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Pc System i Terra, ofereixen Oferta octubre ADSL GRATIS
52471 [infopcs@te r] ...

ruby if no input
52483 [kgergely@ml ] I've seen a great idea in pike (not a big one, but helps beginners...)
52496 [szegedy@no p] This is quite common (see e.g. hugs).
+ 52498 [ndrsbngtssn@] It could actually do both. If stdin is a tty then it could give an
| 52533 [messju@la mf] bash and tcsh, i would say. and gnuplot.
+ 52551 [jos@ca no k.] [GCC 2.95.3 20010315 (release)] on freebsd5
  52555 [gminick@un e] % irb

Threading implementations (was: Please help, question regarding threads)
52484 [ndrsbngtssn@] No, the language itself behaves the same.

SOAP4R proxy support?
52487 [Mark.Volkman] ...
52493 [nahi@mw .b g] Hmm.  It works for me (squid).
52541 [nahi@mw .b g] No.  It was a bug of http-access2/G.  I used another
52604 [volkmann2@ch] Thank you for fixing it!
+ 52614 [mikkelfj-ant] can
+ 52707 [nahi@ke na t] Ruby
  + 52708 [nakahiro@sa ] This means, i.e. it supports all SOAP encoding data types
  + 52709 [nahi@ke na t] This means, i.e. it supports all SOAP encoding data types
    52752 [Mark.Volkman] ...
    52961 [nahi@ke na t] Sure.  For the latter point, I can implement SWSAPI as a

assertions in Ruby
52489 [Mark.Volkman] ...
+ 52490 [bulatz@in eg] are you know about RubyUnit and concept of unit testing? it is another
| + 52491 [Mark.Volkman] ...
| | 52495 [jason@jv eg ] It's an implementation of Design By Contract for Ruby put together (I
| + 52505 [mikkelfj-ant] as
+ 52509 [alan@di ik t] I have an unreleased, partailly completed module which include the
  52516 [Mark.Volkman] ...
  + 52518 [Mark.Volkman] ...
  + 52521 [alan@di ik t] Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that unit testing and assertions should
  | 52523 [Mark.Volkman] ...
  + 52549 [patrick-may@] RubyUnit and TestUnit assertions raise some variation of an

Allowing " " within Amrita
52499 [ljz@as as .c] I have a question about the excellent amrita-0.9.4 package, that I hope
+ 52504 [chrisg@ap li] Lloyd,
+ 52553 [tnakajima@br] I think this is a bug of amrita.
  52578 [ljz@as as .c] I commend you on an excellent piece of software.

52502 [ti_gui82@ho ] ...

mingw install
52507 [probertm@no ] I have just built the latest snapshot using mingw and
+ 52512 [mikkelfj-ant] Could it be that the .so dll's from the other installation are being loaded
| 52515 [probertm@no ] Same behavior, unfortunately.
+ 52528 [nobu.nokada@] Does it work before install, in the build directory?
  52531 [probertm@ac ] scripts that were posted a while back also work.  Seems to

52544 [ajksharma@ho] Hmm..
52558 [lyle@us rs s] True. Dr. Chukwuma should do some research into e-mail encryption

[French] Interview of Matz in Login
52519 [ oct@zo .o g] In the last issue of "Login", a french linux magazine, there is an
52526 [vruz@ru y- s] Can we possibly read an excerpt from that interview ?

RubyConf: insurance problems solved
52535 [dblack@ca dl] I'm happy to say that the event insurance problem with the Conference
+ 52543 [james@ja es ] Thanks!
+ 52545 [rich@in oe h] Great work David...looking forward to seeing everyone.

ITIL in Major Corporations - Has it worked?  BREAKFAST SEMINAR - Tue 22/10/02
52537 [service@ar o] ITIL in Major Corporations - Has it worked?

ITIL in Major Corporations - Has it worked?  BREAKFAST SEMINAR - Tue 22/10/02
52538 [service@ar o] ITIL in Major Corporations - Has it worked?

ITIL in Major Corporations - Has it worked?  BREAKFAST SEMINAR - Tue 22/10/02
52539 [service@ar o] ITIL in Major Corporations - Has it worked?

ITIL in Major Corporations - Has it worked?  BREAKFAST SEMINAR - Tue 22/10/02
52540 [service@ar o] ITIL in Major Corporations - Has it worked?

