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^ newby finds mysterious patch
44543 [ccos bigpond] newby at unix. c, etc...
44556 [oblomov free] Does MacOsX have the "patch" program? If yes, have a look at man
44560 [jerickson ey] You should be able to go into Terminal, cd to the root directory of you
44561 [nobu.nokada ] patch < patchfile.diff
44562 [ccos bigpond] thanks all. got it working i think.

^ hpux && snapshot && ./configure
44558 [ms iastate.e] It's been pointed out here a few times that you have to run autoconf
44559 [ms iastate.e] Whoops - never mind.  I see now it matters which 1.7 you get.  Stable

^ Execution question
44571 [justinj mobi] What happens to 'a' in the following case?
44574 [hal9000 hype] Interesting question.
+ 44576 [djberge qwes] <interesting stuff snipped>
+ 44579 [dblack candl] I'd still call that an instance variable -- bearing in mind that a
+ 44581 [nobu.nokada ] Probably, it's above the stack. :)
| 44582 [hal9000 hype] what is below the heap...
+ 44588 [matz ruby-la] It's local to the scope formed by class body.  Scopes do not nest
  44607 [justinj mobi] Ah, I think I understand now.

^ parser bug in stable cvs?
44572 [bhilton vpop] I just upgraded my ruby version to ruby 1.6.7 (2002-07-11)
44589 [matz ruby-la] This was intentional, but maybe I was wrong.

^ [ANN] YAML4R 0.20 -- Objects in plaintext
44573 [yaml-core wh] YAML is a specification for storing objects in a readable text format.

^ cut & paste for code
44575 [matthias_vei] I want to copy code from one class to another at runtime.
+ 44577 [Dave Pragmat] How about just putting the code intoa module and including it on both A
+ 44578 [hal9000 hype] I'm thinking about this.
  44584 [matthias_vei] I really like this solution, but I think my problem
  + 44585 [hal9000 hype] class Other
  | 44590 [matthias_vei] Absolutely nothing. It's nice.
  + 44586 [vjoel PATH.B] Does this work for you?
    44591 [matthias_vei] Wow !! - solving the dependency explicitely is a good idea.

^ ruby equiv to python execfile?
44583 [ritchie x-in] What I'm trying to get is to run a standalone .rb file and then get
44587 [airboss node] I think what you want is 'load file.rb'.
44614 [ritchie x-in] if I have test.py
44663 [vjoel PATH.B] I've wished for this from time to time. It would be nice for #load to

^ ruby-dev summary 17667-17695
44592 [maki inac.co] This is a summary of ruby-dev ML in these days.

^ Running rdoc on lib/*.rb
44593 [comp.lang.ru] - - I tried it on a couple test files and even though the results
44599 [Dave Pragmat] Oops - It got confused by
44616 [comp.lang.ru] - -Thanks.

^ non blocking sockets in Ruby?
44594 [Serg VisualN] Is there a non-blocking socket call I can use in Ruby to see if there
44605 [nobu.nokada ] You don't need non-blocking mode.

^ installation, ruby-mysql in OS X
44595 [gbp unlv.edu] This is for an online dictionary project. I am a linguist, not a
44610 [jerickson ey] I haven't done this but I think I know enough about OS X to help you a

^ [FXRuby] Simple Dialog question
44596 [david.naseby] How can I make the pressing of enter be equivalent to pressing Accept or OK

^ 1.7 features
44598 [transami tra] where can i found out about the features and changes that 1.7 will have?
+ 44601 [nobu.nokada ] doc/NEWS in the 1.7 source tree.
+ 44604 [nojgoalbyspa] I don't know where the official place is.

^ Ruby Weekly News
44600 [Dave Pragmat] Ruby Weekly News: 07/15/2002

^ Ruby in the Rainforest (update/reminder)
44603 [pate eylerfa] I just wanted to drop a quick reminder that this Saturday (the 20th) is
44606 [ned bike-nom] And if anyone is coming from the north (Bellingham, Vancouver, etc.),

^ when did Digest::MD5 make it into Ruby?
44609 [sera fhwang.] Does anybody know what Ruby version was the first version to include
44611 [decoux moulo] 1.6.5, I think.

