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^ Environment variables
58385 [briqueabraqu] How can I set environment variables to a program that I run using
+ 58386 [decoux moulo] With ENV
+ 58387 [armin xss.de] If you use Unix/Linux I think the normal ENV
  58463 [briqueabraqu] I tested on the version of ruby I have in windows (1.72) and the ENV

^ Ruby BUG when using PStore and fork
58394 [jeremy chaos] PStore does not appear to play well with fork.  This script
58418 [matz ruby-la] Ah, you can't.  "fork" creates copy of the process.  Copied child
+ 58421 [ahoward fsl.] i have gotten around this problem by spawning another process using the unix
| + 58971 [jeremy chaos] Neat trick!  OK, I have implemented it and it will do for now.  But
| + 58988 [matt lickey.] I would try
|   59075 [jeremy chaos] This doesn't solve the problem, which was that the child process
|   + 59099 [matt lickey.] You are right.  Question is, should system() pass on any file
|   | 59198 [jeremy chaos] ???  Is this relevant?  The problem is the child inheriting locks, not
|   + 59103 [matt lickey.] After experimenting, there is a way to close the PStore file in the
|     59199 [jeremy chaos] Aha!  Presumably because (according to the close() man page) closing
+ 58959 [jeremy chaos] (which PStore uses to implement abort).
  58968 [matz ruby-la] work with fork.
  59077 [jeremy chaos] So is this a bug or a feature?  It is certainly alarming that you can
  59087 [matz ruby-la] It's a feature.  UNIX fork creates a copy of the process.  The parent
  59194 [jeremy chaos] Perhaps I haven't made my question very clear.  I understand how Unix
  59195 [matz ruby-la] Your guess is right, and I admit I've forgot about this bahavior.
  59256 [jeremy chaos] Off the top of my head, something like "fork: supplied block must
  59431 [matz ruby-la] For your information: the latest 1.6.8 snapshot says "uncaught throw".
  59693 [jeremy chaos] That is certainly accurate, but it might be confusing to someone who
  59703 [matz ruby-la] fork is a special case, unless you (or others) intentionally do so.

^ parameters to rand
58395 [nemo hellotr] The pickaxe states that rand first converts its parameter "p" to an integer
58419 [matz ruby-la] Implicit integer conversion is done by "to_int".

^ Ruby base64 encoding/decoding
58398 [emiel il.fon] Fellow Ruby users,
58399 [520079130762] See String#unpack and Array#pack.
58401 [emiel il.fon] Wow it comes standard with Ruby. Nice. Thanks for pointing me in the
58407 [djberge qwes] There is a base64 module, btw, that comes as part of the standard distro, so

^ Newbie: invoking class methods
58405 [jd204c nih.g] (Using Ruby 1.6.6)
+ 58409 [kentda stud.] Note that you reassign ba in the same context as the proc is defined,
+ 58411 [vjoel PATH.B] module GameModule
+ 58422 [Tim.Hunter s] It's not clear to me what the "action" can be, however, I'll offer the

^ Extension: array size?
58406 [probertm nor] Rubyists,
+ 58410 [probertm nor] Doh!
+ 58412 [billtj z.glu] It is mentioned "informally" on the second page of "Extending

^ [ANN] net-pingsimple 0.1.0
58413 [djberge qwes] - Added ping? alias for ping method

^ Interactive Ruby Help Line for Nubies and Obies (not obese)
58414 [ysantoso jen] Just to let you know that there is an IRC channel where ruby-ists
58454 [robertm spel] Also on windows its worth checking out Trillian

^ raa-install on Win32
58417 [hal9000 hype] I've played with this a little, and offhand I
58424 [ tom u2i.com] I've heard about this problem before - I don't think it was caused by
58425 [ruby-talk wh] I have a fix for this.  The Tempfile which is used to handle HTTP reads
58432 [ tom u2i.com] All are welcome.

^ [ANN] ratlast 0.2 -- embedded FORTH in Ruby
58431 [probertm acm] Rubyists,

^ mod_ruby CVS and ruby CVS working with Apache 1.3.23
58434 [waisun.chia ] mod_ruby CVS (as of today)
58476 [usenets nyc.] Great! I'm looking forward to work flawlessly with Apache2

^ P.S. (Re: [RCR] Accessor for trace_func)
58437 [brian coolna] Yay!

