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ZenWeb 1.14.0 Released
51815 [ryand-ruby@z] ZenWeb version 2.14.0 has been released!

announce@ == less email (FAQ item?)
51818 [ryand-ruby@z] ZenTest and ZenWeb were just released. I announced these to several
+ 51823 [hal9000@hy e] I'll add it to the comp.lang.ruby FAQ if
| + 51830 [gsinclair@so] I too question the value of a separate list.  Announcements don't take up much
| | + 51887 [hal9000@hy e] it's
| | | 51991 [billtj@z. lu] As this newsgroup is not moderated, I guess it is rather difficult to
| | | + 52011 [billtj@z. lu] Actually I am thinking that if this "off-Ruby" topics traffic volume does
| | | | + 52021 [dblack@ca dl] We can do all that here too.  However, if it does indeed get to the
| | | | + 52053 [alwagner@tc ] "Off Topic" can be very subjective.  Personally, I view all this talk of new
| | | |   52058 [billtj@y. lu] Inferring from people's response, I realize that this subject is rather
| | | |   52063 [dblack@ca dl] 1. What about the challenges that Ruby poses to programmers, in the
| | | |   52072 [sean@ch tt n] I think those are absolutely valid discussions in every way shape and
| | | + 52067 [hal9000@hy e] No, Bill, I am not in favor of censorship on
| | | + 52079 [bulatz@in eg] i can't understand how this two topics (ways to improve ruby and
| | |   52086 [sean@ch tt n] I'm not advocating splitting up those two topics, I'm advocating
| | |   52091 [tsiivola@cc ] Create ruby-announce and ruby-bug. Forward all the traffic from these
| | |   + 52093 [tsiivola@cc ] A further thought: create ruby-chat as a place to move persistent OT
| | |   | 52104 [dblack@ca dl] Well, I think designing a list for OT things and putting the word
| | |   | 52108 [tsiivola@cc ] True enough. But there are degrees and directions. to relvance .. The
| | |   | 52114 [dblack@ca dl] Perl has a lot of relevance to Ruby, but Ruby groups are not in a Perl
| | |   | 52117 [tsiivola@cc ] ruby-advocacy? ;)
| | |   + 52100 [vjoel@PA H. ] A hierarchical approach. I like it, very much.
| | |   | + 52105 [dblack@ca dl] There has to be a place to post announcements.  (I thought that was
| | |   | | 52164 [vjoel@PA H. ] You're quite right. I guess the best we could do would be to automate
| | |   | + 52109 [bilotta78@ho] What about the ml/ng link?
| | |   + 52134 [lyle@us rs s] Just an aside: there's already an e-mail address for Ruby bug reports
| | + 51980 [pate@re -b a] [elision]
| + 51833 [ndrsbngtssn@] I agree. An announcements-only list is a nice service for those who want
| + 51853 [alwagner@tc ] I completely agree.  Those post always keep me in a state of dread concerning
+ 51880 [vjoel@PA H. ] I appreciate the effort, Ryan.
| 52041 [sean@ch tt n] Hey Joel, sorry for picking on your email but you phrased everything
| + 52046 [julian@be a4] I have to totally agree.  When I first started using ruby I subscribed
| | + 52048 [gsinclair@so] OK, these arguments have persuaded me.  It's reasonable to have some new lists.
| | | + 52050 [julian@be a4] Agreed.
| | | + 52060 [sean@ch tt n] I'm inclined to agree myself and need to take fault for not talking
| | + 52101 [dsafari@pa a] This is the exact reason the Ruby Weekly News was started at Phil Tomson's
| |   52155 [julian@be a4] He he,
| + 52087 [ryand@ze sp ] WOW! I _was_ going to go through all of the replies and give a piece of
|   52089 [ryand-ruby@z] OOPS! Bad editing on my part. Sorry, I was trying to post before
+ 51885 [list@NO PA c] People reading ruby-talk are interested also in announcements, so I
  51926 [dsafari@pa a] Seeing [ANN] in the subject is nice. I used to use a script to try and collect

Embedding Ruby in Mac OS X 10.2
51819 [rschmidt@xm ] It appears that libruby, ruby.h, etc. doesn't come with Jaguar. Anyone have
+ 51828 [lucsky@ma .c] [luc:~] % locate ruby.h
| + 51848 [hisa@im sy o] I think that libruby.a isn't contained in any packages which is
| | 51858 [lucsky@ma .c] Of course, you are absolutely right. My libruby.a certainly comes from
| + 51860 [rschmidt@xm ] Well that's strange. If I do the same I my box there is nothing. Have you
|   51875 [hisa@im sy o] There are contents (except libruby.a) of the directory in
+ 51896 [web2ed@ya oo] Not to post off topic; but, is anyone working on a RubyCocoa modle?

mod_ruby, eruby on Mac OS X 10.2
51820 [rschmidt@xm ] Anyone get these working yet and have the binaries?