^ TkText no -textvariable workaround?
44613 [transami tra] well, i've been busy adding tk support to my gui template tool (Miter),
44615 [peter semant] With TkText you go...
44617 [transami tra] text = TkVariable.new
+ 44618 [J.Hawkeswort] I think what Tom is after is a neat way to have the widget's display
| 44621 [transami tra] J- you hit the nail on the head!
| + 44622 [dossy panopt] What you're looking to implement is the Controller portion of the
| | + 44623 [decoux moulo] No, in tcl/tk the option -textvariable don't exist for text
| | | 44624 [dossy panopt] I must be thinking of something else, then.  In Tcl/Tk, there's
| | | 44625 [decoux moulo] Yes, but this option don't exist for the text widget
| | + 44626 [transami tra] actually, Dossy, your post was a bit helpful. what i'm after also sort
| |   + 44627 [decoux moulo] In this example, you have one variable, one object and no method
| |   + 44628 [dossy panopt] Speaking academically, the receiver is object a, the method is =(x).
| |   | 44629 [Dave Pragmat] What is the class of 'object a' _before_ the assignment?
| |   | + 44630 [dossy panopt] If it existed, then it would be whatever class it was.
| |   | + 44636 [hal9000 hype] What is the sound of one hand clapping? What is the color
| |   |   + 44638 [dossy panopt] I did say "academically" -- in a pure OO language where everything
| |   |   | + 44640 [hal9000 hype] Yes, you're absolutely right in that sense.
| |   |   | | 44698 [jweirich one] C++ only defines assignment when you are assign to an object.
| |   |   | | 44703 [pit capitain] It does. In the attempt to make everything an object I also would
| |   |   | + 44643 [Dave Pragmat] So, say we have
| |   |   | | + 44645 [dossy panopt] Perhaps the problem is that Fixnum's are immediate values.  Why
| |   |   | | | 44669 [dblack candl] Isn't that in effect what Ruby does, since variables hold references
| |   |   | | + 44646 [hal9000 hype] [much snippage]
| |   |   | |   + 44650 [charleshixsn] Was that run76, or was it FTN?  Or did more than one Fortran compiler
| |   |   | |   + 44702 [peter semant] The 'technique' was called the literal pool. It was a nightmare to debug
| |   |   | + 44665 [dblack candl] Well, first there would have to be an Object#= :-)  Also I think what
| |   |   | + 44716 [nat.pryce b1] I only know of one OO language, Self, where assignments are actually
| |   |   | | 44717 [dossy panopt] Right.  (IIRC, I believe Smalltalk also implements assignments as
| |   |   | | 44745 [ned bike-nom] No, unfortunately, at least in ST-80 variables aren't objects; they're
| |   |   | | 44748 [dossy panopt] I thought all "variables" were actually objects that lived in Dictionary
| |   |   | | 44750 [ned bike-nom] There are some variables like this; globals are looked up at runtime
| |   |   | + 46119 [qrczak knm.o] It would not make sense in a language like Ruby (and almost all
| |   |   |   + 46124 [transami tra] no, i think you take this too far. it makes a lot of sense in a language
| |   |   |   + 46428 [qrczak knm.o] Well, in this sense it's already done: your reassignment is spelled
| |   |   + 44660 [oblomov free] The answer for the last is 0 m/sec. Would have to think to find the
| |   + 44631 [nat.pryce b1] If self has an attribute named 'a', then the receiver is self, and the
| |     44633 [decoux moulo] No, `a' is always interpreted as a local variable in this example
| |     44634 [hal9000 hype] Very perceptive. True even if
| |     44661 [dblack candl] I think that the only case you have to use self is when you're doing
| |     44666 [hal9000 hype] the
| + 44678 [alwagner tca] Michael (above) is correct.  TkText is not a normal widget, but rather a kind
|   44683 [transami tra] well, that's actually somewhat dissapointing. i don't need all this
+ 44619 [peter semant] The widgets that use textvariable have it as an option, a TkLabel widget
| + 44620 [peter semant] Oops that should have been the Tcl/Tk pocket reference
| | 44677 [alwagner tca] Perl/Tk is also good.  The Ruby binding closely parallels.
| + 44676 [x ichimunki.] [snipped examples]
+ 44680 [nagai ai.kyu] Why are TkText#value and TkText#value= method
  44682 [transami tra] my intention was to create a mixin module that by merely being mixed-in
  44814 [list NOSPAM.] /me sighs remembering when he did that with good ol' Delphi
  44824 [transami tra] Thanks Massimiliano,

