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^ [OT] Re: RCR: Stack, Queue alias methods in Array
57093 [batsman.geo ] Ummm, I have also seen this implemented as a queue :-) Access to its
57122 [martindemell] Airport access control uses a queue, I think - you can insert used carts
57125 [mikkelfj-ant] People shopping - fresh milk goes to the back of the queue.
57164 [martindemell] Got it in one :)

^ new to ruby, seg fault
57096 [autekre nosp] Im using ruby on windows, with the SciTE editor, a simple 2 line program;
57099 [dcarrera mat] That's odd.  Have you tried "hello world"?

^ Design by Contract
57097 [kevinethridg] What ever happened with 'Design by Contract' in Ruby? Is there still plans
57210 [adamon maila] IIRC, the dbc module below works by opening up the Ruby source file
57218 [decoux moulo] I hope that you know that it exist programming language with a name not

^ catch stderr
57100 [xrfang hotma] I have some question about catching stderr output in ruby... Please read
57119 [paul floorba] Since you seem to be on windows, perhaps that is screwing up the redirect
57128 [xrfang hotma] Thanks Paul,

^ Spreadsheet/Excel distro fix
57102 [djberg96 yah] All,

^ rb_ary_each() Howto?
57105 [squidster te] Rubyists,
57107 [nobu.nokada ] #include "ruby.h"

^ dbi mysql install
57108 [ddthompson a] I am totally new to ruby, and am trying to get mysql to work.  I am
+ 57110 [tim bates.id] The constant, Mysql, is the name of the module used by dbd_mysql. Can you give
+ 57113 [520079130762] Ruby/DBI depends on the Mysql Ruby Module available at

^ Autocomments in vim
57117 [martindemell] I can't find out how to turn on autocomments in the ruby indent file
57144 [brailsmt yah] Read ":he 'fo'" for a full list of things like this.  In short though,
57205 [martindemell] Thanks - that was really beginning to annoy me.

^ Scope of regex match $variables
57118 [martindemell] def mymatch(a,b)
57120 [paul floorba] "$1 to $9 - String - The contents of successive groups matched in the last
57124 [martindemell] Oops - should have read the Pickaxe more carefully before asking on the
57123 [paul floorba] Why not simply return the MatchData object from your function?
57165 [martindemell] I do, but I thought it'd be nice to have the $n variables set as well. I
57197 [kusunose hcn] Those $n variables are derived from $~ , the local MatchData object.

^ 'C' based iterators
57121 [squidster te] Fellow Rubyists,
57130 [decoux moulo] Well, you can call rb_jump_tag() if you hardcode the value of TAG_NEXT,

^ Ruby Document
57126 [xrfang hotma] I feel a little frustrated with Ruby's documentation. I like the
+ 57129 [decoux moulo] This mean that Net is a top level constant
| 57131 [xrfang hotma] Can I omit this ::? Is it valid to omit it? or it has a "namespace" impact?
| + 57132 [decoux moulo] yes, it has an impact. For example
| + 57148 [ysantoso jen] If you're not inside any namespace, then Net::XX and ::Net::XX means
|   57150 [xrfang hotma] I only know ansi C. I can't say I know ansi C++, because it is way out
|   + 57159 [kentda stud.] A string comparition is both overkill for this kind of thing and posed
|   + 57241 [austin halos] Try doing "ri Symbol", or looking up Symbol in the Pickaxe (they're
+ 57133 [Dave Pragmat] I believe that it is searchable. In the meantime, all these questions
| 57135 [xrfang hotma] "A Ruby symbol is the internal representation of a name. You construct the
| 57137 [decoux moulo] Just try it
| 57138 [xrfang hotma] I hope this is my last time chasing on this same question :) First I want to
| + 57139 [xrfang hotma] Tks. My thinking is: when I see :: in the program, I tried to search in the
| | 57142 [Dave Pragmat] I don't know if the Windows help version includes the index. If not,
| + 57145 [billk cts.co] I think symbols are neat. :)  Whenever you type a specific symbol
|   + 57147 [xrfang hotma] My comments on the document of Ruby is actually an abreaction of my unsatisfaction toward C++.
|   | + 57155 [mikkelfj-ant] unsatisfaction toward C++.
|   | + 57240 [austin halos] Shannon,
|   |   57242 [xrfang hotma] I understand that I am only a user of the language, I may not know the
|   + 57149 [xrfang hotma] I get to know symbol more and more by talking with you ruby gurus... :)
|   | 57163 [billk cts.co] It's not arbitrary, it's just that, using String#intern, we can
|   | 57178 [xrfang hotma] Trouble is, :name is arbitrary, as I tested in irb. It seems when you
|   | + 57189 [billk cts.co] Yes, exactly.  :a is not any kind of variable at all, nor is it
|   | + 57212 [gsinclair so] Pretty simple, really: magic.
|   + 57211 [gsinclair so] I would do
|     + 57262 [Dave Pragmat] If you do that, is there a reason not to take the next step?
|     | 57273 [hal9000 hype] This test would always test false (because of the
|     | 57321 [gsinclair so] Precisely.  Since symbols autovivify, there's no error-catching mechanism if
|     + 57279 [billk cts.co] If I ever made such mistakes, I might argee.
|       57314 [botp delmont] This thread is good candidate for faq, imho.
|       57316 [botp delmont] oops. forget it, it's been taken care of by sir Gavin :-)
+ 57140 [dcarrera mat] I am completely new to Ruby, and I echo your frustration.  There should be
| + 57141 [dblack candl] Have you looked at "Teach Yourself Ruby in 21 Days" (from Sams)?
| | + 57162 [mwilson13 co] In my experience, starting to learn programming from (almost) zero
| | + 57916 [james jamesb] I've been working on a beginning Ruby book that tries not to make too many
| + 57143 [Dave Pragmat] I agree (and I believe there might be one in the works)
+ 57194 [gsinclair so] [questions]

