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^ Enumerable#zip (Re: ruby-dev summary 18613-18710)
55606 [pit capitain] Maybe you could use something similar to the default value / block in
55645 [martindemell] ...

^ Enumerators with hashslice - RubyConf addenda
55610 [djberge qwes] With a little help from the fine folks on IRC, here's a bit of addenda

^ Problem with a select in Oracle
55616 [mavallad yah] I am just beginning in Ruby, in fact this is my first script.
+ 55623 [gsinclair so] I very much doubt that there is a problem with the '@' character.  What data
| 55624 [jweirich one] That's not entirely true.  It tends to be dependent upon the database
| 55629 [gsinclair so] data
+ 55658 [mavallad yah] I am sorry guys,

^ Ruby/Java integration revisited
55618 [matthewdspen] One and a half years ago, a co-worker and I began development on an

^ setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH doesn't seem to work?
55620 [emschwar fc.] On a linux system, I've developed a extension to STAF (see previous
55625 [ahoward fsl.] why not compile the module using LD_RUN_PATH?  relying on LD_LIBRARY_PATH is
+ 55651 [michael_s_ca] I've heard this charge levied before; can someone tell me the
| 55665 [ahoward fsl.] this sums it up
+ 55662 [emschwar fc.] Why is that?  In any event, the problem is that when loading C
  + 55663 [decoux moulo] ...
  + 55675 [ahoward fsl.] see earlier post.
    55676 [ahoward fsl.] NOTES

^ eruby0.9.8/winxp/apache1.3.27 - eruby don't parse my files
55637 [sven.rosner ] my configurations is
+ 55649 [JohnFeezell ] I had a similar problem on a linux system.
+ 55650 [JohnFeezell ] You can see your code working at 3wplace.com/rb/GetEnv.rhtml
  55731 [sven.rosner ] thx for this but i have now another problem.
  55733 [JohnFeezell ] I'm not sure what your problem is but it could relate to using
  55737 [sven.rosner ] i tried to invoke my script directly (cmd>eruby.exe) and it has gone.

^ Sydney User Group
55641 [harryo zip.c] I was planning on sending out an e-mail nice and early re this month's Sydney

^ Load path for eruby
55642 [sangamon t-o] I would like to include app-specific files that are not on
+ 55655 [alan digikat] I'm not sure what you mean by "altering the global load path".  I'm
| 55661 [sangamon t-o] [trying it] Duh, this works!
+ 55710 [gsinclair so] The Wiki page

^ ANN: rdep (Ruby Dependency Tool)
55648 [hal9000 hype] I recently did a small rewrite of a tool

^ [FAQ]  was RE: How do I get a '\'?
55654 [J.Hawkeswort] Gavin Sinclair requested that I sent this.  I hope it makes sense, is
+ 55693 [armin xss.de] please also post it on the faqtotum.
| 55708 [gsinclair so] I ask some people who post general questions, and get good answers, to
+ 55712 [drbrain segm] Don't forget File::ALT_SEPARATOR
+ 56097 [tarasis btop] Using "Dir["#{directory}/**/**"].each" would work just as well as

^ File Packing Ideas
55659 [mxvera qwest] Greetings,
55668 [tsiivola cc.] The CGI class solves this problem for you: URL's need to be escaped as
55673 [mxvera qwest] Your answer is cool; and by cool, I mean totally sweet.
55677 [michael_s_ca] I may have misread the original problem description, but did you not
55678 [mxvera qwest] I am testing the CGI solution now, and it may do the trick. Better would
+ 55685 [mxvera qwest] Why am I still getting random newlines using CGI.escape? Is there a certain
| 55711 [tsiivola cc.] 1) What is your dataset? Strings of arbitary ASCII characters? How long?
+ 55785 [B.Candler po] How about open, write, close? TCP sockets are 8-bit clean.

