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^ IO.pos: does it work !? [newbie question...]
54914 [sebastien.ri] always returns me the value '-1' when 'f.pos' is called ?
54916 [decoux moulo] ...

^ UDPSocket - bidirectional communication through one socket?
54919 [rubytalk box] I'm trying to write threaded application which will communicate
54922 [decoux moulo] ...
54924 [rubytalk box] Well, for my project UDP is just one of the transports. BTW, TCP on *fast*
54925 [decoux moulo] ...
55002 [rubytalk box] No, it seems you understand me pretty well :)

^ Ruby Weekly News
54923 [Dave Pragmat] ...

^ Looking for examples of IOWA usage.
54926 [Radek Hnilic] I'm looking for examples and source code of IOWA usage.  I can't find
54934 [kentda stud.] There are some valuable examples that follow with the IOWA source, but I

^ Re: Thoughts on Ruby lack of IDE
54927 [bcox virtual] It is a sign of my hybrid Objective-C background, no doubt, but I
54929 [curt hibbs.c] Please check out FreeRIDE at http://www.rubyide.org
55295 [jostein.bern] We're all looking forward to take a good look at that. :) Until now Emacs has
55321 [rich lithino] learn.
+ 55329 [ysantoso jen] irc.openprojects.net/#ruby-lang
+ 55343 [tsiivola cc.] List/NG + Wiki. Who needs a forum?
  55347 [rich lithino] Newbies. Real newbies - not the kind of newbie who is only a newbie to
  55349 [ted datacomm] Sounds like a South Seas dwelling...

^ Rubycentral unavailable?
54930 [gfb tonesoft] Does anybody know what's wrong with www.rubycentral.com and, most
54954 [Dave Pragmat] I'm looking in to it. No news yet.
54965 [phasis korne] ...

^ Ruby encoder
54932 [carl youngbl] encrypt my Ruby code to avoid revealing database passwords or other such
+ 54933 [djberge qwes] Carl,
+ 54936 [probertm nor] Not me.  I have something that "solves" the problem in a different way.
+ 54938 [elderburn mi] With regard to passwords, you could embed MD5 hashes into your code and

^ IDEs (was RE: Ruby Weekly News)
54935 [rich infoeth] I agree.  I think that if you are a user of Eclipse and would like to
+ 54983 [james jamesb] Rich, I really enjoyed your FreeRIDE presentations, so much so that I now want
| 54986 [rich infoeth] We beg your indugence for an aditional week (or perhaps two if problems
| 54987 [james jamesb] Very cool. Thanks.
+ 55126 [hmorita ohms] ECB (Emacs Code Browser)

^ XML::RPC encryption
54939 [djberge qwes] On the topic of encryption, has anyone every tried adding an encryption
+ 54940 [djberge qwes] Quick addendum: I'm talking about a stand-alone server (in case anyone was
| 54941 [daniel circu] Not confuse folks with the similarity of our names... ;)
+ 54948 [520079130762] Is this really secure? The clients' public keys are public, so how do
  54958 [B.Candler po] Sounds like what you really want is certificates. Each client has a private

^ total newbie's IO troubles.
54949 [camdenb hotm] I don't seem to understand the concept of IO streams. I have figured
54953 [gsinclair so] In the list "Things That Ruby Newcomers Should Know" there are some helpful

^ Hacking Fest in January
54951 [pate eylerfa] At RubyConf, a few Northwesterners got together to talk about doing

^ Integrating Mac OS X's native Ruby with fink libraries
54968 [adamon maila] I am happily running OS 10.2.1 on my Mac, using the default OS X
54975 [canyonrat ma] I think it's better to let fink do its thing in /sw. This is partly
55020 [adamon maila] Thanks, I think most peoople take this approach as well:  Use fink to
55031 [canyonrat ma] Good point. I'll send a note to the fink maintainers asking them to
55100 [hisa imasy.o] I intend to release next version 0.4 of RubyCocoa for less than
55113 [canyonrat ma] OK, I'll wait.
55114 [brian coolna] Me too.  I just got in front of an OS X machine for work, and I'm looking
55130 [staypufd aus] Ruby Cocoa is really neat.  I think you all are going to love it...

^ ANN: GraphWiki -> GraphViz + MiniRubyWiki
54981 [phlipcpp yah] I have added to MiniWikiRuby the ability to author graphs using GraphViz's

^ [OT] Re: A vision for Parrot
54994 [tsiivola cc.] 1) There is a fundamental difference between the two projects:  at least
55184 [ptkwt shell1] ...

