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^ iseq-rails-tools
437884 [kevin.deisz@] I just released iseq_rails_tools (
437885 [ e@80 24 or ] I hope you mean "decrease".  An increase in boot time would mean it's
437886 [kevin.deisz@] Right. Yes, decrease.

^ Octothorpe 0.4.0 released 
437887 [Andy.Jones@j] I don't normally blow my own trumpet here, probably because it's a pound sh=

^ [ANN] Ruby-GNOME2 version 3.1.3
437888 [cedlemo@gm .] The gems of the Ruby-GNOME2 project are updated to the version 3.1.3.

^ [ANN] build-dependency and build-uri
437889 [space.ship.t] used in Teapot, primarily a C++ build tool (but it's completely

^ Join us for the 11th GORUCO!
437891 [austen@au te] is a one-day, single-track event geared toward highly motivated and

^ Method too long problem
437895 [peterhickman] I am converting a spreadsheet into ruby so that it may be executed as part
+ 437896 [m-guelker@ph] Use an array.
+ 437897 [ e@80 24 or ] Wait, so you're using one local variables for each cell?
| 437898 [peterhickman] There is no reason for using one variable per cell, it just worked out that
| 437905 [shortcutter@] Depending on the sparseness of the sheet even a Hash might make sense.
+ 437903 [botpena@gm i] ulimit -a

^ minitest-keyword
437899 [kevin.deisz@] adds keyword arguments to minitest assertions, so for instance you don't
437900 [zverok.offli] I like it. MiniTest slowly becomes almost as convenient as RSpec was 3-5

^ [ANN] A blog post about using NMatrix#dot to achieve a 400x speed boost
437906 [abinoam@gm i] On twitter: https://twitter.com/abinoamjr_en/status/861628976787324928
437907 [jibomaxx@ho ] 400x! not bad.....
437914 [abinoam@gm i] Em 9 de mai de 2017 16:43, "Olasunkanmi Bakare" <jibomaxx@hotmail.com>

^ [ANN] minitest-coverage 1.0.0.b2 Released
437908 [ryand-ruby@z] minitest-coverage version 1.0.0.b2 has been released!

^ [ANN] nokogiri security update 1.7.2 released
437909 [mike.dalessi] nokogiri version 1.7.2 has been released.

^ [ANN] minitest 5.10.2 Released
437910 [ryand-ruby@z] minitest version 5.10.2 has been released!

^ [ANN] debride 1.8.0 Released
437911 [ryand-ruby@z] debride version 1.8.0 has been released!
437913 [contact@gr g] This is exactly what I've been looking for, Ryan. Thank you for you effort.

^ [ANN] path_expander 1.0.2 Released
437912 [ryand-ruby@z] path_expander version 1.0.2 has been released!

^ [ANN] JRuby 1.7.27 Released
437915 [tom.enebo@gm] The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.7.27

^ unsubscribe
437919 [newsletter@g] (supressed text/html)
437920 [matthew@ke w] (supressed text/html)

^ [ANN] JRuby Released
437921 [tom.enebo@gm] The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby

^ [ANN] active_record_doctor 1.3.1 released
437922 [contact@gr g] Hey!

^ Volunteering my time for a project - Mid level
437923 [chirica.mugu] I have recently made a commitment to myself to give more to the Ruby
437924 [leamhall@gm ] Well, if you wanted to write better docs for RubyTK I wouldn't mind.