ZenTest 1.0.1 Released
51822 [ryan@om ig o] ZenTest version 1.0.1 has been released!

SSL http client code in Ruby?
51832 [daemon@le te] Up to this point, I've been using S-Tunnel to proxy ssl
51852 [barry_shultz] If you've installed the ossl module, you have one example in net/https.rb.
51912 [daemon@le te] Thanks.  That worked.

51837 [tsiivola@cc ] This is definitely so: let ruby be ruby, and C be C. There is no need to
51978 [billtj@z. lu] 1) The name of the "new" language (which should not matter at all for now)

OT: Ocaml  (was: R)
51849 [szegedy@t- n] OK, show me an example, I would be interested.
51927 [mlucius@ao .] Perhaps you should post this on comp.lang.functional and see what they think.

How to load vars from users' app.conf (quite long)
51851 [remove@th ma] I'm writing a simple app that needs to read a configuration file in
+ 51868 [gsinclair@so] I'd suggest using eval in this case.  It seems quite correct to do so; just use
+ 51878 [list@NO PA c] 6: With a singleton instead of globals.

closed stream (IOError)
51869 [skywizard@ti] ObjectSpace.each_object {|obj| p obj}

closed stream (IOError)
51871 [skywizard@ti] test.rb:-
51929 [nobu.nokada@] ObjectSpace.each_object yields any objects even disposed but
51933 [matz@ru y- a] OK, commit the fix, please.

Problems with Debian, Apache and eRuby
51882 [vinfoley@iq ] Apache/1.3.26 (Unix) Debian GNU/Linux) on Debian to be able to use
51881 [kentda@st d.] I think you need a LoadModule directive also, before the AddModule.

idea for a much needed application
51886 [rsrchstr@ho ] I remember a while ago reading about tim burners-lee and how his
+ 51903 [hal9000@hy e] (snip snip)
+ 51905 [ajksharma@ya] Icq has such a feature.Though I haven't tried it much. It installs a
+ 51910 [james@ja es ] let me expose a URL on my public web site (hosted by a third party, and with
+ 51921 [falseaddress] If you want replies please be concise.  I didn't read anything here.
| 51970 [michael_s_ca] here.
+ 52015 [me@li ni .c ] It is expensive to maintain a 24/7 server, ISPs have to figure out how

Inheritance tree -- how to improve this piece of code?
51892 [rubytalk@bo ] yesterday I was lazy to work so I toyed with Ruby a while ... the result

51898 [mikkelfj-ant] (some boolean expression).not
+ 51976 [billtj@z. lu] I think it is simply because "not" is not a method, but instead a pure
+ 52039 [gsinclair@so] It doesn't appeal to me, and I see no need for it to be included as OO purism.

[ANN] Blogtari 0.0.2 released
51924 [james@ja es ] Version 0.0.2 of Blogtari is available at

51935 [idrial@op ra] To your Good Attention

51940 [idris1000@go] To your Good Attention

Compiling Oracle extension under Windows
51946 [gsinclair@so] Three weeks ago, I posted a message (which was a bit cryptic I'll admit) about
+ 52243 [gsinclair@so] about
+ 52321 [kubo@ji ba .] I know the solution.
  52324 [gsinclair@so] about

Get to know my external IP adress from Ruby?
51947 [coma_killen@] I'm sometimes behind a NAT/Firewall and want to get
52030 [mikkelfj-ant] That may not at all be trivial. You have an internal network address and a

Ruby Weekly News
51954 [Dave@Pr gm t] Ruby Weekly News: 09/30/2002

Re: OT: merd (was Re: R
51968 [billtj@z. lu] Well, I am using Mandrake Linux :)

Things That Newcomers to Ruby Should Know
51974 [billtj@z. lu] Things That Newcomers to Ruby Should Know
+ 51999 [billtj@z. lu] Because of my own "gotcha!" wrt Hash#rehash, I just updated the list by
| 52018 [billtj@z. lu] Because of a request, I have quickly put the list (in plain text
| + 52029 [batsman.geo@] I've copied it to the Wiki, for I do really think it'll save you time ;-)
| + 52031 [billk@ct .c ] How about a page on the RubyGarden Wiki ?
+ 52038 [gsinclair@so] Good work, Bill.  This should be posted here once a month, like a FAQ.  My
| + 52043 [mikkelfj-ant] It should be a FAP: Frequently Applied Pitfalls.
| | 52139 [kentda@st d.] Applied?
| + 52049 [billtj@y. lu] Thanks a lot, Gavin; I will try to incorporate your input.  I will also
|   52297 [batsman.geo@] I believe you didn't receive my previous message.
|   52299 [billtj@y. lu] - Who have the write access to the web page?
|   52302 [batsman.geo@] batsman is my nickname (don't ask where it comes from; it is ~8 years
|   52387 [app1tam@up .] Does the link work for others?
|   52389 [Dave@Pr gm t] Hmm. it works for me, but...
+ 52084 [remove@th ma] - the "?" before a char returns its value
  52128 [billtj@y. lu] Thanks, Gabriele.  I will try to incorporate your input.  The "0 is
  52965 [kgergely@ml ] But not for class variables...
  52970 [billtj@y. lu] I am sorry that I don't understand what you meant.  I am using ruby 1.6.7
  + 52971 [dblack@ca dl] ruby 1.6.7 (2002-03-01) [i686-linux]
  + 52972 [kentda@st d.] Comment out the above line, and all is well.

