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^ do I really not understand inheritance??
58681 [nemo hellotr] So, I've been really trying to get a firm understanding of objects and
58685 [dblack candl] irb(main):001:0> a = Object.new
58730 [nemo hellotr] AHA!!!
+ 58769 [dblack candl] To get all of them you'd want to traverse both the singleton class and
| 58785 [nemo hellotr] Hmm....  I see what you're saying, I think.  I was going to give you a
| + 58803 [mwilson13 co] I don't understand all of this discussion, but the following may be
| | 58805 [mwilson13 co] ...
| | 58808 [gsinclair so] Mark,
| + 58819 [dblack candl] I'm now researching that question :-)  From the previous discussions
|   58820 [decoux moulo] Just an example (it's 1.7)
|   + 58842 [nemo hellotr] Now that's interesting...
|   | + 58849 [dblack candl] Guy has his own versions of Ruby, and doesn't always explicitly tell
|   | + 58857 [mwilson13 co] 2.  This just tells me that Class.new is broken.
|   | | 58865 [nemo hellotr] 1.  I don't see the practical problem with having singleton classes and
|   | | 58874 [dblack candl] Or, to put it another way: it isn't broken :-) It's part of a system,
|   | | 58885 [nemo hellotr] Or, to put it another way: it isn't broken :-)
|   | | 58907 [dblack candl] Interesting -- I perceive it as more machinery :-)
|   | + 58858 [nemo hellotr] This just tells me that Class.new is broken.
|   |   + 58859 [nemo hellotr] This just tells me that Class.new is broken.
|   |   + 58862 [dblack candl] Sorry, I'm lost now.  What's wrong with Class#new?
|   + 58848 [mwilson13 co] from (irb):3:in `inherited'
|     + 58850 [decoux moulo] Well, this must be read
|     + 58853 [nemo hellotr] from (irb):3:in `inherited'
+ 58824 [angus quovad] metaclasses but to extend objects' behavior; and that singleton classes are

^ Regex#hash
58682 [vjoel PATH.B] Why doesn't Regex#hash behave like String#hash?
58794 [matz ruby-la] Sounds good.  I will add this to 1.7.
59033 [vjoel PATH.B] Amazing...

^ Ruby/DL how to struct
58688 [transami tra] i'm trying to write a binding for the ggi library using Ruby/DL, but i am
58876 [ttate kt.jai] "signed" is not handled by Ruby/DL, so use "short".

^ Re: [ANN] jabber4r 0.3.0 (doesn't work with raa-install)
58689 [ptkwt shell1] $raa-install --install jabber4r
58694 [ tom u2i.com] Is there is a 100% ruby library for .zip? If there is I could maybe
58751 [ptkwt shell1] How about: http://rubyzip.sourceforge.net/
58759 [ tom u2i.com] It does and it doesn't. It requires either zlib or gnu tar. As the
+ 58773 [ptkwt shell1] Actually, it doesn't seem like it would be that difficult to support .zip
+ 58774 [ruby-talk wh] Raa-install is in kind of in a funny place that needs defining, don't
  + 58775 [rich infoeth] And there are some of us ruby folk who develop on Windows and not Linux
  | + 58778 [ruby-talk wh] With the new canonical name, we could go for a different approach, Rich.  RAA
  | | 58793 [ptkwt shell1] But what about the future when we hope to have all the packages in a
  | + 58789 [ptkwt shell1] True, but does every Windows user have pkzip installed?  Is it built-in to
  |   58801 [gsinclair so] raa-install should have a Ruby-based ability to operate with .tar.gz and with
  + 58790 [ptkwt shell1] Quite true, I find that I can't use raa-install with many sourceforge
    58844 [ruby-talk wh] Raa-install will select a sourceforge mirror and rewrite the URL.  But

^ [OT] Coolest thing before sliced bread (was: Re: The coolest thing since sliced bread)
58717 [rich lithino] Nah...
58723 [brian coolna] So ... FreeRIDE needs a plugin for sliced bread, or a plugin allowing it

^ How to detect Module Inclusion for Class Instances (like Module#extend_object)?
58718 [martin zsdfh] Is there a way to tell that a module is being included by a class?
58732 [vjoel PATH.B] Take a look at Module#append_features.
58744 [martin zsdfh] regarding Re: How to detect Module Inclusion for Class Instances (like
58884 [vjoel PATH.B] OK, I see now. Why can't you just use initialize?
+ 58935 [gsinclair so] You can, but why on earth do you think it will do what you want?
| 58939 [gsinclair so] Whoops!
+ 58972 [martin zsdfh] regarding Re: How to detect Module Inclusion for Class Instances (like

