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Net::SSH ???
44025 [W.L.Kleb@la ] Does anyone know of a Net::SSH class or of any code that
+ 44027 [pmak@an me l] If you only need your code to run on a UNIX system, you could open a
| 44091 [tom.hurst@cl] This is exactly what command-restricted passwordless RSA/DSA keys are
| + 44092 [djberge@qw s] Regards,
| + 44155 [huber@al m. ] Or the agent.
+ 44071 [mvondung@gm ] .... just to second this request: I'm in need of the exact same thing
  44083 [rubytalk@bo ] Have you considered using OpenSSL ? If the need of that project is to

Help with Ruby and web
44029 [venugops@ho ] I am a Ruby newbie, and so far I am loving it.  I am exploring my options
44057 [torsten.rueg] I'm quite new myself (also loving it) and haven't used any of this
44167 [venugops@ho ] Thanks for the info,  I will check into these.
44179 [transami@tr ] i'm no expert on the merits of each, but i'm using mod_ruby with cgi (no
44257 [venugops@ho ] Again, I am trying to do this on Windows as I have no access to a Unix/Linux
+ 44262 [pmak@an me l] also have a mailing list specifically for mod_ruby that you may want
+ 44286 [torsten.rueg] No

decent example of how to use DBI/ODBC
44032 [kkroculick@h] Can someone give me a simple example of how to parse through a
44066 [uu9r@rz un -] You should have a look at the DBI specification at http://ruby-dbi.sf.net/DBI_SPEC.html.
44153 [edk_ruby@ho ] I got a lot of useful information from the Syngress book.
+ 44173 [kkroculick@h] All,
+ 44183 [kkroculick@h] Can anyone tell me why I get this error when I access a database
  44192 [uu9r@rz un -] Which version of Ruby/DBI do you use?
  44254 [kkroculick@h] Michael,

Ruby/Tk, TkMessage
44046 [katiedhe@ho ] I need to use a Ruby/Tk widget to display some read-only information,
+ 44184 [x@ic im nk .] This procedure will still allow the text to be selected, but won't allow
+ 44358 [nagai@ai ky ] Use a frame widget with fixed size.
  44361 [transami@tr ] the same thing happend to me with another library, i forget which. i had
  44364 [transami@tr ] okay, for anyone else installing tkext here's ths scoop.

File#flock under windows?
44090 [ps@ra ia .m ] Does File#flock work under Windows-ruby? I need this functionality working
44359 [nobu.nokada@] It should work.

How to connect to sql host using dbi
44105 [Radek@Hn li ] I'm trying to use dbi in place of postgres to connect to my PostgreSQL
44152 [sean@ch tt n] #!/usr/bin/env ruby
+ 44193 [radek@hn li ] this doesn't work to.
| 44196 [uu9r@rz un -] - dbname (or database)
+ 44216 [radek@hn li ] Ok, thanks, it's now written in my workbook.

Need a feature: all drives/mount points
44109 [kgergely@ml ] A feature, which I miss (from Dir?) is to list the available drivers
44118 [ned@bi e- om] What do you mean by "available drivers"?

debugging extensions with gdb
44123 [pbrannan@at ] I know this is slightly off-topic, since it's really more of a gdb
44127 [decoux@mo lo] put a breakpoint in dln_load

off? [gtk] accented characters under windows
44124 [kgergely@ml ] I've just noticed, that any menu, which contains accented characters,
44129 [mutoh@hi hw ] If you use "GTK+ and GIMP for Windows(http://www.gimp.org/~tml/gimp/win32/)",
44135 [kgergely@ml ] May I ask how to do it (in ruby)?
44143 [mutoh@hi hw ] Three of the followings are recommended.
44145 [mutoh@hi hw ] Oops, it is two not three.

[ANN] Jabber4R 0.2.0
44128 [rich@in oe h] I am pleased to announce the second release of the Jabber Ruby client

Newbie question on returning system date and time...
44130 [keuler@po ta] How does one return system date and time in Ruby? (I'm having trouble finding out how to do this through online references.)
44131 [rich@li hi o] Todays date -
44139 [dossy@pa op ] Why require "date"?

Mandrake 8.2 and FXRuby build issue...
44147 [rich@in oe h] I am trying to install FXRuby/Fox/FXScintilla on a new Mandrake 8.2
+ 44151 [jlj@cf rc co] Let me be the first to chime in and say, "I don't know what's wrong" ;)
+ 44338 [cyclists@nc ] I've been getting a similar message ever since I re-installed Mandrake
  44360 [martin.kahle] IMHO /usr/lib should not have to be in LD_LIBRARY_PATH at all.

