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^ a few build script recipes for the list
50328 [patrick-may ] I just worked on some build scripts.  I thought I found some neat
50371 [list NOSPAMc] Nice.  I'm working on dependency handling for rpkg right now (see next
50447 [patrick-may ] Ruby's license.  Looks like you've been pulling an all nighter.

50332 [sigurnost_by] This is a multi-part message in MIME format

^ Ruby Weekly News
50336 [Dave Pragmat] Ruby Weekly News: 09/16/2002

^ interbase.dll, Where?
50341 [jilani.khald] I am Ruby again!

^ OpenCyc Formalized Common Knowledge
50356 [jobeicus hot] Has anyone taken a look at the OpenCyc project?  Here's an overview I
50365 [rich infoeth] There is A LOT of java code that backs this OpenCyc project (see CVS).

^ Ruby Conf
50357 [jim freeze.o] Did you ever find out how far from the SEA airport
+ 50375 [dblack candl] No....  Can I punt this to the Seattle crowd?  (Hey,
| 50389 [dblack candl] OK, I guess they're asleep :-)
+ 50388 [ryand zenspi] ddResults.py?proceed=Proceed&Pyt=Tmap&tarname=&tardesc=&newname=Seattle+
+ 50435 [pate red-bea] It's about 30 minutes call it 15 miles.  SeaTac airport is in a suburb to

^ Why are parser tools rarely used in ruby?
50369 [mikkelfj-ant] Why is it that all the ruby source I find in the Ruby (windows) distribution
+ 50382 [Dave Pragmat] I wanted to do RDoc for a long time, and was waiting for a parser in
+ 50397 [ADATE kc.rr.] I tried using Rockit but could not make it work. Posting for help on this ML
| 50406 [jim freeze.o] I have used Rockit and it worked fine, after I installed Memoize and
| 50433 [ADATE kc.rr.] initialized constant BoundedLruCache
+ 50432 [list NOSPAMc] I tried doing some parsing in Ruby months ago.  No prior experience in
| 50434 [rich infoeth] Just to put in a little plug for a friend...Bob Calco is actively
| 50442 [ptkwt shell1] So we'll be able to get the AST for the currently running program?  Any
| 50496 [robert.calco] I think I can have an operational lexer/parser in about two weeks or so. It
+ 50448 [pbrengard bc] rdoc uses rexml.
| 50479 [Dave Pragmat] Does it?
| 50547 [pbrengard bc] errh...
+ 50450 [patrick-may ] It could be that most pseudocode is valid ruby.  And the language like
+ 50507 [ruby-talk wh] I don't think Racc can compile from MS Visual Studio.  I imagine this is a
  + 50514 [mikkelfj-ant] but I
  + 50545 [pbrengard bc] yes, it can compile. You just have to fix the setup.rb script and
    50670 [mikkelfj-ant] from
    50676 [aamine mx.ed] % ruby setup.rb config --make-prog=nmake

^ Dependency "trees" - suggestions?
50374 [list NOSPAMc] I'm struggling with building dependency "trees" for rpkg.  What
+ 50381 [pbrannan atd] You could raise an exception only when you encounter a cycle while
| 50429 [list NOSPAMc] Yes.  This means that for each node I add, the entire graph has to be
| 50472 [pbrannan atd] OIC, you aren't interested in protecting against a corrupted database;
| 50474 [list NOSPAMc] Actually, the user just specifies the starting package.  rpkg looks at
+ 50396 [ADATE kc.rr.] So this is a DAG "Directed Acyclic Graph" for which there many algorithms
| + 50402 [gotoken notw] cites the beginning of tsort.rb's embedded document.
| | 50430 [list NOSPAMc] *Sound of head banging against the wall*
| | 50441 [gotoken notw] % cat ~/foo.rb
| + 50513 [horst hduche] You migth also have a look at http://rgl.sourceforge.net/ which provides a method
+ 50428 [chrismo clab] Tangent to your post ...
  50431 [list NOSPAMc] If there is a bar 1.4 around that is not backward compatible with bar
  50464 [chrismo clab] Meaning you won't support multiple versions of the same package in the
  50468 [list NOSPAMc] Meaning that when two versions of a package are different enough as to
  50471 [chrismo clab] Gotcha. Thx.

