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Re: iowa (was: webforms)
52670 [ sz@sz sz hu] I downloaded and tried it but fails to create a session (?).
+ 52674 [kentda@st d.] I used it to implement a prototype simulating some portal functionality.
+ 53592 [ljz@as as .c] I got iowa working under ruby 1.7.3, but I had to make some small
  54303 [khaines@en g] Thank you.  I will do a little testing of these patches and then apply
  54307 [ljz@as as .c] Thanks for considering my patch.
  54319 [khaines@en g] Congratulate Avi Bryant.  He created it.  I've been using it for about 8

File.read Vs. File.sysread performance...
52671 [ajm@nb sy pa] I tried the following piece of code on W2000 using a 2.4MB file
52676 [alan@di ik t] Could it be that there are some file IO caching effects that you're seeing here?
52682 [ajm@nb sy pa] I think you are somewhat right.  I created new files and then shutdown the

REXML & Root Node
52672 [T.Hammond@el] I'm getting errors from REXML with leading whitespace when I have an XML
52673 [mgushee@ha e] Could you be a little more precise about what you mean by 'leading

Freetext search (was: iowa)
52677 [Dave@Pr gm t] I'm using it to implement the new online Ruby FAQ: so far no
+ 52678 [dossy@pa op ] I've been told by someone who's just recently started using it, that
+ 52679 [joe@vp p. et] regards,
+ 52680 [nat.pryce@b1] Why are you using MySQL?  If it's just to index articles by article
| 52686 [Dave@Pr gm t] Something I'd like is queries such as
| + 52688 [ oct@zo .o g] Good evening,
| + 52690 [chrismo@cl b] Dave,
| | 52692 [chrismo@cl b] phrase)
| + 52714 [dsafari@pa a] At work we used Swish-e for that task, but one of our developers had to modify
| + 52738 [behrends@cs ] Given that you're working with a small set of files, why don't you use a
+ 52684 [mikkelfj-ant] I guess you are not on a Windows box, but actually the MS Access database

reading from a URL
52681 [Mark.Volkman] ...
52687 [gotoken@no w] If you have Ruby 1.7, try
+ 52721 [a.bokovoy@sa] BTW, current Net::HTTP code does not support proxies with authentication
| 52747 [Mark.Volkman] ...
| 52749 [a.bokovoy@sa] You miss the point. Your proxy isn't requiring authorization and thus it
| + 52750 [Mark.Volkman] ...
| | 52754 [a.bokovoy@sa] He has forwarded the patch to net/http.rb maintainer. I'm waiting a
| | 52762 [nobu.nokada@] He has seemed so busy last month to write a new book, "Ruby
| | 52765 [a.bokovoy@sa] That's good to hear. In meantime, I'm patching my Ruby packages for ALT
| | 52767 [decoux@mo lo] Well, I know nothing about all these things (www, http, ...) and probably
| | 52804 [a.bokovoy@sa] This is an authorization for the site itself, not for proxy because proxy
| + 52763 [ysantoso@je ] A bit off topic. Since I have never worked in an enterprise: why do
|   52778 [drbrain@se m] At PACCAR, the proxy was used to track which users view which pages via
+ 52833 [list@NO PA c] Is there a std lib way that works both for 1.6 and 1.7?

FSA/FST library in Ruby
52683 [leikind@mo a] Though I haven't found any FSA/FST library

eruby forms processing
52691 [jthorne@zi c] ...
52694 [bruce@co ed ] Jeff,
+ 52696 [jthorne@zi c] Bruce,
+ 52822 [stefan.schol] Another funny thing: If you use multipart-requests (file upload)

Clearing arrays etc. in extensions
52693 [probertm@no ] How do I clear the contents of an array or hash in
52695 [cyclists@nc ] What are you wanting to do? Make the array have 0 elements? You could use
52705 [nobu.nokada@] If you modify an object directly, it's better to call
52731 [kjana@dm la ] Cheking whether frozen or not, in iteration or not, $SAFE permits
52740 [probertm@no ] Thank you so much!  I knew that there was a simple answer
+ 52741 [bulatz@in eg] of course! :)  it can be overloaded, stolen or made private :)
+ 52742 [nobu.nokada@] Even if the arr is an instance of a subclass of Array which
  52755 [probertm@no ] Thanks for the info.