^ Testing gem dependencies
437925 [space.ship.t] I am working on a gem rb-inotify (let's call A from now on) which is a

^ Added JSON Feed (@jsonfeed) Format to the Universal feedparser Gem
437926 [gerald.bauer] I've added support for reading feeds in the new JSON Feed [1] format

^ Solid Ruby - Added factory pattern
437927 [karthikeyan@] I am writing a book called Solid Ruby, the goal of the book is if a Ruby programmer reads it, he must become a better programmer. Its still in beta.
+ 437928 [bee.lists@gm] google.com alt.ruby
+ 437929 [king.sabri@g] The book seems really good and informative. keep it up and open source
+ 437930 [ruby@e- ol t] Hey,
| 437931 [chirica.mugu] (supressed text/html)
+ 437932 [bee.lists@gm] Nice stuff.
  437933 [ruby-talk@jo] This is an obscure feature Ruby inherited from C: two string
  + 437934 [karthikeyan@] I was lazy to think of any thing else :) Soon I will put out the books source so that you people may modify it and distribute to your friends.
  + 437935 [bee.lists@gm] OK, I thought that, but it just didn”Ēt make any sense.  So there is rhyme/reason behind it.

^ [ANN] clogger 2.2.0 - configurable request logging for Rack
437936 [ e@80 24 or ] Clogger is Rack middleware for logging HTTP requests.  The log format

^ OS to develop with Ruby/Rails
437937 [ruby@e- ol t] Which Operating System is the best to deal with Ruby/Rails ?
437938 [damiansimonp] For the most part, Ubuntu works well.
437939 [ramprasad122] Linux mint also better option.
437940 [chirica.mugu] The best OS to use for Ruby if you are using Rails is the same OS as the
437941 [ritz.rkraft@] I also heard people say Ubunty is the best for Rails.
437942 [ruby@e- ol t] Thank you very much for all your replies.
437943 [leamhall@gm ] Cedric, something else to consider. The Linux version will likely have a
+ 437944 [Andy.Jones@j] You might *not* want to use Windows, unless that is your target environment, because some gems (Ruby libraries) behave differently, or just plain don”Ēt work, under Windows.
| 437945 [konstantin@p] My 5 cents regarding virtualisation solution.
| + 437946 [leamhall@gm ] Not sure telling someone they have to learn Docker to learn Ruby will bring
| + 437952 [shortcutter@] I disagree. IMO installing a Linux in a VM once and then working there
|   437955 [konstantin@p] You don't have to learn Docker commands - there is a GUI for that called
|   437956 [shortcutter@] Can you share references to some documentation of this? What I found
|   437957 [konstantin@p] Some docs you may find at
|   437959 [shortcutter@] Thanks a lot!
+ 437948 [pbayford@ta ] <http://lists.ruby-lang.org/cgi-bin/mailman/options/ruby-talk>
  437950 [leamhall@gm ] Ah, true! I'm used to having root.  Though to be honest i try to stay near

^ Windows and Ruby?
437947 [leamhall@gm ] Wuby?
437949 [ e@80 24 or ] *shrug*  There's still developers working on Windows on
437951 [Andy.Jones@j] It does make you wonder how the Python folks manage it.

^ Ruby Growth (was: Windows and Ruby?)
437953 [leamhall@gm ] Well, not sure my opinion is the favored one, but I can point out as a
437958 [Andy.Jones@j] This.

^ [ANN] cloudflare (API) && cloudflare-dns-update gems
437954 [space.ship.t] I've just released updated versions of these two gems.

^ [ANN] JRuby
437960 [tom.enebo@gm] The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby

^ Sinatra body encoding
437961 [sebastienpuy] I'm facing to an encoding issue with Sinatra (maybe Rack related).
437962 [rohitpaulk@g] Possibly related: https://github.com/phusion/passenger/issues/1328

^ File.read() v Pathname.read() gotcha
437963 [Andy.Jones@j] This is damned annoying. And does not appear to be documented, at least, obviously.
+ 437964 [rohitpaulk@g] ...
| + 437965 [Andy.Jones@j] V2VsbCwgb2theS4gQnV0IGlmIHRoYXTigJlzIHRoZSBvbmx5IGNsdWUgd2UgZ2V0LCB0aGF04oCZ
| + 437968 [c_arlt@ho ma] "Returns all data from the file, or the first N bytes if specified."
+ 437971 [shortcutter@] I find that pretty obvious (see below).

