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^ Ruby Weekly News
59197 [Dave Pragmat] ...

^ Ruby Hacking Guide
59219 [waisun.chia ] Wow! A first book on Ruby internals..
59224 [mjais web.de] me too, but I too do not speak Japanase.

^ [OT] RE: help -- persuade my boss to adopt ruby
59222 [russ freesof] requires
59225 [austin halos] This isn't efficient with XML, unfortunately, because the data is
59231 [russ freesof] problem. A
59288 [austin halos] Well, yes. But I do see the object model and the data model as
+ 59289 [gsinclair so] We have a "Corporate Data Architect" who has never seen a database.  Beat that!
+ 59311 [tsiivola cc.] Ok, I confess: I know nothing about data modelling -- and I assume you
  59387 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
  59392 [austin halos] ...
  + 59408 [russ freesof] ...
  + 59416 [sdate kc.rr.] ...
    59425 [austin halos] DBDebunk is a good thing. Denormalization is definitely an art --

^ any japanese books being translated to english ??
59223 [mjais web.de] maybe this was discussed before.
+ 59240 [matz ruby-la] As far as I know, none.
| 59249 [ahoward fsl.] if the publishers would be willing to put the book online, like the Pickaxe,
| 59250 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
+ 59265 [surrender_it] can I ask italian ?

^ ruby-dev summary 19033-19068
59232 [ttate kt.jai] Here is a ruby-dev summary in these days.

^ TDiary on IIS?
59233 [Ot.Ratsaphon] English documents are included in the package.  Try downlod it.
59241 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
59243 [mutoh highwa] What version did you try?
+ 59245 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
+ 59322 [Ot.Ratsaphon] I downloaded tdiary-1.5.1 and installed it but I need some information on

^ Re: irb auto completion
59237 [Michael.Garr] I'm just a newbie trying that's also trying to get auto-completion to work
59268 [jd204NoSpam ] ...
59394 [520079130762] Auto-completion ('irb -r irb/completion') works fine with the Ruby-165-2

^ Deep copy in Rub?
59257 [christopher.] I remember when using C++ for the first time and running into the shallow/deep
+ 59259 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
| 59269 [ysantoso jen] It doesn't make sense to say a value is flat or deep.
+ 59270 [matt lickey.] In addition to the other answers, there are two methods to copy an
  59296 [kentda stud.] [kentda@v052a kentda]$ irb
  59299 [bulatz integ] anyone can tell why ruby don't have deep copy routine in standard distribution?
  59353 [ysantoso jen] But it has. Didn't you read my post?
  59357 [flori nixe.p] [flori@lambda flori](0)$ irb --prompt xmp
  59358 [jim freeze.o] I just did a CVS get this morning...
  59369 [flori nixe.p] OK. The only problem is that I can't commit my patches there. ;)
  59390 [chr_news gmx] marshal doesn't copy the frozen flags for the

^ How to read a single character from DOS prompt in windows (without <Enter>)?
59258 [usano earthl] Can anyone tell me how to get a single character from the command line
59261 [sturmpanzer ] This (or something like it) was posted a while ago by some helpfull
59524 [usano nospam] Thanks AW.  I have used the following...
+ 59582 [usano nospam] Hmmmm.  This worked ok in my little test file, but the character is
| 59800 [jojo_dfb yah] Im not understanding what the problem is? I tried the script and seems
+ 59799 [jojo_dfb yah] I used the sleep command simply because the script would unduce the CPU

^ ruby for pocket pc
59260 [simoncedruby] ...

^ More FXRuby oddness : subclassed FXTreeItem
59272 [jason persam] I have subclassed FXTreeItem (MyTreeItem) and built a
59281 [lyle users.s] No, you should get a reference to the original MyTreeItem object(s).
59282 [jason persam] Ahhh... always one step ahead of me, aren't ya?
59283 [jason persam] not to mention.... when you run this sample with Ruby
59355 [lyle users.s] Yes, all of these problems (well, they're all symptoms of the same
59519 [jason persam] Hmmm... these problems don't seem to go away with the
59535 [lyle users.s] FXRuby is using. It doesn't give any indication of which FXRuby release

^ cross platform gui plotting packages
59273 [ahoward fsl.] rubyists-
59274 [rich lithino] Interface Ruby with Flash.

