+ 60103 [decoux moulo] I wanted to say no :-)
+ 60152 [kero chello.] Remember the "speed differences" I posted a while ago?
  60302 [decoux moulo] Well, the problem is easy to understand if you look the source.

^ cgi.param(x) gone in 1.6.8?
59982 [sven-ruby fi] cgi.param(x) seems to have disappeared somewhere between 1.6.7 and 1.6.8.
59997 [wakou ruby-l] CGI#param() was undocumented method.

^ FXRuby-1.0.16, fox-1.0.28 and ruby 1.6.8 - cannot require "fox"
59999 [YuriLeikind ] ruby 1.6.8
60001 [lyle users.s] You need to add /usr/local/lib to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH. See the section

^ Code snippets to automate MS Word
60004 [jamesvtoomey] I came across some old postings asking how to use Ruby to automate

^ Ruby & Preprinted forms - will they work together?
60006 [colotechpro ] I'm a Ruby newbie, but I've decided to write a commercial application
60008 [dave pragpro] This might not appeal unless you have some TeX experience, but I've had
+ 60014 [nemo hellotr] Cool!  But how do you convert from LaTeX to PDF?
| 60017 [chris darkro] You will want to obtain pdflatex - this is what I use to convert
| 60113 [    s xss.de] Or use "plain" latex with dvips and ps2pdf if you find
+ 60015 [sdate kc.rr.] Is this code available anywhere for public consumption ?
  + 60019 [armin xss.de] it comes with most linux distributions.
  | 60118 [sdate kc.rr.] Thanks to all !
  + 60020 [dave pragpro] The templating code is based on the one in RDoc. In this particular
  | 60022 [waisun.chia ] YES! Please.
  | 60025 [dave pragpro] OK - unsupported and all the usual caveats...
  | 60078 [colotechpro ] Thanks for the excellent ideas.
  + 60033 [fg siamecomm] Yes, the easiest way is to use pdflatex which outputs PDF files

^ ruby-talk reaches message 60000
60009 [dblack candl] Today (well, tomorrow, I think, from my timezone's perspective), Wakou
+ 60010 [ruby joelh.d] Congrats for that  :)
| + 60012 [dsafari para] As Pat and I can confirm when we do the RWN, I think we will definately agree
| | 60021 [dave pragpro] If someone could give me the correct figures for the penultimate week, I
| + 60013 [dblack candl] We seem to have had 10K messages since September.  Here's the
+ 60011 [jason juncti] Man... we should have a prize for the 60,000th poster....

^ Installing Fox, FXRuby and fxscintilla
60016 [dcarrera mat] I want to try out FreeRide, but just installing its dependencies has been
60018 [lyle users.s] Weeks?
+ 60032 [dcarrera mat] Yes, weeks.  To be fair, I'm not working at it 24/7.  I usually I spend
| + 60037 [drbrain segm] How about removing the '>/dev/null 2>&1' from that command so you can
| + 60046 [daniel zeped] large compiles are resource intensive activities that sometimes point up
| | 60054 [dcarrera mat] That's a good thought.  I have every reason to believe that the computer
| + 60055 [lyle users.s] Heh. This sounds like my efforts to get FXRuby ported to Mac OS X ;)
+ 60133 [otski tpg.co] Lyle,
| + 60134 [dcarrera mat] Welcome.
| | 60135 [otski tpg.co] Daniel,
| | 60136 [dcarrera mat] XFree86-devel-4.2.1-3mdk
| | 60199 [otski tpg.co] Thanks for letting know setting the source. I finally managed to set up the
| + 60209 [lyle users.s] Of course, I have long ago learned that no one reads the documentation ;)
|   + 60212 [otski tpg.co] I must say that this morning I did go and have a look at the excellent
|   + 60256 [daniel zeped] Oh, don't be so sour Lyle ;->
+ 60178 [gour mail.in] FreeRIDE and try some GUI toolkit(s).
| 60180 [m_libby ands] When you install a library like Fox you may need to run 'ldconfig' (as
| + 60200 [otski tpg.co] I'm running Mandrake 9.0. I tried running 'ldconfig' as root as suggested.
| | 60202 [m_libby ands] Do you know where you installed Fox to (default for user installed
| | 60215 [otski tpg.co] Michael,
| + 60224 [gour mail.in] Ahh.. #%!*#$/%#
+ 60216 [otski tpg.co] Phew!!