^ Problem loading extensions in OSX 10.2.2
58724 [Dave Pragmat] I'm a Mac newbie, so I'm struggling a bit here, but there's a definite
+ 58752 [nobu.nokada ] How did you configure ruby, and what CFLAGS?
| 58770 [dave pragpro] I just did
| 58781 [nobu.nokada ] Without --enable-shared?  Do you have ruby shared library, and
| 58832 [dave pragpro] Yes - thank you! --enable-shared fixed it.
+ 58753 [hisa imasy.o] Which version of Ruby have the problem? In Ruby 1.6.7 installed
| 58771 [dave pragpro] Agreed, my 1..7 worked too, but... there were problems with the
+ 58755 [jim freeze.o] If your questions can be generalized, there are some smart folks at
  58776 [brian coolna] Oh man, I've been working there for a month - I forgot all about
  58823 [jim freeze.o] Yes, that was what I was trying to remember. I needed --enable-shared.
  58825 [decoux moulo] When you run extconf.rb you can give the options
  58826 [decoux moulo] configure

^ ruby for dos
58725 [xrfang hotma] Is there a ruby intepreter for DOS?
+ 58739 [ysantoso jen] Yes
+ 58766 [dido imperiu] As far as I know, it is possible to compile Ruby using DJGPP, though you
  58767 [nobu.nokada ] Thread works on DJGPP.

^ Threading problem (maybe with FXRuby)
58736 [jason persam] I'm attempting to spawn a thread when a user clicks a
58764 [lyle users.s] Which version of Ruby? If it's Ruby 1.6.7, please try it under Ruby

^ Perl interpreter for Ruby?
58737 [russ freesof] Seems to me there is still a major lack of Ruby hosting in the UK and
58748 [ptkwt shell1] Well, it is moving a bit slowly I'll admit.

^ Open3 and expect
58745 [STUCKNER MUL] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
58749 [nobu.nokada ] Is this in a line?
58834 [STUCKNER MUL] I think the ftp://ftp.ruby-lang.org got inserted by my HTML mail stuff. the

^ RubyGems -- was  [ANN] jabber4r 0.3.0 (doesn't work with raa-install)
58782 [curt hibbs.c] What ever happened to RubyGems?
58802 [gsinclair so] Funny you mention *jar* - it's just *zip* in disguise, but with *tar* CLI.  On
58812 [ted datacomm] That's a hoot!!!  Made my day.
58888 [hal9000 hype] On
58933 [gsinclair so] Not becasue it's AIX, but because the command-line tools are dinosaurs.  I've

^ OT: c
58783 [bulatz integ] are you sure that light speed was be known 200 years ago?

^ Ruby tutorial - update
58786 [dcarrera mat] For those who are interested in the Ruby tutorial, I just finished a long
+ 58926 [mikkelfj-ant] It makes me want to learn Ruby :-)
+ 58928 [billk cts.co] Very nice!!!!
| 58932 [eric.armstro] EXTREMELY well done.
| 58934 [jason juncti] This is helping me learn the language as I type! Well.. sort of...
+ 59246 [roberto REMO] [courtesy cc of this posting sent to cited author via email]
  59247 [dcarrera mat] Yes, I'll begin doing that tonight.  I didn't at first because te whole

^ JRuby
58788 [AAmin bct-te] This is a multipart message in MIME format.

^ Templating Pakage
58792 [jasonu xmiss] Does anyone know of a package on the RAA which is similar to HTML::Mason in
58831 [bruce codedb] I'm not sure about "similar to HTML::Mason", but you could check out Amrita.

^ Ruby Problem
58806 [stefanocheri] class TestClass
+ 58813 [botp delmont] personal opinion, no, it does not make sense. You have to trust your
+ 58816 [martindemell] This is definitely a code smell. As far as possible, semantic
  58829 [martindemell] Sorry - I was careless and didn't test the code...
  58925 [botp delmont] ^^^^^^^^^^^^   <-TestCase

^ Examples of integrating Ruby interpreter into C++ app?
58815 [coma_killen ] Are there any publically available examples (open source or
58835 [phlipcpp yah] I have extended a WTL text editor sample called kPad by Konstantin

