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^ Character Code
44946 [grrr wild.ne] My apologies if this is a ridiculously simple question...
+ 44948 [gotoken notw] line[0] == ?;
| + 44949 [hal9000 hype] Hal
| + 44961 [dossy panopt] ?x being a shortcut for Fixnum literal is cool, but what an
|   44982 [matz ruby-la] Yeah, I had to leave place for code obfuscation opportunities for the
+ 44950 [transami tra] line[0,1]
  44962 [dossy panopt] Working in the other direction from everyone's suggestions, I
  + 44965 [grrr wild.ne] This has got to be the friendliest programming newsgroup in existence.
  | 45107 [todd ducklan] yeah...we're not jaded :)
  + 44967 [transami tra] Dossy, that's probably the best one --LNO, least number of objects.

^ Thanks.Re: Is there any English version of Ruby/tk class documentation like this ?
44953 [mxiao ee.ual] Thanks everyone who give me the information about it.They are really

^ Ruby Newbie (pun not intended)
44964 [noreply news] ...

^ Another bit of Ruby artwork
44968 [hal9000 hype] See http://rubyhacker.com/rubysuper.jpg
+ 44969 [brailsmt yah] Apology accepted.  :)
+ 44986 [tokikenshi a] Heh, great pic. :)

^ 本月特惠推荐智强型主机租用,购完即止!
44974 [sanry 21cn.c] 本月特惠推荐智强型主机租用,购完即止!

^ GUI's and the Rouge, Part 1
44976 [transami tra] i just discovered Rouge. a very ambitious project to say the least.
44978 [ned bike-nom] Can you share a link with us so we can look at it?
+ 44979 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 44980 [transami tra] ~transami

^ valid hash keys
44983 [davegaramond] $ irb
+ 44984 [ned bike-nom] * Perl will happily change numbers to strings (and back), sometimes
+ 44989 [lyle knology] ...

^ GUI's and the Rouge, Part II
44985 [transami tra] ugliness when it came to hand coding a GUI interface. follow this link.
+ 44992 [ned bike-nom] The main problem with this is that the data shouldn't have to know
| + 44995 [transami tra] thanks Ned,
| + 45026 [transami tra] hey Ned! your concept of an intervening "object" turned out to be right
| + 45161 [patrick-may ] This ties into a discussion I was having about coding and testing html
+ 44993 [alwagner tca] I'm sorry, Tom, but I don't see a really new direction in your comments.  It
| 44998 [transami tra] quite right! it can't be. but we certainly can make the tools for its
+ 44996 [rich infoeth] Apologize in advance...this is a LONG response...
| 44999 [transami tra] no no that's great!
| 45002 [rich infoeth] as
+ 44997 [list NOSPAMc] Thread.new { Gtk.main }
| 45025 [transami tra] and a damn good $.02 it is!
| 45077 [list NOSPAMc] I see from your posts about module_eval and define_method that you've
| 45078 [transami tra] yes, thanks. i managed to hack it out. :-)
+ 45030 [curt hibbs.c] [snipped lots and lots of interesting stuff]

^ [ANN] Ruby/MaxL 1.5.0
44988 [jai89 attbi.] Ruby/MaxL is an extension that allows Ruby programs to interact with

^ [OT] Learning Japanese
44994 [nojgoalbyspa] ...
+ 45016 [tim vegeta.a] ...
| 45028 [leon ugcs.ca] On a similar note, does anyone have a reference to getting X terminals to
| + 45031 [gotoken notw] Almost all basic tools to read/write Japanese are included in
| + 45033 [ned bike-nom] Hmm... my machine routinely displays Japanese characters in the
| + 45048 [tim vegeta.a] ...
+ 45020 [noreply news] ...
+ 45029 [erik solidco] You can learn a lot by reading existing (Ruby related) websites with pop up
| 45059 [huber alum.w] This is _really_ cool.  I started to learn Japanese a couple years
| 45062 [erik solidco] You're welcome, sometimes I wonder why it isn't more well known, the
+ 45032 [akimichi mbo] I hope the following pointer will help.
+ 45037 [nojgoalbyspa] ...

^ How to use "new" method of TkImage
45004 [mxiao ee.ual] Anyone can tell me how to use the TkImage class method? Seems it is much
45027 [decoux moulo] ...
45034 [mxiao ee.ual] Image.new;can it create a new image?According to the Rdoc, should be
45035 [decoux moulo] ...
45094 [mxiao ee.ual] Thank you very much.Now I know why I cannot find any example of how to use

^ ncurses and ruby
45006 [cmatheson3 h] The curses lib for ruby lacks documentation completely.  The examples
+ 45011 [charlesb sum] I have written a a yahoo chat client that uses the curses lib.. it's not a very good example, but it may help you
+ 45022 [djkea2 mugca] You might like to have a look at the ncurses library written by Tobias
  45167 [tpeters uni-] Thanks for pointing there ;). The only enhancement that this binding

^ Converting from Runit to TestUnit
45019 [zak_mail tel] Yesterday I just convert my application to the new Test::Unit.