^ Re: "email has been sent in HTML mode" (was: File.read() v Pathname.read() gotcha)
437966 [m-guelker@ph] Please stop sending such nonsense mails! Either include a text/plain
437967 [echristopher] I agree. I have that same problem with a few automated emails I get (ones
437970 [rohitpaulk@g] Sorry about that, didn't realise that a plugin I had active was doing that

^ [ANN] letscert 0.6.0 released
437972 [sylvain.daub] letscert 0.6.0 has been released.

^ module unloading
437973 [inform@di -o] ist es mglich ein Modul wieder aus dem Speicher zu entfernen?
437974 [ruby-talk@jo] Die Frage ist unklar: Module und `require` haben nichts miteinander

^ [ANN] packetgen 1.4.3 released
437975 [sylvain.daub] packetgen 1.4.3 has been released.
437976 [king.sabri@g] Great effort man, I believe you need to add a table of supported protocols

^ Trying to use tk_mac module for callbacks, can't parse args
437977 [kw@co eb ke ] <http://lists.ruby-lang.org/cgi-bin/mailman/options/ruby-talk>
437979 [kw@co eb ke ] Turns out the solution was to define my "proc" in such a way that it

^ [ANN] nokogiri 1.8.0 Released
437978 [mike.dalessi] Nokogiri version 1.8.0 has been released!

^ [JOB] Lead Ruby Developer (backend) - San Francisco CA or NY 10014 - 18+ month contract
437980 [vtyagi@et uc] headhunter email of the day.  My intention is not to spam your inboxes.
437985 [vtyagi@et uc] So far I=E2=80=99ve got responses from folks outside of US who=E2=80=99re i=

^ Calling namespaced Tk command from Ruby-Tk/8.6
437981 [kw@co eb ke ] I am having difficulty calling various Tk extension packages from
437982 [kw@co eb ke ] Turns out it was a scoping issue...once I moved the TkPackage.require

^ Universal feedparser gem v2.0.0 Adds HTML Feeds w/ Microformats (h-entry, h-feed, etc.)
437983 [gerald.bauer] The universal feedparser gem [1] that reads web feeds in XML (RSS,

^ [ANN] msgthr - container-agnostic, non-recursive message threading
437984 [ e@80 24 or ] Pure Ruby message threading based on the algorithm described by
437989 [m-guelker@ph] Quite interesting. Once I get around to continue my work on
438014 [ e@80 24 or ] Cool.  I'll be interested to know how it goes!  The algorithmic

^ [ANN] async-http hits 100,000 req/s
437986 [space.ship.t] I've been working on a stack of gems (async, async-io and async-http)
437987 [ e@80 24 or ] Cool.
437988 [space.ship.t] Eric, thanks so much for the detailed reply and understanding the
437990 [ e@80 24 or ] No problem :)
437991 [space.ship.t] I was just reminded about one issue that came up recently due to
437992 [ e@80 24 or ] Huh?  r23029
437993 [space.ship.t] The issue of implementing accept_nonblock for SSLSocket came up in a
+ 437995 [ e@80 24 or ] Nope, that's fine.  Should support `exception: false` in Ruby 2.3+,
+ 438008 [bascule@gm i] The problem is in the context of an SSLSocket, "accept" means "run the
  438011 [ e@80 24 or ] Well said.  I maybe it's not feasable to do SSLServer#accept_nonblock

^ async-http vs puma
437994 [space.ship.t] I've got a local rack app which is a simple disk/file based wiki with
437996 [ e@80 24 or ] Cool.  Care to try yahns out, too?
437998 [space.ship.t] Okay, I tried the default config.
437999 [space.ship.t] Okay, I thought something was wrong, looking at htop it wasn't using
438000 [space.ship.t] wrk was similar, but it stresses non-connection handling - e.g. pure
+ 438001 [space.ship.t] what puma has.
| 438002 [ e@80 24 or ] Not yet, exactly.   yahns is being reworked to use kcar (still
+ 438003 [ e@80 24 or ] Yes, yahns is designed around persistent connections (it
  438006 [space.ship.t] I didn't notice the timeouts either, I don't know what that means in
  438010 [ e@80 24 or ] Yeah, the actual kernel backlog is a bit bigger than the one

