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^ Tutorial page:
58164 [dcarrera mat] It is currently in a constant state of change.  I'm not touching the first

^ eRuby
58178 [dcarrera mat] I want to try out eRuby.  I am only a regular user, so I can't install
58218 [dali insula.] AFAIK eruby takes a document containing a Ruby code and replaces the

^ PLEASE HELP w/ regular expression
58184 [dmitrii woh.] I have a group of data inside a text file like this
+ 58186 [nobu.nokada ] gsub!(/ {8,}/, "\n")
+ 58187 [brailsmt yah] print $a.gsub /,?\s\s+/, "\n"

^ Good windows console?  (was: Buffered output on Windows)
58185 [nemo hellotr] So, is there a good Windows console out there?  What are people's favorites?
+ 58195 [nobu.nokada ] Well, I want to know it too...
| + 58220 [martindemell] ...
| + 58245 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
|   + 58248 [gsinclair so] The Cygwin port of zsh should be perfect.  I tried it, was happy, but
|   | 58254 [martindemell] ...
|   + 58259 [holmberg iar] Don't forget tcsh. Works quite well on Win32. I have used it as my
|     58296 [austin halos] Except, of course, that it's tcsh and not ksh or anything nice like
+ 58255 [surrender_it] I think there is a stand alone port of rxvt, running with libx11.dll
+ 58281 [lists debona] I'm a little confused of what you're actually looking for.
| 58323 [nemo hellotr] Sorry.  I guess I should have been more specific.  I like bash a lot and am
| + 58423 [lists debona] Ah well, that's different story. I wasn't sure what to think of the
| + 58480 [holmberg iar] I find this way of expressing things confusing.
|   58495 [nemo hellotr] I find this way of expressing things confusing.
+ 58403 [Stephan.Kaem] There's 4NT (resp. 4DOS) by JP Soft http://www.jpsoft.com

^ The Ruby Way
58188 [dcarrera mat] What do people think of "The Ruby Way"?
+ 58189 [gsinclair so] It's a great book.  Check it on Amazon for reviews and extracts.
+ 58190 [harryo zip.c] I think it's a great book!
| 58192 [mwilson13 co] I bought it a couple of days ago.  I've been working my way through it
| 58193 [dcarrera mat] I'm just getting started on Ruby.  Would you recommend I wait a while
| + 58196 [mwilson13 co] I'm also a newbie and generally agree that many newbie books start and
| + 58201 [sdate kc.rr.] ...
| + 58202 [gsinclair so] No.  Get it now.  The amount you've posted to the list, and the work you're
| + 58237 [michael_s_ca] I wouldn't.  It is "advanced" in that it covers some more advanced stuff, but it
|   58279 [hal9000 hype] but it
|   + 58280 [brian coolna] [ snip ]
|   + 58291 [michael_s_ca] Thanks Hal.  FWIW, I do like the book and consider it money well spent.  I
|     58298 [hal9000 hype] and
+ 58208 [dblack candl] David
| + 58214 [rrytov entop] After all excited opinions regarding this book, that I agree with, I'd
| | 58216 [gsinclair so] ??? I don't get it.  Why is it on an O'Reilly page?
| | 58217 [mwilson13 co] I hadn't known about this before, but apparently O'Reilly licensed the
| | + 58223 [hal9000 hype] Now *that* is interesting. I certainly didn't
| | + 58271 [tarasis btop] Just to add a little more to that.
| |   58274 [simon simon-] You won't, anyway; Safari subscriptions are treated as sales for royalties
| |   + 58275 [tarasis btop] Really? Cool, do you know if its one of a month by month basis i.e. the
| |   + 58278 [hal9000 hype] In any event, if I wanted to get annoyed with
| + 58222 [hal9000 hype] Thanks for answering that one... these questions
+ 58242 [simon simon-] When I was learning C, I read K&R because it's the definitive book on C.
| 58261 [michael_s_ca] Wow, I can't hardly believe that.  Did you do any of the exercises (...which
+ 58404 [Stephan.Kaem] It greeat! Don't have nothin' more to say.

^ アリスメール 12月8日号
58194 [alice_cashin] 特別審査システム導入♪キャッシングがさらに身近になりました詳しくはホームページをごらんください。
58329 [ondej.solans] ページをごらんください。

^ Fw: RE: Thank God for backups
58197 [ted datacomm] ...

