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^ Hanging require
5091 [aleksi.nieme] echo "require 'ext_b'" > a.rb
5092 [aleksi.nieme] Here's a patch for my earlier hanging. I can't say for sure this works, as
5108 [matz zetabit] Hmm, I think hangling problem is already fixed in 1.6.1 (CVS).  And

^ binding weirdness
5093 [green FreeBS] ...
+ 5094 [decoux moulo] ...
| 5095 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 5099 [matz zetabit] I think it's caused by method cache inconsistency.  Try the following
  5103 [green FreeBS] ...
  5105 [decoux moulo] ...
  5106 [green FreeBS] ...
  + 5107 [decoux moulo] ...
  + 5110 [matz zetabit] Sorry for the buggy patch.  I'll update CVS.

^ regexp and performance
5101 [bombadil wan] I have probed example occur.rb with a big file and Ruby 1.6.
+ 5102 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 5109 [matz zetabit] That's because regexp internal stack is now allocated in the heap to

^ SWIG1.3a5 released
5104 [fukusima got] SWIG1.3a5 has been released.  SWIG is a software development tool

^ Best New Trade Show Display by Opera Portables, Inc. adv
5111 [operak earth] Opera Portables, Inc. is offering "by invitation" visits to our web site.  Packed full of exciting projects and news, Opera is leading the industry with displays that are as much eye-popping as they are eye catching.

^ Ruby Book, Eng. tl,  kei/kata and shurui -> 'type'?
5112 [jon kanji.co] Jon, the editor, here...
5132 [matz zetabit] 'オブジェクトの型 (object no kata)' reminds me the dynamic type of an

^ Types and ===
5114 [hal9000 hype] ...
+ 5116 [green FreeBS] ...
+ 5117 [yashi yashi.] ahm... I might be missing something.  You said '*Normally* when x ==
  5118 [hal9000 hype] Ahhhh. I now perceive the Ruby Way.
  + 5120 [yashi yashi.] '===' does not imply '==' at all.  '===' is defined in each class the
  | 5122 [hal9000 hype] Yes... I guess one root of my difficulty is that I have chosen to understand
  | + 5123 [green FreeBS] ...
  | + 5126 [yashi yashi.] you *can* do this, sort of, using case. but, IMHO, i don't know i'd
  |   5128 [green FreeBS] ...
  |   + 5140 [matju cam.or] def newmethod.previous; @previous; end
  |   + 5141 [hal9000 hype] ...
  |     5142 [schneik us.i] # First of all, I think I disagree with the assertion that the case
  |     5143 [aleksi.nieme] I was thinking much harder cases, but this one is really easy.
  |     5144 [hal9000 hype] Well, Aleksi,
  |     5146 [schneik us.i] # Well, Aleksi,
  |     5160 [hal9000 hype] ...
  |     5161 [schneik us.i] # >
  |     + 5163 [hal9000 hype] OK, I see what you are saying...
  |     | + 5169 [matz zetabit] I felt the case behavior should be determined by objects listed after
  |     | | + 5170 [decoux moulo] ...
  |     | | + 5176 [dfan harmoni] That is the reason that I assumed when I first found that the
  |     | + 5172 [kjana os.xax] ...
  |     + 5166 [matju cam.or] the method name (:===) is a parameter.
  |       5167 [aleksi.nieme] Your persistence is no suprise for me, I know there's people like that. On
  + 5127 [matju cam.or] def foo(arg)

^ crashes in ruby-lex.rb
5129 [green FreeBS] ...
5130 [matz zetabit] This is not caused by irb, but because that Module#dup did not copy

^ Ruby for Macintosh?
5133 [Jon.Kleiser ] ...
+ 5135 [number6 alig] ...
+ 5136 [matz zetabit] Ruby 1.1c9 was ported to Mac.  But Mac port was not maintained since

^ test
5145 [shugo ruby-l] Sorry, this is a test message for ML server.

^ ANNOUNCE: Ruby 1.6.1
5147 [matz picachu] ...

^ Config 1.6.1 on Solaris 2.5.1
5148 [hgs dmu.ac.u] checking count field in FILE structures... _cnt
+ 5149 [fit0298 fite] Now, I build ruby  from ruby-1.6.1.tar.gz  via gcc-2.8.1.
+ 5150 [matz zetabit] Hmm, could you check if the following patch will do?
  5151 [hgs dmu.ac.u] It doesn't seem to make any difference, but since I'm working from
  5152 [decoux moulo] ...
  5155 [hgs dmu.ac.u] This has fixed the problem at the configure stage.  Thank you.

