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^ Virus Alert
57946 [security pop] ...

^ Antigen found VIRUS= Exploit.IFrame.FileDownload (Kaspersky) viru s
57947 [ANTIGEN_ELSO] Antigen for Exchange found Unknown infected with VIRUS=

^ Re : PocketRuby for HP Jornada 820 (WinCe v 2.11, StrongArm processor)
57949 [simoncedruby] I also have the same problem.
57999 [matz ruby-la] Please, please, tell us how do you get the source.
58061 [simoncedruby] 1039187247.186939.2274.nullmailer@picachu.netlab.jp...
58082 [nobu.nokada ] It may wait your input.  Try type
58104 [simoncedruby] But, it doesn't do anything. The sreen is still blank.
58144 [simoncedruby] In fact, the comilation fails when I compile it with cygwin.

^ \n
57951 [basti.steine] i have a little problem. I want to read out lines of a file. But every time
+ 57952 [coquelle eni] f.readlines[0].chomp!
| 57953 [basti.steine] That really helped me.
+ 58010 [ms iastate.e] You might also find it a useful habit to pair any readlines call with a

^ Sources for "The Ruby Way"?
57957 [coma_killen ] Anyone know where to find them? I can't locate them
+ 57960 [gsinclair so] No slight intended, but if you'd typed the title of your post into Google
+ 57961 [bruce codedb] Karsten,
  58046 [hal9000 hype] platform

^ Re: method not from ancestor
57962 [surrender_it] you could even use

^ Class-instance variables access
57968 [fg siamecomm] I try to understand the difference between 'class variables' and 'class
+ 57971 [walker deafc] If you've ever worked with C or Java, a class variable is like a variable
| 57979 [fg siamecomm] Thanks for your help. In fact the question was a little bit different: you can
| 57986 [dblack candl] [This may overlap with other stuff that's been posted, but, well, here
| 57988 [decoux moulo] Just wait to have "class local variable" :-)))
| 58003 [gsinclair so] NOOOOOOOO!!!!! PLEEEEEEAAASE NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I can't take any more of this
| 58017 [decoux moulo] Well, I'll try to explain where is the problem with instance
+ 57977 [coquelle eni] a class variable is unique for a class object
| 57983 [dblack candl] Not quite.  In your example, @one_per_instance is not visible to
+ 57980 [decoux moulo] Well, what you must understand is just this
  57981 [decoux moulo] I've forgotten to give the complete example :-(

^ on error resume next
57970 [xrfang hotma] I apologize if my question irritates you. Now, for the last time, I use the
+ 57972 [xrfang hotma] Well, how would you do that in Ruby then? I think it is the same. Be aware,
+ 57975 [austin halos] Shannon -- I recommend that you start putting spaces around your
| 57982 [gsinclair so] austin, Austin, AUSTIN!  Shame on you :)
+ 57976 [peter semant] begin
  57978 [xrfang hotma] Austin,

^ COM problem
57974 [xrfang hotma] 1. list all COM objects installed in the windows system?
57990 [chrismo clab] There was a post not too long ago that talked about a utility function that

^ Seriel Port/RS 232
57984 [zillig hoki.] how can I send and receive data to a data logger which is connected to the computer via seriel port / rs 232?
58004 [tarasis btop] This will probably help you out,

57985 [emmanuel.tou] I would like to emphasize again that in windows 2000 using ruby 1.67-4
57997 [nobu.nokada ] Yes.  In ruby, "/" is used as a file separator for portability
58000 [emmanuel.tou] thank you, now I'm reassured :O)
58085 [nobu.nokada ] Yes, in all platforms, and I have to agree it's not so useful.

^ Newbie: Can some briefly compare raise and throw for me? Thx!   <eo m>
57991 [christopher.] Christopher J. Meisenzahl CPS, CSTE
+ 57998 [decoux moulo] it's best when the text is in the body :-)))
+ 58002 [gsinclair so] Can some[one] briefly compare raise and throw for me? Thx!

^ irb aborts in 1.7.3 on Solaris
57992 [jim freeze.o] I did not get an answer to this before, so I'll post again.
+ 58001 [Michael.Garr] I'm also having trouble getting irb to work on Solaris.  My problem appears
| 58008 [decoux moulo] I've no problem
| 58012 [Michael.Garr] okay, now I can't build ext/readline.  I recently upgraded readline to 4.3.
| 58014 [decoux moulo] nasun% grep VERSION /usr/local/include/readline/*
| 58020 [Michael.Garr] Nevermind.  I solved that problem.  Don't ask :)  doing a make install right
| 58357 [jim freeze.o] I posted a backtrace, but no comments so far.
+ 58005 [decoux moulo] You have a strange configuration
| 58022 [jim freeze.o] How so?
| 58027 [decoux moulo] Try
| 58035 [jim freeze.o] Ok, I just built ruby-1.6.7 and ruby-1.7.3 on the same
+ 58021 [jim freeze.o] Sorry, not much of an extension debugger.