^ Win32OLE:  Is getting MSIE HTTP status possible?
44632 [dossy panopt] I'm using Ruby, Win32OLE, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Test::Unit
+ 44635 [james rubyxm] Could you pass all requests and responses through a proxy filter that simply
| 44641 [dossy panopt] Then the challenge becomes automating communication between the
+ 44639 [nojgoalbyspa] I think its kinda strange to use Ruby to do this, but to each his own.
  44642 [dossy panopt] What do you recommend?
  44664 [nojgoalbyspa] an
  44668 [hal9000 hype] script
  + 44671 [chris.morris] It would appear you have to grab the OnNavigateError event of the
  | 44690 [dossy panopt] Unfortunately, this is new to IE 6.
  + 44692 [dossy panopt] The answer:  I'm automating _acceptance testing_ of a _web application_.
    44720 [chris.morris] Not around win32api -- but I do have some helper classes for controlling IE.
    44725 [chris.morris] Ah, forgot about that.

^ Gateway healthy?
44637 [hal9000 hype] I'm seeing some replies to things that
44644 [Dave Pragmat] It seems to be running fine. (I keep a window up that monitors it. The
44647 [hal9000 hype] Right... the current glitch may be in my head, as I can't
44649 [Dave Pragmat] If you'd like to take this on, I'd be happy to integrate it. I could
44653 [hal9000 hype] I'll certainly take a look at it. At the very

^ OT: FORTRAN (Was Re: TkText no -textvariable workaround?)
44651 [hal9000 hype] I assume run76 is a FORTRAN-76 compiler.
44697 [jweirich one] As I recall, it is because FORTRAN traditionally used

^ alias_method problem
44654 [mengx nielse] The below class works ok for single "require"
+ 44655 [STUCKNER MUL] I too have run in to this and implemented an ugly kludge to deal with it
| + 44656 [hal9000 hype] Hmmmm... I haven't tested this, but here's a
| | 44657 [mengx nielse] Thanks. Using "method_defined?" worked around the problem.
| + 44701 [gotoken notw] I have another trick.
|   44721 [mengx nielse] I thought about it but it was inconvenient. The key is that
+ 44659 [vjoel PATH.B] What about putting the alias operation in a different file from the rest

^ First Sydney Ruby Users' Group meeting ...
44658 [harryo zip.c] Just in case there are any other Ruby users in Sydney who read this list and

^ Ruby & Solaris 9 - Good News
44667 [djberge qwes] You will all be happy to know that Ruby is on the software companion cd for

^ Darmstadt Ruby Freaks?
44670 [spam2 poscht] I am searching for people in or near Darmstadt, Germany who are
44691 [ahumphr ZAPg] A couple of weeks back I asked about Rubyists in the Rhein Main area and a

^ aClass.new([args]) -> class / object ?????
44673 [spam2 poscht] classes = [Decimal.class, Whitespace.class, NonWhitespace.class]
44674 [dblack candl] The class of Decimal, Whitespace, and NonWhitespace is Class.  So
44706 [spam2 poscht] Ah ok, thx! Seems I worked with java 2 long :-)

^ MD5/Yahoo
44675 [charlesb sum] a) is there one already done?

