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^ First Program
44739 [nathanpp hot] I'm attempting to write my first Ruby program and am running into a little
44741 [Dave Pragmat] Are you running through a firewall?
44840 [nathanpp hot] I'm sure that I am but I have no problem using FTP from the command line.

^ Parser/execution question
44747 [justinj mobi] ...
44751 [decoux moulo] ...
44757 [justinj mobi] ...
44759 [decoux moulo] ...

^ Tk:  event.widget.callback_break
44756 [alwagner tca] Did Tk change between 1.6.5 and 1.6.7?  After several months occupied with
44891 [nagai ai.kyu] # Sorry too late. But I'm a little busy. :-)
44894 [alwagner tca] I have tried running with and without the -d option.  Yes, with the -d option

^ NEW Ruby Group Rhein-Main
44758 [spam2 poscht] I set up a Group for Ruby-users in the Rhein-Main-Area in Hessen,
44762 [armin xss.de] Rhein-Main, that is close to Frankfurt, right?

^ Re: install ruby-mysql in OS X
44760 [gbp unlv.edu] extconf.rb still can't find libmysqlclient.a. Here is the story. I am

^ How does one _really_ install Ruby-mswin32?
44776 [noah_meehan ] I've been running Ruby-mswin32 developing an SWin app on
44830 [lyle users.s] Do you need Ruby 1.6.7 or would version 1.6.6 be good enough? If the

^ ApacheCon mod_ruby tutorial...
44777 [sean chitten] Pardon the quick plug, but this year at Apache Conn there will be a

^ Obtaining path to file 'require' would load
44778 [harryo zip.c] I've been thinking about how one might write a long-running system in Ruby
44837 [pbrannan atd] You can get the pathname using find_file_in_path(file, $:).  You can

^ Rdocifying the libraries in ruby/lib
44779 [comp.lang.ru] ...

^ ANN ruby-libxml update (Re: error compiling ruby-libxml)
44781 [sean chitten] For some reason, this works on gcc 3.1 and there weren't any problems.

^ Selling ruby to my boss
44788 [sera fhwang.] So I've just started working as the sole programmer at a non-profit
+ 44789 [pmak animegl] A good Perl programmer can learn Ruby in literally a day. I did. He
+ 44790 [dblack candl] One thing you might mention is the recent Intel job posting for a Perl
+ 44791 [jason jvoege] Tell him there are lots of people on the ruby-talk mailing list who
+ 44792 [Dave Pragmat] If it helps there's at least one precedent: I'm halfway through
+ 44797 [jim freeze.o] Maybe not as much talking as doing. I have experienced similar
| + 44801 [detering isk] Wow! How do you achieve that?
| | + 44835 [nospam faked] I've seen some pretty messy looking code in this list. Especially the
| | | 44912 [oblomov free] ...
| | + 44919 [jfreeze free] A couple of reasons why we can do this.
| + 44811 [armin xss.de] maybe this helps, too.
+ 44807 [ptkwt shell1] ...
+ 44816 [romstad math] ...
  44819 [jfreeze free] Hmmm, never thought of that. However, from the posts I see on this

^ What is the EIO error?
44794 [mxiao ee.ual] I meet a problem when I try to get a character from keyboard in a subprocess

^ What is the EIO error?
44795 [mxiao ee.ual] I meet a problem when I try to read an input character from keyboard in a
+ 44796 [guillermo.fe] Aparently you eventually installe Ruby :-)
| 44798 [guillermo.fe] Sorry...
+ 44799 [phasis korne] ...
| 44854 [mxiao ee.ual] Thanks, it works but the shell cannot accept my command while the child
| + 44887 [phasis korne] ...
| + 44895 [nobu.nokada ] Then, how will you separate inputs to the child and to the
+ 44803 [nobu.nokada ] The parent process exited without waiting the child process, so

^ japanese translation, help please
44800 [ccos bigpond] i am desperately trying to get ruby opengl to
44804 [nobu.nokada ] Haven't you succeeded with the patch in [ruby-talk:44543]?

^ How to name a variable after another variable's value?
44802 [keuler porta] All-
+ 44812 [ngawor lucen] greeting_no = "2"
| 44820 [dblack candl] I agree that using a Hash is almost certainly a much better design --
+ 44822 [transami tra] greeting_no = "2"
+ 44843 [michael_s_ca] There's always eval, but... I have to ask; why do [you think] you
  44859 [keuler porta] Thanks all! Lots of good ideas!

