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Random idea: Procedural CGI??
55372 [hal9000@hy e] I've been musing about something today,
+ 55374 [boognish23@y] Check out the Squeak version of Iowa, Seaside.
+ 55378 [ahoward@fs .] doesn't FastCGI make this possible (asking)?
+ 55381 [jweirich@on ] [... procedural CGI example elided ...]
| 55384 [hal9000@hy e] I'd like to know more about these.
| + 55399 [austin@ha os] Borges is Seaside v2; Seaside is the Squeak version of Iowa.
| | 55436 [jweirich@on ] The functionality that Avi was demonstrating at the Ruby conference
| | + 55438 [jweirich@on ] Nevermind ... I answered my own questions.  From the design
| | | 55453 [matz@ru y- a] Actually they invented continuation.
| | | 55469 [jweirich@on ] Huh?  Really?  I thought continuations came out of Scheme.
| | | + 55476 [mikkelfj-ant] It appears I and a few other developers accidentially implemented
| | | + 55477 [matz@ru y- a] Oops, I was wrong.  Sorry.  I somehow screwed up Squeak and Scheme.
| | + 55459 [austin@ha os] I don't know; I'm not really sure what a continuation is (before
| + 55427 [ jimm@io co ] See Seaside (http://beta4.com/seaside2/). That's Avi's Squeak project.
+ 55482 [B.Candler@po] See discussion "CGI sessions as threads?" from 6th October, in particular
  55520 [avi@be a4 co] I've posted the code I used for RubyConf at

Can I run other program in Ruby program and get result?
55375 [zx@is pk .e ] I write a hello world program using c++, which output "Hello world!",
55390 [decoux@mo lo] Well, if you want to call an external program you can use ``
55392 [zx@is pk .e ] ts,thanks.

ioctl to detect CTS
55379 [bsl04@co p. ] I'm trying to convert some working C that watches a serial port for
+ 55524 [bsl04@co p. ] Basically, it seems to be caused by bugs in the ~2002.11.10 snapshot.
+ 55619 [nobu.nokada@] f.ioctl(0x5415, s = "")
  55881 [bsl04@co p. ] Doh.  I didn't see that the number of arguments to ioctl changed after
  55906 [nobu.nokada@] IO#ioctl takes an optional argument since version 1.1.

A use for "foo = foo()"
55382 [vjoel@PA H. ] Folks coming to ruby might wonder why the parens are (sometimes)

Ruby syntax file in vim and implied hashes
55385 [pmak@aa ni e] check(:a => 1, :b => 2)
55644 [d.borodaenko] Writing regexp without starting ~ (like '/(foo)/ and puts $1') works for
55715 [djkea2@mu ca] This was fixed recently.

An alternative HTML generation syntax
55386 [pmak@aa ni e] I'm using Ruby to output HTML a lot these days. I know of these
+ 55394 [meier@me st ] Why not yield?
+ 55398 [tom.hurst@cl] I don't like these "tags are methods", um, methods.  Frankly, they're
+ 55408 [bruce@co ed ] I am a big fan of Amrita for HTML-generation.
  55420 [pate@re -b a] I was really wowed by Narf at RubyConf.  It's got built in templating,
  55425 [bruce@co ed ] Actually, NARF is one of the libraries on my list to check out.  But I'm not
  55433 [pate@re -b a] One of the things Tom and Patrick said that really intrigued me is that
  55434 [ tom@u2 .c m] I took a look at it - looks interesting. Narf and the templating system
  55449 [bruce@co ed ] I suppose that would be a good approach-- and I guess you could handle inline

sound under windows
55391 [jean-francoi] what is the good way for output simple sounds with Ruby under windows ?
+ 55393 [armin@xs .d ] You might want to look at VRuby.
+ 55395 [armin@xs .d ] search for mp3, wav, or avi.
+ 55423 [billk@ct .c ] SND_MEMORY   = 0x00000004   # from "mmsystem.h"
  55517 [jean-francoi] thank you very much :->

Test Post - Please Ignore
55400 [MySubs@3W la] This is a test post to ruby-talk to verify my membership on the list.

can't download the file "ruby167-5.exe"
55404 [hoba22@t- nl] The Server is down. Who can send me this file via email?
55405 [decoux@mo lo] Try it with the IP address

groking roach/error starting
55415 [ahoward@fs .] rubyists-
55421 [ysantoso@je ] => `bb'
55439 [ahoward@fs .] let me restate that : i can get there, but nothing works.  for example, the
55441 [brian@co ln ] I can't speak about all the Ruby stuff, but I can tell you that this URL looks

Ruby in c't (most influential German computer magazine)
55428 [ jupp@gm .d ] Two-weekly published c't is one of the oldest and the most
+ 55429 [armin@xs .d ] We were surprised how many people must have read it,
| 55431 [hal9000@hy e] Ausgezeichnet, mein Freunden! Danke sehr
+ 55474 [km-news1@on ] they did not knwo how awful the layout is :-(

Problem with installation -- error in readline.c
55430 [JohnFeezell@] My name is John Feezell and I am just starting to studying about and use
55471 [decoux@mo lo] You have an old version of lib readline, update it
55487 [JohnFeezell@] Thanks Guy, but how did you know that?
55489 [ysantoso@je ] You are not the only one amazed by Guy's ability!

