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^ expat.dll missing
53697 [rgroenenberg] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
53756 [nahi keynaut] You also can use SOAP4R with REXML or NQXML(*).  You
+ 53758 [nakahiro sar] Forgot to mention...
+ 53791 [nahi keynaut] I checked http://www.rubygarden.org/ruby?WindowsInstaller

^ New Stock Pick: NNCO................................................... hvjum
53699 [Subscriber_S] <html>

^ rb_gc_register_address problem
53703 [pbrannan atd] We ran into a problem today with the garbage collector (caused by our
+ 53712 [lyle users.s] Not sure if this would help, but most memory debugging tools (like
| 53741 [lyle knology] Yes, but Tanaka Akira posted a valgrind suppressions file that you can
| 53889 [sean chitten] What are the odds of getting this committed?  Having ruby play nice
| 53935 [decoux moulo] Because, for me, it don't solve the problem. I've seen many times, on this
+ 53729 [ahoward fsl.] can i see more of this?
| 53834 [pbrannan atd] I see!  That makes perfect sense.
| 53835 [ahoward fsl.] i told a little lie, it works with glibc, whcih on our systems is pretty much
+ 53735 [billtj y.glu] I was puzzled by the example itself; hopefully it is really just an
| 53830 [pbrannan atd] I'm storing command-line arguments for later use, to pass to a function
| + 53833 [decoux moulo] a = Qnil;
| | 53842 [billtj z.glu] Well, as long as after each new object creation we call
| + 53839 [billtj z.glu] In this case then what you want is probably something like
|   + 53844 [pbrannan atd] This is one possible solution.  We went a different route, but thanks
|   | 53947 [billtj y.glu] Actually if there is concern that str is left allocated, I am wondering
|   | 54070 [pbrannan atd] No, this is not mixing C++ with C; a char* is just as much C++ as it is
|   | 54085 [billtj z.glu] I guess then it is that person who mixes C++ with C.  It is not even
|   | 54119 [pbrannan atd] The function is designed to take argc and argv from main() and to remove
|   | 54125 [billtj y.glu] This just made me realize that probably main() in C++ is still following
|   + 53846 [ahoward fsl.] #include <stdlib.h>
|   | 53864 [billtj y.glu] Your concept is true for C programming in general, but here we are
|   + 53851 [billtj z.glu] rb_gc_mark(*list->varptr);    /* '->' is stronger than '*' */
|     53855 [pbrannan atd] See [ruby-talk:53833] and [ruby-talk:53834].  I got my answer as to why
|     53858 [billtj z.glu] I am sorry that 53833 has been replied by 53842 and I don't think 53834 is
|     53866 [ahoward fsl.] my feeling is that, given a prototype like
|     53877 [billtj y.glu] I think we are slightly off-topic if we start discussing on the
+ 53751 [nobu.nokada ] If this "func" will be called from ruby as a method, you don't
  53831 [pbrannan atd] foo is global, so the call is necessary, so that the string object will

^ Difference between inject and reduce
53706 [whitton atla] Lately I've been trying to learn more about functional programming and
+ 53724 [bruce codedb] I'd just change it to: car, cdr = array[0], array[1..-1] # for brevity
+ 53764 [flori nixe.p] m = lambda { |x,y| x - y }

^ Unicode GUIs on Windows
53707 [pmak aaanime] For anyone who's interested in developing GUIs that use Unicode, I'm
53737 [bilotta78 ho] What about GTK? I think GTK2 supports Unicode. Is there support for
+ 53743 [pmak aaanime] There's a project called Ruby/GTK
| + 53745 [mgushee have] There is a Windows port of GTK. Do you have first hand knowledge that
| | 53746 [greg puyo.cj] GTK+ 1.3 and 2.0 work on Windows, however they're both quite unstable
| + 53782 [bilotta78 ho] It does. I'm using at least three programs that run under GTK: xchat,
+ 53766 [curt hibbs.c] wxRuby is still a little ways off. We have a very alpha wxRuby working under
  53770 [alan digikat] If you need testers for Linux, I could help. Is it hosted anywhere yet?
  53800 [curt hibbs.c] We can definitely use help testing under Linux. We are hosted on savannah

^ QNX4 OS porting (core Ruby) experience or binaries ?
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^ Windows and Ruby
53720 [amanishakhet] Ruby.  I have W98 but I do not have Unix.
53727 [austin halos] You don't compile them; you just run them.

^ using eruby offline
53733 [kyle.wilson ] I have a *.rhtml file which takes quite a bit of time to be generated
53736 [armin xss.de] Try to pipe sth. in.
53739 [kyle.wilson ] That works great.  Thanks!