Mail filter (was RE: announce@ == less email (FAQ item?))
52542 [botp@de mo t] cool filter.
52550 [    s@xs .d ] I guess he's using ruby to fetch his mail
52552 [botp@de mo t] Thank you.
52554 [    s@xs .d ] Well, it's not that difficult ... when I upgraded
52748 [comp.lang.ru] - - Here's mine. It's got a whole bunch of wierd stuff in it since

[ANN] WNS XFormer version 0.0.0 released
52546 [james@ja es ] WnsXFormer converts a text file describing a weekly news summary (as might

Ruby to approximate 'file'?
52547 [austin@ha os] Is there a file-type detection script available for Ruby, similar to
+ 52548 [ljz@as as .c] module FileTest
| + 52559 [sdate@kc rr ] [...code snip]
| + 52566 [austin@ha os] Thanks. That'll be a good start to make sure that I don't run tidy on
+ 52556 [qrczak@kn .o] In Perl both are true for an empty file.
+ 52613 [martindemell] martin

Speed of Ruby/modruby vs PHP
52557 [jim@fr ez .o] I was doing some simple timing tests with modruby
+ 52560 [mikkelfj-ant] If you bother, I'd be interested to hear about similar timings for
| + 52563 [jim@fr ez .o] I'll look into it today and report back here.
| | 52569 [jim@fr ez .o] The data on that page says that FCGI (C version) is 2x faster
| | 52574 [mikkelfj-ant] Nope - sometimes the site is down altogether but seems to work except for
| + 52567 [alan@di ik t] I thought one of the benefits of mod_ruby was having the interpreter pre-loaded
+ 52577 [moonwolf@mo ] see
  52598 [mikkelfj-ant] a) 400 request/sec with mod_ruby and cached Ruby script
  52600 [jim@fr ez .o] How do I configure mod_ruby to run with a cached script?
  52601 [moonwolf@mo ] <IfModule mod_ruby.c>
  52607 [jim@fr ez .o] Is 'apache/myapp' a literal here?
  52609 [moonwolf@mo ] see mod_ruby Documents
  52611 [jim@fr ez .o] Ok, first things first. I have created the following tree
  52626 [sean@ru y- a] [moving to modruby@modruby.net]
  52627 [jim@fr ez .o] Ok, I'll move it to site_ruby/apache/preload_timetest.rb.
  52628 [jim@fr ez .o] Ok, here is how I understand this.
  52636 [jim@fr ez .o] Ok, I did all the above and it works from a browser,
  52774 [sean@ru y- a] Don't trust your browser with anything.  Dime to dollar what's

Segfault when installing Test::Unit
52570 [n1k0@ro er .] ..../../../lib/test/unit/assertions.rb:352: [BUG] Segmentation fault
+ 52590 [decoux@mo lo] I've no problem with
| 52592 [decoux@mo lo] No problem with
| 52615 [n1k0@ro er .] I compiled ruby myself, using the following optimizations: '-O3 -fomit-frame-pointer -march=athlon'
| + 52616 [decoux@mo lo] Try to remove your optimization, and compile it with '-g -O2'
| | 52621 [n1k0@ro er .] OK, i tried that and it works now.
| + 52625 [sean@ru y- a] -march=athlon is the culprit, iirc.  GCC 3.2 is horribly broken when
+ 52622 [nobu.nokada@] It's known that 1.6 and 1.7 before 2002-10-03 have the problem

52575 [sevice@co .c] フゥキ睹謎丱魯灰!

Coroutines for discrete event simulation?
52579 [eclipse@sk m] Is it possible to use Ruby to design a discrete event simulator using
+ 52580 [gotoken@no w] How about
| 52589 [eclipse@sk m] Thanks Gotoken.  Unfortunately, these coroutines are based on Ruby threads,
| + 52593 [gotoken@no w] Hmmm, I think that coroutines can be implemented with only theads
| + 52620 [chr_news@gm ] How about using stackless Python?
+ 52644 [bulatz@in eg] but there is very cheap threads (it is not native OS threads). of

