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^ Threads raising exceptions
59454 [tim bates.id] Thread.new(i) do |j|
59459 [matz ruby-la] use Thread#join or Thread#value to retrieve exception from the dead

^ Data Modeling/Object Modeling (was Re: [OT] RE: help -- persuade my boss to adopt ruby)
59460 [austin halos] To be fair, I was also sitting with my reference handy to use the
+ 59467 [gsinclair so] Since relational DBs have advantages over OODBs in your opinion, Austin, what
| + 59482 [scobianchi r] In my experience, Enterprise Objects Framework might not be the solution
| + 59485 [austin halos] It depends on the application itself. I have written code which
+ 59481 [russ freesof] enthusiasts
  59573 [austin halos] You're right -- but as much as anything else, I'm also condemning

^ $SAFE block?
59466 [tim bates.id] Once $SAFE is set to a certain level, it's not possible to lower it again. As
+ 59470 [batsman.geo ] batsman@tux-chan:/tmp$ cat b.rb
| 59474 [botp delmont] cool quick code -like batsman :-)
+ 59475 [nobu.nokada ] module Kernel
  59476 [tim bates.id] Much better! It doesn't use more threads, which is what I was looking for. I
  59477 [nobu.nokada ] Proc doesn't reset $SAFE, but has each own safe level.
  59478 [botp delmont] (As a nuby,) I didn't know this was possible. Is this ruby way? I presume

^ [ANN] ByteCodeRuby 0.1.3
59486 [george.marro] After a long delay, version 0.1.3 of ByteCodeRuby is now available
59487 [transami tra] you say a virtual machine. what virtual machine does it use?
+ 59593 [just6979 yah] A good VM target could be the Parrot VM being built for Perl 6. Python
+ 59594 [george.marro] Its own! It's both a compiler and an interpreter for the compiled
  59598 [xrfang hotma] I downloaded the bytecoderuby package and found out that it is in source
  + 59599 [emmanuel.tou] what about setting up cygwin and gcc? that's very easy to do (seriously).
  | 59605 [austin halos] It's also bloody useless for trying to do any *real* Windows
  + 59646 [george.marro] I'll see if I can get a build done which works with the 1.6.7 download

^ Hash.new{...} bug?
59488 [bulatz integ] i think i found bug in "ruby 1.7.2 (2002-07-02) [i386-mswin32]"
59489 [nobu.nokada ] Hash 'default' proc never modify the hash itself automatically.
59490 [bulatz integ] thanks. but with Hash.new(...) hash element updated to default value.
+ 59505 [chr_news gmx] No there is a difference ...
+ 59528 [vjoel PATH.B] What difference to you mean?
+ 59558 [nobu.nokada ] discarded soon.  The last style, the default value is updated

^ Why a compiled Ruby?
59491 [christopher.] I can't speak for others, but I would be interested in such a thing. But not
59540 [charleshixsn] I agree completely.  It's probably a tad difficult, but the lack of such
+ 59543 [dcarrera mat] I'd also like to see  compiler for the purpose of ease of distribution.
| 59545 [alan digikat] What I'm curious about is that if you use a VM don't you still have to
| + 59550 [simon simon-] Precisely the same.
| + 59556 [mikkelfj-ant] OCaml's standardlib and GC engine enters at 200K for the native code
|   59562 [jsuntheimer ] What ruby **needs** is the equivalent of tcl's starkits.  It meets all of
+ 59553 [billtj z.glu] Exactly the same here.  The first time I became aware of Pyrex, I wanted
  59578 [lists debona] Hey bill

^ hash vs. array (dictionary lookup)
59492 [xrfang hotma] I am writing a spell checker in ruby. The first step
+ 59494 [gsinclair so] This code took 3 or 4 seconds to complete on my 900MHz PIII with 256Mb RAM.
+ 59497 [dblack candl] That's really puzzling.  I ran the same script in .23s real time,
| 59500 [bulatz integ] hmm :)  but in any case we need more functions to do fast computations
| 59520 [xrfang hotma] Very strange. I run my code, which is almost same as above again, it runs
| 59521 [dave pragpro] Profiling intercepts the execution of each Ruby-level statement.
+ 59498 [bulatz integ] if lexicon.size % 2 == 0

^ uninstall ruby
59495 [zhoujing com] I have installed ruby1.6.7 using the *.tar.gz . Now I want uninstall

^ automating script for a command line utility
59496 [sdate kc.rr.] I am trying to automate an interactive DOS command line utility (something
59567 [sdate kc.rr.] Ok, so may be I should explain this with some example code ( here irb is
59571 [nobu.nokada ] Try to send "STDOUT.sync = true" line first.  This is because
59575 [sdate kc.rr.] check = IO.popen("ruby c:/ruby/bin/irb.rb",'w+')
59583 [bulatz integ] you must exec "sync" at both sides :) add after first line
59620 [sdate kc.rr.] check = IO.popen("ruby c:/ruby/bin/irb.rb",'w+')

