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class variables not thread-safe?
45144 [transami@tr ] i'm trying make an API available via DRb and/or ROMP. both bomb. DRb
45168 [kentda@st d.] Access to mutator methods (methods that change state) on a object from

amrita 0.8.2
45145 [tnakajima@br] I released amrita V0.8.2

attr_reader for great number of instance vars
45149 [x@ic im nk .] I'm building a parser class which uses a separate token class to store
+ 45150 [Dave@Pr gm t] THe class doesn't know it's instance variables: they only appear in
+ 45156 [brailsmt@ya ] If these tokens are a static entity (ie. they are predefined), then you

How to text if any array fields are null...and stop execution...
45153 [keuler@po ta] All-
45157 [nobu.nokada@] if field[1..5].find {|f| f == ""}

[ANN] Vim compiler plugin for Ruby
45154 [tim@ve et .a] Building on Hugh Sasse' work, I've developed a Ruby compiler plugin which
+ 45158 [brailsmt@ya ] Sweet!
+ 45171 [dsafari@pa a] Thank you!
+ 45193 [hgs@dm .a .u] Thank you.

Re: How to test if any array fields are null...and stop execution...
45160 [phasis@ko ne] line that says "quit" or something? (In the present case, if any of the

45165 [roysamir@ii ] ...

bdb and $=
45178 [tom@li ux ri] Just noticed, bdb's Hash interface doesn't pay attention to $=.
45179 [decoux@mo lo] You can call it a bug but see [ruby-talk:36573] and [ruby-talk:36856]
+ 45180 [decoux@mo lo] I've forgotten to say, see also the filter functions
| 45182 [tom@li ux ri] Hrm. I have a feeling the only way I could use this would be to tolower!
| 45183 [decoux@mo lo] yes,
| 45185 [tom@li ux ri] Okay, that looks nice. However I'm currently using BDB::Hash because I
| 45186 [decoux@mo lo] With BDB::Hash you can only use bdb_h_hash
| 45187 [tom@li ux ri] Alright - looks like I'm gonna try and convert all the users' db files
+ 45181 [tom@li ux ri] $= is obselete? Damn, that's news to me.
  45219 [ruby-talk@je] AFAIK, BDB is case-sensitive. This means, lower-case handling has to
  45228 [ned@bi e- om] More accurately, perhaps, is: keys in BDB are just strings of bytes.
  45261 [tom@li ux ri] Indeed, I've been using Marshal.dump()'d ruby objects, among other

How do I control sitedir other than through ./configure?
45188 [jfreeze@fr e] I am trying to define an install of ruby in an envirionment

45191 [rangers@ca t] Aiseau, 18th July 2002

45192 [djberge@qw s] RFC - DBRC.rb
45218 [transami@tr ] with only a quick look, looks good. does this fit as an RAA though? i
45220 [djberge@qw s] Michael Neumann, are you reading this? :)
45224 [uu9r@rz un -] If you want, I can create a contrib/dbrc directory in the CVS tree for it.
45225 [djberge@qw s] Sounds good.  Time to *actually learn CVS* then, I guess. :)

Windows - bind+send+recvfrom (udp)
45196 [ps@ra ia .m ] We are having trouble here with a ruby-program using a UDPSocket to send and

Bug in syslog module?
45199 [djberge@v5 h] Ruby 1.6.7 on Solaris 9

Father's death
45216 [bigbill.smit] My father, William "yet another Bill Smith" has died.  Plewase

Need Install configuration help
45217 [jfreeze@fr e] I am trying to define an install of ruby in an envirionment

ruby on Axis Developer Board LX ( etrax )?
45235 [joe@vp p. et] Any hints or tips would be mucho appreciated.

[ANN] YAML4R 0.26
45240 [yaml4r@wh th] Here's a quick notice to those of you who are following the YamlForRuby project.
45290 [khindenburg@] How about a short summary for the rest of us who have no idea what yaml is
+ 45293 [ned@bi e- om] YAML is a serialization scheme that uses human-readable (and editable)
| 45329 [james@ru yx ] There is an article on XML.com about YAML, "Look Ma, No Tags"
+ 45295 [feoh@fo rf z] I was going to ask the same thing actually.