On passing wrong objects to methods
51977 [list@NO PA c] A common complaint seems to be that, when something inside a method

Friedl goes Ruby
52000 [mikkelfj-ant] I just noticed that there is a new version of Jeffrey Friedls book on
+ 52007 [billtj@z. lu] Yap, I read the old version cover to cover but I think I could absorb only
| 52026 [mikkelfj-ant] BTW, the O'Reilly page has an interview with Friedl - in relation to the new
| 52033 [batsman.geo@] Ruby's regexen are taken from the GNU C Library.
+ 52761 [brian@dl or ] so i went out and bought this book (i had not read the first edition), and

eruby and cgi.rb
52006 [loats205@ao ] i've setup apache to work with eruby, works wonderfully if i dont use cgi.rb,
52009 [Das.Linux@gm] %eruby foo.rhtml

ruby-dev summary 18320-18406
52032 [maki@ru yc l] This is a summary of ruby-dev ML in these days.

Ruby, Client/Server and Web Application
52035 [psamermit@ji] I am new to Ruby. Just started to look at it. I did Smalltalk and now
52040 [mikkelfj-ant] Welcome to Ruby
+ 52054 [psamermit@ji] Thank you, Mikkel. I will look into it. I hope someone will make it so
+ 52110 [tom.hurst@cl] Not much use for much more than trivial scripts. It's quite easy to push

Like freeee stuff? you will love this! (05)
52036 [KordasVivien] ...

Fwd: pics of that girl (E84fDmCV3T)
52044 [BurgosLabrun] ...

ruby-talk separation, part II
52047 [james@ja es ] I'm not clear on how this would help me cut on down on e-mail, unless I stop
+ 52057 [sean@ch tt n] I'm about 2 hairs away from putting -talk down next to my SPAM folder
| 52082 [james@ja es ] What, specifically, is wrong? Listing items on RAA?  Using RAA as a central
| 52085 [sean@ch tt n] Expecting people to goto the RAA.  (ps, sorry for being harsh/brash)
| + 52096 [james@ja es ] Unless you're running your own mail server (which most people don't), you
| | 52097 [sean@ch tt n] True enough.  Let me amend my analogy slightly: if you're running
| + 52115 [Dave@Pr gm t] RubyGarden also publishes an RDF feed of RAA changes.
+ 52099 [dsafari@pa a] I want to add that part of the intent of the RWN is to catch the announcements
| 52111 [bulatz@in eg] i think that creating of maillist named ruby-chat or ruby.beyond is
| + 52116 [dblack@ca dl] Well, collaborating on designing a language other than Ruby is
| | 52121 [bulatz@in eg] viewpoints and viewpoints, and noone hold the "right" position in this
| | 52122 [dblack@ca dl] I've never heard that opinion expressed by anyone.
| | 52135 [billtj@y. lu] I see a lot of these discussions, and to me personally, they are good
| + 52118 [jim@fr ez .o] Here are just a few suggestions of mail lists
|   + 52167 [sean@ch tt n] It'd be nice if this were a subscribable list w/ archives, I'm sure
|   | + 52171 [james@ja es ] I believe there is already a question of whether such lists should be hosted
|   | | 52172 [sean@ch tt n] Having the lists, regardless of where they are, is more important than
|   | | 52188 [gsinclair@so] You are correct, but heed the warning of community fragmentation caused by
|   | | 52204 [sean@ch tt n] Point taken.  Offline I've gotten very positive feedback for taking
|   | + 52173 [jim@fr ez .o] Those are good additions. We may however want to consolidate and keep
|   | | + 52175 [sean@ch tt n] Heh, I'd be inclined to have more, but there's truth to what you say.
|   | | + 52176 [pate@re -b a] As I ponder over the list of topics below, I wonder if people would be
|   | |   52177 [sean@ch tt n] I'd be down for doing that on the lists that I had a key interest in.
|   | |   + 52179 [pate@re -b a] scheduling would be one part.  collecting, verifying, collating, and
|   | |   + 52187 [jim@fr ez .o] I think I would just rather have the digest option for each list.
|   | + 52345 [elderburn@mi] Rather than debate lsit splitting, which is already a reality anyway,
|   + 52170 [brailsmt@ya ] I'll second the notion!  I am not sure if we need all these mailing
+ 52168 [brailsmt@ya ] I certainly disagree with this statement.  I find myself scanning this
+ 52228 [ryand-ruby@z] How about 20,000 emails in 252 days?
  52252 [james@ja es ] ???
  52272 [jim@fr ez .o] I would suspect that the lists would work much like they to for FreeBSD.