^ The Decline of Scripting
53749 [thucdat hotm] <html><div style='background-color:'><DIV>
53767 [lyle users.s] Have you ever noticed the big displays on the way into Barnes & Noble,
53868 [bobx linuxma] <SNIP>
53943 [lyle users.s] That is of course using the OP's metric that "... nine years is the test
54555 [bobx linuxma] No...I need to get better at reading what people write.  : )

^ [ANN] Text::Format 0.52.1
53755 [austin halos] A minor update to Text::Format has been released. There is a minor

^ [ANN] MIME::Types 1.003.1
53757 [austin halos] Minor bugfixes to the MIME::Types library, mostly to clean up the use

^ What I did (was Re: functional Ruby equiv to this perl snippet)
53763 [bobx linuxma] Here is what I did...with your help and looking through different ways to
53768 [dblack candl] Just to point out that you're introducing a wee race condition,
+ 53793 [simon ermine] Also, don't forget that there are more ways an open can fail than just
+ 53799 [bobx linuxma] to

^ Perl multiple match RE in Ruby?
53771 [x ichimunki.] Have this in Perl, would prefer it in Ruby.
+ 53777 [eban os.rim.] How about String#scan ?
+ 53784 [dfan dfan.or] $_[0].scan( /([-.]|\d+|[^-.\d]+)/ )

^ Sort::Versions (was Re: Perl multiple match RE in Ruby?)
53779 [x ichimunki.] That did the trick! This is why I love Ruby, so easy to get stuff done. The
+ 53794 [simon ermine] While I agree, to be fair to Perl, String#scan *in this instance* is
| 53804 [x ichimunki.] I was all set to refute this. Then I read 'perldoc -f split' and discovered
+ 53801 [tsiivola cc.] Why define your own sort, when you can just pass the comparison method to
  + 53812 [x ichimunki.] I guess because it makes a convenient wrapper?
  | 53814 [tsiivola cc.] <snip/>
  | 53927 [list NOSPAMc] Comparable object.  (Have a look at the tests for usage examples.)
  | 54009 [x ichimunki.] [and included a great script for a Version class, none of which is
  + 53845 [austin halos] This is something I haven't been overly concerned with in my
    53847 [tsiivola cc.] I agree. Ruby API should be idiomatic Ruby, and oftentimes this means that

^ Ruby/Tk newbie question
53780 [someone micr] ===============================
53781 [hal9000 hype] The commented statement assigns an
+ 53783 [andrew cyber] Is there a way to concatonate strings without having to use the x.to_s method?
| + 53788 [hal9000 hype] method?
| + 53789 [austin halos] Look at Hal's first suggestion. That basically does exactly what
| + 53829 [billtj z.glu] As also already responded by other people, Ruby by default does not call
+ 53854 [ursus walkin] Thanks, Hal

53787 [s_ab1 hotmai] FROM THE DESK OF

^ Aumente Sus Ventas Utilizando El Tel٫ono
53790 [VentasPorTel] This is a multipart MIME message.

^ [1.6.8] local_vars
53792 [decoux moulo] This is with rdtool
53922 [matz ruby-la] Thank you!  This is probably a source of recent 1.6.8 core dumps.

^ How to get unique names from file
53795 [ kosha Kp.ru] What i have -  Proftpd log file in the following format  -
+ 53796 [decoux moulo] Store it as the key of an hash, then retrieve all keys.
| 53797 [ kosha Kp.ru] O! Thank u)
+ 53802 [vardhan cade] it would be interesting to see if
+ 53816 [gsinclair so] Apart from the hash, also see Array.uniq

^ FastCGI library for Ruby
53798 [me sebpaul.d] we tried to download the FastCGI implementation from the Ruby
53840 [moonwolf moo] try http://web.archive.org/web/20011018142745/http://fenris.codedogs.ca/~eli/fastcgi.rb

^ newby asks: giving regexps as argument for funvtions
53803 [daniel.schne] i want to pass a regular expression as a parameter to ruby. Tthe following
+ 53805 [decoux moulo] In your example you give it a String not a Regexp
+ 53806 [sdate kc.rr.] def findPosRE(str, re)
+ 53807 [armin xss.de] You can pass a RE directly as a paramter to the Method you are calling.
+ 53808 [flori nixe.p] You shouldn't try to convince Ruby because it is right. Your regular
  53810 [botp delmont] I get a syntax error here, sir Guy. If I replace the first nest {} with ()
  53811 [decoux moulo] pigeon% irb -v
  53813 [botp delmont] I get that too but...
  53817 [decoux moulo] Well, apparently this is corrected with irb 0.9 which is in 1.7.3
  53818 [botp delmont] Many thanks for the help, sir Guy.