^ password
44684 [semin99 hotm] <html><div style='background-color:'><DIV>
44686 [transami tra] Any of you know how the syntax in Ruby that we can use for coding

^ Re: install ruby-mysql in OS X, part 2
44685 [jerickson ey] When it says that it's searching for -lmysqlclient, it is looking for
44687 [gbp unlv.edu] Joseph,

^ eruby install and liberuby.a
44688 [jim freeze.o] At work I am installing ruby, but we need to keep

^ win32ole problem with put property
44693 [bruce.james ] I'm trying to drive Windows Installer via its automation interface
44694 [dossy panopt] I'd start by seeing what methods are available.  Stick in something
44724 [chris.morris] # VB: newrole.Value("Name") = role_data.role_name
44775 [bruce.james ] Thanks, the following did the trick!

^ Ruby on Mac OS X
44695 [ccos bigpond] it has been up for a little while, so i thought we could

^ which class variable is set here ?
44700 [fritz.heinri] Here is part of a code snippet posted earlier.
+ 44753 [nojgoalbyspa] message news:86fzyic0nh.fsf@jfh00.fernuni-hagen.de...
+ 44754 [decoux moulo] Well, just try it
+ 44825 [chr_news gmx] message news:86fzyic0nh.fsf@jfh00.fernuni-hagen.de...
+ 45038 [fritz.heinri] i did not recognize the two @@'s. Sorry, kind of Attention Deficit

^ Status of Ruby on the Mac
44707 [peter semant] I am thinking about moving to a nice new Macintosh and was wondering
+ 44715 [jerickson ey] Since the Mac is basically a Unix with a very pretty interface, Ruby
| + 44737 [gehlker fast] I'd have to say that using X11 is the way to go right now. It's pretty easy
| + 44782 [ccos bigpond] Have you ever seen the openGL library running?!
+ 44834 [nospam faked] Only OSX has the unix substructure, and the stuff the others are talking

^ Where is info on std library shell class?
44708 [jim freeze.o] 1.6.4	shell	New standard library module that provides shell-like facilities
44763 [gbp unlv.edu] Hal Fulton, The Ruby Way, pp. 397-401.

^ http://www.rubyconf.org
44709 [bounce traff] Submit your website to more than 300,000 search engines and directories

^ Downloadable version of "Programming Ruby"?
44712 [ravindr ecf.] I was wondering where I could find a downloadable version of the book
44726 [Dave Pragmat] No, it's not to convince folks to buy the book (after all, we chose to
+ 44729 [mbabbitt hot] <html><div style='background-color:'><DIV>
+ 44749 [pit capitain] Just a thought: I guess it needs a fair, ongoing amount of work to
  44752 [Dave Pragmat] I'd love to do that. The problem I have is that I also have to keep
  44761 [dossy panopt] Every so often, stuff from here can get moved to the pragprog

^ evaluation order changed?
44714 [fritz.heinri] the following does not work with ruby-1.7.2
44722 [matz ruby-la] Yes, changed.  *Every* local variables should be assigned before its

^ Problems installing FX/Ruby
44718 [harryo zip.c] I'm having problems getting FX/Ruby installed on Redhat 7.3 with Ruby 1.6.7.
+ 44723 [decoux moulo] It's best to modify intern.h in this case.
| 44727 [harryo zip.c] Strange.  That file is in /usr/local/lib, so I don't know why it can't find
| + 44728 [decoux moulo] Do you have /usr/local/lib in /etc/ld.so.conf ?
| + 44730 [harryo zip.c] OK.  I admit it ... I'm a dickhead :-) !!
|   44735 [lyle users.s] Sorry I posted a lengthy response to your original question before
+ 44731 [djkea2 mugca] RTFM :-) The solution to this issue is detailed in doc/build.html under
+ 44736 [lyle users.s] Had you previously installed the FOX RPMs for your system? FXRuby

^ Thanks for the mamories
44732 [mark.firesto] Of course.  I expect to see a memory increase every time an object is added,