[ANNOUNCE] ruby-libxml (2002-07-09)...
44159 [sean@ch tt n] It's functional, it's young, it validates, it handles compressed
44163 [tobiasreif@p] [libxml]
+ 44164 [sean@ch tt n] Honestly, I'm not 100% sure yet.  libxml's huge and there's lots
| 44169 [tobiasreif@p] Well, there are various DTDs for DocBook; authors want to choose one,
+ 44187 [pcdavid@ti c] IIRC, libxml includes a limited "SGML" parser which is designed
  44191 [tobiasreif@p] Ah OK. I use the XML DTDs, so I can use any XML tool; actually, any SGML

What to install 1.6.7 or 1.7.2 ?
44162 [comp.lang.ru] - - I'm going to install ruby in a central software repository for
44165 [sean@ch tt n] I'd recommend 1.7.2 as well.  The only thing that you'll notice is

[ANN] Grankos: Graphical 1D CA generator
44166 [leon@ug s. a] one generates pretty graphics using imlib2-ruby and is fairly

Are class variables (and methods) reconstructed in each class instanciation?
44174 [mrchameleon@] In this example ...
+ 44175 [sean@ch tt n] Only once per interpreter.  Using @@ is an effective way of caching.
+ 44177 [dblack@ca dl] The class variable will be created only once (including any possible
  44273 [mrchameleon@] Thank you Sean and David.

BeeSold.com - Your Online Auction House
44176 [beesold@ex i] BeeSold.com - Your Online Auction House

Accessing caller's binding?
44180 [pmak@an me l] cgi.export(%w(name email phone))
+ 44182 [ned@bi e- om] class CGI < Hash
+ 44224 [dossy@pa op ] class CGI
+ 44247 [pbrannan@at ] [ruby-talk:12422]
+ 44253 [transami@tr ] my word! i have been trying to do something similar to this for a long

ruby as a client side scripting language
44188 [transami@tr ] for a long time now all we've had for client side scripting in web apps
+ 44190 [vjoel@PA H. ] It's not maintained, but it includes source, so it might be a start.
+ 44240 [hal9000@hy e] I think ActiveScriptRuby should work for this

error compiling ruby-libxml
44197 [mjais@we .d ] I just downloaded ruby-libxml-20020709
44608 [oladarula@ya] same here.
44612 [decoux@mo lo] Put the declaration and initialisation of emptySAXHandlerStruct *before*
44704 [oladarula@ya] worked!
44710 [decoux@mo lo] On some strange compiler, yes :-))
44711 [mark.firesto] Speaking of memory leaks, how greedy for memory can I be in these modern
44713 [decoux@mo lo] 100000.times do

gtk-ruby error messages/ feature request
44198 [jacekpodkans] Recently I was trying to write a script which would guess types of required

Case expressions and LHS of assignment....
44199 [hgs@dm .a .u] While trying to avoid Repetition in my code I tried to rewrite a case
+ 44200 [peter@se an ] Perhaps you could use an array to hold you instance variables rather
| 44203 [hgs@dm .a .u] You're taking the contrived, cut-down example too literally :-).  The
| 44205 [pit@ca it in] You can still use a similar approach using a hash with symbols as
| 44207 [hgs@dm .a .u] Good point.  I like this one.  Thank you.
+ 44201 [matz@ru y- a] Unlike Perl (nor C++), the evaluated result of case statement is the
  44204 [hgs@dm .a .u] A good thing because it would lead to tangled code, "giving too much
  44206 [matz@ru y- a] Not allowing lhs as a result is good, because of the combination of
  44208 [hgs@dm .a .u] Yes, I think I'd agree with those.  The gain/complexity trade-off is a

Ruby and Mosix?
44210 [W.L.Kleb@la ] Has anyone used Ruby with mosix?

Ruby monetary support
44211 [W.L.Kleb@la ] Is there a mechanism (or a need) to provide monetary support
44215 [tobiasreif@p] ... other intersting concepts are
44217 [tobiasreif@p] That may be true, but the SPI site seems to be very quiet if not outdated.


