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Trying to grasp possibilities of dynamical Ruby
4903 [feldt@ce ch ] I have a class hierarchy and want to have a general way of combining

4918 [qinsir@vi aw] ...

Threaded requiring raises exception
4920 [aleksi.nieme] Am I missing something obvious, or is it time to use fabulous bug tracking
+ 4921 [Dave@th ma e] It works for me using 1.6 under Linux.
| 4922 [aleksi.nieme] I'm sorry I managed to mess previous mail, but I hope it becames now a
| + 4923 [Dave@th ma e] And now Dave claims it isn't ;-)
| + 4924 [hipster@xs a] libc-2.1.2
|   4928 [decoux@mo lo] It is in the ToDo
+ 4990 [matz@ze ab t] I fixed it in the latest checkin.  I'll relese 1.6.0 tomorrow (Sep. 19).

Perl 6 rumblings -- RFC 225 (v1) Data: Superpositions
4925 [schneik@us i] FYI/FWIW.

Some q's to Ruby professionals
4926 [fgeiger@da e] Ruby seems to me the FIRST language that REALLY took all the best from all
4927 [hipster@xs a] Nope. Idea's were vented, threads were trodden, but nothing concrete
4929 [schneik@us i] all
4933 [fgeiger@da e] *much* is likely the correct term (there's no perfect world). Much, more,
4934 [Dave@th ma e] Except I've never met anyone who actually used an IDE to write Perl. I
+ 4950 [schneik@us i] (especially
+ 4970 [thutton@ve .] Depends if you count [X]Emacs as an IDE. ;)
  4971 [Dave@th ma e] emacs is the universe.
  4977 [schneiker@ju] Actually, that's just a cheap imitation universe, although it takes about as
  + 4979 [Dave@th ma e] The real similarity is the rapid non-linear increase in size at
  + 5040 [matju@ca .o ] when do you intend to write the universe?

Perl 6 rumblings -- RFC 225 (v1) Data: Superpositions
4930 [schneik@au t] FYI/FWIW.
4931 [matz@ze ab t] This can be easily accomplished by the method like
4932 [schneiker@ju] Superpositions"
4935 [matz@ze ab t] Possible.  Let's discuss, especially to determin if any/all are proper
4942 [ms@ia ta e. ] Writing an 8-queens program this morning (teaching my 12-year old son about recursion!), I
+ 4943 [Dave@th ma e] I like any? and all? We might want to make 'exists?' an alias for
| 4944 [ms@ia ta e. ] Ok. But "none?" should alias "!any?" instead of "!all?", I think ... :-)
| + 4948 [schneik@us i] # > At first glance, I like the idea of any/all -- they seem to have broad
| | 4954 [charleshixsn] This is a nice series of operators.
| | 4983 [schneik@au t] Since "for every given x" ... "such that" is implied/presumed in your
| + 4949 [Dave@th ma e] details, details ;-)
|   4952 [ms@ia ta e. ] Or "sufficient?" -- talk about DWIM!  But, kidding aside, "any?", "all?"
+ 4956 [matju@ca .o ] I will post here an independently produced solution (i saw your page

Ruby Book Eng. translation editor's questions
4936 [jon@ka ji co] My name is Jon Babcock. I am editing the English translation of the
+ 4937 [matz@ze ab t] Oh, you are the one.  Thank you for the effort.  I myself is the
| + 4938 [Dave@th ma e] I don't know is this is appropriate, but in the Programming Ruby book
| + 4939 [jon@ka ji co] Matz,
+ 4940 [knu@id em ns] ^^ should have been a single `
  4941 [jon@ka ji co] ^^ should have been a single `
  + 4945 [knu@id em ns] I had second thoughts..  `` indicates `...` here, apparently.
  + 4946 [hal9000@hy e] Nobody cares about this but me,
    + 4947 [jon@ka ji co] Thanks very much for the input.
    | 4958 [manamist@wh ] SugHimsi.
    | 4959 [jon@ka ji co] Thank you Sugihara-san, for the corrections.  I will redo as you
    | + 4962 [matz@ze ab t] Perl document (perlop.pod) uses the word `brackets' for all these.
    | | 4964 [green@Fr eB ] parentheses ( )
    | | 4981 [schneik@au t] < > are referred to (and indexed as) (left and right) angle brackets in
    | | 4986 [jon@ka ji co] Many thanks to Matz, Aki, SuHi, Dave T., Hal F., Charles H., Brian F.,
    | + 4968 [manamist@wh ] That's true: I was a bad worker on this.
    + 4953 [charleshixsn] The grave accent is positioned on top of a vowel.  It looks
      4961 [hal9000@hy e] True.
      4973 [matju@ca .o ] Well, there are two inheritance-related usages of "<". One is the