Platform again
52581 [frido@q- of ] Well I ask again. On what platforms are you using ruby most of the
+ 52587 [ptkwt@sh ll ] Linux.
| 52647 [frido@q- of ] Outch, sorry, for asking. I did not know that it was asked before ...
+ 52588 [decoux@mo lo] See http://www.rubygarden.org/pollBooth.php?op=results&pollID=11
+ 52591 [mcix@gm .n t] LINUX
+ 52634 [drbrain@se m] FreeBSD (-CURRENT and 4.x)
+ 53037 [tarasis@bt p] A combination of Linux, Windows Native & Cygwin
| 53047 [gsinclair@so] Those three *most* of the time, eh?  And where do you run it the rest? :)
| 53051 [tarasis@bt p] *chuckles* Thanks Gavin, it seems I need to learn to open my eyes.
| 53072 [gsinclair@so] Damn!  I was hoping you'd say "Commodore 64"...
| 53075 [jweirich@on ] Just this past week here, Rob Wehrli (of Arizona Cooperative Power) just
| 53085 [billtj@z. lu] Depending on the power of that embedded board, I am not sure if you can
| 53088 [jweirich@on ] I do expect a good deal of tweaking to be involved.  However, the board
| 53103 [billtj@y. lu] I don't know which is better, to program in FORTH or just directly program
+ 53050 [alwagner@tc ] Linux exclusively.  There is no way I would run windows without someone
+ 53057 [nobu.nokada@] Linux, or compiling/testing ruby on Windows.
  53065 [x@ic im nk .] I run Ruby on Debian GNU/Linux and Gentoo Linux.
  53070 [canyonrat@ma] Mac OS X, mostly, and NetBSD.

CGI sessions as threads?
52594 [B.Candler@po] One of the things which interests me most about Ruby is its built-in
+ 52595 [davegaramond] i think you will need at least needs a web server that supports this
| 52599 [mikkelfj-ant] According to the Ruby FastCGI page the clean Ruby version supports multiple
+ 52624 [avi@be a4 co] Brian,
  52657 [B.Candler@po] That sounds excellent, exactly what I was looking for. I look forward to

Another take on ensuring right args to methods
52602 [list@NO PA c] Since #respond_to? only checks whether an object responds to a call,
52605 [dblack@ca dl] Personally I like #can?  but it doesn't help with the awkward two-headed
+ 52632 [michael_s_ca] I'm guessing it runs some suite of unit tests and returns true IFF all of them
+ 52650 [list@NO PA c] I know, but I'm still convinced that you'd only want to do that when
  + 52717 [batsman.geo@] What if the object represents /dev/null and you cannot read back what you
  | 52777 [list@NO PA c] Oh, I knew it was coming... ;-)
  | 52836 [batsman.geo@] I only needed about .1s to find the /dev/null example. There must be
  | 52991 [list@NO PA c] Now if only it showed something...
  + 53042 [dblack@ca dl] if obj.respond_to?(x)

Update on HTTP session handling in Ruby?
52608 [ sz@sz sz hu] I did spend a lot of time on searching the web (including

Block Puzzle
52617 [dominic.fox@] I have recently started playing with Ruby, and I'm currently being
52618 [decoux@mo lo] Write it like this
52619 [dominic.fox@] Ah, *syntax*! [Faint 'ting' of penny dropping]. Great, thanks a lot.

Simple DBI Question
52629 [doug.tillman] I'm a Ruby new-bee and am working on a simple DBI
+ 52633 [roberto@si h] [courtesy cc of this posting sent to cited author via email]
+ 52756 [520079130762] For this kind of SQL query, method select_one of class DatabaseHandle is

ANN: JRuby beta 1.6/0.5.1
52630 [ndrsbngtssn@] JRuby (http://jruby.sf.net) is a pure Java implementation of the Ruby

[ANN] JRuby beta 1.6/0.5.2 (disregard last announcement)
52631 [ndrsbngtssn@] Sorry everyone, sent the release for an old version instead of the new one. *blushes*

