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What's the biggest Ruby development?
4501 [Dave@th ma e] I've been gently pushing Ruby to the eXtreme programming folks, with
+ 4512 [schneik@au t] Out of curiosity, what is their threshold of large?
| + 4516 [Dave@Th ma e] John Carter was asking about 2+ man-years.
| + 4641 [claird@st rb] No.  No one knows.
|   + 4642 [schneik@us i] Conrad Schneiker
|   + 4643 [andy@to ls e] I think so.
|   + 4762 [matju@ca .o ] well, I know I've worked for/on OpenDesk.com which is approx a 10-30
+ 4513 [nahi@ke na t] Japanese is inline.  Be careful (How?)
+ 4548 [aamine@dp u-] Maybe it is my mailer "Mailest". I'm developping it about 2 years
  4565 [aleksi.nieme] Dave,
  4566 [Dave@th ma e] Agreed, but I think the question is still valid. What he's asking for
  4567 [aleksi.nieme] Yup, I understood that, and all information on this area is very important!

methods w/ ! giving nil
4502 [hgs@dm .a .u] I have got used to the idea that methods that end in '!' return nil if
4508 [matz@ze ab t] Mostly because underlying qsort(3) does not provide the way to know if
4525 [hgs@dm .a .u] That makes sense.  Could Ruby have its own qsort routine (in C) that
+ 4559 [matz@ze ab t] Actually Ruby does have its own qsort routine in C (in util.c), which
| 4564 [neumann@s- i] To check, if the qsort-routine changes the array, you can set a flag if
+ 4575 [wscott@ic ip] Note, I believe perl recently included a qsort in the distribution.

RubyUnit and encapsulation.
4503 [hgs@dm .a .u] My_class's instance variables are not all "attr :<name>" type variables,
4504 [Dave@th ma e] Encapsulation is good.
+ 4506 [CQN02273@ni ] FYI, RubyUnit includes ToPublic module. ToPublic#to_public method
| 4524 [hgs@dm .a .u] Ah, I had wondered what that was about.  Thank you.
+ 4507 [CQN02273@ni ] FYI, RubyUnit includes ToPublic module. ToPublic#to_public method
+ 4522 [hgs@dm .a .u] Agreed.

Ruby Specification
4509 [yashi@ya hi ] just found this one when i was looking for david and andrew's book.

extension module for C++ library?
4510 [aseltine@cs ] I am not a C or C++ wizard, so be gentle if this question is naive: it
4518 [yashi@ya hi ] is this 'writing ruby module in C++' or 'ruby module for a C++' as it

Re: Ruby Specification (book) by Yukihiro Matsumoto (c.2001)
4511 [schneik@au t] For the benefit of those of you who might be wondering what this

Seeking news/status about Ruby/Gtk and Glade/Ruby
4514 [schneik@au t] According to the RAA, there seems to have been no new (released)
+ 4515 [yashi@ya hi ] for glade/ruby, the code should be rewriten by someone who know xml
+ 4517 [igarashi@ue ] Almost code of current Ruby/GTK is written by hand.  I feel it
  4545 [steve@de f. ] as it has a nicer architecture.

a question about extension modules
4519 [aseltine@cs ] I asked once, but perhaps I wasn't clear enough. Is it possible to
+ 4520 [matz@ze ab t] Possible.  The only clue you need is enclose Init_ funciton by extern "C".
+ 4539 [c.hintze@gm ] ...
  + 4540 [aseltine@cs ] Yes, that's it.
  + 4542 [schneik@au t] I don't know much about these issues, but aren't various C++ interface

[1.5] rb_obj_call_init
4521 [decoux@mo lo] Why this modification ?
+ 4558 [matz@ze ab t] To make behavior of initialize clear and easier to find errors.
+ 4562 [decoux@mo lo] Yes,

rb2c status?
4526 [feldt@ce ch ] I tried using rb2c with Ruby 1.4.5 but can't get it to work. The rb2c docs
4556 [matz@ze ab t] The author graduated, and told me he had no time to maintenance rb2c

for and multiple assignment?
4527 [hgs@dm .a .u] Ruby already has mutiple assignment.  Would it be possible to extend
+ 4528 [decoux@mo lo] Something like this ?
+ 4529 [Dave@th ma e] Well, I can't speak to the reason, but I can suggest why it might not
  4532 [hgs@dm .a .u] I only tried it with a flat array, so I didn't spot the case Guy Decoux