^ attr_accessor, attr_reader question
45023 [brailsmt yah] Is there a way that I can use attr_accessor or attr_reader so that I
45024 [nobu.nokada ] alias bit? bit

^ ruby-mode.el dies when breaking ternary exp.
45036 [airboss node] ruby-mode.el causes Emacs to consume all available CPU when using the
45039 [nobu.nokada ] Does the patch fix it?
45040 [airboss node] Yes, that it does. Thanks!
45041 [nobu.nokada ] Although irrelevant to it, incidentally I made another patch

^ module_eval: adding a method to a class with a proc
45042 [transami tra] i'm having a little problem that i'm not sure how to solve. i'm trying
45043 [ned bike-nom] You've got a scoping problem, and x isn't visible inside "def ten".
45047 [nobu.nokada ] Alternative.
45065 [transami tra] thanks a million! that worked like a charm.

^ Install troubles
45044 [jfreeze free] I have installed ruby on maxosx, but am having trouble with
45051 [gehlker fast] Jim, I don't know why Fink didn't put readline where Fink is looking for it
45052 [jfreeze free] make distclean
45053 [jfreeze free] Well, since that did not work, tried to install again via fink and
45055 [gehlker fast] Well this sucks. I was thinking that maybe it was a flat-namespace issue so
45057 [gehlker fast] I erased ruby from /usr/local and re-installed it with Fink. Then I tried
45060 [jfreeze free] Hmm, re-installing fink seems kind of drastic. I just upgraded it yesterday
45086 [gehlker fast] It sure is drastic if an install takes 5 hours. Sometimes I forget that not
45089 [jfreeze free] Actually I have a fast connection, tetex is just a monstor to build.
45102 [gehlker fast] I'm sorry you had to loose all that work.
45110 [jfreeze free] Hmm, I haven't tried complete = enhance. What functionality does it provide over

^ instant messaging and babelfish
45045 [banspamlambb] 1) has anyone developed ruby libraries for an instant messaging client
45046 [rich infoeth] Yes I have (a Jabber library).

^ RE: [ANN] amrita 0.8.1 (win32 strscan build help)
45050 [rich infoeth] What Ruby version to you have 1.6 or 1.7?
45064 [pierre.baill] Unfortunately, I'm on 1.6.7 win32. But i'll be interested in 1.7

^ what version of GTK?
45054 [cmatheson3 h] I just got all the stuff from ruby-gnome.sf.net, but I'm wondering...

^ FXRuby-1.0.11 install make failed
45056 [jfreeze free] I just installed fox-1.0.11 via ports on FreeBSD and
45070 [curt hibbs.c] The problem is in the Ruby header files. The FXRuby build instructions (I
45074 [jfreeze free] Hmmm, maybe you can explain. I did not change the ruby header files
45123 [jlj cfdrc.co] ...
45146 [nobu.nokada ] intern.h in recent 1.6 branch also has those prototypes.
45189 [lyle users.s] OK, this is good to hear. I was just considering the (released) Ruby

^ ruby-mode.el again; imenu this time
45061 [airboss node] More ruby-mode.el fun today. The following bit of code, when run
45073 [nobu.nokada ] ruby-imenu-create-index didn't work for nested classes.  I'm
45100 [airboss node] This is better, but still doesn't do what I expect. The code fragment
45155 [nobu.nokada ] Exactly.  ruby-move-to-block was needed to modify to skip RD
45205 [airboss node] Works perfectly. Many thanks for your work.
45222 [nobu.nokada ] ...
+ 45230 [airboss node] class Foo
+ 45247 [matz ruby-la] Commit them, please.
  45296 [nobu.nokada ] ...
  45325 [matz ruby-la] Hmm, then go ahead.

^ Test::Unit with RubyUnit compatibility layer bug?
45063 [tsondergaard] Is it well-known that Test::Unit asserts display the wrong file and linenumber if you use the RubyUnit compatibility layer? Here's how a failure looks with Andy's latest windows installer with Test::Unit 0.1.4.
45088 [tsondergaard] Here's a 3 character fix for it

^ adding an argument to a proc
45066 [transami tra] is there a way to add an argument to a proc after its creation?
45069 [kentda stud.] Don't think so. Sounds like it would wreak a havoc of ambiguity on
+ 45071 [transami tra] Kent,
+ 45072 [kentda stud.] Ops. You don't have to go nuts on the y like this. I was trying

^ Ruby Weekly News
45067 [Dave Pragmat] ...

