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^ ruby namespaces
58962 [emmanuel.tou] I looked in the pickaxe book for details about namespaces, there is mention
+ 58964 [emmanuel.tou] argl..
+ 58966 [nobu.nokada ] Method is a builtin class made by Kernel#method and
| 58967 [emmanuel.tou] yes, now my class is still named Method, but I wrapped it in a Module, and i
+ 58969 [ysantoso jen] module BaseModule

^ Ruby/GD for win32
58963 [idan idanso.] IS there a Ruby/GD win32 build available somewhere on the net?

^ ENV['HOME'] on win32
58970 [jsuntheimer ] What is the connical workaround for the absense of the HOME variable on the
+ 58975 [mikkelfj-ant] the
| 58982 [mlgaunnac ho] Setx.exe is what is needed.  Unfortunately, it's only available in the NT
| 58991 [tsyk yk.rim.] It's available from web site.
| 58994 [mikkelfj-ant] NT
+ 59092 [briqueabraqu] ENV['HOMEDRIVE']+ENV['HOMEPATH']

^ TCP Server
58977 [xrfang hotma] I am learning how to use Ruby to write a TCP Server. I used the sample code
+ 58979 [decoux moulo] You have an example at
+ 58980 [mikkelfj-ant] code
+ 58981 [bruce codedb] Shannon,
| 58983 [xrfang hotma] Thanks all.
+ 59046 [B.Candler po] while back.
+ 59118 [bulatz integ] from ruby distribution :)

^ TCP Server
58984 [xrfang hotma] I just found an example in talk archive about using thread with tcp server.
59000 [billk cts.co] I prefer to use select() than threads, for a couple reasons, in Ruby.
+ 59018 [bjst01 stude] I prefer to use a combination of both select and threads,
+ 59019 [idan idanso.] I have not encountered such situation when using threads.
  59023 [billk cts.co] Whoa.  Interesting.  Well, my apologies if my post was incorrect.
  59024 [gfb tonesoft] What might be ment is that when you write your own C extention and you call

^ CGIKit
58985 [ahoward fsl.] cgi'ing rubyists-

^ [ANN] RubyInline 2.0.0 released (fwd)
58986 [pate eylerfa] Reply-To: ruby@zenspider.com
59008 [mikkelfj-ant] And here's the link

^ Splitomania - advice welcome
58989 [aengstrom gn] I'm writing a commitinfo script for CVS using ruby 1.6.7 on Debian
59022 [matt lickey.] I suspect the ugly code reflects the ugly file format you are
59200 [aengstrom gn] def editors
59254 [matt lickey.] It looks like you are using 'name' before initializing it.
59275 [aengstrom gn] Ah... that is supposed to be "@name" :) Thanks for pointing it out!

^ keywords for each (next, break, ...)
58992 [jim freeze.o] Sorry to ask such a lame question, but I can't seem to find the keywords
58996 [decoux moulo] retry, redo

^ Can an .rbx file send it's own code?
58999 [nemo hellotr] I was wondering if there's a way to make a web page (generated in Ruby) with
+ 59004 [alan digikat] Without getting into all of the cgi processing...
+ 59005 [AntiATField_] Is it called via CGI?
+ 59010 [nobu.nokada ] DATA.rewind
| 59015 [ahoward fsl.] install this in your cgi-bin dir.
+ 59013 [walker deafc] #!/usr/bin/ruby
| 59016 [walker deafc] My bad, that should be #{$0} otherwise it won't get eval'd.
+ 59053 [just6979 yah] cgi = CGI.new   ## or whatever CGI library you use

^ require circularity?
59009 [jd204c nih.g] unless defined? SomeName then
+ 59012 [dblack candl] 'require' won't reload, so you're OK.  'load' will, however, so you
+ 59014 [kentda stud.] In general, no. Ruby is wa-ah-ay better than C and C++ .
  59060 [gsinclair so] My test (ruby 1.6.5 (2001-09-19) [i386-cygwin]  -- I really must upgrade)
  59066 [huber alum.w] Maybe storing some kind of hash of require'd files could prevent this?
  59068 [gsinclair so] This is already the case (I believe it's an array, though).  The problem is