^ Just curious - Artificial Intelligenece in Compilation
437997 [karthikeyan@] I am just curious. Is it possible to embed Artificial Intelligence inside compiler? So as the program gets executed, the A.I looks at it and optimizes the byte code next time so that every run becomes little more efficient?
+ 438004 [ruby-talk@jo] This specific optimization is called *Dynamic Type Inference*,
| 438005 [shortcutter@] As Jrg said, no AI needed for that. And btw, it is not "in
+ 438007 [bar.hofesh@s] Well , not an "AI" but that's exactly what JIT is for :)
+ 438009 [kirkkeeter@g] Couple of problems with that ”½ the code that is one devices that gets executed is compiled.  To make changes to how it”Ēs organized, you would need one of two things ”½ #1 Change to the uncompiled source code or #2 a program that optimizes the compilation in a way that is able to demonstrate better functionality.
+ 438022 [rogi@sk li t] yes. however...
  438023 [shortcutter@] Wonderful math exercise!
  438025 [chirica.mugu] The sweet premise of so many Sci-Fi works.

^ SSLServer#accept_nonblock (was: [ANN] async-http hits 100,000 req/s)
438012 [ e@80 24 or ] Yes, totally doable portably; but I think it's worthless bloat.
438013 [ e@80 24 or ] Almost...  This breaks blocking OpenSSL::SSL::SSLServer#accept

^ [ANN] ruby-oci8 2.2.4
438015 [kubo@ji ba .] Ruby-oci8 2.2.4 was released. This is the Oracle module using OCI8 API.

^ [ANN] feedtxt gem - reads Feed.TXT - feeds in text w/ metadata (YAML) n content (Markdown or HTML)
438016 [gerald.bauer] as an alternative to JSON Feed I've put together Feed.TXT - a new

^ [ANN] http_spew 0.7.0 - LAN-only HTTP spam^H^H^H^Hclient for Ruby
438017 [ e@80 24 or ] This is not a new project, it's been public on RubyGems.org for

^ [ANN] Thin 1.7.1 Muffin Mode release
438018 [macournoyer@] Hey,

^ [ANN] regurgitator 0.9.0 - read-only Rack endpoints for MogileFS
438019 [ e@80 24 or ] Another old project which was never announced to ruby-talk, but

^ Question about refinements and method call order
438020 [sheeka.patak] Ruby version: 2.0.0p648
+ 438021 [shortcutter@] It is not about "before" or "after" but about the scopes in which a
| + 438026 [sheeka.patak] It is not about "before" or "after" but about the scopes in which a
| + 438027 [sheeka.patak] So what you're saying is that the scope of a refinement is limited to
|   + 438028 [shortcutter@] No.
|   + 438040 [ruby-talk@jo] The scope of *activating* a Refinement is the *lexical scope* of
+ 438029 [rogi@sk li t] idk much about refinements, but i suppose they are decorators.

^ [ANN] sexp_processor 4.10.0b1 Released
438024 [ryand-ruby@z] sexp_processor version 4.10.0b1 has been released!

^ [ANN] JRuby Released
438030 [tom.enebo@gm] The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby

^ [ANN] RDL 2.1.0 release
438031 [jfoster@cs u] I'm pleased to announce version 2.1.0 of RDL, a lightweight system for
+ 438032 [ryand-ruby@z] You probably want an end-quote somewhere, to ensure you have a String type. :P
| 438033 [jfoster@cs u] type '(Integer) -> Integer', typecheck: :now
+ 438041 [ruby-talk@jo] Can you explain (or point to some resources) at a very high level
  438045 [jfoster@cs u] (Apologies for my delayed and probably far too long response.)