^ win32 - ADSI
44805 [tomas_brixi ] is there a way I can use ADSI with ruby on win32?
44828 [chris.morris] irb(main):001:0> require 'win32ole'

^ Slides for TaskMaster talk
44806 [ptkwt shell1] ...

^ More Web-Testing
44808 [torsten.rueg] ...

^ opengl os x [was japanese translation]
44813 [ccos bigpond] no. this is what i tried.
44818 [nobu.nokada ] The headers didn't been find.  Do you have glut.h in
44823 [ccos bigpond] ...
44839 [ned bike-nom] Did you compile Ruby from source? I don't know if it comes with the
44873 [nobu.nokada ] And I wonder why static library would be used, instead of

^ has anyone read the book: "Making use of Ruby"
44821 [mjais web.de] the new book "making use of ruby" is available.

^ Re: Ruby 1.7 for Windows?
44827 [andy toolshe] ...
44861 [bobx linuxma] Welcome back /\ndy.
44866 [andy toolshe] ...
44879 [nobu.nokada ] In what case?

^ Q: "print usage_msg, exit 1 if error_flag" does not work
44829 [kwatch lycos] I want to make the following code more simply.
44831 [decoux moulo] ...
44832 [hgs dmu.ac.u] That should be "and" rather than "or" for both to be done if error_flag
44833 [decoux moulo] ...

^ Ruby/GTK: changing color of a widget
44836 [guillaume.pi] i would like to change the color of my button, but i can't due of the
44956 [angus quovad] You can make anything like...

^ Re: Q: "print usage_msg, exit 1 if error_flag" does not workO
44838 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Hmmm. I always get tangled with these.  Bracketing things doesn't help
+ 44841 [dblack candl] You could make a virtue of necessity and decide that lines like this
| 44842 [hgs dmu.ac.u] Interesting...  Only I'd be bound to do this for something that
| 44844 [dblack candl] Yeah, I wouldn't recommend actually using it.  Kind of too bad -- it's
+ 44845 [gotoken notw] Array syntax works as sequential control, e.g.,
  44849 [ms iastate.e] Or,
  + 44850 [dossy panopt] Since this thread still hasn't died, I'll throw another
  + 44851 [Dave Pragmat] Or, if this is something that happens more than once, perhaps express
  | 44876 [nobu.nokada ] abort in 1.7 does it.
  + 44941 [kwatch lycos] Thanks to all who answered my question.
    44947 [huber alum.w] This is a good lesson to be learned :)

^ ruby/gtk: Which radiobutton is selected?
44846 [kgergely mla] Is there an easy way to determine which radiobutton is selected?

^ Post-RCR - pack() length
44847 [djberge qwes] After thinking about it a bit, I guess my proposal (at

^ walkit dead?
44848 [djberge qwes] I was looking for the walkit test lib for Ruby, but the RAA link appears to

^ Ruby/Tk on Mandrake 8.2?
44852 [boris-do gmx] I tried to install Ruby with Ruby/Tk today. The problem is, that the tcltklib has not been built by make. Tcl and Tk are installed and working (I don't have any problems with Tk in Tcl).
+ 44971 [jean-francoi] I receive some mails from people that cannot use my app because of the
| + 44972 [transami tra] i can only once again recommend debian, as i am oft prone to do. i have
| + 44973 [brailsmt yah] I used to use Mandrake.  Now I use gentoo.  Mandrake is easy to install
+ 44987 [alwagner tca] Whereis, searches your whole tree, whereas make does not.  You are already
  44990 [hal9000 hype] I think that is the first time I have ever seen

^ GUI = gtkHTML || Gecko
44853 [transami tra] anyone know the status of gtkHTML? the RAA link appears dead.

