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^ rd2
53491 [qute klog.dk] Can anyone get the rd2 tool to work?

^ URI bug or bad URI?
53493 [alan digikat] Have a proof-of-concept application which parses drop texts. One of the
+ 53509 [stefan.schol] ...
| 53510 [ckruse wwwte] Of course there is. You can add a querystring. But brackets are not
| + 53516 [stefan.schol] No querystring with mailto scheme.
| | 53528 [austin halos] RFC1738 has been superceded by RFC2368 for mailto.
| + 53526 [austin halos] Neither of these statements is true.
+ 53605 [akira ruby-l] test (@test=10)' should be written as 'subject=test%20(@test%3D10)' in
  53675 [B.Candler po] in particular, parentheses, commas, and the percent sign ("%"), which
  53687 [alan digikat] I really wan't choosing this uri encoding, it was something that my

^ information request
53494 [opt-in virtu] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

^ socket / net question...
53495 [mark.firesto] In the often aforementioned BBS program that I am still mucking about with,
53564 [web2ed yahoo] Since you let the socket Genie out of the bottle:  Where can I find
53678 [mark.firesto] I honestly don't know.  I suspect both of our questions are either (a) too

^ one liner? --- split file at empty line
53496 [dongxiang fa] I need to split a file
53499 [nobu.nokada ] ruby -slne 'open($1,"w"){|f|f.puts $_}if/\APart\s+(\S+)/' -- -/=
53630 [nobu.nokada ] Sorry, I forgot -00 option.
53656 [dongxiang fa] Thanks.  It looks good to me.  But it is missing the first Part.
53658 [nobu.nokada ] I assumed each part start with "Part" line.  If preceeding

^ one liner? --- need help splitingi a file
53498 [dongxiang fa] I need to split a file
+ 53508 [shin xtal.tf] How about this,
+ 53519 [list NOSPAMc] $ cat file | ruby -e 'STDIN.read.split(/\n\n/).each_with_index {|part,i| File.open("f.#{i}", "w").puts(part) }'
| + 53535 [stefan.schol] ...
| + 53537 [michael_s_ca] You can save a _few_ CPU cycles by removing cat there, no?  Or am I
|   + 53544 [listNOSPAM c] By reading the file directly?  Yes, you're not missing anything.  I
|   + 53545 [listNOSPAM c] Or you just meant ruby -e ... <file?  Yes again (I don't know if that
+ 53629 [dongxiang fa] Thanks for all who replied.   Ruby is quite impressive.  I am reading
  53659 [gsinclair so] "The Ruby Way" (dead tree book) has a lot of "how to do this" kind of

^ Bad interpreter ??
53503 [reavey nep.n] using the bash shell $ruby
53504 [dblack candl] You can use 'irb' if you want to use Ruby interactively.

^ Getting my head round pack
53512 [peter semant] I have this problem with pack. In a function I am using I have to use
53527 [austin halos] Try using pack("n") instead.
53531 [peter semant] Thanks. I'll try that when I get home

^ Emacs: Ruby with Semantic
53513 [meier meiste] I wonder if there's anybody who has made the nessecary customization to
53595 [fuyuki hadal] I'm also waiting for the ruby support in the Semantic for a long

^ Re: Fwd: Psyco
53520 [arigo tunes.] No, there is nothing similar I know about for Ruby.  The same techniques

^ Re: fork and exec
53525 [mengx tvrati] Thanks Nobu, this makes sense.

^ [ANN] Text::Format for Ruby (1.003)
53553 [austin halos] I have just reimplemented Text::Format for Perl (0.52) in Ruby. I
53602 [list NOSPAMc] Could you please spend a couple of words for us non-perlers?  The name
+ 53608 [dali insula.] I also was curious. There is a description and an example of the original
+ 53621 [austin halos] Sorry about that. The facility is fully and extensively documented
  53713 [list NOSPAMc] [bigsnip]
  53716 [austin halos] Thanks. However, by Wednesday, I will be releasing a minor update

