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^ ruby fails to install on a Cray SV1
54365 [W.L.Kleb lar] Believe it or not, I would like to install ruby on a Cray SV1.
54371 [djberge qwes] #ifndef MAXPATHLEN
54374 [W.L.Kleb lar] Done.  I also had to do it with dln.c and file.c.  Now it gives a
54399 [matz ruby-la] Can you show me your "config.h"?

^ DATA and require
54369 [coma_killen ] I have a file that uses __END__ and DATA to read in a large
54431 [vjoel PATH.B] I guess DATA is associated with the $0 file, i.e., the file that was

^ Dynamically executed methods in Ruby?
54380 [mirian cosmi] ...
+ 54381 [dblack candl] Your method_handler method is not missing; it's method_missing :-)
+ 54382 [mhale rolemo] Method_missing will be executed on a class when you call a method that
+ 54383 [kentda stud.] Just define the method_missing method in your class.
+ 54384 [flori nixe.p] class Foo
  54390 [mirian cosmi] ...

^ Problem Building Ruby Under Cygwin on Windows XP
54386 [rgilbert1 mi] I am trying to build Ruby 1.6.7 under Cygwin on Windows XP.  I get the

^ Close Internet Explorer
54387 [miner arcor.] I've got a problem. I want to close any Internet Explorer Window, even those
+ 54490 [chrismo clab] those
| 54587 [tsyk yk.rim.] As far as I know, Win32API.so can not support API that uses a
| 54590 [ttate kt.jai] In the alternative, we rewrite your code with `dl/import.rb' as follows.
| 54661 [chrismo clab] Cool stuff - I didn't even know about Ruby/DL - thanks for the posts.
| 54672 [miner arcor.] I only have a windows environment. Does anybody know how to install the
| 54673 [mhale rolemo] You can use Ruby 1.7.2 or compile dl/import according to the install
| 54675 [basti.steine] Even if you think i'm dumb, but he asks me for a file named dlfcn.h and
| 54684 [tsyk yk.rim.] I don't have any suggestions about compiling problem, but
| 54690 [basti.steine] Thanks a lot for the posts. That finally worked.
+ 54531 [ander882cms ] here is the code I am using (to only close IE windows that I have opened)

^ detecting memory leaks
54391 [ahoward fsl.] rubyists-

^ IE Automation (VERSION 2)
54392 [ander882cms ] So I have written quite a nice little piece of ruby code to automate
+ 54492 [chrismo clab] Since no one else has come forth with anything helpful -- only thing I can
+ 54560 [cjh_nospam m] We have code somewhere that uses an old IE API based on DDE to
  54631 [ander882cms ] searching everywhere, I done der found what I needed.

^ executing a proc passed as an argument?
54398 [ursus walkin] ...
54401 [x ichimunki.] @cb.call(@v) #invokes method stored in @cb with @v as argument
54418 [ursus walkin] ...

^ Why is RAA being replaced?
54400 [xlucid users] I missed the original mails that explained this.
+ 54404 [matz ruby-la] We didn't change the name of the central repository (RAA).  During the
| 54408 [lucid connec] Ah - so it's about to be replaced, and there's some sort of 'beauty
+ 54409 [ptkwt shell1] ...

54411 [Graeme.Matth] I am writing a drb application that will recieve an XML 'envelope' that
54455 [kou cneti.ne] What about this?

^ bug in Fox or in Ruby?
54412 [vjoel PATH.B] ...
+ 54413 [Graeme.Matth] I have just run it on Win32 Win95 and clicking on the Pow button loads a
+ 54420 [waisun.chia ] Absolutely no problems nor segfaults!
  54430 [vjoel PATH.B] Thanks for trying it. I'll try upgrading fox and FXRuby, first. Then
  + 54436 [waisun.chia ] No problem. Whatever turns you on. ;-)
  + 54451 [vjoel PATH.B] Installing fox 1.0.26 fixed the problem.
    54456 [vjoel PATH.B] Well, it fixed the problem in my simplified version ("bug.rb"), but in
    54515 [lyle users.s] Please let me know how it goes and if I can be of assistance. I will be

^ Eliminate 100% of Late Fees & Interest!
54416 [hock AKH-WIE] ...

