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^ To further promotion of Ruby
5949 [abel_sm mtu-] Dear Rubyists,

^ Recent Perl6 News
5950 [schneik us.i] Needless to say, the following is very preliminary and somewhat ambiguous.

^ Another Ruby billboard in cyberspace.
5953 [schneik us.i] This is still pretty elementary since I didn't have lots of time to work
5954 [Dave thomase] Freudian slip ;-)                oo_ruby.html
5957 [schneik us.i] #

^ Problem with ++?
5959 [shreeve s2s.] counter = 0
+ 5960 [yashi yashi.] I don't think we have Numeric#++.  I'm prety sure you can find reasons
+ 5961 [Dave thomase] Ruby doesn't have a ++ operator.
  5965 [matju cam.or] Given that += is a shorthand, then ++counter could be a shorthand for

^ Ruby Book Eng. tl, 3.1.5 -- regexp help
5963 [jon kanji.co] Once again I must impose on your collective goodwill.
5964 [matz zetabit] I found nothing wrong.

^ FW: [ruby-dev:11339] Re: Ruby I18N
5969 [aleksi.nieme] Here's Matz reply to my inquiry what people are talking about in the

^ Can singleton methods be removed?
5971 [jsmall laser] Evidently the Module.remove_method can't be applied
5972 [Dave thomase] The class is effectively anonymous, so there's no immediate receiver

^ Windows InstallShield: Beta testers wanted
5973 [andy toolshe] Howdy folks,
5975 [schneik us.i] Windows NT 4, service pack 5.

^ CGI programming examples
5976 [mascarenhas ] I am starting with Ruby and picked up the syntax just fine, it's very easy
5977 [Dave thomase] OK, I'm a sucker for a starving student story (perhaps because I'm a

^ Garbage collection bug: unknown data type 40
5978 [jo totland.o] The following is a program that makes ruby crash with the error
+ 5979 [aleksi.nieme] Doesn't crash on me.
+ 5980 [matz zetabit] Since I too couldn't reproduce the problem, we need more information
  5981 [jo totland.o] I recompiled ruby myself and the program works just fine, so it's no
  5982 [jo totland.o] s/program with/problem with/

^ html, forms, ruby and apache
5983 [jhspies adep] I am a newby as far as internet programming and ruby is concerned.
+ 5984 [Dave thomase] As you can with Ruby using something called eruby, or erb. Eruby can
+ 5989 [jimm eris.io] Here is some cut-and-paste help. I don't cover installing PostgreSQL or
  6053 [js adept.co.] Many thanks to Dave Thomas and Jim Menard for there answers.  I will

^ ANN-Upload.it, for sharewarists (and a request)
5986 [dr upload.it] sharewarists, i.e. shareware developers. There

^ [ANNOUNCE] European partial Ruby mirror
5987 [hipster xs4a] To speed up downloads for people in Europe (and hopefully save some

^ Putting backslash before \1
5988 [jimm eris.io] I am trying to create a string by preceeding all backslashes or tabs in the
+ 5990 [decoux moulo] puts str.gsub(/([\\\t])/, '\\\\\1') # yes 5 !
+ 5991 [Dave thomase] Have a look at http://www.rubycentral.com/faq/rubyfaq-8.html#ss8.18

^ Mem overhead of singleton (ProgRuby chapt 19 q)
5992 [feldt ce.cha] The "Programming Ruby" book finally arrived here in Sweden yesterday and
+ 5993 [decoux moulo] You can probably have amore precise value, but just to give you an example
| 5994 [feldt ce.cha] Ok, I'll have to check the node sizes in the sources then. Thanks.
| 5995 [decoux moulo] I just want to say that when you write 'attr("name")' or 'attr("name", true)'
| 6013 [feldt ce.cha] Ok, but you cannot have something like
+ 6000 [Dave thomase] Yes, there is an overhead, although I'd have to do some digging to
  6010 [feldt ce.cha] Yeah, it's awesome! And with the technique above you get slightly worse

^ Custom installation (1.6.1)
5997 [excalibor de] I've installed with --prefix=$HOME 1.6.1 on a Solaris 2.6
5998 [Dave thomase] Are you sure you've installed and are running the correct Ruby? I
5999 [decoux moulo] I've recompiled it with --prefix=$HOME on Solaris 2.7 and $: give the
6003 [hgs dmu.ac.u] (a) where to look for this patch
+ 6006 [Dave thomase] All these patches are rolled in to the source tree, and are available
| 6011 [hgs dmu.ac.u] OK, so the changelog would reflect this.  However, I still think there
+ 6007 [matz zetabit] Maybe.  I'm not sure.  I welcome the discussion about release

^ ruby-mode.el bug?
6002 [d99-nba nada] I'm using ruby-mode.el rev 1.22, it seems to be the latest version
6016 [jimm eris.io] My workaround: I place a backslash in front of a forward slash or two,

^ Re: More RubyUnit questions. (fwd)
6004 [hgs dmu.ac.u] What happened here?  I did not send this message today.  Indeed it looks

^ CORBA (was  Re: Custom installation (1.6.1) )
6005 [excalibor de] No, I haven't, thanks for the pointer... Just installed 1.6.2preview and it's working like a charm, thanks :)
6008 [Dave thomase] There's http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/raa-list.rhtml?name=Ruby-ORBit.