^ Valgrind ?
57134 [matju sympat] Anyone tried to use Valgrind with Ruby ? I've been trying it to debug my
57136 [decoux moulo] See [ruby-talk:52064] and [ruby-talk:52065]

^ Ruby ++, the one element and generators
57146 [mikkelfj-ant] In algebraic theory, terms such as groups and rings are used to define what
+ 57151 [dcarrera mat] Their importance is not that 0 is the additive identity, and if we have a
| 57160 [mikkelfj-ant] OK, it's just that I've watched too much Highlander. C. Lambert was my hero
+ 57152 [mikkelfj-ant] In the above I was a bit loose on the semantics of a++ vs. ++a. These
| 57153 [dcarrera mat] Yes they are, but I doubt that Matz would like a '++a'.  It really doesn't
+ 57154 [AntiATField_] You are referring to an algebraic 'group' (is it called like that in
| + 57157 [dcarrera mat] Yes, it's called a 'group' in English.  Actually, I figured he was talking
| + 57161 [mikkelfj-ant] It's called so in the direct Danish translation. I'm not sure this is the
| | 57181 [AntiATField_] That's why I named Z_p. Even Z_n would work (addition modulo n, eg if n
| + 57166 [mwilson13 co] charset=US-ASCII;
+ 57156 [nemo hellotr] int x, y, z;
| + 57158 [dcarrera mat] Good point.  To make '++' behave as it does in other languages, we would
| | 57417 [billtj y.glu] Hmmm..., I don't think the explanation above is strict.  I think the
| | 57461 [batsman.geo ] At the time C was first used, compilers were so much dumber.
| + 57168 [mikkelfj-ant] Nope,
| | 57174 [mikkelfj-ant] you
| + 57289 [batsman.geo ] trying to apply ++ on inmediate objects yields an error, for the
|   57304 [austin halos] [I haven't really had time to read this in depth. I scanned it.]
|   57322 [hal9000 hype] [snip again]
|   57363 [batsman.geo ] Agree. That's why I labelled my previous post as a Gedankenexperiment.
+ 62885 [fgp phlo.org] Actually, I believe the "one element" is defined as the neutral element of

^ Scalars
57167 [dcarrera mat] In Ruby, do you use the world "scalar" as it's used in Perl? (variables
57169 [dblack candl] There's no equivalent term, because any variable can hold a reference
57170 [dcarrera mat] That's also true in Perl.  What I mean is, "a variable that is not an
+ 57171 [dblack candl] That distinction exists in Ruby only at the level of the object.  The
+ 57173 [timsuth ihug] Apart from syntax, there's nothing special about Array or Hash objects in
  + 57175 [dcarrera mat] Yes there is.  You just called them "array" and "hash".  How do you call
  | + 57179 [billk cts.co] Point is, I think, that they're all objects.  And, with respect to
  | + 57184 [flori nixe.p] Ruby's objects usually know how they liked to be called. If you have a
  | + 57191 [timsuth ihug] Why do you want to make the distinction?
  + 57176 [timsuth ihug] I meant "there's nothing special about strings or numbers. (Apart from

