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^ Problem compiling mysql-ruby support
54756 [carl youngbl] [root@www mysql-ruby-2.4.3]# ruby extconf.rb

^ Extending Hash
54757 [carl youngbl] class FragHash < Hash
54800 [gsinclair so] anything for a given key, will return whatever element it has that most closely
54931 [carl youngbl] Thanks for the help, Gavin!

^ Thoughts on Ruby
54767 [enric 1smart] I'm a Ruby newbie, and I'm reading now "the ruby way" and reading this

^ someone needs to be unsubscribed
54768 [alwagner tca] Some guy at ibraheem@localhost(?) needs to be unsubscribed.  I keep getting
+ 54770 [mgushee have] I am.
| 54772 [alwagner tca] A good question.  I used the very earliest C++ available (actually a
+ 54808 [canyonrat ma] Yep
+ 54870 [gsinclair so] Surely it doesn't need to be said anymore, but I *still* am.  What's happening
  54877 [drbrain segm] ...

^ Re: Thoughts on Ruby (Apologice)
54769 [enric 1smart] SORRY

^ strange behavior of quit/exit
54776 [gminick unde] % irb
54859 [drbrain segm] exit and quit aren't objects, they're methods.  What you're doing is

^ Dynamic message dispatch?
54782 [paul argelfr] Suppose I have methods foo and bar.  How can I read a string from ARGV
54783 [paul argelfr] Sorry, I meant to say "How can I read 'foo' or 'bar' as a string
54795 [matz ruby-la] send?
+ 54797 [hal9000 hype] It seems to me that methods such as #send and
| 54843 [list NOSPAMc] <plug>
+ 54831 [paul argelfr] That worked beautifully.  Thanks!

^ [OT] the evolution of C++ (was Re: someone needs to be unsubscribed)
54792 [chris m-audi] "I invented the term Screaming Yellow Zonkers, and I can tell you that

^ window location and size?
54793 [ursus walkin] ...

^ [PATCH] Re: Readline Module and completion_proc
54796 [ oct zoy.org] following this thread, i've written a quick patch for readline.c which

^ ANN: MiniRubyWiki "released"...
54801 [phlipcpp yah] ....if you can "release"  400 lines of code.

^ [OT] Re: Thoughts on Ruby
54810 [pabs pablotr] Be careful everyone.  Matz is a sqeak-this and smalltalk-that

^ Internet Explorer methods
54813 [martinpg jav] ...
54823 [tsyk yk.rim.] iefrom.ole_methods.each {|m| puts m.name }

^ bdb under pragprog/cygwin
54824 [martindemell] I'm running the pragprog ruby 1.67 distribution, and cygwin. I can't
54825 [decoux moulo] ...

^ Re: ERuby speed issues
54835 [ppallock ibl] We have found the problem, and it was not ERuby. Our server guy forgot to

^ ruby-dev summary 18541-18612
54836 [ttate kt.jai] This is a summary of ruby-dev ML in these days.

^ rubyconf notes
54839 [pate eylerfa] On Saturday Night, I recommended that attendees of Ruby Conf send off
54847 [ptkwt shell1] ...
+ 54851 [lyle users.s] Is
+ 54852 [ruby-talk wh] My notes are up at http://whytheluckystiff.net/ though I have no photos.  Just
| + 54856 [curt hibbs.c] I'm going to be posting Rich Kilmer's slides on the FreeRIDE presentation as
| + 54943 [bruce codedb] Great notes and commentary, _why; thanks for the work-- I know those of us who
|   54956 [gsinclair so] who
+ 54857 [scott scotts] ...
| 54858 [scott scotts] ...
+ 54880 [pabs pablotr] Mine will be up sometime within the next few days.  I'll send a note to
+ 54887 [pabs pablotr] I haven't captioned the images yet, but you can still take a look and

^ request for help making some cgikit docs
54841 [ahoward fsl.] rubyists-

^ IE source code
54842 [basti.steine] i need to open an IE Window and save the index.html ( the source code) of
54860 [drbrain segm] Why not just fetch it straight with net/http?
54874 [loats205 aol] ...
54961 [basti.steine] But how do I get the source code of the .html file then? I have some scripts
54969 [drbrain segm] pts
54999 [basti.steine] I used this one. But this was not executed in an Explorer Window. So the
55049 [drbrain segm] ...

^ FAQ update (was Re: Thoughts on Ruby)
54844 [alwagner tca] Sorry for starting a new thread on this, but the original post  was forked
+ 54849 [alwagner tca] Please ignore the above post.  I didn't intend it to be a reply.
+ 54853 [pjc daimi.au] OK, i am also a just getting started learning Ruby -but heres what I
  55010 [list NOSPAMc] Thanks Peter.  It's refreshing to see someone think like this.