^ Help wanted with an experimental FAQ facility
53556 [Dave Pragmat] It seems time to me that the FAQ was overhauled, so I decided to cheat
+ 53557 [canyonrat ma] Great start, Dave.
| 53559 [Dave Pragmat] And now so does the FAQ!
+ 53561 [tom.hurst cl] Call me paranoid, but those URL's don't look very useful, especially for
| 53562 [Dave Pragmat] I'll be producing a flat version when I get the chance, and you
| 53568 [tom.hurst cl] [icky Amazonish URL's]
| 53643 [ jupp gmx.de] For some browsers like w3m (w3-miru), <dl compact="compact"> would be
+ 53572 [volkmann2 ch] It's not apparent to me how I can post a question as a potential FAQ item
| 53573 [Dave Pragmat] The intent was that you'd push the 'Ask New Question' button down the
| 53574 [volkmann2 ch] item
| + 53575 [Dave Pragmat] The URL is correct.  Could you do me a favor and look at the source
| + 53576 [canyonrat ma] It's there for me. Could be a browser issue. I'm using OmniWeb 4.1.1.
| | 53578 [volkmann2 ch] I think your suspicion that it's a browser issue is correct. The input tag
| | 53579 [Dave Pragmat] Yup - definitely a problem - I see it too if I boot into Windows. In
| | + 53580 [Dave Pragmat] I _think_ it's fixed: for some reason IE was barfing on
| | + 53581 [billk cts.co] Not sure how come the width gets so expanded when tables are
| + 53577 [khindenburg ] The URL is correct.  The "Ask New Question" button is just to the right of
+ 53610 [mikkelfj-ant] How did you solve your search problem?
| 53618 [Dave Pragmat] I don't believe that anything changed in the code between yesterday
+ 53677 [angus quovad] Maybe you can add the tags <link rel="previous" href="...">, etc.,
  53708 [Dave Pragmat] That would be cool, but I'd have to get <link /> added as a dynamic

^ true.class != false.class vs. principle of least surprise
53560 [ jupp gmx.de] I'm relatively new to Ruby. Why doesn't the principle of least

^ exerb & Windows installations...
53563 [austin halos] I have a problem...
53617 [nobu.nokada ] Easy (I guess).  You just need to change name of executables,

^ Writing Japanese characters in FXRuby
53565 [pmak aaanime] Does anyone know what needs to be done in order to write Japanese

^ Lexer in Ruby
53567 [ptkwt shell1] A few months back I needed a lexer written in Ruby.  All I found on the

^ IOWA, state saving and URL complexity [was: Help wanted with an  experimental FAQ facility]
53570 [kentda stud.] One thing I found really neat about IOWA, is that I don't have to follow
+ 53571 [tom.hurst cl] Provided you have identifiable start and end points to transactions,
+ 54305 [khaines enig] On the version of Iowa that I use for my production work, and that I'm

^ realpath() method?
53582 [ sz szasz.hu] BTW, how is the coordination of the std. lib done?
53599 [ sz szasz.hu] For the archive:  File.expand_path

^ string[lastchar] -> string?
53583 [ sz szasz.hu] How to elegantly get the last char of a string as a string?
53584 [iumarumo bti] ibz@ignoramus:$ irb
53585 [ sz szasz.hu] Ahhh, yes! Thanks!
+ 53587 [iumarumo bti] ibz@ignoramus:$ irb
| + 53590 [james jamesb] <snip />
| + 53609 [mikkelfj-ant] try
|   53645 [botp delmont] I tried String.methods[40] n and got "to_a".
|   + 53673 [iumarumo bti] [--- snip ---]
|   + 53679 [list NOSPAMc] See the thread beginning at [ruby-talk:30225].  I wanted to see how
|     53760 [botp delmont] pls do forward it sir Massimiliano.
|     53926 [list NOSPAMc] Forwarding offlist (~250 lines attachment).  If anyone else is
+ 53588 [billtj y.glu] Well, you don't really need the 'chr' method, which is a method of class
+ 53594 [greg puyo.cj] That's because it's in the Integer class because characters are just

^ Re: string[lastchar] -> string? -- ehh, OK, I shut up for today...
53586 [ sz szasz.hu] (OK, I'm doing great today... _Of course_ the String

^ Ruby-FLTK-FLWM-SQLITE  for developing ruby apps.
53589 [domingo dad-] After trying contact the people that develop Ruby-Fltk and get no
+ 53591 [kentda stud.] Have you tried contacting them on the mailinglists at SourceForge?
+ 53593 [ttate kt.jai] I guess that I missed your mail.