^ warnings -w
58438 [dcarrera mat] I asked a while back what effect the '-w' flag had.
+ 58439 [matz ruby-la] It sets $VERBOSE to true, and gives you extra warnings on parsing.
| 58441 [dcarrera mat] Thanks.  Can you give me an example of a parsing warning that it would
| 58444 [matz ruby-la] Try
| 58446 [dcarrera mat] dcarrera ~ $ ruby -e 'return break'
| 58447 [matz ruby-la] Oops, how about
| 58449 [dcarrera mat] Thanks.  Now I have a new question.
| 58450 [matz ruby-la] Think about "p (1+2)*3".  It's "(p(1+2))*3", not "p((1+2)*3)",
| 58451 [phasis korne] It reminds me http://ruby-talk.com/12896
| 58453 [dcarrera mat] Huh?
| + 58467 [decoux moulo] Float#to_i is the same than Float#truncate
| | 58468 [robertm spel] As 2.4 /0.2 is fundementally 12, why should (2.4/0.2).floor or .truncate
| | 58665 [comp.lang.ru] - - It's 12 on the real number line. It's something quite different
| + 58469 [jweirich one] The problem is that two-tenths (0.2) cannot be exactly represented as a
|   58470 [robertm spel] Duh forgot about that, wish I'd recieved this before I sent my mail out.
|   58538 [botp delmont] but
|   58554 [ysantoso jen] There really is no easy way to escape such errors. The difficulties
|   58558 [vjoel PATH.B] ...
|   58591 [botp delmont] Yap. I see it. Very promising.. I hope it becomes standard..
+ 58443 [JohnFeezell ] From the "The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide"

^ reading GTKEntry text values?
58448 [NOSPAM nopla] I have built a sample text entry GUI using glade. I am using a GTKEntry
58452 [jacekpodkans] Try puts entry_widget.get_text
58564 [NOSPAM nopla] Thanks for the input, now my next problem!

^ blade.stop
58455 [sinara blade] blade stops for maintenance till tomorrow.
58961 [sinara blade] blade recovers now.

^ mac os x eruby
58458 [transami tra] yes, i am alive :) getting back to coding a bit after a few months of much
58527 [hisa imasy.o] To make eruby, libruby is necessary. However, Mac OS X 10.2
58533 [gfb tonesoft] status
58548 [hisa imasy.o] Really? Please tell me which package in Jaguar include libruby. I
58557 [stefan.arent] I have made a ruby port for darwinports (www.opendarwin.org) that

^ using rdtool from script
58459 [transami tra] in working on a ruby wiki i'm considering using RD for the general markup like
58471 [austin halos] I suspect that RDoc will probably be a bit more friendly toward

^ compiling ruby-fltk
58460 [transami tra] trying to install ruby-fltk and it bombs. i'm running debian and think i have
58464 [ttate kt.jai] One of the solutions is to comment out the functions such as rb_fltk_contrast().

^ subscribe Mathias Johansson
58462 [mathias.joha] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

^ Required scripts
58465 [gmosx softla] Is there a way to find out which ruby script files are "required"
+ 58466 [decoux moulo] pigeon% ruby -rsocket -e 'p $"'
+ 58570 [sdate kc.rr.] This utility analyzes large Ruby programs and attempts to
  58575 [ptkwt shell1] so rdep actually parses some Ruby code to determine these things?

^ Problems transporting nil values using XMLRPC (net/http ?)
58473 [martin zsdfh] I am using XMLRPC in a project that I am currently working on.  It seems
+ 58474 [martin zsdfh] I hate replying to my own questions :-)
| + 58504 [mwilson13 co] In my opinion, definitely not a waste -- someone else may have the same
| + 58560 [stefan.arent] No it is not, don't worry :-)
|   58696 [martin zsdfh] Ah, I didn't know that - I'd better go and read the spec :-)
|   + 58777 [nahi keynaut] $ ruby -rsoap/marshal -e 'puts SOAPMarshal.dump(nil)'
|   + 58810 [josu ubera.n] Josu Oyanguren
+ 58565 [nahi keynaut] This is a response to your OT.
  + 58567 [ruby-talk wh] Favorite line!
  | 58779 [nahi keynaut] <g>
  | 58787 [ruby-talk wh] Object Kit Across YAML.
  + 58697 [martin zsdfh] [snip snip]

^ 8x8 matrix
58475 [RembrandtAka] a=Array.new
+ 58477 [djberge qwes] require "matrix"
+ 58478 [michael_s_ca] there was a solution posted a couple days ago using #map.
  58481 [coquelle eni] about using map (from The Ruby Way),
  58482 [coquelle eni] matrix = (0..7).map { (0..7).map {0} }

