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^ A Question About TCPSocket
55150 [zx is.pku.ed] I create an object of TCPSocket. Now I can use method "write" to send a string.
55161 [austin halos] Zan
+ 55167 [zx is.pku.ed] Now I know what wrong I am.
+ 55172 [billtj y.glu] (deleted)

^ More questions about FXRuby
55160 [en4cerjoe ya] Greetings,
55174 [lyle users.s] Yes.

^ Minor bug in oracle error message via dbi?
55166 [djberge qwes] Ruby 1.6.7

^ question about FILE::delete
55168 [daniel.schne] I want to delete file(s) and to catch the error if the file(s) don't exist.
+ 55170 [decoux moulo] pigeon% ls
+ 55171 [camin cip.rz] File.delete(filename) if FileTest.exists?(filename);

^ [OT] Googlism for: ruby
55169 [james jamesb] There's an amusing and fairly entertaining website, http://www.googlism.com,
55197 [bruce codedb] I guess I hadn't realized how militantly pro-ruby I had written my webpages =)

^ is ruby central really inaccessible?
55177 [Hypathie che] I begun to read Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide on
55178 [james jamesb] There was (and still is?) a problem resolving the domain name.  If you have a
55179 [vjoel PATH.B] Be sure to add also

^ IE leech
55181 [miner arcor.] does anybody know how to leech all the links from a previously opened IE
+ 55211 [chrismo clab] Google this group for IE and win32ole references and also check out the MSDN
+ 55231 [drbrain segm] one
  55237 [miner arcor.] Looks very good, what you've written. But I don't know how to work with it.
  55283 [drbrain segm] t.
  55409 [miner arcor.] Sorry if I'm getting you on your nerves, but I don't know how to use it. Can

^ v.polar = rho, theta
55189 [hans fugal.n] class Vector
+ 55190 [520079130762] v.polar(1, 3.14)
+ 55191 [pbrannan atd] Is there a reason why Ruby doesn't treat this case like like it treats
| + 55198 [gfb tonesoft] It does treat it the same way as multiple assignment to a variable - it
| | 55256 [pbrannan atd] def polar=(x)
| + 55209 [austin halos] It is slightly odd -- but if polar=(rho, theta) were changed to
+ 55207 [hans fugal.n] Thanks for the suggestions. I actually went with a different idea,

^ Re: [FR-devel] RE: bRuby? (Yet another Ruby parser)
55199 [robert.calco] My parser will take the idea of separation from the runtime to its logical
55203 [ptkwt shell1] I don't believe that parallel projects are intrinsically evil, mostly I'm

^ Re: Fox, Solaris 2.9 problem
55208 [lyle knology] Hmmm... I wonder if this is an error in the Ruby header files? Here's the
+ 55229 [mulperi iki.] I had to do this change on solaris 8. Then FXruby compiles just fine.
+ 55274 [djberge qwes] We're getting closer.  Making this change got me through the installation.
  55280 [lyle users.s] Good.
  55284 [djberge qwes] Dang, I should have known you would ask about this.  It shouldn't be an issue.  My
  55294 [lyle users.s] OK.

^ Re: bug in Fox or in Ruby -- round 2
55212 [vjoel PATH.B] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
+ 55215 [vjoel PATH.B] That was with RUBY_RELEASE_DATE == "2002-09-27".
| 55252 [lyle users.s] I have been trying to decide what my moral obligation is with respect to
+ 55227 [decoux moulo] Bad news
  55287 [vjoel PATH.B] Thanks for trying, Guy. I can't guess what else would be different about
  55289 [decoux moulo] Well, you can send me in private email, I'll try to take a look at it this
  + 55296 [lyle knology] Ugh. I think I see what's wrong -- there was a change in the behavior of
  + 55302 [lyle users.s] I think I have identified this as an FXRuby bug; I responded to Joel

^ accessing structs defined in eval.c in extension
55213 [ptkwt shell1] ....yeah, I'm trying to do something wierd...
55223 [decoux moulo] Like you said you are trying to do something weird ...
55232 [ptkwt shell1] What is the ii library that you're loading with the -r?