What do I need to compile 1.4?
4951 [trinexus@on ] ...
4957 [fit0298@fi e] I made ruby-1.4.6 [i386-cygwin] on Windows95+cygwin.
4984 [trinexus@on ] Regards,
4985 [fit0298@fi e] (?_?) , check your cygwin configuration.
5005 [trinexus@on ] $ uname -a

Re: Conway's Quantum Superpositions
4955 [matju@ca .o ] The two are somewhat different. What you propose is two short-circuited

4960 [decoux@mo lo] It's in

Re: What do I need to compile 1.4? -- FAQ folder candidate
4963 [schneiker@ju] I hope this comment is redundant, but I wanted to make sure that this is
4969 [Dave@th ma e] Well.. I'd much rather see a pre-built distribution come along that
4976 [schneiker@ju] last
4980 [Dave@th ma e] True 'nuf. It's on the (ever growing) list of FAQ additions.

Re: Ruby Book Eng. translation editor's questions -- grave problems of accent
4965 [schneiker@ju] Oh yea? Just wait till you get bit by one!

Any Ruby download statistics available?
4966 [schneiker@ju] Is anyone keeping track of Ruby download statistics?
4972 [matz@ze ab t] I made up following ftp statistics from Sep. 1 to Sep 18,
5015 [schneik@au t] Thanks much.

RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2000-09-17)
4967 [schneiker@ju] RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2000-09-17)

Ruby 1.6 on Windows
4974 [Dave@th ma e] I downloaded ruby-1.6.0-20000912-i386-cygwin.tar.gz  from
4975 [fit0298@fi e] get "cygwin1-1.1.4.dll.zip" from the site.
4978 [Dave@th ma e] I'd downloaded it, but I hadn't renamed it... doh!  Many thanks.
4982 [fit0298@fi e] mingw32 version is depend on msvcrt.dll instead of cygwin1.dll.

Ruby Book Ch 2 English -- arguments/parameters/options?
4987 [jon@ka ji co] Once again, I must impose on your good graces.
+ 4988 [timd@ta di .] In-reply-to: <E13az2C-0003SS-00@yi.kanji.com>
+ 4989 [matz@ze ab t] I read  as (hiki-suu), but either OK in Japanese.
  4993 [jon@ka ji co] Thanks, Matz and Tim D.
  + 4995 [schneik@us i] Not to most people, but somewhere it does, but I don't recall where.
  | 4996 [schneik@us i] When  an  overloaded function name is used in a call, which overloaded
  | 4998 [jon@ka ji co] This tends to confirm my original impression that English uses
  + 5000 [matz@ze ab t] IIRC, stands for 'If I Recall Correctly'; and original chapter 2 means
    5001 [jon@ka ji co] Thanks, Matz.
    5009 [thucdat@ho m] Does this translation cover Ruby 1.6.x ?
    + 5010 [jon@ka ji co] The original Japanese source is ISBN4-7561-3254-5, written by
    | 5016 [matz@ze ab t] 1.4.0
    + 5012 [matz@ze ab t] The original Japanese version was for 1.4.x.  I'm planning to update

Re: Perl 6 rumblings -- RFC 225 (v1) Data: Superpositions (fwd)
4991 [schwern@po o] I don't think its quite understood *what* RFC 225 is proposing.  any()
+ 4992 [aleksi.nieme] While I can't grasp a bit what's going on with superpositions, I might add
| + 4994 [schneik@us i] # > This looks like a well flung gauntlet for the wizards of AUTOLOAD (or
| | 4999 [damian@cs mo] Damian
| + 5056 [matju@ca .o ] ok, let's see what's going on.
|   5087 [matju@ca .o ] I apologize for this stupidly undebugged code that doesn't work -- for a
+ 5002 [john@ne sy .] Aha! The case gets _more_ interesting. I (and everyone else) was mislead

[RRFC] semaphore class
4997 [hipster@xs a] This might be a nice addition to the Ruby synchronisation primitives.

ANNOUNCE: Ruby 1.6.0
5003 [matz@ze ab t] Long awaited Ruby 1.6.0 is finally released.

First 1.6.0 bug ?)
5004 [aleksi.nieme] My congratulations to matz and other Ruby gurus! You've done marvellous
5008 [matz@ze ab t] Dah!  Another bug!  Well, it's the life.

Working server
5006 [aleksi.nieme] I've tried to get some base for server framework in place, but I shouldn't
5007 [decoux@mo lo] pigeon% /usr/bin/ruby tsvr.rb &
5014 [aleksi.nieme] Thanks Guy for such a prompt response. It made me update my version of Ruby,

Changes in 1.6.0
5011 [matz@ze ab t] Here's the brief list of changes from 1.4.x to 1.6.0.
5247 [hfulton@au t] Greetings, all...
5250 [matz@ze ab t] In 1.4, multiple assignment
5271 [hal9000@hy e] Thank you very much, Matz... as always, we are
5272 [matz@ze ab t] Yes.  Sorry.