^ How to return value from middle of a block?
59276 [jim freeze.o] I am trying to return a value from a middle of a block,
+ 59278 [jim freeze.o] should be
+ 59279 [ysantoso jen] Is this what you're looking for?
+ 59280 [matz ruby-la] break <value>
  59285 [jim freeze.o] Hmm, I tried that, but it didn't work.
  59287 [nobu.nokada ] `break' exits closest *lexical* block, try with `next'.

^ Multirow slicing
59277 [rrytov entop] Here is a multirow string
59370 [mike stok.co] ...

^ dialup connection
59297 [gaga6 gmx.de] is there any possibility to close a dialup connection with ruby
59298 [matz ruby-la] system "poff"
+ 59300 [gaga6 gmx.de] Thanks for the answer, but I'm using a Windows 2000 system.
| 59301 [eban os.rim.] system "rasdial /disconnect"
+ 59411 [sdate kc.rr.] ...
  59427 [matz ruby-la] Debian GNU/Linux on Panasonic CF-B5ER notebook with a trackball.
  59435 [gsinclair so] Wow!  Imagine a Beowulf cluster of those...!  ;-)
  59461 [batsman.geo ] NOOOOOOO! I just quit Slashdot cause it was destroying my productivity

^ standard accessor for List attribute
59302 [ ddet gmx.de] the shortcuts  attr_<reader|writer|accessor> for
+ 59303 [tim bates.id] Make it more general, put it in a library, upload it to the RAA, convince
+ 59305 [nakahiro sar] 'assoc' in RAA is for association.  It might
+ 59306 [bulatz integ] attributes is just methods, automatically defined by attr_reader/...
+ 59312 [flori nixe.p] class Class
+ 59323 [Eugene.Scrip] If you use only one instance variable you wish to access, you can

^ [OT] Static typing & compilation of Ruby
59307 [batsman.geo ] They're not.

^ viewing output
59321 [lausianne gm] I just started with Ruby. At home (WinXP) there are no problems so far,
+ 59385 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
+ 59455 [lausianne gm] Thanks for the reply! It is in both cases (home and work) 1.67-4. I
| 59531 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
+ 59456 [lausianne gm] Thanks for the reply! It is in both cases (home and work) 1.67-4. I
+ 59457 [lausianne gm] Thanks for the reply! It is in both cases (home and work) 1.67-4. I

^ code review
59324 [D.Varvello q] We are trying to review some OO applicative code written in ruby. We explored Rdoc but it seems to us a little bit complex, digging in the YARRA we found a lot of interesting stuff, but it is either too much simple, or too much complicated. Can you suggest something object oriented and with a dimension of about 10-15 classes?
+ 59327 [austin halos] I'm not sure what you find difficult about RDoc; it's a simple
| 59448 [dsafari para] Just a hunch, I think the Davide is after a Ruby package of about 10-15
| 59480 [D.Varvello q] Right, I'll thank you all for the suggestions in the previous mails.
+ 59328 [gsinclair so] explored Rdoc but it seems to us a little bit complex, digging in the YARRA we
| 59329 [D.Varvello q] I was not so clear. We want to explore source code, so we started to look at Rdoc sources, but they are too difficult to understand, so we are looking for something simpler.
| 59334 [probertm nor] One utility that may fit your exploration need is log4r
+ 59338 [ahoward fsl.] CGIKit

^ Does rdoc generate line numbers?
59330 [jim freeze.o] I am using rdoc with the -S (--inline-source) and was wondering if it
59331 [dave pragpro] There is now... :)
59335 [jim freeze.o] Rockin' :). Where do I get the latest CVS from?
59337 [dave pragpro] ...
59340 [jim freeze.o] Dave, the code works great, but is one line number off.
59345 [dave pragpro] Doh!

^ Need Test::Unit for 1.7.3
59336 [jim freeze.o] I tried to install the latest test unit 0.1.4 with 1.7.3 and the install
+ 59344 [jim freeze.o] Never mind. If found it.
+ 59373 [mike stok.co] ...

