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^ Announce: Pike Conference 2002
44337 [jhs pike.ida] Call for Participation and Contributions

^ Resolve DNS MX host entry.
44339 [lists netrog] How do i do it in Ruby?
44341 [Dave Pragmat] res = Resolv::DNS.new.getresources(host, Resolv::DNS::Resource::IN::MX)
44344 [lists netrog] Ahhh, thanx! I am just in the first day of learning Ruby.

^ Perl like "strict"?
44347 [bobx linuxma] Is there a way to make sure variables are declared before use OR is does
44352 [dblack candl] It's rather different, as between Ruby and Perl.  There's an

^ emacs
44353 [bobx linuxma] Has anyone hacked together a menu addition for Ruby? This would include
44492 [piman sacred] at?

^ does ruby 1.6 include tcltklib
44354 [mxiao ee.ual] I find the ruby in my machine lack of tcltklib, does ruby 1.6 include it? or

^ does ruby 1.6 include tcltklib?
44357 [mxiao ee.ual] I find the ruby in my machine lack of tcltklib, does ruby 1.6 include it? or
44362 [transami tra] oops, sorry maggie, didn't head my email or anything and to top it off i

^ first code ligne
44371 [mona.benbrah] C'est un message de format MIME en plusieurs parties.

^ Destructors in Ruby
44372 [rubytalk box] class Foo
+ 44374 [nat.pryce b1] Cheers,
| 44386 [ruby-talk je] and http://www.rubygarden.org/ruby?GCAndMemoryManagement (near bottom)
+ 44375 [pbrengard bc] what about using Mutex ?
  44376 [rubytalk box] How can I solve it using mutex?

^ when will the next stable version available
44381 [kgergely mla] I'm just curious how quick is the ruby developement process, so when

^ mod_ruby vs. mod_perl?
44383 [hal9000 hype] I'm wondering how mod_ruby stacks up
44393 [mike stok.co] If mod_ruby just does what the "What's mod_ruby?" section of

^ Need mailing list help
44384 [jos catnook.] ruby-talk mailing list but for some reason I stopped receiving mail from the
44412 [matz ruby-la] <jos@catnook.com> is still registered.  I guess something wrong in

^ Dynamic Methods
44387 [nojgoalbyspa] I wonder if anyone has any suggestions on how to create a method that
+ 44388 [Dave Pragmat] class Dave
| 44402 [nojgoalbyspa] Wow!  Thanks Dave!
| + 44404 [dblack candl] one defines the box....
| | 44406 [Dave Pragmat] With Ruby (to misquote some movie or other) there is no box.
| + 44408 [michael_s_ca] I can't say I've ever needed anything like this.  It seems mightily
|   44415 [nojgoalbyspa] Maybe to call ALL of the methods? ;-)
|   + 44441 [michael_s_ca] it might be possible, but damned difficult.
|   | 44456 [nojgoalbyspa] I assume you mean having the class respond to methods that match a regexp?
|   | + 44459 [dossy panopt] So, implement #method_missing that delegates to the actual method name
|   | | 44462 [nojgoalbyspa] regexp?
|   | + 44460 [dblack candl] For aliasing, you can use, ummmm, alias :-)
|   |   + 44461 [dossy panopt] class Foo
|   |   + 44463 [nojgoalbyspa] regexp?
|   + 44442 [dblack candl] Or raise TooManyMethodsError :-)
|     44455 [nojgoalbyspa] Basically I thought it was nigh impossible too.  But you never know in this
|     44466 [michael_s_ca] I'm still curious as to why you think you need this feature, however implemented.
|     + 44467 [michael_s_ca] Ah, sorry, I asked this before I saw your next post which answered
|     + 44468 [hal9000 hype] implemented.
|       44471 [Dave Pragmat] Of course, relying on Ruby's dispatching to parse commands, he might
|       44472 [nojgoalbyspa] I actually have a unique prefix for all of the commands I add dynamically.
+ 44389 [hal9000 hype] Not sure *exactly* what you want... the method name gets passed
+ 44392 [transami tra] def method_missing(name, *args)
+ 44394 [transami tra] instersting. with something like this, if the method_missing routine was
  44396 [huber alum.w] This reminds me of a bash feature which lets you mistype a directory
  44401 [nojgoalbyspa] LOL
  44662 [list chromat] Pass input handling like this over to libreadline.  You'll have
  44696 [nojgoalbyspa] I have never heard of libreadline before. I did a quick search and was
  44815 [list chromat] Ah!  I see.  Yes, in Debian it's just a matter of getting the libreadline-ruby

^ ruby dbi - problem with select_one()
44390 [carl _nospam] select_one function.  Could someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?
44506 [uu9r rz.uni-] select_one returns only one row object and is not callable with block.