RFC: Ruby extension for Random numbers
4530 [feldt@ce ch ] It turns out that both Aleksi and I have developed Ruby extensions for
+ 4531 [decoux@mo lo] Why not RNG (or Rng), you make always reference to RNG in the
| 4534 [hgs@dm .a .u] I'm delighted to see that this is to appear.
| 4535 [decoux@mo lo] Yes, but you can't remove it, many rng has the period in the name :-)
+ 4536 [green@Fr eB ] I'd like to ask that you provide a class that uses /dev/random, too!
  4549 [feldt@ce ch ] Our feeling is that matz and others have tried not to use acronyms in the
  4550 [decoux@mo lo] I was not against Math::Randon but my remark was for class
  4551 [feldt@ce ch ] Sorry but /dev/random is OS-specific. We plan on implementing Yarrow
  + 4552 [feldt@ce ch ] Ok, I see. Sorry.
  + 4554 [decoux@mo lo] For an user point of view, he don't need to know that it exist #_load,

Bitfield to Bignum?
4533 [feldt@ce ch ] For our Random extension we need to convert a bitfield (array of Fixnum or

Process.wait bug + fix
4537 [green@Fr eB ] If your system uses the rb_waitpid() codepath of rb_f_wait(),
4538 [Dave@th ma e] Perhaps it's late and I should waiting until morning before posting,
4553 [green@Fr eB ] That's what I expected Process.wait to do :(  That's how Bourne/Korn
4555 [Dave@th ma e] I guess tht the idea was you can always implement 'waitall' in terms

Likely Perl6 OO will still make Ruby look great.
4541 [schneik@au t] The following item is by the wizard who showed that it was possible to
4571 [sp00fD@ya oo] It boggles the mind that anyone would actually use that crap.  Perl's
4572 [andy@to ls e] Avoid projectile vomiting
4573 [Dave@th ma e] And another excuse not to engage in pair-programming...

Class aliases
4543 [feldt@ce ch ] Is there a better/other way of aliasing a class than doing
+ 4544 [rubikitch@ru] AliasForOC = OC
+ 4546 [Dave@th ma e] AliasForOC = OC
+ 4547 [feldt@ce ch ] Of course! Thanks a lot. The human brain (well at least mine ;-)) has an

New feature: Process.waitall
4557 [green@Fr eB ] ...

Tk problems in win distribution of ruby 1.4.5
4560 [rerwig@my de] I can't get the Tk demo to work for the Ruby 1.4.5 windows distribution.
+ 4561 [schneik@au t] Well, I used Tcl/Tk 8.3, and set tcltklib.rb accordingly (i.e.
| 4574 [WmLi@Th ug t] I got the same error message when running in WinNT4 with the standard
+ 4576 [neumann@s- i] In "ruby 1.4.5 (2000-06-26) [i386-cygwin]" (the Windows-distribution of

Continuations revisited
4563 [abel_sm@mt -] Pondering on the producer/consumer model showed by Jim Weirich

Q's on Marshal
4568 [feldt@ce ch ] I'm trying to figure out how to use Marshal in a sensible way.
4570 [decoux@mo lo] * string (the internal state)

Suggested patches to manual.
4569 [hgs@dm .a .u] As you may have noticed I was exploring eval recently.

Missing Ruby ML --> comp.lang.ruby posts.
4577 [schneik@au t] The following items in the Ruby ML archives from the last 2 days didn't
+ 4578 [schneik@au t] That should read "... from 00/08/22 are missing too."
+ 4579 [nosuzuki@e- ] That is my fault, sorry.
  4590 [schneiker@ju] Thanks much. It has been a *very* useful program.

RubyUnit testcase run for different init params?
4580 [feldt@ce ch ] I have a Test_MyClass < RUNIT::TestCase class that tests my class MyClass.
4583 [feldt@ce ch ] With parameters I mean parameters to initialize. In particular, The
4584 [Dave@th ma e] class Test_MyClass
4623 [feldt@ce ch ] Yes, that's a solution. IMHO, it's not very "beautiful" since you need to
4624 [Dave@th ma e] But in reality, what code is duplicated? There's the two lines
4627 [feldt@ce ch ] You have a point there but I'm still surprised why you don't suggest
4628 [Dave@th ma e] True - in this particular case, where (presumably) the constructors all
4660 [feldt@ce ch ] Based on the previous discussion and the solution I ended up using I'd
+ 4662 [feldt@ce ch ] 70a71,76
+ 4749 [CQN02273@ni ] OK, I'll merge your patch. Thank you. But now, the other way comes
  4770 [nakahiro@sa ] Agreed.  But what classname should be dumped at toplevel?
  + 4827 [CQN02273@ni ] Hmm. I think NOTHING should be dumped at toplevel.
  + 4828 [matju@ca .o ] May I know the reason why the "#" symbol is used as a class/method
    4833 [Dave@th ma e] When you describe a class method, we can use the Ruby call notation,

racc installation under 1.6
4581 [Dave@th ma e] If you update to Ruby 1.6 (yeah, yeah!!), then try to re-install racc,
4585 [matz@ze ab t] You should always remember 1.6.0 will remain preliminary access until
4587 [Dave@th ma e] Sorry if I spilled the beans.
4597 [aamine@dp u-] Yes, it is the bug of setup.rb. This patch may help.