^ [rubyconf] want to meet Microsoft .NET guy?
54421 [matz ruby-la] Does anybody attending Ruby Conference 2002 (or anybody lives around
+ 54425 [james jamesb] Yes, please.
+ 54426 [hal9000 hype] By any chance is arton going to RubyConf? He has a Ruby.NET
| 54427 [matz ruby-la] Unfortunately, no for both.  Japan is far away from Seattle.
| 54432 [hal9000 hype] I will start saving for that plane ticket now.
| + 54445 [curt hibbs.c] Now that's an idea I can *really* support!
| + 54472 [tsiivola cc.] Good idea, since the other way round compromise would be in Europe, and we
|   54475 [dblack candl] If we continue the pattern of meeting in the same city as OOPSLA, I
|   54572 [hal9000 hype] we
|   54573 [jim freeze.o] My air fair to Tampa last year was $80 round-trip.
|   54576 [sdate kc.rr.] ...
|   54577 [jim freeze.o] The problem is I'm too good at math.
+ 54564 [ianm ActiveS] Is that Brad Merril ? I know he was in charge of the project for porting
  54578 [matz ruby-la] It's Lee Fisher, who is colleague of Brad.  I think Brad too is around
  54634 [ianm ActiveS] I wouldn't mind sitting in if its still possible. My .Net knowledge is

^ "multiple assignment in conditional"
54429 [gsinclair so] Rubies,
+ 54433 [bulatz integ] syntax error
| 54435 [gsinclair so] That's good news.  Thanks for the tip.
| 54438 [bulatz integ] imvho, it's better to omit "and" because in ruby "and" is logical
+ 54434 [matz ruby-la] The resulting value of multiple assignment may not be what you expect,
+ 54450 [loats205 aol] ...

^ spam filter test
54437 [shugo ruby-l] Sorry, this is a test mail for the spam filter of ruby-talk ML.
54439 [shugo ruby-l] Sorry, this is a second test mail.

54440 [shugo ruby-l] This is a test mail for the spam filter of ruby-talk ML.
+ 54442 [gsinclair so] Where do I sign? :)
| 54448 [shugo ruby-l] Thank you:-)
+ 54443 [shugo ruby-l] Sorry, this mail was not reject:-(
+ 54444 [bpdg jamesbr] If not, we will have to take you up on your offer ...
+ 54453 [maksa sezamp] I'd suggest having a look at http://www.paulgraham.com
| 54457 [james jamesb] I had been under the impression that only subscribers could post directly to the
| 54479 [gsinclair so] found
+ 56554 [mikkelfj-ant] ...

^ Style matter [Re: "multiple assignment in conditional"]
54441 [gsinclair so] Fair enough, too.  It's just that the following code
54447 [bulatz integ] action1(blah, blah, blah)
54483 [gsinclair so] Great idea, BUT: any editor worth its salt will reindent that the first chance

^ feature idea: custom literals
54449 [loats205 aol] ...
+ 54459 [peter semant] What problem is this meant to solve as i cant see a use for such a thing.
| + 54460 [bulatz integ] complex = 3+7i
| | 54461 [peter semant] No I can't see what you're trying to show. Perhaps an example?
| | 54463 [bulatz integ] it's a literal for complex numbers
| | 54467 [peter semant] Fine. But HOW is his suggestion supposed to achieve this?
| | 54470 [bulatz integ] def imaginary_literal(str)
| + 54476 [tsiivola cc.] Using ruby to solve domain specific issues. For example, 3D stuff need a
| | + 54496 [nat.pryce b1] But the former is *far* more readable.
| | | + 54499 [tsiivola cc.] Per file.
| | | | + 54504 [kentda stud.] Chuck the "file" concept out of your head for this one. What file does
| | | | | 54507 [tsiivola cc.] 1) No custom literals in eval
| | | | + 54518 [nat.pryce b1] Either you misunderstand me, or I misunderstand you...
| | | |   54522 [tsiivola cc.] class Vector
| | | |   54524 [nat.pryce b1] I see.  I think this is pretty superfluous, and also dramatically
| | | |   54563 [gsinclair so] Although I like this idiom (and suggested it myself earier, albeit
| | | |   54598 [nat.pryce b1] Very good point.  That just goes to show how hard it is to write code
| | | + 54502 [gsinclair so] Another thing to remember is that you can always use
| | | + 54503 [kentda stud.] [ versus ]
| | + 54523 [billtj y.glu] ...
| |   54678 [comp.lang.ru] ...
| + 54539 [loats205 aol] ...
+ 54464 [matz ruby-la] You may feel it's cool to have "reader macro" in Ruby, but I won't
  + 54465 [peter semant] Thats what I thought he was talking about but I couldn't see how his
  + 54466 [bulatz integ] how about an idea of some hooks in syntax parser?
    + 54480 [matz ruby-la] It is the source of "too much flexibility", unless it is well thought
    | 54485 [peter semant] There are two types of Lisp programmer.
    | 54584 [matz ruby-la] Me too.  Even though macros increase succinctness, they consume too
    | 54586 [bulatz integ] how about adding some silicon? :)
    + 54594 [martindemell] martin