^ Numerical Ruby
57172 [Olivier.Saut] I am now using Ruby to test my numerical schemes. Using Ruby for this
+ 57180 [mikkelfj-ant] Is there any way you could use Ruby to implement a symbolic evaluation
| + 57182 [mikkelfj-ant] In my long tradition of replying to myself,
| + 57216 [Olivier.Saut] I use Ruby to shorten my development time. Beside the numerical
+ 57199 [ptkwt shell1] There should be.  Actually, there are a few folks out there that seems to
| 57892 [mikkelfj-ant] I'm sure NArray is a fine application, I'd just point out Gnu Scientific
+ 57209 [masa ir.isas] If you use NArray, "writing without loop" is the way to speed up.
  + 57217 [Olivier.Saut] Great that was exactly what I was hoping for.
  + 57227 [mikkelfj-ant] This is actually pretty cool - now how much code would you need in C to get
  | 57358 [Olivier.Saut] Yes. After a rewrite following Masahiro's suggestion, my code is 50
  | 57364 [batsman.geo ] Can you estimate how its speed compares to something written in, say,
  | 57368 [Olivier.Saut] I will write a similar code in f90 in the next weeks, then I'll be able
  | 57371 [jim freeze.o] Yes, please post your results.
  + 57263 [mikkelfj-ant] This is actually pretty cool - now how much code would you need in C to get

^ Poss Bug: FileTest.exists? ("") returns true on Windows
57177 [tarasis btop] I just caught by something.
57200 [nobu.nokada ] It would be a bug, and ENOENT rather than EBADF should be
+ 57225 [matz ruby-la] Commit the fix, please,
+ 57276 [tarasis btop] Cool, many thanks for fixing it :)

^ httpmail
57183 [xrfang hotma] I'm trying httpmail-0.3 to connect to hotmail. I tried it with 1.66 when

^ Cipher book for ruby
57185 [xrfang hotma] I suggest if some one can initiate a documentation project for ruby? I
+ 57193 [billk cts.co] I'm expecting anyone would be in favor of various improvements
+ 57195 [dblack candl] I thought there was something like that around (a concordance to the
| 57221 [xrfang hotma] My feeling toward C++, and ruby, and any other language is that when you
| + 57224 [dblack candl] I think that as you become more familiar with the learning resources
| + 57226 [gsinclair so] You won't program Ruby for long without using
|   57235 [xrfang hotma] Gavin,
|   + 57247 [martindemell] The following analogy might help: think of a string as a frame in which
|   + 57267 [hal9000 hype] May all your surprises be pleasant ones...
+ 57204 [martindemell] This might actually be a lot easier to do from a newcomer's
  + 57208 [gsinclair so] That would be good fodder for the FAQ as well.  A question "What on earth do
  | + 57215 [gsinclair so] That said, sooner or later, if somebody wants to become any good at Ruby, they
  | + 57223 [xrfang hotma] I don't like this kind of index :). A question can only address one
  |   57229 [gsinclair so] do
  + 57222 [xrfang hotma] I would like to post a serie of questions, and we can make it complete
    57250 [martindemell] A wiki is a world-editable webpage. They're fun :)

^ mod_ruby for Windows XP
57187 [usenets nyc.] Do they exist? If not, is anyone working on it? Thanks

^ Symbols and tainting
57196 [tim bates.id] I notice that calling String#intern on a tainted string returns an untainted
57213 [matz ruby-la] Since Symbols are immediate values, there's no way to taint them.
57376 [pbrannan atd] Perhaps in higher $SAFE levels sym.id2name should create only tainted
+ 57377 [decoux moulo] Well, with $SAFE >= 3 all new objects are tainted
+ 57378 [matz ruby-la] It does now.

^ ANN: MiniRubyWiki has struck again
57198 [phlipcpp yah] For those of you into tiny wikis with their own Web servers, and all the

^ Mirrror of URI class ?
57201 [pbooth nocoi] Does anyone know of a mirror of the URI class at http://arika.org
57214 [nobu.nokada ] URI is available from CVS, or CVS web.

^ Re: Regular expressions from the end of a string
57202 [martindemell] See [ruby-talk:16567], and also google for 'sexeger'. THe efficient
57203 [martindemell] Since you want all the rest of the string, how about
57206 [mwilson13 co] "sexeger" sounds very interesting for optimization.  In my study of

^ FOX and FXRuby on Mac OS X 10.2.2
57207 [mwilson13 co] Has anyone successfully installed FOX and FXRuby on Mac OS X 10.2.2 and
57264 [jim freeze.o] Lyle and I got Fox compiled and running on Mac OS X 10.1.5, but
57292 [mwilson13 co] Thank you.  This looks very helpful.  I will try it.

^ WeRDS, the Weekly Ruby-Doc Summary, for 2002-12-01 (AEDST)
57219 [gsinclair so] This is WeRDS, the Weekly Ruby-Doc Summary, for 2002-12-01.

^ getoptlong
57220 [wybo servaly] I'm completely new to ruby, used perl until now.
+ 57230 [gsinclair so] Not as far as I know, since global variables are considered bad style, in
+ 57232 [nobu.nokada ] opts.each do |opt, arg|
  57356 [wybo servaly] This looks like what I need, thanks!
  57359 [nobu.nokada ] pp.rb is available from CVS, or 1.7 latest snapshot.