^ Compile Problem with 1.6.1
5157 [aerogems net] gcc -O3 -mathlon -march=athlon -mcpu=athlon -I. -I.
5158 [matz zetabit] Would you mind if I suspect AthlonGCC bug?
5168 [aerogemsX ne] Well, an AthlonGCC bug might be the cause, but I've had no problems
5171 [matz zetabit] Ruby is a rather complicated software.
+ 5174 [aerogemsX ne] Well, just to see what would happen, I changed the Athlon optimisations
| 5181 [matz zetabit] float 9 .. Hmm, could you show me the result of
| 5212 [aerogemsX ne] [root@localhost scott]# ruby -e 'p ((13.4 % 1 - 0.4).abs)'
| 5217 [matz zetabit] ????  How about this?
| 5243 [aerogemsX ne] [root@localhost /downloads]# ruby -e 'p((13.4 % 1 - 0.4).abs <
| 5249 [matz zetabit] Interesting.  On your machine, (13.4 % 1 - 0.4).abs gives
| 5267 [aerogemsX ne] [root@localhost qt-gui]# ruby -e 'p(3.330669074e-16 < 0.001)'
| 5274 [matz zetabit] Not the worst, but I still have no idea about what make this false.
| 5277 [aerogemsX ne] The result of the C program you gave (BTW, you forgot the ; after the
| 5280 [matz zetabit] Hmm, your compiler works fine as I expected.
+ 5698 [nick_hynes m] ...

^ Ruby sighting at www.perl.com.
5165 [schneik us.i] FYI/FWIW, there is a link to

^ Re: methods w/ ! giving nil
5173 [marchign di.] Changing swap does not work since swap can be invoked also for equal
5179 [matz zetabit] Let me compare this with [ruby-talk:4564].  And could give me a patch

^ Compiling 1.6.1 problem
5175 [Callus Sympa] gcc -g -O2 -I. -I. -I/usr/local/include -c eval.c
5180 [matz zetabit] This indicates you have rlimit but don't have sys/resource.h on your
5190 [Callus Sympa] That's the direction that I needed to be pointed in, thanks.  For some reason,
+ 5191 [yashi yashi.] hmm... linux 2.4.0-test* has RLIM_INFINITY defined in
| 5196 [Callus sympa] Thus spake Yasushi Shoji (yashi@yashi.com)
| + 5200 [yashi yashi.] sorry i wasn't clear enough.  the reason you get compile error is
| | 5201 [Callus Sympa] This looks the same as yours except that I have an extra directory in
| + 5203 [matz zetabit] Hmm, my <sys/resource.h> does not include <asm/resources.h> directly
|   5204 [Callus Sympa] My <sys/resource.h> includes <bits/resource.h> which in turn includes
|   5206 [matz zetabit] I just don't know.  Only thing I can tell your is that my glibc 2.1.3
+ 5192 [matz zetabit] Could you show us the contents of config.log?  Probably clue to know

^ equivalent to Python's os.path?
5178 [dfan harmoni] Does Ruby have a module equivalent to Python's os.path?  It is useful
+ 5189 [kjana os.xax] ...
+ 5195 [matz zetabit] Most of os.path functionality is already provided.
  5202 [dfan harmoni] Very much so, thanks!

^ ruby-list etc. English translation
5182 [matz zetabit] We are still preparing our own translation system.
5183 [schneik us.i] # Hi,
5193 [matz zetabit] Oops, I'll fix it.
5198 [Tim.Duncan s] Unfortunately, it still has a long way to go before it becomes usable.  On
5199 [jon kanji.co] Too busy now, but I've been keeping a vocabulary list for "First

^ book for beginners.
5184 [skol sbox.tu] ...
5185 [schneik us.i] #    i am searching for a book for an absolute beginner (concerning ruby).
5186 [schneik us.i] # #    i am searching for a book for an absolute beginner (concerning

^ bug in example occur2.rb?
5187 [bombadil wan] When I execute example occur2.rb with Ruby 1.6.1 (with 1.6.0 is the
5188 [decoux moulo] ...
5194 [matz zetabit] Yeah, it's a bug in occur2.rb.  Sorry.  I'm gonna fix it as Guy