^ TCP server
59504 [erne powerna] I need some help testing an application.  I've built a ruby web server that
59510 [erne powerna] Screwed up the URL

^ ANN: FXRuby-1.0.17 Now Available
59508 [lyle users.s] All,
59518 [jim freeze.o] How's the OS X compatibility coming?
59537 [lyle users.s] The last time I looked at it, we were able to build FOX successfully (we
59568 [jim freeze.o] Sorry to say, but I have not got the new tools. I guess that I am going
59617 [lyle users.s] Don't do it on my account ;) I have no idea if upgrading to 10.2 and its

^ Mommy, where do methods come from?
59509 [nemo hellotr] (Sorry for the subject; couldn't help myself! :)
+ 59512 [nobu.nokada ] module Kernel
| + 59539 [chr_news gmx] Here is a slightly extended version which (hopefully) allows
| | 59541 [vjoel PATH.B] Hm. Since #respond_to? is doing this work alread, maybe it would make
| | + 59551 [chr_news gmx] Sounds like a very good idea to me ...
| | + 59560 [nobu.nokada ] Maybe nice.
| + 59561 [nobu.nokada ] An alternative.
| + 59579 [bulatz integ] if Ruby will call some method before adding each method, it will be possible
|   59585 [nobu.nokada ] Unfortunately, such hooks are only Class#method_added and so
|   59586 [bulatz integ] class Class
+ 59513 [dblack candl] class Object
| 59515 [xrfang hotma] Probably you need to traverse through the ancestor tree and use a "-"
| 59516 [dblack candl] I think my code worked, didn't it?  Did I misunderstand the question?
+ 59536 [gsinclair so] class Base

^ How to specify a record delimiter in a source text file?
59546 [keuler porta] All-
+ 59549 [lyle users.s] you can override the line separator string by passing a second argument
+ 59552 [cyclists nc.] Set $/ to the separator you desire. Set it to nil and gets will read the

^ yet another benchmark
59554 [xrfang hotma] 1. simple :)
59555 [ysantoso jen] @cp = [nil, Time.now]
59559 [mikkelfj-ant] wallclock time is usually the best measure. It catches all those place where

^ Socket problem
59563 [child t9.ds.] I am new to ruby, but I think it's excellent language - no doubt the
+ 59565 [nobu.nokada ] socket.gets("\r\n.\r\n")
| 59566 [akr m17n.org] Unfortunately it doesn't work if the text response is empty.
| 59572 [nobu.nokada ] Hmm, then read the status response at first, and read the text
| 59574 [akr m17n.org] I expected following case.
| 59577 [nobu.nokada ] Sorry, misunderstood.
| + 59580 [akr m17n.org] Wow.  It will work... especially if a news server spools articles in
| + 59600 [child t9.ds.] It is exactly the way I do it at the moment - very slow (speed is very
|   59601 [walker deafc] This all reminds me - is there a way to make a socket nonblocking?
|   59611 [nobu.nokada ] It'll return when the next data just doesn't arrive yet.
+ 59631 [erne powerna] Below is a pretty basic server that makes use of  "select"  to do what you

^ [ANN] Test::Unit 0.1.5
59564 [nathaniel NO] What with all the holiday cheer going around (who can't be cheerful with
+ 59584 [matt lickey.] Thumbs up.  I ran the gamut of my existing tests with no problem.
| 59628 [nathaniel NO] Yeah. I don't want to talk about it.
+ 59621 [lyle users.s] I don't see it explicitly stated in the ChangeLog, but has
  + 59622 [djberge qwes] I was just wondering the same thing...
  | 59627 [nathaniel NO] I personally do not like aliasing, particularly when it is done for
  + 59625 [nathaniel NO] No. Tear down is definitely two words, while setup could be one or two.
    + 59629 [djberge qwes] Ah, ok.  Should set_up be considered deprecated then?  I mean, are you
    | 59630 [nathaniel NO] Ummm... #set_up is gone in 0.1.5 (replaced with #setup), and that is
    | + 59638 [djberge qwes] No, I simply picked a bad week to quit sniffing glue.  Disregard, over.
    | + 59701 [phlipcpp yah] "setup" is a noun.
    + 59633 [hal9000 hype] Hmm. Do you use it as a noun (in English, I mean)? Do you
      59634 [nathaniel NO] Which was, of course, debated back and forth ad nauseum on the list not
      59645 [hal9000 hype] Hmm, I missed that discussion and can't find it now.
      + 59648 [billk cts.co] I completely agree with Hal on points one, two, and third.
      | 59708 [pit capitain] Don't know if this was only meant as a joke, but I too don't like to
      | 59717 [nathaniel NO] What did you think might be a joke?
      | 59755 [pit capitain] sorry if I didn't express my mind correctly. See below...
      | + 59758 [ted datacomm] Noun or verb, then onthogonality, no senor?
      | | 59760 [ted datacomm] Noun or verb, then orthogonality, no senor?
      | | 60071 [nathaniel NO] I'm feeling a bit dense... what are you getting at?
      | | 60080 [ted datacomm] set up;
      | | 60111 [nathaniel NO] Ah, I see. Well, I've decided on setup & teardown, so it's a noun. In
      | | 60128 [ted datacomm] Ah.  good.  Now we're consistent (orthogonal).
      | | 60220 [phlip_cpp ya] Yeek! The programming Best Practice is to make all methods verb
      | + 60070 [nathaniel NO] _again_
      + 59715 [nathaniel NO] One such thread starts at ruby-talk:35787.
        + 59718 [tsiivola cc.] alias?
        | 59728 [dsafari para] Nikodemus, see http://www.ruby-talk.org/59627
        | 59733 [ted datacomm] This makes absolutely the most sense I've seen to date.  And my dictionary bears it out.  So there.
        + 59753 [W.L.Kleb lar] Sounds good to me [tear_down -> teardown]
          60069 [nathaniel NO] OK, it's changed in CVS, but I'm not sure if I'll get 0.1.6 out before I