Problem with pack and Hh format specifiers
52701 [asloane@ic .] I'm relatively new to Ruby so perhaps I'm missing something, but I can't
52768 [mike@st k. o] What are you really trying to do?
52853 [asloane@ic .] I'm trying to get a numeric byte comprised of 4 in the high nibble and 7

Todo Sobre el Mundo de la Bolsa de Valores
52703 [mercadeopana] ...

Ruby Weekly News
52706 [Dave@Pr gm t] Ruby Weekly News: 10/07/2002
+ 52710 [gsinclair@so] [From Pat Eyler:]
+ 52711 [psamermit@ji] Thanks for this good work.
+ 52739 [mikkelfj-ant] hearing what you think. Will RWN still provide value in the

odd edge case with require
52712 [patrick-may@] $ cat test.rb
+ 52713 [nahi@ke na t] 'require' only checks duplicated requiring.
+ 52757 [gsinclair@so] Fair enough, but it doesn't seem strange to me.  I can't explain why not, but
| 52807 [patrick-may@] The fix for this is not complicated.  At some point, an array $" /
+ 52760 [dblack@ca dl] Try it with load instead of require :-)  (infinite loop)
  52796 [patrick-may@] Note that this issue was also raised in [ruby-talk:34467]

accessing Outlook folders, other than Inbox
52718 [barry_shultz] require 'win32ole'
52736 [dossy@pa op ] Barry,
52743 [barry_shultz] This is a good enough starting point.  Thanks.

block vars (some theory)
52727 [bulatz@in eg] in different languages there is need to mark variables as
+ 52728 [decoux@mo lo] This is a new language ?
| + 52729 [bulatz@in eg] RRR - Ruby for Real pRogrammers :)
| | 52766 [batsman.geo@] This might sound wildly un-scientific, but I very much prefer matz's
| | + 52772 [dblack@ca dl] "I would like to evolve FROM Perl, Java and C++ rather than TO Perl,
| | + 52780 [mikkelfj-ant] adding
| | | + 52782 [matz@ru y- a] Agreed.  I'm always open to new opinions, even though one out of
| | | + 52838 [batsman.geo@] Yeah, I enjoy this sort of discussions as much as anybody...  But I have
| | |   52865 [matz@ru y- a] Thank you for your attitude.  I like trolling about language features
| | |   + 52866 [gsinclair@so] An irony, really.  I bet you never have time to use it, only create it (and,
| | |   | + 52870 [bulatz@in eg] camel book, larry wall about perl history
| | |   | + 52905 [michael_s_ca] I'd rather write programs to write programs than write programs. --
| | |   |   52907 [dblack@ca dl] Shades of Gertrude Stein :-)
| | |   + 52869 [bulatz@in eg] well, next time i will make smiles bigger
| | |   + 52881 [bulatz@in eg] yes, i always knows that ruby implementation was inspired by god
| | |   + 52882 [peter@se an ] Hey, thats really strange. You designed it for *me* as well!
| | |   | 52884 [botp@de mo t] what do you mean by this? Is this a joke?
| | |   | 52887 [botp@de mo t] sorry, forget the original post (wasn't called for really).
| | |   + 52909 [rclayton@ur ] Frank Lloyd Wright designed houses based on his beliefs and tastes.
| | + 52791 [bulatz@in eg] we can't do more than printing a warning because another decision will break
| + 52730 [dblack@ca dl] Get used to it.  This guy is clearly here to stay.  Every day it's a
|   + 52744 [lyle@us rs s] I'm using Mozilla to read the Usenet newsgroup (comp.lang.ruby) instead
|   + 52773 [pit@ca it in] I don't quite understand why you both always react so negative to
|     + 52776 [chr_news@gm ] Actually I don't even mind his wording (he probably makes
|     + 52792 [bulatz@in eg] i considered all the problems and proposed a way which don't breaks
+ 52746 [bulatz@in eg] def collect(array)

equalizing $_ and self
52732 [bulatz@in eg] and now is the best time to email me your preferred killer because my
52733 [decoux@mo lo] pigeon% more ToDo
52734 [bulatz@in eg] proposition of having several nested execution contents at the same
52735 [decoux@mo lo] it's a joke ?
52737 [bulatz@in eg] no, it is just the same proposition

[OT]  was: Re: block vars (some theory)
52745 [michael_s_ca] or something.

Re: FSA/FST library in Ruby - suggestion for a new project
52751 [olonichev@sc] I have developed a small FST-library half a year ago.