^ FXRuby question about FXMainWindow
58009 [rich infoeth] I am trying to get the event when an FXMainWindow is maximized/restored.
58023 [lyle users.s] It doesn't look like the main window sends its target a unique message

^ Multi-Column Listbox in FXRuby
58016 [CRIBBSJ oakw] I am trying to figure out how to do a multi-column listbox in FXRuby.  What
58025 [lyle users.s] Have you looked at the "header.rb" example program that comes with FXRuby?

^ [ANN] RAA/2.1
58018 [nahi mwd.big] p RAA.succ.version #=> 2.1.0
58328 [nahi keynaut] I had to write "p RAA.succ!.version" :-(

^ RubyCentral is back!
58019 [nemo hellotr] Did I miss the announcement?

^ ?? weirdness in Find.find/lstat ??
58024 [ahoward fsl.] rubyists-
58073 [matz ruby-la] "bar/" is "bar" and "", which is considered as "bar/.", so that it is
+ 58081 [ahoward fsl.] i'm not 100% positive, but i did some searching on google and ran some tests
| + 58100 [matz ruby-la] If so, it should be reported to the linux developers.
| + 58109 [dblack candl] I thought lstat differs from stat specifically in that it reports on
|   58118 [ahoward fsl.] what you say in in agreement with the linux man page, but many unices seem to
+ 58083 [nobu.nokada ] While I tested on SourceForge Compile Farm, "bar/" was

^ protected program in a program
58031 [nemo hellotr] I've got a kind of tricky question.  For my tutorial there are lots of code
58045 [alan digikat] Well, you could just call ruby in a sub-shell. The easiest way would be to

^ Ruby script with cvs invocations on Win
58033 [bob.news gmx] script invokes "cvs" via system or backquotes.
58079 [nobu.nokada ] HOME environment variable is set?
58343 [bob.news gmx] yes, HOME is set and exported.
58750 [nobu.nokada ] Sorry, I have no more ideas, just can suggest checking which cvs
58791 [bob.news gmx] thanks anyway!

^ freeRide CVS
58034 [daniel.nicau] Excuse me for my quite basic English.
58047 [curt hibbs.c] I'm one of the Windows guys on the FreeRIDE team and don't really know

^ Is it possible to convert a proc object or block to a string of Ruby code?
58037 [mdavis sevas] Is it possible to convert a proc object or block to a string of Ruby code?
+ 58042 [rich infoeth] Matz does not hold the source code in memory so...no you cannot (unless
| 58048 [pbrannan atd] Matz does keep nodes for line numbers, though.  So one (very ugly)
| 58050 [batsman.geo ] * RubyInRuby parsers and AST dumpers, if the code is saved as an AST
+ 58063 [ptkwt shell1] Talk to ts (decoux@moulon.inra.fr) he may have something for you.

^ File
58041 [dcarrera mat] I'm trying to figure out how to use File.
+ 58043 [chrismo clab] Something like this will do...
| 58084 [dcarrera mat] Thanks for the help.
| 58086 [gsinclair so] J is the tenth letter of the English alphabet, so ^J is ASCII character #10,
| 58089 [dcarrera mat] Thanks.  That explains it all.  Yes, I did need a chomp!.
+ 58078 [gsinclair so] For any question that begins like that, the answer is "Read 'The Ruby Way'".
+ 58080 [nobu.nokada ] $ ruby -pi -e "gsub!(%r[<(/?)pre>], '<\1code>')" filename

^ YA ++ explanation
58049 [app1tam ups.] I've worked it out in my mind why ++ isn't valid.  Maybe my thoughts will
58052 [xrfang hotma] Any comments? Since everything in ruby is object, += is a method of the
+ 58054 [app1tam ups.] But += isn't a method.  The reason it works is because it's NOT a method.
+ 58055 [nat.pryce b1] The operator += is not a method in Ruby.   The parser treats += in a special
  58057 [batsman.geo ] I think he had 'succ!' in his mind.
  58058 [xrfang hotma] The reason I am considering this is I try to understand how operator
  58064 [vjoel PATH.B] See http://ruby-talk.org/57460

^ regexp reference
58051 [xrfang hotma] / (  ( a ) ( b ) ) (c)/
+ 58053 [gfb tonesoft] String#scan does it.
+ 58059 [batsman.geo ] Perhaps I'm being stupid here, but what's wrong about
  58060 [xrfang hotma] String.scan is better for my purpose. because I need to group the

^ (Top-level "functions" == private methods).is_evil?
58056 [batsman.geo ] I was recently quite surprised to find that top-level "functions" are
58069 [matz ruby-la] "functions" cannot be singleton methods of the top-level object.  If

^ Namespaces (was: protected program in a program)
58070 [nemo hellotr] Here's what I've got (and it ain't a lot)...