^ Is subclass known in superclass.initialize? (virtual constructor theme...)
53596 [ sz szasz.hu] Is there a reasonable replacement for '?' below?
53597 [Dave Pragmat] class Super
+ 53598 [ sz szasz.hu] I did start with the class/type method, but still only saw the
+ 53614 [knu iDaemons] Object#type is being deprecated in the development version (though I

^ Ruby connection to Sybase ASE 12.0
53603 [lpoliveira m] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
53604 [gsinclair so] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
53689 [mengx tvrati] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand

^ 我终于找到只要上网就能赚钱的方法了!!!
53611 [  bb 163.net] 我终于找到只要上网就能赚钱的方法了!!!

^ 你只要免费注册,加入就送你100元。给你一个兼职月拿二千元的机会,你敢试吗?
53612 [  bb 163.net] 你只要免费注册,加入就送你100元。给你一个兼职月拿二千元的机会,你敢试吗?

^ Strange String bug (around type.to_s from mod_ruby)?
53613 [ sz szasz.hu] This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
53615 [decoux moulo] mod_ruby run a script in an anonymous module, this is what you are seeing
53616 [ sz szasz.hu] replacing type.to_s with its exact literal value _does_
53671 [decoux moulo] Well, look at the source of the document, this is probably your browser

^ tcltk-ext help, I can't read japanese
53619 [nigel.w berl] does anyone know how to use tcltk-ext. I want to use the mclistbox extension for tcl but am unable to understand the japanese documentation. I have tcltk-ext installed but I am haveing problems useing it for this extension.
54326 [nagai ai.kyu] Here is an English document which was witten by a tcltk-ext user.

^ RAA and forgotten project passwords?
53620 [austin halos] I'm a bozo, sometimes. For my MIME::Types and Text::Format packages
53640 [matz ruby-la] Ask us at the <www-admin@ruby-lang.org>.

^ 踏镜满弓桂ⅷ 称硷攫鼠捏丁のご捌柒
53624 [wonderlife m]  <流慨荚> ワンダ〖ライフ 捍底粗

^ Ruby and Linux kernel
53625 [m.rokos sh.c] Very nice... :) I hope that it will be used :)

^ XMLParser, NQXML, REXML, ...
53626 [armin xss.de] Who has used XMLParser, NQXML, REXML, ...?
+ 53628 [james jamesb] I've used some of the available XML parsers for Ruby, ultimately settling on
+ 53897 [sean chitten] I'm writing libxml for Ruby.  It's actually pretty stable at this

^ Beginner Qn - Syntax error with STDIN.gets
53631 [Peter.Booth ] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
+ 53632 [austin halos] Try using $stdin.gets instead.
+ 53653 [kjana dm4lab] I can't get parse error on that line but get other, on `end' line for

^ Was User errorRE: Beginner Qn - Syntax error with STDIN.gets
53633 [Peter.Booth ] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
+ 53634 [austin halos] There is no ++ operator in Ruby -- use currentUser += 1 instead.
+ 53650 [billtj z.glu] Regards,

^ I heard you're good in bed lju
53635 [daymVeronica] <html>

^ Grouping by twos
53636 [martindemell] Another of those trivial little problems that I obsess about finding
+ 53639 [Dave Pragmat] This isn't much better, but
+ 53646 [ajm nb.sympa] I ran into the same requirement and I solved it by extending the Array
  53717 [martindemell] Neat. Getting positively verbose, but here's an extension to Enumerable
  53929 [list NOSPAMc] But the method name is short and expressive.  I like that. :-)

^ Cannot get RubyAddPath to work
53637 [jim freeze.o] RubyAddPath does not seem to work.