Ruby as an Advanced Interface
52753 [billtj@gl e.] Probably not really.  Ruby itself is just a "tool" as an "advanced

52758 [jthorne@zi c] I am collecting a users's email address from a web form and trying to
52759 [decoux@mo lo] #{...} is interpolated in double quoted string (i.e. "")

[OT] Re: block vars (some theory)
52764 [batsman.geo@] slrn

segfault in gc.c
52769 [pbrannan@at ] I just had a ruby (1.6.7) process segfault a little while ago.  The

Session stub & a bug (Was: Update on HTTP session handling in Ruby?)
52770 [ sz@sz sz hu] (Just for the record, in case another newbie tries to find something
52771 [matz@ru y- a] This bug is fixed in the stable snapshot.

RWN and the split
52775 [Dave@Pr gm t] MetaRWN

mod_ruby post-request cleanup
52779 [harryo@zi .c] This is very likely just a bug in my code, but I figured I'd ask, just to save
52781 [sean@ch tt n] [moving to modruby@modruby.net, remove ruby-talk from the address on reply]
52813 [harryo@zi .c] [ Sorry. I tried to send this to the mod_ruby ML, as Sean suggested, but even

share ruby small app
52783 [botp@de mo t] I have created a small ruby script/utility. This script accepts as input a
+ 52784 [gsinclair@so] Not much choice, I'm afraid.
+ 52788 [matz@ru y- a] "exerb" may help you.  Try google.
+ 52793 [lyle@us rs s] If your end-users are running Windows, consider using exerb (listed in
+ 52794 [bulatz@in eg] rb2exe in yaraa
  52795 [botp@de mo t] Many thanks to Sirs Gavin, Matz, Bulat, and Lyle.

reproducable bug
52785 [nemo@he lo r] require 'socket'
52786 [dblack@ca dl] String.new wants a string (literal or otherwise) as its argument.

reproducable bug
52787 [newsgroups@h] require 'socket'
+ 52789 [matz@ru y- a] It doesn't crash on my machine.  Try newer ruby.  And if it won't go,
| 52790 [nemo@he lo r] sock.puts(String.new(a))  #  CRASH!
+ 52814 [gminick@un e] % cat rb.rb
+ 52818 [decoux@mo lo] this is this modification

inserting an element to array at a specified position
52797 [davegaramond] since ruby's array doesn't have index(POS, OBJ) like in python, nor
+ 52798 [davegaramond] sorry, i meant insert() not index().
| 52800 [ian@ca ib n.] irb(main):001:0> foo=%w(a b c)
+ 52799 [matz@ru y- a] ary = [0,1,2]
  52802 [davegaramond] hm, that's the ugliest thing i've seen in ruby so far. :-)
  52803 [matz@ru y- a] Then use insert (1.7.x only).

Compiling using IMPORT, NT=1
52801 [marco.koegle] I hope this is the right mailing list for this (might belong more to
+ 52821 [mikkelfj-ant] That's why STL uses the std:: namespace.
| 52825 [marco.koegle] Thank you very much for the lecture on how to use the STL, but you don't
| 52832 [mikkelfj-ant] .... becuase eof is defined _eof you get
| 52837 [marco.koegle] Yes, I know that. I don't like that the win32/win32.h header has all
| + 52841 [alan@di ik t] I'm guessing that it makes it easier for some extension writers to
| | 52854 [nobu.nokada@] Yes, it should be efficient in extension libraries too.  But,
| + 52847 [mikkelfj-ant] to follow.
|   52850 [marco.koegle] Sorry, I didn't want to overreact. I just misunderstood your post. No
+ 52835 [lyle@us rs s] I agree with you that this is a problem. In the FXRuby sources, I have

strange Hash default behaviour
52806 [tromp@se pe ] an adjacency list using a Hash. The graph edges look like
52808 [gsinclair@so] It's a common problem (are you listening, Bill :).
+ 52809 [bulatz@in eg] i think, next question will be about
+ 52810 [g_ogata@op u] a = Array.new(5, [])
| + 52811 [gsinclair@so] Very nice.  When initialising an array-of-arrays like that, I usually do (I'm
| + 52816 [szegedy@no p] Why "<<="?
|   52894 [g_ogata@op u] Guess I wasn't thinking... thanks.
+ 52844 [billtj@gl e.] Yes, I am listening.  Actually the first time I saw the post, it came
| 52858 [gsinclair@so] Heh, try living in Australia.  Receive ~80 messages in the morning and a tiny
| 52862 [mikkelfj-ant] tiny
+ 52845 [billtj@gl e.] Actually it is even a problem for myself when I tried to put an
  52849 [dblack@ca dl] What you're doing is adding 'a' to that default array, rather