^ How to get ruby interactive when some condition or error ocurred?
54996 [Radek Hnilic] I'm thinking of, and looking for way to start interactive session from
55004 [pabs pablotr] require 'irb'
+ 55015 [alwagner tca] I didn't realize that you could do that.  Does that mean that FreeRide may
+ 55024 [ptkwt shell1] ...
  55026 [ahoward fsl.] 'return' instead of 'exit'...
  55033 [austin halos] Or you could catch SystemExit
  55078 [gsinclair so] That's pretty damn useful.  Is there any way to do this with the debugger?
  55080 [austin halos] -austin

^ Handling FAQs - was "Thoughts on Ruby"
55000 [gsinclair so] The article Simon linked was a great read (about setting up the Perl beginners
55009 [list NOSPAMc] It might be a solution, but (I repeat myself) it's a solution to a
55077 [gsinclair so] I had in this in mind.
55079 [simon simon-] Nice idea, but I think you'll find 90% of the time the newcomer just wants
+ 55084 [gsinclair so] - for an easy question (exactly the type of thing we want to gather)
| 55085 [rich lithino] Plus - when a newbie searches, they'll search for terms they're familiar
| 55087 [dblack candl] Don't forget "nuby" :-)
+ 55095 [alwagner tca] Thanks, Simon.  I've noticed that threads like "Thoughts about Ruby" are
  55122 [james jamesb] There's a good argument for that, since the author can then, with even greater

^ Some questions about pRuby
55003 [ljz asfast.c] I have recently noticed the pRuby module on RAA, and it looks quite

^ understanding ftools
55016 [lists debona] I'm a little puzzled by the File class. Can someone explain why I
55129 [dali insula.] It may be because delete, rename etc. are translated directly to the
55173 [lists debona] A plausible solution, but other operations such as split, must

^ Crash in 1.73, Windows
55018 [briqueabraqu] An application I'm creating crashes ruby 1.73 (I'm using the windows
+ 55059 [vjoel PATH.B] What libraries are you using? I've seen a similar problem with FXRuby,
| 55139 [briqueabraqu] I just installed the pragmatic programmers distribution, and didn't
+ 55137 [decoux moulo] ...
  55247 [briqueabraqu] Sorry, I didn't had the time. I'll try that as soon as I can and send

^ class << self
55021 [ahoward fsl.] rubyists-
+ 55057 [vjoel PATH.B] puts Bar.foo   # ==> 'foo'
+ 55076 [ysantoso jen] Um... it works for me.

^ Where's rubycentral????
55022 [montana buc9] ...
55027 [dossy panopt] $ host www.rubycentral.com
55045 [joe vpop.net] This will work for now:
55055 [vjoel PATH.B] Unfortunately, the download links still point to rubycentral.com.
+ 55063 [joe vpop.net] Can you try:  I don't see
+ 55068 [ruby-talk wh] Consider these a permanent home.  I have 1.6.7 installer at home.  I'll post it later today.
| 55112 [botp delmont] I have nothing to say but COOL!
+ 55466 [bulatz integ] www.rubycentral.com

^ Alternate locations for online pickaxe?
55025 [ptkwt shell1] ...
+ 55028 [lists debona] I've got a non-current version on nero.netwalk.org/ruby/ for personal
| 55034 [gfb tonesoft] Thanks, db. Your link works and it seems pretty current :-)
+ 55029 [mgushee have] I believe you'll see an icon of the book cover in the lower left corner.
| 55032 [gfb tonesoft] there?
| + 55037 [mgushee have] Oh, you're right. That's too bad.
| + 55056 [tsiivola cc.] apt-get install rubybook
+ 55030 [gfb tonesoft] For a long time I was going  to create a mirror for the book, however
| 55043 [kentda stud.] I've been having a mirror for translation purposes. I updated it to 0.4
+ 55042 [pabs pablotr] y=20
  55050 [lists debona] Also, the book is available for FreeBSD in the ruby-programmingruby port

^ Problem posting to ML
55035 [gfb tonesoft] ...
+ 55036 [alwagner tca] The problem is known and posted.  We have to wait for the ML maintainer to get
| 55069 [matz ruby-la] The real problem is we have two subscribers from btinternet.com, none
| 55075 [gsinclair so] get
+ 55038 [canyonrat ma] ...
  55089 [lyle users.s] Has no one yet commented on the irony inherent in the subscriber's
  55162 [gfb tonesoft] It seems to me that a mailing list server must be configured so that it does