^ toner cartridges
53815 [hfghzs4hFb u] PCFkb2N0eXBlIGh0bWwgcHVibGljICItLy93M2MvL2R0ZCBodG1sIDQuMCB0cmFuc2l0aW9uYWwv

^ "class" return value
53819 [gsinclair so] All,
53821 [decoux moulo] Well, in 1.6.7 `class' is a void expression, for example
53838 [gsinclair so] includes a

^ Using variables in conn.exec (pgsql)
53823 [ kosha Kp.ru] I want to create complex sql query for pgsql.
53824 [decoux moulo] Well, here `res" will be an Array not a String. Probably you want `+' rather
53825 [ kosha Kp.ru] [kosha@kosha rubye sample]$ ./create_table.ruby
53826 [decoux moulo] Yes, read this :-)))
53827 [ kosha Kp.ru] ooops....

^ Writers wanted, readers needed
53832 [poetrylist_e] Students, teachers, readers, and writers alike, gather your paper, uncap

^ Straight HTML in RDoc?
53843 [lyle users.s] Is there a way to embed "straight" HTML into RDoc sources (i.e. text
+ 53849 [austin halos] No, there isn't. However, the ability to have labeled links has been
+ 53850 [Dave Pragmat] You can embed the image using the <img ...> tag, and you can (in the

^ I'm away for a while
53853 [Dave Pragmat] Just to let folks know that I'm going to be off the net for 4 or 5

^ ERuby speed issues
53856 [ppallock ibl] We have been running eruby for a couple of months now, and have found that
53873 [bruce codedb] Up to a *minute*? That seems a little excessive for a simple page; I ran eRuby
53946 [ppallock ibl] The below code is being run on an Apache webserver with ModRuby 0.97. (I

^ IE Automation
53857 [ander882cms ] I would like to use Ruby to create an automation tool to transfer
53980 [ander882cms ] ie.document.frames(1).document.all.query3.value

^ XMLRPC and IP authentication
53865 [djberge qwes] I want to implement some very basic security for an XMLRPC server.  My
+ 53888 [nahi keynaut] GServer(which is a base of HttpServer which is a base
| 53921 [520079130762] There's also a WEBrickServlet server for xmlrpc4r.
| + 53963 [djberge qwes] Sounds interesting, but how does it work?
| | 53964 [520079130762] class MyServer < XMLRPC::Server
| | 53978 [djberge qwes] Is there a way to use this without having to define my own subclass?  If so,
| | 53994 [520079130762] s = XMLRPC::Server(...)
| | 53997 [djberge qwes] v = ["",""]
| | 54027 [520079130762] s.set_valid_ip(*v)
| | 54060 [djberge qwes] Duh!  Why do I always forget this?
| + 54030 [nahi keynaut] I'm not aware there it is!  Good.  I and an author of
|   54078 [520079130762] See directory samples/webrick of the xmlrpc4r distribution for
+ 53912 [kentda stud.] I seem to recall subclassing XMLRPC::Server and implementing some checks

^ traversing the DOM
53867 [ander882cms ] is there a Ruby script that can show the Internet Explorer DOM for html web pages???
54542 [ander882cms ] well this is a start....

^ ruby-sumo (Re: RAA.succ?)
53876 [maki rubycol] How about 'ruby-sumo' in RAA?
53880 [john.carter ] Yip. That's pretty much what I mean. A good start. Build in an XP like

^ SQLite
53884 [bobx linuxma] Anyone working on a Ruby interface for SQLite?
+ 53893 [vjoel PATH.B] I was curious, so I clicked around on that site a bit and got to...
+ 53894 [austin halos] * http://ruby-dbi.sourceforge.net/ (Ruby/DBI with SQLite DBD)
| 53925 [520079130762] That's correct. Ruby/DBI supports it, but it has not been tested enough.
+ 53899 [waisun.chia ] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

^ Ruby Weekly News
53885 [Dave Pragmat] Ruby Weekly News: 10/20/2002
+ 53886 [volkmann2 ch] <ruby-weekly-news@ruby-lang.org>
| 53954 [michael_s_ca] out of curiosity, is anyone working on the eclipse plugin for Ruby?
| 53996 [djberge qwes] Yes.  You can find info at http://rubyeclipse.sourceforge.net
| 54011 [hal9000 hype] work right yet, but
| 54064 [djberge qwes] Oh, I think FreeRIDE will eventually be awesome.  But as the saying goes, a
| 54107 [jweirich one] I'm sure FreeRIDE will be cool, and I'm looking forward to Rich's
+ 53939 [dblack candl] Hey, no fair -- you didn't apologize to the non-Windows folks about