^ [ANN] Rimport Available
53638 [james jamesb] Rimport version is available at

^ rb_class_new_instance question
53641 [cyclists nc.] ruby 1.6.7 (2002-03-01) [i686-linux]
+ 53648 [matz ruby-la] Unfortunately rb_class_new_instance() only creates T_OBJECT objects,
+ 53649 [nobu.nokada ] Underlying rb_obj_alloc() works for only T_OBJECT classes.  You
+ 53730 [cyclists nc.] Thanks, Matz, Nobu!

^ Duck patterns in Ruby
53644 [mikkelfj-ant] I was just thinking about a problem, and I happened to be pseudo coding
+ 53668 [0bz63fz3m1qt] Yes, this is pattern-matching ala Standard ML, this is realy nice ;-)
| 53714 [mikkelfj-ant] I neither want or do not want multimethods. It was just an idea I wanted to
+ 53869 [judson irev2] Why not define a class whose === operator is true for objects that have

^ a collaborative Ruby book?
53651 [ptkwt shell1] A while back in the middle of a long thread about Ruby documentation
+ 53655 [jim freeze.o] Yes, I agree. Especially since some of us don't have the 1500 hrs
+ 53657 [dblack candl] I think it was Sean Chittenden you remember bringing this up; have a
  53660 [ptkwt shell1] Good to see this has already started and is well on it's way...

^ RAA.succ?
53652 [ptkwt shell1] I hope there will be some discussion of RAA.succ (or is it RAA.next) at
+ 53654 [nobu.nokada ] RAA = "http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/raa.html"
| 53669 [nahi keynaut] a little old and rickety.  We will replace RAA in this
| 53860 [ptkwt shell1] Those are all great changes, but it still doesn't address the fact that
| + 53861 [matz ruby-la] OK, OK.  Let me clarify.
| | 53882 [ptkwt shell1] As I said before, those are good efforts but we need some way to protect
| | 53887 [nahi keynaut] My robot is working (only check if a HTTP HEAD request
| | 53895 [nahi keynaut] Ignore results "NG" while accessing ftp sites via HTTP.
| | + 53901 [canyonrat ma] I just looked and it says that my project, RubyStudio, returned 404.
| | | 53905 [nahi keynaut] Hmm.  Here's a session log of accessing
| | | 53906 [canyonrat ma] I don't know either, NaHi, but I'll get on to them.
| | + 53916 [ptkwt shell1] Thanks very much for doing this NaHi.  I see I've got some fixing to do.
| + 53862 [robert_linde] I agreed with Phil that the code should be stored on RAA Servers.
| | 53863 [djberge qwes] There's always sourceforge. :)
| + 53871 [ruby-talk wh] Phil (and others in this thread),
|   + 53872 [simon ermine] I'm not sure that shacking up with CPAN is a great idea, since you'd
|   | 53875 [dsafari para] I've written about raa.succ several times in the past and it seems people are
|   + 53890 [james jamesb] I've used rpkg, and love its CPAN.pm-like abilities.
+ 53704 [patrick-may ] ~ Patrick
| 53859 [ptkwt shell1] No doubt rpkg should be part of raa.succ, but it still doesn't address the
| 53928 [list NOSPAMc] The old rpkg can already handle user-side package bases, root
+ 53874 [john.carter ] CPAN was good, very good when it was little.
| 53878 [simon ermine] I've never had that happen. Can you give an example?
| + 53879 [john.carter ] Can't remember what I started sucking on, (some tcp/web stuff I think) but
| | 53881 [simon ermine] I still don't believe you, I'm afraid. I've installed pretty much every Perl
| | 53883 [john.carter ] So long as they are mutually consistent and work, I would be _very_ happy.
| + 53903 [sean chitten] NOOO!  Fight this urge!!  Perl did this and it's an unweildy
|   53915 [ptkwt shell1] That'd be cool.
+ 53898 [sean rubynet] It's about to take flight in the form of packages.  The specification

^ Very weird thing in Ruby/Qt
53661 [pmak aaanime] setCaption() is behaving oddly in Ruby/Qt. I have the following simple

^ Where is the arguments (was one liner?)
53662 [dongxiang fa] Thanks.   Apparently I did not understand the meaning of string -- I thought
53663 [nobu.nokada ] ARGF.filename

^ ruby-dev summary 18505-18540
53664 [aamine lover] This is a summary of ruby-dev ML in these days.