^ ANNOUNCE: rubyweb -- literate programming for ruby?
5197 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I have developed a system for re-sequencing embedded documentation

^ unsubscribe
5207 [frido q-soft] for e-mail reply remove all after .com

^ killing ALLOCA_N
5208 [green FreeBS] ...
5233 [matz zetabit] The stack consumption is mainly done in interpreter itself, so that

^ Programming Ruby - small error in posted preface
5209 [Dave thomase] I was reading through the Excite-translated ruby-list archives (thank

^ Ruby slides
5210 [Dave thomase] If anyone is interested, the slides of the presentation on Ruby that
+ 5211 [trinexus one] I can see why your talk went well.  A great set of slides that really give
+ 5214 [hal9000 hype] Very impressive work, Dave...
  5216 [Dave thomase] Well, there's still some heated discussion about Andy and the nude
  + 5241 [andy toolshe] ...
  | 5242 [aleksi.nieme] I'd say Andy is just modest and wants to keep up the exciting athmosphere
  + 5282 [mulperi iki.] So, does it have ISBN yet? I want to pre order this thingy.
    5283 [gnhurst hurs] Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmer's Guide

^ RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2000-09-17)
5213 [schneiker ju] ...

^ Ruby Book Eng tl, ch1 question 
5218 [jon kanji.co] In the Ruby Book, ch1, in a list of 7 features that characterize Ruby
5219 [yashi yashi.] I tried to write one nice sentence but faild, so i'll leave that to
5222 [jon kanji.co] Thanks.
5223 [yashi yashi.] nice. :-) i like it.
5224 [jon kanji.co] Ah, thanks, I think I get it, a slightly different nuance then.
5225 [yashi yashi.] one more thing (sorry to be picky)
5226 [jon kanji.co] 'Because all of Ruby has been...' -> 'Because Ruby has been...'?
+ 5227 [yashi yashi.] that's what I thought. but the word 'Ruby' should cover that.
| 5230 [manamist whi] The traffic of rich & powerful features and/or functionals of Ruby
| 5232 [Callus Sympa] "Ruby's object oriented philosophy and design makes its powerful features
| 5238 [matz zetabit] I like these.
+ 5246 [hal9000 hype] Hmm... I speak only English (and a little German,
  5275 [matju cam.or] I speak only English (and French, which in this case is useless as a
  5276 [schneik us.i] # > Hmm... I speak only English (and a little German,
  5278 [jon kanji.co] I find your input very interesting and helpful and look forward to
  + 5279 [jon kanji.co] 分類する (bunrei suru)
  + 5281 [matz zetabit] And it will fall in my hands soon.  ;-)

^ Ruby Book, Eng. tl, ch1 -- code snippet correct? 
5220 [jon kanji.co] Dave has kindly let me know that this code generates a warning with
5234 [matz zetabit] No, just ignore it.  I'm feeling this warning in too loud.  The

^ better way to say 'recursive join'
5221 [yashi yashi.] join error. I, today, happend to had this message and I felt it should
+ 5231 [Dave thomase] -e:1:in `join': thread tried to join itself (ThreadError)
| 5237 [matz zetabit] Thank you.  Done.
+ 5345 [matju cam.or] I'd suggest "circular join", just like "circular reference", "circular

^ Ruby/Glade doesn't work with Ruby 1.6.1
5228 [bombadil wan] parser = Glade.new

^ ops: Ruby/Glade works, sorry 0:)
5229 [bombadil wan] Excuse my last message.

^ BigFloat-1.1.4 released
5235 [shigeo tinyf] To keep compatibility with Ruby 1.6, bigfloat-1.1.4 has been

^ Project files for MS VC 6.0
5236 [shigeo tinyf] For Microsoft VC/VC++(6.0) users, I prepared the

^ Running two iterators in parallel
5239 [dfan harmoni] I have two iterators.  I would like to run them in parallel, creating
5245 [matz zetabit] Use threads.
5252 [matz zetabit] Oops.  There is a termination condition bug.

^ Ruby for Win32/DOS
5240 [dennisn pe.n] Not all of us are blessed with the opportunity to be able to develop on
5244 [matz zetabit] I should have linked from www.ruby-lang.org.
5258 [hgs dmu.ac.u] This is a useful resource, but it is a list of files with little
5260 [Dave thomase] Agreed.
5261 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Thank you.