^ FAQ update (was Re: Thoughts on Ruby)
54845 [alwagner tca] Crap.  I forked myself.

^ [OT:] Elementary, my dear Massimiliano.
54848 [paul argelfr] 221b if I recall correctly.

^ RWN request
54850 [pate eylerfa] I'll be sending out RWN later today (after work), but wanted to make a

^ Stupid Newbie Question.
54861 [sarmstrong s] Briefly looking at the coding examples for Ruby, it looks like Ruby
+ 54863 [canyonrat ma] I found Ruby very easy. It feels more like ObjC or even Smalltalk when
+ 54868 [gsinclair so] The 'ri' command is an excellent command-line reference tool, like 'perldoc'
+ 54878 [lyle users.s] [ I won't respond to the other questions since others have already given
| 54879 [lyle users.s] .... and the presentation was given at RubyConf this past weekend. I knew
+ 54898 [B.Candler po] ... speaking of the latter, is anybody else having difficulty accessing the

^ A vision for Parrot
54862 [occitan espe] this morning it struck me that it would be nice to have Parrot not only run Perl 6 and similar byte code, but that any of the common interpreted languages be compiled to this same byte code.
+ 54864 [claird laird] ...
| 54865 [simon simon-] Particularly myself; in fact, it was named Parrot precisely to represent its
| + 54871 [claird laird] ...
| + 54873 [robin jessik] ...
|   54875 [simon simon-] Maybe it's not dead; it may have just ceased to be.
+ 54882 [cbbrowne acm] ...
| 55081 [pdcawley bof] One would hope so, given that the Perl 6 spec is quite some way
+ 54892 [goldbb2 eart] Only just this morning?  I take it that parrot itself only came to your
+ 54907 [graham.lee w] Gah!  Scary line-wraps!
| + 54908 [claird laird] ...
| | 54911 [graham.lee w] Actually, I just thought of a reason!  No, me miss!  Me!!!
| | + 54912 [claird laird] ...
| | | 54918 [graham.lee w] Curses!  You stole my idea :-)  I see what you mean about security being
| | + 54972 [hal9000 hype] comp.lang.perl.misc,comp.lang.ruby,comp.lang.python,comp.lang.tcl
| | + 55065 [bdesth free.] (snip some)
| |   + 55107 [graham.lee w] Glad you approve :-)
| |   + 55145 [lvirden yaho] As long as your application is elegant, ergonometrically superior, and
| + 54962 [goldbb2 eart] What advantage would this have over putting a #! line in the bytecode?
|   54976 [graham.lee w] Faster, better, cheaper.
|   + 54988 [wojciech n0s] But not quite more secure. Imagine userX running a script that does
|   | 55146 [lvirden yaho] Each script would need to be done in a seperate safe interpreter which
|   + 54989 [goldbb2 eart] It can't.  Parrot can only understand parrot bytecode.
|   | + 54991 [slaven.rezic] At least on *BSD, /sys/kern/imgact_*.c control which executable types
|   | + 55001 [graham.lee w] It would be advantageous to performance if a pre-byte-compiled version
|   + 54990 [adalke minds] Some years back, RMS proposed a standard 'scripting' language called
|   | + 54992 [robin jessik] ...
|   | | + 55006 [paul boddie.] ....each. ;-)
|   | | + 55012 [dnew san.rr.] Your confusion is in thinking that "portable" is a binary value. Fortran
|   | |   + 55013 [robin jessik] ...
|   | |   + 55083 [claird laird] ...
|   | |     55103 [dnew san.rr.] Indeed. I was one of the first users, I suspect, compiling my own
|   | + 55144 [lvirden yaho] Perhaps a parallel example are the Java implementations of Python and