^ Syntax "surprise"
44734 [DDouthitt cu] This is a MIME message. If you are reading this text, you may want to
44738 [kentda stud.] opts = GetoptLong.new(*[
+ 44740 [Dave Pragmat] do_something 1,2,3,
| 44744 [decoux moulo] pigeon% ruby
| 44746 [Dave Pragmat] Agreed - the poster though was asking for trailing commas to be
+ 44742 [matz ruby-la] Wow, I was just writing the same workaround.  You're a mind reader.
| 44755 [bcox virtual] Still, its a shame ruby adopts the same shortcoming as java.
| + 44764 [dossy panopt] Um, right.  When you believe this, you end up with Perl.
| + 44765 [Tim.Hunter s] int foo[] = {1,2,3,};
| + 44766 [kentda stud.] I strongly disagree. Improvements in structure that higher-level
| + 44767 [cbbrowne acm] If you have a procedure with ten parameters, you probably missed some.
| | + 44770 [bcox virtual] Yep, quite a bit.
| | | + 44773 [martine cs.w] (From my Evas-Ruby[1] docs:)
| | | + 44780 [avi beta4.co] Ruby with Objective-C's message syntax?  Now that's something I could
| | |   + 44783 [bcox virtual] While we're picking syntactic nits, how about replacing begin...end with
| | |   | 44784 [dossy panopt] Drop http://bike-nomad.com/vim/ruby.vim in your ~/.vim/ftplugin
| | |   | + 44785 [ned bike-nom] Actually, that version is quite old. Just use the one that comes stock
| | |   | | 44786 [dossy panopt] Good point.
| | |   | + 44787 [bcox virtual] Thanks! Does anyone know of a linux 7.0 binary vim with ruby compiled
| | |   + 44817 [justinj mobi] A few postings elsewhere have given examples of getting something that's
| | + 44771 [ned bike-nom] Ned Konz
| |   44772 [bcox virtual] Thanks, but I had lots of help from lots of other smart folks.
| |   44793 [matz ruby-la] That's the way languages are designed.  You smart people are helping
| |   44826 [bcox virtual] I should be thanking you, matz. You've done a wonderful job with
| + 45083 [matz ruby-la] Despite I agree with this principle most of the cases, I'm not sure
|   45202 [mghall enter] I agree that trailing commas are strange.  A comma means something,
|   + 45223 [pbrannan atd] foo("this is a really long string.  in fact, it is so long " \
|   | + 45226 [DDouthitt cu] This is a MIME message. If you are reading this text, you may want to
|   | | + 45231 [pbrannan atd] irb(main):001:0> s = "this is a \
|   | | + 45234 [charleshixsn] I find that aligning code via white-space makes it more intelligible.
|   | |   45273 [pbrannan atd] Note that this is not legal in Ruby.  The + must go at the end of the
|   | |   45313 [charleshixsn] My assertion was not that it was currently legal Ruby, but rather that I
|   | |   45414 [qrczak knm.o] Indeed it implies more parentheses. I was experimenting with two
|   | + 45227 [ jimm io.com] or
|   |   45229 [dblack candl] I don't think that's the case in either of these examples -- only if
|   + 45232 [rawlins cs.u] Wouldn't this add a significant amount of ambiguity and confusion?  what if=
|   | + 45233 [transami tra] i agree. you can't get rid of the commas. that would really confuse
|   | + 45292 [mghall enter] Don't we have the same problem now, with commas?
|   |   45303 [dblack candl] obj.method a, b, c {|i| xyz}
|   + 45253 [matz ruby-la] You already have this feature (note: item with "-" is done).  But I
+ 44768 [jeremy chaos] Much as I love Ruby over Perl, this is one feature of Perl that I
  + 44769 [dossy panopt] report.define(0, {
  | 44810 [jeremy chaos] Neat!  I'll keep in mind when I next hit this issue.
  + 44774 [harryo zip.c] Nah.  Maybe I'm a masochist, but I reckon if you do something stupid, it
    44809 [jeremy chaos] Well, I'm something of a perfectionist, so I don't *need* the language