^ New Visual Basic Profiler for $99 plus ActiveOptimizer 2.1 Release Announcement
44391 [sales platfo] <html>

^ cache dbi for web app
44395 [transami tra] okay, so i didn't completely trash my web app, i'm going to create both
+ 44397 [huber alum.w] Perhaps putting the functionality into a daemon, and having the web
+ 44398 [alan digikat] I've never used it but I've had http://www.firstworks.com/sqlrelay.html in
+ 44400 [Dave Pragmat] Switching to mod_ruby would help a lot, both removing the interpreter
| 44410 [transami tra] hey dave,
| + 44411 [chris.morris] How would this work for multiple, simultaneous web sessions? Is the same
| | 44419 [Dave Pragmat] mod_ruby is executed by Apache, with each mod_ruby executing in its
| | 44602 [transami tra] a little more on persisting a database connection with mod_ruby --
| | 44699 [domingo dad-] Here is my experience using mod_ruby and making a persistent connexion.
| | 44719 [Dave Pragmat] I'm new to all this mod_ruby stuff, so bear with me.
| + 44418 [Dave Pragmat] it all gets loaded once and then stays there, getting invoked each
+ 44423 [ruby-talk je] if you're using mod_ruby or any other methods that use the same process

^ How do I delegate continuations?
44403 [patrick-may ] def method_missing( symbol, *args )
+ 44405 [Dave Pragmat] Try
+ 44407 [ned bike-nom] class A
+ 44444 [patrick-may ] Thanks Dave and Ned!  I will see how these suggestions play out in my codebase.

^ Socket problems on FreeBSD
44409 [bcox virtual] Sorry to trouble you all but I'm really stumped on this one. Could
+ 44414 [alan digikat] Have you checked if you can access on the BSD box? IIRC for
| 44416 [bcox virtual] Just spoke to Interland tech support. Turned out he's learning ruby
| + 44420 [Dave Pragmat] Does it have strace or truss, so you can see exactly what parameters
| | 44436 [bcox virtual] Tried strace earlier but its not there. Never heard of truss before,
| | 44438 [decoux moulo] No, they are not missing
| | 44440 [bcox virtual] Thanks, guys! The hints got me on the right track, although the
| + 44426 [gotoken notw] Though I have no idea about Interland Freedom 400, loopback addresses
|   44437 [bcox virtual] bash-2.04$ ps -p 1
+ 44417 [kjana dm4lab] Hmm....  Not a solution but just for your information, I got following
  44435 [bcox virtual] Thanks. See below for comparables...

^ Problem using Basic Auth in WebUnit
44421 [Peter.Booth ] This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand

^ help with named pipes
44422 [greg moonwin] I am having some trouble using named pipes in ruby, as illustrated

^ gsub() replacement containing replaced text
44424 [harryo zip.c] This feels like a terribly newbie question to be asking, but I'm stymied ...
+ 44427 [vjoel PATH.B] irb(main):001:0> "foo'bar".gsub("'", "\\'")
+ 44428 [timsuth ihug] This issue is mentioned in 'Programming Ruby', "Standard Types" chapter (see
| 44431 [harryo zip.c] As I said, I figured it was a bit of a newbie question :-).  I read PR chapter
+ 44432 [matz ruby-la] "\\'" in a replacement string is substitute by the value of $', so you
  44457 [nojgoalbyspa] Would it make sense to add this to the Ruby FAQ?
  44458 [nojgoalbyspa] OK, I just found the wiki page where you can make suggestions for the FAQ, I

^ hey! where's #count?
44425 [transami tra] i went to count the number of equal objects in an array and discoverd
+ 44434 [moonwolf moo] use Enumerable#select
| 44439 [transami tra] indeed, i used select. i was just sort of surprised that #count wasn't
+ 44470 [ptkwt shell1] I needed this same functionality the other day and ended up writing a
+ 44507 [chr_news gmx] I guess I would write #count (not sure if this is such a descriptive
  + 44508 [decoux moulo] Do you expect this ?
  | 44514 [chr_news gmx] Yes  (I actually tested my snippet on a Hash example
  + 44511 [transami tra] the String definition of count is different from what you have here. in
    44515 [chr_news gmx] Aha, I see what you mean
    44516 [meier meiste] Considering Enumerables like Set or Hash as a degenerated Enumerable I
    44517 [crippel prim] into

^ Ruby-Cookbook: Anybody downloaded it?
44430 [axel.friedri] I miss the ruby cookbook from rubycookbook.org. Anybody downloaded it
44443 [Dave Pragmat] I'd happily host it here on the RubyGarden site for a while.