^ How to include some text and exclude other in one regular expression?
59569 [usano nospam] I would like to match "file 1 of 2" or "1 of 2", but not "day 1 of 2".
+ 59570 [walker deafc] /^(file)?\s*(\d+)\s*of\s*(\d+)$/
| 59576 [dblack candl] irb(main):001:0> /^1 or 2$/.match("hi there\n1 or 2\nbye!")
+ 59587 [mwilson13 co] I think this problem can only be solved by knowing the problem domain.
  62214 [usano nospam] Thank you for the help (everyone).  The problem domain is binary files

^ Few question about IO
59590 [Radek Hnilic] I have few questions to wise mans.
59592 [walker deafc] $ ruby -e 'puts ARGF.class'
+ 59595 [Radek Hnilic] irb(main):032:0> ": dbl dup + ;".gsub(%r[(\s|^)\+(\s|$)], %Q[\1:plus:\2])
| + 59596 [walker deafc] My bad - need to escape those.
| | 59597 [Radek Hnilic] Thanks much. Now it works
| + 59687 [jason persam] %Q is equivalent to double-quoting.
+ 60672 [Radek Hnilic] Looking into ruby source, especially io I found that the correct place
+ 60675 [radek hnilic] I would say Happy XMas to all, but I know that I don't get to net till

^ ruby-1.6.8-preview4 compile fails in ncurses
59602 [jeremy chaos] Compiling ruby-1.6.8-preview fails with lots of undefined references
+ 59613 [jeremy chaos] source, ran 'make distclean', then rebuilt.  No problem.  Did the same
+ 59616 [nobu.nokada ] On my box, it worked fine.  Whitch version is your ld?
  59623 [jeremy chaos] Nobu,
  59632 [nobu.nokada ] What does reverting line 381 change?
  59697 [jeremy chaos] <200212191617.gBJGH7c27605@sharui.nakada.kanuma.tochigi.jp>,
  59707 [jeremy chaos] Regards,

^ Amrita Question - using a() with nested elements
59603 [martin zsdfh] Just downloaded Amrita and playing with it - looks really cool so far!
59677 [tnakajima br] I think this is what you want .

^ yabm update
59604 [xrfang hotma] bm.log("label",:split)

^ sleeping threads
59606 [ruby joelh.d] Is there a possibility to look how long a thread already sleeps ?
59612 [nobu.nokada ] In standard, no.
+ 59614 [ruby joelh.d] Thanks, then i write one :)
+ 59667 [mikkelfj-ant] Are you sorry about Jonas' bad english ;-)
  59688 [ruby joelh.d] *rofl*

^ unix and windows {Re: [ANN] ByteCodeRuby 0.1.3}
59607 [xrfang hotma] I fully respect your efforts and the culture in this discussion group.
+ 59608 [chris darkro] I believe you missed his point. [I guess] His point was that CYGWIN is
| 59610 [emmanuel.tou] yes, but he was being off-topic on this list.
| 59618 [austin halos] My comment is about using a Cygwin-compiled version of Ruby. Cygwin binaries are only "somewhat" compatible with normal Windows binaries.
| 59626 [austin halos] I believe you missed his point. [I guess] His point was that CYGWIN is "bloody useless" when it comes to doing real windows programming as it is a set of unix apis ported to windows. If you want real programming you need VC or something of that ilk.
| 59666 [mikkelfj-ant] development toolset for their platform is inappropriate. It's only slightly
| 59682 [xrfang hotma] I'm sorry I misunderstood you.
+ 59609 [probertm nor] He was referring to using cygwin (www.cygwin.com), not using Windows.