^ Is Ruby Array#shift/unshift Efficient?
50390 [billtj y.glu] I just scanned the Ruby array implementation in array.c, and to my
50394 [matz ruby-la] "shift" is fixed in 1.7.
50399 [billtj y.glu] For the next stable release of Ruby (with shift() fixed), will these two C
50400 [matz ruby-la] Yes.
50405 [billtj y.glu] Thanks a lot for the response.
+ 50408 [matz ruby-la] Interesting point.  I wish users do not need to worry about efficiency
| 50467 [billtj z.glu] I also noticed that the pickaxe book does not discuss execution
+ 50470 [mikkelfj-ant] I have been looking into a deque-like datastructure I call an I-Tree or

^ comments and continuing strings on the next line
50403 [pbrannan atd] foo =
+ 50414 [Dave Pragmat] I'm not sure it _is_ different. I believe Ruby folds adjacent constant
+ 50417 [billtj y.glu] I don't know whether it is different, but it seems this format also works,
  + 50419 [pbrannan atd] foo = %Q!\
  | 50469 [billtj z.glu] May we know the actual purpose of this?  If the indenting is really
  | 50473 [pbrannan atd] Well, I typed it misleadingly the first time.  In code, you'd see
  | 50477 [billtj z.glu] I guess if it were for me whether I am going with the first solution
  + 50476 [nobu.nokada ] This style comment inside string no longer works in 1.7, right
    50481 [billtj z.glu] In my opinion, the #{expression} rule ought to take precedence than the
    50553 [nobu.nokada ] Comments are from # until EOL, always.  And also comment in

^ back tick equivalent
50407 [WEICHI.CHENG] Just install ruby last Friday and tried to find the back tick equivalent as
+ 50409 [alan digikat] Backticks should work the same in ruby, if you want an array of lines,
| 50413 [gotoken notw] Or
| 50416 [WEICHI.CHENG] Thanks all for the reply ! This is just what I want and I can even locate
+ 50410 [billtj y.glu] What is your platform?  At least on linux, I could do
  50412 [djberge qwes] If you're interested in an actual interface to ps, see Sys-ProcTable,

^ Help on  installing ruby-qt on windowsXP
50411 [ajksharma ya] I have done the fiolowing.
+ 50418 [Mark.Volkman] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
| 50439 [ajksharma ya] I know it is expensive in windows. But I am just trying to get Qt to work.
| 50454 [pbrengard bc] yes, no problem, it works well. And there are no problems compiling it
+ 50456 [szegedy nosp] "Use setup.rb to install Ruby/Qt. For detail, see setup.doc.en
| 50457 [szegedy nosp] You just simply have to change the QTDIR environment variable to
+ 50544 [horie smail.] The source directory of Ruby is described in rbconfig.rb file in

^ ruby-dev summary 18213-18280
50421 [maki rubycol] This is a summary of ruby-dev ML in these days.

^ Third Sydney Ruby Users' Group meeting
50426 [harryo zip.c] Well, I've left it a little late again, but ...

^ FXRuby and exerb.rb?
50444 [coma_killen ] Anyone know if FXRuby apps can be packed up to a single exe with
+ 50463 [dossy panopt] Heh!  Just yesterday (literally) I started using exerb.rb -- and I'm
+ 50485 [lyle users.s] I don't think it's going to work as-is with the current version of
  + 50493 [nobu.nokada ] Recent exerb has a trick for rb_require(), but none for
  | 50510 [lyle users.s] Actually, I was mistaken: My code was calling rb_require() and not
  + 50498 [alan digikat] I've been told that the CVS version of exerb fixes this with some

^ Java vs. Perl vs. ...
50451 [james jamesb] The "Use Perl" website (use.perl.org) has a small entry commenting on a Java
+ 50459 [djberge qwes] The problem with the article, as several have pointed out, is that the
+ 50462 [mike stok.co] There are plenty of comments about the merits of the particular
| 50488 [joe vpop.net] r1 = Regexp.new(/\.(?:css|jpg|gif|CSS|JPG|GIF) HTTP/)
+ 50599 [djberg96 att] Quick followup...

^ latest version of Test::Unit
50453 [mjais web.de] at the homepage from test unit there is version 0.14
50458 [mike stok.co] rough/lib/testunit.  Something like

^ A Windows issue with Kernel#select...
50460 [ben blahr.co] I'm working on a Class that I'd like to be able to use on both Windows and
50551 [nobu.nokada ] It sounds like the bug reported in [ruby-talk:40009].  If so, it

^ Qt vs. FOX vs. ? (was Help on  installing ruby-qt on windowsXP)
50466 [Mark.Volkman] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
+ 50492 [kgergely mla] I also wonder what GUI is the best under windows.
| 50503 [rich lithino] Crashing?? What code is used when your GUI's crash? Is it a specific
| + 50504 [rich lithino] Crashing?? What code is used when your GUI's crash? Is it a specific
| + 50651 [kgergely mla] The example codes.
+ 50508 [web2ed yahoo] Isn't somebody on this list porting the Perl/TK text to Ruby/TK?  I
  50512 [mikkelfj-ant] The latest releases of FxRuby has improved stability significantly - get the
  + 50520 [lyle users.s] If anyone else is reading this thread, is the Scintilla test program
  | + 50540 [curt hibbs.c] I can confirm that the FreeRIDE is making very heavy use of FXRuby's
  | + 50556 [mikkelfj-ant] the
  | + 50581 [tarasis btop] Yes, using 1.7.2-4 Windows install - running on WinXP
  |   + 50582 [tarasis btop] make that "scintilla-test.rbw" and "scintilla-test.rb"
  |   + 50583 [tarasis btop] The same thing also applies to table.rbw
  |   + 50593 [lyle users.s] 1. You only see it crash when it's running the
  + 50557 [guaracybm ig] the
    50594 [lyle users.s] Guaracy,
    50658 [kgergely mla] Gergo