Re: GUI's and the Rouge, Part III (yes, finally) 1/2
45241 [transami@tr ] a bit of an intro: my original thought on the matter of making a
+ 45245 [cjh_nospam@m] As you've found, it's a *major* piece of work. I should know - I designed
| 45249 [transami@tr ] ...
| 45254 [cjh_nospam@m] cool, just so you know.
| 45257 [bjsp123@ya o] underbelly of an
| + 45259 [transami@tr ] you should try it. i used to not write my apps this way. but i now
| | 45294 [ned@bi e- om] I disagree. Unless you're willing to make a horribly modal or limited
| + 45270 [dossy@pa op ] Yes.  There's a reason the Model-View-Controller (MVC)
| | 45297 [gehlker@fa t] Dossy is absolutely right here. I would add that if you are building a
| + 45311 [list@NO PA c] Tom is not talking about bolting a GUI onto an *application*, he's
| | 45321 [transami@tr ] i've just finished reading up on MVC. but i'm little puzzeled about how
| | + 45339 [gehlker@fa t] The Model is as you understand it, It's an object hierarchy that just sits
| | + 45357 [list@NO PA c] class SpreadSheet
| + 45446 [cjh_nospam@m] Nearly all existing GUI toolkits use some kind of asynchronous
|   45448 [ned@bi e- om] A couple of examples come to mind that have the characteristics you
|   45503 [bjsp123@ya o] N.B.  This post is rather dull.
+ 45246 [alwagner@tc ] Still looks like plain old Model-View-Controller to me.  You've split the
| + 45250 [transami@tr ] factastic hoogy-me-whatsy-do-it-all app and now you have to figure out
| | + 45306 [alwagner@tc ] I have never written such a program, that is, an "application" that I decided,
| | | 45326 [cjh_nospam@m] I have. Using OpenUI, you can first define the content of a set of messages
| | | 45340 [alwagner@tc ] OpenUI sounds fantastic.  But, it was known beforehand that OpenUI would be
| | | 45355 [cjh_nospam@m] Any UI platform - Windows, Motif, Mac, OS/2 and character terminals, and
| | | 45365 [alwagner@tc ] Still, you had to have learned an awful lot in that process.  And ultimately,
| | | + 45367 [transami@tr ] well, if it's any reassurance, i am probably the hardest working man in
| | | + 45444 [cjh_nospam@m] I thought of it that way, and it's taken several years to grieve over its
| | + 45309 [patrick-may@] What are the relative priorities of these requirements?
| |   45315 [transami@tr ] 1. multi-platform
| + 45301 [list@NO PA c] I think he's trying to make the generation of the View and Controller
|   45338 [gehlker@fa t] On 7/24/02 8:54 AM, "Massimiliano Mirra" <list@NOSPAMchromatic-harp.com>
|   45358 [list@NO PA c] Uhm, I don't know those, what are they?
|   45402 [gehlker@fa t] On 7/25/02 3:13 AM, "Massimiliano Mirra" <list@NOSPAMchromatic-harp.com>
|   + 45405 [transami@tr ] that's the rub. most of these GUI builders are limited in scope and
|   | 45438 [alwagner@tc ] I've found them useful, when they were available.  But I usually need
|   + 45437 [list@NO PA c] I see.  That's how GUI building in Delphi is, too.  It's still you
+ 45282 [curt@hi bs c] This issue wasn't so much native look-and-feel as it was native integration
  45287 [STUCKNER@MU ] What about WX-Windows. There is no ruby bindings for it, but would that fit
  + 45299 [curt@hi bs c] Yes, WX-Windows would have been a good candidate for FreeRIDE if it had Ruby
  + 45300 [transami@tr ] wxWindows is a good gui tookit, no doubt. but this clip from its webpage
    + 45308 [curt@hi bs c] I cannot claim that I have done a detailed analysis, but I wouldn't assume
    | + 45312 [transami@tr ] yes, i've been thinking about this. personally, i don't think that the
    | + 45319 [transami@tr ] Curt, i've registered with savannah. i'll let you know about the success
    + 45314 [wvucenic@ne ] I seem to read that quote from wxWindows differently than you do.  I
      + 45316 [transami@tr ] i may indeed stand corrected.
      + 45364 [curt@hi bs c] Yes, this is true.
        45369 [transami@tr ] i looked it over and i agree it looks pretty good. i don't know why i
        + 45377 [transami@tr ] curt, wayne and the rest,
        | 45396 [curt@hi bs c] Well, if you are into wild names, I'm the wrong person to ask -- I lean
        + 45395 [curt@hi bs c] I got everything all ready to go for the wiki, but I'm having problems with
          45399 [transami@tr ] curt,

Re: GUI's and the Rouge, Part III (grand finally) 2/2
45244 [transami@tr ] ...
45334 [transami@tr ] has anyone gotten a chance to take a look at the GUtopIa code yet?
45335 [transami@tr ] figures. as soon as post this i figure it out. never mind.