A QuantumSuperposition Proposal for Ruby
5013 [wang@rj a. o] # I have been play around the QuantumSuperpositions idea today and
5017 [yashi@ya hi ] i don't have any objection for 'any?' and 'all?'.
5018 [Dave@th ma e] Even better would be a closure or method object - that method call
5019 [yashi@ya hi ] it is indeed expensive than invoking a method object, but not as
5020 [Dave@th ma e] Sorry, you're correct: I misread a table of benchmark data. The 10
5027 [wang@rj a. o] thanks for the comments from yashi and dave!
5036 [yashi@ya hi ] it works because class String has a method '>'.  i guess what I meant

Possible Ruby 1.6.0 Tk-related bug.
5021 [schneik@us i] # ruby -v
5022 [Dave@th ma e] I believe there's a patch for this require problem (which bit me
5023 [schneik@us i] # > The good news is that other demos that don't use that require work,

5024 [feldt@ce ch ] Now we have
5025 [aleksi.nieme] - Aleksi

OT: How to display Japanese web pages
5026 [maki@in c. o] English version of Netscape can display Japanese pages without

A Tru64 problem and ruby-talkietiquette
5028 [aleksi.nieme] I just saw this (the little I could see in English)
+ 5029 [aleksi.nieme] Oh, and as an example of nice-to-know-in-English-too -thread stands the
| 5039 [matz@ze ab t] Are you interested in the list of articles in JAPANESE magazines?
+ 5030 [matz@ze ab t] Well, well, if I had a access to Tru64 machine, that would be a piece
| 5031 [Dave@th ma e] How do you see that mixing happening, though?
| 5054 [matz@ze ab t] Currently I have no good idea.  If so-called the market will grow, we
+ 5089 [manamist@wh ] I'm the author(=SugHimsi).

call for tester, and InstallShiled user.
5032 [fit0298@fi e] I made a package: pre-built ruby-1.6.0 [mingw32] based install-kit.

Having problems with Net::HTTP::do_finish
5033 [dfan@ha mo i] I just started using Ruby yesterday, and I'm having trouble with my
+ 5034 [aleksi.nieme] If it helps you at all, I might say that you're probably not alone with your
| 5037 [aleksi.nieme] I could add that Minero Aoki has documentation patch at
+ 5038 [aamine@dp u-] I could not reproduce this bug on my linux box. Then
  5042 [aamine@dp u-] This bug is resolved now.
  5048 [dfan@ha mo i] Thank you!  This patch fixes my problem.  I did have some problems

[ANNOUNCE] httpd 1.5
5035 [hipster@xs a] you can find a new, fully threaded revision of httpd, at

Re: ruby 1.6 install problem on AIX and HP (PR#59)
5041 [matz@ze ab t] You can specify the directory for the extra libraries to the configure

ruby interface for vim
5043 [shugo@ru y- ] I sent the Ruby interface patch for vim-5.4i to vim-dev ML at the
5047 [knu@id em ns] Excellent work! :>
5055 [shugo@ru y- ] Thanks a lot.

Strange ruby 1.6.0/cygwin1.1/Nt4 behavior/bug
5044 [feldt@ce ch ] So I figured I'd go install 1.6.0 final. I've previously been running the
5049 [matz@ze ab t] fetch the latest from CVS or apply the following patch, please.
5062 [feldt@ce ch ] Yes, the latest CVS fixed the problem. Thanks, matz.

Proposal: Add constants to Math
5045 [feldt@ce ch ] Since we now have Float#nan? and Float#infinite? I think the following
+ 5046 [feldt@ce ch ] Should be NEGINF = -1.0/0.0
+ 5051 [masa@st rs g] I can see discussion on Float::NaN and INFINITY in old mailing
| 5057 [feldt@ce ch ] $ irb
| 5066 [masa@st rs g] Oh, I overlooked the effect.  It depends on Complex class.
| 5067 [feldt@ce ch ] No problem. My point was simply that in a language were you can
| 5085 [matju@ca .o ] First of all, Math.log(-1) should give NaN, not -Infinity; Math.log(0) may
| + 5086 [matju@ca .o ] (oops)
| + 5096 [feldt@ce ch ] Yeah, you're right; I mixed them up...
+ 5069 [matz@ze ab t] Do you know good/portable way to generate positive/nagative infinity
  5088 [feldt@ce ch ] I guess the simplest answer is that since the current interpreter relies
  5113 [schneik@au t] ... (etc.)
  5138 [masa@st rs g] By searching with grep, I can't see any NaN-generating code
  + 5156 [feldt@ce ch ] Here's some really ugly/brutal code that seems to do the trick (with
  + 5177 [masa@st rs g] My idea was to insert such a script like below in configure.in,

5050 [h-goto@m5 pe] pecopeco

J. of 12Jun00 The Ruby Programming Language article?
5052 [jon@ka ji co] Could someone kindly point me to the original Japanese for the
5053 [matz@ze ab t] English.   But feel free to ask me anything.