Recording of the Ruby segement on LL2
55442 [ysantoso@je ] I thought some people might be interested in watching the ruby
+ 55443 [james@ja es ] The link gives me
| 55444 [ysantoso@je ] Sorry, my mistake. It's corrected now.
+ 55452 [ptkwt@sh ll ] FOr those of us who still have a slow dialup connection...
| 55456 [matz@ru y- a] Does "you" here means me?
| + 55457 [rich@in oe h] Matz,
| | + 55458 [matz@ru y- a] I hope so too.  17 hour travel is waiting for me tomorrow.
| | + 55460 [ tom@u2 .c m] Something occurred to me recently that on reflection seems to be
| | | 55475 [mikkelfj-ant] but a grabrail is also a user interface - that is - sometimes things are
| | | 55622 [billtj@y. lu] And performance (such as C++) and extensibility (like Lua)  :)
| | + 55470 [bulatz@in eg] difference is between syntax vs semantics
| + 55462 [ptkwt@sh ll ] I didn't realize that you gave a talk at LL2, I thought it was Yohanes
| | 55464 [matz@ru y- a] I was everywhere.  So was Dan Sugalski.
| + 55511 [armin@xs .d ] matz,
+ 55507 [armin@xs .d ] I would like to download the entire conference for a friend
  55509 [ysantoso@je ] Um.. no, the MIT is not making the presentation available for later
  55516 [jim@fr ez .o] Is there any way to make the talk available in .mpg or quicktime?

short blurb on RubyConf on OReillynet
55450 [ptkwt@sh ll ] ...
55451 [rich@in oe h] -rich

55454 [ tom@u2 .c m] I was wondering about the possibility of being able to temporarily replace
+ 55455 [dblack@ca dl] class B
+ 55472 [decoux@mo lo] Adapt it if it's not a toplevel class
  55499 [ tom@u2 .c m] What do you mean by a 'toplevel' class?
  55500 [decoux@mo lo] Well, with this case

[ANN] www.ruby-doc.org
55461 [james@ja es ] Jim Freeze's presentation at RubyConf 2002 mentioned, among other things, the
+ 55467 [brian@co ln ] This is a great resource.  Thanks for setting it up!  Just one
| 55495 [james@ja es ] This link
+ 55478 [jostein.bern] A fine site and a good resource! I believe good, structured documentation like
| 55504 [james@ja es ] That's the plan, at least.
| 55526 [jostein.bern] "100%
+ 55486 [tom.hurst@cl] Cool resource.
| + 55510 [james@ja es ] Thank you.
| + 55521 [austin@ha os] Note that XHTML strict still allows for <div> and <span>. These
|   55531 [tom.hurst@cl] Yes, I know.  I was refering, however, to their use as containers for
+ 55488 [Dave@Pr gm t] For what it's worth, I applaud the effort, but disagree with this
| + 55491 [gsinclair@so] Dave,
| | 55505 [james@ja es ] Dave explained his vision for RDoc to Jim and I at RubyConf 2002, and while I do
| + 55530 [adamon@ma la] Hasn't docbook been proposed for documentation in the past?  I too
|   55533 [james@ja es ] I like DocBook as one of many possible end or intermediate forms, i.e., if you
+ 55497 [Dave@Pr gm t] One of the reasons for the method name mangling is that '&' is not a
+ 55628 [lists@de on ] awesome :) I'd love to see something in the style of PHP's php.net.

WeRDS, the Weekly Ruby-Doc Summary, for 2002-11-09
55463 [james@ja es ] This is WeRDS, the Weekly Ruby-Doc Summary, for 2002-11-09

[OT] Re: A vision for Parrot
55468 [jeremy@ch os] <ObNitPick>

Iowa/Borges answers (was Re: Random idea: Procedural CGI??)
55473 [julian@be a4] Hehe... just got back from OOPSLA to find this thread.  Just to clear

Module Version Identification
55498 [ tom@u2 .c m] As part of automating the installation of ruby-packages through

Ruby for Win32
55501 [holger.wesse] I tried to download the Win32-Installer from the site
55503 [decoux@mo lo] Try it with the IP address
55506 [holger.wesse] Thank you very much for your help.