^ Ruby Book, ch6 -- kukkei no sekai ?
5248 [jon kanji.co] First, thanks for all the good suggestions for my last
5251 [matz zetabit] Well, ... that was typo.  We (acutually he) meant 矩形 (kukei - means

^ Ruby 1.6.1 config+widget problems.
5253 [schneik us.i] checking whether OS depend dynamic link works... yes
5314 [schneik aust] Conrad Schneiker
5315 [matz zetabit] The former (configure problem) was fixed in the snapshot.
5322 [schneik us.i] # |Hi; any news about these problems?
5325 [decoux moulo] ...
5326 [decoux moulo] ...
5327 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 5352 [schneik us.i] # Try this patch. It call scope_dup (which transform a SCOPE_ALLOCA in
+ 5360 [matz zetabit] This one is confirmed by [ruby-talk:5352], I'll merge it to 1.6.2.
  5366 [decoux moulo] ...
  5368 [schneik us.i] # s> In any case, I did the patch manually and it worked. In addition to
  5369 [schneik us.i] # Matz, is this something that can/will soon be fixed in the nightly

^ problem: undefined method `size' for File
5254 [Eric.Santona] ...
+ 5255 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 5256 [hipster xs4a] size is a class method of File, so you cannot apply it to an instance
+ 5257 [matz zetabit] Use
  5259 [bombadil wan] In this case I don't understand well why it should be a class method
  5263 [matz zetabit] I don't know why you don't understand. ;-)
  + 5264 [aleksi.nieme] matz critizes good solution argumenting with features lacking from some
  | + 5265 [decoux moulo] ...
  | | 5266 [aleksi.nieme] % type file_size_2.rb
  | + 5269 [matz zetabit] which implements Ruby interpreter. ;-)
  |   5270 [ms iastate.e] Maybe I'm crazy, but doesn't this reliably get the length of an open
  |   5296 [matju cam.or] Linux 8 minutes ago. It works, but I hesitate. Matz proposes
  + 5273 [vardhan cade] i thought lseek(fd,SEEK_END,0) is a portable way.
  + 5295 [matju cam.or] Standard Ruby could, maybe.

^ Tkx all for your answers
5262 [Eric.Santona] ...

^ Proper ConditionVariable usage?
5268 [aleksi.nieme] Abstract
5284 [hipster xs4a] The concurrent programming that does not bend the brain
5285 [kjana os.xax] ...
5286 [shugo ruby-l] Here is a simple example.
5287 [shugo ruby-l] Sorry, Mutex is not re-entrant. (So this program cause dead-lock.)
5308 [kjana os.xax] ...
5309 [hipster xs4a] Agreed. Not only do you inherit an interface, you also inherit (a)
5342 [shugo ruby-l] I don't insist that Queue should be implemented by ConditionVariable.

^ MatchData methods
5288 [louie TransS] So, I was regexp'ing away just now, and noted a MatchData method missing which
5290 [knu idaemons] foo = match.to_a.slice(1,2).join(':')
5291 [louie TransS] Uh, duh.  Thanks for pointing out the obvious to me.  I keep thinking

^ [PATCH] version test using require
5289 [hipster xs4a] The following patch allows testing for a minimal Ruby version using the
+ 5297 [decoux moulo] ...
| 5299 [yashi yashi.] matz told me on -dev a while ago that he ensure minor and patch level
| 5300 [hipster xs4a] Okay, but I want to fix this anyway. It's a terrible mistake.
+ 5307 [hipster xs4a] This fixes the problem noted by Guy. I took the logic from Debian
+ 5313 [yashi yashi.] how about just
  5321 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Is the class at the given URL any use at all in this debate?

^ RFC: Enumerable#every(n)
5292 [knu idaemons] Let me show you a new method candidate for Enumerable module, which I
5293 [aleksi.nieme] I like the functionality very much. But I have to say I didn't understand
5294 [aleksi.nieme] Hastily posting something isn't good thing to do. I started to wonder if I
+ 5298 [decoux moulo] ...
| + 5301 [knu idaemons] ~ free
| + 5304 [decoux moulo] ...
|   5305 [knu idaemons] Ick, I missed that.  I'll be fixing it soon.
+ 5302 [knu idaemons] I wonder why noone had answered Dave's question.
  5303 [knu idaemons] Bah, I misread iteratorMethod as iterator.each.  And it comes to
  5306 [Dave thomase] This is an old thread. I was looking for a simple way to generate an