^ Ruminations...
58199 [ted datacomm] begin
+ 58200 [gsinclair so] problem has been misdiagnosed;
| 58210 [harryo zip.c] Or at least print the actual exception, which will tell you why the open
+ 58206 [pete mcbreen] I'll start by commenting on the "one entry, one exit" rule. It arose in
| 58211 [alan digikat] I agree with you that multiple exits should not be eliminated as a
+ 58219 [dali insula.] Well, the key is the page number. It is just fourth brief example of Ruby
+ 58283 [matz ruby-la] The message should have been something like "open failed for #{path}".
  58319 [ted datacomm] IS TOO!!!!  Where do memory leaks come from? <bg>
  + 58325 [ted datacomm] Some background:  I'm really gunshy of multiple exits from a routine.  I've been burned more times than I've not been burned by respecting the rule.  It's just a personal coding style; I sincerely hope that Ruby can permit me to have my idiosyncracies.
  + 58326 [hal9000 hype] one exit" rule of structured programming.
  + 58348 [nat.pryce b1] one exit" rule of structured programming.

^ Emacs
58205 [dcarrera mat] I've been searching for an (X)Emacs Ruby mode, but I haven't found any.
+ 58209 [dblack candl] 'Tis on your machine already :-)  Look in the 'misc' subdirectory of
| 58213 [dcarrera mat] Alright, I see them.  Sorry to bug you again, but I can't figure out how
| 58258 [huber alum.w] Sure, just stick it somewhere in your load path.
| + 58265 [martindemell] ...
| + 58269 [dcarrera mat] Sigh.  I like Emacs, but I always struggle configuring it.
|   58270 [dblack candl] In your ~/.emacs you need to make the association between the .rb
|   + 58272 [dcarrera mat] Wooohoo!!!!
|   + 58293 [rando babbli] Holy hell. I think you just reminded me /why/ i prefer vim over emacs.
|     58294 [gsinclair so] Hang on sunshine, before a flame-war becomes us, I'll point out that
+ 58239 [michael_s_ca] I just use the one that came with ruby.  Don't need to be root, or have it in an

^ SysAdmin (Re: Thank God for backups)
58231 [brian coolna] Oh yeah.  That is a good point.  I added the SysAdmin page, and did a
58232 [gsinclair so] Excellent!  Hopefully we'll see a good resource develop there.  I'm adding a

^ Re: eRuby (making it work)
58240 [JohnFeezell ] After much time and numereous attempts, I did the following to get both
+ 58246 [gsinclair so] Archived at
+ 58273 [dcarrera mat] Thanks.  But what is a '.htaccess' file?

^ Re: eRuby (making it work - take 2)
58243 [JohnFeezell ] Also, be sure to chmod on any rb or rbx files to make them

^ 302
58260 [basti.steine] i'm usin ver 1.6.7 of ruby . Everytime I try to access a site via Net::HTTP
+ 58282 [gsinclair so] I don't know about reading the "new" URL, but to prevent the program from
+ 58400 [drbrain segm] TP

^ multi-dimension array
58267 [xrfang hotma] I am a little confused about multi-dimension array definition in ruby.
58276 [sdate kc.rr.] ...
+ 58288 [xrfang hotma] I'm indeed surprised by this piculiar behavior.  I used the solution you
| 58327 [sdate kc.rr.] ...
| 58336 [xrfang hotma] That's really neat. Thanks for show us the ruby way.
| 58359 [martindemell] ...
| 58365 [dblack candl] Couldn't you achieve the same thing with flatten?
| 58383 [martindemell] ...
+ 58289 [dblack candl] You're doing too much work -- let Ruby do it :-)
  58321 [sdate kc.rr.] ...

^ Please help converting my Java program
58268 [dmitrii woh.] I know I'm going to use
58277 [david.naseby] <snip lotsa Java>

^ rubyWin dead?
58284 [surrender_it] Gi gurus,
+ 58297 [hal9000 hype] Maybe you should email the author and tell us
+ 58354 [masaki.suket] Hmm... Maybe this project is not dead, but not active.