^ Ruby slow??
59030 [Michael.Garr] Found this site about how languages stack up against each other.  This test
+ 59031 [Michael.Garr] Maybe you guru-Rubyists could give him some better source code??
| 59034 [Michael.Garr] Before I get bombarded with off-line hate mail I should mention that I LOVE
| 59036 [lyle knology] Yes, I was being sarcastic ;) My point was that, if you look at *all* the
| 59048 [transami tra] yes, ruby is often slower than other languages, but that is simply the price
| 59063 [ysantoso jen] Slowness is an implementation issue, not to be confused with the
| + 59070 [transami tra] only to a point. the implementation of a macro-assemblier will without
| | 59097 [matt lickey.] Ruby 1.8 will be faster in many areas (1.7 already is).
| + 59120 [bulatz integ] really?
|   59138 [austin halos] Really. I've seen C/C++ programs which perform abominably because of
|   59178 [bulatz integ] really? :)
|   59221 [austin halos] Really. On Windows, gcc/g++ are slower than any other compiler
+ 59039 [lyle users.s] Not so fast! (no pun intended). For example, Ruby beats the pants off
| 59088 [mikkelfj-ant] test
+ 59040 [matt lickey.] That test creates 100,000 ruby threads and uses lots of thread
| + 59044 [lyle users.s] It doesn't create 100,000 threads, only two. But I would guess that you
| + 59045 [drbrain segm] No, the test creates two threads.  It passes 100,000 integers from the
| + 59061 [chris m-audi] Good lord, is that true? Shades of MultiFinder.
|   59067 [huber alum.w] Well, yeah, but they (at least the fastest one) use coroutines, which
|   59071 [vjoel PATH.B] But callcc is implemented in terms of threads...
|   59104 [huber alum.w] Doh! :P  I guess it won't give much of a gain then...
+ 59043 [drbrain segm] st
+ 59102 [maksa sezamp] test

^ Robots?
59032 [gtzip earthl] Has any one ever tried to use Ruby to program Robots yet?
+ 59064 [ysantoso jen] What kind of robot? web robot or mechanical robots?
+ 59072 [tim bates.id] If you mean what I think you mean, I had thought of doing something like this.
  59110 [darksyyyde e] Mechanical robots.

^ ruby core dump (1.6.8 on FreeBSD)
59035 [bhilton vpop] charset="us-ascii"
59134 [decoux moulo] This is the old bug described in [ruby-talk:40979]
59267 [bhilton vpop] Thanks for the reply.  Is this bug not fixed in 1.6 ?  What is the recommended
59271 [nobu.nokada ] Fixed in 1.6.8-preview4, I hope.

^ ANN: installpkg 0.0.1
59038 [ptkwt shell1] www.aracnet.com/~ptkwt/ruby_stuff/InstallPkg/installpkg-0.0.1.tgz

^ Re: installpkg 0.0.1
59057 [gsinclair so] Nice.
59069 [ptkwt shell1] Good point.  I'll change it.

^ mysql-ruby on OS 10.2 - possible?
59058 [gbp unlv.edu] I'm having a bit of trouble with posting to the list. I hope this is

^ Is it wise to extend Matrix?
59080 [gsinclair so] Since the thread "Inheritance question" has become so deep (physically :) and
+ 59081 [dblack candl] I've always had a fondness for inheriting from Array and
| 59084 [gsinclair so] I used to inherit from HashMap in Java occasionally, but it always felt dirty.
+ 59083 [russ freesof] the type >that was returned from some methods - I lost track.  But maybe
| 59085 [gsinclair so] Yes, he would begin with
+ 59091 [jim freeze.o] Yes, that is what I want. The Matrix class has a sticky issue since it
| 59093 [decoux moulo] Yes, it is simple as that *but* the wrapped functions *must not* return
| 59094 [jim freeze.o] Sorry, but being new to delegators, can you show an example of "but must
| + 59095 [decoux moulo] Here  what do DelegateClass in delegate.rb
| + 59100 [ahoward fsl.] fellow rubyists-
|   59101 [decoux moulo] Nothing wrong.
+ 59121 [bulatz integ] i think just the same. current delegation classes never mind about this issue

^ [ANN] RBit 0.1 -- Ruby's Bit Construction, Matching, and Extraction Module
59082 [ysantoso jen] This is in response to a post a few days ago regarding the equivalent

^ irb auto completion
59105 [jd204c nih.g] I'm using Ruby 1.6.6 on Win XP.  Just installed the latest IRb and