^ Why no warning for this code?
55660 [pbrannan atd] h = {
55664 [jim freeze.o] h = { 'foo' => 'abc'}

^ ANN: FXRuby-1.0.15 Now Available
55667 [lyle users.s] All,

^ [ANN] YAML.rb 0.47 -- stairsteppin to 0.50
55669 [ruby-talk wh] A new version of YAML.rb is available.  See http://yaml4r.sf.net/ to

^ tk errors/problems
55670 [khindenburg ] I'm running a small script that is displayed on another computer screen

^ [OT] Re: EuRuKo: European Ruby conference
55671 [batsman.geo ] In fact AFAIK it was a pun on "MULTIX" and "EUNUCHS" (UNIX being a
55672 [michael_s_ca] No reference to castration there.
55679 [batsman.geo ] I read it somewhere; it's perhaps an 'urban legend' (Unix City :),

^ MacOS X: Python or Ruby?
55680 [vinfoley iqu] ...
+ 55683 [ysantoso jen] MacOSX compatibility is great since it's UNIX-based.
+ 55706 [canyonrat ma] You will run into a few issues with the different window server. If you

^ Ruby and CPAN - a note from Jarkko Hietaniemi
55681 [djberge qwes] All,
+ 55688 [bobx linuxma] ...
+ 55692 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
| 55700 [bobx linuxma] ...
+ 55707 [james jamesb] "People started to install modules from CPAN because they were easy to install ;
+ 55718 [james jamesb] When the discussion about bringing Ruby into CPAN began, was there any agreement

^ Parrot says hello Ruby
55682 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
55684 [ptkwt shell1] ...

^ request for help
55686 [pate eylerfa] At RubyConf, I mentioned that I'd started to translate "How to Think Like
+ 55694 [lyle users.s] Have you checked to see if Savannah (http://savannah.gnu.org) would be
| 55713 [austin halos] savanna.gnu.org
| 55714 [lyle users.s] You are correct that unless Pat wants this project to become an
+ 55698 [alan digikat] Have you thought to contact the original authors of "How to think
  55699 [pate red-bea] hmm, I hadn't gotten that far ... I wanted to have a bit more work done
  55701 [bobx linuxma] ...

^ Re: File Packing Ideas - FINAL
55690 [mxvera qwest] 1) jam readlines into an array after chomping
+ 55697 [billk cts.co] In that case you'll probably want to swap 3) and 4).. :)
+ 55703 [nobu.nokada ] I'm not sure why you want to split data and chomp them.  Why

^ can ruby forward page?
55695 [lyan univmai] Can ruby cgi perform page forwarding with the client requested info
55709 [james jamesb] # Supply the method with the URL of the new location

^ Rich Kilmer... (was: Re: FreeRIDE and FUI ??)
55702 [rich lithino] Rich,

55716 [brookschimha] CHIEF(DR)BROOKS CHIMHAM

^ RGL - how to add attributes to Dot vertices?
55717 [Peter.Booth ] ...
55771 [horst hduche] "Booth, Peter" <Peter.Booth@gs.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag

^ Selecting a NIC when running multiple network cards
55719 [web2ed yahoo] Does anyone know how to select which network interface card to use
55720 [Dave Pragmat] Each card has its own IP address(es), so bind your server to the

^ Re: rdep (Ruby Dependency Tool)
55721 [botp delmont] comment only: very helpful

^ DBI feature request
55722 [gsinclair so] "It would be nice if" you could get a statement as a string, so that after
55757 [520079130762] If you tell me the DBD (Oracle, Mysql?) you need this feature for,

^ How do module functions work?
55723 [gsinclair so] Rubyists,
55724 [matz ruby-la] Instance methods and class methods (or module method) are totally
55725 [gsinclair so] mechanics
+ 55736 [austin halos] module Foo
| 55740 [decoux moulo] ...
| 55742 [austin halos] True. I find it an odd side-effect, but it is documented.
+ 55764 [matz ruby-la] You cannot copy methods in pure Ruby.