[OT] Re: String#split converts string args to regexes -- ?
44222 [kasal@ma sr ] the special variable FS (field separator), the third parameter to the

Open Source Conference 2002
44225 [jerickson@ey] I was wondering if anyone was going to the Open Source Conference in San
44226 [dan@si he or] If enough people (like more than three) are likely to go, let me know
44245 [djberge@qw s] Dan, are we going to get a Parrot talk from you at RubyConf 2002?  Perhaps
44250 [dan@si he or] Circumstances willing, yes. I'll know better in a week or so whether

slice!  breakge?
44228 [mengx@ni ls ] I am testing the current cvs ruby
44229 [decoux@mo lo] Intended : [ruby-talk:41573]
+ 44232 [mengx@ni ls ] but
+ 44278 [matz@ru y- a] But Ted made me re-think.  slice and slice! should work consistently,

Thanks (Re: Accessing caller's binding?)
44238 [pmak@an me l] -snip-
44241 [ned@bi e- om] class MyClass
44244 [pmak@an me l] Interesting. So then, all the variables would automatically be

User groups
44246 [nojgoalbyspa] Are there any user groups for Ruby?  I seem to remember there being one in
+ 44264 [guaracybm@ig] HTH
+ 44274 [mrchameleon@] Have a gander at ...
| 44310 [ptkwt@sh ll ] Chris,
+ 44276 [pate@ey er a] Take a look at www.rubygarden.org/ruby?PortlandGroup ... there aren't many
+ 44311 [nojgoalbyspa] Thankyou everyone that replied.  Me thinks I should check RubyGarden before

Bug in socket code - high number of simul. conns causes segfault
44248 [rubytalk@bo ] after spending quite long time figuring out how to write program which
44252 [pbrannan@at ] The server keeps going, but the client quits with Erno::EBADF in
+ 44277 [matz@ru y- a] Socket comsumes two file descriptors per connection, to achieve
+ 44283 [rubytalk@bo ] uhh ... correct me if I'm wrong ... but there should be NO segfault at all ...
  44291 [pbrannan@at ] Perhaps Ruby should check if max > FD_SETSIZE before calling select().

Resurrection of the const_added (was class_added) RCR; Re: self_parent
44249 [chr_news@gm ] this is a resurrection attempt of Michal Rokos class_added RCR
44251 [dblack@ca dl] I'm can't quite follow this.  Wouldn't const_added get called when a
+ 44258 [transami@tr ] class OuterClass
+ 44259 [chr_news@gm ] yes

mailing list test
44256 [james@ru yx ] This is a test.

Waits are not interrupted by signals
44260 [balexander@r] It appears that functions that are waiting are not interrupted by a
+ 44263 [ned@bi e- om] $ cat > xx.rb
+ 44267 [nobu.nokada@] Because it's handled.

spliter of for...each: looping
44265 [transami@tr ] when looping, using each, i find i am often wonton of a few nice
44266 [dblack@ca dl] Array#each_with_index will do the trick.
+ 44268 [transami@tr ] hmmm...
| 44270 [dblack@ca dl] I think it would be confusing not to see the familiar name.
| 44272 [transami@tr ] david,
| 44275 [dblack@ca dl] Here's a method with an even longer name :-) (by one character) which
| 44282 [transami@tr ] each_with_nindex, rocking! i'll throw that in my library, for sure.
| 44289 [dblack@ca dl] I like each_with_nindex too... but show me an example of this comma
| + 44293 [huber@al m. ] Heh, that's what I was thinking -- what about #join? :)
| | 44325 [hal9000@hy e] Hmm? What? Oh, never mind.
| | 44327 [huber@al m. ] =) Sorry about that!
| | 44328 [hal9000@hy e] No worries, %[ J o s h ].join !
| + 44302 [transami@tr ] q = ''
|   + 44303 [decoux@mo lo] arr.collect{|x| "junk#{x}morejunk" }.join(",")
|   | 44308 [transami@tr ] can you put conditionals in that?
|   | + 44309 [decoux@mo lo] Why not ?
|   | + 44319 [dblack@ca dl] arr.collect {|x| "junk#{x}#{'more' if x=='more'}" }.join ","
|   + 44307 [huber@al m. ] Hmm, how about something like...
|     44330 [transami@tr ] thanks for all the help guys! i think i can speed up miter a bit just by
|     44331 [transami@tr ] oh, FYI, both of these are faster then "junk" + x + "morejunk"
|     + 44333 [dossy@pa op ] Speaking of "faster" -- while determining "faster" by measuring
|     + 44335 [huber@al m. ] Right, this isn't too surprising since the number of extra
|     + 44370 [chr_news@gm ] If you are into speed try
+ 44269 [transami@tr ] oh, david, forgot to say: "good show old chap!"