^ CGI::Session::FileStore question
55044 [nemo hellotr] I was wondering why FileStore converts the values of the session's hash into
55070 [matz ruby-la] Marshal may not be what you want before saving data.  So do it by
+ 55152 [nemo hellotr] also
| + 55175 [matz ruby-la] Patially, yes.  You may not want unnecessary data conversion into
| + 55193 [ahoward fsl.] why modify FileStore?  does it make sense to escape/unescape arbitrary objects?
+ 55275 [ahoward fsl.] i think this is not _directly_ possible because of []= in CGI::Session we have
  55373 [matz ruby-la] Yeah, maybe.  Let me think about it.

^ mysql-ruby error
55046 [carl youngbl] Okay, I've finally managed to install the ruby mysql driver, but now, every
55074 [gsinclair so] I wish I did.  Log4r does the same thing.
55090 [carl ycs.biz] every

^ Newbie help configuring irb, please.
55047 [montana buc9] ...
55051 [ahoward fsl.] you need to compile irb with readline support - eg. the readline libraries

^ tail recursion
55053 [mirian cosmi] ...
+ 55054 [michael_s_ca] zillions, depending on x, I believe.
+ 55058 [tsiivola cc.] def fact-iter x, acc
| 55062 [tsiivola cc.] if x == 0
+ 55072 [matz ruby-la] No, not yet.

^ where can I find the definition of `define_http_method_interface'?
55060 [ggem70 hotma] My ruby installation doesn't know about
55135 [decoux moulo] ...

^ PPM type installer for Ruby?
55061 [bobx linuxma] ...

^ mouse
55064 [basti.steine] a mouseclick on a certain position? I tried it, but I don't get it.
55067 [ysantoso jen] That depends on what GUI  you're using. In X (or the GUI resulting
55071 [basti.steine] I'm currently using Win2000. Do you know how to move the mouse in Win2000?

^ [Mailer-Daemon@ignoramus.co.uk: Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender]
55066 [lists debona] I keep getting this email everytime I send something to the list. Can

^ PGP signatures
55091 [gsinclair so] Is anyone going to make a decision on this?  I'm getting pretty sick of the
+ 55092 [carl ycs.biz] the
| 55097 [gsinclair so] Messages coming from Outlook is not the issue here.  It's PGP signatures, which
| + 55109 [mjbjr beaude] [snippage]
| | + 55115 [lyle users.s] Mozilla Mail will -- on Windows or Linux (or I guess any of its other
| | | + 55119 [gsinclair so] You could just write some rubbish down the bottom and I wouldn't be able to
| | | + 55123 [hal9000 hype] Imposter!!!
| | + 55117 [gsinclair so] about
| | + 55132 [xandy fgm.co] I can empathize with the frustration of dealing with PGP/MIME messages
| |   + 55136 [tom.hurst cl] This alone makes signing worthwhile.  A common demonstration of how poor
| |   + 55147 [canyonrat ma] I vote for that!
| + 55116 [lyle users.s] I *can* stop signing most messages by default, I just started doing so
| + 55142 [tom linuxbri] In all honesty this is a problem with your mail reader. Hardly the
| | 55148 [michael_s_ca] Maybe to some, but this is hardly a universal truth.
| | 55155 [tom linuxbri] Fair enough, but just because you don't believe in doing it doesn't mean
| + 55214 [ysantoso jen] I'm not clear about what an inline text signature is. Is it something
|   55220 [gsinclair so] Correct!
+ 55096 [n1k0 rogers.] ...

^ understanding modules/classes
55093 [emschwar fc.] I've written a test harness (in Perl, but I may convert it to Ruby, if
+ 55098 [gsinclair so] How about importing them into the global namespace?
+ 55106 [austin halos] module Foo
  55188 [emschwar fc.] Okay, thanks to you and Gavin.  One last question: is it good style to
  + 55205 [gsinclair so] It is perfectly good style to include a module in a class.  That is one of the
  | 55285 [emschwar fc.] I'm afraid you've confused me further.  Let me illustrate.
  | 55297 [austin halos] foo = TestHarness::TestTableModel.new
  + 55206 [austin halos] It does matter where you put it, to a degree. "include" simply
    55293 [emschwar fc.] Okay, I'm still confused.  I get the feeling that I just walked right
    55298 [austin halos] It's both. 'include' effectively removes the namespace. See my most