^ [ANN] Crawler 0.0.1
53891 [brian implem] I recently searched in vain for a web-crawling library in ruby. If
+ 53892 [drbrain segm] (ruby-)miner
+ 53945 [robert_linde] There is a module called 'webfetcher' in
  53959 [brian dlwork] thanks for the tip, that looks like a good package and i will keep it in

^ Ruby.bah! (was Re: XMLParser, NQXML... and also RAA.succ)
53902 [austin halos] hand
+ 53904 [sean chitten] Works, sure, but it's ugly... and on the scale of ugly as in it's
| + 53911 [austin halos] Yeah, well, I said that. Just not as ... eloquently. It does work
| | + 53913 [james jamesb] I tend to agree.  Getting people to write documentation, and making that
| | | 53949 [austin halos] Oh, don't get me wrong -- I haven't downloaded it yet, but I intend
| | + 53918 [alan digikat] So far, neither ri nor rdoc or rd has all the features in place to
| | | 53920 [gsinclair so] rd and rdoc are in competition, and I'd like to see rdoc swallow rd whole: that
| | + 53930 [sean chitten] Agreed, but I don't have any interest in what happens in the embedded
| | | 54244 [ruby-talk wh] I'm trying to understand why XML is good for machines.  XML parsers
| | | + 54245 [james jamesb] I read the article at http://www.xml.com/lpt/a/2002/07/24/yaml.html , but it was
| | | | + 54251 [simon ermine] Surprising, that.
| | | | + 54288 [ruby-talk wh] YAML cannot step for XML.  The two are completely different.  When it comes to
| | | |   54657 [nahi keynaut] Though I'm an author of SOAP4R, :-)
| | | + 54246 [gsinclair so] It's a trade-off: easy enough for man *and* machine to process.  The balance
| | + 53969 [jim freeze.o] I have discussed this issue with the rdtool creators and they are
| |   53971 [austin halos] I still think that rdoc is a better choice for inline documentation,
| + 53934 [simon ermine] POD was created to be easy for programmers to write; XML was created to
+ 53917 [ptkwt shell1] I have to strongly agree with your sentiments here.  I generally tend to

^ Re: [ruby-qt] tr() segmentation fault
53907 [pmak aaanime] Never mind, I found the problem. Ruby's GC was garbage collecting

^ Debugger problems Wiki page
53908 [gsinclair so] Rubyists,
53909 [nahi keynaut] Thank you for your effort.
53910 [gsinclair so] Thanks NaHi.  I hope this can be helpful.

^ Re: RAA.succ? (rpkg vs rubynet)
53914 [ptkwt shell1] Sounds interesting, but again, I'm currently more worried about having all
+ 53932 [sean chitten] CVSup is REALLY REALLY REALLY cool stuff in action.  -sc
| 53965 [jim freeze.o] Yeah. CVSUp probably is 'THE' way to go. I update my OS and over 7000
| + 53967 [sean chitten] As a second datapoint I do a full sup of the FreeBSD src, doc, gnats,
| + 53968 [austin halos] Except, of course, for the fact that CVSup doesn't work on Windows
|   53974 [jim freeze.o] Hmm, it seems to work for BSD, Linux, Un*x, OSX, .... Ahh, but
+ 53970 [ruby-talk wh] Here's a quick comparison.  I'm going to go over the requirements, advantages,
  + 53975 [jim freeze.o] If you don't have a good connnection, you can choose a compression option.
  | 54008 [james jamesb] I've been trying to get Sean's libxml code running on Win2K, but extconf.rb
  + 53985 [list NOSPAMc] Thank you for having taken the time to write this.  I wanted to add a
    53991 [ruby-talk wh] A beautiful sentiment.  I feel the same way.  The verdict was that perhaps an

^ Problems distributing my Ruby/Qt application
53919 [pmak aaanime] I'm trying to distribute my Ruby/Qt application to end-users who don't

^ Re: [ruby-announce] RAA - New/Updated Software
53923 [sean chitten] FWIW, RAA updates are being logged and are now being sent out twice a

^ New article on using Vim and Ruby together
53924 [gsinclair so] Folks,

^ C calls Ruby?
53931 [billarosa ho] I am a student, I  downloaded Ruby interpreter to running script in Ruby but
+ 53944 [billtj y.glu] You can either call Ruby code from C or call C functions from Ruby; the
+ 54083 [mikkelfj-ant] but

^ possible pitfall - gsub! returns nil on failure
53936 [martindemell] Just got bitten by this one - I'd have expected it to return the

^ FYI: Ruby Text
53937 [jim freeze.o] Maybe I have been sleeping, but I don't recall having ever heard
53938 [decoux moulo] Well, if I'm right this is just this
53962 [mgushee have] Yes, that's tiny characters that appear above kanji in Japanese to

^ late registration for conference
53948 [dblack candl] I'm getting lots of requests for late registration to the conference.