^ Speedy Ruby (was: Re: help -- persuade my boss to adopt ruby)
59339 [probertm nor] This is a really interesting statement to me, mostly cause I don't think
+ 59346 [waisun.chia ] Well, I've managed to get 80%-200% speedup by just simply running my
| 59352 [dan sidhe.or] Unless you got ruby to generate the C code automatically from your
| 59354 [waisun.chia ] Nope. Mine was hand-coded.
| + 59361 [dan sidhe.or] Sure, but this thread's all dealing with speeding up ruby generally,
| + 59365 [hal9000 hype] It is worth mentioning that the 20% can be
+ 59350 [dan sidhe.or] None of those, actually. If I was going to look for the speedups I
  59371 [probertm nor] And with dynamic typing and late binding it gets very non-trivial.
  + 59388 [dan sidhe.or] When I realize that I can't afford to replace everyone's hardware
  + 59468 [simon simon-] Of course, if there was some kind of highly optimised VM that could cope

^ Confessions of a Ruby programmer
59341 [waisun.chia ] Fellow Ruby Miners,
+ 59342 [gsinclair so] I started even smaller, but not too small.  I used Ruby to build a prototype of
+ 59381 [ptkwt shell1] ...
  59382 [xrfang hotma] It is surely inspiring to hear this. I am now actively "alluring" friends to
  + 59395 [ptkwt shell1] ...
  + 59430 [waisun.chia ] Don't give up.
    59503 [djberge qwes] You can absolutely contribute.  Port a Perl module, if nothing else.  Here's
    + 59517 [xrfang hotma] I don't think I can port any Perl module, because I don't do perl at all. My
    + 59651 [comp.lang.ru] ...
      + 59652 [djberge qwes] If it does, then refer back to that part where I mention "documentation needed".
      | 59661 [bruce codedb] For HTML::Table, I'd suggest using something like Amrita-- its ability to
      + 59705 [matt lickey.] Try resolv.rb

^ OT: Functional Language Recommendation
59343 [waisun.chia ] Sorry for the OT post, but I need some advise from some like-minded
+ 59347 [Ephaeton gmx] ^^^ you won't need that in a FP language :)
| + 59383 [ser germane-] I've no experience with Ocaml, little with Haskell, and a moderate
| | + 59384 [Ephaeton gmx] Or he just hits '%' in vi or the moral equivalent in his editor. Editors
| | | 59446 [maksa sezamp] after || ?)
| | | 59453 [Ephaeton gmx] So seeing this mnemonic can give you an impression how easy lisp syntax is.
| | + 59399 [matt lickey.] With the exception of emacs users, where the editor helps out quite a
| + 59507 [probertm nor] I like the HUGS system, which is a nice way to learn Haskell.  I agree
+ 59364 [dfan dfan.or] If you are studying a language in order to actually do something
| + 59368 [ysantoso jen] Has LISP really been relegated for language archival? :(
| | 59443 [bulatz integ] languages like womens - small is beatiful :)
| | 59444 [ysantoso jen] I find your antirubenesque attitude insulting to me.
| + 59414 [sdate kc.rr.] ...
|   + 59440 [dblack candl] It's not exactly an endorsement; "Language of the Year" isn't an award
|   | 59445 [sdate kc.rr.] ...
|   | + 59462 [batsman.geo ] Japanese is always a very strong candidate.
|   | + 59483 [dblack candl] We've gotten way off-topic for the Ruby list.  You can get more info
|   + 59465 [schuerig acm] If I'm not mistaken, the point of choosing Haskell as the LotY was
|     + 59471 [bulatz integ] but winner will be Visual Basic :)  one time i compared popularity
|     + 59493 [sdate kc.rr.] ...
+ 59442 [bulatz integ] afaik, ocaml is interesting as strong-typed and fast FP language,

^ simple parse error, but i can't find  him
59359 [ruby joelh.d] my code ist this
+ 59363 [lyle users.s] f = File::open(dateiname,mode="w")
+ 59367 [flori nixe.p] Finish this method or delete this line.
  59372 [ruby joelh.d] -i will.

^ Re: Ruby instead of PHP?
59366 [jim freeze.o] This should probably go to ruby-talk or modruby.net.