Net/HTTP does not read RubyRequire page in mod_ruby
52637 [jim@fr ez .o] I have set up a pre-loaded page with mod_ruby that I access with the URL
+ 52638 [meier@me st ] Caching? Proxy?
| 52655 [jim@fr ez .o] Neither.
+ 52640 [drbrain@se m] Do you have Vhosts?  You should be sending the Host: mysite header after
  52656 [jim@fr ez .o] It is a named host, but that has not affected net/http from working
  52689 [drbrain@se m] $ telnet 80
  52700 [jim@fr ez .o] Thanks
  52702 [drbrain@se m] It should be doing that automatically for you, provided you give
  52704 [jim@fr ez .o] It looks like net/http is not specifying the host, or not doing

regex speed
52641 [davegaramond] i am noticing ruby is much slower than perl when matching patterns with
+ 52642 [ryand-ruby@z] So, I'm using ruby 1.6.7 and perl 5.6.0 on mac os x and I found
| 52652 [davegaramond] thanks for the tip (strange, i had always thought/heard that non-greedy
+ 52651 [waisun.chia@] RH7.3 box, Perl 5.6.1, Ruby 1.7.3 (2002-09-13)
+ 52658 [tom.hurst@cl] Um, this hangs on my machine.  Fine when I execute it from a file
  52662 [davegaramond] sorry, the code was obviously miscopy-pasted. it should have been 'ruby

Rapid Development with Ruby
52643 [vinfoley@iq ] They talk about a book they eventually want to write, "Rapid Development
52660 [Dave@Pr gm t] Unfortunately, that project got somewhat sidetracked by the somewhat
52831 [vinfoley@iq ] OK, I can understand that.  Well, if there are any updates on a future
52842 [batsman.geo@] =====================
52843 [Dave@Pr gm t] I like your style...

52653 [kgergely@ml ] I'm just curious, if anyone developed a library.
52654 [kentda@st d.] (\[ Kent Dahl ]/)_    _~_    __[ http://www.stud.ntnu.no/~kentda/ ]___/~

Ruby equivalent 'roundup' tracking software
52659 [W.L.Kleb@la ] Does anyone know if there is a Ruby equivalent to the Phython-based issue
52685 [gemerson@ev ] I don't know of one, but that would be really keen.  I use roundup here, and

ruby-dev summary 18407-18457
52661 [ttate@kt ja ] This is a summary of ruby-dev ML in these days.

52663 [mikkelfj-ant] There has been some talk about Regular Expression performance.

52664 [davegaramond] while we're still on it, i wonder whose decision it is to remove perl's
+ 52665 [decoux@mo lo] //s  means SJIS encoding
| 52697 [davegaramond] oh, sorry. i wasn't reading the documentation carefully enough. but then
+ 52666 [dblack@ca dl] All Ruby decisions are matz's, as far as I know :-)  I like this one
  52698 [davegaramond] well, "single line" or "multiple line" is just a matter of terminology.
  52699 [matz@ru y- a] Agreed.  Besides I felt Perl's combination of /s and /m was insane.

Problem with Ruby v1.67 on Solaris 2.6
52667 [e_dragoev@ya] I have a few scripts that used to run fine with older version of Ruby
52668 [decoux@mo lo] First, display the load path, i.e.