^ define_method with super in the proc
45068 [transami tra] ran into a serious problemo! i'm trying to create a subclass with
45172 [kentda stud.] Even worse, it seems to define @y = 10 for the class object B. In fact,
45174 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 45176 [transami tra] thank goodness. after reading kents post i was about to cry. guess its
| 45195 [g_ogata optu] Is this feasible?
| 45197 [transami tra] Mr. Ogata,
| 45200 [dblack candl] I'm losing sight of the goal here.  What's the advantage of this kind
| 45203 [transami tra] well here's my code (slight out of date now). you'll notice i have super
+ 45177 [kentda stud.] Thank you. Since this is on the main branch, I take it the best bet
  45184 [transami tra] thanks kent,
  45190 [dblack candl] One thing that may be involved is the fact that super is actually a

^ Using Ruby as a scripting engine for C programs
45079 [snegri- -fre] ...

^ SSH implementationin Ruby
45080 [Shashibhusha] Where can I get SSH implementation in Ruby ? Can anyone help on this issue
45242 [bobx linuxma] ...
45341 [W.L.Kleb lar] Where exactly?  (I'm a bit slow, a case insensitive search on 'ssh'
45359 [bobx linuxma] Yikes..you are not slow...I am dumb. I was either thinking of another

^ ruby17 eventually puzzled with ile
45081 [fritz.heinri] I downloaded ile and tried with ruby17 fresh compiled from freebsd
45082 [nobu.nokada ] At line 92, #{ isn't closed.
45084 [bcox virtual] Nice catch, Nobu! Its fixed on my dev box. Will upload to

^ ruby-dev summary 17696-17713
45085 [aamine mx.ed] This is a summary of ruby-dev ML in these days.

^ (none)
45087 [zack softdes] matome 27u

^ rdtool and rdoc
45090 [Dave Pragmat] At this risk of sounding biased... :)
+ 45091 [decoux moulo] ...
| + 45095 [Dave Pragmat] Could you elaborate?
| | 45098 [decoux moulo] ...
| | 45127 [jlj cfdrc.co] ...
| | + 45128 [Dave Pragmat] One reason you might want to consider it is simply the ease of keeping
| | + 45159 [decoux moulo] ...
| |   45162 [tsondergaard] Can I use that too?
| + 45099 [tsondergaard] Why not?
+ 45092 [pbrannan atd] I think this is an intriguing idea.
| + 45097 [Dave Pragmat] True enough. There's been some talk about having a --lang switch that
| | 45104 [bcox virtual] In the for what its worth department....
| | 45106 [Dave Pragmat] Interesting points.
| | + 45114 [bcox virtual] I know... http://virtualschool.edu/ile uses RDOC
| | | 45116 [bcox virtual] Sorry, broken link... this should read...
| | | 45118 [DDouthitt cu] ...
| | | + 45119 [dossy panopt] No, programmers SHOULD write programs, by the very definition of the
| | | + 45120 [dblack candl] RDoc is pluggable; there are different backends, and more can be
| | | + 45121 [list NOSPAMc] If I remember correctly, RDoc is designed around plugins, so what
| | | + 45124 [Dave Pragmat] That's just the default. RDoc also generates Windows .chm files
| | | | 45129 [W.L.Kleb lar] David, where do I find out how to do this?  I.e., is there
| | | | 45130 [dblack candl] There's a README in the contrib/xslfo directory, and also there's a
| | | | 45131 [DDouthitt cu] ...
| | | + 45169 [tom linuxbri] RDtool doco is a pain to maintain and keep up to date, and it doesn't
| | | | 45641 [pabs pablotr] Agreed.
| | | | 45670 [tobiasreif p] XSLFO *is* an output format. XSLT is the one that can be used to
| | | | 45727 [pabs pablotr] I'm aware of that.  What I was trying to say is that I wish the output
| | | | 45753 [Dave Pragmat] To do that I'd have to know all about your XML/XSLT/LaTeX (or whatever)
| | | + 45238 [charleshixsn] Frames is a bad way to go if you intend to print it, but if you intend
| | |   + 45239 [dblack candl] I just want to re-emphasize that RDoc is pluggable.  Not that that
| | |   + 45243 [Dave Pragmat] Some things (such as comments) are on the ToDo list. Having the method
| | |     45262 [ngawor lucen] to browse (not search) a database.
| | + 45163 [tnakajima br] See http://kari.to/amrita/rdocs/files/docs/Tour.html
| + 45101 [aamine mx.ed] Matz is requiring standard library must contains English document,
| + 45194 [hgs dmu.ac.u] I'd like to see a solution to this.  Given the collaboration between
+ 45093 [jfreeze free] If it helps, I think that rdoc should be part of the standard distribution.
+ 45096 [list NOSPAMc] As we say over here, `I'm falling off from clouds'.  I thought RDoc
| 45105 [ jimm io.com] Mine, as well.
+ 45122 [transami tra] my votes for RDoc as well. i started by using RDTool, but was floored
| + 45125 [W.L.Kleb lar] Try,
| + 45126 [Dave Pragmat] Try
+ 45142 [matz ruby-la] While it is not clearly defined how to bundle non-interpreter tools
| 45147 [Dave Pragmat] Yes - I'll do it, although I have to clear a few things off my plate
+ 45170 [dsafari para] While I don't comment my code too extensively, I do find RDoc is a nice
+ 45236 [charleshixsn] rdoc looks nice, and it works well for small pieces of code.  But when
  45237 [Dave Pragmat] If you click on the class name in the center pane you get a list of