^ Re: Ruby T-shirt
6009 [matz zetabit] We are discussing about possibility of making such thing for the Ruby
6018 [hal9000 hype] See below...
+ 6020 [schneik us.i] # I keep trying to think of some kind of pun
+ 6023 [crouton weat] When we Japanese language meet foreign words, we have three ways for

^ Exception handling
6012 [excalibor de] Obviously, as open has failed in opening the file, 'file' references 'nil'...
+ 6014 [feldt ce.cha] file.close if file
+ 6015 [Dave thomase] The issue really is that there are two levels of exception here, but
+ 6017 [matz zetabit] file = open("/tmp/some_file", "w")

^ Time.local bug?
6019 [hal9000 hype] Please tell me this is a bug, not a feature.
+ 6021 [Dave Thomase] /* value validation */
| 6022 [kikutani gal] Interesting. Is this for a leap second ?
| 6039 [kikutani gal] Having read the related arguments, I still don't get
| 6040 [hgs dmu.ac.u] neelix hgs 57 %> ruby -e 'p Time.local(1997,12,31,23,59,0)'
| 6042 [decoux moulo] moulon% ruby -ve 'p Time.local(1997,12,31,23,59,60)'
| + 6043 [hgs dmu.ac.u] neelix hgs 59 %> ruby -v
| | 6044 [decoux moulo] You can have leap second in june (not only at the end of a year).
| | + 6045 [Dave thomase] Now would that be a cool thing to have on your business card?
| | + 6046 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Oh, right. Thanks.
| |   6049 [schneik us.i] # > What about Java?
| |   6050 [Dave thomase] What he said.
| |   6051 [aleksi.nieme] <interesting piece of everyday English usage snipped>
| |   + 6057 [decoux moulo] Except that ruby don't work with leap seconds.
| |   + 6061 [schneiker ju] We have finite resources. Under these conditions, some problems are not
| + 6063 [gnhurst hurs] ruby 1.6.0 (2000-09-19) [i686-linux-libc1]
| + 6065 [decoux moulo] Can you verify if HAVE_TM_ZONE is defined for you ?
| | + 6066 [gnhurst hurs] It doesn't seem to be listed in the various config.h files,
| | + 6067 [decoux moulo] In this case, this is a bug in ruby :-)
| |   6073 [matz zetabit] I'll fix it soon.
| + 6180 [hal9000 hype] Merci beaucoups, M'sieur Decoux. That rhymes, no? :)
| + 6193 [decoux moulo] look also at
+ 6024 [matju cam.or] This seems normal. Given that the day number is not above 31, there are
  6025 [gnhurst hurs] I definitely agree that #2 is the most useful, at least, based on
  6026 [schneik us.i] # > Please tell me this is a bug, not a feature.
  + 6032 [matz zetabit] I don't think it's a bug, but possibly a misfeature.
  + 6038 [matju cam.or] java.util.Date (1.0) does it.

^ Ref.:  Re: Time.local bug?
6028 [excalibor de] El Thu, 02 November 2000, Dave Thomas escribióº
+ 6029 [Dave thomase] Well, seconds run from 0 to 60, so Ruby does allow you to have 61
| 6030 [hgs dmu.ac.u] For the most precise coordination and timestamping of events since 1972,
+ 6033 [matz zetabit] A second 61 means subsequent leap second, which is something like

^ Ref.:  Re: Ref.:  Re: Time.local bug?
6031 [excalibor de] El Fri, 03 November 2000, Hugh Sasse Staff Elec Eng escribióº
6034 [Dave thomase] You may be right, but it isn't a Ruby bug...
6035 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I'd still consider that suspect, but this is proof by "select isn't

^ Leap seconds (was Ref.:  Re: Ref.:  Re: Ref.: Re: Time.local bug? )
6036 [excalibor de] El Fri, 03 November 2000, Dave Thomas escribióº

^ Ref.:  Re: Ref.:  Re: Time.local bug?
6037 [excalibor de] El Fri, 03 November 2000, Yukihiro Matsumoto escribióº