^ Another take on RDoc's templates
60036 [drbrain segm] I was looking around for a decent template system, and RDoc's fit the
60038 [transami tra] you can use RDoc for general purpose templating? i thought it was only for
+ 60039 [bruce codedb] If you're talking about attribute expansion; yes it is still 'experimental'
| 60153 [tnakajima br] I agree with you. I think "attribute expansion" is working well .
+ 60041 [drbrain segm] r=20

^ Ruby support and community in IRC
60040 [ysantoso jen] * Are you a nuby (newbie ruby-ists)?
+ 60049 [gsinclair so] They paid me to say that :)
+ 66139 [vruz ruby-es] Sorry, but the openprojects.net domain name is no longer available.

^ WARN: mswin32 build binary file read change of behavior
60044 [maksa sezamp] Maybe it's been mentioned before, but since I've spent some time looking for
+ 60117 [t-peters inv] Programmer's have to deal with the automatic [LF] <=> [CRLF] conversion
| 60138 [maksa sezamp] I'd say that reading a bunch of bytes without caring what they are is
| 60168 [bob.news gmx] "Milan Maksimovic" <maksa@sezampro.yu> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 60142 [gsinclair so] I appreciate your forethought for the FAQ, but I'm not really sure
  60174 [maksa sezamp] Now that it turns out that there is common knowledge/agreement ("just use
  60205 [gsinclair so] I would never have known from the quality of your writing.

^ [ANN] RubyCocoa 0.4.0 was released!
60045 [hisa imasy.o] RubyCocoa 0.4.0 was released!
60068 [rich infoeth] Congratulations and thank you very much for an excellent Ruby
60106 [hisa imasy.o] Feel free to ask me if you need anything.

^ Problems with TCPServer on Solaris 8 (may be my fault)
60047 [scp hushmail] The same code runs fine on my Linux machines (Redhat 7.3, ruby 1.6.7). I have tried ruby versions 1.6.7 and 1.6.8 and have even tried the 1.8.0 preview, all with the same results.
+ 60345 [web2ed yahoo] If a TCPServer expert answers this post; I have not been able to
+ 60372 [djberge qwes] That's peculiar.  I run TCPServer on Solaris 6, 8 and 9 with no problem.

^ RAA suggestions
60050 [gsinclair so] 1. Reserve "what's new" for genuinely new packages.  Introduce a
+ 60373 [djberge qwes] I'd like to be able to search by release date.  Over the holidays,
| 60534 [usa osb.att.] Yeah, we RAA development team recognize your request.
| + 60539 [ tom u2i.com] I have another request. Would it be possible to provide a scriptable
| | + 60566 [usa osb.att.] Hmm, I've just written 'raa-update' library.
| | | 60574 [ tom u2i.com] Looks excellent, though it seems that the archive was gzipped twice
| | | 60599 [usa osb.att.] Sorry, I made a mistake in creating the archive.
| | + 60589 [nahi mwd.big] Thank you for your comments.
| + 60561 [djberg96 hot] Thanks!  Looks nice.
|   60688 [nahi keynaut] I see.  We discussed moving the search box to the top right
|   60689 [dsafari para] I do not know about the top right, but I definately would like it at the top,
|   60693 [nahi keynaut] I seemed not to be able to understand what you meant...
|   60695 [dsafari para] So sorry Nahi! I got confused about what is RAA and what is ruby-lang.org, for
|   60696 [tim bates.id] Nononono! This number 2 on the top ten things NOT to do - don't ever break the
+ 60588 [nahi mwd.big] Thank you for your comment!