^ [OT?] Pymacs in ruby?
58479 [michael_s_ca] This is probably way, way OT, but has anyone considered something along the
+ 58485 [brailsmt yah] I don't know about emacs, but vim has had the ability to be scripted
| + 58490 [michael_s_ca] Well, I use emacs for more than just an editor.  currently and in the past, it's
| + 58493 [hal9000 hype] when and
|   + 58501 [Michael.Garr] That's flame war talk....
|   | + 58502 [batsman.geo ] Perhaps SpamAssassin should kill messages with 'vi' or 'emacs' too :)
|   | | 58503 [Michael.Garr] I second that.....
|   | + 58505 [dblack candl] It's a testament to the baseline peace and harmony of this group that
|   |   + 58506 [Michael.Garr] iI would never<ESC>bdwisuggest that vi was to best editor on this list.
|   |   | 58508 [gfb tonesoft] Is it not?
|   |   | + 58509 [Michael.Garr] Is it not?
|   |   | + 58528 [huber alum.w] Yes.  It is not.
|   |   + 58535 [michael_s_ca] I'm glad someone sees it that way; I certainly didn't mean to bruise any egos.
|   + 58530 [brailsmt yah] Sure, ":he ruby".  Check the output to ":version" and look for a
|     58534 [hal9000 hype] Hmm, I didn't compile gvim. On Windows, we tend
|     58552 [brailsmt yah] You got me there.  I am about as clueless as one can be when it comes
|     58621 [gsinclair so] The wiki page that contains information about compiling Win32 Vim with Ruby
+ 58519 [huber alum.w] Agreed.  This would be extreemly bad-ass.  Perhaps some weekend when I

^ Re: Newbie Question Thread/Tk
58483 [lyle users.s] I don't know if this is the source of your problem, but this sounds like

^ Newbie questions regarding putc...
58486 [christopher.] aFile = File.new("data.dat")
+ 58488 [dblack candl] The ? operator gives you the ASCII value of the character following
+ 58489 [angus quovad] ?. is the ascii code of "." (46). (This can be used for any character, ?A
+ 58512 [gsinclair so] Be sure to check the FAQ - there's a question on strange symbols in Ruby code,

^ Proper Type for Dollar Amount
58487 [billtj y.glu] Well, you can search comp.lang.c about a thread on what type to use
+ 58491 [probertm nor] My own experience (based on developing real-time trading systems for
| 58499 [harryo zip.c] Normally, I think financial people like to use fixed-point stuff, so that they
+ 58510 [gsinclair so] In the rare case that I have represented money, I've used an integer to
  58543 [botp delmont] Hmmm.. very clever/insightful, sir Mark. I'm putting your tip on my code
  58652 [probertm nor] Scaled integers can be very handy in lots of situations.
  58661 [drbrain segm] Ah, but c is exactly 300,000 kilometers per second*, if you use metric,
  + 58666 [ted datacomm] c = (2.997 924 562 +/- 0.000 000 011) * 10^^10 cm/sec
  + 58728 [batsman.geo ] Emmm, no :-)
    58729 [dcarrera mat] Actually, the meter has been redefined to be 1/299,792,458th of the
    58735 [batsman.geo ] second (s): In the International System of Units (SI), the time interval
    58740 [dcarrera mat] Ha!
    58757 [billtj z.glu] Well, we all know that one of them should be wrong, right?  In this case
    58784 [ted datacomm] The second is the duration of 9 192 631 770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the cesium 133 atom.
    + 58817 [tim bates.id] Okay, we're getting further and further off topic, but yes. The temperature
    + 58830 [jo_stoller y] Yes it is.

^ Is your Website available on MSN, AOL etc?
58492 [v.harrington] This is a multipart MIME message.

^ FXRuby : Setting Default Height/Width in an FXList
58494 [jason persam] I'm attempting to create a vertical, single-column
58496 [lyle users.s] By default, the height of a list item is determined by the greater of
58517 [jason persam] ok, that worked (although I ended up using a slightly
58522 [lyle users.s] You need to call create() on widgets that you add after the program's
58536 [jason persam] Gah.... this [small] problem is really starting to
+ 58537 [david.naseby] (3) Hide the parent in an FXSwitcher, and expose the preprepared newParent.
| + 58539 [jason persam] Yeah... Unfortunately, I'll need many thousands of
| | 58630 [lyle users.s] If you truly need to change the GUI so frequently (i.e. adding and
| + 58628 [lyle users.s] I agree with David. If you're creating only a few widgets, the user
|   58647 [jason persam] Hmmm... since I have to have a whole bunch of these,
|   58656 [lyle users.s] Yes. The getWidth() and getHeight() functions in the C++ library aren't
|   58660 [jason persam] ok... try this... it shows what I'm talking about.
|   58678 [lyle users.s] I'm assuming you have not yet read one of my previous responses in this
|   58680 [jason persam] Woot!
|   58683 [lyle users.s] Nope. I am, very slowly, putting together some RDoc-style documentation
+ 58627 [lyle users.s] Calling FXWindow#destroy destroys the server-side resources (e.g. the X