Xchat interface with Ruby scripts
55508 [spectra@de i] I've been informed at irc.openprojects.net/#ruby-lang that someone is working
55518 [bruce@co ed ] Vhalros was handling this, as I recall.

Help: I need the windows install for ruby
55514 [jim@fr ez .o] How do I get the windows install for Ruby.
55515 [ oct@zo .o g] hth,

Does Ruby1.6.7 for Windows support ncurses?
55523 [jim@fr ez .o] I just downloaded Ruby 1.6.7 from rubycentral and was wondering
55621 [nobu.nokada@] PDCurses may help you.  <http://pdcurses.sourceforge.net/>

Moving files
55527 [grrr@wi d. e] Is there any way to move files programmatically using ruby (and without
55528 [grrr@wi d. e] Sorry -- ignore me!  I hadn't looked hard enough.

[ANN] observable
55529 [vjoel@PA H. ] multiple observers to register interest in the value of a variable, and
55532 [john.carter@] You know the "goto" statement? People didn't like it. It made trying to

Klass.method(:new).arity == -1 violates my POLS!
55534 [coma_killen@] class K
+ 55535 [rich@in oe h] I don't know about Ruby v1.6 but in v1.7 with the new allocation
| 55543 [decoux@mo lo] pigeon% cat b.rb
| 55549 [qrczak@kn .o] def foo(*args)
+ 55540 [decoux@mo lo] class L < K

ANN: MiniWikiRuby does graphs, remote links, etc.
55536 [phlipcpp@ya ] <posted & mailed>

Re: MiniWikiRuby does graphs, remote links, etc.
55537 [james@ja es ] Thanks, looks quite interesting.  Are there any docs explaining how to download,
55538 [curt@hi bs c] Does it do versioning?
55556 [phlipcpp@ya ] I'd just add a script that pulls the ripcord on CVS each time a file saves.
55565 [james@ja es ] That part's OK; wikis per se aren't too hard to figure out.  But I'm not so sure

Ruby Weekly News
55541 [Dave@Pr gm t] Ruby Weekly News: 11/11/2002
+ 55544 [tom@li ux ri] Link?
| + 55545 [matt@gr en i] The links are at the bottom of the email.
| | 55547 [tom@li ux ri] Not for either of the two items I quoted, which is why I quoted them :)
| | 55548 [matt@gr en i] For the first one (RubyConf blog), try http://www.whytheluckystiff.net . The second one should be [ruby-talk:55488].
| + 55632 [dsafari@pa a] Sorry about that. I am not sure why it did not show up in the email. If you go
+ 55554 [lyle@us rs s] OK, it's probably just too early in the morning and the caffeine hasn't
  55559 [rich@in oe h] -rich

RAA idea.
55542 [szegedy@no p] I was thinking about the Ruby Application Archive.

doc/NEWS maintainer wanted
55546 [knu@iD em ns] As you might see, the doc/NEWS file has been quite stale and far from

55550 [staff@os ar ] <事業者><送信者>

55551 [gotou@me ia ] 初めてご連絡させて頂いております。

help with closure contexts
55552 [t_gecks@in o] in the first case and not in the second ?
+ 55553 [decoux@mo lo] In the first you make reference to a local variable.
+ 55557 [bulatz@in eg] because variables holds only references to values. after you execute

EuRuKo: European Ruby conference
55563 [armin@xs .d ] who would be interested to come
+ 55564 [armin@xs .d ] who would be interested to come
| 55597 [list@NO PA c] Dunno, but that's just half a sound away from the Italian for (ouch)
| 55626 [hal9000@hy e] That's OK... "UNIX" sounds similar to "eunuchs"
+ 55568 [cedric.foll-] I am !
| 55572 [armin@xs .d ] well, if you get more "francopohone" Ruby participants than
| 55634 [pbrengard@bc] One french guy more ;)
| 55635 [armin@xs .d ] I guess it would be the Paderborn in the north of
| 55639 [pbrengard@bc] Yes, and as a Grenzg?nger, it would be just fine for me and another
| 55643 [armin@xs .d ] perfect.
+ 55614 [Stephan.Kaem] Me. English as the conference language is fine. And so is German.
+ 55727 [mvondung@gm ] Depends when and where. Paderborn would be all right (I live near