^ .rb files in WIndows
44445 [hal9000 hype] Here's a question for you.
+ 44448 [skywizard ti] It's possible with NT cmd.exe, not Win9x DOS Prompt
| + 44450 [michael_s_ca] I've never heard of such a mechanism, but if you find out, let the
| + 44452 [bdelmee adva] I think you're right; I don't know about XP, though.
|   + 44453 [skywizard ti] Sure, Xp inherited from NT and 'NT cmd.exe' tightly integrated
|   | 44464 [hal9000 hype] Apparently correct. I can't do this on Win98 as I
|   | 44465 [Ephaeton gmx] I was just hit by what I would call a spark of inspiration.
|   + 44454 [bdelmee adva] If you add '.rb' to the PATHEXT environment variable
+ 44510 [danny frouke] Here's half a solution: write foo.bat with "ruby foo.rb" in it. Type foo
+ 45021 [gordonhartle] I don't know whether you're using cygwin / bash, but if you are,

^ DBI create table question
44446 [jim freeze.o] I am looking at Ruby DBI today for the first time.
+ 44449 [dossy panopt] You can only execute ONE SQL statement at a time via DBI.
| 44451 [jim freeze.o] Thanks
+ 44484 [khaines enig] Neither.  The semicolon at the end of your statement is the problem.

^ Re: Commercial Support for Ruby(Windows support)
44469 [ptkwt shell1] Yeah, Vancouver is great and plenty cosomopolitan for my taste...
44473 [oblomov free] Easy installation which works "out of the box", system integration
+ 44474 [tobiasreif p] Did you have any problems with Andy's installer?
| 44479 [oblomov free] No, I didn't know it existed :(
| + 44480 [oblomov free] Ok I got it. Call me stupid or blind :(
| + 44483 [nojgoalbyspa] Snip!
|   44486 [oblomov free] Oh, thanks :)
+ 44475 [Dave Pragmat] Could you elaborate some more, so we can work on these features. In
  44478 [oblomov free] Hey hey hey wait a second. Installer? Which installer? Oops! I didn't
  44557 [oblomov free] Ok, I got the installer and now I have Ruby (1.6.6) finally on my
  + 44564 [list chromat] No, but it has rpkg.
  | 44565 [oblomov free] Grazie :D
  + 44672 [llothar web.] But .chm is searchable !
    44679 [oblomov free] You got a point there (ok, I use standard search tools to search HTML
    44689 [Dave Pragmat] Can you generate .hlp from xml/html?
    44705 [bjsp123 yaho] tools to search HTML
    44743 [oblomov free] I would prefer, instead. It's also much faster to load.

^ IO.pipe trick ?
44476 [gilles.filip] I need someone shed some light on the following problem.
44499 [phasis korne] It's probably beause pipe's buffer size is 8192 bytes
44503 [gilles.filip] Yes, it works. But it it far too slow. Moreover, I intend to use this
44521 [nobu.nokada ] I guess it doesn't work by raising Errno::EWOULDBLOCK.

^ OSCON 2002 BOF Accepted
44477 [jerickson ey] charset=ISO-8859-1;

^ instance_eval
44482 [nojgoalbyspa] def create
+ 44487 [dblack candl] I believe that "self.instance_eval" is essentially the same as plain
| + 44489 [chr_news gmx] I guess that is what they call hindsight?-) You overlooked that eval
| + 44498 [nojgoalbyspa] it
+ 44500 [avi beta4.co] def create (&block)
| 44501 [nojgoalbyspa] Is this a 1.7 feature?  Is it going to be in 1.8?
| 44505 [decoux moulo] 1.6.2 feature, if I'm right.
| + 44519 [gotoken notw] By the way, Module#define_method could not define a method which takes
| + 44523 [nojgoalbyspa] Yes, seems Module.define_method was a 1.6.2 feature.  I assumed it was not
|   44526 [hal9000 hype] added
|   44545 [decoux moulo] Like said in [ruby-talk:44519], you can't (I think) give it a block.
+ 44502 [nojgoalbyspa] them
+ 44512 [qrczak knm.o] I think it's equivalent to
  44513 [decoux moulo] Personnaly I think that #define_method is a *private* method :-)))