^ Ruby instead of PHP?
59374 [d.werder pla] I?m new to Ruby and I?d like to know if anybody tried to use Ruby as a replacement to PHP?
+ 59375 [jason juncti] Ooooh, this gives me visions of squirrellmail becoming rubymail....
+ 59412 [nemo hellotr] Yep, I switched from PHP to Ruby, and I'm SOOO glad I did.
  59501 [usenets nyc.] ...
  59514 [nemo hellotr] ruby, mod_ruby, eruby, and apache 2.0.43?
  59522 [russ freesof] Blimey, where do you find a wife who has a Linux installation!?
  59523 [jason juncti] In my house too :)

^ Re: Functional Language Recommendation
59379 [jsuntheimer ] ...
59386 [mikkelfj-ant] ...

^ quit mailing list
59389 [stefanocheri] How do i quit the mailing list?
59393 [lyle users.s] you should send a mail message with the body "unsubscribe" to the
59426 [botp delmont] fyi, It's in the mail header.

^ forking with block leaves zombie procs
59398 [eric.schwart] I'm still in the process of reducing this to a simple test case, but
+ 59401 [walker deafc] Zombies need you to Process.wait for them to decompose.
+ 59429 [nobu.nokada ] If you don't need the exit status, prepend this line.
  59588 [eric.schwart] But, AIUI, that wouldn't kick in if the parent process has exited before
  59591 [nobu.nokada ] If there were zombies, the parent process IS alive.  Otherwise

^ named parameters
59400 [dcarrera mat] Is there a way to write a function with named parameters?
+ 59404 [walker deafc] Thi sis the way given in the Pickaxe.
| 59422 [vjoel PATH.B] def foo(params)
+ 59405 [gsinclair so] Check out
  59406 [lyle users.s] Dan Berger also did a really good presentation on this topic at the Ruby
  59502 [djberge qwes] Thanks Lyle. :)

^ Regular Expressions
59409 [Graeme.Matth] ...
59410 [jason persam] Try using

^ iCal in Ruby?
59413 [Trevor.Jenki] ...

^ ruby-talk traffic doubles in last two weeks
59415 [ptkwt shell1] ...
+ 59417 [brian coolna] 3500.
| 59418 [rich lithino] Nah. More people argued longer...
+ 59421 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
+ 59424 [austin halos] Yeah. Data error. I have only 2,235 messages in my ruby-talk inbox

^ Nature of ruby
59423 [tsiivola cc.] "Eval is just another function".
+ 59428 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
| 59434 [gsinclair so] Without eval, hardly any existing code would work: it underlies attr_*.
| 59530 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
+ 59436 [gsinclair so] So let me get this straight.  A *compiled* Ruby program executes eval by
  + 59450 [bob.news gmx] "Gavin Sinclair" <gsinclair@soyabean.com.au> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
  + 59479 [tsiivola cc.] A rhyming rypo.
  | 59511 [hal9000 hype] Tuby or not tuby... that is the question.
  + 59526 [dan sidhe.or] Nope. A compiled Ruby program executes eval by running the embedded
    + 59529 [tsiivola cc.] Eval is eval as in evaluation: a function that *evaluates* the
    | 59533 [dan sidhe.or] Nah. If you're compiling, you might as well go all the way, as it's
    + 59538 [probertm nor] In fact this is the heart of Forth, where you create new words
      59542 [dan sidhe.or] Just a little, though that's a good place to start.

^ How to 'touch' a file to a time other than now?
59432 [phlipcpp yah] fn = '/usr/aDirectory/aFile'
+ 59433 [eban os.rim.] % ri File.utime
| 59438 [phlipcpp yah] Ah, I get it. In the original example someone was using 'touch' to make a
+ 59437 [dossy panopt] # touch foo

^ Regex#=== with non-string argument
59449 [vjoel PATH.B] x = 1
+ 59451 [walker deafc] x = 1
| 59452 [vjoel PATH.B] Thanks, but no. I happily discovered that fact a few days ago, but my
+ 59463 [matz ruby-la] No.  I will fix this in the development version.  And I confirmed no
  59464 [vjoel PATH.B] Great. By "other", I assume you mean besides Regex and Range...