^ [RCR] Global Regexp Match Mechanism (//g)
58852 [austin halos] I played around with the necessary mechanisms to emulate //g Regexp behaviour in Ruby, but I'm not too happy about how much extra work I would have to do.
+ 58854 [walker deafc] foostr.scan(/foo/) do |match|
+ 58856 [dblack candl] What do you consider "extra"? :-)  Usually I just use String#scan
| + 58879 [austin halos] #scan doesn't solve the ultimate problem -- being able to backtrack and rescan from an earlier position (a la Perl's pos() function). Scan would work "OK" if it returned an array of MatchData instead of Strings. BTW, my posted code almost works. I meant to say that I wanted to do that without doing "foostr = md.post_match".
| | 58905 [nobu.nokada ] String#index takes optional argument specifies searching
| | 58946 [matt lickey.] (a) if ruby is not run in ASCII mode, ruby must scan the whole
| | 58952 [nobu.nokada ] I know, and it has improved in 1.7.
| | 58987 [matt lickey.] Great!  I didn't know you could do that.
| | 58997 [nobu.nokada ] It means all destructive String methods must pay that cost.  It
| | + 59001 [austin halos] Why should the String keep track of the "pos" if the string has been mutated? In the code that I am trying to convert, if the string is modified, the code itself is responsible for resetting the \G position. IMO, the functions which prepend should invalidate the matchpos (e.g., nil).
| | | + 59017 [nobu.nokada ] The costs are almost same, and feel expensive to me.  Even if
| | | + 59021 [matt lickey.] That's a solution, though as Nobu Nakada pointed out the whole idea of
| | |   + 59025 [austin halos] I'm not sure I agree with you about the costs; however, I agree completely about the thread-unsafe behaviour. This is why I suggest in my RCR that the MatchData contain the position data. It's not as flexible (read: "unsafe") as the Perl version, but I think it will do the job. I will try to write more detail this weekend.
| | |   | + 59028 [nobu.nokada ] $~.end(0) ?
| | |   | + 59029 [matt lickey.] The MatchData already contains the character position of the end of
| | |   |   59051 [austin halos] Okay; since 90% of what we need is present, why not add a new method to Regexp, #gmatch(str, pos = nil, flags = nil). Adding pos to #match seems a poor fit because of the flags argument already present. Also, if a MatchData is passed as str, it should implicitly call MatchData#end for pos unless pos is non-nil. IMO, being explicit about doing a //g-type match is a Good Thing.
| | |   |   59056 [nobu.nokada ] Regexp#match in present takes only str.
| | |   |   59062 [austin halos] Sorry, I was confusing #match and ::new (: You're right. #gmatch
| | |   |   59065 [nobu.nokada ] I worry if the behavior may surprise/confuse users.
| | |   + 59027 [nobu.nokada ] Furthermore, it doesn't seem to be appropriate to String as
| | + 59096 [matt lickey.] I applied this to the CVS version of Ruby and like it.  I have some
| |   59098 [matz ruby-la] It's not ignored.  But I need to think about it twice before changing
| + 58886 [matt lickey.] In addition to Austin's reasons, String#scan makes lots of little
+ 59499 [ged FaerieMU] Perhaps a separate library is not what you want, but 1.7.x at least

^ need advice for parsing directories .ftp.
58861 [sturmpanzer ] manipulates files by type. The problem I've run into is how can I
58881 [whitton atla] I've always liked recursion. I just threw this together. Forgive me if
+ 59037 [sturmpanzer ] Thank you very much! Thats an excellent example of what I was trying
+ 59042 [dblack candl] Could you use File::Find?
  59059 [sturmpanzer ] The code snippet that Travis sent was exactly what i was trying to do.

^ require
58866 [briqueabraqu] Guys,
+ 58867 [decoux moulo] $LOAD_PATH
| + 58869 [dblack candl] Whoops, I gave the Perlish version :-)
| + 58873 [briqueabraqu] Interesting... The good-style way of changing it is just
|   58875 [dblack candl] Depending on the situation, you might want to shift instead of
+ 58868 [dblack candl] require( aString ) -> true or false

^ [RCR] replace setup.rb/install.rb with builtin module
58870 [ptkwt shell1] I proposed this idea last night on the tail-end of another thread and on
+ 58889 [ptkwt shell1] It's a quick kludge - I took  Minero Aoki's install.rb and wrapped the
| 58893 [transami tra] great work! is it on its way to the raa?
| + 58915 [ptkwt shell1] I hope to put it up there today or tomorrow.
| + 58924 [martindemell] AOL!
+ 58891 [matt lickey.] I think it is pretty clear that any packaging system would be made
  + 58895 [jim freeze.o] True, but I think the install package can be used now.
  + 58897 [transami tra] actually i'm not clear about all the package systems in devleopment. the first
  | 58916 [ptkwt shell1] Seems that way to me ;-)  But as I said in another post, I think we can
  + 58914 [ptkwt shell1] I'm merely trying to speed up that 'until then'.  We really need to decide

^ i was aware of that...
58871 [i_wont tell.] i was already aware of that, but i've seen some examples of this - maybe i