^ Cygwin conflicts
6041 [Andy toolshe] What do you do if you are running an incompatible version of
6047 [gavin allegr] It's my impression that as long as you install the .dll in the same
6048 [andy toolshe] Which is, in fact, where I put the dll in the InstallShield version.
6052 [schneik us.i] #     >> What do you do if you are running an incompatible version of
+ 6055 [perin panix.] Maybe it's worth while taking a step back from the details of getting
| + 6056 [Dave thomase] Long term, I agree. However, I think we've also got a short term
| + 6060 [schneiker ju] Well, I think that even if you answer both the above questions "probably
+ 6058 [schneiker ju] <previous response snipped>
  6059 [Dave Thomase] Try renaming he cygwin1.dll that came with the cygnus tools, so that
  6062 [schneiker ju] Hmm. I thought I had tried that already yesterday on my other NT machine
  6074 [schneik us.i] Well, I just tried this again on the other NT machine again and it worked
  6077 [schneiker ju] After reinstalling Ruby, this error once more started occurring just after
  6080 [Dave thomase] 1. What happens if you uninstall Ruby?
  6113 [schneiker ju] after
  6118 [andy toolshe] FWIW, I talked to the folks at InstallShield and they had

^ Fantastic Fine Art Investment Opportunity
6054 [mayfairweb t] If you are interested in fine art, then you must visit www.curzoncentre.co.uk where you will find undervalued, fast appreciating, original paintings and limited edition prints that are set triple in value

^ xmalloc(), xfree()
6064 [matju cam.or] I'm currently trying to make changes to xmalloc/xrealloc/xfree. The
6192 [matju cam.or] No-one replied. I'm trying again with another question: what do you think
6194 [matz zetabit] Tell me the detail for this.
6906 [matju cam.or] This means that xmalloc must be used with xfree and malloc with free. The

^ '?' questions
6068 [gnhurst hurs] I have been investigating the string capabilities in depth,
+ 6069 [decoux moulo] pigeon% ruby -e 'p "ABC".unpack("c*")'
| 6072 [gnhurst hurs] Thank you :-)
+ 6070 [ymsd m-net.n] Is this what you want?
  6071 [gnhurst hurs] Oh dear, I've been up too long!  How obvious.  :-O

^ ANNOUNCE: Tcl/Tk 8.4a2 Release
6075 [schneik us.i] ==========================================================

^ Ruby/Tk GUI question: TkRadioButton versus TkRadiobutton
6076 [schneik us.i] While using the SpecRuby GUI builder

^ Programming Ruby ranking
6078 [aleksi.nieme] =aps_sr_b_1_1/104-8110186-4439939
6079 [Dave thomase] Probably because they're saying it hasn't been published yet ;-(
+ 6081 [huber mclx.c] Wow!
+ 6082 [maki inac.co] In foreign books ranking, 'Programming Ruby' is in TOP 5.
  6084 [andy toolshe] Now *there's* an enthusiastic review!  I'm not sure if Amazon would
  6085 [gavin allegr] I'll second this.  Great book.  It's also nice that Ruby is elegant
  6089 [andy toolshe] Oh, you can carry all of the Java documentation around

^ ANN: Single step Ruby installation for Windows
6083 [Dave thomase] Well, apart from some issues on Conrad's machine, the English-language

^ Ruby working for Mac OS X?
6086 [johann physi] I just failed to get Ruby 1.6.1 to compile for Mac OS X.  Has anyone
6088 [schneik us.i] # I just failed to get Ruby 1.6.1 to compile for Mac OS X.  Has anyone
6164 [johann physi] I've been pointed towards a binary distribution, and apparently the
6289 [podenski hal] So where can the rest of us find this binary for Mac OS X?
+ 6300 [johann physi] I've just put this up at
+ 6311 [schneiker ju] NOT!

^ detect:ifNone: in Ruby
6087 [jweirich one] I was recently converting a bit of Smalltalk code to Ruby.  The code
6090 [Dave thomase] I like it. You can also mess around with the built in classes to get
6091 [aleksi.nieme] Jim,
6092 [aleksi.nieme] Don't forget the block form.
+ 6093 [Dave thomase] Yup - good idea. I just liked the fact that I could use polymorphism
| 6094 [jweirich one] I like the ifNil version.  Its equivalent to the earlier if_none, but
+ 6095 [matz zetabit] I don't vote for `ifNil' with or without `?'.  With `?' it too looks
  6096 [Dave thomase] I guess that if the block form isn't important we _could_ just use
  + 6097 [aleksi.nieme] How about default, defaults or defaulting (I like the last).
  | + 6100 [Dave thomase] or withDefault, defaultingTo, defaultValue...
  | + 6111 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I'd call it "nilGives" or "nil_gives", etc.  I think default leaves too
  |   + 6128 [matz zetabit] I agree with that `default' is too broad.  And both `nilGives' (case
  |   | 6150 [gnhurst hurs] Since this seems to be acting as a proxy, maybe a good name
  |   | 6176 [aleksi.nieme] This sounds like good name. How about generalizing a little and having
  |   | 6177 [hgs dmu.ac.u] So I'd have
  |   | 6178 [aleksi.nieme] Well, that was not what I was thinking....
  |   + 6129 [matz zetabit] I agree with that `default' is too broad.  And both `nilGives' (case
  |   | 6131 [hgs dmu.ac.u] nil_give perhaps?  It's not a yield though...
  |   | 6147 [gnhurst hurs] myarray.sort! ? (myarray.uniq! ? myarray.print : nil) : nil
  |   + 6144 [matju cam.or] I agree that we should not use "default" and similar names, but i can't
  + 6099 [matz zetabit] Try