need help with MacOSX
52051 [jean-francoi] We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of

(ad)Strong WebRobot/eMailId Collector: Free Download !
52052 [herald@ns .n] ...

tuples versus arrays
52080 [bulatz@in eg] it is another question. memory allocator is common to all classes, so
52276 [batsman.geo@] I was rather thinking of the common memory allocator using a separate
52337 [bulatz@in eg] better approach - using special blocks for allocating 1-20 byte areas,
52361 [batsman.geo@] This is quite easy to implement in Ruby right now, but I don't know how
52371 [mikkelfj-ant] malloc is constrained by synchronization issues - for that reason alone it

CGI::escape does form encoding
52088 [cjh_nospam@m] The CGI::escape method does encoding for URL-encoded forms,
+ 52098 [sean@ch tt n] handled this correctly... which, one of these days I should release if
+ 52102 [phasis@ko ne] Park Heesob

OO Perl -> Ruby
52094 [ptkwt@sh ll ] I'm wrapping a C library for a Binary Decision Diagram package using swig.
+ 52112 [dblack@ca dl] It seems like there are two initializations going on here, and it
| 52152 [ptkwt@sh ll ] Actually, as it turns out I was making it more complicated than I needed
+ 52136 [stathy.toulo] Sounds like you want to use the delegate design pattern built into

regex problem
52106 [peter.schuel] i want to substitute one \ with two \\
52107 [decoux@mo lo] It's in the faq, see
52113 [peter.schuel] Thank you for your help !
52119 [decoux@mo lo] Well, probably it's best to see directly with the author of DBI

current method
52142 [Mark.Volkman] ...
+ 52146 [rich@in oe h] ...
| 52158 [billtj@y. lu] Wow, that is a much more clever and much more elegant solution by using
| + 52160 [alan@di ik t] You could probably find some code to facilitate this in tracer.rb.
| | 52162 [pbrannan@at ] Keep in mind that tracer.rb uses set_trace_func, which can slow a
| + 52265 [stathy.toulo] Check out the chapter on "Reflection, ObjectSpace and Distributed Ruby" in
+ 52149 [billtj@y. lu] def my_method
+ 52223 [ryand-ruby@z] def caller_method_name()

puts "#{expression}" braces always needed?
52143 [Mark.Volkman] ...
52144 [decoux@mo lo] it seems to work for me
52145 [Mark.Volkman] ...

Re: Ruby - common pitfalls?
52159 [qrczak@kn .o] No need to change Ruby here. The syntax highlighter could always

Brazilian ruby page?
52178 [briqueabraqu] Oi,
+ 52183 [mascarenhas@] Mauricio was asking if there are any brazilian webpages about Ruby. I'm
+ 52208 [joaopedrosa@] Ola Mauricio,
  52214 [guaracybm@ig] Thanks :)
  52236 [briqueabraqu] Obrigado a todos. Estou procurando um estagi?rio para trabalhar entre

How do I invoke a block procedure from within a C extension?
52184 [philip.bacon] I am writing a C extension and wish to call a block from within one of
+ 52191 [cyclists@nc ] Just call rb_yield. You don't need to call rb_f_lambda.
+ 52291 [billtj@y. lu] I just want to say, that writing a C extension in Ruby is simply another
  52488 [pabs@pa lo r] The file README.EXT (distributed with Ruby) and the Extending Ruby

singleton methods with variable method names
52190 [volkmann2@ch] I know I can do this.
52206 [volkmann2@ch] I think I found the answer myself. Is there a better way than this?
+ 52224 [flifson@cs u] To be even more dynamic you can change
+ 52235 [nobu.nokada@] It's an idiom to create methods dynamically, and if the method

Targeting Borland's compiler on Windows
52219 [gsinclair@so] All,
52220 [gsinclair@so] So far, from browsing 'mkmf' source, I've found that much depends on
52221 [bulatz@in eg] are you ever assembled libraries compiled by different compilers?
52225 [gsinclair@so] It *must* be possible, though?
52226 [bulatz@in eg] no. problems with interfacing code from two compilers is much more
52231 [gsinclair@so] If you suggest compiling with mingw or cygwin, then I must be able to compile
+ 52232 [gsinclair@so] place.
+ 52233 [bulatz@in eg] yes, you are right