^ Ruby 1.7.3 command output capture problem
58878 [jason persam] OK, to fix a threading problem, I upgraded to Ruby
+ 58898 [xrfang hotma] I have not used FXRuby, but I think probably there may be some
| 58899 [jim freeze.o] The regex is required in 1.7.3. v1.6.7 just converted internally for
| 58901 [xrfang hotma] It created incompatibility. If ruby are widely used, it may affect a lot
+ 58903 [nobu.nokada ] "ruby -e 'p `dir`'" worked fine.  Could you show the minimal
  58908 [jason persam] Right.  The problem is specific to rubyw.exe
  + 58912 [xrfang hotma] btw, what is the difference between ruby and rubyw?
  | 58918 [david.naseby] Please Shannon, although most people on the list don't mind answering a
  + 59026 [nobu.nokada ] rubyw is a GUI mode program which has no console, therefore

^ tnsping interface?
58880 [djberge qwes] Has anyone written a wrapper/extension for Oracle's tnsping?  I'm

^ Inheritance Question
58913 [jim freeze.o] I am subclassing the Matrix class, and am having
+ 58920 [ahoward fsl.] it looks like you can't because
+ 58922 [gsinclair so] Does "m.inv.add_col(c)" work?  The example you give that *doesn't* work
  58927 [ahoward fsl.] i got given much crap for taking this approach not too long ago (note that i
  58941 [jim freeze.o] I think the following would work, but I need a clean way to wrap all the
  58944 [jim freeze.o] Well duh, as soon as I hit send I realized that I had not looked far
  + 58947 [gsinclair so] In effect, you are adding methods to the Matrix class, so why don't you ... ?
  | 58951 [jim freeze.o] I like open classes, and use this feature for my own classes on occasions,
  | + 58954 [gsinclair so] I don't blame you for not wanting to modify "standard" classes, but in this
  | | 58956 [jim freeze.o] Yes, but modifying it can cause alergic reactions in other third party
  | + 59117 [bulatz integ] why? it's just a kind of overloading
  |   59128 [jim freeze.o] It can cause alergic reaction to unsuspecting libraries.
  + 58950 [alan digikat] Can't you use method_missing hand off any calls you don't explicitly
  | 58953 [gsinclair so] Or better still - a Delegator or Fowardable class.
  | 58955 [jim freeze.o] Yes, probably. But I have to modify so many, I would prefer a clean
  | 58957 [gsinclair so] I'd be honoured, Jim :)  I've never used them before, but here goes.  Were I to
  | + 58958 [decoux moulo] If you don't modify what do ruby by default
  | + 58973 [jim freeze.o] Well, the way Matrix is setup, it makes even using DelegateClass
  |   58974 [decoux moulo] Well, this is not the way that Matrix is setup, the problem I think is if
  |   58993 [ahoward fsl.] i've come up against this on several occasions too.
  |   + 58995 [jim freeze.o] I agree.
  |   + 58998 [decoux moulo] Matrix is inheritable : the problem is with delegation
  |     59002 [ahoward fsl.] require 'matrix'
  |     59003 [decoux moulo] a = mm + Matrix[[12]] # p a.class ???
  |     + 59006 [jim freeze.o] The print results are all Matrix. I don't understand your point.
  |     | 59007 [decoux moulo] Well if it give Matrix, it must be Matrix also for
  |     + 59011 [ahoward fsl.] class Matrix
  |       + 59020 [jim freeze.o] This is acceptable. I can work around this. I did in C++.
  |       | 59074 [decoux moulo] ruby is not C++, and thanks for that.
  |       | 59086 [batsman.geo ] ... and yet wouldn't it be great if C++ was Ruby? :-)
  |       + 59073 [decoux moulo] Now you have a big problem, because this not what ruby do
  |         59076 [jim freeze.o] Don't you mean that this is how Array was implemented, not what
  |         + 59078 [decoux moulo] Vect and Matrix are implemented via Array. It can be strange if Vect do
  |         | 59089 [jim freeze.o] cat v.rb
  |         | 59090 [decoux moulo] class A < Array; end
  |         + 59079 [decoux moulo] [ruby-talk:11575] and the rules was simpler than yours :-)))
  + 59052 [ptkwt shell1] Couldn't you use 'method_missing' and redirect calls to your class' matrix
  + 59115 [bulatz integ] it's a Delegation pattern

^ capture IRB session
58929 [m_libby ands] Is there any way in irb to capture all of my input lines? I love to try
+ 58930 [spoon dellah] irb | tee some_file_name
+ 58931 [vjoel PATH.B] This will put your input in a string which you can access from the
+ 59041 [B.Candler po] $ script foo
  59054 [vjoel PATH.B] But that captures command-line editing control characters, output, ...

^ Testunit Gotcha!
58940 [john.carter ] So there I was building a wee test with testunit-0.1.4 and ruby 1.6.7 when
58942 [nathaniel ta] Sorry... I don't usually work in the program & test in one file mode,

^ Mail delivery errors
58948 [gsinclair so] I can't say I'm appreciating all the emails like the following "Mail Delivery
58990 [matt lickey.] corion@informatik.uni-frankfurt.de