^ Ruby Question
58497 [geoflorida20] I want to write command line Ruby program whose arguments will be a
+ 58498 [lyle users.s] It's awfully late in the semester for your professor to be making new
+ 58531 [drbrain segm] system(%q!sh "list=3D'word1 word2 ...'; mkdir -p FINAL; for a in list; do f=
| 58544 [tim bates.id] That's cheating.
+ 58601 [surrender_it] something like this could work
  58610 [bruce codedb] George,
  58909 [surrender_it] what does AKAIK means ? (jargon.. I'll never gork it )
  58911 [djberge qwes] I think it was supposed to be AFAIK, which is "As Far As I Know"
  58917 [helgaorg yah] FWIW => "For what it's worth"
  58919 [rrytov entop] RR
  58936 [huber alum.w] I also recommend the "dict" utility, which looks up words using a

^ FAQ for comp.lang.ruby
58500 [hal9000 merc] RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2002-11-20)

^ (auto-response) Re: [ISO-2022-JP] ^[$B@dBP$K%"%/%;%9%"%C%W!*!*^[(B[ISO-2022-JP]
58511 [mbox2 platyp] Testing bug 15912 with mbox2

^ Two Perl -> Ruby Questions
58513 [austin halos] 1. What is the equivalent of Perl's eval BLOCK form of eval? Per "man perlfunc": "the code within the block is parsed only once..." Of course, I'm not exactly sure why an eval is being done in the code that I'm looking at, but seeing a Ruby equivalent may help.
58542 [matz ruby-la] eval BLOCK is used for exception handling, so that "begin .. rescue .. end"
58547 [austin halos] eval BLOCK is used for exception handling, so that "begin .. rescue .. end" should be the answer.
58562 [matt lickey.] I've run into places where I could have used pos() and \G to achieve

^ Seeking Ruby Samadhi
58514 [jsuntheimer ] First, here's a piece of working code that prints the values "1 2 3"
+ 58515 [walker deafc] Here, you've defined 'each2' as a method of class 'Array' - 'Array'
| 58516 [jason persam] I'm not positive, but I'd imagine that there's an
+ 58518 [dblack candl] It's actually simpler :-)  Any time you call 'each' on an array, with
+ 58520 [lyle users.s] each2() doesn't pass "value" into Array#each, it's the other way around.
+ 58521 [billk cts.co] class Array
| 58524 [austin halos] class Array
+ 58529 [jsuntheimer ] Thanks everone.  That was fast.  It was the implicit call to self that was

^ Virus Alert
58525 [security pop] ...

^ Antigen found VIRUS= Exploit.IFrame.FileDownload (Kaspersky) viru s
58526 [ANTIGEN_ELSO] Antigen for Exchange found Unknown infected with VIRUS=

^ FXRuby, MDI window switching
58541 [m_libby ands] I have an FXMDIClient widget for which I would like to detect changes in
58632 [lyle users.s] The code looks OK; this sounds like a bug. I was getting ready to put
58768 [m_libby ands] Thanks Lyle! Glad to know that, for once, my ability to read and understand

^ Jabber layer for dRuby?
58545 [ptkwt shell1] Maybe it was at RubyConf, but I think I recall someone mentioning that
58555 [rich infoeth] Phil,
58571 [ptkwt shell1] Will 0.3.0 support REXML?
58573 [rich infoeth] it defaults to REXML :-)

^ Using amrita for generating static content?
58546 [ljz asfast.c] I'm a very happy user of amrita for generating dynamic web content.  My
+ 58549 [chrisg appli] [big snip]
| 58551 [ljz asfast.c] I must have missed those examples.  I'm sorry to have overlooked them
+ 58556 [ahoward fsl.] i put together a powerpoint type presentation using amrita not long ago.  the
  58559 [tim bates.id] How did you syntax-highlight this page? Could it be done dynamically? I have a
  58568 [ahoward fsl.] for f in *.rb; do vim -f +"syn on" +"run! syntax/2html.vim" +"wq" +"q" $f; done