^ Ruby in MacOSX 10.2 (Jaguar)
44855 [lucsky mac.c] It now seems to be "official" that Ruby will come by default with the next iteration of MacOSX.
+ 44856 [STUCKNER MUL] Also there is this reference in 10.2 Server Web Services Page
| 44925 [web2ed yahoo] Along these lines, does anyone know when RedHat, Debian, and SuSE will do the same?
| + 44951 [nospam faked] I think RedHat does. It might be an optional package. I could be wrong
| + 44954 [huber alum.w] Well, Debian has been shipping ruby for quite some time.
| + 44955 [list NOSPAMc] Do what?
+ 44857 [gehlker fast] Great news! Except who would want to change bin/sh to bash? ;-)
+ 44858 [bcox virtual] Hmmm, I thought something like this might in the works. There was
  + 44923 [nospam faked] I think I'm going to try OSX when ruby comes with it. And it seems they
  | 44970 [jfreeze free] I don't think OSX is too limited. They have 3000 of the 5000 ports applications
  + 45001 [ptkwt shell1] ...
    45008 [bcox virtual] Neither. A digital property talk, trying to instigate an Apple

^ Just a small language question...
44860 [bobx linuxma] Why does Ruby do single quotes around package names?
+ 44862 [dossy panopt] You can.  However, what does "require somepackage" really
+ 44863 [dblack candl] It doesn't have to be single quotes -- it can be double quotes or any
+ 44864 [rich infoeth] Because the package name represents a file name which could have spaces,
| + 44865 [djberge qwes] Just say "No!" to Ruby modules with spaces in the file name!
| | 44870 [transami tra] "No!" uhh... is there some sort of standrad we should adhear to?
| + 44869 [bobx linuxma] Er...well Python and Perl (and I think Tcl) do not seem to have this worry?
|   + 44871 [dblack candl] File and/or module-loading works differently in different languages,
|   + 44874 [hal9000 hype] worry?
|   + 44875 [Ephaeton gmx] % tclsh
+ 44868 [transami tra] while i think the other posts effectivly answered your question. i have
+ 44877 [ned bike-nom] Because then you'd be introducing (more) syntax that's different from
  44880 [rich infoeth] And THAT, my friends, is THE BEST answer of all.

^ How to direct error messages to a log file?...
44867 [keuler porta] All-
44878 [nobu.nokada ] STDERR.reopen(logfile)

^ newbie Q: parsing CSV file into 2D array
44872 [stewart midw] Sorry about the low level of this Q. I've ordered Hal Fulton's book
44958 [angus quovad] Why do you need a 2d array? Do you need to refer to a previous row or

^ Can you only catch errors one level deep?
44881 [pmak animegl] # try a quick load and then a caseless scan
44882 [alan digikat] [previous writing dropped]
44885 [pmak animegl] It caught a LoadError that was thrown by 'require <file>'. However,
+ 44886 [dblack candl] rescue LoadError => e
| 44889 [james jamesb] Some quick empirical study suggests that if the immediate require fails, the
+ 44888 [Dave Pragmat] I'm not sure that's a justified assumption -- all you really know is
+ 44897 [transami tra] i would agree. the class structure should get very fine grained, almost
| 44911 [oblomov free] ...
+ 44899 [alan digikat] I'm still not sure what this gets you. In production code, if you're
  44900 [pmak animegl] The backtrace is not the same. I was installing DBI with Pgsql today,

^ How to test if cgi checkbox is set?
44883 [neestonsou y] What is the proper way to test if a checkbox field is set?
44896 [transami tra] this shoud work. i don't see anything wrong with it. i've been using
44933 [neestonsou y] That was it. Thanks.

^ Re: Ваша реклам? на 1500 досках Интернет?!
44884 [taxi bigmir.] ...

^ thread, fork, wait and popen3
44890 [jfreeze free] I am looking for some hints, or possible a snippet of code that
+ 44892 [nobu.nokada ] Process.wait(or wait2) returns exited child process ID, it
| 44918 [pbrannan atd] require 'open3'
+ 44917 [pbrannan atd] These are two implementations of popen3 that give you the pid.  Open3X

^ [ANN] amrita 0.8.1
44893 [tnakajima br] Amrita is a a html/xhtml template library for Ruby.
+ 44898 [transami tra] very nice work. i thiink this is the best looking html/xhtml template
| 44907 [tnakajima br] Thnak you.
+ 44909 [avi beta4.co] This is a really cool, clean approach - I very much like being able to
| 44910 [pit capitain] Doesn't Iowa have a similar approach? How would you compare
| 44957 [avi beta4.co] Similar, yes, although a comparison is difficult because Iowa is
| + 44966 [transami tra] not sure if i follow you here exactly, but i've been trying to do
| + 44977 [pit capitain] Thanks a lot.
+ 44981 [jfreeze free] I downloaded amrita (stable version) and ran
  + 44991 [rich infoeth] -rich
  | 45049 [pierre.baill] Could someone who has access to the adequate compilation  software
  + 45058 [tnakajima br] strscan has c version and ruby version. They have subtle difference and

^ #name of instance
44901 [transami tra] i'm back at trying to get a form to be automagically update from changes
+ 44903 [transami tra] class A
| 44905 [hal9000 hype] Without some tremendous gyrations,
| 44906 [transami tra] good points, quite right. your notions did make me rethink and...
+ 44904 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 44908 [kentda stud.] What you appear to be asking for, is the name of the local variable

^ ATTENTION! Well-Paid Job in the Internet!
44902 [Please ruby-] ...