^ Ruby Conf 2002 photos
55216 [m_libby ands] I'm sorry I didn't take better (and in many cases, any) notes on the talks,
55217 [james jamesb] Thank you!  I never got much chance to do the tourist thing, so you've managed

^ CPAN Style installer
55221 [ tom u2i.com] I had a number of conversations at RubyConf (you know who you are :-)) on
+ 55226 [ruby-talk wh] This is a swell, little tool, Tom.  I played with it a bit tonight and it
+ 55233 [ptkwt shell1] Cool.  I hope to get time to play with this tomorrow.
| + 55241 [ tom u2i.com] Excellent, I will look into this.
| | 55290 [james jamesb] REXML is pure Ruby.
| | 55291 [ tom u2i.com] Fair enough, but I would like as close to instant as I can get - a few
| | 55304 [james jamesb] BTW, the entire RAA XML file is around 14K lines.  Maybe I missed it in your
| | + 55309 [ruby-talk wh] I just sent a patch to Tom which will use Apache's ETag header to detect
| | | + 55313 [james jamesb] I'm a liar.
| | | + 55316 [ysantoso jen] I have a suggestion: why not install each package to its own
| | | | + 55318 [austin halos] Doesn't work with Windows.
| | | | | 55327 [ysantoso jen] Well, the rational is this: if you ever want to manually scrap a
| | | | | + 55330 [ tom u2i.com] Could this maybe done without using sym-links.
| | | | | + 55332 [austin halos] I understand, but I still don't think it's a useful thing. Better to
| | | | |   55341 [ysantoso jen] I agree that all package manager should know what and where they
| | | | |   55364 [austin halos] Windows'
| | | | + 55320 [dsafari para] I wonder...can you make links on a windows machine?
| | | + 55340 [ptkwt shell1] What if we either have it ask the user if that's ok or have a commandline
| | + 55311 [ tom u2i.com] Well the main feature that uses the whole list is the --showall option. I
| |   55315 [james jamesb] If you download and extract the XML-RPC tar file, it creates a samples
| + 55279 [list NOSPAMc] Yes, courtesy Thomas Hurst with minor tweakings by me.
+ 55235 [dsafari para] For those of us unfortunate enough not to be able to attend rubyconf can you
  55242 [ tom u2i.com] I would be absolutely fine with the community deciding to use rpkg. The
  + 55243 [ tom u2i.com] or even rpkg :-)
  + 55288 [list NOSPAMc] The RAA is good for developers, rpkg wants to also be good for users
    55314 [ tom u2i.com] Thanks for the info. I've been looking around the rpkg source tree
    55345 [list NOSPAMc] If you were able to install most potential libraries through rpkg,

^ Can JRuby invoke Java APIs??
55238 [jrefactor ho] Can JRuby invoke Java APIs?? For example, if I want to invoke Ruby
+ 55244 [ysantoso jen] Ruby is a language independent from Java.
+ 55245 [ndrsbngtssn ] Yes, invoking Java APIs is one of the main purposes for JRuby. To use
  55265 [GBanschbach ] ....yes....their web site doesn't say much.....
  + 55266 [camin cip.rz] you can access swing with JRuby.
  + 55267 [Dave Pragmat] require 'java'

^ adding new section to faqtotum
55246 [ysantoso jen] These questions are more or less directed towards Dave. But may be of

^ Appending to a file
55248 [briqueabraqu] File.open('filename','w+')
+ 55250 [decoux moulo] 'a'   write-only (start at EOF)
+ 55254 [Tim.Hunter s] Try "r+"

^ File::read Performance
55253 [daniel.schne] if I make the following implementation of the command "cp" with ruby, the
+ 55257 [decoux moulo] ftool.rb has a method #copy, it use syread, syswrite
+ 55277 [ysantoso jen] First, make sure you're running ruby 1.6.7 (or is it 1.7) that has an

^ Beginner Question (Idiomatic way to subset an array
55258 [Peter.Booth ] I'm wondering if there is a more idiomatic way to do the following?
+ 55259 [dblack candl] [untested code follows]
+ 55260 [STUCKNER MUL] processInfo.select{|x| process['realm'] == realm}
| 55271 [STUCKNER MUL] I didn't think about the fact that this would generate an a ProcessInfo
| 55272 [decoux moulo] Any class that includes Enumerable
+ 55261 [ahoward fsl.] how about

^ return MyClass.new vs self.type.send :new
55268 [ahoward fsl.] Rubyists-
+ 55479 [dblack candl] Interesting logic.... :-)
| 55490 [ahoward fsl.] ha ha.  hey, i *did* search for while... just didn't find it. ;-)
| 55493 [dblack candl] Don't worry, most of us know what #new does :-)
| 55496 [ahoward fsl.] i don't understand this conclusion?
| 55502 [dblack candl] class Thing < String
| 55513 [ahoward fsl.] i meant that for instance or class methods which returned/use objects of THAT
+ 55483 [B.Candler po] [or perhaps tidier, "self.class.new"]
  55492 [ahoward fsl.] i didn't have the stomach to also address that issue... quite a post! ;-)
  55494 [dblack candl] What is the right thing?
  55512 [ahoward fsl.] here's an example of 'it' - don't flame it too bad, it's just an example! ;-)
  55519 [dblack candl] [etc.]
  55522 [ahoward fsl.] i've used the 'splitting a classes's methods out into a module but also having
  55525 [dblack candl] Oh well, it sounds like we're talking about good ol' mixins.  (What's