Re: GC patch
5058 [matju@ca .o ] proportional to the number of currently allocated objects, so that % of
+ 5059 [bombadil@wa ] A little question :)
+ 5060 [matz@ze ab t] Thank you for the proposal.  Could you supply us unified diff, or at

Proposal: Add rubycpp.h or include in ruby.h
5061 [feldt@ce ch ] I think it would be nice if people can easily write ruby extension in C++

Default values for named formal parameters
5063 [feldt@ce ch ] We have some sort of named formal parameters, ie you can do
5064 [matz@ze ab t] Keyword arguments (ala Python) is one of the 1.7 goals.  Stay tuned.

ext/tcltklib/demo/lines1.rb failed
5065 [wang@rj a. o] ruby-1.6.1 (Sept.22 2000 cvs snapshot source)
5068 [matz@ze ab t] I have.  It's a bug.  I recently added load loop check, but forgot to

Ruby Book 2.18, Eng.tl, kesaran pasaran?
5070 [jon@ka ji co] (J. original)
5074 [yashi@ya hi ] 'kesaran pasaran' made me think until i realized it's just non-sense
5076 [jon@ka ji co] Well, I have to use something that a) the reader recognizes as
5080 [matz@ze ab t] I think the word `abracadabra' is OK here too.

RDBMS interface for Ruby?
5071 [philipd9@my ] Has anyone written an interface to the more common relational database
+ 5072 [aleksi.nieme] There's currently no such thing as Perl's DBI and DBDs for different
+ 5075 [yashi@ya hi ] i thought that, too.  but someone told me that Ruby doesn't even need

Proposal: "in" pseudo-operator
5073 [hal9000@hy e] On July 17, I asked about the possibility of a new bit

Crazy idea? infix method calls
5077 [hal9000@hy e] This is a generalization of the "in" operator idea which I
+ 5079 [aleksi.nieme] I'm not sure how
+ 5081 [matz@ze ab t] Hmm.
  5098 [hal9000@hy e] Thank you Matz...
  5100 [matz@ze ab t] It's possible, because 'in' is the reserved word, so that `x in y' is
  5115 [hal9000@hy e] Certainly let's discuss it then... ;)
  + 5119 [louie@Tr ns ] If most of the motivation to pursue this is to have a more "natural"
  | 5121 [hal9000@hy e] Matter of opinion.
  | 5124 [charleshixsn] I'm not certain that sets are necessary to Ruby, but rare?  unimportant?
  + 5125 [matju@ca .o ] let's say that there are 5 classes of precedence
  + 5131 [matz@ze ab t] I don't know.  I personally don't feel it's required.  But I can find
  | + 5162 [matju@ca .o ] In 5125, I did propose a precedence, but did not explicitly proposed a
  | | 5164 [hal9000@hy e] Thanks, Matju...
  | + 5205 [Dave@th ma e] Just to add a belated two cents, I'm personally against adding syntax
  |   5215 [hal9000@hy e] I see your point, Dave...
  + 5134 [gnhurst@hu s] if node in binary_tree then print "found node!\n"; end
  + 5137 [dfan@ha mo i] After some thought, I like it too.
    5139 [schneik@us i] # | I propose that the (pseudo) operator "in" (named as such) should

Regex.c error reporting beautifier
5078 [aleksi.nieme] ...
5097 [matz@ze ab t] Than you for the patch.  I'll merge it (with leak fix).

Application Error in 1.6.0 on Win2K
5082 [kcbspam@on m] I've created a 1.6.0 ruby extension (1.6.0 (2000-09-19) [i586-mswin32]),
5083 [kcbspam@on m] I just tried the latest from CVS.....and 1.6.1 (2000-09-22)......and that
5154 [kcbspam@on m] This is still not fixed by the latest in CVS 1.6.1 (2000-09-27)
5159 [matz@ze ab t] How did you compile your extension library.  I've got an sucess report

Application Error #2 on Win2K
5084 [kcbspam@on m] Running almost any version of ruby (1.4 and 1.6), if I just run ruby by
+ 5090 [matz@ze ab t] This is known bug.  Windows 98/NT/2K runs signal handler in a
+ 5153 [kcbspam@on m] This is fixed by the latest in CVS.  Thanks.