^ Re: Keyword arguments?
55726 [ahoward fsl.] this is close
+ 55739 [austin halos] Dave & Andy also noted that you can make it so that initialize
| 55765 [vjoel PATH.B] Cleaner, maybe, but there is a tradeoff. Both @name and @age must have
| 55768 [austin halos] [ruby-talk:55739]
| 55770 [lyle users.s] The original implementation (introduced in FXRuby 1.0.14) used
| + 55774 [vjoel PATH.B] I agree completely. There's also the point that using yield rather than
| | + 55778 [rich infoeth] @last_name = "powers"
| | + 55779 [vjoel PATH.B] Oops, should have been
| + 55777 [vjoel path.b] I agree completely. There's also the point that using yield rather than
| + 55784 [austin halos] Well, I'm not sure that I'd agree tht it's "evil", but it is most
+ 55796 [gsinclair so] Amidst all the discussion of various ways of achieving keyword arguments or
  55800 [botp delmont] cool. I like Gavin's code below.
  55803 [gsinclair so] I was one step ahead of you and placed it at the link below ;)
  + 55810 [gsinclair so] I've heavily updated this page, most notably including specifying mandatory
  | 55813 [botp delmont] sir Gavin, I'm actually browsing the page now, including the main page. I
  | 55816 [gsinclair so] Done.
  | 55819 [botp delmont] Thank you, sir Gavin.
  + 55814 [gsinclair so] I've created CategoryTips and CategorySampleCode so that appropriate pages can

^ Where is RubyCentral?
55728 [aleksei.guze] ...
+ 55759 [vjoel PATH.B]  dev.rubycentral.com
+ 55761 [jzakiya mail] In comp.lang.ruby for November 10, 2002 [11/10/02]
  55766 [ysantoso jen] Actually, can someone tell me what is going on with the DNS?
  55769 [andy toolshe] ...
  + 55772 [james jamesb] Neat.
  + 55773 [vjoel PATH.B] What Fox issue? I'm using FXRuby-1.0.15 and fox-1.0.26 on linux and
  | + 55775 [andy toolshe] ...
  | + 55776 [rich infoeth] Something I brought up, which may not be an issue...Lyle is looking into
  | + 55781 [lyle users.s] Yes, it's unrelated to the dangling pointer problem that you were seeing.
  + 55787 [dossy panopt] That's an awfully polite way of saying "haven't got a clue" ... ;-)
    55788 [andy toolshe] ...
    55790 [dossy panopt] It'd mean more to them coming from you or Dave.
    55791 [andy toolshe] ...

^ Ruby.NET ??
55729 [mh freeware-] Is there any project which deals with an implementation of ruby into
+ 55734 [ndrsbngtssn ] Not really. There have been talk of .NET interfaces for the interpreter.
| 55831 [bulatz integ] i seen alpha version of ruby interpreter translated to C#. afair, it
+ 55743 [james jamesb] Sort of.  There is NETRuby
| 55747 [ndrsbngtssn ] Cool, I had no idea about this!
| + 55753 [james jamesb] I suspect NETRuby was done with Mono in mind (the web pages refer to jay, which
| + 55838 [spectra debi] Maybe mono can compile it.
+ 55812 [aleksei.guze] ...
  55907 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
  55943 [aleksei.guze] ...
  55993 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
  56107 [aleksei.guze] ...
  56193 [mikkelfj-ant] ...