|   | | + 55153 [tsiivola cc.] This I can believe ;)
|   | | + 55249 [claird laird] ...
|   | + 55396 [usenet jasoe] And Guile programmrs is the right choice of words. Most Scheme
|   + 55008 [roberson ibd] ...
|     + 55011 [rubytalk box] hmm, everytime I hear "bytecode interpreter" I imagine something like
|     | 55048 [list NOSPAMc] I gather that's what Tao's Elate/Intent Virtual Processor does.  I
|     + 55017 [graham.lee w] Perdantick bast.  :-)
|       + 55023 [robin jessik] ...
|       | 55039 [bilotta78 ho] ...
|       | 55041 [michael_s_ca] Hrm, my answer was going to be "all of them, eventually".  =)
|       + 55228 [roberson ibd] ...
|         55236 [goldbb2 eart] Is it (currently) possible to put Word Perfect macros into a file, and
|         + 55239 [slaven.rezic] I dont't think it will be opcodes, but rather a combination of loadlib
|         | 55240 [goldbb2 eart] Ok, so loadlib is one op, and dlfunc is another op :)
|         + 55299 [usenet dwall] ...
+ 55195 [web.mail lyc] Is it just me, or does anyone else think it peculiar that someone
| 55219 [max alcyone.] Now, now :-).  Esperanto is an auxiliary language, so its intend is to
+ 55465 [bulatz integ] the name Parrot was inspired by 1-st april joke that matz and larry
+ 55561 [donal.k.fell] A common bytecode that Perl, Python, Ruby and Tcl would all compile to?  Hmm.
  + 55562 [usenet sunst] [Scary ... worrying ... security ... suspicious ... pipe-dream]
  | 55646 [lvirden yaho] Security and Microsoft outlook/Internet Explorer - past 5 years or more...
  + 55574 [goldbb2 eart] If you were writing a VM for one language, and then tried to extend it
    + 55577 [dnew san.rr.] Seems like an awful lot of overhead for every keystroke, window event,
    | + 55580 [austin halos] Mmmm, no. The bytecode engine will have the "os-level" services for
    | + 55583 [goldbb2 eart] Why would any of these require that strings be eval()ed?
    |   55589 [dnew san.rr.] Bindings substitute their values. File events get additional arguments.
    |   55594 [goldbb2 eart] So?  Pass these in as arguments.  There's no need to recompile a
    |   55601 [dnew san.rr.] A binding isn't a procedure. Indeed, I'm pretty sure that [eval] doesn't
    |   55605 [goldbb2 eart] That depends on your interface to Tk ... in perl, a binding *is* a
    |   + 55607 [dnew san.rr.] They return with a different exit code, I believe. In other words, it
    |   + 55997 [peter abbnm.] ...
    + 55652 [donal.k.fell] (JCL is something else.  I'd rather not remember it thankyouverymuch.)
    | + 55666 [nem00u cs.no] <snip interesting discussion, which mostly goes over my head :>
    | | + 55689 [slaven.rezic] Look at
    | | + 55696 [mikkelfj-ant] ...
    | |   55705 [schlenk uni-] Basically the same as the Tcl STUBS mechanism for loading extensions in
    | + 55687 [goldbb2 eart] Erm... that's the old IBM Job Control Language?  You mean this one?
    |   + 55741 [claird laird] ...
    |   + 55746 [claird laird] ...
    + 55656 [donal.k.fell] OK, let's go for a more concrete question.  What sequence of bytecodes would let
      55691 [goldbb2 eart] Just as there are "stdio", "unix", and "win32" ParrotIO layers, one
      55751 [donal.k.fell] OK, what sequence of bytecodes would instantiate and invoke those layers?  The
      55762 [goldbb2 eart] [snip Q: How to do sockets]
      55962 [fellowsd cs.] too