^ Changing ruby warning level
55094 [carl youngbl] Does anyone know how to change the warning level in Ruby?
55102 [matz ruby-la] There's only 2 levels.  -w for lousy, no -w for relatively quiet.
+ 55105 [carl youngbl] I assume then that scripts are usually in quiet mode by default, and this is
| 55111 [matz ruby-la] How "still too noisy" for you?
+ 55180 [carl ycs.biz] Okay, since I can't change the warning level to where I need it to be, is
  55230 [dali insula.] olderr = $stderr.clone

^ Re: arachno ruby ide
55104 [bobx linuxma] ...
+ 55108 [hal9000 hype] Likewise. But the more the merrier!
| 55151 [djberge qwes] Yesterday, I happened across CodeForge at http://www.codeforge.com,
+ 55120 [ptkwt shell1] ...
  55133 [bobx linuxma] ...

^ Article on Ruby in Software Development magazine
55127 [james jamesb] Got back fro Seattle yesterday, picked up my mail from the post office today,
56614 [tarasis btop] Just wanted to say that the article is now online. You need to register

^ Re: bRuby? (Yet another Ruby parser)
55128 [ptkwt shell1] ...
+ 55134 [xandy fgm.co] There's JRuby <http://jruby.sourceforge.net/>, a pure Java
+ 55138 [robert.calco] %% Are there other Ruby parsers out there?
| 55185 [ptkwt shell1] ...
| + 55187 [curt hibbs.c] Bob give his own answer, but since I work closely with Bob (others) on the
| + 55218 [akr m17n.org] Ruth calls Ruby's internal parser.
|   + 55234 [ptkwt shell1] ...
|   + 55255 [probertm nor] It doesn't use parse.y, rather it is an attempt to see if
|     55308 [batsman.geo ] _           _
+ 55141 [akr m17n.org] It's a standalone command which markup Ruby source as XML.
  55157 [probertm nor] I'm at work on an LL-1 scanner-parser for my cocorb

^ ATTN: Mailing list admin
55143 [tom linuxbri] spamassassin header. Please remove the RCVD_IN_ORBZ check from your
55154 [lists.ruby-t] Speaking of SpamAssassin, anybody given any thought to writing a
+ 55164 [pate red-bea] Rmail and Rfilter started out along this path, but I've seen nothing about
+ 55225 [drbrain segm] ...

^ Making Instace Variables Private/Local
55149 [billtj y.glu] ...
+ 55156 [dblack candl] Your second sentence doesn't necessarily relate to your initial
| + 55158 [decoux moulo] ...
| + 55159 [nat.pryce b1] I think Bill's point is that it would be better for instance variables
| | 55165 [billtj y.glu] ...
| + 55163 [billtj y.glu] ...
+ 55176 [matz ruby-la] I am not brave enough to introduce such incompatibility.  I guess more
  + 55182 [billtj y.glu] ...
  | + 55196 [alwagner tca] Bill, you seem to wait about a week between each restart of this topic.  Do
  | | 55262 [billtj z.glu] ...
  | + 55204 [gsinclair so] The only other OO (rather, OI - Object Influenced) languages I know are C++ and
  |   + 55222 [rich infoeth] Let's see: Dave Thomas gave a presentation on a 26kloc production
  |   | 55269 [billtj z.glu] ...
  |   | 55276 [ysantoso jen] Well, you could try the untested code below to privatise parent's
  |   | 55573 [billtj z.glu] ...
  |   + 55263 [billtj z.glu] ...
  |     55484 [gsinclair so] variables,
  + 55183 [batsman.geo ] Were Ruby to be invented again, would you do it?
    + 55192 [billtj z.glu] ...
    + 55201 [matz ruby-la] Class local only?  No, I don't think so.
      + 55251 [batsman.geo ] This answer surprises me quite a lot, for the only tangible reason I can
      + 55264 [billtj z.glu] ...
        55371 [matz ruby-la] Actually inheritance is a very heavy relationship between classes.
        55383 [pbrannan atd] I'm not sure I agree.
        55575 [billtj z.glu] ...
        + 55627 [bulatz integ] - Ruby can't be compiled: it's too easy and toy langugae for
        + 55744 [dblack candl] I happen to like power, flexibility, and fun... but in any case, I'd