ruby/tk and bwidget?
45248 [engard@al .h] Can I use somehow this lib with ruby? I do not know much about tk's
+ 45251 [transami@tr ] there's Tix, a Tk extension. its linux only, i think, but it has a tree
+ 45252 [engard@al .h] I have found two essential info in tcltk.rb, which helped to use

passing array to function
45255 [cmatheson3@h] Is there a way to pass an array to a function... e.g
+ 45256 [justinj@mo i] Seems to work fine for me?
+ 45258 [nricci1@ic a] bye(myArray)
+ 45320 [cmatheson3@h] Hmm,

Eval question
45260 [justinj@mo i] I've got a question about 'eval'.  In the following example (which doesn't
45263 [tom@li ux ri] class MyClass
45264 [justinj@mo i] I see.  Thanks.
45267 [tsondergaard] val = nil
45268 [decoux@mo lo] No, not really :-)
45288 [justinj@mo i] This is exactly the information I was looking for!

[ANN] OpenSSL for Ruby 0.1.2
45265 [m.rokos@sh c] I'm pleased to announce 'OpenSSL for Ruby' 0.1.2.

ParseDate and Time
45266 [meier@me st ] how can I parse a Date from a String into a Time object?
45271 [heesobpark@y] Time.gm(t[5],t[4],t[3],t[2],t[1],t[0],nil,nil,nil,t[7])

Can I get data back from a fork?
45269 [jfreeze@fr e] Is there a way to get data back from a fork?
+ 45272 [jfreeze@fr e] ## We get here after system and redirect return
| 45275 [decoux@mo lo] job is created in a process
| + 45276 [jfreeze@fr e] That is what I figured, but I when I printed out the job.id for
| | 45280 [decoux@mo lo] Well, the 2 processes know the variable defined in the parent process but
| | 45285 [decoux@mo lo] cannot
| + 45277 [jfreeze@fr e] Another question. Do you know of a simple way to propagate data back
|   + 45279 [tom@li ux ri] Sure, spit out the data on stdout and have the parent read it back in :)
|   + 45281 [decoux@mo lo] Shared memory, it exist a module sysvipc in RAA
|   + 45283 [nobu.nokada@] Use exec instead of system.
+ 45278 [detering@is ] [codesnippet]
+ 45284 [matz@ru y- a] You have to use either pipe (between parent and child processes) or
+ 45289 [nricci1@no p] The problem is that when you fork, you are creating a new process. So,
+ 45291 [jfreeze@fr e] Wow, Thanks for all the help.
  45302 [alan@di ik t] This was mentioned in passing, but also shared memory via the

i need your help
45274 [idris1000@ul] To your Good Attention

[OT] Re: GUI's and the Rouge, Part III (yes, finally) 1/2
45286 [bjsp123@ya o] SOC?  It *can't* be System-on-a-chip... I'm going to
45328 [dossy@pa op ] Do customers (of software) pay for core functionality, or
+ 45342 [alwagner@tc ] Studies show that users prefer a good GUI with limited functionality over a
| 45344 [transami@tr ] not really. i mean it depends on the application. certainly there are
| + 45362 [bjsp123@ya o] should
| | 45428 [ino-waiting@] you may be thinking of window$, where marketing suggests a GUI will make a
| + 45366 [alwagner@tc ] The functionality of a spreadsheet had been around for years embedded in
|   45368 [bjsp123@ya o] for years embedded in
|   + 45370 [alwagner@tc ] Actually, there is a class of users out there that find the spreadsheet
|   | 45371 [Ephaeton@gm ] Pity we don't have tix for tk for ruby. [yeah, with tix,
|   | + 45374 [alwagner@tc ] Yeah, I know.  The lack of good bindings for tix drove me to build a table
|   | + 45378 [transami@tr ] you mean on windows? i've got it on linux works fine using ruby's tkext
|   |   45381 [Ephaeton@gm ] No, I mean Tix, which is a set of enhanced widgets and some
|   |   + 45382 [bjsp123@ya o] that
|   |   | 45391 [list@NO PA c] Beware of certain statements in certain places.  People who are
|   |   + 45392 [transami@tr ] yea, that's what i'm talking about. see post: 44364
|   |   + 45454 [nagai@ai ky ] 'tcltk-ext' library (see RAA) generates semi-automatically
|   + 45372 [list@NO PA c] Had a look at ncurses recently? :-)
|     + 45373 [bjsp123@ya o] find the spreadsheet
|     + 45375 [alwagner@tc ] I see the smiley.  But, actually, ncurses is not a bad model to use for GUI
|     | 45390 [list@NO PA c] I'll admit my bias toward ncurses and text interfaces, and it's funny
|     | 45687 [hal9000@hy e] I've been out of town, so I just saw this...
|     | 45698 [transami@tr ] Hal, i gots to know more. need to know about your plugable work. i've
|     | 45744 [hal9000@hy e] Oh, nothing earth-shattering. I have a couple of apps I'm
|     | 45977 [list@NO PA c] It seems that quite a few of us have been experimenting with interface
|     | + 45986 [hal9000@hy e] It's an interesting thought.
|     | | 46114 [list@NO PA c] That's ok.  Just pick the ideas up from RubyRED that you deem
|     | + 46009 [transami@tr ] i believe you have a plan. and i would love to host that endeavor.
|     |   + 46019 [curt@hi bs c] You're welcome. I'm just happy that to see this happenning, and I anxiously
|     |   + 46113 [list@NO PA c] I don't know if it is a design pattern in the Gang Of Four sense.  It
|     + 45380 [transami@tr ] no, never used it. nice design? would it worth binding too in order to
+ 45404 [gehlker@fa t] It really depends. Video games don't have any core functionality other than
  45413 [justinj@mo i] Games these days come with a decent amount of non-graphics coding - AI, Game
  45471 [gehlker@fa t] I guess it all depends on how one interprets "video" and "core