^ instructions for Tk on OS X 10.2???
58285 [mccoma well.] Folks,
58286 [brian coolna] Hey Matt,
58290 [mccoma well.] Brian,
58292 [brian coolna] Behind the curve?  You mean there's a curve?  Awww, man!  I'm so far behind

^ Re: Newbie tutorial - if statements
58287 [botp delmont] I am a ruby newbie but I've taught newbie children too (but not ruby).

^ [ANN] RAAInstall 0.0.5
58295 [ tom u2i.com] Just a short announcment. RAAInstall has been updated to work with the

^ [YANQ] -yet another (ruby) newbie question -string#concat
58299 [botp delmont] From now on, I'll prefix my questions w YANQ (yet another (ruby) newbie
+ 58300 [hal9000 hype] concat!
+ 58301 [dblack candl] ruby + newbie == nuby :-)
| 58305 [michael_s_ca] To be fair here, it might be argued that the String#concat alias is misnamed and
| + 58306 [botp delmont] ooops. Then that should be yet another nuby question. Many thanks, sir David
| + 58307 [gsinclair so] and
| | + 58309 [gsinclair so] I meant "... such a change *would* break ...".  I don't expect it to be changed
| | | 58310 [botp delmont] You read my mind right, sir Mike. I was trying to avoid !-methods,
| | | 58311 [botp delmont] Then #replace method is another thing I would avoid since the syntax/naming
| | | + 58314 [dblack candl] Hmmm....  I wish I could figure out how to talk you out of that.  I
| | | + 58330 [gsinclair so] Not every destructive method is marked with a ! because ......
| | |   58331 [botp delmont] syntax/nami=
| | |   + 58339 [gsinclair so] No, they are _beautiful_.  Repeat after me: _beautiful_ ;)
| | |   + 58351 [dblack candl] I won't laugh, but I'll offer my very strong advice not to tie
| | |   + 58902 [qrczak knm.o] ...
| | + 58312 [dblack candl] But the semantics are very different.  The Unix semantics are very
| |   58313 [botp delmont] deprecating concat is even fine with me (my opinion only -but if it will be
| |   58315 [dblack candl] << is good, and has that nice palpable feel of sticking something on
| + 58308 [dblack candl] Not every method that modifies the receiver has a ! -- for example,
+ 58302 [gsinclair so] <advice>
  58304 [botp delmont] Thanks, sir Hal. When I'm as good as you, I'll think I'll do that, but in

^ Re: eRuby (making it work -- file extensions)
58303 [JohnFeezell ] The following site gives information on the .htaccess file.

^ Re: Welcome to our (ruby-talk ML) You are added automatically
58316 [darksyyyde e] ...
58317 [darksyyyde e] ...
58320 [gtzip earthl] #guide

^ best starting book
58322 [gtzip earthl] Can someone recommend the best Ruby book to learn from for
+ 58324 [ted datacomm] "Teach Yourself Ruby in 21 Days" is a well-thought-of book;
+ 58756 [jsuntheimer ] ...

^ [YANQ] - how to create/modify []=
58334 [botp delmont] I would like to modify or create own Array#[]= method to return the array.
+ 58341 [gsinclair so] Now this is strange: someone who doesn't like modifying objects wants to modify
| 58346 [bjst01 stude] I'd probably do something in the vincinity of,
| 58360 [martindemell] ...
| 58426 [botp delmont] <grin>. I thought it wasn't a big deal. I just want to change behaviour. In
| 58427 [dblack candl] arr[0] = gets
| 58429 [botp delmont] I overlook this. Yes, it does look like an assignment. Thanks, sir David.
| 58430 [gsinclair so] Gavin
| 58435 [botp delmont] You're solution is great, very flexible and safe too (as mentioned by David
+ 58345 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 58347 [eban os.rim.] module MyArray

^ ruby-dev summary 18974-19032
58337 [aamine lover] This is a summary of ruby-dev ML in these days.
58367 [akr m17n.org] URI#to_ary is not defined.
58369 [matz ruby-la] Yep, URI::Generic#to_ary to be precise.

^ Bounded-time computations
58338 [batsman.geo ] The execution time of one operation is unpredictable, and I want to
58342 [decoux moulo] ...
58352 [batsman.geo ] Great! Shorter, simpler, more elegant and efficient than mine!