^ Using Ruby under  Windows
54866 [me sebpaul.d] ...

^ Matz is Mormon?? (was: Re: rubyconf notes)
54867 [rich lithino] Matz is Mormon?? Wow. So am I.
54883 [carl youngbl] Me too.  I had a suspicion when I saw Joseph Smith as the sample name on the
55351 [brailsmt yah] Can I join in?  Though going to BYU I already knew
+ 55353 [ted datacomm] Hmmmm... Mormon... is that anything like an LDS? <g>
| 55403 [carl ycs.biz] Same thing.  Two shortened words for a member of the Church of Jesus Christ
+ 55355 [brailsmt yah] Dangit, I meant to kill that, not send it...  *sigh*

^ simple rdoc question
54869 [ahoward fsl.] rdocists-
54884 [pabs pablotr] While I can't duplicate your problem (the Imlib2-Ruby documentation
55186 [emschwar fc.] There's an easy way to work around it though-- just put all CSS into

^ Window Manager?
54872 [ursus walkin] ...

^ detecting double-click in a vruby listbox ??
54876 [armin xss.de] I had a first look at VRuby and encountered
55704 [armin xss.de] Alan Chen was so kind to send me a solution.

^ Matz Roundtable Summary (was Re: rubyconf notes)
54881 [pabs pablotr] Below is my pieced together summary of matz's roundtable summary.  It's
+ 54888 [usa osb.att.] About popen3, we already have mechanism to realize it on 1.7.
+ 54894 [schuerig acm] Hm... what is the significance of the number 256 in the context of Ruby?
| 54896 [simon simon-] The books are part of the "256 billion uses for Ruby" series from ASCII
+ 54915 [maki rubycol] I (and Suzuki-san) came back to Japan today. I've enjoyed
| 54917 [gsinclair so] I'd really like to know what the titles of all of them are.  Could you please
| 55019 [maki rubycol] so they are ``un-official'' translations.
| + 55082 [gsinclair so] please
| + 55086 [adamon maila] Thank you for posting these titles as well as descriptions of each
| | 55088 [gsinclair so] How many Ruby books have they published already? :|
| | 55101 [matz ruby-la] 22 Japanese books (23rd coming out this month).
| | 55118 [gsinclair so] The question was about O'Reilly books!  They only have one in English (yours).
| | 55194 [adamon maila] Let me clarify what I meant by translating the Japanese books into
| | 55200 [batsman.geo ] 1) Some Japanese programmers might be able to translate directly to idiomatic
| | 55202 [carl youngbl] idiomatic
| + 55099 [james jamesb] Is this one unofficial?
|   55210 [maki rubycol] Note 2: these titles and comments are written by me and
+ 54959 [matz ruby-la] I don't remember that question.  Probably I have some memory leakage.
  + 54971 [pabs pablotr] It's also possible i misheard a question altogether, which is why I
  + 54974 [rich infoeth] Will that be the new, novel GC algorithm you hinted at during your talk

^ Newbie Problem with Shell#transact
54885 [xandy fgm.co] Back from the conference and eager to learn Ruby, I'm trying to write a
54897 [decoux moulo] ...
54909 [xandy fgm.co] OK.  That works, but the more important question is, "Why?"  Is there a
54910 [decoux moulo] ...

^ PGP on the list (was: Re: Matz Roundtable Summary)
54889 [drbrain segm] Nobody has bugged me about it yet...
54891 [pabs pablotr] I was asked not to sign my messages because it either looks funny in, or
+ 54899 [PierreDuAnra] ...
| 54905 [gsinclair so] It still does.  One person posted a URL where we could allegedly download
+ 54921 [michael_s_ca] No strenuous objections here, but I have to wonder why anyone would
  54942 [pabs pablotr] I'm not trying to come across as pretentious.  It's not hard to turn off
  + 54955 [gsinclair so] [original text not included for obvious, and pertinent, reasons]
  | + 54957 [pate red-bea] Umm, I don't see how it is a contradiction to sign (not
  | | 54966 [mjbjr beaude] I heartily agree that it's about authentication, not contradiction.
  | + 54964 [x ichimunki.] The complaint is about attachments, not signatures per se. There are
  |   54985 [gsinclair so] Quite right.  I was wrong in the first place (I usually bundle signature +
  + 54970 [drbrain segm] I feel the same.  Since email is less secure than even a postcard, it

^ [ANN] Imlib2-Ruby 0.4.2
54890 [pabs pablotr] Late last week I released Imlib2-Ruby version 0.4.2, my Ruby bindings

^ yet another newbie question!
54893 ["Alan (Ursus] ...
54895 [mgushee have] Here I am again. You know, I like these questions: this is giving me an
54947 ["Alan (Ursus] ...

^ Re: Using Ruby under Visual C++
54900 [billarosa ho] How I can import libruby.lib in a C++ project?
54901 [billarosa ho] How I can import libruby.lib in a C++ project?

^ Small problem with Ruby 1.73 for windows from pragmatic programmers
54902 [briqueabraqu] When I do

^ Re: Debugging and Test::Unit - good news
54904 [gsinclair so] probably

^ Win32 support issues
54906 [gsinclair so] <quote source="roundtable">
+ 54928 [lyle users.s] I would only answer that, if you don't get any specific answers there
| + 54937 [rich infoeth] I don't think its 'fork' the command, but fork-like behavior.  Its weird
| | 54944 [lyle users.s] My understanding was that the main difference between fork() and the
| | + 54945 [rich infoeth] That is my understanding as well and it is this copying of the process
| | | 54950 [lyle users.s] My bad; I thought you were implying that since Win32 doesn't have a
| | + 54946 [pbrannan atd] I don't think it's fork() that is needed (since almost anything that can
| |   54952 [lyle users.s] Yup. I think that's what the fifth argument to CreateProcess (the
| + 54973 [hal9000 hype] there?
| + 54998 [dali insula.] I think it is about portability. If you use a specific Windows API you are
|   55005 [lyle users.s] I agree of course. My point was that it is just as absurd to expect
|   55224 [nobu.nokada ] Another problem due to select(), thread cannot switch while
+ 54978 [pabs pablotr] [snipped]
  54984 [gsinclair so] <quote>