^ un-extending objects
59108 [dblack candl] I've become intrigued by the idea of unextending objects -- that is,
+ 59109 [ptkwt shell1] I like this.
+ 59123 [martindemell] Simply beautiful.
+ 59125 [decoux moulo] Nice, very nice :-)))
| 59136 [dblack candl] Do we consider that a bug or a feature? :-)
| 59137 [decoux moulo] You have found :-)
| 59144 [dblack candl] I thought about dup, and avoided it partly because it always seems to
| + 59146 [decoux moulo] The problem with this is that it's not thread safe and I don't really want
| + 59147 [decoux moulo] Another problem is that you'll not be able to dump the object after the
+ 59140 [nemo hellotr] This reminds of me of something I was thinking of recently, which would make
| + 59141 [nemo hellotr] Sorry to reply to my own mail, but...
| | 59143 [dblack candl] obj.stretch(mod) { ... }
| + 59142 [decoux moulo] Bad idea, try to forget about this :-)
|   59179 [bulatz integ] 1) you are right
+ 59214 [kjana dm4lab] class-in-state, scope-in-state by Keiju ISHITSUKA
| 59253 [dblack candl] Indeed -- very interesting.  I admit I hadn't scoured RAA, though I'm
+ 59229 [rich infoeth] Actually on a somewhat related idea, I wanted to have an object be able

^ Ruby zlib on 1.7.3/W2k - uncompressing value from http get
59111 [jeff manicwa] I am using the PragProg 1.7.3 distro of ruby which includes zlib 0.5.1
59112 [mwilson13 co] For gzip you have to use Zlib::Gzip and a GzipReader object.
+ 59127 [jeff manicwa] thanks.
+ 59130 [unnie blue.s] Sorry, this document is too old. I'll replace it with new one soon.

^ Nuby Http question
59122 [Ot.Ratsaphon] I am a Ruby Nuby and am seeking some assistance.
59126 [decoux moulo] You don't use the same URL, just write
59153 [Ot.Ratsaphon] Guy,

^ ANN: pcre 0.1
59124 [phasis korne] PCRE Ruby extension ver0.1

^ strange DB problem
59131 [xrfang hotma] I got a strange problem while using ADODB with Access. In ruby, I use
59132 [xrfang hotma] if I use "%string%" instead of "*string*" it worked fine. I need to
59135 [michael_s_ca] % is the only SQL wildcard I've ever seen...   I'd assumed (uhoh) that it was
+ 59139 [austin halos] to
+ 59149 [xrfang hotma] I always thought it was "*" :)) and Access do support "*", is it
  59152 [kentda stud.] "These standard VB characters will also work in Access SQL statements.

^ if you live in or near New Jersey....
59145 [dblack candl] There's a book warehouse in East Brunswick, NJ, which is selling
59160 [ptkwt shell1] That's a great deal and all, but usually these places are selling

^ multi-language support in Ruby
59148 [xrfang hotma] I encountered a problem. I think it is related to UNICODE support,
59155 [nobu.nokada ] Integer#chr makes only single byte char.  If you want UTF8

^ syntax error (Re: multi-lang support in Ruby)
59150 [xrfang hotma] text.gsub!(/&#(\d+);/) do begin $1.to_i.chr rescue end; end
+ 59167 [gsinclair so] I would trust that (\d+) will succesfully turn into an integer and forget
+ 59168 [matt lickey.] text.gsub!(/&#(\d+);/) do begin $1.to_i.chr; rescue; end; end
  59201 [xrfang hotma] What I want to rescue here is when \d > 255 then $1.to_i.chr will report
  59227 [dblack candl] irb(main):001:0> "abcde".gsub(/(.)/) { $1.upcase }

^ Re: if you (don't) live in or near New Jersey....
59151 [ted datacomm] I got mine from jerseybooks -- through Amazon; $15.99 with shipping.

^ a range with all the ascii chars
59154 [surrender_it] I know that ruby handles unicode, and I suppose it handles ascii as a
+ 59170 [matt lickey.] Ranges use Object.succ to get to get from the first element to the
| 59262 [surrender_it] interesting
+ 59236 [ysantoso jen] (0..0xFFFFFF).each{|i|
  59263 [surrender_it] thanks, hat was interesting too

^ Sydney user group meeting TOMORROW.
59156 [harryo zip.c] As usual, I've left it to the last minute to get the information out, but

^ Ruby installation instruction for Mac and Linux
59162 [nemo hellotr] I'm writing a tutorial, aimed at the non-programmer.  I'm assuming very
+ 59163 [mwilson13 co] Ruby 1.6.7 is a part of Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar).  This is not built with
+ 59165 [makotosato2 ] For Linux, I think that it would be better to show how a non-root user

^ Ruby in Bioinformatics
59172 [ptkwt shell1] I'm looking into getting into Bioinformatics (hey, there seem to be some
59175 [james jamesb] I'd be interested, too, as it crossed my mind that Ruby would excel in this
59177 [simon simon-] Neither have I, so I asked James Tisdall, author of Beginning Perl for
59286 [sdate kc.rr.] Speaking from first hand experience, I strongly agree with Tisdall's
59349 [ ujh gmx.com] Yes, would be nice to hear what you can do in Bioinformatics (though I