^ Ruby tutorial for Perl hackers?
44913 [oblomov free] ...
44959 [cyclists nc.] Check out Appendix A, "From Perl to Ruby", in Hal Fulton's book _The
+ 44960 [oblomov free] ...
+ 44963 [hal9000 hype] Thanks much... and you can thank Guy Hurst for

^ Ruby and coding contests (was Re: Selling ruby to my boss)
44914 [dblack candl] Actually, sort of the opposite, almost....  Last year there were plans

^ Using ruby effectively
44915 [mark.firesto] The only Ruby code I can really read is mine, because it looks like Pascal
+ 44916 [dblack candl] You might want to check out "The Ruby Way", by Hal Fulton.  It
+ 44921 [justinj mobi] ...
| 44924 [detering isk] I think the latter *is* the Pickaxe ...
+ 44922 [jlj cfdrc.co] ...

^ Objective C backend for Ruby?
44920 [jfh cise.ufl] While people are kicking around ideas for new backends for Ruby,
44926 [dan sidhe.or] You'd have a heck of a time with continuations, unfortunately.
45000 [ptkwt shell1] ...
45003 [dan sidhe.or] I was looking at the translator aspect, translating Ruby to
+ 45005 [ptkwt shell1] ...
| 45009 [dan sidhe.or] Continuations are a massive pain to do in a language that doesn't
| 45012 [bcox virtual] I spent years on this problem in the middle 80's (search for
| 45013 [dan sidhe.or] Oh, absolutely. I'm reasonably aware of the problems involved, which
| 45014 [bcox virtual] Compiling Ruby to C is a non-starter as far as I'm concerned.
| 45017 [dan sidhe.or] I agree on both points. (Though I admit to some substantial bias on
+ 45007 [bcox virtual] If I might throw out a suggestion, if its not broke, don't fix it.
  45010 [dan sidhe.or] I'd agree. If folks want to toss the interpreter, you might as well
  45015 [ptkwt shell1] ...
  45018 [dan sidhe.or] Right, but that's not tossing the interpreter--you're just

^ Is there any English version of Ruby/tk class documentation like this ?
44927 [mxiao ee.ual] I need some  Ruby/tk documentation, and I find a website,
44929 [alwagner tca] I don't think so.  If you find it, then please post the URL.  The Ruby
+ 44931 [mxiao ee.ual] Thanks, I think I can learn how to translate the command into ruby/tk,but I
| + 44934 [transami tra] also, which has now only occured to me, you could generate the rdocs
| + 44935 [decoux moulo] ...
|   44937 [decoux moulo] ...
|   44938 [mxiao ee.ual] Thanks, they are really helpful. And I'd like to ask a simple question if
|   44975 [decoux moulo] ...
+ 44944 [hal9000 hype] like this ?

^ Can I know a file is binary or text in ruby?
44928 [mookhae empa] I am newbie in ruby and computer language.
+ 44936 [ned bike-nom] Ignoring for a moment what it would mean for a Unicode file to be
+ 44940 [gotoken notw] It is impossible to determine completely whether a file is binary or

^ Ruby blogging?
44930 [djberge qwes] Anyone out there a slashcode expert?  I'd be interested in seeing something
+ 44932 [dblack candl] I'm not a Weblog connoisseur, so there may be different
| 44939 [Dave Pragmat] I'd welcome many more general articles -- if you have an account there
+ 44942 [james rubyxm] Do you mean a site like use.perl.org (except focused in Ruby), or Ruby
  44943 [djberge qwes] Yes.

^ RE: Now to skip processing of first line in a file....and reading an  Excel file?
44945 [djberge qwes] That's the big problem with this approach, I think (I don't know COM, but
44952 [hal9000 hype] an Excel file?