^ qt licensing on windows!
50482 [ajksharma ya] Thanks you  for answering my question for installing ruby-qt on

^ How to tell what directory the current file is in?
50487 [mfraser seas] How can I tell what directory the current file being executed is in?
+ 50494 [nobu.nokada ] File.expand_path(File.dirname(__FILE__))
+ 50495 [pbrannan atd] absolute_filename = File.expand_path(__FILE__, Dir.getwd)

^ SMTP and MIME (Ruby Cookbook site down?)
50491 [probertm nor] I am wanting to send an attachment using SMTP and I was looking

^ RE: Why are parser tools rarely used in Ruby?
50497 [robert.calco] I think I can have an operational lexer/parser ready for general
50505 [ptkwt shell1] Sounds good!  I look forward to playing with it.

^ eruby-mysql-already initialized constant
50500 [jayaywhy.fab] trying to use eruby.

^ CGI Parameter Conversion
50501 [mxvera qwest] Greetings all,
+ 50502 [boognish23 y] checkboxes
+ 50554 [meier meiste] i =3D p['count'].first.to_i

^ Net/Telnet Script Tuning question
50506 [michael.d.he] I've modified an expect script to reset passwords for batch accounts into

^ Custom error messages in eruby?
50509 [sera fhwang.] Is there a way to configure eRuby so you can get custom error
50533 [patrick-may ] If you want to have a more nicely formatted error, I think Apache

^ Re: Another latecomer; A half-baked suggestion.
50511 [jim freeze.o] Sorry, I don't understand the above. Are you saying that some XML file

^ Are there any O'Reilly Ruby books on the horizon?
50515 [gmnotyet yah] Dear Ruby Users,
50516 [james jamesb] Are you aware of the Ruby in a Nutshell book?
50572 [gmnotyet yah] Yes, I am aware of Ruby In A Nutshell but was looking for something
+ 50577 [james jamesb] There's a Ruby Garden Wiki page that tracks Ruby book development; at the
+ 50687 [mvondung gmx] Different publisher and awful title, but Mark Slagell's "Teach
| 50700 [Mark.Volkman] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
| 50712 [Dave Pragmat] I'm not aware of any. To be honest, the Ruby book market, despite the
+ 50943 [avdi avdi.or] Frankly, the Pickaxe Book ("Programming Ruby", by Dave Thomas and Andy

^ Re: Why are parser tools rarely used in ruby?(Rockit)
50517 [ptkwt shell1] There have been a couple of positive mentions of Rockit in this thread.
50548 [feldt ce.cha] I'm a bit ashamed to say that I've had almost no time for Ruby or Rockit
+ 50559 [jim freeze.o] I will be looking forward to that. If the C version is as fast as racc, then
| 50571 [hal9000 hype] and
+ 50573 [ptkwt shell1] We look forward to your return!
+ 50607 [web2ed yahoo] Am I reading this 'rite'?  Rocket has a C backend, meaning that one
+ 50701 [W.L.Kleb lar] Could you be enticed with a couple week stint in the Eastern US?

^ GridFlow 0.6.2
50518 [matju sympat] Here is a new release of GridFlow (a multi-dimensional dataflow processing

^ Regular expression bug, or feature?
50519 [ser germane-] I've got a strange feeling that this is one of those little bits of
+ 50521 [ADATE kc.rr.] on ruby 1.7.2 (2002-07-02) [i386-mswin32] it hung even ** without ** the CR
| 50522 [ADATE kc.rr.] src = '<hosted class="com.firsthop.mg.gui.Servlet" product="TestSuite"
+ 50523 [ADATE kc.rr.] Sorry, I did not register this until after my previous post ... so that it
+ 50526 [billk cts.co] Ruby should process it almost instantly...
+ 50529 [joe vpop.net] not really "hang" but it does take a while to run.  mine eventually