irb and 1.6
4582 [Dave@th ma e] If you install 1.6 from scratch, xmp.rb doesn't work, as it tries to
4586 [matz@ze ab t] Oops, I'll ask the author about this and try to fix it before the

4588 [Kindzadza@ap] DDT Studio  is  highly qualified and professional web design and

autoload and Thread
4589 [decoux@mo lo] This example don't work, it's normal ?
4621 [matz@ze ab t] No.  It's a bug.  But it's far harder to fix than it looks.

Can't get Tcl/Tk working
4591 [steve@de f. ] I can't get any of the samples in the ext/tk/sample directory working. All
4594 [schneik@us i] I can't help you but others might have a better chance if you told them the
4598 [steve@de f. ] Here's the extra detail you asked for...
4599 [schneiker@ju] tcltklib (LoadError)
4600 [decoux@mo lo] Try (probably there is a better way to do it)
4604 [steve@de f. ] That did the trick.

Getting list of regexp matches
4592 [steve@de f. ] I'm sure looking forwards to buying the book. :)
4593 [Dave@th ma e] Yup -- not really a problem, particularly if you don't mind having the
4602 [steve@de f. ] Thanks for the help. By combining this message (some nice tricks in your
4603 [Dave@th ma e] The difference is that
+ 4605 [decoux@mo lo] It's best to write
| 4606 [steve@de f. ] I'm guessing the reason is because '<<' is implemented by a local method,
| 4607 [decoux@mo lo] pigeon% cat b.rb
+ 4613 [green@Fr eB ] I'm not Matz, but I know the easy solution, thanks to my friend
  4614 [Dave@th ma e] 'fraid not.
  + 4615 [green@Fr eB ] Oh nuts :( That certainly doesn't show up when using integers.  Well,
  + 4616 [matz@ze ab t] Or try

Re: ANN: Clifford Algebras in Python
4595 [schneik@au t] FYI -- in case someone is interested in doing a Ruby variant....

RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2000-08-27)
4596 [schneiker@ju] RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ -- Welcome to comp.lang.ruby!  (Revised 2000-08-27)

require and $SAFE
4601 [decoux@mo lo] It's normal ?
4619 [matz@ze ab t] Yes.  If you find any security problem, tell me.

Class methods
4608 [ms@ia ta e. ] def File.read(s)
+ 4609 [decoux@mo lo] You can write
| 4610 [ms@ia ta e. ] a = File.readlines("a",nil).join, sure.
+ 4617 [matz@ze ab t] Well, I don't want to provide every method of IO/File as a class
  4630 [ms@ia ta e. ] Point well taken - though, at the risk of beating a dead wildebeast here,
  + 4631 [Dave@th ma e] How about this solution, written in Ruby, that seems to do what you
  | + 4636 [ms@ia ta e. ] Lovely stuff!  Thanks.  The block_given? line gives me a "stack level too deep"
  | | 4639 [Dave@th ma e] Oops - I used block_given?, which is a Ruby 1.6 method. On 1.4, it
  | | 4644 [hal9000@hy e] Excuse my ignorance, but if it's available in October (and by the way,
  | | 4645 [Dave@th ma e] Apparently. Same as PragProg, which was released in October 1999 but
  | + 4637 [decoux@mo lo] This is because you use 1.4.6 and Dave Thomas use 1.6.0
  |   + 4638 [aleksi.nieme] Odd. Maybe the your version of Ruby is not up to date. Or maybe it's too
  |   | 4640 [ms@ia ta e. ] whoops- I'd looked at the lib reference, but under "Class" instead of
  |   + 4685 [matju@ca .o ] why not this?
  |     4686 [Dave@th ma e] That's better. I believe it's slightly less efficient (as it
  |     4689 [decoux@mo lo] pigeon% cat b.rb
  |     + 4690 [matz@ze ab t] It must be a bug.  There shoule not be the defference except
  |     + 4691 [decoux@mo lo] def a
  |       4692 [matz@ze ab t] These should give same results.  I'll fix.
  + 4632 [matz@ze ab t] class <<IO

mod_ruby 0.1.19
4611 [shreeve@s2 .] Shugo (and others),

4612 [matju@hb so ] I feel that the Object#inspect feature should be unfolded into several
4620 [matz@ze ab t] Hmm, I think inspect is an inspect is an inspect.