^ FuzzyParser - Would appreciate review
59615 [jim freeze.o] I have developed a fuzzy parser that uses regular expressions to

^ ANN: MiniRubyWiki does NerveCenter, WikiStyleSheet, Minor Edits
59619 [phlipcpp yah] Continuing my policy of adapting my Wiki to my job situation (it's an
59636 [robertm spel] I'm having problems with the NerveCenter feature, when I clicked on the
59702 [phlipcpp yah] Create a file called NerveCenter.wiki, and then forget the tests.
59706 [tarasis btop] Ahhhaaaaa, thank you!
59730 [phlipcpp yah] I think a real ZIP file with the full kit inside it is on the horizon.
59757 [phlipcpp yah] Unzip that, nuke whatever's on your port 80, enter the following, and you
60137 [jan.faerber ] Yes and make nice icons with compface from

^ ruby-1.6.8-preview4 changed module_eval?
59624 [jeremy chaos] Upgrading to ruby-1.6.8-preview broke one of my apps.  The culprit
59640 [matz ruby-la] Yes.  I tried to make constants scope more static, i.e can be

^ FXRuby and OS X 10.2 (Re: ANN: FXRuby-1.0.17 Now Available)
59635 [brian coolna] If the needs are simple (compile FOX, compile FXRuby, run test suite), then
+ 59637 [rich infoeth] Guys,
| 59639 [jim freeze.o] Yeah, FreeRIDE is the main motivator here. At lest for me.
+ 59641 [jim freeze.o] That would be great Brian. I responded to Lyle accidently instead of to
+ 59643 [lyle users.s] I've been re-trying the experiment on SourceForge's compile farm Mac OS
| 59663 [brian coolna] Hey Lyle (and Jim),
| 59664 [lyle users.s] Yes, Ruby was compiled with --enable-shared. I'm going back and
| 59674 [brian coolna] I'll be OS X 10.2 test rat whenever.
| 59675 [jim freeze.o] FXRuby doesn't need it, but FreeRIDE does IIRC.
+ 59716 [mwilson13 co] I upgraded yesterday to Mac OS X 10.2.3 and to Ruby 1.6.8 preview 4
  59725 [lyle users.s] Did you perhaps install the FOX library to some non-standard directory
  59741 [mwilson13 co] I got FXRuby-1.0.17 installed.  When I try to use it I get the
  59742 [jim freeze.o] Ahh, same for us.
  59851 [mwilson13 co] I can report that updating to the December 2002 Mac OS X developer

^ Re: How to specify a record delimiter in a source text file? (Tim ...)
59642 [keuler porta] IO.foreach("./control/packages.txt") { |x|

^ Ruby CodeFest Details
59644 [W.L.Kleb lar] Where can I find details about what works and doesn't
59653 [pate red-bea] I'd guess it would.  We ran ours in a meeting room at a public library

^ getaddrinfo: no address associated
59647 [Juergen.Lind] I have the following problem on WinNT and Win2K with both, ruby 1.6.7 and

^ getaddrinfo: no address associated
59649 [CBoos bct-te] Return Receipt
59650 [CBoos bct-te] This is a multipart message in MIME format.

^ determing defined constants for a class
59654 [tarasis btop] From looking at the docs I can see that it is possible to determine
59655 [lyle users.s] A class is-a module (i.e. the "Class" class is derived from the "Module"
59657 [tarasis btop] *sigh* Thanks Lyle, that was a Doh! moment.
59689 [vjoel PATH.B] Have you considered using constants with a symbolic rather than numeric
59690 [robertm spel] Many thanks for the suggestions Joel, exactly the sort of ideas I was after.

^ Informix DBD
59656 [dbrobins dav] Is anyone working on an Informix DBD module for Ruby's DBI?  Searches

^ Cannot define constant END
59658 [gfb tonesoft] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
59659 [dcarrera mat] BEGIN and END are reserved Ruby keywords (like 'if', 'else' and 'while').
59660 [gfb tonesoft] Thanks a lot !!!

^ speed differences between ruby versions
59662 [kero a8005.u] In search of a bug, I created some sample code for a C-binding.

^ Re: Ruby instead of PHP?
59665 [martin massi] We've just managed to get ruby 1.6.7, mod_ruby-1.0.2 and apache2 working

^ regex help please please !
59668 [Graeme.Matth] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
+ 59669 [spoon dellah] That's not what 'greedy' means in regular expressions. You're thinking
+ 59671 [sdate kc.rr.] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
+ 59672 [mike stok.co] By "greedy" I assume you mean make the . metacharacter match anything