^ Sorting HUGE hashes
54452 [waisun.chia ] I have a couple of HUGE hashes (~20,000 pairs and growing) that I need
54454 [bulatz integ] maximum size of this arrays (in real world)?
54468 [waisun.chia ] Anything between 100K to 200K
54473 [bulatz integ] 50k hash entries each sized up to 200k? good :)
54481 [matz ruby-la] Or
54488 [bulatz integ] btw, sort_by definition is only one line so he can decide on base of

^ How do I get a '\'?
54462 [J.Hawkeswort] I have one of those USB memory stick things and I've written a little
+ 54474 [simon ermine] You're being bitten by the fact that p uses inspect, and
+ 54477 [flori nixe.p] This is the String \ but irb calls inspect before printing it. That's
| 54482 [J.Hawkeswort] Simon,
+ 54520 [austin halos] ...
+ 54854 [drbrain segm] Eric Hodel - drbrain@segment7.net - http://segment7.net

^ [ANN] DbTalk 0.71
54478 [dali insula.] I would like to announce a new release of my Ruby project DbTalk.
+ 54486 [ oct zoy.org] i'd like to know if anyone did compile the postgres module for the win32
| 54491 [dali insula.] There is an ODBC driver for Windows and PostgreSQL. It can be downloaded
+ 54567 [pbooth nocoi] ...
  54592 [dali insula.] It may work using ODBC. Unfortunately I do not have access to a Sybase

^ Problems installing and running IOWA
54487 [Radek Hnilic] I'm trying install IOWA on my computer, but I'm not successfull.
+ 54497 [kentda stud.] (\[ Kent Dahl ]/)_    _~_    __[ http://www.stud.ntnu.no/~kentda/ ]___/~
+ 54500 [Dave Pragmat] The latest CVS version of Iowa is broken. Check out the 0.15 snapshot
+ 54501 [kentda stud.] Are you using CVS of IOWA?  ^^^^
| 54512 [khaines enig] But from where is the version 15.47.
| 54596 [Radek Hnilic] Thanks for help.
+ 54511 [khaines enig] couple of errors that I am trying to get addressed in the current version

^ Problems installing IOWA
54489 [radek hnilic] ...

^ PostgreSQL debug tty
54494 [dali insula.] In the ruby-postgres library there is a method for opening connection like

^ Ruby and Large File sizes
54495 [jim freeze.o] Does ruby support files greater than 4GB?
+ 54551 [ptkwt shell1] ...
+ 54580 [matz ruby-la] If your platform does.
  54599 [jim freeze.o] Is there a way to control Ruby to compile to 64bit or 32bit
  54602 [szegedy nosp] I have successfully built Ruby for 64 bits under AIX,
  54603 [bulatz integ] win32/cygwin platforms supports these files?

^ object database
54498 [Eugene.Scrip] I am searching for the application/server that allows to store
54643 [jason jvoege] Eventually, I'd like to refactor RubyGOODS to be a generic,
+ 54644 [Graeme.Matth] maybe this would help, I too was querying about this, would you not just use
+ 54655 [Eugene.Scrip] I am trying to develop such server based on drb, and the main problem

^ [BUG?] 1.7 installer and DbTalk, odbc
54506 [ oct zoy.org] in the ruby173-6 installer, there is a folder
+ 54513 [andy toolshe] ...
+ 54516 [lyle users.s] This is a bug in the installer. Since the Ruby interpreter itself is at

^ Problem Building Ruby Under Cygwin on Windows XP
54526 [Robbie.Gilbe] I am trying to build Ruby 1.6.7 under Cygwin on Windows XP.  I get the

^ Please help me modify this...
54528 [bobx linuxma] # define defaults which can be
+ 54529 [peter semant] For a similar problem in my CA code (See RAA) I used an alphabet
| 54546 [kh.wild wico] 1.upto( length ) { password << ALPHABET[rand(strength)] }
+ 54535 [kentda stud.] chars = [("a".."z").to_a, ("A".."Z").to_a,  (0..9).to_a

^ Runtime access to the source code of a block?
54532 [jeff.gray in] Is there a way, through native Ruby code or through C extensions, to access
+ 54574 [loats205 aol] ...
+ 54582 [bulatz integ] block = compile("{|x| x*2}")
  54588 [kentda stud.] Doesn't eval suffice for this?