^ Premature end of script headers: ...\n ...missing required file to process....
55730 [sven.rosner ] my configurations is

^ Re: Subscribe confirmation request (ruby-talk ML)
55732 [YuriLeikind ] ___

^ What's your favorite Ruby book? <eom>
55735 [christopher.] Christopher J. Meisenzahl CPS, CSTE
55738 [mjais web.de] I really like the pickaxe book by David Thomas and Andrew Hunt
55748 [pate red-bea] I have to second this.  These two books are a great way to learn Ruby and

^ Re: What's your favorite Ruby book?
55745 [Tim.Hunter s] Alas, there aren't so many that you can be choosy. On the bright side,
55840 [m_libby ands] Can you explain this further? Maybe I'm not serious enough about Ruby
+ 55849 [lyle users.s] None of the Ruby books (including the Ruby Developer's Guide) have
+ 55859 [hal9000 hype] It was meant to be broad rather than deep. That's
+ 55908 [gsinclair so] Depending on what you already know, of course, you'll learn a lot about Ruby
+ 55912 [cyclists nc.] Well, I'm not interested in the GUI toolkits so those pages remain unread.
  55916 [james jamesb] Some authors, and some publishers (though not always together), believe that
  55933 [bobx linuxma] ...
  55965 [christopher.] I agree strongly. I enjoyed the electronic version of the book (Pickaxe) I

^ Newbie Question.
55749 [montana buc9] ...
+ 55752 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 55836 [B.Candler po] The curly brackets and do..end are actually identical (apart from their
  55905 [gsinclair so] for i in (1..10)

^ Another Newbie question regarding instance variables?
55750 [montana buc9] ...
+ 55808 [aleksei.guze] ...
| 55827 [vjoel PATH.B] Actually, it's clearer to call them "class instance variables".
| 55866 [gfb tonesoft] I thought that I knew Ruby pretty well until I came accross this thread
| 55867 [dblack candl] One potentially good thing, though I can't claim to have any dazzling
| + 55872 [gfb tonesoft] Cool. Never thought of it this way. And what's the buzz in another thread
| | 55875 [dblack candl] I think that's a different thing -- having instance variables (i.e.,
| + 55876 [vjoel PATH.B] A slightly more elaborate example, showing how it can be useful to have
|   55885 [gfb tonesoft] work
+ 55830 [bulatz integ] yes. while all people are mammals, they have different age, sex and

^ FW: Fox include question
55754 [rich infoeth] require 'fox'
55755 [decoux moulo] ...
55756 [rich infoeth] I think it is 1.0.13
55760 [decoux moulo] ...

^ Float 1.2345 out of range
55758 [pbrannan atd] [pbrannan@zaphod uilib]$ irb
55780 [batsman.geo ] ????
55783 [ysantoso jen] In #ruby-lang we discussed this. We couldn't zero in on the problem

^ *variable works in asssignment?
55763 [emschwar fc.] $one, $two, @rest = @ARGV
+ 55767 [JohnFeezell ] Check out the Ruby FAQ at
+ 55794 [james jamesb] James

^ VRuby question: detecting tab or return in VREdit
55782 [armin xss.de] I have a VREdit input field.
55786 [alan digikat] This is an ugly hack, but I just trapped WM_KEYUP events like so...

^ New Sydney Ruby Users Mailing List
55789 [harryo zip.c] Thanks to Pat Eyler, there is now a mailing list dedicated to discussions

^ Ruby calendar modules
55792 [ted datacomm] I read your interest in the iCalendar RFC...

^ iCalendar
55793 [ted datacomm] Is there any continuing interest in a Ruby implementation of the iCalendar RFC?
55862 [jasonfax hot] I'd love to see one.  I'm interested in sending out automated
55868 [dossy panopt] I started working on some iCalendar classes a while back (to do some

^ Re: FXRuby issue
55795 [lyle knology] Yes, this one I'm OK with.
55797 [rich infoeth] Lyle,
+ 55798 [rich infoeth] SELTYPE(sel) needs to be Fox::SELTYPE(sel)
| 55855 [lyle users.s] Yup, got it.
+ 55850 [lyle users.s] I have made those patches in the CVS, but am I correct that since you've
  55851 [rich infoeth] I did add the 'include Fox' everywhere I use Fox which solved that

^ Free (or very cheap) FTP Server space???
55799 [bobx linuxma] ...
+ 55801 [spectra debi] Is it free software? You can host it at sourceforge.net or savanna.gnu.org for
| 55806 [austin halos] For some value of "free", that doesn't exactly match anything in the
+ 55897 [bobx linuxma] ...