^ async-http -> falcon
438034 [space.ship.t] I've quickly hacked together a rack compliant server using async-http

^ [ANN] JRuby Released
438035 [tom.enebo@gm] JRuby Released

^ [ANN] ruby-oci8
438036 [kubo@ji ba .] Ruby-oci8 was released. This is the Oracle module using OCI8 API.

^ Open Public Domain Datasets - Football Confederations Cup Russia'17 - $ sportdb new confed2017.rb
438037 [gerald.bauer] Today opens the Football Confederations Cup in Russia. To celebrate

^ ANN: rubylaser.org  -- an open source search engine for ruby gems
438038 [torsten@we d] RubyLaser is an open source alternative to ruby-toolbox.

^ Jekyll Celebrating ”ś30 000 GitHub Stars - Top 22 Open Source Jekyll Static Website Themes @ Dr Jekyll's
438039 [gerald.bauer] Did you know? Jekyll is the fastest growing web framework ;-)

^ Houston, we have a problem.
438042 [adam@ea th a] *Would you believe it, I think I have a solution.  I'm pretty sure.*

^ Re: The State of Art of Quick Starter / Project Scaffolding in Ruby (Gems, Sinatra, Jekyll & Friends)
438043 [tannakartike] For Rails project with Heroku: https://github.com/thoughtbot/suspenders
438044 [chirica.mugu] publish a gem.

^ GC Stress mode
438046 [Andy.Jones@j] Can anyone tell me why I shouldn't turn on Garbage Collection Stress Mode (=
438047 [ e@80 24 or ] Not much else, the performance degradation is huge.  For larger
438048 [Andy.Jones@j] Doesn't do anything for me.  I suppose it might depend on Ruby version and platform.

^ iniparser gem - read /parse INI configuration, settings and data files into a hash (INI.load)
438049 [gerald.bauer] What's your favorite datafile format? Awesome YAML [1] or Awesome
438050 [ e@80 24 or ] Cool!  I like INI, too.
438051 [gerald.bauer] Great to hear. Always a "fan" of keeping it simple.
438052 [shortcutter@] As long as it is not awesome, I'm fine with it. ;-)
438053 [gerald.bauer] Good point. The replace YAML.load with INI.load only works if all

^ rvm vs. rbenv
438054 [haroldrandom] I am just new to Ruby.
+ 438055 [wyhaines@gm ] I am just new to Ruby.
| 438056 [mifrec@ho ma] rbenv
+ 438057 [bee.lists@gm] I chose RVM initially, worked with it for over a year.  Then I ran into some issues (RVM isn”Ēt the more predictable item either), and they suggested I move to rbenv.  The latter works just as fine, and it solves problems.  I believe the latter is written in ruby as well, so that”Ēs great.
+ 438058 [bee.lists@gm] BTW, join the google group alt-ruby.  It”Ēs good for non-Rails people.  Ruby is much wider than Rails.
| 438060 [sto.mar@we .] ruby-talk (this group) is also a general Ruby group, not Rails specific.
| 438061 [bee.lists@gm] alt-ruby is a non-rails group.  Most resources assume people mean Rails when they say Ruby.
| 438062 [sto.mar@we .] hen they say Ruby. =
+ 438066 [mifrec@ho ma] rbenv
| + 438068 [mifrec@ho ma] macbook
| + 438098 [haroldrandom] Linux, more specifically, Ubuntu 16.04
|   438100 [ag82pishi@gm] <http://lists.ruby-lang.org/cgi-bin/mailman/options/ruby-talk>
+ 438116 [contact@gr g] I use rbenv because I find its user interface to be simpler than RVM's.