^  =?GB2312?B?ztLW1dPa1dK1vda70qrJz834vs3E3Nesx661xLe9t6jByyEhIce/wdLNxrz2?=
53666 [love love.co] =?GB2312?B?o6HWu9Kq1NrP377NvMbK/aOsMdChyrEwLjbDwNSyx7/B0s3GvPajoQ==?=

^ high-resolution RDE screenshot needed
53672 [armin xss.de] sorry to ask the group for this, but I am pressed for
53676 [armin xss.de] Thx a lot to all of you for the fast reply.

^ [OT] Re: Interfaces in Ruby
53674 [batsman.geo ] Isn't it nice to find Latin here and there?

^ XML/XSLT processors - XSLT4R not working?
53681 [chris_wong m] I'm looking for a pure Ruby XSLT processor.  Stumbled across XSLT4R.
+ 53684 [mgushee have] I'd suggest trying the libxslt wrapper (listed as 'libxslt' in the RAA).
+ 53686 [james jamesb] Here are some choices for XSLT in Ruby, though they do not fit a "pure Rby"
| 53722 [chris_wong m] Is there any known memory leak issues with libxml2, libxslt, salblotron
| 53900 [sean chitten] Performance is definitely the issue.  XSLT is a hugely expensive
+ 53734 [james jamesb] BTW, unless there is a special reason you need to use XSLT, you can do quite a

^ XMLRPC and complex data structures
53685 [djberge qwes] Ruby 1.6.7, REXML 2.4.2, Sys/ProcTable 3.1, XML-RPC 1.7.11
53719 [520079130762] Is ProcTable.ps really of type "Struct"? Or is it an object of an
53723 [djberge qwes] "ps()" is a class method that returns an array of structs.  Each struct
+ 53732 [djberge qwes] Just to see what would happen with regular Ruby structs (i.e. no extensions), I
| 53785 [520079130762] def get_aos
+ 53786 [nahi keynaut] Run your xmlrpc standalone server with -d;
  53828 [djberge qwes] /usr/local/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.6/xmlrpc/utils.rb:116: warning: `&'
  53836 [nahi mwd.big] Check if your config.rb
  53841 [djberge qwes] That was it!  I had forgotten that was an option in the config.rb file.

^ functional Ruby equiv to this perl snippet
53688 [bobx linuxma] # parses a text file looking for server names and ignoring lines
+ 53691 [wjl icecaver] def load_server_list(filename)
+ 53692 [simon ermine] It's pretty bad Perl, so here it is translated into pretty bad Ruby...
| 53701 [ jimm io.com] Here's my attempt to squish that code down even further.
+ 53693 [decoux moulo] and ignoring empty lines, no ?
| 53715 [bobx linuxma] Yes!  : )
+ 53694 [austin halos] def load_server_list
  53696 [austin halos] I realised that my first test wasn't good for non-empty but blank
  53718 [bobx linuxma] Cool..but what if serverlist.txt does not exist? The one thing I do like
  + 53721 [mirian cosmi] You can do something very similar in Ruby, using "fail" instead of "die".
  | + 53725 [dblack candl] If an exception is raised by the open, though, the fail clause will
  | + 53728 [djberge qwes] Note that this isn't strictly necessary, unless you just want to provide your
  |   53740 [bobx linuxma] "die".
  |   53742 [dblack candl] "or fail" won't work the way "or die" does in Perl; you need to
  |   53747 [bobx linuxma] <snip> "or fail" won't work the way "or die" does in Perl; you need to
  |   + 53750 [ahoward fsl.] works for me (suprised)
  |   + 53752 [nobu.nokada ] "rescue" modifier has been introduced in 1.5.
  + 53726 [austin halos] Truth be told, you don't need to "or die". If you run the following
    + 53744 [bobx linuxma] I tried this one...replacing 'severlist2.txt' with my actual filename. I get
    | 53748 [austin halos] Bob,
    | 53753 [bobx linuxma] Hmmm...I must have confused something. That script does work.
    + 53759 [nobu.nokada ] Like these?
      53762 [austin halos] Nobu,
      53765 [nobu.nokada ] Nobu Nakada
      53773 [austin halos] Ah.