^ german developer tool for win32
55802 [smi007le gmx] anyone know some ruby stuff for german newbies, not in programming, in ruby
+ 55804 [james jamesb] James
+ 55811 [phlipcpp yah] Not sure what you are asking. Try using this service...
+ 55834 [pit capitain] What is it exactly that you're interested in? Haven't there been
+ 55837 [Stephan.Kaem] A very good german resource is "Programmieren mit Ruby" by Dave & Andy.

^ Wiki update + suddenly offline = frustration
55805 [gsinclair so] I'd just finished updating a Wiki page, hit save and guess what?  My modem had
55807 [ysantoso jen] If I am doing serious editing, I would cut paste the existing wiki
55809 [gsinclair so] had

^ RubyConf 2002 Slides for FreeRIDE Presentation
55815 [curt hibbs.c] I finally got the slides online from Rich Kilmer's FreeRIDE presentation at
+ 55828 [james jamesb] Thank you.
| + 55829 [curt hibbs.c] We are very, very close (don't we always say that ;-). I just finished
| | 55893 [adamon maila] Deployment
| | + 55894 [curt hibbs.c] We haven't forgotten. Unfortunately, FOX does not current support the Mac,
| | + 55899 [rich infoeth] We are using Fox and right now it only runs on Linux and Win32...
| | + 55901 [lyle users.s] 5.5. Get FXRuby working on Mac OS X.
| | | 55923 [jim freeze.o] I am keeping roo awake for you. If you need help,
| | + 55940 [drbrain segm] ...
| |   55941 [rich infoeth] OK...so FreeRIDE is written purely in Ruby...there is NO 'C' code.  Not
| |   + 55946 [drbrain segm] A FreeBSD 'port' is a generic term for an installable 'package'.
| |   + 55971 [lyle users.s] I think it's pretty safe to say that FOX, FXRuby and FXScintilla will
| |     55974 [dali insula.] There are ports of Fox and FXRuby (the port is called ruby-fox). No
| |     55991 [curt hibbs.c] FXScintilla is embedded in FXRuby, but the version you have listed above is
| + 55841 [rich infoeth] CVS! CVS!
+ 55845 [jim freeze.o] Oh, come on. No sound for the last slide? :)
| 55846 [rich infoeth] not legally
+ 56087 [tarasis btop] Why Not Use whats there?
  + 56088 [rich infoeth] Extensibility IN RUBY was the key thing for us.  We wanted the IDE to be
  | + 56091 [james jamesb] I was going to mention vi, but then decided against it.
  | | 56095 [AntiATField_] Forget vi, you cannot even select text using it (you have to press <c-g>
  | | 56136 [pbrannan atd] ma to mark the start of a block, then d'a to delete all the lines
  | | 56149 [AntiATField_] Thanks! I'll try to get used to this.
  | + 56093 [tarasis btop] Firstly, thank you to both Lyle & Rich for replying.
  |   56096 [gsinclair so] Oooooooh, there's a LOT more than that: all sorts of completion, method lists,
  |   56103 [rich infoeth] I must say Idea (Intellij) _IS_ the best thing since sliced bread for
  |   + 56130 [curt hibbs.c] I had just started using IntelliJ IDEA for my Java development when I
  |   + 56162 [adamon maila] Can you expound on this a little?  What are the major benefits of
  |     56182 [gsinclair so] Out of context error.  Your understanding will shut down :)
  |     56190 [ tom u2i.com] I wonder if one could take advantage of Unit tests to provide some runtime
  |     56199 [ndrsbngtssn ] This information can also be used to improve the speed of method lookup.
  + 56090 [lyle users.s] * RDE is a Windows-only IDE
    56092 [james jamesb] Yow!  The gloves are off!
    56094 [tarasis btop] *laughs & puts on a liverpuddlyin accent* calm down mate, calm down ...