ruby-dev summary 18613-18710
55571 [maki@ru yc l] One of the happiest things for me in RubyConf2002 was
+ 55582 [ptkwt@sh ll ] It was good to meet you too.
+ 55647 [dblack@ca dl] It was good to see you again -- looking forward to next year!
+ 55926 [timsuth@ih g] How about the latter, with an optional block.
  + 55929 [dblack@ca dl] The optional block is cool, but I don't know about having the return
  | 55955 [timsuth@ih g] Thanks for the reply David. By return value, do you mean nil vs exception
  | 55966 [dblack@ca dl] No, I mean the actual return value of the method call, which is a
  | 55975 [flori@ni e. ] The first case is equivalent to the second case with the block
  | 55994 [dblack@ca dl] Yes, that's the very behavior that raises the question (to the extent
  | + 56016 [list@NO PA c] Did you mean methods with optional blocks?
  | | 56020 [decoux@mo lo] Well, it really depend on what you want to do. For example File::open can
  | + 56019 [flori@ni e. ] I like them, but I can't use an iterator here. I needed to get the i-th
  |   + 56026 [list@NO PA c] You also needed the #[] method, that's why...
  |   | 56040 [flori@ni e. ] I needed #[] only for the elements of the enumerable not for the
  |   | 56062 [list@NO PA c] That's because you happen to have numeric keys.  Try with {:one =>
  |   | 56244 [flori@ni e. ] I did, and there's no difference. yield is called with the arguments
  |   + 56031 [dblack@ca dl] If you want the i-th element of each object, just iterate through the
  |     56055 [dblack@ca dl] And, just for fun, here's another rewrite, this time one which isn't
  + 55944 [matz@ru y- a] Interesting feature, but it should not be named "zip".
    55976 [flori@ni e. ] It's called "zipWith3" in Haskell. In Ruby no such limitation is

Getting SlickEdit7 to support Ruby
55576 [Peter.Booth@] ...
55615 [patrick.benn] ...
55617 [Peter.Booth@] ...

Threading in I/O libraries
55578 [B.Candler@po] I'd like to ask: how integrated is threading in Ruby's I/O libraries?
55581 [ysantoso@je ] Determine existence of data by yourself to prevent blocking on that thread.
55640 [B.Candler@po] That's not quite what I meant. It doesn't matter if that one thread blocks -
55674 [batsman.geo@] Use the source, Luke! :)

OSX, Ruby, and Apache?? Help Please??
55579 [montana@bu 9] I was trying to get mod_ruby installed, but my Apache does not want to load it. I followed the directions still no joy. I'm running OSX 10.2.1 on my TiBook. Has anyone been able to instal mod_ruby and erb on 10.2.1 yet? If so can you please explain how you set it up?
55595 [ jimm@io co ] Not quite an answer for you, but under 10.1.2 I had no problem setting up

More fun with modules
55585 [emschwar@fc ] Okay, I *thought* I understood modules.  Then I try to factor out some
+ 55587 [austin@ha os] You didn't "include" TestHarness as part of Bah. If you don't do
+ 55590 [kentda@st d.] Did you mean to write
+ 55591 [vjoel@PA H. ] class Bah
  55600 [emschwar@fc ] Ah, that explains it!  I was using this facility to define a few
  55608 [vjoel@PA H. ] One answer is: because methods can access the internal state of an
  55609 [emschwar@fc ] That's not what I'm talking about, though I can see how you got
  55613 [dblack@ca dl] It's not really 'again'; defining a class and including a module are
  55630 [pit@ca it in] I like this. Module Foo is used as a namespace, module FooMod is used

Creating Proc from String?
55592 [austin@ha os] I'm looking at extending a program that I've written to allow
55596 [vjoel@PA H. ] Something like this maybe?

"relocation error" problem using DB2 extension
55593 [theglauber@m] i'm new to Ruby, but i have plenty of experience with Perl, C and Perl
55878 [theglauber@m] Well, nobody helped me :-), so i'm adding a followup in case someone

FXRuby on OpenBSD 3.2
55598 [rdp@nc rr co] I recently installed Ruby 1.6.7 and FOX 1.0.26 on an OpenBSD system.
+ 55631 [dali@in ul .] I just want to confirm that Ruby 1.6.7, Fox 1.0.26 and FXRuby 1.0.14 compile
+ 55657 [lyle@us rs s] Since I don't use OpenBSD or have access to such a system, this is is

What the...?
55599 [tokikenshi@a] Take a look on the snippet below
+ 55602 [kentda@st d.] Array indexing starts at 0.
| 55604 [austin@ha os] 1.upto(points.length - 1) { |i| ... }
+ 55603 [batsman.geo@] Easy one; when you do points[i].x=... you're calling the 'x=' method of
+ 55653 [tokikenshi@a] Allright. Thanks a million everybody. :)