^ Stackless exception (RUnit?)
44485 [dcorbin impe] I find that often I want to raise an exception, with an error message

^ Which C compiler required to build extensions for Ruby 1.6.6 Windows binary distribution?
44488 [pbooth nocoi] I'd like to install the RubyCurl extension into the Hunt/Thomas
44733 [lyle users.s] I think you'll need to use Visual C++ for this. You may be able to use

^ ALERT -  GroupShield ticket number OA12_1026621905_LEVIATHAN_1 wa s generated
44496 [NAIITACTICSL] The attachment was quarantined from the message and replaced with a text

^ Virus Alert
44497 [security pop] ...

^ [OT] test
44504 [tobiasreif p] test

^ mod_ruby and ERubyRun error
44509 [spari hotmai] I just installed mod_ruby with Apache and been trying to get it to run eruby
45141 [spari hotmai] Still haven't been able to get eruby working :(
45143 [transami tra] # Additions for mod_ruby

^ reasonable cgi session skeleton?
44518 [ontologist_2] I fear there might be a deep bug
44520 [airboss node] Jan,

^ How to delete a line in a file if....?
44524 [keuler porta] All-
44527 [lists debona] Is something like this what you mean? (I didn't debug this btw)
44541 [keuler porta] Thanks Daniel. This looks like it would work. But I had in mind to delete a line in an open file, then save the whole file, rather than do conditional saving line-by-line to an out file. Maybe these are really the same thing but just look different.
44542 [Dave Pragmat] Think of a file as simply a stream of characters on disk, with

^ Now to skip processing of first line in a file....and reading an  Excel file?
44525 [keuler porta] All-
44528 [jim freeze.o] Let's break this down. First, there are many ways to do what you want.
44567 [djberge qwes] If you're feeling up to the task you could port the two related Perl
44569 [hal9000 hype] an Excel file?

^ Halting Ruby's threading
44529 [mattbee soup] Is there any Ruby program that has the capability to halt Ruby's thread
44538 [pbrannan atd] 1) Set Thread.critical to true
44546 [mattbee soup] Hmm, well, I was obliquely implying a bug since I'm not doing any of those

^ RE: hey! where's #count? (clearing up degeneration)
44530 [transami tra] so i tried my hand at including count in Enumberable and "normalizing"
+ 44532 [dblack candl] I don't get the "should" part....  Having #include? do something
| 44533 [transami tra] thanks david!
+ 44548 [decoux moulo] An Hash is ordered, this is just that the order is difficult to predict.
  44549 [transami tra] predict.
  44550 [decoux moulo] Well, try #each, #keys and #values and you'll see that the objects are
  + 44551 [transami tra] ts,
  | 44552 [decoux moulo] I use it in this case
  | 44553 [transami tra] what case? i'd like to see an example. i worry about depending on that.
  | 44554 [decoux moulo] [ruby-talk:12123]
  + 44566 [charleshixsn] Be careful with that assumption.  I believe that as a hash expands it
    44568 [decoux moulo] See [ruby-talk:44548] and [ruby-talk:12151], there is
    44570 [michael_s_ca] It's probably a semantic argument at this point and what is working

^ FXRuby and mkmf.rb
44531 [cjh_nospam m] I'm trying to build FXRuby on Linux (Debian 2.4) with Ruby 1.6.7, and
44535 [cjh_nospam m] Found it, sorry to bother you. Had to install "ruby-dev" Debian package.

^ Has anyone combined Test::Unit with CGI?
44534 [dossy panopt] Doing some Test::Unit work on my CGI scripts, I wondered if anyone
+ 44536 [jim freeze.o] I've heard of a webunit, but I have not had the chance
| + 44537 [dossy panopt] I'm not talking of combining them in that way.
| | 44539 [dossy panopt] If anyone is keen to try my changes out ...
| + 44544 [dsafari para] I think webunit is a different beast - it is modeled tightly off httpunit
+ 44547 [patrick-may ] print "Content-type: text/html\r\n"
  44555 [dossy panopt] This is what the initial version of mine did.  Of course, <pre> isn't
  + 44563 [rob tortuga.] What about using...
  + 44580 [drbrain segm] Obsolete elements=20

^ Please confirm (conf#5d7474df7b5556e49a786864280c5693)
44540 [greg destine] << IMPORTANT INFORMATION! >>