Ruby Tk diagnostics
45298 [hgs@dm .a .u] I'm trying to write a simple program to allow us to get data off a
45304 [decoux@mo lo] Work fine for me
45307 [hgs@dm .a .u] That is encouraging, at least...

Same name, different language
45305 [thucdat@ho m] ...

Re: ERROR NeonSendFile
45310 [matz@ru y- a] Everyone,

Dynamically determining a class or module's file name
45317 [djberge@v5 h] This may seem an odd question but, is there a way to dynamically
45318 [ned@bi e- om] But a class or module can be written in multiple files.

Ruby for MS-Win 1.7.2, how'd I get it?
45322 [michael_s_ca] I don't know how I did this, since I did it some time ago, but on one
45330 [ADATE@kc rr ] You will find two version of 1.7.2 here and I think the latest one (06-29)

FXRuby without the subclassing
45324 [transami@tr ] is there a way to use FXRuby without subclassing from an FXObject? every
45327 [lyle@us rs s] I'm not sure I understand the question. FXRuby is a class library just
+ 45331 [transami@tr ] thanks, that worked! this not at all how the examples i've seen do it,
+ 45350 [transami@tr ] Lyle,
  45383 [lyle@us rs s] If you just want to suspend the connection (implying that you're going

local variable assignment (was Re: FXRuby without the subclassing)
45332 [dblack@ca dl] If you don't specify the receiver in "self.value = ...", Ruby will
45333 [transami@tr ] thanks david, that makes sense, but i'm confused in that i don't have to
45336 [dblack@ca dl] (Whoops, I quoted the line above the = line instead of the one below :-)

Re: [ANN] amrita 0.8.3
45337 [tnakajima@br] Amrita is a a html/xhtml template library for Ruby.
45343 [transami@tr ] wonderful to hear! i'm planning to use amrita for a report engine.
45347 [jfreeze@fr e] Do you have any sample texml documents or good information
45349 [transami@tr ] i had a sample i put together some where around here. i'll see if i can
45354 [jfreeze@fr e] Sounds great!

A Code Challenge
45345 [transami@tr ] given a proc p and an object o with method x, such that the arity of x
+ 45351 [rich@in oe h] Well...here is some Ruby-fu.
+ 45352 [ned@bi e- om] You mean like this?
+ 45353 [ruby-talk@wh] class Object
+ 45376 [pbrannan@at ] *** WHY!?! ***
  | 45389 [pbrannan@at ] module_eval is probably better.  Using send to call private methods is
  | 45393 [decoux@mo lo] Sorry, but there is a small mistake in your message.
  + 45401 [nobu.nokada@] These :x shouldn't be method_name?
    45415 [pbrannan@at ] Yes, they should.  My mistake for using cut-and-paste programming.

running drb/rinda across different operating systems
45346 [raja@cs in i] I'm trying to setup a computational farm on our IBM SP cluster and have run
+ 45356 [ahumphr@ZA g] This isn't going to help you much since I haven't encountered
| 45361 [raja@cs in i] Thanks for the pointer.  I'll follow it up there too.
+ 45363 [m_seki@mv .b] I think that the version of dRuby of one of machines is old.
  45432 [raja@cs in i] Right.  Thanks!

Allowing creating unlimited databases
45360 [dir@sa di bm] Is there anyway in MySQL to make one of my customer can add unlimited

Re: Tk/Tix bindings for Ruby
45379 [Ephaeton@gm ] I think re-designing the bindings for Tk, including Tix, for ruby, would be
45384 [peter@se an ] If you want someone to do some testing, user documentation and code