Things That Newcomers to Ruby Should Know
52669 [billtj@gl e.] I have also updated the list at
+ 52675 [mikkelfj-ant] Some of the wiki pitfall pages are located on a japanese server. The html
| 52883 [nahi@ke na t] I told Seki-san who maintains rwiki.jin.gr.jp and tried
| 52895 [mikkelfj-ant] In us-ascii I can't write my name: Mikkel Fahnoe Jorgensen (In case it
| 52960 [nakahiro@sa ] Likewise I can't write my name: なひ (In case it doesn't display,
+ 52805 [bulatz@in eg] ruby vars holds references to objects and '=' operator copies these
| + 52840 [batsman.geo@] This is OT, but just to show you I have nothing against you, I'd like to
| | + 52860 [gsinclair@so] The Wiki is good, but Bill is the maintainer for the newcomers' list, so he
| | | 52890 [billtj@gl e.] Thanks for all the inputs.  I have seen the Wiki and it looks pretty
| | | + 52893 [Dave@Pr gm t] There-s a bi-directional gateway between the two.
| | | + 52915 [gsinclair@so] Small == Good.
| | | + 52951 [bulatz@in eg] yes, i also think that my topic is too big and complicated. you must
| | |   52955 [james@ja es ] Well, one of the pains of writing is learning, as William Faulkner said, to
| | + 52877 [bulatz@in eg] well, i changed this to text below. but i think it is better described
| + 52979 [kgergely@ml ] But this is for one deep.
| | 53132 [bulatz@in eg] sorry, i misread documentation. you are right
| + 52982 [kgergely@ml ] If this is true, a+=1 creates a new object. Can't it be avoided?
|   + 52984 [billtj@y. lu] Very interesting observation, Gergely.  If it is true, like you said, then
|   | + 52986 [kgergely@ml ] Azt irtad, hogy
|   | + 52990 [szegedy@no p] Before a long discussion starts, I would suggest you
|   |   53016 [billtj@y. lu] It is a very interesting reading.  Now I realize more and more that all
|   |   + 53022 [szegedy@t- n] Moreover I also started a discussion (like you) about the possibility
|   |   | 53135 [bulatz@in eg] Fixnum is not a pointer, though :)
|   |   + 53053 [alwagner@tc ] I think that would be comparing wax apples with real apples.  Both "look" like
|   |   | 53056 [billtj@y. lu] Ruby                 C++
|   |   | + 53058 [alwagner@tc ] Oh, I understood OO to mean using Object Oriented criteria: encapsulation,
|   |   | | 53079 [hal9000@hy e] That's very interesting, Albert... maybe I'm betraying
|   |   | | 53081 [alwagner@tc ] I don't know.  I have googled for OOP several times looking for such a list,
|   |   | | 53140 [bulatz@in eg] this lists specific properties of obj-c itself
|   |   | + 53138 [bulatz@in eg] to be exact, all data except Fixnum/nil/true/false are represented by
|   |   |   53248 [B.Candler@po] I don't think so: all data _including_ Fixnum/nil/true/false are represented
|   |   + 53134 [bulatz@in eg] ruby also explicitly discusses these questions. at least we (you and
|   + 52988 [dblack@ca dl] In the case of numbers, it doesn't create a new object, because
|   + 53043 [B.Candler@po] If I understand my maths correctly: numbers always exist, they are neither
|   | + 53040 [B.Candler@po] ... which I presume is cleverly exploiting the property that in the
|   | + 53044 [ sz@sz sz hu] Wow, excellent!
|   | + 53049 [gsinclair@so] When I discovered this some time ago, I wondered deeply what might be occupying
|   | | + 53052 [decoux@mo lo] pigeon% ruby -e '[false, true, nil].each {|i| p i.id}'
|   | | + 53055 [billtj@y. lu] That's because 1000000001 still can fit in Fixnum, so Ruby calls INT2FIX
|   | | | 53074 [gsinclair@so] Interesting; thanks!
|   | | + 53089 [B.Candler@po] irb(main):001:0> false.id
|   | | | 53092 [gsinclair@so] occupying
|   | | | 53154 [B.Candler@po] Why not? It would be very efficient to be able to take an object ID and
|   | | + 53137 [bulatz@in eg] afair, this is documented in readme.ext
|   | + 53054 [alwagner@tc ] I've seen a numeral but have never seen a number.
|   + 53133 [bulatz@in eg] what you mean? if you want to increment in place, use another
|     53146 [kentda@st d.] It is also senseless for Bignum, Float and just about any number class,
+ 52916 [peter@se an ] Ruby has no pre/post increment operator!
  + 52917 [billtj@z. lu] Thanks for the input.  I think the pre operators are really valid
  | 52936 [botp@de mo t] I hope this is in ruby's wish list :-)
  | + 52938 [dblack@ca dl] If you search for ++ -- on http://www.ruby-talk.org, you'll see a lot
  | | 52943 [botp@de mo t] Thanks sir David for the note.
  | | 52944 [dblack@ca dl] I think if Matz wanted this in Ruby, it would be there by now :-)  The
  | + 52969 [szegedy@no p] I think
  | + 53345 [AntiATField_] ++x
  |   53347 [peter@se an ] That would make a great error message.
  + 52954 [bulatz@in eg] Ruby has no pre/post increment operator! instead of "++x", "--x" use
    52956 [peter@se an ] The lack of pre/post increment operators is a fact of life for
    52957 [bulatz@in eg] irb(main):007:0>> x = 3
    52958 [peter@se an ] Now that you mention it...
    52959 [bulatz@in eg] never mind. and you?