Ruby GC fix
4618 [matju@ca .o ] I just read the Ruby GC thread about the performance bug and sample

(?>...) construct
4622 [Dave@th ma e] Can anyone think of any real-life, practical applications of the
4626 [decoux@mo lo] Look in the directory lib of perl-5.6.0

Perl becomes more readable than Ruby
4625 [steve@de f. ] Hey guys,
4629 [schneik@au t] Back in the days when keypunches were on the endangered species list,

Printing tables
4633 [bombadil@wa ] I'm looking for advice.
+ 4634 [aleksi.nieme] Probably all these are non-existent solutions, but it might be time to start
| 4663 [bombadil@wa ] Not just only print. It works very well and fast.
+ 4635 [neumann@s- i] Look at Ruby Application Archive (RAA).
  4665 [bombadil@wa ] The real problem is how to print html document.
  4677 [yashi@ya hi ] I don't know it's gonna work or not...  but how about writting
  4681 [bombadil@wa ] Can you explain this more, Please?
  4682 [yashi@ya hi ] one more link which might be interesting to someone.

Function argument lists in parentheses?
4647 [thutton@ve .] I'm very new to Ruby (less than a week) but I'm finding it's amazing
4649 [matz@ze ab t] Certain methods?  For example?
4683 [thutton@ve .] Of course, thanks.  I've played around some more and found my cases
4684 [matz@ze ab t] Oops, I forgot to allow them for RHS of multiple assignment.

Re: Not seeing today's ruby-talk ML items on comp.lang.ruby
4648 [schneik@au t] Well, many hours later, some of these posts did turn up. However, my
4667 [nosuzuki@e- ] Do you have your original message's Message-Id? I think it's

Re: Printing tables -- Komondo
4650 [schneik@us i] start

Why I like Ruby #3124
4651 [Dave@th ma e] I'd written the statement 'block parameters are assigned to when the

Andy and Dave's European Tour 2000
4652 [Dave@th ma e] Seal those borders and lock up your keyboards, 'cos Andy and Dave are
4653 [matz@ze ab t] Drop in Japan next time please.
4655 [Dave@th ma e] We'd love to. Maybe O'Reilly would invite us to the Ruby conference so

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4656 [info@Lo to A] The newest and largest online global lottery is about to begin selling tickets!

Ruby tutorials for newbie
4657 [kevin@vc .b ] I've tried searching around for tutorials on ruby, but I haven't found
4658 [matz@ze ab t] Try http://www.math.sci.hokudai.ac.jp/~gotoken/ruby/ruby-uguide/
+ 4659 [schneik@us i] Section 1.2 of the RUBY NEWSGROUP FAQ (posted a few days ago, and copied in
| 4661 [matz@ze ab t] I forgot to mention publicly.  I'm NOT writing the book about Ruby
| 4664 [schneik@us i] Very interesting. Well, I'll see that the reference in the Newsgroup FAQ is
| 4666 [Dave@th ma e] Andy and I don't work for Addison-Wesley, so we have no control over
+ 4670 [ms@ia ta e. ] Kevin et. al.,
  4671 [knu@id em ns] Great!  Would you put a tarball of the retranslation so anyone can
  + 4680 [ms@ia ta e. ] Would any of the more experienced rubyists be willing to look through it
  + 4687 [decoux@mo lo] % ruby -v
  | 4701 [schneik@us i] [I originally posted this to comp.lang.ruby, but it apparently never got
  | 4704 [hal9000@hy e] for
  + 4737 [ms@ia ta e. ] It's at http://www.cs.iastate.edu/~slagell/ruby/eval.rb -- is there any
    4738 [matz@ze ab t] How about entry into RAA http://www.ruby-lang.org/en/raa.html
    4764 [ms@ia ta e. ] Okay, I put it on the RAA page, after making a couple of modifications that

Windows registry
4668 [trinexus@on ] ...
4727 [neumann@s- i] Yes, it is possible!
4735 [trinexus@on ] Thanks Michael,

Still having problems with Tk on win
4669 [feldt@ce ch ] I want to run tcltklib on Win NT4 using ruby cygwin 1.4.5. I've tried to
4694 [neumann@s- i] have you downloaded Ruby-cygwin  as "rbcw145.zip" from the FTP server ?

calling super from c
4672 [feldt@ce ch ] rb_funcall( self, rb_intern("super"), 0 );
+ 4673 [decoux@mo lo] rb_call_super(int argc, VALUE *argv);
| 4675 [feldt@ce ch ] Ok, I found it in eval.c but not in ruby.h or intern.h... (ruby 1.4.5)
| 4676 [decoux@mo lo] Yes,
+ 4674 [Dave@Th ma e] There's rb_call_super.
+ 4679 [yashi@ya hi ] 1.4 doesn't have an easy-to-use c API for 'super'.  but in Ruby
  4688 [feldt@ce ch ] Ok, thanks to all for claryfying this.