Any Pascal's Influence on Ruby?
52812 [billtj@gl e.] It seems so far that Ruby is usually attributed as taking the best
52815 [bulatz@in eg] algol -> pascal and algol-68 -> modula-2 -> eiffel -> ruby. it's a path of
+ 52817 [ sz@sz sz hu] Well, to many, things like { ... } or begin ... end, = or := are
+ 52819 [matz@ru y- a] I know little about Algol 68.  I was a baby back then.  I learned
  52820 [bulatz@in eg] lisp don't have begin/end, afair. if you reinvented this equivalence
  + 52824 [matz@ru y- a] Scheme does have "begin" (no "end" though).
  + 52827 [justinj@mo i] I think Matz was referring to "all operators are expressions" aspect.

CGI sessions without cookies?
52823 [stefan.schol] I haven't tried sessions, yet. But I'm curious if you can work
+ 52826 [ sz@sz sz hu] Seemed to work fine for me when I had "Always allow session
+ 53152 [stefan.schol] Rewrite rule (Apache), which transforms the
| 53222 [james@ja es ] "Good style"? Doesn't that depend on what you're trying to accomplish?
+ 53226 [tom.hurst@cl] Uhm, if the user has disabled cookies, it's a good bet that they would
| + 53239 [jim@fr ez .o] Uhm...you mean unlike Amazon?
| | 53252 [tom.hurst@cl] Given Amazon are known for utterly horrible URL's that mean very little
| + 53246 [stefan.schol] Cookies are permanent per default.
|   53253 [tom.hurst@cl] No, cookies live for the browser session by default.
|   + 53254 [stefan.schol] Perhaps you should learn about cookies before we continue the
|   | 53260 [tom.hurst@cl] expires is an optional attribute. If not specified, the cookie will
|   | 53309 [stesch@no sp] Yes, please continue using cookies.
|   + 53273 [avi@be a4 co] I'm not going to get into the privacy debate, but the main problem
+ 53710 [patrick-may@] sessions and cookies are married topics.  A "session" is data indexed
  53711 [emschwar@fc ] Not necessarily; it's possible to track a session without using cookies.
  53837 [patrick-may@] I'm not saying that it's impossible to track a user without cookies.
  54058 [mirian@co mi] One problem I've found with cookies, from the viewpoint of web server

Too Many Underscores?
52828 [billtj@gl e.] But if "__var" is ugly, then IMO so is "@__var".  Does Matz still
+ 52829 [matz@ru y- a] I'm still positive about class private (or class local) variable.
+ 52859 [gsinclair@so] It's just my opinion/taste; I just dislike underscores as meaningful
  + 52861 [ sz@sz sz hu] For one, I did routinely mark my C++ private variables
  + 52874 [qrczak@kn .o] This is illegal: all identifiers containing double underscore are
    52885 [ sz@sz sz hu] Oops, indeed! :-o (But I'm a lucky guy, after all...)
    52910 [Mark.Volkman] ...
    + 52913 [billtj@z. lu] Mmmm... and then how are we going to distinguish them from comments?
    | 52914 [Mark.Volkman] ...
    + 52925 [kentda@st d.] immediately thought of British (GBP) pounds: ?.
    | + 52927 [Mark.Volkman] ...
    | | 55052 [reeses@as ro] Support other monetary
    | + 52935 [gsinclair@so] I agree, "pound" to me always means that character I can't type, and I ain'
    | | 52947 [hal9000@hy e] rest
    | | 52966 [meier@me st ] e #
    | + 52945 [hal9000@hy e] rest
    + 52953 [bulatz@in eg] congratulations! real programmers (tm) never writes comments and even

Mention of Ruby from Sam Ruby via Jon Udell
52830 [rich@in oe h] ...

libtemplate ruby binding
52834 [ckruse@ww te] two questions,
+ 52868 [james@ja es ] Very nice.  I didn't see this listed in the RAA.
| 52878 [CK1@ww te h.] There does not yet exist a binding for ruby. I need some documentation
| 52880 [botp@de mo t] count me in.
+ 52904 [pbrannan@at ] If libtemplate provides something that the others don't (probably some

cannot decode file.rd
52839 [qute@kl g. k] Why oh why must it be so hard to get "rd2" to work?
53032 [billtj@z. lu] Can you send the file to me via email (billtj@glue.umd.edu)?  No promise,