^ Re: How do I get a '\'?
55270 [J.Hawkeswort] Thanks for all the help and suggestions.
55485 [gsinclair so] I'm glad the list (though not me personally) was able to help.  Since the

^ How does one use pack / unpack when dealing with pointers ...
55273 [dmartenson m] I am using Ruby to talk to a device using ioctl calls. This works great, but
55281 [decoux moulo] arg = gep.to_a.pack("iiP")

^ Basic CGI question
55278 [probertm nor] I'm just starting to play with cgi and forms. I have a simple script
+ 55286 [ahoward fsl.] if the cgi runs from the command line, but does not from the browser, chances
+ 55301 [wmoxam klick] Are you printing an http header?
  55305 [probertm nor] (I tried Ara's idea of 777 and it doesn't help... )
  55307 [wmoxam klick] 755.
  55312 [probertm nor] That worked.  I included

^ mmap() in an extension blatting $stdin ?
55282 [rjp browser.] frobbing and, somehow, it blats my $stdin and ARGF.
55387 [decoux moulo] Yes, you have a bug in your extension

^ Extending ruby with mixed C/ruby classes?
55292 [emschwar fc.] I'd like to extend Ruby to directly interface with STAF
+ 55300 [pbrannan atd] I've never heard of STAF until now, but it looks intriguing.  What would
| 55306 [ptkwt shell1] are intended primarily for acceptance testing.  STAF also takes care of
+ 55303 [ptkwt shell1] Oh, good.  I was thinking about wrapping STAF so that we could use it from

^ Fox, Solaris 2.9 problem - solved!
55310 [djberge qwes] Problem solved!

^ help - redirect/flush/sync problem
55317 [ahoward fsl.] rubyists-
55389 [decoux moulo] This raises an exception and you don't catch it. Consequence the error
55410 [ahoward fsl.] nope.
+ 55411 [decoux moulo] [[ apparently you use a strange newsreader which don't signal the Cc:]]
| 55417 [ahoward fsl.] i think the problem is that NameError does not subclass StandardError, because
| 55418 [decoux moulo] No, not really
| 55422 [ahoward fsl.] what i was getting at was that i wasn't catching ALL exceptions... what i have
+ 55412 [decoux moulo] Another remark

^ Multi-dimensional (like 2) arrays in Ruby
55319 [ted datacomm] Does Ruby support other than 1 dimensional arrays?
+ 55323 [austin halos] A Ruby array element can contain any Ruby object, so you can have an
| + 55324 [ted datacomm] Duh.... I feel so, so, so, ..., so ... foolish. ;->  Of course!
| + 55432 [charleshixsn] It does, but that's a slow implementation, though flexible.  I have been
|   55437 [martindemell] I implemented a fixed-size n-dimensional array class in Ruby once
|   55440 [ahoward fsl.] if one were to wrap some scientifc libraries
+ 55325 [gfb tonesoft] - Original Message -----
| 55328 [ted datacomm] All of the replies say the same thing -- this is good.
| + 55333 [austin halos] matrix = Array.new(@rows, Array.new(@cols))
| | + 55336 [dblack candl] The problem with that is that each row ends up being the same
| | | 55337 [gfb tonesoft] @m = (0 .. @rows).collect { Array.new @cols }
| | | 55339 [dblack candl] You'd want the '...' operator, though, assuming @rows contains the
| | + 55342 [ysantoso jen] Um... won't work.
| + 55334 [dblack candl] There's a Matrix class shipped with Ruby -- have a look at
| | 55338 [dblack candl] Whoops, see Gennady's post where he does this without the extraneous
| + 55335 [ysantoso jen] matrix=Array.new(@rows)
+ 55344 [list NOSPAMc] Like this?
| 55348 [ted datacomm] Choices, choices!
| 55350 [ysantoso jen] doesn't work or it appears to work, but it is not what you want.
| 55352 [ted datacomm] Ut, oh... @matrix isn't what I want?
| 55358 [ysantoso jen] matrix = Array.new(2, Array.new(3))
| 55360 [ted datacomm] Nice catch.
+ 55368 [ahoward fsl.] class Array
  55413 [pit capitain] and then
  55445 [ahoward fsl.] whoops!  my bad.  here's a fix