^ Matz, if you're reading, please scan this email
50525 [ser germane-] I've found a problem with the Ruby interpreter, wherein the
+ 50527 [matz ruby-la] I will examine.  Could you show us your ruby -v output?
+ 50617 [john.carter ] A really good way of trapping such bugs is valgrind. If you run your test
+ 51159 [gsinclair so] I think that, faced with that sort of code, my brain would segfault before Ruby
+ 51226 [sean chitten] In the unit tests for libxml, I think I've pushed things to SEGV land
  51281 [decoux moulo] Can you send me, in private email, the tests which crash ruby ?
  51454 [sean chitten] bzip2:     http://www.rubynet.org/modules/xml/ruby-libxml/ruby-libxml-0.03-snapshot-20020926.tar.bz2
  51592 [decoux moulo] Well, if I'm right the problem is in ruby_xml_parser_io_set()
  51742 [sean chitten] data from RAM, not from an actual IO socket.  I've created a simpler
  51748 [decoux moulo] Here the example

^ TkText key bindings
50528 [x ichimunki.] Anyone know how to get rid of the custom bindings on a TkText widget? I can

^ Ruby and inline C or C++
50530 [derek hipgra] All of this talk in regards to RubyInline made me start thinking about
50568 [web2ed yahoo] Is this conceptial or real?
+ 50569 [frido q-soft] yes it can be done. But how much worth is it for you?  How many
+ 50578 [ptkwt shell1] As an aside (and I'm starting to sound like a broken record here, but I do

^ A newbie question for using sort
50531 [stmpeters eS] I've been trying to use sort for an array and I seem to be missing
+ 50536 [ADATE kc.rr.] You are forgetting that Array#sort is not destructive.
+ 50538 [flori nixe.p] arr.sort doesn't change the order of arr but returns a new array with
  50608 [stmpeters ea] Thanks, this helped!

^ Code coverage in Ruby?
50532 [hal9000 hype] Has anybody worked on a method for determining
+ 50534 [jweirich one] You read my mind ... Test Driven Design --- Its a way of life :-)
+ 50535 [jim freeze.o] Won't -w catch these?
  50537 [hal9000 hype] <confession>
  50539 [eban os.rim.] Ruby will give you a warning only when the right-hand side
  50543 [hal9000 hype] Thank you. I had not remembered that correctly.

^ Capturing stdout from cmd while letting it print it
50546 [coma_killen ] I want to capture the output from a program but still have it print to
50550 [nobu.nokada ] "mycmd" may buffer and not flush the output.  How large is the
50552 [coma_killen ] mycmd is really a checksum verification program that goes through
+ 50575 [David.Stagne] This is a multipart message in MIME format.
+ 50631 [nobu.nokada ] Standard C runtime libraries buffers output to IO descriptor

^ [BUG] Re: A Windows issue with Kernel#select...
50555 [ben blahr.co] Just upgraded to 1.7.2 on my Windows box, and it looks like you're

^ SWSAPI for Ruby?
50558 [Mark.Volkman] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand

^ Rescue clause or equivalent for catch?
50560 [jfh cise.ufl] Does having a rescue clause for catch sound like a good idea to anyone?
+ 50564 [decoux moulo] You can write
+ 51157 [gsinclair so] Just wrap the code you want rescued in begin ... rescue ... end.

^ Picking arbitrary elements from an array
50561 [jfh cise.ufl] Anyone like the idea of being able to pick arbitrary elements from
50562 [decoux moulo] Array#indices (deprecated in 1.7.*)
50565 [jfh cise.ufl] Gak -- I read right over that about 5 times...thanks,
50566 [michael_s_ca] Is there going to be a 1.7+ replacement?
50567 [decoux moulo] Yes, Array#select
+ 50570 [michael_s_ca] <D'oh>, I missed that part from your original post; thanks.
+ 50574 [hal9000 hype] How does this relate to Enumerable#select,
  50576 [dblack candl] Judging from some 1.7.3 experimenting, it seems that Array#select, if
  51158 [gsinclair so] [1,3,6].at(1,2) => [3,6]        PROPOSED

^ Lightweight Languages 2 workshop
50563 [dan sidhe.or] The website and announcement for the workshop is getting out.

^ How to Efficiently Calculate the Pattern of Zeros and Ones?
50579 [billtj z.glu] I am dealing with this algorithmic problem.  I have an array of arbitrary
+ 50589 [joe vpop.net] Well, I don't have a test case for it, so there could be a bug
| 50595 [billtj z.glu] Hey, it seems it is working pretty well.  Thanks a lot for writing the
+ 50621 [mrchameleon ] Is this too slow?
| 50622 [dblack candl] That counts all the 1's, without regard for whether or not they're
+ 50645 [holmberg iar] I don't know if the following is efficient in terms of CPU-cylces
  50724 [vjoel PATH.B] I had to go back and check whether each_with_neighbors generated lots of
  50726 [billtj y.glu] If the "shifts data through it" is accomplished using Ruby
  50776 [vjoel PATH.B] No doubt the state machine approach is faster, and you're also accurate