^ [FAQ] What do some of Ruby's symbols mean?
57228 [gsinclair so] This could do with some community input before going to the FAQ.  The format
+ 57231 [ oct zoy.org] being a manager (as a part time job ;)), i'd rather see a more explicit
+ 57233 [decoux moulo] This is not an inheritance.
+ 57234 [dblack candl] Can you phrase this in such a way that it doesn't sound like something
| 57237 [xrfang hotma] I fully respect the effort all the community members and developers are
| 57238 [decoux moulo] If instance methods are stored in the class, where do you think that the
| 57239 [xrfang hotma] I'm sorry I can't understand the purpose of your question. Is it related
| + 57243 [decoux moulo] See [ruby-talk:56900]
| + 57275 [ruby-talk wh] The class << self syntax isn't terribly difficult to understand once you
|   57283 [xrfang hotma] 1. what is the symbol %{ mean? I knew there are %w %Q %q etc, but %{ ??
|   57293 [batsman.geo ] I assume you do already know singleton classes (and methods), so here's
+ 57265 [austin halos] [FAQ] What do you mean, <=!@/$!?
| + 57268 [Dave Pragmat] Actually, it's looser than that: the spaceship can return less than
| + 57342 [gsinclair so] Not in 1.6.5, at least.  What about other versions?
+ 57269 [simon simon-] What's wrong with "Used for adding methods to an individual object"?
  57299 [martindemell] How about "an optional but useful naming convention for methods"?

^ Re: MiniRubyWiki has struck again
57236 [james jamesb] Is there a way to configure the wiki to *not* use the built-in server, but
57284 [phlipcpp yah] Yes and no.
57421 [james jamesb] So I've found.  I hacked an earlier version so that it could run on a public
57427 [alan digikat] I've got a very minimal ruby wiki working that's getting close to
57450 [phlipcpp yah] Someday there will be as many Wiki engines as there are Smalltalk VMs.

^ class << self  (was Re: [FAQ] What do some of Ruby's symbols mean?)
57244 [gsinclair so] You know what a class method is, right?
+ 57249 [dblack candl] class A
+ 57252 [martindemell] It seems consistent to me. If you wanted to define several methods for
| 57319 [gsinclair so] These two are good.  The first one is perfectly clear.  The second one is quite
| + 57324 [hal9000 hype] mean?)
| + 57327 [billk cts.co] Yes!
| | 57329 [gsinclair so] I'm well aware of that, and have seen it used to great effect: the
| + 57328 [dblack candl] (Hmmm... none of this was undocumented last time I checked....)
| + 57336 [jweirich one] Yes.
+ 57270 [hal9000 hype] to
  57274 [decoux moulo] it work fine, but sometimes it exist a difference
  57291 [batsman.geo ] I knew there was a difference, but I really expected something "bigger".
  57370 [decoux moulo] Strange that you see a scope, where I see a class :-)
  57381 [batsman.geo ] U joking? Who's the Ruby hacker extraordinaire (and Frenchman too :-)
  57382 [decoux moulo] No, no. A::a and A::b are in the same singleton class.

^ pickaxe
57245 [xrfang hotma] I kept hearing you guys talking about pickaxe, I tried to search it in
57248 [gsinclair so] I'll give you a hint.  See the document "Things Newcomers to Ruby Should Know"
57254 [dcarrera mat] Maybe I'm just being stupid today, but I couldn't find any reference to
+ 57255 [dblack candl] It has a pickaxe on the cover (print version, at least).  Learning
| 57258 [dcarrera mat] <dawning_comprehension> OOOOhhhhhh! </>
+ 57272 [hal9000 hype] This vague impression is correct.
  57326 [botp delmont] I like the pickaxe theme since it connotes attachment to ore/gem (geology

^ [FAQ] [Revised] What do some of Ruby's symbols mean?
57246 [gsinclair so] Thanks for the instant feedback.  And apologies for the offensive late-night
+ 57253 [martindemell] That last should be >=
| 57257 [nemo hellotr] When you say "case a; when b", a === b is implicitly called
| 57266 [martindemell] Oops - just checked the pickaxe, and you're perfectly right of course.
+ 57320 [gsinclair so] Thanks again for even more feedback.  I'll take all that on board and post a
| 57325 [hal9000 hype] It's
+ 57335 [jweirich one] This still seems confusing, as I would expect detailed information to be
  57339 [gsinclair so] late-night
  + 57340 [tim bates.id] thing ? thing.to_s : 'Thing does not exist'
  | 57341 [gsinclair so] That's great; thanks.
  + 57343 [jason persam] open(default_filename)
    57344 [botp delmont] watch out for spaces. (To be safe) MUST put space before & after "?" and
    57346 [botp delmont] or