^ StringIO (was: Namespaces (was: protected program in a program))
58071 [nemo hellotr] Check this out!
58076 [nobu.nokada ] if input
58088 [nemo hellotr] Oh, it's beautiful!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
+ 58090 [nemo hellotr] <grumble>...replying to my own post...</grumble>
| 58092 [nobu.nokada ] & before input.method(f) means the Method object should be
+ 58091 [nobu.nokada ] # The source ;)

^ GridFlow 0.6.3
58087 [matju sympat] ruby-talk@ruby-lang.org, 0xFF@music.columbia.edu

^ Thank God for backups
58093 [dcarrera mat] I was working on the tutorial just now and wanted to delete all the *~
+ 58094 [ted datacomm] Thanks for the reminder... </me runs off to start a backup...>
+ 58096 [gsinclair so] CVS
| + 58097 [dcarrera mat] I have no patience for 'rm -i'.  Indeed, that was the default and I
| | + 58098 [gsinclair so] I don't blame you, but it's no big deal for a small number of files.  When you
| | | + 58115 [michael_s_ca] ...
| | | + 58116 [michael_s_ca] (Whoops, hit send too early on last post.)
| | + 58103 [martindemell] I usually have a 'make clean' in each of my project directories to
| | + 58120 [davegaramond] yes, emacs is part of the blame (though i daily use 'joe'). if only
| |   58154 [huber alum.w] I've been putting a file named "-i" in my home directory for a while.
| |   + 58155 [martindemell] *blink*
| |   | 58165 [huber alum.w] Ah, not as far as I know.  I'm not sure though, as I use XEmacs.  I've
| |   + 58159 [dcarrera mat] This message is in MIME format.  The first part should be readable text,
| + 58119 [davegaramond] ah, the joys of unix. who hasn't experienced that at one time or
| | + 58121 [bobx linuxma] Actually I saw an article somewhere that someone had come up with the
| | + 58130 [jeremy chaos] "This is the homepage of libtrash, a shared library which, when
| | | + 58170 [tarasis btop] Heh, excellent thanks for that link. I've been looking for something
| | | | 58176 [michael_s_ca] ...that was taken from the original Mac OS GUI at least 11 years prior to
| | | + 58233 [davegaramond] cool. thanks for the link. i do remember vaguely that there are a couple
| | |   58235 [AntiATField_] This breaks most Makefiles. Some of them even don't work if the variable
| | + 58171 [AntiATField_] Why slrn?
| |   58172 [gsinclair so] Nice.  CAn we have that in Ruby, please? :)
| |   + 58215 [AntiATField_] Of course, especially because the current version is unclean (it doesn't
| |   + 58224 [AntiATField_] My first attempt (it uses a configuration file in ~/.recycle which looks
| |   | 58225 [AntiATField_] This has to be a gsub!.
| |   | 58227 [AntiATField_] There were some more changes, the current source is at
| |   | 58228 [brian coolna] This is neat stuff.  Why isn't it on the wiki yet? ;-)
| |   | + 58229 [gsinclair so] Very polite of you to ask, Brian, but I reckon you should just do it.  Division
| |   | | 58236 [dblack candl] However... the principle of division of labor should not be in a
| |   | | + 58238 [gsinclair so] I actually posted my suggestion before Rudolf made that comment (but we were
| |   | | + 58241 [AntiATField_] Probably I was just too late with my message ;) but that's no problem.
| |   | |   58257 [brian coolna] My apologies, I went ahead and posted that stuff a few minutes before your
| |   | + 58230 [AntiATField_] Because it's not really done yet and I'm thinking about adding a feature
| |   + 58226 [AntiATField_] My first attempt (it uses a configuration file in ~/.recycle which looks
| + 58162 [umarumohamme] Instead of the alias for rm, you could place a file called "-i" [1],
|   + 58173 [gsinclair so] Yes, someone mentioned that, and I must say I think it's very clever.  Very
|   | 58175 [michael_s_ca] it works both ways; for a good 'joke' <ahem>, get access to someone elses
|   | + 58177 [gsinclair so] You mean "-rf", right?  Very evil!
|   | | + 58179 [ted datacomm] And then they further aborted it by calling it the politically-correct "Recycle Bin"...
|   | | | 58182 [michael_s_ca] Well, to be fair, if we're talking about little magnetic pieces of disk substrate, then they ARE being recycled...
|   | | + 58180 [michael_s_ca] Yes, of course.  <D'oh>
|   | | | 58183 [dcarrera mat] alias cp=/bin/mv
|   | | + 58247 [martindemell] That was the first thing I thought of too, followed by 'thank glod unix
|   | + 58333 [tsiivola cc.] You mean "-rf" ?
|   + 58846 [mike stok.co] [mike@ratdog tmp]$ touch foo
+ 58126 [jweirich one] I did something similar many years ago.  I typed 'rm * .bak' instead of
+ 58150 [mikkelfj-ant] I use Perforce both as a backup and as a means to avoid stupid mistakes.