^ bundler not installing gems when using Dir.chdir
438059 [aruprakshit@] <http://lists.ruby-lang.org/cgi-bin/mailman/options/ruby-talk>

^ alt-ruby
438063 [mifrec@ho ma] Where does one go to add their email to the alt-rudy group?
+ 438064 [sto.mar@we .] Could you please configure your mail program to only
+ 438069 [echristopher] Where does one go to add their email to the alt-rudy group?
  438070 [matthew@ke w] I think it's like alt-facts.
  + 438071 [bee.lists@gm] Filtering through Rails stuff can be a real hassle.
  | + 438073 [sto.mar@we .] Bee, it seems you (again) want to insinuate that ruby-talk is
  | | + 438074 [Andy.Jones@j] Forgive me, but I didn't read it that way at all.  Did Bee say "on this list"? They did not.
  | | | + 438077 [matthew@ke w] No, but Bee's post was a direct reply to my wondering why they felt
  | | | + 438085 [jtsengorg@gm] <http://lists.ruby-lang.org/cgi-bin/mailman/options/ruby-talk>
  | | |   + 438087 [hassan.schro] rubyonrails-talk@googlegroups.com
  | | |   + 438090 [matthew@ke w] Personally I”Ēm still relatively new to Rails and may have questionsto ask.
  | | + 438075 [bee.lists@gm] No, I”Ēm not insinuating anything.  Don”Ēt put words into my mouth.
  | |   + 438079 [sto.mar@we .] Sorry, maybe I misunderstood. I guess as a non-native speaker
  | |   | 438081 [bee.lists@gm] I didn”Ēt for a reason.  That reason being that I haven”Ēt assumed anything about this list.  Second, they are obviously part of this list already.  It”Ēs not my job to provide full profiles of resources online.  I merely suggested another route for ruby, as they stated they were new to ”Čruby”É.  Therefore I was assuming they were new to ruby.
  | |   | + 438082 [sto.mar@we .] Indeed.
  | |   | + 438083 [shortcutter@] Please stop this.
  | |   | | 438084 [bee.lists@gm] That”Ēs great.  Then keep on filtering.  Some people don”Ēt want to do that.
  | |   | | 438086 [mifrec@ho ma] I use a Mac and I use rbenv. I'm relatively newish but I think I know my stuff. If you have any trace of rvm on your machine you'll. have to remove it if you want to use rbenv.
  | |   | + 438089 [matthew@ke w] I don”Ēt care if anything is really needed.
  | |   + 438080 [sto.mar@we .] BTW If you please re-read my answers: I did explicitly try
  | + 438076 [matthew@ke w] That's as well may be, but doesn't actually address my statement.  I
  |   438078 [bee.lists@gm] Then ask them.  I”Ēm sure you will find the same answer as I just gave you, because that”Ēs what they told me.
  |   + 438088 [matthew@ke w] Then ask them.  I”Ēm sure you will find the same answer as I just gave you,
  |   + 438093 [mifrec@ho ma] Is it just me or has the very act of asking an uncomfortable question in a =
  |     + 438094 [shortcutter@] I think the general caveat is that, since this group has shrunk
  |     | 438095 [Andy.Jones@j] I hope that you'll not think me too rude for pointing this out, but, two places?
  |     | 438096 [shortcutter@] But the fact that there are so many places already does not make it
  |     + 438097 [sto.mar@we .] You, too, are reading much more into this conversation than there
  |       438099 [bee.lists@gm] Marcus, YOUR misunderstanding is yours, and nobody else”Ēs.
  |       438101 [sto.mar@we .] Please would you finally stop it, I thought we”Ēre all
  |       438102 [Andy.Jones@j] Asking them to "finally stop it" and then not being able to leave it there and throwing a final teenage barb?  Not exactly winning the argument, or proving you are an adult.
  + 438103 [matthew@ke w] people who are explicitly moving from rails to not-rails necessarily
    + 438104 [ralphs@do 32] (supressed text/html)
    | + 438106 [shortcutter@] It is but I suggest you start a new thread for that topic to not
    | + 438108 [peterhickman] For parts of our system we moved from plain Ruby to Lua and Python.
    |   438112 [ e@80 24 or ] I'm wondering where Ruby is in comparison to the equivalent Lua
    |   438115 [peterhickman] Unfortunately the only code is rather application specific. It was a suite
    + 438105 [shortcutter@] I do not read that it is about people moving away from Rails from the