^ COM Object Help String ?
58349 [xrfang hotma] I tried to use WIN32OLE to script Outlook Express in Ruby. But it seems that

^ COM Object Help String ?
58350 [xrfang hotma] ...

^ XMI...
58353 [daniel.nicau] I would like to work with some UML tools like "UML modeller". It
+ 58389 [armin xss.de] as far as I know such tools do
| 58390 [mwilson13 co] I think this would be a helpful tool, particularly for very complex
+ 58397 [bjst01 stude] If what you need is basic code generation from design-class diagrams
  58456 [daniel.nicau] Ok, umbrello is good UML tool, but i think tha it would be more

^ Ruby in magazines?
58355 [christopher.] Just some brief thoughts?
+ 58363 [roger king.c] ...
+ 58379 [    s xss.de] christopher.j.meisenzahl@citicorp.com
| 58388 [mwilson13 co] Test-Driven Development with Ruby and Test:Unit.
| 58408 [    s xss.de] ...
| 58433 [pate red-bea] I'm writing an article on unit testing for Linux Journal ... we'll see how
| 58442 [austin halos] I'd be interested in seeing if a collaboration might be able to
+ 58391 [simon simon-] I've just written an article on Ruby for the Perl Journal.
  58393 [tarasis btop] Cool Simon, whats it about? Should it not get published would you be

^ perl libaries
58356 [max solution] i am quite new in ruby and i would like to know. is it possible to work
58358 [djberge qwes] Directly?  No.
58362 [max solution] i mean the perl libary i got from tucows. it talkes with teh SRS server.

^ Update on Quest for Multi-Column Listbox in FXRuby
58361 [CRIBBSJ oakw] Well, I played with FXTable this weekend, and I almost got it working the
+ 58375 [CRIBBSJ oakw] I hate to keep bugging the list, but I am so close!
| 58384 [lyle users.s] @table.appendItem("Spitfire\tGreat Britain\t333\t454")
+ 58378 [lyle users.s] Jamey,

^ Fix the time/date on your computers please.
58364 [montana buc9] ...
58366 [gsinclair so] on their computer. I got ~ 100+ emails dated back to 1970 from this list and
+ 58368 [robertm spel] I think that I had a couple of messages late last week that where dated
+ 58370 [dossy panopt] If you really sort by date /received/ then if it's sorting out of order,
+ 58372 [decoux moulo] ...

^ Redirect IO to String?
58371 [Juergen.Lind] can I redirect an IO to write on a String?
58374 [matz ruby-la] Use stringio.  Check raa <http://www.ruby-lang.org/raa/>.

^ Redirect IO to String?
58373 [CBoos bct-te] Return Receipt

^ [FTP] Getting the latest file
58376 [bobx linuxma] ===
58377 [decoux moulo] ...
58415 [bobx linuxma] ...
+ 58416 [vjoel PATH.B] From context, I'm guessing "modification time".
+ 58457 [decoux moulo] ...

^ irb Abort on Solaris Backtrace
58380 [jim freeze.o] Me again, with the silly Solaris problme on 1.7.3.
58381 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 58392 [jim freeze.o] uname -a
| 58461 [decoux moulo] ...
| 58472 [jim freeze.o] ldd ./lib/ruby/1.7/sparc-solaris2.8/socket.so
+ 58507 [jim freeze.o] I got it to work by static linking.
+ 58540 [jim freeze.o] After looking into this issue more, it appears that ld is used
  58594 [decoux moulo] ...
  58609 [jim freeze.o] gcc -v a.c
  58611 [decoux moulo] ...
  58613 [jim freeze.o] gcc -fpic -shared b.c -o b.so   # it didn't like -fPic
  58614 [decoux moulo] ...

^ eRuby and mod_ruby = *slow*?
58382 [cfisher ente] ...
58402 [drbrain segm] Eruby creates a tempfile filled with 'puts' lines, then evals it.  If

^ Environment variables
58385 [briqueabraqu] How can I set environment variables to a program that I run using
+ 58386 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 58387 [armin xss.de] If you use Unix/Linux I think the normal ENV
  58463 [briqueabraqu] I tested on the version of ruby I have in windows (1.72) and the ENV