^ Re: zsh [was: Install troubles]
45103 [michael_s_ca] Getting a bit OT here, but yes, zsh's programmability with respect to

^ piping into ruby at command line
45108 [ADATE kc.rr.] ...
+ 45109 [dossy panopt] $ cat >junk.txt <<EOT
| 45113 [dblack candl] OK, after some mystification, I figured out what's happening.
| + 45115 [dossy panopt] I was smoking my cigarette before my 2:00 PM meeting.  I would
| + 45152 [ADATE kc.rr.] ...
+ 45111 [mghall enter] cat file | ruby -n -e 'puts $_'

^ Q: threads and sleeping system calls
45112 [mghall enter] I've been playing around, adding a Dir::notify method
45204 [gotoken notw] Though I'm not sure of what you'd like to do, the following sketchs

^ Tcsh was:Re: Install troubles
45117 [gehlker fast] My favorites are that it silently fixes case errors and encourages

^ Time Conversion
45132 [DDouthitt cu] ...
45133 [harryo zip.c] Look at Time.at().  In your case, I think this should work ...
45134 [dblack candl] puts Time.at(t)

^ TCPServer bug or and interface change ?
45135 [domingo dad-] Looking in a way to use ruby to make some servers (like
+ 45164 [nobu.nokada ] Is it late setting after TCPServer.new?
| 45323 [domingo dad-] You are right about the formal parameter, although a VALUE is equal an
| 45397 [nobu.nokada ] ...
+ 45348 [b.j.willis s] ...

^ Strings and member-operators
45136 [grrr wild.ne] I'm looking for a way to strip the quotes (and whitespace) off of a
+ 45137 [dblack candl] Here are a couple of possible ways to do this (untested for speed (and
+ 45138 [hal9000 hype] [snip - I think David addressed this?]
| 45151 [grrr wild.ne] 'self' is exactly what I wanted, as were all (or any) of the solutions
+ 45139 [transami tra] class String
+ 45140 [dossy panopt] class StripQuotesTest < Test::Unit::TestCase
  45148 [dblack candl] To atone for the fact that my earlier suggestions didn't do what the
  45173 [dossy panopt] Very cool.  I wonder why you had to wrap \1 in parens, though.
  45175 [dblack candl] Good question.  I think it was left over from some intermediate
  45198 [g_ogata optu] Is there an advantage to using .*? there instead of .*?  (That second '?'
  45201 [dblack candl] Hmmmm...  Like the other thing Dossy pointed out (putting () around
  45206 [transami tra] let me get this straight? is the original question how to strip a string
  + 45207 [dossy panopt] It's faster using regexp.  Fewer intermediate temporary objects created.
  | 45208 [dossy panopt] Oh, and your code doesn't work, either.  It doesn't make all the
  | 45209 [transami tra] really? what did it fail on?
  | 45210 [1027874567.3] ttyl,
  | 45212 [transami tra] uh, not without the test suite...but i still had the old message so i
  | 45214 [dossy panopt] Loaded suite tc_ts_strip_quotes
  | + 45215 [transami tra] okay, thanks dossy. so its also suppose to strip the whitspace even when
  | + 45221 [michael_s_ca] ?  It would be a surprise to me that a method like stripQuotes would
  + 45211 [dblack candl] Well, I find the regex version simpler :-)  To take care of single
    45213 [transami tra] (namely, it would see that