^ cool news
54537 [pate eylerfa] It looks like O'Reilly's 2003 OSCon will be in Portland Oregon next
54547 [ptkwt shell1] ...
54549 [pate red-bea] gnat@oreilly.com -- Nathan Torkington is probably the right person.

^ [ANN] Text::Format 0.52.2
54541 [austin halos] I've done another minor update. It was originally going to be a
+ 54544 [pate red-bea] I don't think that keeping major/minor version numbers synced with Perl
+ 54559 [gsinclair so] You're the package author, and are doing a good job, so I'll just make one
  54561 [austin halos] That may be a better idea, although I'm not sure that I want to

^ define_finalizer does NOT work
54543 [ahoward fsl.] rubyists-
54591 [decoux moulo] ...
54608 [ahoward fsl.] if being_garbage_collected
54609 [decoux moulo] ...

^ get index.htm and read it out
54545 [miner arcor.] I found this code the pragmatic programmers book.
54550 [billk cts.co] Pasting lines from your email above into irb worked OK for me
54552 [miner arcor.] Could it be the failure that i'm using this version?
54585 [kentda stud.] Yes. I get the same error on ruby 1.7.2 (2002-07-13) [i686-linux], but I

^ Tiny Featureless FTP server somewhere?
54548 [remove thoma] Inspired from the "tiny featureless http server " message, I wondered
54553 [barry.shultz] Inspired from the "tiny featureless http server " message, I wondered

^ more naming content
54554 [pate eylerfa] Just to keep tying escaping threads back into our tapestry, people might

^ MS IE help
54556 [ander882cms ] I am using Ruby to Automation IExplorer.
54625 [ander882cms ] I'm a havn' ta lerk e lerk, but I fernd what I'za need...

^ [ANN] MIME::Types for Ruby 1.004
54558 [austin halos] Just an update to reflect the latest MIME types known by the Perl

^ RubyMagick, Ryuichi Tamura
54562 [cyclists nc.] I'm trying to reach Ryuichi Tamura, creator of RubyMagick. I emailed him
55125 [hmorita ohms] In "RubyMagick, Ryuichi Tamura"

^ working with super?
54565 [ursus walkin] ...
+ 54568 [mgushee have] That's peculiar, and I don't have an answer for you, just a couple of
+ 54575 [nagai ai.kyu] The super(@ff, keys) calls TkListbox#initialize method.
  54589 [ursus walkin] ...

^ Tiny Web server
54569 [xlucid users] Thanks for your 1-hour web-server code, Philip.

^ OT: Hawaii  - was Re: [rubyconf] want to meet Microsoft .NET guy?
54571 [hal9000 hype] the Earth's circumference... so there is no
54597 [tsiivola cc.] Beaches? Bah, we don't need no soddin' beaches like some pampered

^ Is this the best start to ruby socket server for flash clients?
54595 [moonerent ya] My goal is to make the fastest, most stable Ruby persistant socket
54615 [rich lithino] I thought threading in Ruby was not the fastest way... since it doesn't use
+ 54621 [   me me.com] ...
| 54637 [jcb iteris.c] Starting a new thread for each incoming connection is not a good idea.
| 54648 [   me me.com] ...
+ 54649 [bulatz integ] i thonk opposite - ruby "threads" has less overhead and switched at

^ (광고)Free_Domain_name registration_Site.무료도메인네임등록.Limited Chance No banner_Advertisement
54600 [linuxhong or] ...

^ Readline Module and completion_proc
54604 [ oct zoy.org] Dear rubyists,
54606 [decoux moulo] ...
54613 [ oct zoy.org] Guy, you are perfectly right,
+ 54614 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 54641 [gsinclair so] Translated through GavinFish: "When you don't know where you're going, you must
  54752 [ oct zoy.org] I think that this means exactly what it says. Shadoks (from a french