^ Regex question -- new("") vs. //
6098 [hal9000 hype] Why are these three patterns below not the same?
6101 [aleksi.nieme] Dear Hal,
+ 6104 [aleksi.nieme] I forgot to mention Regexp#escape is your friend.
+ 6135 [hal9000 hype] Thanks very much, Aleksi...
  6161 [aleksi.nieme] I find regular expressions much easier than income tax laws, as you can

^ What would a Ruby browser look like?
6102 [Dave thomase] A comment I heard several times at OOPSLA was that Ruby could take
+ 6103 [steve deaf.o] I've been working on ideas for a code browser for the last few months, and
| 6105 [schneik us.i] # A comment I heard several times at OOPSLA was that Ruby could take
| + 6106 [schneik us.i] #
| | + 6107 [Dave thomase] I was thinking loupe
| | + 6112 [d99-nba nada] Nah, you should save that name for a future "cutting edge"
| | + 6146 [matju cam.or] I've found for mailing-lists (and similar systems) that the important is
| |   6148 [Dave thomase] browsers more extensive, I might suggest putting up a Wiki somewhere
| + 6119 [hipster xs4a] nifty things with UML/OCL specifications. This might provide some
| + 6125 [steve deaf.o] This is a good point. The other class browsers I've used have been quite
|   6126 [decoux moulo] Well I don't want to be pessimist but see [ruby-talk:00492]
+ 6110 [gnhurst hurs] I was going to ask you how things went at that conference...
| + 6116 [schneiker ju] browser.
| + 6283 [yashi yashi.] ok. it was both me.
+ 6142 [gavin allegr] Personally, I'd like to have something like "IBM VisualAge for Ruby".
  6143 [schneik us.i] # In message "[ruby-talk:6111] Re: detect:ifNone: in Ruby"
  6321 [charleshixsn] I really prefer avoiding underscores in names.  Internal capitalization
  6322 [aleksi.nieme] 1) Ruby standard library uses underscore pretty much consistently
  6327 [schneik us.i] # I really prefer avoiding underscores in names.  Internal capitalization
  6364 [charleshixsn] The "auxiliary programs" I was referring to are primarily editors.  Many
  6375 [schneik us.i] # The "auxiliary programs" I was referring to are primarily editors.  Many

^ Syntax highlighting for vim?
6108 [jhspies adep] map <M-F10> :!ruby -r xmp -n -e 'xmp($_, "\%l\t\t\# \%r\n")'<CR>
+ 6109 [hipster xs4a] please refer to thread ruby-talk:5443. You probably need xmp from the
+ 6115 [schneiker ju] Isn't this the thing that gets Ruby to evaluate the current selection and

^ Re: What would a Ruby browser look like? -- It's Just a View!
6114 [hgs dmu.ac.u] People are already talking about using Tk to do this, or doing it as a WWW
6117 [schneiker ju] Well, if you check the order of all my preceding posts, I think you will see
6123 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Yes, agreed: my point here is: We do need a good interface, but we need

^ Ref.:  Re: Syntax highlighting for vim?
6120 [excalibor de] El Tue, 07 November 2000, "Conrad Schneiker" escribióº

^ More Date/Time inconsistencies
6121 [excalibor de] ~$ uname -mrsp
+ 6130 [matz zetabit] This is exactly what I meant by urban legend.  You find description
| + 6132 [koegl inform] You might want to read
| + 6139 [green FreeBS] From FreeBSD's src/lib/libc/stdtime/localtime.c, from the call path such as
+ 6133 [decoux moulo] Well if someone can translate french to english, the document

^ Ruby Book, Eng. tl, 6.1  -- aimai ?
6122 [jon kanji.co] What is a good word for Û£Ëæ (aimai), the last kanji in the second line below?
6124 [manamist whi] 'not clear'. It's used as a general word.
6127 [jon kanji.co] Appreciate that confirmation.
6136 [hal9000 hype] I'm probably too late to be of any use. I wonder if
6137 [jon kanji.co] Thanks, Hal. The contrast is between Çí¤­½Ð¤· mukidashi and Û£Ëæ aimai.  From