^ [RCR] Accessor for trace_func
58099 [nathaniel NO] Robert Feldt actually requested this back in ruby-talk:11158, but
+ 58127 [pbrannan atd] I think this proposed RCR is a good idea.  It allows trace funcs to be
| 58134 [nathaniel NO] Before looking at eval.c I didn't even realize that trace_funcs were
| 58135 [pbrannan atd] rb_define_hooked_variable creates a hooked variable.  This is how
| 58142 [nathaniel NO] doesn't
+ 58420 [matz ruby-la] I saw IRC log that Nathaniel worried about this request being
  58428 [nathaniel NO] Thanks, matz, it's great to know you're thinking about it. Would it help
  58436 [matz ruby-la] Just wait.  And discuss when you have related ideas.
  58440 [sdate kc.rr.] Dear Santa,
  58445 [matz ruby-la] Yes, you can.  But you have to be a good boy to get your best gift.

^ Please Read
58106 [graham01 lat] Union Bank plc

^ Re: elseif? [OT]
58107 [fg siamecomm] <SMILE>
58108 [botp delmont] I would judge him as a "quick yet wise decision maker" not a dictator;

^ [OT] Re: Thank God for backups
58111 [decoux moulo] You are wrong :-)

^ [ot] emacs backups, was RE: Thank God for backups
58117 [michael_s_ca] backup-directory-alist's value is nil

^ regexp: zero-width match for PRECEDING atom
58122 [emmanuel.tou] I'm looking for the pattern which is (?<!pattern) in perl and \@<! in vim
+ 58124 [decoux moulo] Not tested
+ 58125 [nobu.nokada ] Currently, lookbehind is not implemented.  Oniguruma RE engine
  + 58128 [martindemell] Meanwhile, http://japhy.perlmonk.org/sexeger/sexeger.html#3.1 might
  + 58158 [emmanuel.tou] Thank you everybody  for the answers. it seems to work perfectly.

^ Segfaulting irb with Ctrl-C
58131 [jeremy chaos] If I type Ctrl-C into irb twice it promptly segfaults.  It appears to
58132 [decoux moulo] What is your version of libreadline ?
58212 [jeremy chaos] Yikes!  I am on 2.2.1 .  I'll look at upgrading, though I'll have to

^ (OT) Re: elseif?
58137 [Tim.Hunter s] Hal, have you ever used FORTRAN's computed GOTO statement? IIRC, you
+ 58139 [hal9000 hype] As far as I recall, your memory of FORTRAN (which I have struggled
| + 58149 [dave pragpro] Unfortunately, many folks seem to feel that continuous improvement means
| | + 58157 [probertm nor] One example where I have seen continuous improvement is with Chuck
| | + 58168 [hal9000 hype] That may be true, within limits... I think even a good design
| + 58332 [tsiivola cc.] (cond ((< x y) -1)
|   58335 [hal9000 hype] like nyself.
+ 58140 [alan digikat] I remember that. It was the closest thing FORTRAN 77 had to a case
+ 58234 [decoux moulo] I hope it's deprecated. I take me 3 days to debug one of my FORTRAN 4
  + 58244 [mikkelfj-ant] The ocaml bytecode interpreter on gcc runs 50% faster than the equivalent on
  + 58262 [batsman.geo ] Parrot is using GCC's computed gotos, too.

^ Newbie tutorial - if statements
58145 [dcarrera mat] I need an opinion for my tutorial.  I'm trying to figure out the easiest
+ 58147 [mwilson13 co] My opinion is to drop the "then" part and to address "if" and "unless"
| 58151 [rando babbli] "You may also see this in the form 'if cond then'- This is another way
+ 58148 [alan digikat] I can't recall the last time I saw a "then" in any working ruby code - so I'd
  58153 [tim bates.id] I use it when I want to put an entire if - then - else statement on one line;
  58163 [nemo hellotr] I say leave out the 'then'.  The less is on the page, the easier it is to
  58166 [batsman.geo ] Moreover, if children see 'if ... then' as a natural mapping of English
  58167 [dcarrera mat] Good point.  My little brother had similar struggles while learning how to