^ FreeRIDE and FUI ?? (was: Re: Thoughts on Ruby lack of IDE)
55322 [rich lithino] we
55346 [rich infoeth] Build a set of plugins that enable the flash delivery (via an HTTP
55354 [rich lithino] You lost me in  the explanation. I think what you're saying is that you drag
55363 [hal9000 hype] drag
55435 [rich lithino] Humm...
55555 [lyle users.s] For what it's worth, when I visit this page using Mozilla 1.1 under Red
+ 55558 [elderburn mi] Do you have the latest? Flash 6.0
| 55566 [lyle users.s] "Macromedia Web Players - Macromedia Flash Player". This took me to a
| 55633 [dsafari para] Works fine for me on Gentoo with Mozilla 1.0.1 and the following flash
+ 55560 [canyonrat ma] Strange. Chimera, with supposedly the same engine, renders it fine.
  55567 [lyle users.s] Curiouser and curiouser. I also see that he (the OP) has now replaced
  + 55569 [rich lithino] Thats one of the reasons FUI has been delayed... MM's still working on
  | 55636 [elderburn mi] FWIW I dl'd the beta last night to look at some stuff my s.o. put on her
  + 55570 [rich infoeth] Chimera is the Mozilla engine, but on OS X...they may use the OS X Flash

^ Ruby Forum/BBS (Was: Re: Thoughts on Ruby lack of IDE)
55326 [drbrain segm] ing
+ 55331 [james jamesb] Ooh, PHP!
| 55356 [jostein.bern] I think all these channels are good, from BBS to Wiki. And my point in
+ 55539 [cparrish cox] hMMM I'm getting an error when I try to get there.

^ Where is StringIO?
55357 [ tom u2i.com] It's a require in your library.
+ 55359 [ tom u2i.com] Great, wrong reply to. Still an answer from anyone will do :-).
+ 55367 [list NOSPAMc] Did you mean in rpkg?  Everything is in the tarball at

^ Lighting Rod
55361 [eric.armstro] I love Ruby's smalltalk features. I really do.
+ 55362 [dblack candl] $ ruby -e '3.times {|x| p x}'
| + 55407 [khaines enig] Lo and behold.  That's the source of the confusion!
| + 55611 [eric.armstro] Ah. I'll bet that was it. I'll see if I can find the page.
+ 55365 [ysantoso jen] Would you explain which ones are "ruby's smalltalk features". Sorry,
| 55366 [hal9000 hype] They're only idioms if you're used to Perl.
| 55370 [ysantoso jen] or shell scripting. But you're right, a ruby user shouldn't be expected to
| 55377 [alan digikat] That and the alternatives to some are a little more verbose. I'm thinking of
| + 55397 [dblack candl] I tend to use some variant of the latter.  Usually it ends up looking
| + 55480 [gsinclair so] I'm perfectly happy with
+ 55406 [khaines enig] [root@enigo1 tutorial]# irb
  + 55414 [ndrsbngtssn ] The last line isn't from puts, it is from irb itself. The result of the
  + 55419 [bobx linuxma] Isn't that exactly what it is doing?
  | 55424 [mbabbitt hot] Try 103.times; see what you get. The last number is not a sum.
  | 55446 [michael_s_ca] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
  + 55447 [ptkwt shell1] Well, no it's not inconsistent.  The last number you're seeing is returned
    + 55448 [dblack candl] s/block/method/ # :-)
    + 55612 [eric.armstro] This is the clearest way to explain the concept, I believe.

^ [FAQ] Why use 'include'
55369 [emschwar fc.] As requested, here's a FAQ question & answer on the usage of modules
+ 55376 [ysantoso jen] Excellent job! I've put this on
+ 55380 [khindenburg ] Whoa, I really like this.  It would be nice to more of this type of FAQ.
+ 55388 [decoux moulo] Well, I've not understood what you are trying to say. Can you explain what
| + 55401 [austin halos] Well, A.new is still an M::A, but it's just been made part of the
| | 55402 [decoux moulo] Strange but for me
| | 55588 [emschwar fc.] Yes, but you've effectively done it at the top of every file that
| + 55584 [emschwar fc.] That would be the tightest scope that applies.  If you 'include' a
|   + 55586 [austin halos] Actually, the problem I think Guy had with the way it was written
|   + 55638 [decoux moulo] Well, sorry to say this but I hope that someone will correct this FAQ (not
+ 55416 [bobx linuxma] The Perl newsgroup has FAQ postings on all the FAQ topics. I think it is a
+ 55426 [list NOSPAMc] Just great, Eric.  Thanks!
+ 55481 [gsinclair so] Let me add to the chorus of praise :)  We may have a FAQ book out in no time!