^ Toward ruby-lang.org renewal; trial website offered
59174 [matz ruby-la] We  webmasters' team  of ruby-lang.org have  reformed our official
+ 59182 [ptkwt shell1] I like it!
+ 59183 [ptkwt shell1] site?
| + 59185 [bruce codedb] Phil,
| | + 59189 [nahi keynaut] Yes, it's build on tdiary.  But we including the author
| | + 59252 [roberto REMO] Entirely in Japanese unfortunately. It seems to generate very clean code so
| + 59188 [matz ruby-la] It's called tDiary <http://www.sf.net/projects/tdiary/>.  The tDiary
+ 59190 [gsinclair so] About the trial website, should the FAQ links point to
| 59192 [nakahiro sar] Sure.  Thank you.
+ 59202 [Trevor.Jenki] Horrible! Those with colour deficient sight will have difficultly with all
| + 59203 [tim bates.id] Tim Bates
| | 59204 [nahi keynaut] Definitely.  We meant no harm.  We had to realize about it.
| | + 59205 [hal9000 hype] This is just my opinion.
| | | + 59207 [tim bates.id] For the most part, this is correct. There is still a lot the designer can do
| | | | 59208 [botp delmont] I hope TDiary supports themes. I cannot verify this since I can't read jap
| | | | 59210 [matz ruby-la] English documents are included in the package.  Try downlod it.
| | | | 59211 [botp delmont] Downloading now.. :-)
| | | + 59209 [batsman.geo ] The second one looks like this
| | | + 59212 [Trevor.Jenki] "8% of men and 0.5 percent of women have some form of color blindness. For
| | | + 59217 [decoux moulo] Thanks :-(
| | | + 59226 [lyle users.s] Your response makes color-blind Rubyists (like me) so angry that we're
| | |   + 59242 [mikkelfj-ant] I'm sorry but I think you are in the wrong newsgroup - Ruby for color-blinds
| | |   + 59244 [hal9000 hype] OK, I am not opposed to accessibility for
| | |     59248 [lyle users.s] I can read the new Ruby site, as well as Hal's web site, just fine. As
| | |     59266 [jim freeze.o] Well, actually, it's red text on a default background (gray for me).
| | + 59284 [nahi keynaut] We checked above site to find that our new color scheme
| |   59309 [batsman.geo ] You did not change the Japanese version; no color-blind people in Japan? ;-) (*)
| |   59316 [nakahiro sar] We still are changing color schemes.  We checked the
| |   59317 [nakahiro sar] Wrong!  I mean, "We changed" and "There are in Japan."
| + 59206 [batsman.geo ] This should be fairly easy to correct, as the site uses CSS stylesheets.
| + 59213 [tom.hurst cl] Never mind the colour deficient, even I'm having trouble with all that
+ 59215 [maili31s cli] SugHimsi%the_anonymous_translator_of_this_article.
+ 59419 [john.carter ] So now the colour blind have finished whinging, this short-sighted bat
  60793 [nahi keynaut] Sorry for long silence.

^ Matz's LL2 Video Available
59176 [hoanga mac.c] I had the opportunity to attend the Lightweight Languages session a
59318 [emmanuel.tou] wow, that's nice!
59402 [matz ruby-la] xine works well for me on Linux.
59447 [emmanuel.tou] right. i tried with xine 0.9.10, which segfaulted. xine 0.9.13 does work :O)
59458 [matz ruby-la] Ah, I don't think so.  But thanks anyway.

^ Exception handling
59180 [aleksei.guze] Good day!
59228 [bob.news gmx] "Aleksei Guzev" <aleksei.guzev@bigfoot.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
+ 59230 [decoux moulo] Smalltalk can have resumable exception.
| 59235 [aleksei.guze] Thanks. But in [ruby-talk:18102] matz said that "It requires deep core
| 59239 [matz ruby-la] I'm sorry, no, unless you save continuations when you raise exceptions.
+ 59234 [aleksei.guze] control
  59251 [bob.news gmx] "Aleksei Guzev" <aleksei.guzev@bigfoot.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Sandboxing and threading
59191 [tim bates.id] Dear all,
+ 59193 [matz ruby-la] It should work, at least I designed to work.  If you have any problem,
+ 59255 [billk cts.co] An alternative might be to keep the controller process completely separate
+ 59290 [jweirich one] If you are more interested in the robot side of the problem (rather than
  + 59291 [tim bates.id] Well no, I'm more interested in the whole thing, but darn it, someone's beaten
  | 59293 [ysantoso jen] I'm looking forward to be a spectactor of such tournament! Please
  + 59506 [jd204NoSpam ] Likewise.  My son and I are working on the game together.  We also