Help,Why I cannot install ruby under linux
44279 [mxiao@ee ua ] I try to install ruby, but when I typed ./configure there is an error
+ 44280 [nobu.nokada@] What message?
+ 44281 [dblack@ca dl] It sounds like your C compiler cannot create executables :-)  What
  44368 [kasal@ma sr ] It sounds like Maggie is using linux. ;-)

Commercial Support for Ruby
44284 [dennisn@pe n] I am trying to "sell" my manager on the idea of using Ruby to develop
+ 44296 [djberge@qw s] Right now?  None that I'm aware of.  This is why I'd like to see ActiveState
| 44429 [avi@be a4 co] Vancouver's great - could stand to be a tad more cosmopolitan if
| 44433 [oblomov@fr e] That would be a Good Thing. I love to have consistent packages, and
+ 44300 [detering@is ] Hum,  what would you pay me if I look into the
+ 44413 [llothar@we .] Can you please explain where is the difference between a support

stringio bug
44292 [mengx@ni ls ] require "stringio"
44299 [nobu.nokada@] Thank you for the report.  Fixed now.
44304 [mengx@ni ls ] I just saw that(and slice! fix by Matz) a moment ago.
44306 [nobu.nokada@] I noticed too, and have reported.

1.7 and changes
44294 [pierre.baill] as a newbie in ruby, i'm quite interested by ruby 1.7 and was wondering

Parse error.
44295 [hgs@dm .a .u] I just got the message
44298 [ned@bi e- om] Just install my ruby filetype plugin module (after having installed

44297 [sanry@21 n. ] 提供域名注册/虚拟主机/企业邮局/网站推广一条龙服务!

Ruby BOF at OSCON 2002
44301 [dan@si he or] I don't think there'll be any problem at all, but space is tight,
44315 [firstclown@m] I just submitted a BOF request through O'Reilly.  I'll let everyone know

44312 [transami@tr ] can any one give me some help installing the opengl interface library? i
+ 44313 [Dave@Pr gm t] Perhaps it might be an idea to find out where the performance problems
| 44317 [transami@tr ] hey, dave
| 44318 [dossy@pa op ] Look at using named anchors and anchor links.
+ 44314 [ashida@se s.] Debian library packages are often split into a user library and a
+ 44316 [dossy@pa op ] Do you have mesag-dev installed?  "-dev" packages in Debian typically
  44320 [transami@tr ] Now Making glut extend module
  + 44321 [dossy@pa op ] Tell me what the output of "dpkg -L mesag-dev | grep GL/glut.h" gives.
  | 44329 [transami@tr ] that was it! i still had to apt-get install glutg3-dev. that did it. all
  | 44332 [dossy@pa op ] Describe the functionality that would be implemented in slightly
  | 44345 [transami@tr ] dossy,
  | 44346 [transami@tr ] gui. i still wish to use ruby. it needs to run on linux, windows, and
  | + 44348 [dossy@pa op ] I take it you didn't try the named anchor tag approach I suggested?
  | | 44350 [transami@tr ] my problem was a little too throny for that approach, though i'm sure i
  | | 44355 [transami@tr ] so i just compiled and installed FOX and and then FXRuby. both compile
  | | 44356 [transami@tr ] never mind i got it.
  | + 44349 [alan@di ik t] Do I get anything for pointing out http://glow.sourceforge.net? :)
  |   44351 [transami@tr ] i was just looking at that! along with glui and paragui. paragui looked
  + 44324 [feoh@fo rf z] I would figure out where your gnut.h files reside and then just add thatq
  + 44377 [huber@al m. ] <URL:http://www.debian.org/distrib/packages>
    44379 [transami@tr ] thanks josh. did figure that out.
    44380 [pbrengard@bc] Why  not replacing this ugly GLUT lib with a modern graphical toolkit

Ruby Wiki
44322 [STUCKNER@MU ] ...
44323 [Dave@Pr gm t] Click on the page's title.
44326 [STUCKNER@MU ] Thanks and sorry for my dumb question :-(
44365 [rich@li hi o] No such thing as a dumb question....

new to ruby,how to make FIFO in ruby?
44334 [mxiao@ee ua ] Is there anyone can tell me how to make FIFO in ruby? I cannot find the
+ 44336 [alan@di ik t] Well, you use a Array push and shift.  If you want this behavior
| 44340 [hal9000@hy e] I think perhaps she means a UNIX special
| 44342 [alan@di ik t] Hmm.. Sorry about that. I've done too much embedded programming in the past :)
| 44343 [hal9000@hy e] past :)
+ 44373 [tim@ve et .a] When I ported a Perl script that used (Unix special filetype) FIFOs, I
| 44378 [mxiao@ee ua ] need to call "mkfifo",anyone can tell me how to handle it ?Thanks.
| 44385 [nobu.nokada@] Try syscall.
| 44399 [mxiao@ua be ] Maggie
+ 44493 [piman@sa re ] class File
  44494 [piman@sa re ] class File